15 Best Tweezers For Eyebrows: Review and Buying Guide 2020

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Best Tweezers For Eyebrows

Shaping the eyebrows is a priority in sporting a beautiful, handsome bold, define, and sexy look. From the classic Liz Taylor’s arc to the more recent Ariana Grande’s soft-angled eye masque, eyebrow shapes remain relevant to the contemporary. No. Don’t raise your eyebrows yet, because you are about to witness the top 15 honest reviews of the best tweezers for eyebrows

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However, not everyone can shape a good eyebrow because not all tweezers are well-made. Some pair of tweezers disappoint with a rather loose plucking hold, easily-rusted surface, overly-tight pinch, etc. Most cheap tweezers even horrify users for their skin-cutting tendency. 


I can’t imagine myself using those. 

I’ve had a lot of friends complaining about having to stop plucking mid-way due to unbearable pain. What saddens me most is that most of them, if not all, are completely unaware that pain isn’t normal in plucking. 

What makes eyebrow plucking unusually painful then?

Bad tweezers. Wrong procedure. These are the main culprits to thwarting a rather fun eyebrow plucking/shaping effort. 

Fortunately, I’ve used more than a handful of the best tweezers brands. And, I’m sharing them to you here. 

And Now: Here are the 15 Best Tweezers for Eyebrows!

Now that we’ve scoured through what needed to be scoured, it would be best to get our hands with the 15 best tweezers available in the market today.

These products, as you’ll notice along the way, are not perfect. Most of these products constantly undergo changes and alterations. And, it’s all for the better.

Shaping the eyebrows and sporting a sexy beautiful look is very meticulous, so you’ll have to make sure that the tweezers you’re buying are truly up for the challenge!

Let’s see all these all shape up!

01. Tweezers Set- Tweezer Guru Stainless Steel Slant Tip and Pointed Eyebrow Tweezer Set

Nothing can be worthier in earning the “Best Pick” badge than this 100%  stainless steel, low-maintenance, and highly-efficient eyebrow tweezers by   Tweezer Guru.

A love child between slanted and pointed tweezers, this pair of tweezers speak precision like no other tweezers can. With a grip handle that does not require effort from your fingers, this tweezers for eyebrows removes stray hair and shapes eyebrow hair fast and easy.

Others even use it for peeking into the skin to remove blackheads, splinters and other minute protrusions!

Highly intuitive, you are sure to maintain a conscious shape in your eyebrows with this tweezers for eyebrows. You can even use the tweezers to pick ingrown hair, or whatever short and tender hair in the body.

Whichever way you want it to be—bent backwards and front—it still won’t spend as much pressure on you skin as a feather does.

Beyond its precision point, what I consider as the most genius aspect of the product is its meticulous capacity, stainless steel quality, a classic effortless mechanism, durable quality, low-maintenance package, and of course, a painless plucking command.

Beyond it all, I’m over heels in love with this tweezers for eyebrows for being the perfect shaping tool. Angled and shaped, but not to an extent, it can cover sharp eyebrow curves. Using it as a beauty tool, given its lightness, proves most effortless.

What problems did I find with the product?

It isn’t so much of a problem or a big issue, only a potential space for improvement.

It doesn’t have a protective cap. Outside that, this iconic Tweezer Guru masterpiece is sheer perfection. I just love to fancy about it having a  protective cap. It’d look so much prettier.

But, it’s great nevertheless. 


  • Pointed-Slant Tip
  • Low-maintenance
  • Highly Durable
  • Easy grip/Effortless Shaping Technology
  • Lightweight
  • Safety Storage
  • Painless Plucking Command
  • Safe to Use


  • No protective cap

Why choose it?

  • Ergonomic, intuitive, smart, this pair of tweezers from the well-known Tweezer Guru brand earns a flawless reputation in the beauty industry.

02. Anastasia Beverly Hills- Precision Tweezers

best tweezers for chin hair

Quite strangely, this tweezers hails as the “Premium Pick” on our list, yet it’s the least-rated out of the 15 others. Therefore, it’s got to be pricey for a reason!

A bearer of both slant-tip and straight tweezers, this costly Italian-made pair of tweezers from Anastasia Beverly Hills makes it second in our list. It’s certainly not the best, but it genuinely plucks the right amount of brow hair.

Light. Precise. These traits elevate the product in so many respects. Certainly, it won the hearts of many a users- men and women.

Thanks to their precise and slanted taper body, the tweezers can dive into working over the shortest and smallest brow hair. This further earns the product the leverage to either remove, pluck or isolate brow hair strands to match your desired shape.

Being a big name with very expensive consequences, taking off with some praises was never enough with the product. On the road to being popular, it has a major controversy tailing on it.

The said controversy, according to experts and users, was prompted by a massive distribution of cheap knock-offs that eventually tarnished the product’s reputation in a while.

These so-called knock-offs brought in dull, breakable, and skin-irritating tweezing experience instead. Apparently, the knock-offs took much toll on the brand such that the brand was forced to counter-affidavit.

Unfortunately, the expensive price remained unchanged. And, this perhaps caused the product to become the least reviewed item in the list.

As for product performance per se, these tweezers are halfway on it.

Drawbacks of the actual product (besides the troubles concerning fakes) cover from having a loose grip, an uncomfortably slanted figure, a poor hold on hair, towards bearing a pair of overly sharp edges.


  • Precise Hair Removal Capacity
  • Simple/Easy-to-use
  • Lightweight
  • Stainless Steel
  • Protective Cap


  • Unnecessarily Costly
  • Easily-Imitated/Knocked-off
  • Uncomfortably Slanted Blade
  • Loose Grip
  • Edges Too Sharp (can cut hair)
  • Requires Stable Grip
  • Weak Hair Plucking Capacity
  • Awkward Design

Why choose it?

  • Provided that it’s not purchased as a knock-off, the product ranks among the most trusted tools for beautifying the eyebrows.

03. 4-Piece Professional Tweezer Set with Case & Mirror

As our “Best Choice” bearer, there is no way these tweezers back down from an ultimately challenging precise eyebrow beautification! We’ll simply let its complete set do the talking!

Before we even begin plucking out its other advantages, let’s talk about its main features that are making people crazy: the prefect and safest grip and a complete beautification set.

People have grown so fond over this Brilliant Beauty masterpiece that putting the brand third on our list instantly prompted them to react.

Outside the “Premium Pick” second place mark, this eyebrows directly tails behind, or even equals our number one product in terms of efficiency. But as our records put it, it someone’s got to give. And, ranking this third doesn’t necessarily mean it’ less. It’s only behind due to some strict ranking reasons.

Nevertheless, the product’s ergonomic design/grip and complete brilliant set, without sugarcoats, have since proven their worth years before the product’s initial release.

Many have considered these features to perfect agencies of empowerment in terms of beautification. Above all, these features offer customers one thing the other brands could not.


Having direct control over beautification choices, styles, approaches, methods, etc. is best thing anyone could ask for.

The mirror, coming in as part of the set package, provides users the leverage to either proceed with eyebrow shaping or mere hair removal. With the most solid frame, the mirror provides extra ease in the beautification process.

And, what’s most amazing?

The mirror’s simply a bonus feature, that’s what.

Other intelligent features of the product cover a 100% unquestionable stainless steel tweezers quality, a low maintenance easy-to-clean design, precision eyebrow grooming/beautification performance, a complete set (pointed, slanted, straight and flat tips) a meticulous tweezing capacity (can remove ingrown hair, splinters and sturdy protective leather case.

It’s only known minus, so far, is its overly sharp slanted tweezers.


  • Complete Set (Pointed, Slanted Straight, & Flat tips)
  • Ergonomic Design for Tweezers and Tapers (Strong, Easy & Safe Grip)
  • Meticulous Tweezing Capacity
  • Low Maintenance and Easy-to-Clean Design
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Precise Eyebrow Grooming and Plucking
  • High Quality Protective Case
  • High Quality Mirror


  • Overly Sharp Slanted Tweezers

Why choose it?

  • The product is obviously an over-achiever. But, besides achieving these accolades on its own, its designers and manufacturers exhaust all possibilities for the best beautification experience—a perfectly intuitive and precise eyebrow grooming control.

04. Four Piece Tweezer Set- Leather Travel Case

Another head-banger among the winners’ circle, this Purebello product asserts its position with confidence being a multi-colored, natural and handy set of four!

A set of four (slanted, pointed, straight & slanted-pointed), this eyebrows tweezers by Purebello makes everything possible. Equally over-achieving as Brilliant Beauty, this tweezers for eyebrows is more than pleasurable to use.

Very sturdy, this set of tweezers have been called by users as the ultimate eyebrow tool. Sturdy, with a solid grip, you can’t not notice its precise shaping effects on eyebrow grooming/styling.

Moreover, its tweezers have been noted by critics and experts as highly intuitive to an extent that you can withdraw the pluck at an extreme angle.

Unlike ordinary tweezers, these tweezers’ grips are perfectly designed to fit into the palm. And, with that secured, your hand and fingers can freely thin eyebrow edges quick and easy.

Besides thinning, the tweezers pluck out hair with desirable convenience and precision.

Apparently, such product package is all about precision. And among the things that help this eyebrow tweezer pursue precision (besides it designs), is its organic material.

In a way, the tweezers’ organic material gives them a sleek handle and hypoallergenic, skin-friendly effect.

That doesn’t count the tweezers’ 100% stainless steel quality yet! All-in-all, the precision product is a pleasure to use with its handy tweezer designs, natural material, high quality stainless steel blades and a cute multi-colored theme.

User problems with the product include overly sharp blades that easily cut through hair and breakable tapers.


  • Handy Pack of Four
  • Made from Natural Materials; Hypoallergenic
  • Precise Hair Plucking Performance
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Low Maintenance/Easy-to-Clean
  • With Protective Pack
  • Easy Grip
  • Highly Intuitive Brow Styling Capacity


  • Overly Sharp Blades
  • Breakable Tapers
  • Not durable

Why choose it?

  • A package of well-designed and handy tweezers, this product is certifiably pretty from the inside out. Proving to be a mots genuine set of tweezers, this Purebello magic has become a perennial addition in everyone’s beauty list.

05. Surgical Tweezers for Ingrown Hair- Stainless Steel Precision Sharp Tweezers for Splinters

When it comes to its unquestionable command in tending brow hair, securing a smooth skin, and removing ingrown and splinters, this tweezers for eyebrows from Majestic Bombay rules over its competitors

Multifunctional. That’s what most people would associate to this lone pair of tweezers. From where the pair fail to please (from its lack of protective caps and a slightly problematic grip), it shines with exceeding degree!

Beyond its brand, the pair of tweezers prove that it can pluck out even the smallest and tiniest hairs in the body without deeming time-consuming processes.


It’s light and easy to use. With its impressive pointed blades, it can do detailed plucks and pulls. These jobs range from removing splinters and ingrown hair, to helping you conveniently attach facial/body extensions. This tweezers guarantees all these like any surgical tools do.

Because of the tweezers’ ability to pluck out the smallest hair fast and easy, they guarantee genuinely smooth skin surfaces in the body. Experts and critics alike further such claim.

Talking about skin, the product is very gentle on skin. And despite is dangerously sharp tip, its tweezers’ height maintains a good distance from the skin—far enough not to pierce or cut it.

It may not have the best grip (contrary to its claims), but it sure pleases users with its precise brow-styling hits effect. In fact, it oftentimes works more than tweezers. Its flexibility and multi-functionality answers to a lot of body work done.


  • Perfectly-Pointed Tip
  • Highly Durable
  • Safe on Skin (despite pointedness)
  • High Quality Stainless Steel
  • Multi-functional
  • Lightweight
  • Precise Brow Styling Effect
  • Removes Splinters and Ingrown Hair


  • No Safety Storage/Protective Cap
  • Loose Grip
  • Not Fit for Unstable Hand

Why choose it?

  • With its high functionality, oftentimes compared to a surgical tool, this product from Mastic Bombay secures smooth skin and precise brow styling.

06. Tweezerman Mini Slant and Point Tweezer Set- Stainless Steel

More inclined to a slant, rather than being a hybrid between slanted-pointed marriage, the product is royalty when it comes to facilitating the simplest, most straightforward hair brow removal and styling!

Bearing an awkwardly-looking slight slant, this pair of tweezers has impressed users for its very fast brow grooming performance.

Easy grip. Meticulous grooming. These are its highlights. Users use the product to remove the tiniest hair, splinters, black/white heads and other removable elements on skin.

And, it does so by a swift and quick glide across the skin.

Multifunctional. The product is also regarded for being that. Simultaneously, it earns praise for its highly durable package, genuine stainless steel quality and an easy grip.

It’s technically the tweezers for on-the-go users.

Effortless as it is, the product has many times been accused of being too lazily done. Other users also noted its dull edges and a low hair-grabbing performance.

Its simplicity is almost always mistaken for blandness. But, as some experts clarify, the product is just downright unconventional. As you can see with its design—slightly wide-gripped, inverted slant, mini-slant, etc.—the tool’s unlike any tweezers out there.

The product definitely needs getting used to. If you put too much pressure on it like you usually do, it’ll fail in grabbing hair.

It needs the right timing and gentle force. But, if you finally hit the right timing and the balance of forces, you’ll be amazed at how simple and straightforward it is. It can tend to your hair in just minutes!


  • Safe and Easy to Use
  • 100 Stainless Steel Quality
  • Mini Slant
  • Fast Performance
  • Highly Durable
  • Painless Plucking Command
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Grip


  • No Safety/Protective Cap
  • Weak Hair-Grabbing Capacity
  • Awkward on Hand

Why choose it?

  • This latest set of Tweezers by Tweezerman works as the fastest-performing brow-styling tool. It’s also the easiest, simplest and safest tool to use in the list.

07. Tweezers Set 4-Piece Professional Stainless Steel Tweezers Gift by Aumelo

best tweezers for stubborn chin hair

Aumelo’s latest treasure is cherish-worthy as such package features the most decent, most durable and most effective tweezers in the industry!

First and foremost, this latest product from Aumelo impresses experts and users alike for its compact design, complete set of four different tweezers, and a very durable travel case/storage.

Users applaud the package for its travel ease as well. One can never deny how convenient its tweezer designs are. Manufacturers of the tweezers claimed to have designed them neutrally to serve all hair on the body, even the ones shadowed in difficult to reach areas.

The silver-stainless molding technology used to shape the tweezers are claimed by many as the sole source of the tools’ smart hair-plucking/grabbing performance.

But what wows users above all are the tweezers’ ability to painlessly pluck out hair.

The product is best for styling eyebrows, removing ingrown hair, splinters, nose hair, facial hair, underarm hair, and even the shortest hair growths in the body!

Like Brilliant Beauty’s professional set of tweezers, this one empowers users with options, giving them full control on the grooming effort.

High quality stainless steels. No chemicals. Just plainly sharp.

This set of tweezers from Aumelo guarantees smooth skin with the slightest efforts from you.

These best tweezers for ingrown hair may somehow be complicated at first use, but with eventual familiarization, eases out in just minutes.

On the other hand, some users find issue on its difficult-to-clean pouch, breakable tapers and seemingly heavy handles.


  • Handy Pack of Four
  • Ergonomic/Neutral Design
  • Meticulous Tweezing Capacity
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel
  • Painless Plucking Command
  • Sturdy Travel Case/Storage
  • Intuitive/Smart Hair Grabbing/Plucking Performance
  • Multifunctional


  • Difficult-to-Clean Pouch
  • Not for First Time Users (Complicated mechanisms)
  • Heavy Handles
  • Difficult Grip
  • Breakable Tapers

Why choose it?

  • Perhaps the smartest and most effective product in the list, this works as the best tool for expert/advanced users. Despite not being precise, it sure is still very effective in both plucking and grabbing all hair on the body.

08. Revlon Expert Tweezer, Slant Tip

Revlon’s latest expert brow styling and grooming tool utilizes a special tension mechanics for overall control, boosting its precision line for the perfect grip in the process!

Considered by many to have the perfect grip from all its competitors, this tweezers easily rolls along the skin to remove stray hair, correct hair distance, remove ingrown hair, maintain angle along the brow edges and a lot more.

Many attribute its strong grip, alongside a precision aligned slightly slanted tips and a matte finish for that!

Highly effective in giving you a glimpse of the right amount of hair to be plucked, this pair of tweezers are best for rushed grooming efforts. More so, they work well under pressure, especially during moments wherein you’d have to inevitably cut your grooming short for emergency case.

What proves beneficial about all this is the neutrality the tweezers leave on your hair, as they don’t make severe changes on the hair. You can leave it halfway, and it still won’t render the area unfinished.

Discreet. That’s how one describes its performance!

Another major instrument for achieving this are the tweezers’ perfect grip. There isn’t any way that you’d commit mistake with its matted finish, solid stainless steel hold and slightly-slanted tip.

Albeit its popular Revlon tag, some things just won’t go easily with this pair of tweezers, particularly its tendency to cut through sensitive skin (if you have one), dull edges, etc.

But what’s most discouraging about the product is that fact that it’s highly imitated.


  • Slightly Slanted
  • Matted Finish for Perfect Grip
  • Painless Plucking Command
  • High Quality Stainless Steel
  • Precise Brow/Hair Styling Effect
  • Tension Mechanic for Best Control
  • Fast & Discreet Performance


  • Not best for Sensitive Skin
  • Dull Edges
  • Easily Imitated/Knocked-off
  • Not for First Time Users
  • No Protective Caps

Why choose it?

  • Besides an inherited command from Revlon birthmark, this product has the perfect grip meant for fast and discreet grooming/styling performances!

09. Slant Tweezers- TweezerGuru Professional Stainless Steel Slant Tip Tweezer

Slightly wide-gripped with slanted tip, this tweezer from Tweezer Guru ranks among the most trusted items in the list; it stands out with its painless hair plucking command!

Uptight users, especially those who are so keen on superior brow shaping routines, recommend this eyebrows tweezer!

A lone, simple product that’s low-maintenance and highly durable, this pair of tweezers works on all types of hair in the body. Easy to use with strong grip, this tweezers for eyebrows can work on a certain level of precision only the best aimers can guarantee.

Yes. These tweezers are quite complicated to handle. But, once you get the hang of it all, it can manage hair, stylize brow edges and smoothen skin with a few pinches.

The product is also specially designed that it doesn’t feel awkward with one hold. Like many other great tweezers, its grip is known to stabilize with a few adjustments.

Users thank its superior and trusted brand for its command. After all, it’s been around for quite some time so that people have so long mastered its every trick.

Another major feature that makes the product successful is its half-widened grip. Experts say that it adds comfort to the hands, maximizing its tweezers’ slanted design.

Durable. Low-maintenance. Practical. Trustworthy. That is the product in a nutshell!

Others however, take issue on the product’s lack of protective cap and storage, overly sharp edges, inability to grab hair, cheap finish and its eventual lack of quality control due to the fact that it’s easily imitated.


  • Trusted Brand
  • High Stainless Steel Quality
  • Painless Hair Plucking Command
  • Slightly Wide-Gripped
  • Multifunctional
  • Fast Performance
  • Lightweight


  • Cheap Finish
  • Easily Imitated/Knocked-off
  • Inability to Grab Hair
  • Lack of Protective Cap/Storage
  • Not for Beginners

Why choose it?

  • The product is perfect for addressing the nitty-gritty of brow styling. With its trusted name, you can be assured of its performance.

10. 4-Tip Tweezer Set- SuchATweeze Premium Stainless Steel Precision Tweezers for Men & Women

Probably the fastest and most accommodating to novice users, the product rules as a provider of genuine tweezing experience in this list!

With just one try, the product from SuchATweeze can already secure impressive outputs. It can also pursue tasks under the shortest period of time.

A package consisting of four kinds of tweezers—slant, extreme slant, pointed and straight—this tweezer easily fulfills your every brow styling options. Readily meant for styling the brow, these tools function as mere beatification products.

But, they also fulfill other meticulous tasks like removing splinters, small elements in the skin, etc.

This tweezers for eyebrows package also works best in holding and grabbing hair. Users praise its wide array of intuitive shaping styles, particularly aimed at shaping namely, soft-rounded arches, contoured brows, and linear brows.

Of the three, it excels in styling contoured brows. Each stylized tweezer works to supplement mere shaping effort.

This particular individualized tweezer also happens to attract users due to its focused nature.

On the opposite end, such feature ironically earns irks from critics as it entails limitedness in the aspect of grooming and being laid back. Others issues concerning the product package include dull edges, heavy design an easily imitated design.

Other than the issues mentioned, the product is a major win for beginners.


  • Handy Package of Four
  • Fast Performance
  • Travel Pack/Storage
  • Strong & Easy Grip
  • Meticulous Performance
  • Safe on Skin
  • Specific Brow Styling Guides (etched along the taper surface)


  • Heavy Design
  • Dull Edges
  • Easily Imitated/Knocked-Off
  • Limited Functionality (despite claims)
  • Awkward Slanted-Tip Design of Tweezers

Why choose it?

  • The product is perfect for styling the brow with just one pass. It’s easy and fast to use even with beginner’s hands.

11. Tweezers- Surgical Grade Stainless Steel by Zizzili Basics

A genius creation by the Zizzili Basics, this pair of tweezers certainly hails for its brow-perfection mechanics—a kind of smart control it elicits from its users!

Beyond its surgical-grade stainless steel design, its overall body is built to reinforce styling options. As it does so, it continually improves and gives you the leverage to learn, choose and weigh out which styles you prefer.

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In terms of multi-functionality, the product also hails as a royalty!

Being a straight pair of tweezers, this tool proves to be a total genius. Its mechanism enables you to choose between cutting, plucking, grabbing, and curving all body hair. Unlike the rest of the tweezers mentioned in this list, such pair does not destine hair output by accident.

Truly a genius and one of the best tweezers for eyebrows.

Albeit not being made in light and organic material (despite claims) so that its stainless steel output requires high maintenance. Consequently, debates about the genuineness of its stainless steel quality are still going on.

For a side-note, the product may be heavy and awkward at first hold. But, once you get used to it, you can easily subject it to a dozens of grooming cheats and tricks!

Undeniably, the product is smart and intuitive.

But above all, users acclaim it for its brow-perfection mechanics. Such mechanism is propelled by its arch-clawed tweezers. With such a design, the pair of tweezers can easily withdraw or proceed with its action. You, of course, shall have to drive it full.


  • Smart & Intuitive Design
  • Best for Beginners
  • Brow-Perfection Mechanics (powered by its arch-clawed tweezers)
  • Includes Safety Storage
  • Painless Plucking Command


  • Heavy and Awkward on Hand
  • Average Stainless Steel Quality (High Maintenance; Difficult to Clean due to loose pinchers)
  • Breakable Tapers
  • Easily Imitated/Knocked-off
  • Loose Grip

Why choose it?

  • It’s very difficult not to notice this avant-garde creation by Zizzili Basics, with its smart control and high beautification guarantee.

12. Rubis 3-3/4” Slanted Tip Tweezer R1K102

best tweezers reviews

The Rubis pair of Tweezers does not only boast with a perfect stainless steel quality, it also proves to be the best precision tool in the market today!

Considered by experts as the toughest and most quality-controlled pair of tweezers to date, this Tweezer by Rubis impresses with a breathtaking precision.

Others noted its 3-3/4 inches slanted-tipped taper length for its precise brow hair management, while most attribute its factory process with its 100% precision.

With that being said, the product has had left users overwhelmed with its turnabout. It can work at extreme angles without demanding for the hardest grips. You can simply leave it careening across your skin, and it’ll settle stray hair for you.

Like the top products in this list, this pair of tweezers preclude laborious removal of tiny hair, splinters and the like.

Complete with a storage and a protective cap, this Tweezer can be brought for travel anytime. Very light and durable, there’s no reason why you can’t bring these tweezers along.

Another great plus of the product is its origin material—antacid surgical blades. Meaning, its blades are just right. They don’t stray off with being too sharp or too dull. It’s just right for your hair management needs.

Being an ultra-precise and meticulous material, the pair of tweezers serve brows well! Users back that up with first-hand experiences.

However, problems with the product include a bulky storage, breakable tapers, high-maintenance package, difficult-to-clean blades, and a painful plucking effect.


  • Extended Length to 4 inches
  • 100% Stainless Steel Quality
  • Highly Precise Performance (Slanted Tip)
  • Meticulous Performance
  • Protective Cap/Storage


  • Painful Plucking Effect
  • Difficult-to-Clean Blades
  • High Maintenance Package
  • Bulky Storage
  • Breakable Tapers

Why choose it?

  • The most precise brow grooming/styling tool, this latest product from Rubis is best for meticulous groomers who’d like to sport good, sexy and beautiful look!

13. Laura Mercier Accessories- Tweezers

shape eyebrows

The most notable wide-gripped pair of tweezers finally makes it on this list of the best tweezers for hair removal; it enlists a whole pour out of first-rate goodies on its side—stainless steel, aligned tips for precise brow grooming performance and a durable package, and a lot more!

Unlike all those listed herein, this pair of easy-to-handle and best-for-beginners’ tweezers can be sharpened. Its tips are designed to be slightly sharp and dull when needed to. Its designers actually balanced its edges for a more controlled use.

In terms of durability, the product is nevertheless a champ!

Made from surgical-type stainless steel, its whole body withstands outside pressure. Users even recount attempting to bend the tweezers to try their strength and ended up sweating in vain.

Also meticulous, you can do whatever you want with the tool like plucking, grabbing, or entirely removing hair on skin for smoother surface.

Topping it all is its highly-comfortable grip. It’s a wide-gripped pair of tweezers, for crying out loud! It’s the only wide-gripped tool in this list.

It’s also got a very unique designed and neutral slant. This feature perfects what most tweezers cannot.

And, that is a highly stable tweezing. I really liked this tweezers as one of the best tweezers for eyebrows out there.

A stable tweezing is very difficult to achieve especially when you have shaky hands, or when you’re new on the job. Fortunately, the tool, can secure that stability like no other tweezers can!

Users have nothing much to criticize about the tool’s performance since it’s everything you get from what it is.

However, what critics pick a bone from the product for concerns absent features that could’ve perfected this Laura Mercier’ gem.

What’s lacking from it are storage/protective packs, tension-release mechanisms, and genuine multifunctional command.

The product also seems too bulky when carried around for travel.


  • 100% Stainless Steel Quality
  • Aligned & Slanted Tips for Precision
  • Highly Durable
  • Balanced Edges
  • Wide-Gripped


  • Painful Plucking Effect
  • No Storage/Protective Caps
  • No Tension-Release Mechanism
  • No Genuine Multifunctional Command
  • Too Bulky for Travel
  • Easily Imitated/Knocked-off

Why choose it?

  • Being the only wide-gripped pair of tweezers for perfect grip on this list, it’s difficult not to notice this product, not to mention that it’s rated with an “A” for its genuine performance.

14. Tweezerman Ingrown Hair Splintertweeze

Easily-cleaned and handled, this equally special tweezers from Tweezerman impress more than surgical tools do.

With a very sharp and pointed tip, you would think that these tweezers are highly risky. But, they’re not. And, they even pluck out hair with zero pain. Users even recommend using the tweezers to safely penetrate into the skin to remove blackheads, acne residues, splinters, etc.

How safe?

The stainless steel finish of the tweezers shields them chemical infiltration, so you can soak them in harsh chemicals for sterilization. If you do this with other tweezers, chances are that you’d end up with discolored and dull tweezers.

As is repeatedly mentioned in its reviews, the tweezers are very safe to use. Its very thin tapered and pointed tip enables the pair of tweezers to plant itself into the skin to remove hair from the roots.

With a pierce-and-pull mechanism, the tool enables you to easily remove stray brow hair and formally tweeze it for shaping.

Its drawbacks on the other hand covers a range of inconvenience from a loose grip, lack of storage/protective cap, lack of plucking variety (particularly in removing sharp splinters), fixed taper alignment, limited design to an easily imitated design.


  • Safe on Skin
  • Multifunctional (Meticulous Performance)
  • Neutral Design (Slanted for Precision)
  • 100% Stainless Steel


  • Lack of Plucking Variety
  • Lack of Storage/Protective Cap
  • Easily Imitated/Knocked-Off
  • Fixed Taper Alignment
  • Limited Design
  • Loose Grip
  • Not for Non-Professional/Advanced Users

Why choose it?

  • The most pointed of all the tweezers, this tool can safely pierce into the skin to remove hair from the roots, beating surgical tools!

15. Tweezerman Slant Tweezer- Black Model

Finally, another special Tweezerman magic tool makes it in the list—a straight pair of tweezers with enamel finish for safer use!

Dubbed by many as the finest and most comfortable tweezers in the world, this latest product by Tweezerman fuses brow hair removal and styling at one attempt. It can shape up your brows in an instant without deeming burdensome efforts.

It perhaps ranks among the fastest-working tweezers in this list, if not the fastest. Aligned, with slanted tips, these tweezers also work on precision. Or, perhaps not.

Eighty-percent of general reviewers however, deemed the product to be just light, fine, easy to grip, but not really precise. They even consider it a failure in both removing hair and securing smooth skin.

Some think that the product can still further improve on including a storage in its package, a sharpening mechanism, a widened functionality, and sharper edge quality.

The Tweezerman company is yet to release a statement about ongoing product upgrades. But what remains true about the product is its strong grip and sheer comfort; ergonomic.

It’s also easy to use so that beginners can try it. More so, once you get familiar with its manipulation tactics, you can finally utilize it for fast use. Surely one of the best tweezers for eyebrows


  • Enamel Grip for Safer Use
  • Comfortable on Hand
  • Fine Texture & Design
  • Slanted Tip for Fastest Performance
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Painful Plucking Effect
  • Not Precise
  • Weak Hair Removal/Grabbing Capacity
  • Dull Edges
  • No Sharpening Mechanism
  • No Widened Functionality
  • No Storage/Protective Cap

Why choose it?

  • Nothing beats the product’s capacity to fuse hair removal and shaping under very short time

Welcome to the World of Tweezers: The Types and What is Right for You

Tweezers for eyebrow vary from one type to another. One design fits a particular facial shape, while the other looks into the eyebrow’s natural inclination. Patterned to varied eyebrow shapes, tweezers constantly undergo customizations.

For your basic knowledge, we listed the types of tweezers here, from the most common to the least known, and their corresponding features.

Pluck the best one for you….

1. Point-Tip Tweezers

Perhaps the most pointed-tipped pair of tweezers type in the book, the point-tip tweezers pick on tiniest, thinnest and shortest eyebrow hair.

Designed to fulfil highly meticulous undertakings, the pair of tweezers even used to remove ingrown hair, splinters and other fine hairs in the body.

Since this type of device is critically meticulous, it requires a firm and stable grip to function without risk. Almost resembling a surgical tool,   this device weighs very lightly.

With their pointed tip, the tweezers can easily place small additions in your nails.

  Best for: Expert users with stable grip

2. Flat-Tip Tweezers

With a flat arm tip, these tweezers make it difficult for pulling hair. Due to their flat design, they can remove thick hair in one pull. By all means, the tweezers can’t perform singular plucks without causing an imbalance in your eyebrow.

Others use flat-tip tweezers to hold thick extensions in their face and body i.e., fake nails, fake eyelashes and clip-in hair extensions.

Best for: Users who want to apply for extensions on the body, but not those who expect a successful or safe eyebrow plucking.

how to pluck eyebrows

3. Slant-Tip Tweezers

This type is the most common in the book. Considered by many as basic, classic design for eyebrow tweezers, the slant-tip pair of tweezers easily grabs body hair (particularly eyebrows) with precision and accuracy.

Their slanted tips also secure quick-slip hair plucking, a painless mechanism for pulling and shaping hair. Many makeup experts recommend the tweezers for shaping and sharpening edges in the eyebrow.  

Best for: On-the-go users who have pain-sensitive skin; users who are    eyeing precise hair removal

4. Round-Tip Tweezers

While this pair of tweezers may not be that ‘effective’ in plucking hair, it proves to be the safest in the list. 

These tweezers work best in shaping heavily-angled corners in the eyebrow. Meaning, they fulfill complicated shaping options without leaving your skin with the slightest cuts.

Best for: Users who have heavily-angled eyebrows; users who are have pain-sensitive skin; users who want to take eyebrow-shaping to the next   level

5. Wide-Grip Tweezers

The perfect tweezers for unstable hands, this pair comes with varied finger rest shapes. But, all these variations succumb to a pattern: an extra-space, extensively wide finger rests along the taper line for added convenience, ease and safety.

eyebrow tweezers

This design also allows the tweezers to have stronger grip on the hair,   without cutting them midway. Consequently, among the shapy tweezers in this list, this type works best on eyebrows.

Best for: Beginners/users with unsteady grip

6. Pointed-Slant Tweezers

A hybrid between pointed-tip and slanted tweezers, this pair is a savage in terms of securing precise hair plucking and shaping.

These crazy tweezers perform ten times better than their parent tweezers.

With extensively slanted tips, these tweezers simply glide through the hair, without requiring much effort from your hand. After that, the tweezers will have just plucked the right thickness without the slightest sting.

Albeit having pointed tips, these tweezers prove to be more effective, and even safer than their original type.

Best for: Beginners/users with unsteady grip; on-the-go users who      have pain-sensitive skin; users who are eyeing precise hair removal

7. Arched-Claw Tweezers

If you’re super-meticulous on the right amount of hair to be plucked,     then you’ll be pleased with this type/pair of tweezers.

Unlike the typical straight-edge tweezers, this type crooks up with arched-clawed tapers. With such design, the tweezers hallow-out in the side, giving you visibility clearance to decide if you’re pulling too much hair, or not.  

This pair of tweezers is beneficial for looking into hard-to-reach or visibly-challenging areas in the body—bikini line, underarms, eyebrows,    etc.

best drugstore tweezers

Best for: Users who are super-meticulous on the right amount of hair to be plucked; users who are tweezing difficult areas in their body

8. Straight Tweezers

The most intuitive of all the designs, these tweezers are the simplest,     effective, light and convenient hair-shaping and removing device. For that reason, these tweezers best aid both novice and expert tweezing.

With plainly straight taper edges, this pair of tweezers work on all types of hair. Giving you a good grip, this pair holds unwanted hair above the skin, without cutting, or giving them unsolicited curve.

Best for: First-time and expert users who want to intuitively take control on the right amount of hair to be pulled; users who want to tend     eyebrows without necessarily shaping the hair (focus on all unwanted hairs)

Choosing the Best Tweezers for Eyebrows: Reliable Buying Guide

Pointed tip. Straight. Slanted tip.

Regardless of how it may appear, a pair of tweezers can only be best measured by its capacity to pluck and shape hair.

Now, for eyebrow tweezers, the odds for achieving a notable reputation are slim. But, these are mainly determined by complicated and unique eyebrow situations.  

Meaning, you’d have to get to know your eyebrow more intimately before bagging in those slim steels.

Shape. Thickness. Facial shape. Inclination of the eyebrows’ edges. Angle.

These are among the few of your eyebrows’ trait indicators. The rest of the traits are hidden behind those stray hairs. You’ll have to dig deeper to solidly imagine how your eyebrows would look like after a few plucks.

At this point, given that you’re done shaking hands with your eyebrows, let’s look into what makes the best tweezers.

Shape up your list and choose the best tweezers for eyebrows with our reliable buying guide!

Pointed-Slant Tweezers Are Absolute 5 Stars!!!

Safe and precise, these tweezers allow you to hold your eyebrow hair parallel to the skin without twisting it to an angle. Apparently, such configuration allows you to easily shape your eyebrow hair to extreme curves at will.

Being the love child of two extreme pairs of tweezers- pointed tip and slanted tip- this type easily exceeds its source designs. Over-achieving with a not so uptight, yet unmistakably exquisite eyebrow hair-tending disposition, this pair empowers even the most novice users to craft out their eyebrows.

Wide-Grip Tweezers Are Equally Great!

Of all the types of tweezers, the wide-grip tweezers are beyond compare when it comes to tending eyebrows.

The widened or flattened grip fulfils a purpose. It didn’t just blow out of proportion for nothing.

Firstly, it gives you a better, stronger and more comfortable grip of the tapers. This proves to be most useful especially during critical moments like removing very small stray hairs along the heavily-angled lines.

In the case of normal tweezers, you’d have to exhaust your attention on your grip and double your effort when you have shaky hands.

The finger rests allow smooth gripping, without requiring pressure from your fingers. With this design, it’d be very unlikely for you to prematurely remove or cut portions of your eyebrows.

Slant-Tip Tweezers Make Another Great Option!

If your skin’s a little finicky over painless eyebrow styling, then you ought to answer its favour with the slant-tip tweezers.

Such an option is equally and generically fit for both removing or styling hair in the difficult areas in the body—small hair, ingrown hair, short whiskers, etc.

Painless and precise, this type of tweezers stands out as the most basic of them all.

Familiarize this design and make it a major buying option.

Straight Tweezers Are Simple, but Nimble!!!

Straight tweezers are equally basic devices for shaping or plucking hair from your eyebrows.

Without the slightest upgrades, this pair of tweezers acknowledges the golden saying “Less is more” with such modesty.

It’s simple, easy to use and light. If you’re the practical kind of buyer who also dreams of the perfect eyebrows, then you’ll definitely find heaven in these tweezers.

Choose the Product with Safety Storage

Make it a habit to purchase the product that includes a storage in its package. Safety storage basically prolongs your tweezers’ life. It also keeps them causing further damage inside your bag. By all means, you can’t just indiscriminately put them inside your bag!

However, the highest product standards speak of an even more uptight stipulation: a protective cap for the tweezers.

Yes, why not. After all, you don’t to conveniently sharpen those tweezers blades without breaking the pair off apart. So, enclosing these precious blades in a cap will have to be the best option.

And, this leads us to another layer of buying need which is purchasing the product with a 100 stainless steel mark. If you can’t sharpen those blades, you’d might as well look for the best blade qualities.

It’s all for easy maintenance, mate!

Quick and Easy Tips on How to Tweeze Eyebrows

Tweezing the eyebrows is as challenging as choosing the right tweezers for it!

As I mentioned beforehand, you’ve got facial shape, eyebrow edge inclination and the tweezers’ tips to weigh on about!

At first glance, you can instantly be blown away by the wind of impossibility suggested by meticulous brow grooming.

But, that’s just it—first glance.

Brow grooming is more fun than you know. Well, of course, that could only be true after you’ve gone through the painstaking process of selecting the best brands for your brows.

Do your brows require slant-tip tweezers, or wide-grip tweezers like that of Laura Mercier Accessories?

You’ve got to reflect on these questions, first and foremost! And, once you’ve plucked all the possible angles, then it’s time to shape up for the quick and easy tips on how to tweeze eyebrows!


1. Get in a hot shower before plucking those innocent eyebrows of yours!

Hot shower obviously relaxes your pores and keeps your guard down. Moreover, the humidity spewed by hot water smoothens hair and isolates hair for immediate visibility.

   So, why miss it?

Note: Make sure to dry your brows with clean towel right after shower, before plucking. Wet hair only means one thing: slippery hold.

2. Right before plucking, apply ice on our brows. This should put down pain receptors in your brows.

The ice, in turn, blocks the pain sensory in the skin, so that you can easily remove hair from its root without you “ouch-ing” here and there.

Again, our main enemy in plucking is pain. 

Therefore, you’re bound to do everything in your power to block it!

3. The better the tweezers, the lesser the pain.

Just a quick recall: the best tweezers guarantee zero pain. And, if you haven’t noticed, most of the best tweezers that we have featured almost always experience being knocked-off.

   That’s currently what’s plaguing the tweezer industry nowadays!

And, this is probably due to the tweezers identical appearances. The best way to secure your tweezers’ authenticity and potential for painless plucking is by checking out its seller’s seal.

   If you’re still uncertain, make a direct company order!

4. Tighten the skin when you’re plucking, and make the pull abrupt  This process quickens plucking and keeps pain down. Tightening the skin relaxes the follicles hold of the hair shaft.

Now, here’s a trick. Ever noticed why you’re shouting in pain with your tweezing efforts? Wrong plucking motion has so much to do with it.

Do you notice how they pull the hair during waxing? Abrupt. Quick.

If you don’t do it quick, chances are that the feeling of pain is prolonged so that you’re most likely to feel and eventually suffer from it.

5. See your hair grain? That directs you to the hair growth. Tweeze along it, not against it!

Just don’t go against your hair grain if you don’t like pain. The grain,       which is eventually the direction of your hair growth, directs you to the right plucking motion—where the force enacts and where it should exit.

Of course, it makes plucking painless! That’s the whole point of this.

6. Re-apply ice after plucking.

   This basically repeats process no. 2.

7. Don’t exceed on the plucking limit.

Before you can even secure this, you’ve got to be aware of the plucking limit.

   So, what’s the plucking limit?

Eyebrow shapes and sizes are framed by point A, B and C. The reference mark of all these points is the outside of your nose. From that mark, you are to draw an invisible line connecting to the first point of the eyebrow, the point that faces the opposite eyebrow. That’s point A.

Now, point B acts as the ultimate arch of your eyebrow. Point C, on the other hand is the tip reached by the diagonal invisible from the outside the nose.

The brow shapes are to coincide with your facial shape (rounded, long, oval, square) to your eye shape (close eye shape, wide shape, mature eyes, deep set, hooded lids).

Once all stray hairs are removed and these standards observed, then you’ll know you’ve reached the plucking limit!


Shaping the brows is indeed a priority in sporting a beautiful, handsome, bold, define, and sexy look!

All the configurations mentioned in this review say it all.

Matching the right tweezers for your brows proves to be the best move for sporting a good look!

With the buying guides that recommend us the best tweezers for eyebrows, we get to be formally introduced with the likes of the efficient Tweezer Guru Tweezers Set, the precise beautifier 4-Piece Professional Tweezer Set by Brilliant Beauty, and the most notable wide-grip Laura Mercier.

Certainly, there’s more to them than meets the eye. But, how do you really know if tweezing is really fun and instrumental to sporting a good look?

You can only know by performing your own brow grooming and styling today!


What are Tweezers?

Tweezers are a pair of clipper/pincher that grabs, pull, pluck and shapes hair formation (particularly eyebrows).

What particular Tweezers brands prove to be perfect for removing ingrown hair?

The best brands for removing ingrown hair include Aumelo, Tweezer   Guru, Tweezerman, Revlon, SuchATweeze, Brilliant Beauty, Majestic Bombay, etc.

What Tweezers brands are best for removing facial hair?

The Tweezers brands that are best for removing facial hair are Aumelo,   Tweezer Guru, Revlon, Laura Mercier, and Brilliant Beauty.

Do tweezers get dull?

Yes. They do.

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