10 Best Tattoo Inks in 2021 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Nuclear Tattoo Ink – 9 Color Set
  2. Intenze Tattoo Ink – 10 Bottles
  3. 6 Bottle Simple Color Set
Best Tattoo Inks

Tattoo Art! Who wouldn’t love it? It’s beautiful to look at, but it’s sure is one very challenging ordeal. 

A slight error in the process can lead to ugly results. Ugly artwork; ugly skin irritations. However, for a guaranteed beautiful result, all complete by the colors, tattoo artists recommend using the best tattoo inks!

Tattooing is critical mainly because of the fact that it’s dermally invasive. It tears and gets into the skin.

Ugh! Just imagine such pain!

Having said that, it is, therefore, imperative that you purchase high-quality tattoo inks for your own safety. In your search, you’d most probably encounter brands like Millenium Moms, Intenze, Radiant Colors, Kuro Sumi, etc. 

Here is the List of 10 Best Tattoo Inks:

  1. Nuclear Tattoo Ink – 9 Color Set
  2. Intenze Tattoo Ink – 10 Bottles
  3. 6 Bottle Simple Color Set
  4. Millennium Moms Black Tattoo Ink
  5. Millennium Mom’s Tattoo Ink Set
  6. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink
  7. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Set
  8. Intenze Professional Tattoo Ink
  9. Tattoo Ink Radiant Colors 7 Color
  10. StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink

Top 10 Best Tattoo Inks

Hold on to your skin. You’re about to experience our top 10 best tattoo inks. 

The color we go…

1. Nuclear Tattoo Ink – 9 Color Set

moms tattoo ink review

Boasting with impressive pigment details, this “Top Pick” product, which also happens to be “Premium Value” is globally known for its glow-in-the-dark magic!

  • Smooth Quality and Flow for Quick-Time Tattoo Application
  • Vibrant Quality
  • Consistent Color
  • Highly Trusted Brand
  • Chemical-Free
  • Long-Lasting Effect

Imagine standing under a blacklight seeing your tattoo glowing like magic! That’s Millennium Mom’s Nuclear UV Blacklight Tattoo Ink in a nutshell! To capture it better, it’s a “top pick” & “premium value” tattoo ink. It literally glows on our list.

With 9 colors to choose from, this best tattoo ink proves to be beyond vivid. You can experiment with it because each of its colors easily stands out.  It’s as if their pigments have already been balanced in terms of shade, hue texture. 

It turns out they’ve been balanced beforehand. Having set forth all these meticulous details within the package, artists can finally spend the shortest time possible toning the ink. 

Mixed as homogenous pigments, the inks flow easily despite changing temperatures. For that, it easily garners a for-all-artist title. Quick on the hand due to its balanced water solution, it does not spill. Therefore, it’d be very safe to say that this is the most hassle-free tattoo ink in the market today. Both tattoo artists and users favor it over all others. 

In terms of longevity, its colors actually last a lifetime. There’s no exaggeration to that. It doesn’t fade out. It doesn’t change in shade over the years. In fact, each of its segmented pigment is known to emphasize through time. Just perfect!

Personally, I think glow-in-the-dark magic is the best thing on its plate. I find it unique for tattoos to be designed as UV-projected colors. Even in such placement, or let’s say outside UV light, it appears to be like any normal tattoos (except, of course, that’s it’s got fuller shade and pigment).  

As much as I’m concerned, it’s close to perfect. One potential feature about it that I think can further improve though, is its scent. Just a minimal issue here. Other than that, it simply rocks!


  • Consistent Color Quality
  • Dense & Full Shade, Pigment
  • Long-Lasting 
  • Quick-Dry
  • Fast-Absorbent
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Smooth Flow & Mixture
  • Easy Application


  • Strong Scent

Why choose it?

  • Whether you’re artsy or not, you’ll definitely enjoy this “top pick”/ “premium value” product’s adequacy for creativity!

2. Intenze Tattoo Ink – 10 Bottles

cheap tattoo inks set

Intenze’s tattoo ink is also intense enough to establish a strong reputation in the market, deserving therefore a “Best Value” tag!

  • 1/2 oz Color Set for a Year’s Use
  • Huge Product Quantity
  • High-Quality Color Concentration
  • Bright Colors
  • Realistic Combinations
  • Easy to Use Even for Beginners

Bright colors. Perfect color combinations. Realistic results. These are just a few of the common praises both our testers and reviewers give the product. They also never missed mentioning that it’s lightweight so that it feels great on the skin. Designed with a mildly-saturated solution, it does easily drip. What would you get then? Error-less, fast and easy tattooing, of course! Surely one of the best tattoo inks

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One reviewer mentions that it doesn’t stick to the microneedle/blade’s tip. As a result, very little to no residues are expected of it. More so, it dries up and absorbs fast. Applying it is stress-free, reiterated the reviewer, simply because it’s blur-proof! This is one of the best tattoo inks.

One of our testers also praised its high chromophore presence responsible for its vibrant hue and perfectly-balanced pigment. Using it is made easier because its colors do not subtract the other’s grading. In a sense, it sorts of functions as a technical grader on itself. 

Above everything else, it’s particularly famous for its realistic color combination. The mixing doesn’t even require the slightest effort. Our testers mentioned that you can simply put in preferred colors. 

Once done, the colors segregate their own hard pigments per se, softening their edges for an actuated combination.  In the end, you’d get the best combinations over an effortless act. 

Like its previous counterpart, it’s close to perfect. But, there’s one thing in it that turns our testers off. That would be its quick-spill package. 


  • Bright Colors
  • Mildly Saturated (does not stick to the needle & does not drip)
  • Realistic Combinations with Depth
  • Long-Lasting
  • Huge Product Quantity (can last for a year’s use)
  • Active Pigment Balancing
  • Smooth & Lightweight
  • Quick-Dry; Deeply Penetrating


  • Quick-Spill Package Design

Why choose it?

  • This high-end drugstore tattoo ink by Intenze intensely lives up to is “best value” title; it’s best for tattoo images with realistic and dimensions.

3. 6 Bottle Simple Color Set

World Famous’ latest addition to its pack, this tattoo ink is award-winning in every sense.

  • Gamma Radiation-Sterilized
  • Tamper-Proof Label
  • Crystal Flex Bottle with Twist Cap for Fast Color Identification
  • EU-Approved Product Package
  • Vegan-Friendly

There are a lot of reasons to buy this tattoo ink. Let’s just say that with first use, the verbose tattoo is instantly achieved. Our honest testers insist that this is no exaggeration.   say that the product’s easy-flowing, well-balanced colors, and easily-applied ink makes for absolute error-free tattooing!

With its crystal-flex bottle, one can easily go through and choose the right colors without delay. Each of its colors is expected to stand out with a desirable tone. Warm. Vibrant. And yet, they’re subtle enough to bring about a deeper shade. Many users believe that crystal-flex bottles eventually speed up the whole effort. 

One reviewer writes to appreciate its vegan-friendly tag. Known to be taken from actual herbal chlorophyll sources, its solution is most tender to all types of skin. Yet, it still manages to be tough enough to absorb. It’s quick-absorbent in a way that it emerges the overall shade and tone in minutes.

Another reviewer points out that its inks are solidly non-drip. Meaning, the colors truly hold on to the skin. This, in a way, helps users preserve them for months. Economic. That’s the whole intention of its thick sheet. It nevertheless includes its twisted cap as a consequence.

One minor problem users commonly encounter with the tattoo ink is its strong unnatural scent. 


  • EU-Approved
  • Fast, Easy-Flowing Ink Quality
  • Thick & Non-Drip Sheet
  • High-Quality Packaging; Economic Package; Crystal Flex Bottles
  • Fast Color Emerging Process
  • Well-balanced Colors; Warm & Vibrant Colors
  • Vegan-Friendly Tag
  • Easy Application


  • Strong, Unnatural Scent

Why choose it? 

  • Best for all skin types, it’s mild on the skin but tough on its job as a tattoo ink! Ultimately, it secures a fast tattoo result.

4. Millennium Moms Black Tattoo Ink

best black tattoo ink

Our fourth sizzling tattoo ink also blurs the line between products in the list, furthering widening the choices at hand. But unlike its counterparts, it stands out more like an authentic set of colors. Anoter great tattoo inks from our best tattoo inks list.

  • Outlining Ink 
  • USA-Made & Sold 
  • 100% Authentic Quality 
  • 12oz Economic Bottle 
  • Rich Pigments

Made in the USA, it’s known by our testers for its authentic set of colors. Soft-edged. Well-balanced pigments. Kind to the skin. You won’t run out of kind adjectives for it.

One tattoo artist reviewer states that despite the lack of saturation in its black color, this best tattoo cover makeup still manages to embellish linings. Used mainly for mixing and washing, it works perfectly on transition colors. The reviewer further emphasized the expectations of its black color. Not solid ebony, but somehow washed. 

Another reviewer praised the Millenium Mom ink’s non-sticky, yet a non-runny solution. It’s wet enough not to stick on the bottle, yet sticky enough not to run below lines. As mentioned earlier, it’s the suave lining is highly regarded by tattoo artists as a very useful feature. Therefore, the product’s perfectly-balanced solution factors a major percentage of its authentic quality. 

On the other hand, some users complain about its extremely watery solution (depending on the climate). They were also quick to revert to the product’s undeniable assets, recommending instead that the product be kept in temperature-neutral storage. 

Other complaints it receives had to do with some shipping problems, slow-drying process and a tendency to not hold on the skin immediately. 


  • Authentic Color Quality
  • Well-Balanced Pigments; Soft-Edged
  • Rich Pigment
  • Perfect for Lining, Mixing & Washing
  • Best on All Skin Types
  • Perfectly-Balanced Solution
  • Non-Sticky
  • Long-Lasting Quality


  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Easily fades when not dry; Slow-Drying
  • Reacts to Storage Temperature

Why choose it?

  • Our fourth-ranking tattoo ink by Millenium’s Mom guarantees a neat, artistic and authentic tattoo output, thanks to its rich colors.

5. Millennium Mom’s Tattoo Ink Set

A big hand for Millennium Mom’s ink as it garners a top position twice in a row! This time, its 14-bottle and color choices that color out big time. 

  • High Pigment Concentration
  • Concentrated Ink Solution
  • Distinct Pigmentation
  • Saturated but Natural Colors
  • Fast-Absorbent & Quick-Dry
  • American Made

Very concentrated. Saturated. It’s saturated enough just to create actual depth required by any realistic tattoos. For that same reason, tattoo artists regard it as the ultimate tattoo for both large and small-scale art. Particularly known for its distinct pigmentations, it can carefully sync color tones with the body’s natural tones. 

Reviewers praise it for being economic. With just a few applications, it can already clearly set the outline, tone, and depth of the art. But, it also especially makes the color appear naturally with any skin colors. It’s got natural light-reacting pigments that blur differing shades between colors. Not requiring an excessive application, it can already complete a combination. 

A certain reviewer praised it for its hold on the skin. But, it holds just enough not to be sticky. In contrast to its previous Millennium Mom’s Tattoo counterpart, it dries up fast. So, you don’t really have to worry about it fading out or dripping. Once it has dried, it penetrates well into the skin. Deep-set effect. That’s how it’s best described. 

On the other hand, a major turn off it has on most of our testers (outside from its strong smell and some shipping problems) deals with its tendency to be rejected when applied on an already-existing tattoo. 


  • Quick Dry & Fast-Absorbent
  • Holds strongly on the skin but not greasy/sticky
  • High Pigment Concentration; Distinct Pigmentations
  • Best for All Skin Types & Colors
  • Best for Both Professionals & Beginners
  • Economic
  • Best for Both Large & Small-Scale Art
  • Deep-Set Effect of Combined Colors


  • Strong Smell
  • Does not sit with existing tattoos (certainly not for covering old tattoos)
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Bottles are too small to contain mixed colors

Why choose it?

  • It’s crafts depth on any tattoo body art; each of its pigment stands out with high-quality shade.

6. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

japanese tattoo inks

Our 6th-ranking ink tattoo by Kuro Sumi both literally and figuratively embodies the Japanese sophistication with its ultra-clear and bright color set best for shading and lining!

  • Organic Tattoo Colors
  • Vegan-Friendly Solution
  • Super Bright & Clear Tattoo Ink
  • Long-Lasting Quality
  • 2 Types of Healing Effects on Skin

It’s first and foremost organic, vegan-friendly and mild to the nose. Our testers especially noted its deep fragrant. This may come as a surprise because its formula is purely water-base. And very much likely among Asian organics, it’s got a healing process. This, above everything else, grabs consumers by the heart! 

Highly concentrated. It may appear saturated at first application. But once its colors begin to settle down, they really do! Mind you: the colors are proven to last longer than you can imagine. 

But let’s get back to its healing process. It’s got two types actually– skin repair and color tone repair. In simple words, it rids the skin from naturally-induced redness and swelling. Altogether, it also cures transitions by focusing on shading and lining. 

Artists who have used it are eventually still at awe at how solid its colors are. One can really see its natural shade. Determined as three types of healing tones– brownish, regular, and reddish– it actually heals skin color and condition. 

All these three uniquely secure a fine tone in the skin right after the session. Lastly, the product’s herbal infusions take charge to repair skin from being constantly broken and torn.

On the contrary, it earns flak from the consuming public (that includes our testers) due to its leaking bottles, slow-drying process, closely-set expiry date, and small bottle quantity. This is one of the best tattoo inks.


  • High Pigment Concentration
  • Smooth & Mild on Nose
  • Thick Herbal Presence: Highly Organic; Vegan-Friendly
  • Super Bright & Clear Tattoo
  • Water-Based Formula Processed the Asian Way
  • Best for Lighting & Shading
  • Has healing process: skin repair and toning ability


  • Closely-Set Expiry Date
  • Slow-Drying Process
  • Leaking Bottles
  • Small Bottle Quantity

Why choose it?

  • If you’re into realistic but bright color shades and outlines, you’ll most likely be satisfied with this product!

7. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Set

kuro sumi tattoo ink review

The previous Kuro Sumi ink product we featured won’t make it on our list without its original product version, the more color-consistent main tattoo ink set!

  • 100% Organic without Animal Contents
  • Authentic, Deep Colors
  • Water-Based Solution
  • Healing Effect on Skin

Sharing almost identical qualities with the previous Kuro Sumi tattoo ink set, this original, main ink set still manages to impress our testers beyond the name. Without question, Kuro Sumi already impressively stands through the years as a tested brand. 

Bearing a Japanese solidness, as well as the striking simplicity of the Asian feel, it continues to upgrade. Its organic contents are vegan-friendlier like cod liver oil, vegetable oil, and other herbal dye essentials. Unlike most inks that are made from animal fats, this one takes off from that. This particular product trait, a conscious decision by its manufacturers, is so far the biggest thing experts are attributing its Japanese solidness to. 

Critics also praise the product for its authentic coloring capacity. And much like its Kuro Sumi counterpart, it possesses some healing capacities for the skin. It makes up with its authentic coloring capacity from what it lacks– the skin toning technology. 

The product’s water-based solution is highly off-putting though. Our testers noted that it can be too watery at times. Having said that, one can definitely say that its solution easily drips and fades on the skin. Taking more than 30 minutes to fully penetrate, the ink potentially drips across lines like water. For that, our testers recommend using it for filling colors, not for lining and shading. 

Other drawbacks of the product include a hazy distinction between blue to turquoise pigments, small bottle quantity, tendency to be too sensitive to storage humidity, and some shipping problems. 


  • Higher Organic/Vegetable Concentrates
  • Authentic Color Capacity
  • Solid, Bright Colors
  • Easy Flow Technology
  • Smooth & Mild on Nose
  • Water-Based Formula Processed the Asian Way
  • Has a healing process: skin repair and toning ability


  • Hazy Blue-Turquoise Pigment Distinction
  • Small Bottle Quantity
  • Too Sensitive for Storage Humidity
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Lackluster Water-Based Solution; Not for Lining & Shading

Why choose it?

  • The product brand has been a solid trusted one in years. Despite that, it’s continually upgrading.

8. Intenze Professional Tattoo Ink

In terms of being the safest to the point of being sterilized for all skin sensitivity issues, this product from Intenze is a pure crown, not to mention its gloriously bright and rich pigments!

  • Made to Resist Drying
  • Intense Black Skin Tone Healing
  • Intensely Organic Minus Animal Products
  • 100 Sterilized-Safe
  • Safe on Skin Sensitivity Conditions

At first use, our testers were ecstatic about it. And, why not? It’s fast-absorbing. Quick-Dry. And, it’s oh so toned on skin. But above all this, it’s 100% safe. It’s sterilized safe on all needles and safe on all skin sensitivity issues. 

Closely resembling the water-based and dense organic package of the Kuro Sumi brand’s, it rids its package of any known harmful substances, particularly artificial herbs and animal products. 

As one reviewer points it, its ink feels relaxing on the skin. Dubbed by its easy-flow technology, it does resist holding pressure. It also does not get rejected even if you apply it to existing colors or tattoos. In fact, it’s mainly used by most artists as layering ink for old/existing tattoos. It’s simply easy on skin so that it automatically balances its pigments with your skin’s overall tone. 

Another reviewer noted its impressive lightfastness. Yes. Its sellers weren’t lying when they highlighted its lightfastness. But, what is lightfastness actually? Put your heads down, because we have a simple explanation for it. a

You see, colorfastness is simply the ink’s ability to reveal the desired combination in a short time. Tattoo ink surfaces out when its carrier (a liquid-based solution that allows pigment molecules to absorb into skin) is mixed with its colorant. In simplest terms, color/lightfastness is simply how fast a tattoo combination reveals its desired color. 

However, just like its imperfect counterparts, it suffers from some unflown colors– being too watered down, having a leaking bottle, being too weak to hold on the skin, having diluted red hues, and a bad smell. Therefore, it’s not that intense after all!


  • Highly Organic
  • Feels Relaxing on Skin
  • Best on All Skin Types
  • Water-Based
  • Best for Layering/Covering Existing Tattoos
  • Impressive Light/Color Fastness Quality
  • Intense Healing Black Tone on Skin


  • Weak Hold on Skin
  • Leaking Bottles
  • Too Watered Down
  • Diluted Red Hues
  • Bad Smell

Why choose it?

  • This latest sterilized-safe product from Intenze heals skin tone through intense black, impressive light fastness and a tattoo cover-up technology!

9. Tattoo Ink Radiant Colors 7 Color

best tattoo ink brand

Showcasing only 7, but actual perfectly-consistent and bright ink colors for a tattoo, this product from Radiant Colors, exceed the standards of radiance!

  • ½ oz Tattoo Ink Set
  • 7 Primary Colors for Radiant Highlighting
  • Complex Pigment Solution
  • USA-Made
  • Super-Consistent
  • Super Bright & Radiant Colors

Known by all as a simple application with complex pigment quality, not to mention combinations, this product easily ranks among the tops. Our testers experienced its super-consistent colors first-hand. It’s quick-dry but doesn’t literally dry out through time. Ultimately, thanks to its easy application, it speeds up the tattooing process by 80%. 

Its outstanding primary colors include Yellow, Blue, Scarlet Red, Super White, Tribal Black, Tiger Orange, and Lime Green. Given such configuration, it proves to be the perfect choice for selective tattoo coloring. 

Selective tattoo coloring is almost an impossible feat for tattoo inks without primary colors. What’s useful about the primary colors is the fact that they highlight shades. In our product’s case, as noted by users, the primary colors are extensively intended. 

One praises the ink’s tribal black quality as an optimum skin tone healer. Paired with its super white ink, both can instantly wash edgy outlines. In the context of minimal tattooing, wherein a quicker process is desired, this is an ultimate win!

Another praise directed to our 9th-ranking product had to do with its easy-penetrating capacity. Upon penetrating, its colors are guaranteed to stand out with unmistakable radiance! It even exceeds radiancy to sheer purity at times. 

One reviewer affirms by stating that the ink sticks wonderfully on the skin; it doesn’t fade even in time. By all means, the colors are ultra-bright. It’s even perhaps too bright at times. 

The product suffers from some disadvantages, though. They include leaking in the bottles, incapacity to cover full-color ranges, some shipping problems, bad smell, and limited outlining capacity. 


  • 7 Almost-Pure, Concentrated Primary Colors
  • Super-Easy Application
  • Best for Washing Edgy Outlines
  • Heals Skin Tone (particularly Black and White)
  • Best on All Skin Types
  • Colors stick wonderfully on the skin
  • Highly Consistent


  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Bad Smell
  • Limited Lining Capacity
  • Leaking Bottles
  • Incapacity to Cover Full-Color Ranges
  • Can sometimes be too bright to secure authentic shades

Why choose it?

  • This tattoo ink by Radiant Colors brand works perfectly as selective means for highlighting and washing edgy tattoo outputs.

10. StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink

best tattoo ink for sensitive skin

A genuine star in terms of brightness, this latest tattoo ink by Starbrite bites with high-grade professional colors for professional tattoos!

  • High/Professional-Grade
  • Vibrant & Vivid Colors
  • Long-lasting 
  • Mild on Skin
  • Highly Organic & Highly Sterile
  • USA-Made

Safe on all skin types. Sterile. High-grade. Brightened colors. Perfectly-balanced pigments. Consistent. Long-lasting. Fade-proof. You name it. There’s no way this star tattoo inks can’t impress you. Experts even agree that it’s completely clean, smooth and refined. It flows directly from needle-to-needle. No need to push bottles.

Tightly bottled for anti-leaking, you can simply store it for 3-5 years. Many users acknowledge its long storage life. Having said that, it’s also low-maintenance. You can thank its tight packaging for all these strengths. This particular manufacturing advantage also contributed much to its vivid ink colors.

Generally water-based with organic herbal materials, it’s super mild on the skin. It’s in fact mild enough to promote fast healing– on skin tone and condition. As one reviewer puts it, it’s natural colors reveal deep molecular pigmentation identical to that of a plant’s. In turn, this perfectly-balanced pigmentation brightens up the color to intensity!

One reviewer especially mentioned the richness and lightfastness of colors red and green. Both easily complement during mixing. When they do, they assert the desired combination in the shortest time possible. As a result, users won’t have to continually press bottles for more produced colors. The combination itself with fill hollows for them. 

However great the product is, it’s still worthy of a critical eye particularly due to its clumpy property, strong/stuffy scent, certain shipping problems like missing inks or opened seals, slow-dry solution, extremely watered down solution, and a tendency to not sink well with existing tattoo colors. 


  • High-Grade Quality
  • Long Storage Life
  • Bright, Vibrant & Vivid Colors
  • Smooth & Consistent
  • Easy Flow Solution & Bottle Mechanism
  • Promotes Healing on Skin; Highly Organic


  • Extremely Watered-Down Solution
  • Certain Shipping Problems (opened seals, missing inks)
  • Clumpy Property
  • Strong/Stuffy Scent
  • Slow-Dry Solution
  • Rejects existing tattoo colors

Why choose it?

  • This product is a high-grade ink solution best for professional tattooing that requires constant adding of colors.

How Tattoo Ink is Used?

Tattoo Ink is a solution used mainly for coloring, outlining or deepening a tattoo art form. It’s mainly composed of a carrier and a colorant/pigment. 

A carrier is any liquid solution that ushers color molecules to penetrate into the skin. A colorant/pigment is itself, the source of color, or pigmented molecules. It could be made from organic materials or activated minerals. 

From the two ingredients, the carrier plays a bigger role in keeping a smooth flow of colors skin-level. It keeps the pigment from clumping in the skin. Nevertheless, it also keeps the bacteria away. With that being said, the carrier ensures safety in the whole duration of tattooing. 

Some known carriers include Witch Hazel, Glyricen, and Ethanol. The colorants/pigments, on the other hand, are best represented by Curcuma, Copper Salts, Carbon, and Iron Oxide. Tattoo ink, in general, is deemed as permanent on skin. Removing tattoos from the skin requires a more invasive means like surgery. But, it won’t be a pretty picture.

best black tattoo ink

Why is tattoo ink difficult to remove? The best answer is dermal penetration. As it’s injected into the skin, the ink penetrates deeply beyond the two layers starting from the epidermis. In addition to that, tattoo inks are naturally indelible. Therefore, it’s always expected to be permanent. 

The odds of removing recent tattoos are so high. Removing older tattoos, on the one hand, might not be as difficult as the former. Fortunately, new semi-permanent tattoo inks are being developed today. However, that would take another span of years for such products to actually emerge in the market.

What to Look For While Buying Tattoo Ink?

Tattoo inks prove to be one of the most massive markets in the global industry. Fortunately in the modern age, the tattoo art niche has sufficiently sunk some teeth, or in this case, needles. 

As a consequence, tattoo ink brands come flooding the market. A lot emerge with diverse features, branding, styles, etc. However, not all of them are really what the sellers are saying about them. In short, not all of them are genuine inks. Perhaps, unsafe. Irritating on skin. Synthetic. Risky. 

To be steps ahead in the color game, one has got to be wiser in choosing the right tattoo ink. Good for you, we’ve got them all bulleted here. 

  • Consistent Color Quality

To measure the color consistency of the tattoo inks at hand, you’ll have to implement a meticulous color testing control. Always look for a sample product. Check out the type of inks being manufactured by such a brand. 

Are these Pre-dispersed inks, or Stable Pigment-Based inks? Look for the tag. 

Stable pigment-based inks have bigger particles and are thicker in solution concentration. Since most of these inks have denser particles, their overall colors– pigmentation, shade, tone, and hue are not so varied. Meaning, they’re not so many to choose from. Ultimately, they’re best used for diluting, mixing or toning down a more concentrated base. 

The pre-dispersed inks, on the other hand, have thinner particles so that they’re easily tested with other carriers. Inks under this type stand out as highlight colors; they’re generally not for mixing and diluting. 

To best test ink color consistency (and even lightfastness), utilize an Ink Rub Resistance Tester (IRRT) and a Spectrophotometer.

  • Vegan-Friendly/Organic

If you see a “vegan-friendly” tag in its package, don’t be instantly swayed. Again, look for a sample. Smell it. Inks with animal products or those that are tested on animals usually have a sharp nauseating scent. 

Actual vegan-friendly, herbal, or organic tattoo inks smell dull, earthy and sometimes, aromatic.

  • Long-Lasting

Determining the ink’s permanence, or lasting capacity may seem impossible unless you travel in the future. However, there are actually indications of it in the package.

As you can see in most of Millenium Mom’s, Intenze’s, and Radiance Colors’ products (outside the overt declaration of long-lasting effect), there’s a line subtly plastered in their more detailed product info section saying,  “UV-resistant tattoo ink”. 

Exactly. That line right there says it all. I say you ought to believe it!

  • Perfect on All Skin Types

Aside from looking into this specific indication (safe on skin, sterile, etc.) in the package, do a skin patch test to know. If possible, be assisted by a dermatologist and a tattoo artist. One can never be too sure!

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What is Vegan-Friendly Tattoo Ink?

You might likely be confused about the double entendre nature of the word vegan. However, if you’d just perceive it as it is, you’d realize that vegan actually means herbal-based in this case. 

Nowadays, thanks to the information drive via the internet, many users are now seeking vegan-friendly or herbal-based tattoo inks on their skin. They have all the right reasons to do so. 

Vegan-friendly tattoo inks have nothing in them but pure herbal ingredients– vegetable oil, leaf extracts, extracts, etc. Free of all animal-based products like fat/glycerin, gelatin, bone char,  beetle shellac, and hooves, vegan-friendly inks are safer on all types of skin. Above it all, you’d also become instrumental to the total annihilation of the cruel animal testing practice if you buy them.

Benefits of Using a Vegan-Friendly Tattoo Ink

Here are other benefits of using a vegan-friendly tattoo ink:

  1. Safe on all skin types
  2. Promotes healing in the skin (both from breakage and de-toning)
  3. Best color qualities
  4. Rich pigments
  5. Discourages the penetration of pathogens
  6. Deeper colors
  7. Longer-lasting effect and vibrancy
  8. Promotes skin immunity

FAQs: Best Tattoo Inks

Should I bandage my tattoo every night?

No. Experts caution against this. Bandaging the tattoo more than once moistens the surface, and further ups the chances for pathogens to penetrate into the skin. Lastly, it delays the healing process.

Are cover-up/layering tattoos more painful?

Yes. They are more painful. Tattooing on top of a scar tissue doubles the pain the scar once endured. However, using the best tattoo cover up might result in the least painful session.

Will the tattoo inks cost me health problems?

Yes. They potentially can. That is why you need to be picky over buying and using tattoo inks.

Can white ink tattoos pose danger on my skin?

Yes, it can. However, you can avoid its dangers by keeping the white tattoo from mixing with other colors on your skin, and by seeking the aid of an actual white tattoo expert.


The ranking of the best tattoo inks landed the Millennium Mom’s Nuclear UV Blacklight Tattoo Ink – 9 Color Set – 1 oz in both the “top pick” and “premium value” bars. This is followed by Pastel ½ oz Color Set – Intenze Tattoo Ink – 10 Bottles by Intenze as the “best value” product. 

The world of the best tattoo inks is a completely massive world that requires the utmost knowledge over its right colors. Right colors, in this case, not only mean beautiful visual output but also sterile, safe and vegan-friendly inks. 

Tattoo art has since been embraced as a pristine art form in the modern age. However, it requires a tremendous amount of effort, professionalism, discipline to be safe and successful.

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