Fitting It Right With The Best Suspenders In 2020!

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Best Suspenders

Loose pants can be such trouble. It can lose you your focus at work. Most of all, it loses confidence in you. Everything that’s loose is downright awkward. Men want tight, but not as tight and as constricting as belts. Just the right fit.  Behold: what we need are the best suspenders!

Balance. Fit. Comfort. They say comfort is a luxury in dressing these days. I, on the other hand, am saying otherwise. The best suspenders can secure us that. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pull your pants up for our ultimate product review!

BEHOLD: The Top 15 Best Suspenders for Men [PROFESSIONAL REVIEW]

1. Mens Suspenders X Style

Our top suspenders from Decalen earn our “Top Pick” nod for being the strongest, sturdiest, light and most trusted aid in the market today!

  • Imported Quality
  • Professional Width & Length Standards
  • Classic Brand
  • Dry Clean
  • Comfortable Wear
  • Neat & Light

Wearing this brand is absolutely wearing comfort. Truly made from premium materials, it’s undeniably classy! Neat, without unnecessary affixes, it doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing suspenders. Inside, it also doesn’t make you feel like one. 

Made from high-class polyester, metal and elastodiene, it naturally hits the man’s heart. There’s no wonder it likewise ranks as the most popular in the industry today. The elastodiene for instance, makes a very soft stretch. And, because of its top-notch versatility, it can extend for another 5-6 cm. 

But mind you that while extending, it keeps a markless path on the skin. You see, it’s made from very soft cottony edges. That’s why it doesn’t irritate the skin despite long hours’ use. 

Another great plus about it is it’s quick and clean-dry ability. While it might be unlikely for a polyester to dry fast, it’s very much possible with this Decalen product. One thing I’d to clear out though, is the claim that it dries up in seconds. Yes. It dries up fast. But, not seconds. Minutes, maybe. So, it’s best to straighten our fact here. 

Ultimately, the product is overall durable. You can stretch, bend and throw it around, and it’ll still last like a trusted old friend! 

The only issue I have with it is its sharp-edged buckles. That’s it.


  • Made from Premium Materials
  • Imported Quality
  • High-Quality Polyester, Metal & Elastodiene
  • Soft-Cottony Edges
  • Extended Stretch (5-6 cm more)
  • Fast & Clean-Dry
  • Highly Durable; Lasts for Years


  • Sharp-Edged Buckles

Why it’s in the best suspenders list?

  • This best suspenders for men is a “Top Pick”! Don’t listen to me, experience it yourself.

2. Hold’Em Suspender for Men Y-Back Leather Trimmed Button

This 2nd-ranking “Best Value” suspenders from Hold’Em will make you want to hold them for their heavenly comfort. Not your typical suspenders, this pair fits all-occasion wears while topping all looks with its unique charm!

  • High-Quality Leather
  • Comfortable Stretch
  • Adjustable Sizing & Design
  • Several Design Options
  • All-Occasion Suspenders

Let’s not be generous about it. The product ain’t immaculately perfect. Let’s better blurt it out with the right facts. Having said that, we ought not to miss the points its several overjoyed users state! Sophisticated design. Painlessly elastic. Certifiably comfortable wear. All-occasion look. All these make it the most-deserving “best value” item on our list. 

One reviewer emphasizes that it’s a button-end, adjustable and stretchy set of  suspenders. This set of suspenders, in other words, can be aligned either across the shoulders or over the pants. Fixed via six buttons, the end button affixed in one of those, it resembles a traditional look. Yet, it manages to include new features like Y-back, X-back and an extended stretch. 

The product’s sizing, despite the variations– for instance, the 1 ¼ inches regular width, 1 “, and the 1.5’– is highly adjustable. It’s allowance can stretch farther from 30 to 46 inches. The same can be applied to its 35 inches (see that extends to 45”).

Given all these features, experts believe that its Leather Crosspatch and Button Tabs are exquisitely designed and genuine enough to warrant its sellers claims. The button tabs, being smartly placed in flexible allowances, make for an insanely comfortable wear. Most users even dub the wearing experience blissful. 

On the other hand, the only major issue users have against it are its loose screws. 


  • Sophisticated Finish, Design & Look; Best on All Occasions
  • Comfortable Stretch
  • Comfortable Wear
  • Highly Adjustable Button-End Design
  • Merged Traditional & Modern Features
  • Flexible Sizing
  • High-Quality Leather Crosspatch & Button Tab Quality


  • Loose Screws

Why it’s in the best suspenders list?

  • This “best value” set of suspenders from Hold’Em boasts with the best look and finish, without sacrificing comfort and practicality!

3. Holdup Contractor Series 2″ X-back Work Suspenders

Strapping strong with beautiful silver chrome finish, this classic pair of suspenders from Hold-Up Suspender Co. hold up trousers with high fashion. 

  • Made in USA
  • Hand-Washable Fabric
  • Highly Durable
  • Heavy-Duty Quality
  • Top-Grade Leather & Other Materials

Users can actually credit its top-grade X-back leather crosspatch for its maximum control. Experts consider it the easiest way of putting on suspenders. The leather strap connects clips from end-to-end. So, if you’ve heard about its claim of a no-slip clip design, then you ought to give it a thumbs up.  

As a reviewer would point it out, these suspenders enable you to bend without feeling awkward. It’s got just the right tautness to hold the trousers while it extends. And, whenever it stretches, it also contracts. It does all these without being too hard, nor too stretchy. Lastly, the reviewer states that the suspenders are not bad to look at. So, the design should fit any outfit. 

Another reviewer mentions that it’s easily adjusted, thanks to its high-quality materials, silver chrome finish, and clips that don’t snap out. The clips hold into the tugs very strongly. You can stretch its smooth elasticity to a maximum degree and still, the clips’ll hold. Certified no slips. No snaps!

Users and experts agree that such design is very easy to put on. Two major factors take credit for that. First, it’s a perfect X-back design. Second, it’s straps are perfectly aligned. Since they’re aligned perfectly, they don’t knot out or intwine. Consequently, putting the suspenders on takes seconds.

In all honesty, the only known issues about the product involve the lack/absence of center pin and some shipping problems.  


  • Top-Grade X-Back Leather Crosspatch
  • No-Slip Clip
  • Easy Bending & Stretching
  • Quick & Easy Fitting (fits any outfits)
  • Easily Adjusted; Easily Worn
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Silver Chrome Finish


  • Absence of Center Pin
  • Shipping Problems

Why it’s in the best suspenders list?

  • This top product from Hold-Up Suspender Co. allows the smoothest bending and stretching. Certainly a high-quality from the inside out, it champions firstly for its beautiful silver chrome finish.

4. Hold-Ups 1 1/2″ Wide Classic Series Suspenders

Another neat greet from Hold-Up Suspenders Co., this latest sophisticated tool retains 100% from the qualities of its predecessor. Still, it manages to shine out as a triple-plated chrome finish!

  • Sophisticated X-Back Style
  • Highly-Durable
  • 48” Length Suspenders
  • 1 ½ Wide Suspenders; Washable Colorfast Quality
  • Triple-Plated Chrome

Our testers can all utter its full-bodied brand name with such gusto! Why not! It’s incredibly designed with high-quality leather, chrome finish, sustainable clips and poly-blend washable colorfast elastic fiber! And, even without sugarcoating, many users can still attest to its sugary sweet quality. 

According to one reviewer, it does not leave gaps between the shirt and the trousers. Whether one sits down or bends up, it’s clips and clamps will keep things together. Further supplementing this is the sophisticated inner/outer-sewn leather. Plastered carefully in the fabric straps, the clips can easily retract when needed. Both suspenders, as you move, bend, stretch of sit down, automatically get into their intended position. 

Other users also appreciate the product’s position stabilizer. This is represented by the 1 ½ inches wide elastic colorfast straps. And, we’re talking here about its width. The thing is, that width measurement include a room depth of half an inch for breathability. Another right-handed expansion of this breathability is realized by its triple-plated silver chrome. 

That exact breathability stabilizes the every stretch’s position. Now, since the leather is sewn both inward and outward, the strap hardly go out of place. We give this to the designers as complex mechanical genius!

On the other hand, drawbacks of the product include difficult-to-open/close clasps, some shipping problems, and loose screws. 


  • High-Quality Leather
  • Washable Colorfast Elastic Fiber
  • Extra-Strong Clamps (secures zero gaps between shirt and trousers)
  • Breathable Fabric for Stable Stretch Position
  • Inward/Outward-Sewn Leather; Double-Stitched X-Back Crosspatch
  • Triple-Plated Silver Chrome
  • Comfortable Fit for 5′ 2″ to 6 Feet Tall Men


  • Difficult to Open/Close Clasps
  • Shipping Problems
  • Loose Screws

Why it’s in the best suspenders list?

  • This top product is all about sophistication, ease, comfort and stability!

5. Mens Button End Suspenders 49 Inch Y-Back Adjustable Elastic Tuxedo Suspenders

Another button-end magic from Grade Code, this pair of suspenders leaves a great fit for men! And, when it comes to unmistakably high fashion, it instantly impresses all. 

  • Finest Material
  • Professional Design & Sewing
  • Fit-for-All Design & Sizing
  • Genuine Leather Trimmed
  • Heavy-Duty Performance
  • High Fashion

If there’s one best thing users can take home from it, that’d be it’s trendy fashion. While it’s true that it isn’t all gleaming perfect, it’s also true that it looks particularly good. Experts therefore refer to it as a designer’s material Users and experts can altogether flex out its fine, tough leather material. 

Another great and unmistakable feature about it are its well-designed buttons. The buttons go together with the Y-back configuration. They automatically attach with the strap-on sidings. With that secured, it’d be easier to put them on and adjust. Albeit their often distracting and over-sized appearance, the buttons are a great help for sizing.

Flexible as they are, the elastic straps made from leather fully work with almost all jeans and shorts designs. Measuring 32″~49″/80cm~125cm, the adjustable straps can secure tangle-free flips. More so, you won’t have to straddle your buckle towards center, nor tighten it much to keep your trousers/shorts/jeans in place, since the straps are certified intact at all times.

One particular reviewer emphasizes the suspenders’ heavy-duty built. Designed to last long, it’s a low-maintenance overall. Wash it several times and it’ll still retain its color.  In addition to that, its fabric is deeply lustered and breathable. The reviewer concludes that it’s a stable hold. 

The only known issues against the product involves an easily-creased fabric surface, un-tapered buttons, and sharp edges along straps. 


  • Trendy Fashion
  • Well-Designed Buttons
  • Tangle-Free Straps
  • Heavy-Duty Built
  • Washable Leather
  • Genuine Leather Trimmed
  • Button-End Design


  • Easily-Creased Fabric Surface
  • Un-tapered Buttons
  • Sharp-Edged Straps

Why it’s in the best suspenders list?

  • This top product from Grade Code impresses with a trendy fashion and practical strap placements for men of all sizes and heights.

6. HoldUp Under-up Series Tan Suspenders with 1 1/2″ Tan Gripper Clasp

When it comes to being the thinnest, bandage-typed soft ace elastic webbing, nothing beats this other Hold-Up Suspender Co. suspenders. 

  • Hidden/Non-Bulky Suspenders
  • Bandage-Type Elastic Webbing
  • Ultra-Strong Clasps
  • Made in USA
  • Comfortable on Skin
  • Weight-Resisting Straps

Our testers and reviewers have all spoken about its weird soft and thin poly-blend cotton. And, it’s not weird at all. Its extremely thin strap makes for the most comfortable and heat-resisting wear. They all have seen it too. Irritations in the skin due to excessively tight straps. Fortunately, these straps aren’t just soft, they’re also breathable. 

This suspenders prove to be a standout in terms of resisting pulling weights. In average cases, suspenders are constantly dragged down by heavy factors like phone case attachments, the actual weight of the jeans/shorts/trousers, and the constant pull of gravity. In other words, suspenders are constantly exposed to drag-downs. But, not this product. 

Experts point out its patented gripper clasp. Acting like it has a mind of its own, the clasp automatically closes shut whenever it feels a downward pull. This makes the whole design intuitive. Our testers swear on it, too. In my opinion, the clasp design answers to all of the product’s missed opportunities. 

One reviewer praises its straps for their softest, thinnest and finest command. Consequently, the 1 1/2″ wide straps with 0.1’’ depth can easily slip into the buttonhole without retracting a bit. All-in-all, this makes for an absolutely easy and comfortable wear. 

The issues some users have against it involve shipping problems, breakable clips, weird sewing lineup, and a weak velcro hold. 


  • Super Soft & Thin Poly-Blend Cotton Straps
  • Weight-Resistant Straps
  • Patented Gripper Clasp
  • Heavy-Duty Performance
  • Highly Durable
  • Quick-Wear Strap Design


  • Shipping Problems
  • Breakable Clips
  • Weird Sewing Lineup
  • Weak Velcro Hold

Why it’s in the best suspenders list?

  • This top-ranking product impresses with one of the best fit-in designs and, of course, the slimmest straps of all!

7. JJ SUSPENDERS Genuine Leather Suspenders For Men

Another all-occasion fitting suspenders, this dense-leathered JJ Suspenders product nabs “Premium Pick”! 

  • Subtle Wear Design
  • Super-Light Suspenders
  • Versatile & Classic Design
  • Wide Array of Colors
  • Interchangeable Clips

Bearing the classic Y-back design, this high-quality suspenders make for an all-fitting versatility. But the main reason it remains a fan favorite is because of its Cognac Leather Detailing. Smelling expensive, eh. But, what if we tell it ain’t expensive at all. Yes. You heard it right. Great quality need not be expensive with this JJ Suspenders masterpiece. 

What’s with its authentic cognac leather detailing anyway? First, it’s very beautiful to look at. Second, the design comes with a very practical purpose. It eventually supports the button-on placement of the suspenders. Along such detailing runs the six buttons that loop around the waistband. Users consider this the most practical configuration in the product.

Through the looped buttons, one can easily put, adjust and remove the suspenders. With such feature too, the suspenders get to be well-hidden. However, even when exposed, the suspenders are actually premium to look at, owing to its premium material. 

A particular reviewer appreciates its varied color choices. The reviewer continues by saying that the color of the strap lining really emerges with genuine shades. As it does so, it further solidifies the totality of the outfit. 

Another reviewer mentions that the suspenders are elegant, yet rough. Meaning, it sort of emanates a masculine charm. A beautiful masculine charm in that matter. 

On the contrary, glaring drawbacks of the product include breakable clips, loose screws, uncomfortable strap surface (despite claims of 100% leather quality), and snap-prone clasps (dangerous for first-time users). 


  • All-Fitting Versatility
  • Cognac Leather Detailing
  • Button-On Placement; Looped Buttons
  • Subtle Wear Design
  • Varied Color Choices
  • Charming Masculine Design


  • Breakable Clips
  • Loose Screws
  • Uncomfortable Strap Surface
  • Snap-Prone Clasps

Why it’s in the best suspenders list?

  • A genuine “premium pick”, this top-notch addition to JJ Suspenders rank with an expensive charm; all mechanisms work to achieve a smooth, if not perfect, button-on placement for on-the-go users.

8. Perry Suspenders Men’s Elastic Hook End Camouflage Suspenders

This 7th-ranking Perry Suspenders product rules other products on our list with its hook ends!

  • Fully Elastic Material
  • Y-Back Practical Wearing Style
  • Quick-Wearing Mechanism
  • Hook Ends
  • Camouflage Design

What’s so special about its hook ends then? It may only happen to be a single, tiny addition to the already rich suspender mechanism, it’s by far the biggest guarantee of snag-free, tear-free and loose-free wear. Yes. That slight addition marks the biggest advantages in all.

As one reviewer puts it, this pair of suspenders, compared to the average brands, locks tightly the clasps and clips. And, while it does, it keeps the belt in place. So whenever you’d have to adjust both the belt and suspenders, you’re more likely to avoid tearing or scratching through your dress. 

From the base of the crotch to the topline, the hook ends ensure that both parts are tucked in. More so, it also secures that the clasps’ teeth are fully sunk into the suspenders’ buckles. 

The straps are also specially wide, notices one of our testers. He proceeds by surmising that the width of the straps complement the clips’ fabric-safe features. The width also provides an allowance for side-way stretch. 

Most satisfied users emphasize the product’s solid construction, lightweight package, and extra-sturdy stretch. Consequently, its comfortable stretch gains it the upper hand for long-lived fashion, notwithstanding it’s ultra-masculine camouflage motif.

But while the product enjoys quiet a reputation out from its advantages, it also suffers criticism for some errors. The errors include a tendency to take time in releasing clasps, non-sustainable plastic clips, slightly bulky appearance, limited sizing options, and sharp-edged buckles. 


  • Hook End
  • Specially Wide Flexible Straps
  • Fabric-Safe Clips
  • Allowance for Side-Way Stretch
  • Solid Construction; Camouflage Motif
  • Lightweight Package


  • Tendency to take time in releasing clasps
  • Non-Sustainable Plastic Clips
  • Slightly Bulky Appearance
  • Limited Sizing Options
  • Sharp-Edged Buckles

Why it’s in the best suspenders list?

  • This pair of suspenders by the Perry Suspenders brand is a certified classic; it’s designed to last and resist tears, snaps and snags in your outfit.

9. Fasker Mens Suspenders X-Back 2″ Wide Adjustable Solid Straight Clip Suspenders

This next top suspenders from Fasker brand brims with a modern look, without losing the classic feel of its predecessors. An X and Y-back combo, it’s all about risk-free over-the-top fashion!

  • Metal Hardware
  • Modern-Classic Design
  • Integrated X & Y-Back; Unique Motif
  • Quick Slip-in
  • Risk-Free Wear

Wearers certainly felt like royalty when they wore this suspenders by the Fasker brand. Tailing a modern look that combines classic and socialist charm, its designers pulled off a really great job of integrating the Y and X-back designs. Come to think of it. Who among the people before thought that it’s actually possible? Say, six over then. That’s still dramatically way beyond what’s coming.

Experts and users agree that its 2-inch width, 25.6-inch length faithfully fit most people as claimed. One can certainly thank its metallic hardware for that. How much of a big deal is having metallic hardware compared to plastic anyway? Very much a big deal, actually. Firstly, it’s sustainable; second, it’s ushers in maximum adjustment for the already-adjustable straps. 

Most interestingly, albeit appearing complex, the product is actually very easy to wear. A quick-slip tightening tool, it secures zero-risk possible. When we say risk, we’re talking about all forms of risks involving suspenders. Fortunately, our testers confirm claims about its zero-risk to be 100% true!

Drawbacks of the product include loose-prone metal fastenings, shipping problems, highly-imitated quality, easily-jammed up and creased fabrics, and bendable clasps. 


  • Practical Design & Quick Slip-in Technology
  • Merged Modern & Classic Design
  • Integrated X & Y-Back Design
  • Fit-for-All Sizing
  • Metallic Hardware
  • Zero-Risk 


  • Loose-Prone Metal Fastening (requires constant tightening)
  • Shipping Problems
  • Highly Imitated Quality
  • Easily Jammed-Up & Creased Fabric
  • Bendable Clasps

Why it’s in the best suspenders list?

  • Shining with sophisticated modern X & Y-back design, the product comes handy in the pursuit of high fashion!

10. Bundle Monster 4pc Various Design X-Back Adjustable Clip Unisex Suspender

A design for all ages, this top suspenders from Bundle Monster will keep your pants up the whole time!

  • Comfortable Wear
  • Size-Fit for All
  • Extra-Strong Clasps
  • Wide Bundle Selections
  • Highly Durable Finish

Our testers all say it. The suspenders’ ability to keep clothes intact is unbeatable. It provides the freest of motions for all users. It doesn’t snap. It doesn’t snag. It will just stay in place. Personally, I don’t think it’s perfect or superior from others. However, it’s certainly superior by its own terms.

Now, let’s talk about its fashion and design. Well, it’s got a more or less appealing touch for all ages. It’s trendy enough for modern fashion, but it’s also classy enough for  vintage romp. Consequently, its package comes with a very wide array of selections– colors, sizes, attachments. 

Albeit its variety, it’s almost a one size-fit for most men. Having said that, it resembles closely the appeals from brands like Fasker Men, Hold-Up Suspender Co., and JJ Suspenders.

A major thing that this suspenders do is keeping the pants up. Considered that it’s well clasped for motion, it guarantees to keep you from constantly tugging your pants up. And, as mentioned earlier, it’ll successfully allow you the freest of all motions– up, down, sideways stretches, bends, etc. 

One reviewer mentions about its extra-strong clasps. These clasps are specially-crafted metals that facilitate quick and easy adjustment. More so, the extra-strong clasps take much responsibility for ensuring the suspenders’ durability. 

Some of the product’s disadvantages involve some shipping problems, problematic clips (despite claims), a tendency to take time in releasing clasps, slightly bulky appearance, and sharp strap edges. 


  • Snag & Snap-Free
  • Extra-Strong Clasps
  • Intact Hold on Pants
  • Appealing Touch for All Ages
  • Wide Design Selections & Sizing; Size-Fit for All


  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Problematic Clips
  • Tendency to Take Time in Releasing Clasps
  • Slightly Bulky Appearance
  • Sharp Strap Edges

Why it’s in the best suspenders list?

  • The product is for all ages, both in design and in feel.

11. Dickies Men’s 1-1/2 Solid Straight Clip Suspender

Dickies Men’s top suspenders are highly stylistic, unique and highly-adjustable. But beyond its great look, this top tool proves that it’s beyond the looks as it opts for a most comfortable wear!

  • Versatile Style
  • Unique Design
  • X & Y-Back Integration
  • Highly Adjustable
  • Extended Stretch

Users simply couldn’t get enough of this suspenders as they perfectly fit all sizes and builts. It’s also great for all ages. Thanks to its versatile design, it blends perfectly with whatever outfit. 

While it may have several areas to improve upon, it certainly indicate a work in progress. Therefore, this brand isn’t running out of more complex and unique designs soon. 

As per stretching limit, the straps are known to extend to insane limits. One reviewer certifies that 1 ¼-inch wide straps can extend without hurting. Experts confirmed that its extended stretch reaches to 3 more inches. Supporting the stretch, on the far end, holds the ultra-strong clips. 

Also bearing a unique X-Y-back integration, this suspenders provide quick slip-ins. Once they’re already fitted, the clasps automatically holds into the tip of the fit until final adjustment. So, it proves to be adjustable too. 

One reviewer believes that the product is best worn as a casual outfit. It doesn’t suit well with formal attire. However, other users say otherwise. They press on by saying that the jumper-inspired look of this top Dickies suspenders for an all-occasion fit. Overall, the verdict in this case settles with a 50/50 hit. 

Unfortunately, the product couldn’t pass out without issues. The issues include low-quality fabric, bendable buckles and fasteners, sharp-toothed metal clip, sharp-edged buckles, and some shipping problems. 


  • Fit for All Sizes & Built
  • Versatile Design
  • Unique X/Y-Back Integration (leaning more on X-back); Jumper-Inspired
  • Highly Stretchable
  • Highly Adjustable 


  • Low-Quality Fabric
  • Bendable Buckles & Fasteners
  • Sharp-Toothed Metal Clip
  • Sharp-Edged Buckles
  • Shipping Problems

Why it’s in the best suspenders list?

  • Versatile and unique, this pair of Suspenders by Dickies Men is a comfortable wear, polished with versatile and unique design.

12. Dockers Suspenders for Men-Heavy Duty Clips and X Back Adjustable Straps

This 12th-ranking top product from the Dockers brand customizes sleekness and durability, thanks to its super-strong fabric. 

  • Unique Design
  • Highly Adjustable
  • Quick Clip-in & Release
  • All-Size Fitting
  • All-Occasion Wear

Acknowledged by mostly working individuals as a quick strap-on for busy days. One can bring it to both casual and formal occasions. Thanks to its easy-install and release clips, it deems the shortest slip-in time. Ultimately, its sleekness brings about a subtle wear. It’s a full guarantee: no one can notice the difference. 

Its other pro feature, according to experts, is it’s tight clipping ability. This feature solves several issues with one wear. First, it keeps the straps from sliding. Second, it enables maximum stretch for the straps. Other advantages of is tight clipping ability sees faster release, quick fastening, and overall comfortable wearing. 

Despite the strong clipping ability– having to fully bite down into the fabric, the product is guaranteed to resist tears. That can be accounted to its super-strong fabric quality. Woven with interior skin supports, the outer portion of the fabric can resist friction, tearing, and depletion. Its disadvantage though, is the tendency to stiffen up in time. 

Reviews about this top Dockers Men product revolve primarily around its lightness, high-fashion appeal and modern style. While some take its integrated X & Y-back design as a partially installed, many think otherwise. 

On the other hand, the product faces issues regarding its weak springs, lack of color varieties, limited sizing options, tendency for fabric to stiffen up, and a highly-imitated design. 


  • All-Occasion Wear
  • Easy-Install & Release Clip Mechanism
  • Sleek Finish; Highly Durable
  • Tight Clipping Ability
  • Super-Strong Fabric


  • Weak Springs
  • Lack of Color Varieties
  • Limited Sizing Options
  • Tendency for Fabric to Stiffen Up
  • Highly-Imitated Design

Why it’s in the best suspenders list?

  • If you’re looking for a durable pair of suspenders that clips in and releases on your prompting, then you’ll be overjoyed by this top-quality and sleek Dockers Men item.

13. Mens Suspender Wide Leather 6 Metal Clips Adjustable Straps Y

This high-quality pair of suspenders from Timiot rules over the products on our list for being a standout heavy-duty wear. 

  • Auto-Lock Buckles
  • Heavy-Duty & Long-Lasting Capacity
  • Imported Quality
  • 100% Elastic Leather
  • Strong Clipping Capacity

Made of 100% elastic leather, this pair of suspenders, according to one reviewer can last as long as a belt would do. Also, it works as effectively as a belt. Why? It’s impressive auto-lock buckles. That’s why. Designed with a metal finish that bends in every clasping adjustment, the buckles provides full momentum for the clasps and clips to retract to their places. 

Another reviewer states that its straps are just wide enough (52 inches) to facilitate painless stretching. It stretches painlessly on the skin. Certified to not leave marks, the straps secure a perfect room for the inner clothes. As a result, it keeps the clothes from lagging. So, its standard width accounts to a dozen of advantages at hand. 

One particular reviewer appreciates its double clamps at three points. This mechanism allows three fingers actions– clip in, release and pull-in– without dragging the underclothes. Overall, it gives the wearer full control over the fasteners. 

Ironically though, some users consider this feature burdensome. According to these users, the double clamp to three point control requires getting used to. Now, I personally think it’s perfectly normal. One really has to get the hang of things. By all means, one cannot expect to get all things without mastering them first. Completely makes sense!

Some drawbacks of the product include breakable clips, limited sizing options, limited color options, bendable clasps, and a heavy finish. 


  • 100% Elastic Leather
  • Auto-Lock Buckles
  • Sufficiently Wide Straps
  • Double Clamps at Three Points Control
  • 100% Heavy-Duty; Long-Lasting


  • Breakable Clips
  • Limited Sizing Options
  • Limited Color Options
  • Bendable Clasps
  • Heavy Finish

Why choose it?

  • If you’re looking for a solid pair of suspenders– as heavy as your average belt– that last for long, then you’ll be satisfied by this Timiot masterpiece!

14. Leather Suspenders for Men Genuine

Boasting a nice and neat hold, this super-thin suspenders Rockcow blends in fashion and practicality with its thin Y-back design!

  • Super-Lightweight
  • Lean, Mean & Discreet Design
  • Highly Durable
  • Super-Elastic Fabric
  • 100% Genuine Leather

It’s lean and mean! That’s how this product is best remembered by our testers. Meaning, it’s an ultra lightweight wear that bears a pretty picture. Being lean as it is, it subtly fits various outfit styles. Eventually, one cannot really tell if you’re wearing one or not. 

While it’s super-elastic, it’s leather quality can also stiffen up. Almost resembling a hard skin quality, it may feel uncomfortable on the skin. Looking at it on the brighter side though, such stiffness enables it to resist all forms of wear and tear. 

The product’s hardware hails from genuine, high-quality material. The product should be, by all means, heavy-duty. Durable. Versatile. It’s guaranteed to hold your upper and lower clothes in place. 

Another reviewer appreciates the crafty update of its Y-back design. And, due to the maximized feel and appearance, it almost completes a hook end. As a result, it doesn’t simply snap or snag without prompting the clasps to let go first.

Issues with the product include sharp-edged buckles, overly stiff leather, high-maintenance fasteners, limited size fits, and sharp-edged straps. 


  • Lean, Mean & Super Lightweight
  • Understated Style
  • Super-Elastic Fabric
  • Highly Durable
  • High-Quality Hardware


  • Sharp-Edged Buckles
  • Overly-Stiff Leather
  • High-Maintenance Fasteners
  • Limited Size Fits
  • Sharp-Edged Straps

Why it’s in the best suspenders list?

  • This top suspenders from Rockcow prove useful for users who prefer super-light and discreet wears.

15. Men Suspenders Zoyette Suspenders For Men

Complete with all the clips, accessories, and expansions, our last over-the-top suspenders from Zoyette ranks with beaming comfort!

  • 65% Polyester, 23% Metal, & 12% Leather
  • New & Unique Style
  • All-Occasion Fit
  • Extended Stretch
  • Complete 6 Clips

With 43 inches strap length, 1.38 width and an extended stretch, this suspenders complete an old process viscose. Meaning, it does not fall anytime soon unless you manually let go of its clips. 

Now, powered by a complete row of 6 clips and 2 buttons at each pairing, it can resist creasing on your underclothes. That’s exactly the advantage of complete clips and other accessories. 

Also classy, this Zoyette suspenders can be worn from inside out. That doesn’t actually change anything. This could be accounted to the fact that it’s a most uniquely (perhaps the most unique design on this list) design pair of suspenders one can ever wear. 

On the contrary, some users tend to back away from such design as it feels out of place. Naturally, an average suspender keeps a frontal fitting. This special product, however, flips back and front using its back clip. Deeming a full 180-degree turning capacity, this could actually feel weird on the inside. 

All-in-all, the flipping mechanism appeals to most people. It proves to be the strangest, yet a most useful feature of the product. With the back clip flip mechanism, twistings in the straps are fully avoided.

Issues with the product include sharp strap sidings, bendable clasps, shipping problems, highly-imitated design, heavy buckles, and some unnecessary accessories. 


  • Extended Stretch
  • Polyester, Metal & Leather Materials
  • Old Process Viscose
  • Complete Clips; Back Clips
  • Unique Design


  • Sharp Strap Sidings
  • Bendable Clasps
  • Shipping Problems
  • Highly-Imitated Design
  • Heavy Buckles
  • Some Unnecessary Accessories

Why choose it?

  • This top product by Zoyette introduces new features for adventurous users, without losing optimum comfort.

Buying Guide: What to Consider Before Buying a Suspender

Let’s take a quick peek at what you need to consider when buying your suspenders. 

  1. Shape and design

There are different types of suspenders and each one has a particular design that may or may not work with your outfit or the occasion. Here are the types of suspenders.

  • X back shape

These suspenders bear an X shaped at the back, hence the name. This is the most popular and most functional of all. It also seems sot offer the best support

  • Y-shaped 

As the name implies, it has a Y shape at the back. It has a more stylish and unique look. But in terms of support, it might seem to be lacking a bit

  • Button on

Button on suspenders are the most classic one. This design gave birth to other types of suspenders. But to use this, your pants have to have 6 buttons on the waistband. And this can be quite high maintenance too.

  • Clip-on

Clip-on suspenders are causal suspenders that can be easily worn over a variety of clothes. This Is also the easiest to wear.

2. Durability

American made suspenders seem to have one of the most durable constructions.

3. Comfort

Clip- on suspenders are the most comfortable. But keep in mind that they are more suited for casual dressing.

4. Support

If you want the best support, X back suspenders offer the best support.

5. Fit

Suspenders should snugly fit you so that they can provide the needed support. You can buy a customizable or an adjustable one so you can easily adjust it to your requirements. 

6. Material

You would want to look for an elastic suspender. This type of material is the most popular and most versatile.

Analyzing the Other Types of Suspenders

As I’ve mentioned earlier, men’s suspenders come in varied several types. Anchoring from its two basic types, clip-on and button, it branches with several others.

But as varied as the types are, they fulfil a common goal: ease of attachment for higher comfort. This exact purpose justifies why the suspenders exist as necessary tools. In turn, such purpose also admonishes in you the necessity to know, analyze and understand each type of suspenders. 

Knowing the types of suspenders your are buying gives you higher control. When you’re aware of the types, you’ll know exactly which one suits you best. And, although the suspenders’ types grow in numbers each time, continuously expanding and innovating, they’re still bound to the basics. 

Lucky for you, we’ve laid down the other known types of suspenders. It’s all up for your picking. 

Here are the other types of suspenders:

  • Black Tie Suspenders

Black tie suspenders glow in high fashion and formality, hence its name. Ultra sleek and classy, black tie suspenders fulfil a very solid, neat and conspicuous elegance. 

They’re best worn on formal parties, biddings, gala events, political gatherings, etc.

  • Work Suspenders

Work suspenders are as solid as the black-tie suspenders, only that they’re heavier and rougher in appearance. With usually wider and breathable straps, work suspenders are designed to resist wear, tear, snaps, and snags. 

Work suspenders are also expected to be highly versatile and flexible. More so, they’re known to support constant motion, bending and stretching. 

  • Undergarment Suspenders

As suggested by its name, undergarment suspenders are literally worn under the garments. Mainly discreet and understated, undergarments are designed to support. 

Undergarment suspenders are usually super-lightweight, thin and stretchy. Their colours are also expected to be low-key, perhaps skin-matching. 

  • Dress Clip Suspenders

Dress clip suspenders emerged from the basic type: clip-on. Meaning, this type utilizes clips for attaching. In other cases, it also affixes using buttons (depending on the manufacturer). Regardless of the presence of either button or clip, it’s still referred to as “dress clip”. 

This type achieves fast slip-on/wear time under pressure. Also about comfort, support, stability and convenience, dress clip suspenders are usually very light and thin, yet rough and casual-looking.

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How to Wear Suspenders Properly

Easy Steps on How to Wear Suspenders Properly:

Compared to belts, suspenders are easier to put on and customize. Created to provide comfort, support and convenience, suspenders are expected to be an easy fit. That’s why they’re also called braces. 

Being the kind of easy-fit wear that they are suspenders are oftentimes customized for fashion. Designers or even individual men are now innovating their wearing patterns. As a result, we now see an ocean of wearing innovations for suspenders. 

For some, the whole effort yields high fun. But for others, all efforts get worn out. And, it all boils down to the improper way of wearing it. I’m no enemy of the customized wear. Actually, I’m encouraging it. 

It’s actually great to innovate its wearing patterns, provided that you’ve fully mastered its basic, nay proper wearing method. 

Need help? Here are the easy steps on how to wear suspenders properly :

1. Before you even wear trousers, estimate the alignment of the suspenders via the center. Once the trousers are put on, clip-on/button-on the suspenders from the back of your trousers. Finally, always make sure to attach the suspenders to the waistband of the trousers, not on the belt loops. 

2. To fasten a Y-back design, align the main line of the Y into the middle of the waistband. Spread the diverged lines and attach them to the two belt loops nearest to the middle.

3. To fasten a X-back design, align the center of the X to the middle part of the spine, before extending the diverged lines to both sides of the back. 

4. Once fastened, keep your trousers up as high as you can. With that secured, pull the suspender straps over the shoulder to taut. Then, check out if the straps are laid flat against your back. Finally, check again for creases, folds or tangles.

5. Don’t place the suspenders too low or close to your shoulders’ edge as they might slide off. Position them just right in the middle of your shoulder blades. 

6. Pull the straps all the way down, through your chest and into the front. Fasten the clips. You’ll know if you did it right when they end with two flat, horizontal lines (regardless of design) firmly attached into the front of your trousers’ waistband. 

7. Roll and slide the suspenders’ buckles to adjust. Finally, check out if all hardware are in place– clasps, clips, etc.– before setting off. 

Note: Never wear a belt with suspenders on.

Top 10 Benefits of Wearing Suspenders

As I’ve mentioned earlier, suspenders didn’t just arrive into the scene out of man’s need for fashion. First, it came about due to man’s disinterest for belts. 

By all means, suspenders were created to obtain wearing comfort. Support. Confidence. It was the after successfully wearing the classic suspenders, that men started appreciating its propensity for fashion. 

Right then and there, it became a fashion element. It’s become a staple in men’s daily wears. It’s become highly necessary. 

If you’re still in doubt, check out here its top benefits:

  1. They make wearers look thin because of their flat and vertical design.
  2. They enhance the outfit overall appeal. 
  3. They hold and pull trousers/pants/jeans up. 
  4. They keep the clothes (both inner and outer) in place despite motion, bending, and stretching. 
  5. They serve as the best alternative for belts.
  6. They promote proper blood circulation from the waist to both extremities. 
  7. They provide overall breathability in the wearer’s outfit.
  8. They keep the dress from bunching up, creasing and folding in. 
  9. They keep you looking neat the whole day. 
  10. They promote proper posture.

How to Wash Suspenders

Did you know that suspenders were a sign of wealth and affluence before? Only wealthy and prominent men wear suspenders in the early days.

Nowadays, everyone has access to it. Though it is no longer a sign of wealth, it can still make you look clean and classy. And of course, you want to take care of them so that they would last longer. So there’s a proper way of washing your suspenders.

Can you wash them? Yes, but it depends on the type of material!

  • For elastic suspenders

These are all elastic suspenders. Though the best way is to wash it by hand, you can also use a washing machine. But you have to put them in a mesh bag so you protect its elasticity. Also, run it in a week cycle, use a mild detergent and never bleach. Then once it is done, air dry it.

But do take note that you have to be very gentle and wash it seldomly.

  • Silk or rubber suspenders

Washing machine? A big no-no, these should be taken for dry cleaning. 

  • Leather suspender

You don’t wash them rather you can take care of it as you would any other leather accessories.

FAQs: Fitting It Right With The Best Suspenders In 2020!

Which should I use best: clip-on or button suspenders?

Both types have their pros and cons. But in the context of convenience and slip-on speed, the clip-on suspenders are a winner. 

Now, in the context of attachment security, the button suspenders take the crown.

What should be the best colors for suspenders?

There are no imposed colors for suspenders. In fact, there’s a wide variety of colors among the best brands. That entirely depends on which colors to be matched with your dress. 

Ideally, though, light colors serve suspenders well, because light colors easily match/blend with other colors.

Is it okay to use suspenders with belt loops?

Yes. It is okay. While loops are really intended for belts, they also provide easy fastening for suspenders.

Can I use suspenders for my jeans?

Yes. Of course! Suspenders are for all types of trousers/pants.

Can I wear suspenders under my shirt?

Yes! In fact, there’s one type of suspenders that are called undergarment suspenders.


From our detailed review, we were able to rank the products in this position: Decalen Mens Suspenders X Style earning the “Top Pick” nod, Hold’Em Suspender for Men Y-Back Leather Trimmed Button nabbing the “Best Value” tag, and JJ SUSPENDERS Genuine Leather Suspenders For Men bagging the “Premium Pick” title!

We, therefore, conclude, given the standards of the best suspenders, that comfort makes fashion. And, with passion, emanates confidence. Consequently, suspenders prove to be practical staples in men’s wear. 

Lastly, the suspenders of today are highly integrated into nature. Continuously evolving through time, its industry is even gaining more traction by the turn.

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