Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks!

  1. Magicfly Professional Steam Flat Iron
  2. Infiniti Pro Ionic Steam Flat Iron By Conair
  3. Solofish’s Salon Grade Steam Hair Straightener
Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair

Straightening every day using chemicals and a regular flat iron can cause severe heat damage on your natural hair. What happens, is that the dry high temperatures of a flat iron draw moisture from your locks. It becomes dry, frizzy, and brittle. 

The top solution for getting that smooth, glossy, straight hair? Hairstylist guarantees using the best steam flat iron for natural hair will change your life. Want to learn more about how you can benefit from using a flat steam iron? Just continue reading and get insight into our reviews and tips about the best steam flat iron for you.

Here is the list of 10 best steam flat iron for natural hair:

  1. Magicfly Professional Steam Flat Iron
  2. Infiniti Pro Ionic Steam Flat Iron By Conair
  3. Solofish’s Salon Grade Steam Hair Straightener
  4. Steam Flat Iron From FURIDEN
  5. Miuphro Steam Hair Straightener
  6. Hair Straightener with Steam By MKBOO
  7. OSIR Professional Titanium Steam Hair Straightener
  8. Kealive’s Professional Vapor Flat Iron
  9. Swan Star Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener
  10. Steam Straighteners for Hair From DORISILK

10 Best Steam Flat Iron for Natural Hair

Work wonders to your hair using the best and most reliable steam straightener in the market. These products on our list have given us the most outstanding features and performance.

1. Magicfly Professional Steam Flat Iron

This simple but powerful hair styling tool can smooth any hair types, including natural hair, without damaging it. Its five temperature setting tames damage, thin, average, thick, and very thick hair. The ceramic plates and vapor infusion technology works to hydrate and lock in moisture. The heat and steam give your hair shine and softness that is easy to achieve.

Each package comes with a comb, hair clips, heat resistant glove, and bottle for refilling. You can adjust the steam setting depending on your needs, which is handy. There is a lock on the plates that is very convenient, especially when you are traveling.


  • Ceramic heating plates provide even and steady heat
  • Five different adjustable heat settings
  • 1-minute fast heating using dual PTC heater
  • Three steam settings
  • Automatic shutoff feature activates after 60 minutes
  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • Lockable plates for secure storage and travel


  • Water tank leaks if not installed properly

2. Infiniti Pro Ionic Steam Flat Iron By Conair

Get salon hair every time you use this product. The two-step styling system works to smooth hair and lock in style for long-lasting results. Tourmaline ceramic heated plates infuse the hair with moisture from the mist. This non-stick plate also protects the hair from heat damage.

The built-in retractable combs help separate tangles. It glides very smoothly and aids in controlling those frizz. This steam hair straightener also has ionic properties that neutralize positive changes that make the hair look dull and rough.

Four ceramic heaters allow fast and constant temperatures that can reach as high as 395-degrees. It has five different temperature levels suitable for hair types from fine to coarse hair.


  • Hydro Silk Ionic steam mist is excellent for retaining moisture
  • Tourmaline ceramic coating reduces frizz and prevents damage
  • 30-second heat-up speed
  • Five adjustable temperature settings
  • Retractable combs useful for detangling hair


  • Limited water storage capacity

3. Solofish’s Salon Grade Steam Hair Straightener

With anti-static technology and ceramic titanium protection, this hair straightener can make any hair type extra smooth and silky, fast. The smart temperature control system can heat reach up to 300F in only 15 seconds. You can choose between 6 temperature levels using digital controls and an LCD screen.

It has a 15-minute constant stream function that gives dry hair much-needed moisture. Five built-in steam vents ensure your hair gets moisturized evenly. Negatives ions penetrate each hair strand to make it pin-straight, shiny, and bouncy. 

Operating the styling tool is very easy. Simply refill the water tank and install it to the straightener. Turn it on using the power button, and set the temperature. You just then need to wait for the indicator to stop flashing before using it.


  • With anti-static technology that keeps hair smooth
  • Ceramic plates protect hair from heat damage
  • 15-second heat up to 300F
  • Adjustable temperature and steam settings
  • Automatic temperature and power control safety features


  • Small water tank size

4. Steam Flat Iron From FURIDEN

Do you have stubborn natural hair that is a bit resistant to styling even with heat? This straightener from FURIDEN might be the right fit for you. This styling gadget has 38 temperature options, with the highest reaching up to 450F. With that many options, you can make sure you have the best heat level that is suitable for your hair type.

The steam and ceramic plates are gentle on the strands. It smooths and moisturizes your hair cuticles while leaving it straight. Your hair becomes more resistant to humidity because of the negative ions released by the ceramic plates.


  • Makes hair feel and look healthier
  • Excellent heat and steam settings adjustments
  • Results last more than a day
  • Easy to refill and install the water tank
  • Floating plates prevents tugging or pulling
  • Great safety features
  • A locking button is useful for storage


  • It takes time getting used to the location of buttons

5. Miuphro Steam Hair Straightener

If you are looking for a simple and no-frills steam straightener, this is the product for you. Its sleek and lightweight design is more comfortable for your hands, especially when you have to style your hair for long periods. Titanium floating plates ensure your hair will slide smoothly and would not pull or tug it. The materials are also durable and conduct heat faster and more evenly.

With ultrasonic technology, it vaporizes and releases water without heat. It ensures more moisture is absorbed through the hair without damaging it. The device also has two safety features: a locking button, and auto-off after 60 minutes.


  • Titanium plates heat faster and evenly
  • Ultrasonic technology releases steam without the heat
  • It is much durable and has a longer service  life
  • Slim ergonomic design
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold
  • Lockable plates keep it closed
  • Hair glides smoothly and won’t snag


  • Only has two, high and low, temperature option

6. Hair Straightener with Steam By MKBOO

This steam straightener is one of the best with the most significant water storage capacity. It is perfect for those who have long or stubborn hair that takes time to style. The 40ml water tank allows you to work on your hair uninterrupted.

The full ceramic coated titanium plates are durable, non-stick, and gentle on the hair. It heats up evenly and fast under 30 seconds. A built-in brush helps keep your hair untangled and makes sure each strand received heat and steam equally. It also has a temperature lock, so you wouldn’t need to set the heat level for each session.


  • 1 ¼-inch ceramic coated titanium plates
  • Seven vents dispose of 4.5g constant steam per minute
  • Built-in 3D combs for easy detangling
  • Adjustable temperature from 300F to 450 F with LCD
  • Automatically shuts off after 60 minutes
  • 360-degree swivel power cord
  • 40ml water tank storage


  • Heavyweight than compared to other steam straighteners

7. OSIR Professional Titanium Steam Hair Straightener

With the titanium plates on this flat iron, it can reach higher heat so you can straighten your hair faster. It evenly spreads warmth throughout the heating plate to make sure your hair received consistent and uniform results. You only need to go over your hair once to straighten it, which makes styling faster and easier.

Steam is released automatically without pushing any buttons, helping you prevent damaging your hair. It reaches temperatures of 300F to 430F. The compact and ergonomic design and rubber grips allow comfortable and easy control. It has all the safety features you need, so you wouldn’t worry about forgetting to turn it off after use.


  • Heat settings between 300F to 430F
  • Titanium plates heat up faster
  • No-gap design creates sleek hairstyles
  • It has an auto-shutoff safety feature
  • 360-degree rotatable power cord
  • Uses anti-frizz ionic technology


  • Maximum heat setting can be harmful to hair

8. Kealive’s Professional Vapor Flat Iron

Like to have perfect hair even while traveling? If your answer is yes, then this stem flatiron is for you. It uses ceramic heating plates that only take about 30 seconds to heat up. It means no more waiting for it to warm up.

A combination of ceramic, infrared, and ionic technologies ensures your hair stays healthy and silky. Using a heat sensor, it detects dry spots and adjusts the temperature and steam accordingly. It does this to prevent hair from getting damaged from too much heat. 

Steam is automatically released to ensure it provides sufficient moisture for straightening. These advanced features are there to make your hair healthier, straighter, and shinier. It is also perfect for beginners in styling their hair.


  • Fast heat up under 30 seconds
  • Heat sensors adjust settings to avoid damaging dry hair
  • Locking switch is convenient for traveling
  • 360-degree swivel cord prevents tangling


  • Limited heat settings

9. Swan Star Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Want soft, silky, straight hair that lasts for hours? This infrared steam straightener promises to heat hair from within. What it does is keep your hair moisturized while giving it gloss and more volume. It heats up slowly, though. However, it is also beneficial to keep it from prematurely wearing out and useful for prolonging the life of your styling tool.

Its 2-inch plates are perfect for taming natural hair. You get a glossy and pin-straight hair quicker than thinner plates. The 360-degree rotating cords are more comfortable to maneuver and prevent them from tangling. Negative ions avoid static build-up, which makes hair look dry and dull.


  • Infrared technology prevents excessive drying
  • Six different adjustable temperature settings
  • 2-inch full ceramic tourmaline heating plates
  • Produces negative ions to get rid of frizz
  • Fast heating and constant temperature
  • 360-degree swivel cord doesn’t tangle


  • Setting buttons are inside the handle, but for safety reasons

10. Steam Straighteners for Hair From DORISILK

An excellent heat styling tool for all hair types is the steam flatiron by DORISILK. It uses five conditioning steam vents that ensure an even and consistent flow of steam to keep your hair moisturized. Three heat options range from 300F, 410 F, and 450F. It can tame any thin, textured, or coarse hair.

The wide ceramic tourmaline plates heat up under 1 minute. It also protects your hair from getting snagged or damaged. An automatic power shutoff feature gives you peace of mind if you forget to unplug it at home. Hot steam seals the moisture in and lessens heat damage when styling.


  • 1¼-inch ceramic-coated tourmaline heating plates
  • Has five conditioning steam vents
  • 3D floating plates used for both straightening and curling
  • Adjustable heat temperature ranges from 302F to 455F
  • Three steam settings
  • Automatic shutoff safety feature
  • Lockable plates for convenient travel and storage


  • Does not store enough water

Advantages Of Steam Flat Iron VS. Regular Flat Iron

Were you ever disappointed with what a flat iron does to your hair? You can get better results when you use a steam iron. Here are a few more reasons why you should love them.

  • Moisturizes As It Straightens

It’s amazing how you get a silky soft look every time you use a steam iron. This fantastic tool achieves these results by sealing in moisture into every strand of your hair. Instead of leaving your hair bone dry and frizzy, the steam hair straightener helps your hair retain its moisture and natural oils as it straightens it.

  • Longer And Lasting Results

What’s incredible about using a flat steam iron is that your hair stays straightened longer. It means no need to wash and straighten your hair every single time. Just a few touch-ups, and you’re ready to go. Moisture infusion and a healthier hair care routine is also beneficial for your natural mane as it doesn’t strip any essential natural oils.

  • Prevents Damage Caused By Heat

Regular flat irons use the moisture present in the hair to straighten it. A steam flatiron, on the other hand, infused water deep into the hair. This process helps in preventing heat damage. You don’t need to use other products like heat protectants, which can only weigh down your hair.

  • Soft And Silky Tresses

Your hair becomes silkier and softer when using this product. With no chemicals and heat damage, your hair grows healthier, smoother, and shinier. Heat treatment can sometimes leave your hair dull and lifeless. Steam flat irons help transform stiff and dense hair look glossy and silky throughout the day.

  • Helps Fight Frizz

Unlike other hot tools, it reduces frizz effectively. Vapor infusion technology helps lock in moisture, making coarse and thick hair resistant to humidity. Dehydrating your hair causes it to frizz, especially on a hot summer day. Keeping it well moisturized and healthy makes it smoother and more manageable.

What To Consider When Purchasing A Steam Flat Iron

Are you still having trouble finding the best product after reading our steam flat iron reviews? Here is a short buying guide that can help you decide.

  • Types Of Material Used

There are two types of steam flat iron plates. Depending on your type of hair, you can benefit from either titanium or ceramic steam straightener. Fine and thin hair requires less heat to straighten. So, ceramic steam flat iron works best for them. Titanium steam flat irons, on the other hand, can achieve higher temperatures, which help manage stubborn or natural hair easier.

  • Different Plate Sizes

The best flat iron for natural hair and sleek and long hairstyles has to have 2-inch plates. They give you better control and can help easily manage thick or curly hair. Smaller sizes are better for creating curly hairstyles or straightening your bangs. 

  • Water Storage Capacity

Larger capacity water tanks are beneficial if you take a longer time to style your hair. It means you don’t have to refill as frequently if you have a smaller water capacity. The steam from the flat iron speeds up the process, and having sufficient water storage will help you achieve soft glossy hair faster.

  • Temperature Adjustment Settings

Having an adjustable temperature on your steam iron is very useful. This way, you can choose the level of heat needed for styling your specific type of hair. If you have a natural, treated, or damaged hair, you don’t want to use too much heat. You need to be able to adjust the temperature to prevent more damage to the strands.

  • Safety Features

When using an electric heating tool, it is best to have some safety features installed. Some steam flat irons have an automatic shutoff feature that engages when the device is not in use for a specified period. It is useful when you accidentally leave it on after use. There are also lockable plates, which makes it easier to store.

Tips For Using Steam Flat Iron On Natural Hair

Tips For Using Steam Flat Iron On Natural Hair

Now that you have the best steam flat iron for natural hair, you should also learn some tips from the pros on how to use and care for it. Following these directions can help guarantee great results each time you straighten your hair.

  1. Always Keep The Tank Full

Whether you use your steam iron every day or a couple of times a week, you should always keep the water reservoir full. It will help prevent the wick from drying out. It takes the vapor longer to generate when it is dried up.

  1. Use Only Distilled Water

You can keep your straightener clean and last longer if you use distilled water. Water from the tap contains minerals that can clog the vent holes, which will prevent the steam from getting out.

  1. Prep The Hair Before Straightening

You should always start with clean and well-conditioned hair before straightening. Use a blow dryer and towel to get rid of the excess water on your hair. Apply heat protectants mid-way through drying. Comb through your hair to prevent snagging and remove tangles. Then, you can work the steam hair flat iron through sections.

  1. Clean Steam Flat Iron After Use

Take care to clean your steam flat iron after use. What you need to do is to unplug the gadget from the socket. After waiting for it to cool down, remove any residual hair and wipe stains from the plates.


Can I use a steam hair flat iron on damaged hair?

A simple answer is yes. Steam-producing flat iron keeps the hair moisturized. It is a much gentler heat styling method that minimizes heat-damage done to your hair and won’t cause it to dry out. Use a lower temperature setting to make sure you aren’t causing more harm to your hair.

Are steam straighteners compatible for all hair types?

Yes, you can use a steam flat iron on natural hair or any other type. The steam from the straightener helps to manage the hair effortlessly. Whether it is curly, wavy, thin, thick, or coarse, you can use a steam hair flat iron to smoothen your hair.

Which temperature is right for my hair?

The temperature setting for styling hair depends on the hair type and size of the flat iron plate. Exposing hair to 347 F to 419 F for 5 minutes can be damaging. What you can do is to start at a lower setting and work your way up to a temperature that you feel comfortable using. 

The steam hair flat iron is too hot to handle, what should I do?

When using heat styling tools, it can release intense heat that can be uncomfortable to handle with bare hands. You can use a heat resistant glove as protection instead. 

Why do I need protectants to straighten my hair?

Heat protective sprays or hair products help reduce heat damage. No matter what tools you use, it is safer to employ your best options to make sure your hair stays healthy and damage-free.

Final Words

Having the best steam flat iron for natural hair is like having your hair professionally styled each day. Say goodbye to dull, damaged, and frizzy hair. You don’t need any expensive hair products and treatments. Now you can enjoy having a shiny, smooth, and glorious mane fast and easy with just one tool.

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