Best Shaving Bowls: Top 10 Reviewed

It’s impossible to get the best shaving experience without the best shaving bowl!

Immediate consequences of not utilizing shaving bowls include messy and painful results, dull-prone razors and many more!

What do you usually do when you encounter these?

Get yourself a shaving bowl of course!

I can already imagine how difficult it would be to mix, lather and prepare all your shaving tools at the same time without a bowl!

Shaving bowls aren’t made equal! It has varying functions and features. If you’re not keen enough, you’re sure to fall prey on a shaving bowl that won’t serve your needs! Such a waste of money too!

Thus, we have gathered a list of the most trusted brands below for your perusal.

Check out our recommendations!

The Best Shaving Bowls for the Taking!

01. SUPPLY Marble Shaving Bowl

Best Shaving Bowls

Supply’s Marble Shaving Bowl earns the “Best Value” title in our list because of its unquestionable quality that further makes it worthy of the pocket.

I also personally tagged this product as the “Best Choice” in our list as it satisfies many, if not all, shaving expectations.

When it comes to maintaining heat on your lather, marble does it better than a ceramic on a higher scale imaginable. This Best Shaving Bowls by Supply comes with a creamy white package color, a doubled heat conductivity capacity and many more product updates.

Finally, the marble quality of the product alone makes it the most efficient and useful shaving bowl on this list.

I believe the most celebrated feature of Supply’s Marble Shaving Bowl should be its ridged interior design.

What’s with this design?

The ridged interior design encourages the production of soft concentrated lather. The ridge also lessens the effort of manually mixing the lather solution. Lesser time spent on mixing means a faster shaving routine. Ultimately, the ridged interior also assures you that the lather has high value and even mix.

This posh looking best shaving bowl can even add a touch of sophistication to your interiors! The Marble shaving bowl can blend in all areas in your home. In my case, I even display it in my living room!

Undoubtedly, it’s  the bowl’s color that gives it a luxurious look.

Check out the product and see if it fits your shaving needs!


  • Longer heat retention/conduction due to the marble material.
  • Ridged interior for easy lather mixing.
  • Has a solid grip.
  • Comes in a neat color.
  • Easy-to-clean body.


  • It’s quite heavy.
  • Can be too expensive depending on the seller.

02. VIKINGS BLADE: The Chairman Luxury Shaving Bowl

stainless steel shaving bowl

Vikings Blade’s The Chairman Luxury best Shaving Bowl earns the “Best Pick” title in this list due to its top-quality design, package, and performance.

You won’t have to worry about frustrating lather spills and bubbles. The shaving bowl’s roughened interior holds the lather in place. It also rids unwanted air during the lather mixing process. So, you can be assured of a lather sans the bubbles with Vikings Blade’s Chairman Luxury Shaving Bowl.

In terms of appearance and design, it’s actually not my personal favorite. But for many men- the shaving bowl’s solid steel look is heaven!

Although it can be heavy due to its maximized product size (especially that it is made of 80% steel), I still find the product easy to handle. Likewise, It shouldn’t be bulky when carried around or transported for travel.

Now, the product highlights an added feature: a Frosted Microscopic Finish. The frosted microscopic finish guarantees a denser lather content within a short period of time. So, it should help you save up lather ingredients in the next few 2-3 months!

See how the product measures up to our meter:


  • Has a rough interior surface for anti-spill.
  • Has a frosted microscopic finish.
  • Designed to stay firmly on hand.
  • Has an easy handle base.
  • Equipped with a durable steel package.


  • It can be heavy.
  • High cleaning-maintenance.

03. Henry Cavendish Gentleman’s Shaving Bowl with Handle

marble shaving bowl

Henry Cavendish’s Gentleman’s Ceramic best Shaving Bowl stands out from the rest of the products in this list with its chic, elegant and neat entirety. Beyond its form, the product is graced with a lifetime warranty. This should ease you over breakability issues.

Notwithstanding the projected circumstances, there’s no further need to worry about the product’s durability because it’s coated with a thick ceramic finish.

Wide-mouthed and spacious, it can accommodate the richest and largest lather foams. Its package even includes shaving soaps for guaranteed lather quality. You can easily put in 2 or 3 soap pucks inside it and have it microwaved for fast melting!

The product comes with an extended handle. This doubles the product’s already-secured grip convenience.

Check it out if the product measures up to its claims:


  • Equipped with an easy-grip handle.
  • Wide opening for faster and easier lather mixing.
  • Comes with accessories and soap pucks.
  • Pressure-resisting hard ceramic coating.
  • Offers a lifetime warranty.


  • It can be quite heavy.
  • It can’t retain heat for long.

04. Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl

Edwin Jagger’s latest Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl has the perfect shape for bearing shave brushes. The product’s easy-grip design, supplemented by its handle makes shaving a speedy process. The product’s curved body could hold rich lather without easily sliding from your palm.

And it’s quite light! The extent of the product’s practical design ultimately offers convenience, especially when you have a plethora of shaving tools in hand!

Edwin Jagger’s men’s best shaving bowl is a sure win when it comes to heat retention and conduction. But there’s more to Its elegant color and body shape. These features ensure an even heat distribution necessary for whipping large portions of lather.

In addition to all of these, the product’s package comes with a sandalwood shaving cream.

Know the product more through our pros and cons meter:


  • Has a  solid porcelain finish.
  • Has average heat conduction and retention capacity.
  • Ergonomic product shape and design.
  • Has a ridged interior.
  • It’s lightweight.


  • Easily breaks.
  • Easily spills lather.

05. QSHAVE Shaving Scuttle Mug Large Deep Size Bowl

QShave’s Shaving Scuttle Mug’s layered bowl mechanism satisfies thrifty users as it keeps lather heated and refreshed for more than 3 uses. As per experience, I was still even able to reuse the lather (stored for 48 hours) up to 5 shaving!

Among the other shave soap bowls, this proves to be most efficient as it can  store cream for longer hours. All you have to do is to cover its lid with something flat. And voila- you will be surprised that your lather/cream is still at its freshest state even after many uses. The product ensures this through its extra-deep bowl.

Besides storing contents, the extra deep bowl contains large amounts of water, cream or soap pucks.

Closely resembling a mug than a bowl, this best shaving bowls scuttle boasts of the easiest handle in this list. You can be assured of zero slips and twists with this Best Shaving Bowls. Furthermore, the handle also functions as a temporary shaving brush holder.

Get to know the product more!


  • Has a wide and spacious body for storing plenty of water/substance.
  • Doubled bowl layer increases shaving passes to 3-4 shavings.
  • It’s quite durable.
  • Wide mug handle for easiest grip.
  • It’s lightweight.


  • Can be too hot to hold.
  • Inner bowl easily loses hold.
  • Can be unrepairable once it encounters breaks.

06. Parker’s American Made Deluxe Stoneware Shave Mug

This very bulky and heavy shaving mug by Parker ensures precise retention of heat. Being the solid piece (including shaving mug and shaving brush) that it is- it doesn’t break easily. Also, It doesn’t easily yield to various types of pressure.

You can put it in the microwave and it can still retain its primary condition! When I say primary condition- that includes its temperature! What’s most advantageous about the product is that it retains heat without the handle being too hot to touch! With this, you can safely pull it out of the microwave right away!

The product guarantees these treats through its special stoneware quality. If heat retention is your concern, Parker’s proudly American-made product will hold and conduct heat in 30 minutes for your convenience.

It may not be as efficient as a marble, but the stoneware is a sure efficient conductor of heat.

Check out if the product truly measures up to its expectations:


  • Has an apothecary handle for sure and easy grip.
  • Its wide opening/lid dimension is very convenient for holding several soaps.
  • It’s highly solid and durable.
  • Has a palm-perfect fit.


  • Can be too heavy.
  • Cannot hold large quantities of lather.
  • Easily spills.
  • Produces bubbly and bland cream mixes.

07. Perfecto Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

Perfectos’ Stainless Steel best Shaving Bowl exists to users who prefer classic razor shaving. This Best Shaving Bowls makes things easy for your manual shaving routine because it doesn’t break, crack, or yield to pressure or chip away! It is completely solid.

Nonetheless, this latest product by Perfecto holds copious amounts of lather, plus any other tools including shave brushes. With a wide mouth, comfortable lid dimension and roughened interior, this shaving bowl guarantees to speed up wet shaving.

Now, wet shaving routines should take major considerations from users like you. Why? Because, wet shaving can be crucial, especially with the absence of the right tools. Thanks to this shaving bowl, wet shaving routine couldn’t go much easier!

Its elegant looks also make it a good addition to your home décor.

Check out the product’s pros and cons meter.


  • Boasts of a stainless steel finish.
  • Has wide and spacious interior dimensions.
  • Equipped with an easy-grip handle.
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • Highly durable and can last for a lifetime.
  • Convenient shape for easy soap refills


  • It can be very heavy and bulk.
  • It can be too expensive depending on the seller.
  • Has a  mediocre heat retention/insulation/induction performance.
  • Easily slips
  • Easily spills

08. Schone Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl with Lid

Schone’s Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl has garnered quite an issue over the authenticity of its stainless steel finish. However, it does not hinder the product to climb its way into our list. Because, as per analysis, it certifiably is stainless steel.

Measuring 3 x 5 x 6 inches, the product proves to be more than convenient to most Its convenience is further supplemented by its ergonomic lid cover placement.

What’s most interesting about the product is that it can accommodate any soap size!

Know the product more through our meter:


  • It has a flat bottom and keeps a steady lather mix.
  • Its lightweight.
  • Has an average heat retention ability.


  • Doesn’t  fit the palm of your hand.
  • Difficult to grip/handle.
  • Easily dents from pressure.
  • Lid knob easily breaks.
  • Not durable.
  • Made of cheap stainless steel quality.

09. Shaving Bowl by Apollo Stainless Steel

best shaving bowl reviews

Apollo’s Shaving Bowl Stainless Steel boasts of a lid cover, top-quality stainless steel finish and a durable package. If you’re looking for a light shaving bowl that can be easily stored, then you’re most likely to be satisfied with  this Best Shaving Bowls.

Its package includes a polishing micro-towel for easy cleaning and maintenance. Consequently, with regular maintenance and careful use, the product should last for a lifetime.

Compared to other stainless steel shaving bowls, the product is simple and straightforward. It does deliver as expected!

Check out this Shaving Bowls fares with our meter:


  • It can be included in the home décor.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • The interior ensures substantial lather whipping.
  • It’s a crafty item.
  • It has a  lifetime guarantee.


  • Easily breaks.
  • It doesn’t retain heat.
  • Has a faulty lid cover.
  • Doesn’t have a good grip.

10. AKStore Men’s Durable Shave Soap Cup

Akstore’s Men’s Durable Shave Soap Cup comes with a well-rounded or arched bottom for all-level placement. Meaning, you won’t have to hold the shaving bowl the entire time since you can place it even in the narrowest and most un-leveled surfaces. Thanks to its arched bottom, your shaving routine will now be eased by a  hundredfold!

With a 100% guaranteed top-quality stainless steel finish, the product can insulate lather for optimum shaving output.  Nevertheless, it guarantees to resist drop pressure and high heat exposure.

The product comes with other accessories that you would find necessary for shaving- all at a very cheap purchase.

Check out and weigh in the product’s overall performance:


  • Has an arched or curved cup bottom.
  • Made of top stainless steel quality.
  • High durability
  • Easy-to-clean mechanism.
  • Has an average heat insulating capacity.


  • Can be too small to contain a substantial amount of lather.
  • No warranty.
  • Easily heats up and can burn the skin.
  • It easily slips despite the claims.

How to Pick the Best Shaving Bowl – Reliable Buyer’s Guide!

Shaving bowls may come in similar looks and feels. But if you haven’t noticed yet, such reality makes the selection of the best shaving bowl trickier! Shaving bowls are too good to be true.

Each bowl holds crucial properties and features that can instantly determine the success of your shaving routine. By all means, you can’t just shave without a securing a container for the cream/soap/lather or a resting platform for your brush!

However, worry no more for we have combed through our gathered reviews and juiced out significant points for picking the top shaving bowl.

Here they are!

Heat Performance

Heat is primary in securing a substantial lather solution. Firstly, heat insulates your shave for a few minutes to clean out its razors. That’s the reason why we ought to soak the shave in hot water. Second, the heat hints if the cream needed more or less water to thicken into a lather. Overall, the heat maintains the concentration and freshness of the lather despite several shave passes.

Solid Grip/Handle

Now, this should be a practical standard. All users ought to understand the full extent of the handle’s significance. Saying it simply- if you sense that the product you’re buying seems to be difficult to contain in your palm, then don’t buy it at all!

If you don’t want to waste your  time and money, that is! Thus, there’s one important principle that I highly recommend for this: see-if-it-fits-your-palm-period. This simple maxim should help you big-time!

Ridged Interior

Can you feel those linings along the rounds of the interior surface of your shaving bowl? That’s the ridged design. It doesn’t exist for decoration purposes only. It has a very significant purpose you may not know of- it keeps off unwanted air in the mixture to ensure high and thick lather concentration.

Overall, the ridges seek to produce more lather in the process. Keep in mind that more lather there is, the better the shave result would be.

Solid Mug Handle

In this premise, Parker’s American Made Deluxe Stoneware gets the crown due to its apothecary handle. If a product turns out to have weak grip design, the mug handle should supplement.

Layered Bowls

Layered bowls (like in the Qshave product) extend the quality and freshness of the lather. Consequently, layered bowls also help in the whole heat retention process. So, whenever you’re torn between buying and not buying a low heat-retaining bowl because it has layered bowls- just buy it! The layered bowls should compensate.

How to Use a Shaving Mug – Top 5 Steps!

Do you also encounter trouble over the shaving mug’s complicated peripheries and operations? We get you! It can really get frustrating by the second.

Go over this easy steps to finally do your own routing using a shaving mug.

  1. Generously pour hot water on both inner and outer bowl layers.
  2. Dip your shaving brush into the hot water.
  3. With the shave fully drenched, pour out all the hot water and replace the bottom bowl with a new one.
  4. Generously pour cream on the top bowl layer. Just add water as needed.
  5. When solution thickens into a lather, apply it to your face for the first pass.
  6. Do the same process once lather dries up.
  7. Depending on the heat retained on lather, you can still use it on your face for the third and fourth pass.

Best Shaving Bowl – FAQs

Shaving using shaving bowl may seem like an easy routine. But do one wrong move and your whole shaving process will end up in vain. To avoid such sour fate, get to know the shaving bowls further through the FAQs.

1.  What will I do if the soap doesn’t fit my bowl size?

You can melt the soap in a microwave. But  in the event that you purchased a bowl that’s not heat resistant, simply cut the soap in halves.  

2.  Can I customize my shave bowl into a layered container?

No. You can’t. Shave bowls are shave bowls. It has no designed clips and mechanisms for holding layered bowls. Shave mugs or scuttles, on the other hand, can be customized to such desired state.

3.  Is it advisable to reuse stainless steel shave bowls that have dents?

I don’t see any problem with that as long as the stainless steel’s color has not changed. Dents are simply a problem of handling. However, I would still not advise to reuse it on such condition with the premise that a new shave bowl would be more convenient.

An altered color, on the other hand, indicates possible chemical reactions. But you can be assured that stainless steel bowls are built to last for a lifetime (provided that it’s top quality).

4.  Do all shave bowl product packages come with added accessories?

No. And that should depend on the brand’s conditions.

5.  How regular should I clean the shave bowl? Does it need washing or will wiping be enough?

You should clean it every after use. I would advise that you wipe it with wet clean towel first. When done, wipe it with a dry towel.


Our review of the best shaving bowls features products that can serve some of your shaving needs!

Most of the brands have similar specs and features. But some offers shavers a different kind of experience. You just have to scrutinize which one works best for you!

A solid handle, a strong heat retention capacity, a ridged interior, a solid mug handle and a set of layered bowls- these will surely help you in determining the suitable brand you’re looking for.

In the pretext, both a flat and arched bowl bottom, a home-décor-fitting design, etc. are just a few of what makes shaving bowl worthy of your perusal.

Special mention to the Best Choice and Best Value ( well, for me!) shaving bowl in our recommendation, the SUPPLY Marble Shaving Bowl!  It features a ridged interior that the competition lacks.

But, what should reign in all these is practicality. At the end of the day, a simple mechanism is just what you’re actually looking for. Most certainly, brand name and finish would end up immaterial opposite these layered considerations.

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