10 Best Safety Razors for Women [Buying Guide 2019]

This post was most recently updated on August 18th, 2019

Being a woman is more than just the glitz and the glamour.

As fun, as it looks, being one, can be ridiculously tough at certain times! Just think about it: finding the perfect shade of lipstick, dressing up nicely, and staying well-groomed are just a few of a woman’s day-to-day dilemma.

All those…and insert the thought of shaving and keeping certain body parts hair-free!

And while all women love to shop, having to regularly buy new razor blades may be the most unsatisfying shopping experience there is! Trust us, we would know!

But lucky enough for us, safety razors are a thing and they’re not just made for the gentlemen. They are also fit enough to cater to a lady’s needs.

In fact, safety razors provide a closer, smoother shave, and along with the right shaving cream and technique – they can get the job done like magic!

Now, you may be feeling a little bit edgy about getting yourself a safety razor designed for women, especially if it’s your first time. But worry no more – we got you covered!

In this article, we have selectively reviewed and meticulously curated 10 of the best razors for women available in the market today.

Here Are 10 Best Safety Razors for Women

01. Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Best Choice

Edwin Jagger is a brand known to have been setting standards in male grooming for over three decades. The brand itself is a family owned business wherein each and every product is innovated and designed hand in hand.

This brand focuses on keeping the traditional English quality and style of men’s shaving by crafting products that meet a gentleman’s standards.

Even if this brand screams men’s grooming that doesn’t mean that it isn’t fit for a queen!

The Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor is also among the most sought-after grooming products for women, making it on the list of our best razors for women.

This double edge safety razor is a good purchase that comes with five free Derby Double Edge Safety Razor blades to get the job started. It also comes in two-part die-cast, hand polished, and chrome plated blade head that’s engineered to deliver a shaving angle that is not harsh to the skin while providing a smooth, accurate, and close wet shave.

Another amazing thing about this safety razor is that is it’s flawlessly made with high-quality materials and perfected with a scratch-resistant coating that guarantees longer durability. And for the price, the Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor is an absolute steal!

What we liked best about it:

  • It’s an accurate razor that provides a mild and smooth shave.
  • Doesn’t require a learning curve for beginners!
  • Cleaning is a breeze! A simple wipe from a washcloth after each use is enough to restore the razor’s shine.
  • It’s not intimidating to use.
  • This razor can last for the longer haul.
  • It comes with five Derby Double Edge Safety Razor blades for free.
  • This razor is rust proof!
  • It’s quite affordable!

What we didn’t like so much about it:

  • The handle of the razor can be slightly short for a comfortable grip, especially if it’s intended to shave the legs.
  • Its handle can also be very slippery when wet.
  • It’s not as durable as other safety razors.

02. VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor (Odin Edition)

Has anybody heard about Odin? Another grooming essential hailing from the giant manufacturer Vikings Blade, The Chieftain Safety Razor (Odin Edition) is yet again one of our top picks for the best safety razors for women, and it’s all for good reasons!

Swedish made, this safety razor is handcrafted only from premium and high-end heavy-duty materials that make the Odin of superb quality control.

The Chieftain Safety Razor (Odin Edition) features a unique anti-misalignment head which holds the doors if the razor is not held upright prior to loading the blade, preventing misalignment. It also boasts of a cut-minimizing system that allows for a quick, five-second blade change, ensuring your safety.

The Chieftain Safety Razor (Odin Edition) comes with a leatherette and Alcantara case, making it easy to store for travel. The pack also comes with a mirror and a complimentary pack of Swedish 1226 mild blades, making it worth every dollar spent.

What we liked best about it:

  • It’s a nice razor that’s not too aggressive – ladies can proceed to shave using this safety razor with ease!
  • It features a well distributed weight.
  • It has a nice length to it that makes a comfortable grip.
  • It’s recommended for beginners! It comes with a complimentary beginner’s blade!
  • Provides a smooth and close shave.

What we didn’t like so much about it:

  • It’s a little bit pricey.
  • May require a few passes for a smoother and closer shave.

03. Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Heather, Long Handle, 5 blades

“Heather” is a double edge safety razor manufactured by Edwin Jagger, a brand very well known in the grooming department.

Based on the original design of the DE8 from Edwin Jagger, this double edge safety razor promises a close and comfortable shave that’s not intimidating. The weight of this safety razor is also well distributed and balanced, allowing for an accurate and  smooth shaving.

It’s an absolute favor for ladies who are looking to achieve an effortlessly smooth and close shave! The razor’s handle is also specifically longer.

If you’re new to safety razors, then Heather is your go-to option. With a blade angle that suits both newbies and experienced wet shavers, it’s quite the ideal safety razor! It also comes with a pale purple colored handle. This pop of color adds a feminine streak to its extra long handles!  

The two-part DE Edwin Jagger Safety Razor, Heather, comes with a free five-blade pack of Derby blades that are perfect to get you started.

Heather is a single blade razor for women which is exclusively designed by Edwin Jagger for Amazon.

What we liked best about it:

  • It’s a certified ladies’ razor!
  • The nice and textured grip handle allows for a more comfortable hold on the shaver.
  • It’s quite easy to replace the blades.
  • The razor has a great weight balance that makes shaving easy.
  • It comes with free Derby blades that is a good fit for women.
  • Has an affordable price tag.
  • Good value for your money!

What we didn’t like so much about it:

  • Its handle tends to become slippery when wet – so you need to be extra careful!
  • The threads that fasten the head to the handle can be prone to rust- so make sure to wipe and pat dry the razor after every use!

04. Merkur Classic Three-Piece Double-Edge Safety Razor

Merkur Stahlwaren GmbH & Company is among the leading worldwide manufacturers of high quality and classic shaving essentials since 1896. A trusted brand in male grooming, this manufacturing giant offers a wide array of razors that are suited for different needs.

Among their products which made it to our list of best safety razors for women is the Classic Three-Piece Double-Edge, Long Handled Safety Razor. It hails from the Merkur Classic line that provides a smooth, close, and irritation-free shave.

The product is an absolute upgrade if you’re looking to switch to a reusable long handle safety razor due to its unbeatable performance and durability. It’s an iconic design by Merkur which makes this safety razor very easy to clean after every use.

Every single razor is made in Solingen, Germany, boasting of a knurled handle that is longer than most razors at 105.6 mm. This texture and grip design allow for both a comfortable grip and maneuverability. Included in the package is one sample blade which has just the right thinness and sharpness for beginners.

The Classic Three-Piece Double Head Safety Razor from Merkur is available in both closed and open comb heads, giving you the freedom to choose which one suits your needs and preferences the best.

What we liked best about it:

  • It’s designed with an extra long and textured handle which allows for both comfortable grip and maneuverability.
  • It gives an accurate, close, and smooth shave.
  • It has a nicely distributed weight which allows for easy and overall better shaving.
  • It’s very simple and easy to clean after every use.
  • Has an affordable price tag.
  • Good value for your money.

What we didn’t like so much about it:

  • The screws of the razor sometimes loosen during the shave.
  • Longevity and durability may be an issue in the long run.

05. Double-Edge Safety Razor, Regular Handle, 18 Karat Rose Gold Octagonal by Edwin Jagger

Regarded as the pioneer in manufacturing grooming essentials, Edwin Jagger is just a brand so renowned that another product from their line made it again in our list.

Their Octagonal Double Edge Safety Razor in 18 Karat Rose Gold is a safety razor that’s only made of the finest materials and combined with a cutting edge manufacturing process. This double-edge safety razor is also very cost efficient, as it’s guaranteed to last you a lifetime of shaving.

Exquisitely designed, this double-edge safety razor from Edwin Jagger promises a close shave- all thanks to its well-balanced handle that has a total weight of 2.3 ounces! You don’t even have to put pressure on it during your shave, as the razor itself does all the work for you.

What we liked most about it:

  • Has an even weight that gives a very smooth, comfortable, and close shave experience.
  • Fairly congenial and not so aggressive.
  • It’s a perfect introductory double-edge safety razor for beginners.
  • Has just the right handle length, not too short and not too long – gives that nice, comfortable grip and maneuverability.

What we didn’t like so much about it:

  • Comes with an expensive price tag.
  • The handle can be very slippery when wet.
  • Be extra careful – a single accidental drop may cause this double-edge safety razor to break.

06. VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Safety Razor + Swedish Platinum Super Blades + Carry Case

Vikings is a brand formerly known as Julian Vue, which is a family-owned business based in Australia. This brand became popular after they created the legendary Chieftain safety razor back in 2015, and the sought-after Godfather razor in 2016.

Fast forward to 2019 and Vikings is still on the top of their game, producing and improving classic designs that are exclusively patented and made only from high-end materials.

Among their most sought-after products is the Godfather Safety Razor. As mentioned earlier, it was first created in 2016. Since then, thousands have sworn by this supreme safety razor.

Made from heavy-duty, premium Swedish materials, the Godfather is coated with a generous amount of chrome and is significantly heavier but more balanced than other safety razors. Its weight is optimized, creating effortless short strokes that get that smooth and close shave done.

Its slick and classic design is an original concept by Vikings that is often replicated for one reason: it works so great!

The Godfather safety razor comes in a luxury leatherette and suede case, along with a mirror. The package also includes a complimentary pack of platinum-coated blades to get your shaving adventures started.

Furthermore, it comes with a manual and a guide on how to use it! That’s we highly recommend it to beginners.

Landing a spot on our best razors for women,this is safety razor that guarantees a faster, smoother, and closer shave.

What we liked best about it:

  • Color us impressed! This safety razor provides an even, smooth and close shave that barely caused bumps and nicks to the skin.
  • It has a nice weight that’s heavy enough and gives a close shave at a swift 30 angle degree and short strokes.
  • It provides a consistent shave.
  • Has a very comfortable handle sans the knurled design.
  • It’s very slick and classy!
  • Good value for your money.

What we didn’t like so much about it:

  • It can be difficult to use, making it not so ideal for first-timers.
  • Extra care needed as it tends to break and becomes ineffective after one drop.
  • A little bit on the pricey side.

07. Parker 29L Unisex Butterfly Open Double Head Safety Razor

Parker has been engineering some of the most competitive safety razors out there for over 40 years. It’s a leading brand that crafts the finest men’s grooming and shaving essentials.

Crawling to our list of recommended safety razors for women, this number is also suitable for men!

This safety razor follows everything that a traditional razor is: boasting of a butterfly open mechanism,  assembled by hand, and is heavy enough to give that effortless, smooth and close shave.

This razor is very convenient to use in the shower! wet and soapy hands? No problem!

Weighing at 2.9 ounces, this double edge safety razor is ideally heavy to provide easy cutting through thick hair, all while resulting in a smooth and comfortable shaving experience.

Need to change the blades? No problem! Just twist the knob of the razor and open the butterfly doors and pop in the new blade!

Lastly, the Parker 29L Unisex Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Head Safety Razor comes with a free set five-count blades to get you and your shaving experience started!

What we liked best about it:

  • Has a comfortable grip.
  • It gives an accurate, close, and smooth shave.
  • Has a nice, sturdy design and weight.
  • Equipped with an easy blade change mechanism.
  • Good value for your money.

What we didn’t like so much about it:

  • Can be too aggressive, making it not the best option for first timers.
  • Extra care needed as it tends to break and becomes ineffective after one drop.
  • A little bit on the pricey side.

08. MERKUR Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

Another flagship product from Merkur makes it to our list of best safety razors for women: the Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor. This double-edge safety razor is fully adjustable and offers continuously adjustable blade gaps, which allows you to completely take over the aggressiveness of the razor.

Futur razor is made with the world-famous Solingen steel. Solingen steel hails from Germany, and it’s quite sturdy yet gentle on the skin. As a result, this razor also makes an ideal choice if you shave more than once a day. You have the option to easily adjust the aggressiveness of the razor, allowing for milder shaves in the evening.

The Futur double-edge safety razor weighs at a good 4.4 ounces, making its weight ideal for a smooth, comfortable, and close-to-skin shave. Most razors have a knurled handle for that comfortable grip. Though Futur lacks this feature, it’s still very easy to grasp!

This double-edge safety razor also features a unique snap-cap, along with an adjustable close comb, and straight bar-head design.

What we liked best about it:

  • Has adjustable blade gaps that let you fine-tune the aggressiveness of the razor.
  • Has a nice handle-length that allows for a good grip and overall better maneuverability.
  • The weight is heavy enough to give a smooth and close shave.
  • Results in an even, consistent, and close shave every single time.

What we didn’t like so much about it:

  • Be extra careful! Its adjustable settings can make you prone to cutting yourself when using it in the shower.
  • Its non-knurling handle design can be very slippery when wet.
  • The clip on the razor’s head doesn’t lock the blade very tightly in place.
  • Very pricey!

09. Feather Stainless Steel Double-Edge Safety Razor, AS-D2

Feather is a Japanese company that is popular in manufacturing razors. They are among the first to produce replaceable blade razors, and carries out on crafting products that are high quality without relying on overseas productions. All products are locally made in Japan!

Among their most sought-after razors is the AS-D2, an all stainless steel double-edge safety razor. It’s from the second generation of their line of double-edge safety razors, boasting of a three-piece body and premium shaving quality.

The Feather AS-D2 has a great overall weight balance and an accurate blade replacement. Just match it with a sharp blade and it will give you that close and sleek shave that you’re looking for! It’s worth every dollar spent!

The handle has a great knurled pattern that is very comfortable to grasp. In addition, this double-edge safety razor results to a mild shave, so a greater angle of use may be required if you’re looking for a more aggressive shave.

What we liked best about it:

  • The handle of the AS-D2 has a finely knurled pattern that’s not just very aesthetic but provides a nice and firm grip to it.
  • The handle length is just the right size to provide ease, comfort, and excellent maneuverability.
  • It has a premium quality design that is worth the hefty price tag.
  • Not too aggressive and mild shave – this razor lets your hand be in full control as to how close you want the shave to be.
  • It’s a very durable and sturdy razor that will last anybody a lifetime.
  • Paired with high-quality shaving soap or cream, this razor does wonders to your skin and shaving experience.

What we didn’t like so much about it:

  • The shave can be too mild for some.
  • May require a little bit of shaving experience to get the most out of this razor.
  • Very pricey!

10. Gillette Venus Close and Clean Women’s Razor

Looking for a razor specifically crafted for women? Well, look no further!

Gillette Venus follows the contours of a woman’s curves. It has a uniquely designed handle and pivoting head that can easily shave those voluptous areas. What can we say? It’s a ladies’ razor!

Now you flaunt those long legs in that little black number! Gillette Venus can give you a close shave while moisturizing your skin at the same time. How? First, the three blade technology gives a close-to- the-skin shave. And second, the lubricating strip has aloe that can protect your skin from the harshness of the shave.

The Gillette Venus Close And Clean Women’s Razor also has an indicator strip, which slowly fades after every shave, telling you when it’s time to change the blades.

What we liked best about it:

  • Nice handle that provides a good grip and is easy to hold.
  • Its blades last significantly longer compared to other razor blades.
  • Comes with a lubricating strip that moisturizes and soothes the skin during shaving.
  • Comes with an indicator strip that tells you when the blades are no longer optimal for shaving.
  • Low-cost and very affordable.

What we didn’t like so much about it:

  • It doesn’t provide a shave a smooth and close.
  • Will require a couple of passes to achieve a close-to-skin shave.
  • Skin is more prone to bumps, razor burn, and in-grown hair with this product.

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How to Shave With a Safety Razor: Everything You Need to Know

Like most women, if you have been shaving using the usual disposable pink razor, then you may find using a safety razor for the first time quite intimidating.

The thought of loading a fine, thin, and sharp blade into the razor and passing it through your skin can be nerve-wracking. And while it’s normal to feel anxious in such instances, shaving with a safety razor shouldn’t put you to the edge every time!

And just like anything else, you just have to find what works best for you and you should be good to go!

However, the best shaver for women doesn’t come in a one-product-fits-all kind of thing. Finding what’s right for you is all dependent on what you need and what you personally prefer.

Find The Perfect Razor for You!

In selecting a safety razor for your shaving needs, there are a few things that you need to consider. Before making a perfect choice, here’s a list of factors that you may want to review:

1. The Type of Double-Edge Safety Razor

There are basically three types of double-edge safety razors, and they all differ to meet a person’s specific needs:


A one-piece double-edge or butterfly safety razor is a design that comes with a mechanism that allows its head to open by twisting a knob and is typically located at the bottom of the handle. This way, you can easily load in a blade without having to disassemble the entire razor.

And while they are very convenient and effortless in terms of blade loading, one down low of this type is that it can be difficult to clean. This type is also generally more prone to malfunction over the years compared to other types.


Two-piece double-edge safety razors are engineered with a head that can be removed. This head has a bar in the middle and a screw at the end which fits into its handle.

The head of the razor can be fasted to its handle using a knob that’s placed at the lower part of the handle. Generally, cleaning a two-piece safety razor is easier compared to a one-piece, but changing the blades isn’t as convenient.


A three-piece double-edge safety razor is quite the same as the two-piece. What differentiates them is that the handle of three piece razor can be unscrewed from the head.

This type of double-edge safety razor is the most popular as they are very easy to clean.

It’s also the most durable and comfortable to use!

2. Another Thing to Consider: The Aggressiveness of The Razor

How your double-edge safety razor performs a shave is dependent on its aggressiveness. As a rule of thumb, the aggressiveness is based on the following:

  • The blade gap
  • The blade angle
  • The weight of the razor
  • The weight distribution on the razor
  • The blade angle applied during shaving

Remember that the more aggressive a razor is, the more it will cut through the hair. However, aggressive razors often require experience and can be comparably harsher to the skin.

How to Shave With a Safety Razor

Assuming that you have finally decided and purchased your own safety razor, you must be wondering, “how should a woman shave using a safety razor? “

The quick answer here is pretty simple- it depends on what area you’re going to shave!

But in general, here is a savvy way of putting those blades into work:

  • The ideal angle of when using a safety razor is about 30 degrees. Make sure that you keep it to that angle when shaving.
  • Make sure that the area is well hydrated and lubricated! Place a dollop of shaving cream before running that razor! Doing so allows for a smoother and easier shave that is less prone to irritations.
  • The next step is to take short and careful strokes to prevent heavy hair and skin buildup on the blade. This will also decrease the risk of nick, bumps, and razor burns.
  • When shaving, don’t apply downward pressure. Let the weight of the razor do all the work for you.
  • When shaving an area more than once, re-apply shaving soap or cream prior to shaving.

Why Switch To A Safety Razor?

Making the switch from a disposable razor to a double-edge safety razor is a big decision when it comes to your grooming routine. And it’s all for the right reasons.

While shaving with what seems like a man’s grooming arsenal can be a bit awkward, switching to a double-edge safety razor is actually more cost-efficient in the long run. That’s another reason why ditching the disposable pink razors is actually a good move.

Safety razors also provide a shave that most plastic razors can’t- a smooth, consistent, and close shave.

Nicks, bumps, and irritations are also less of an issue when you’re shaving using a double-edge safety razor.

If you want hair-free legs, you can use a double-edge safety razor for sensitive legs. You can also use this razor to shave your bikini area!  

And in today’s constantly growing issues on global warming, purchasing yourself a double-edge safety razor that you can use over and over minimizes waste. It may seem like a tiny factor, but no matter how small, it adds up big to the effort of saving the environment.

Where to Buy Safety Razors

Excellent decision!

Assuming that you have finally decided to get yourself a safety razor, the next question you might have in mind is probably this: “where to buy safety razors?”

Safety razors aren’t items that are difficult to find. Just drop by your local department store, and you’re sure to find one!

An advantage that comes with getting your razor from the department store is that you’ll be able to get an actual feel of the product. And while it’s not like you can give the razor a try right then and there, it still adds up to the convenience that you can see how the product looks and feel the weight.

You can also buy your safety razor in e-commerce stores such as Amazon and Fendrihan. And if you’re looking for a specific type and brand, a number of manufacturers also have an official website where you can purchase the item that you want.

Buying safety razors online isn’t just convenient, you can also easily find what you’re looking for. However, one down low of buying stuff online is that you can’t get an actual look at the item prior to paying for it. And in some cases that a return may be necessary, it can be time-consuming and may require effort.

Regardless, buying your first safety razor shouldn’t cost you so much stress and trouble. You might need to shell out a few more moolah for your safety razor, but trust us, it’s a good investment!

FAQs On Double-Edge Safety Razors

1. What is the best single blade razor for women?

Finding the best shaver for women is an ongoing search that has no two same answers to it. Simply put, the best razor for the bikini and leg area doesn’t come in a one-product-fits-all. The perfect safety razor will always be dependent on what you need, and what fits your personal preferences the best.

2. What is the best double-edge safety razor for sensitive skin?

Just like what we have stated previously, a double-edge safety razor is never a one-product-fits-all. However, if you have sensitive skin, you may want to opt for a razor that’s mild and is not as aggressive. And if you have thick hair, feather-sharp blades make an excellent partner to your double-edge safety razor.

3. What is the best safety razor for the  bikini area?

The best safety razor for the bikini area is a long handle safety razor. The reason behind this is that longer handles provide a better grip and maneuverability in hard-to-reach areas, such as your bikini area. So if you’re looking to shave this sensitive area, find a double-edge safety razor that is not too aggressive along with a nice handle length.

4. Do razor blades get dull?

Yes, they do. Just like anything else, the blade in your safety razor is also susceptible to wear and tear. Eventually, after several sessions of optimal shaving, the blade will get dull which calls for a replacement.

5. Is there a specific safety razor for the legs?

There’s no rule that says that there is one specific safety razor for shaving your legs. Finding the right one that fits your needs is all going to be dependent on what you personally prefer, and what you think will work best on your skin.

When selecting a razor to do a smooth and close shave for you, always remember to consider the following: the weight, handle size, and aggressiveness of the razor.

Knowing what fits your personal preferences will always be the key to finding that specific safety razor to cater to all of your shaving needs.

The Final Takeaway

Shaving will always, always be a part of the typical woman’s life. Whether we like or not, it’s just how it works!

Finding the perfect safety razor for your needs is not a walk in the park! We’re ecstatic that we came across a safety razor that served our needs! We just love how you can get a close and clean shave with the best choice in our list, the Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor!

Take advantage of the internet! All it takes is your willingness to do research, the patience to go over every single safety razor review that you can find, and in no time – you should be able to decide!

At the end of the day, the perfect double-edge safety razor exists, only if you figure out what you prefer and what you think will fit your shaving needs best!

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