10 Best Purple Hair Dye for Your Dark Hair Without Bleaching!

Best Purple Hair Dye for Your Dark Hair Without Bleaching

Imagine a Vibrant Purple Hair Dye for your Dark hair without bleaching! Well Purple is one of the most popular and trending shades these days for hair, though a tiring process of bleaching comes into the picture, especially for one with dark hair colors who want to experiment with the shades.

Often bleaching your hair can hurt your scalp, make your hair dry, and also it needs high maintenance. But still many of us desire to dye our hair with different colors for a stylish hair transformation. But now with advanced products coming in,many brands are offering the best purple hair dye for your dark hair without bleaching

No need to worry though we are here with this Blog to help you select Best Purple Hair Dye without Bleach

Our 10 Best Picks for the Purple Hair Dye without Bleaching (A Product Review)

Before getting into the products these are few important things to keep in mind while picking purple hair dye for your dark hair without bleaching it. First of look for pigments of hair color you are choosing which are dark or light, secondly allergies, if you have any of chemical or ingredient infused in hair dye and lastly price, select according to your need if you want a premium, professional or affordable product

Listed down below are the unharmful, long-lasting, affordable and eco friendly purple hair dyes for your dark hair without bleach online on Amazon

 1. Arctic Fox Vegan Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye

Its vibrant purple hair dye free from chemical, damage, and cruelty

Arctic Fox is a really promising brand with long-lasting and chemical-free purple hair dye  without bleach for dark hair. It has lively colors which are flexible for both light and dark hair. As it’s non damaging, your hair for sure will feel healthy.


  • Semi-Permanent Color
  • Ultra Hydrating Formula


  • Fragrant is really finest and sweet smell is appealing 
  • Suitable for any type of scalp be it dry or oily scalp
  • Vibrant Color range is available


  • Many user have experienced staining of bathroom

Why should you buy this?

It ticks all the possible boxes. Color is at par excellence of the hair color. Is safe for scalp as it has no harmful chemicals and honest reviews of the product is high on Amazon as well

2. Punky Purple Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color

Multi-tonal colors purple hair dye with intense hues 

Brand recommended by Professionals, Punky Purple is easy to apply hair tint which gives you great texture – not too dark or not too bright. It lasts up to many washes and even after starting to fade out it gives you purple hair dye a great faded colors


  • Semi-Permanent color
  • Super vibrant and vivid color
  • No peroxide required


  • Safe for every Scalp
  • Full of Nourishment as it contains unharmful chemicals
  • Long-Lasting, lives up to 9 to 10 shampoos 


  • Again Staining is experienced by many consumers

Why should you buy this?

Many Professionals recommend this brand in their reviews on Youtube as it has long-lasting effect and is safe for your scalp

3. Manic Panic Purple Haze Hair Dye Classic

This hair dye for dark hair is safe and gives you the freedom to be creative

Manic Panic is easy to use, no developer required purple hair dye for your dark hair without bleaching which gives you freedom to create your own hues. Cruelty-free this color is not tested on animals and 100% vegan


  • No need for a developer
  • Easy to use
  • Pigmented color


  • Color is not tested on animals and is Vegan, Cruelty Free
  • No stains are left on your bathroom floor after the usage


  • Some user said that there is no long lasting effect and is rinsed in 4-5 wash

Why should you buy this?

One of the most trusted product which was started by 2 sister and got recognized by many due to their good quality ingredients is easy to use and needs no developer

4. Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye 

A great combo of vibrant color and rich nourishment in one!

As the name suggests you can color, clean, and condition your hair with just one bottle of Keracolor. Color your hair with this purple hair dye without bleaching your dark hair locks with the keratin based nourishing ingredients


  • Semi-permanent cream formula
  • Keratin-based
  • Low-foam clenditioner


  • Hair color is non toxic and is sulfate and paraben-free
  • Outcome of using this hair color is soft and shiny hair
  • Infuses color every wash and is long lasting


  • Some reviews say it is streaky while application

Why should you buy this?

All in one is what this all about Keracolor Clenditioner is known for its multi functional feature. It is a vibrant hair color with cleansing formula which conditions your hair naturally.

5. Adore – Creative Image Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Adore Hair color is all you want for the stunner look and safe scalp 

Easy to apply purple hair dye with enhancing shine and rich color with the long-lasting effect it takes several washes to fade out. With no peroxide, ammonia dyes your hair naturally and eco friendly


  • Semi-Permanent Hair Color
  • Ideal For: Men & Women


  • Organic and natural hair color free of ammonia and is safe for you hair
  • Its free of Peroxide and is less damaging for hair roots
  • Includes natural ingredients and is toxin free


  • Some user have said color fades really quick

Why should you buy this?

A hair color infused with natural ingredients is harmful for your hair strands and keeps your hair locks hydrated

6. Color X-Change Semi-Permanent Hair Color

A User-oriented no mixing, ready to use Vivid Purple Hair Dye 

Color X-Change is a very suitable purple hair dye for your dark hair which is semi-permanent hair color for a salon-style look with beautiful color


  • Semi-Permanent Hair Color
  • Ready to use
  • Vibrant Color


  • Contains no Gluten and is not tested on Animal as its a cruelty-free product
  • Contains no alcohol for fast absorbing which is usually harmful


  • Prone to Stains on your skin
  • Reviews are that it is not thick and is more watery 

Why should you buy this?

A ready to use, convenient hair color. Color Xchange suitable for any user. First timers have said that Xchange is easier to apply than any other product. So if its your first time this is a go to product for a purple hair dye for your dark hair without bleaching

7. Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids

Suitable hair color for your different and experimental color mood

Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids comes in different hair colors which include Purple hair dye for your dark hairs for adventurous you want to mix, concoct it up with different colors and create palettes


  • Highly-Pigmented Shades
  • Natural Keratin Protein
  • Infused with Silk Amino acids


  • Long-lasting effect on hair 
  • Vibrant color palettes for multi shade hair color
  • You can concoct and mix colors easily 


  • Leaves Stains after shower

Why should you buy this?

If you love multi coloring and mixing shades this is a perfect hair color for you as it has a variety of palettes and you can play with creativity. Also as it is a long lasting so don’t worry about the effect.

8. N Rage Demi Permanente Hair Color

Scientifically designed hair color to protect from Sun’s harsh UV rays

Made from flower extract and hydrolyzed quinoa to make your hair color shine and keep the hair moisturized N Rage Demi Permanente Hair Color is a Purple Hair Dye for Your Dark Hair Without Bleaching


  • Demi-Permanent
  • Contains Keratin Amino Acid
  • UVA and UVB inhibitors


  • Has a great texture to the color, applies smoothly and less breakage
  • Protection from Sun’s harmful rays damaging your hair color


  • Stains the bathtub and hands while application

Why should you buy this?

One of the rare scientifically advanced hair color which is made to protect your hair color from fading out from harmful UV rays made with organic ingredient which is indeed need of today as heat is one of the prime reason of color fade out

9. Iroiro Premium Natural Semi Permanent Hair Color

Made with organic coconut oil to keep your hair damped after the dye

Iroiro Premium Natural Semi Permanent Hair Color comes with Eco-friendly pouch this purple hair dye without bleach has no toxic and petro-based chemicals


  • Natural Ingredient based
  • Yuzu-Cranberry fragrance
  • Ideal for Women


  • Contains coconut oil to keep hair moisturized  
  • Has an eco friendly packaging with tamper proof cap


  • No longevity, fades out in few washes
  • Application is not smooth and leaves patches

Why should you buy this?

If you want to color your hair purple but also save the environment at the same time, Iroiro Premium Natural Hair color is for you. Environment friendly pouch with vibrant color and fragrance it is a natural hair color safe for you scalp with no harmful chemicals

10. Got2b Creative Semi-Permanent Hair Color

An electrifying hair color for mind-blowing texture

Got2b Creative Semi-Permanent Hair Dye for dark hair which comes with a pastelizer to create your own shades as its multi-application it as 3 color creams, conditioner also included in the package


  • Semi Permanent Hair Color
  • Multi-Application


  • Pastelizer is included in box to create your own shades
  • Has a vibrant color range


  • Some say its not long lasting
  • Color rinse out in first wash if not applied properly

Why should you buy this?

Got2b Creative Hair Color is a whole package for Multi-shading. This product comes with pastelizer and conditioner for you to experience different hair shades and multi color range without damaging your hair

How to Maintain Purple Hair Dye for Your Dark Hair?

1. Temperature of Shower

Avoid washing your hair with warm water, as heat can damage the hair color molecule and rinse out the color. Make sure to check the water temperature which should be cooler for your purple hair dye without bleach

2. Air Drying

Prohibit using blow drying as yet again heat can open up hair molecules and can cause damage to hair color. Let your hair dry naturally in air

3. Deep Conditioner

Use correct hair care products, especially conditioners. Use deep conditioner to keep your hair moisturized and hair color bright

4. Hair Mask

Use a hydrating ingredient infused hair mask once in a while to keep your color cool and vibrant . Look for mask with damage repairing formula

5. No Sulfate

A big no-no for colored hair is sulfate. so look for shampoos, conditioners and your other hair care products to be sulfate free which can clean your roots damage free and keep purple hair dye without bleach intact

Different Types of Hair Color

1. Temporary Hair Color 

Temporary hair color changes the color immediately and is used often for short term use. It washes out in just one shampoo and is usually found in the form of spray, powder or chalk

2. Permanent Hair Color 

As the name suggests this is a permanent hair color which permanently changes your hair color. Important element here is the developer. Permanent hair color lasts forever

3. Demi Permanent Hair Color 

Demi Permanent needs a low amount of developer and has low ammonia in it and is used to add to your natural hair color. It lasts about 14 to 24 shampoos if taken good care of with conditioning and hair care products

4. Semi Permanent Hair Color

Semi Permanent is a Hair color which does not need a developer and is ammonia free. Its a direct dye and depending upon your hair quality and care it lasts upto 5 to 12 shampoos and then starts to fade out.

What to Keep in Mind While Choosing Purple Hair Dye for Your Dark Hair Without Bleaching?

There are different shades of purple hair dye such as Pastel Purple, Mauve, Amethyst, Neon Purple, etc.

To choose the right shades to hair dye for your dark hair there are different factors to be kept in mind such as

1. Skin Tone 

To pick a suitable shade for your hair one of the main components to be considered is your skin tone. Knowing your natural complexion which ranges from dark to light hues, will be a great help to make your hair color look amazing. 

2. Undertone

While skin tone is is your main surface color, the undertone is a subtle hue under your skin tone which should be equally considered while dyeing your hair


Will this hair color work on naturally black hair?

Yes, they are semi permanent purple hair color very suitable for virgin unbleached hair 

How long does it take to fade the color?

It depends from product to product though taking certain measures such as using hair color friendly hair products definitely helps

Once it fades out does it change your natural hair color?

No, once the color comes off it returns backs to your natural color as they are just coated above your natural hair

Final Thoughts

We have listed down all the long-lasting, safe and natural Purple hair dye for your dark hair without bleaching in our blog. You can buy hair color according to your preference. Select hair dye according to your wants and make most of your purchase.

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