10 Best Pubic Trimmers for Men in 2021

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Philips Electric Trimmer and Shaver
  2. Panasonic Electric Trimmer and Groomer
  3. Philips Norelco Beard & Head Trimmer
 Best Pubic Trimmers for Men

Yes, the manscaping trend is not going away this 2020! But don’t just grab your razor and start mowing down there! Choose one of the best pubic trimmers for men first 😉

Shaving the pubic hair, if done haphazardly can inflict so much discomfort on you. Consequently, the skin in the pubic area tends to be one of the most sensitive areas in your body.

How can you ensure a safe and clean shave down there? Well, for one, you have to know the right techniques and have the right tools. You have to get yourself the best pubic trimmers for men to shave the bushes!

The last things you should end up with a shaved pubic area include irritating itches, bumps, shave burns, pains, ingrown hair, and the ever-agonizing folliculitis. There are several factors to these- but the two major causes are careless shaving and of course, a cheap pubic hair shaver

Worry no more! We have gathered the best far and wide potential pubic hair trimmer brands that contribute to a healthy, and itch-free pubic hair shave.

Here is the List of 10 Best Pubic Trimmers for Men:

  1. Philips Electric Trimmer and Shaver
  2. Panasonic Electric Trimmer and Groomer
  3. Philips Norelco Beard & Head Trimmer
  4. Philips Norelco Electric Trimmer and Shaver
  5. Gillette Groomer and Beard Trimmer
  6. Philips Norelco Bodygroom
  7. Philips Norelco Bodygroomer
  8. Remington Grooming Kit
  9. Philips Norelco Hair Shaver and Trimmer
  10. Panasonic Beard Trimmer

Top 10 Best Pubic Trimmers for Men

01. Philips Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Philips Pubic Trimmer

Philips Norelco’s OneBlade Trimmer and Shaver earn the “Best Pick” title in this list because of its OneBlade tech.

When it comes to utter comfort- nothing gives it to you than Philips Norelco’s OneBlade Face Electric Trimmer does. Highly comfortable to the skin, this 10.1-ounce body grooming technology stands out as an innovative piece. It shaves and trims any lengths and any hair for that matter. Thus, I consider this to be one of the best trimmers for pubic hair in this list.

As to comfort- this OneBlade technology operates on a sufficient distance from the skin. Its mechanisms work on such a level that cuts, bumps, and irritations.

Irritations happen to be a rampant consequence when shaving pubic hair. Consecutively, the skin in the pubic area is the most sensitive. Addressing this need, the blade quality by Philips Norelco’s series secures a stainless quality bordered by safety edges.

For the best part- this product is rechargeable. Any less, you won’t have to worry about power losses because it’s fully packed with 100-240 voltage. That’s maximum power capacity!

This product may not be a fast shaver, but it sure is a perfect and precise shaving technology. You can simply let run across your pubic area without much effort. Ultimately, you certainly will be surprised at how precise the product works!

See how it fares with our standards:


  • OneBlade technology for precise shaving
  • Top quality stainless steel blade for safety shave
  • Hyper-sensitive comb that guarantees high razor performance (cuts through thick pubic hair)
  • Dual-sided blade
  • Minute razor dents to help spread shaving cream for itch-free pubic hair re-growth
  • Contoured design
  • Durable quality


  • Can be too expensive depending on where you purchase it
  • Difficult to handle razor frames

02. Panasonic Electric Trimmer and Groomer

panasonic hair trimmer

Surely one of the best pubic trimmers for men. With a shape that’s perfect for grooming the pubic areas- glutes and groin, the V-shaped gentle wide dimensions of Panasonic’s Electric Body Hair trimmer and Groomer for Men ensures a fast and close shave with distinct results.

For instance, the adjustable trimmer attachments function to ease out shaving burns and other irritations. It cuts very close to the skin so that the hair follicle is preferably uprooted. With the follicle taken out, you’re less likely to experience irritating folliculitis

But, what really makes Panasonic’s Electric Body Hair Trimmer and Groomer for Men as one of  the best pubic hair trimmer for men is its cordless function.

In addition to that, the product utilizes hypoallergenic trimmer blades. Meaning, the blade surfaces are coated with not only skin-protecting but skin-nourishing substance as well.

This product is perfect for users who have highly sensitive skins.

Get to know the product more through its pros and cons.


  • Cordless operation
  • Hypoallergenic trimmer blade qualities
  • V-shaped head
  • Wide-edged blades
  • Precise and fast shaving/trimming capacity
  • High power capacity
  • Adjustable/customizable trimmer attachments
  • Close-to-skin blade cutting ability with accurately no skin cuts
  • Flexible shape great for pubic/groin areas


  • Easily heats up
  • Not so durable
  • Has a loose device case

03. Philips Norelco Beard & Head Trimmer

Philips Norelco’s Beard and Head Trimmer earned the “Best Value” spot on our best pubic trimmers for men list!

It’s expensive price rightly compensates for its sophisticated technology!

Philips Norelco’s Beard and Head Trimmer Series consists of varied innovations all fitted to provide a comfortable shave to the head and body. It boasts of 17 built-in precision lengths setting all suited for your helping.

As you can see, trimming or shaving the pubic hair can be quite tough given that you’re to both handle the shave and comb through your curls. However, this case no longer prevails with the use of Philips Norelco’s latest product series.

How? Through its auto-appearing combs.

The product comes with a convenient and easy-to-follow manual. Apart from the manual, it also includes a comprehensive shaving kit, accessories, shaving creams, trimmer styles, and lengths and self-sharpening steel blades.

The self-sharpening steel blades ensure speedy shaving/trimming routine and an itch-free skin post-shave state.

Philips Norelco’s latest product series has so much to offer as it continually innovates with each release, making itself a candidate for the best men’s pubic hair trimmer. Thus, there’s one thing I can say about it-  it’s  a work in progress!

But, the product is not at all that perfect. I have used it several times and, by experience- it’s  high maintenance! Without critical handling, it easily underperforms.

See how the product performs in a nutshell.


  • Professional trimming blade quality
  • 17 built-in precision lengths
  • Auto-appearing combs
  • Rich product package
  • Self-sharpening steel blades
  • Allows direct water-washing


  • High maintenance package
  • Easily heats up
  • Low power capacity
  • Can be too expensive depending on the seller
  • No warranty

04. Philips Norelco Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Another product from the list of best pubic trimmers for men of the Philips Norelco under series QP6520, this revolutionized OneBlade quality trimmer powered with a 200x per second cutting speed succeeds in fulfilling its overall brand quality as the best electric trimmer for pubic hair!

But as a standalone, the product is not really that revolutionary. Personally, I think it lacks the command and the efficiency of its preceding models under the series.

Nonetheless, it still fulfills accurate tending to pubic hair. Consequently, it impresses with zero skin bumps, itches and other forms of irritations.

Despite its claims of long blade life, the product tends to lay off in the wayside. As per experience, it only took a week for its blade to function with utmost performance.

Unfortunately, I had to throw it away after a week.

Suppose the product brand ought to change its claims- it should change its blade life claims. So far, that’s the only arresting issue I find against the product.

All-in-all, I still find the product to be high-end revolutionary, given its unique OneBlade configuration, fast trimming speed, and many others. Given these circumstances, it won’t hurt to use Philips Norelco’s OneBlade QP6520 series on your highly-sensitive pubic skin area.

Get to know the product more through its pros and cons.


  • 200x per second trimming speed
  • Skin-friendly blade quality
  • High-performing OneBlade capacity
  • High power capacity
  • Digital reading technology


  • Short life span of the blade
  • Can be quite heavy

05. Gillette Groomer and Beard Trimmer

Best Pubic Trimmers for Men

Best Choice

When it comes to light shaving, a condition highly necessary for shaving sensitive areas such as the pubic hair and the groin areas, Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide Men’s Razor truly delivers! Coming in with a very humble package, the product is a grand surprise for uptight users. This is why we consider this one as one of the best pubic trimmers for men

Beyond its Fusion ProGlide title, this product operates with a 3-in-1 capacity- to shave, to trim and to edge. Nothing stands out from the three as these functions equally work with impressive quality.

Highly empowering, you no longer have to do manual undertakings with this kind of product like pubic hair combing, tending, etc. Because fortunately, Gillette’s model will do all these for you!

Let’s take a look at the product in a nutshell and see if it’s really what it proves to be!


  • Has a contoured shape
  • Flexible shaving head perfect for pubic hair areas
  • ProGlide razor capacity
  • 3-in-1 razor power
  • Blade fusion technology for faster, close and safer shave
  • Anti-irritation blade shape
  • Automatic comb
  • Top quality razors


  • Tightly-placed blades sometimes hurt hair follicles
  • Doesn’t work well with dry shaving
  • Has a difficult grip design

06. Philips Norelco Bodygroom

best pubic hair trimmer for guys

Philips Norelco’s Bodygroom Series 1100 fulfills special pubic hair shaving/trimming approach unique among high technology units. Its protective skin guard alone guarantees zero cuts, bumps, redness and irritation to the skin. And even by doing such, it still manages to cut through wide angles.

This particular trait by the product enables it to trim highly thick and curly hair. Alas, it should comb well through the thickest bushes. Ultimately, it doesn’t only trim body hair, it also edges with high precision through its bi-directional trimmer.

Thanks to its bi-directional trimmer too, you won’t have to bend your back or stretch hard to reach through your body hair. Fortunately, its flexible head allows it to follow through curves in the body.

The best thing I discovered about the product is its waterproof package, easy maintenance and easy storage mechanisms. High-powered and durable, Philips Norelco’s Bodygroom Series turns shaving into utter pleasure!

See the product illustrated through its pros and cons.


  • High-power capacity
  • Durable casing
  • Comes with a 3 mm comb
  • Has a skin guard/protector
  • Waterproof package
  • Offers  1-year warranty


  • Takes time in attaching other trimmer sizes
  • Can be too heavy
  • Has a difficult grip

07. Philips Norelco Bodygroomer

Like its Philips Norelco counterparts, this BG2040/49 series packs a collection of highly innovative and revolutionized shaving technology. This product proves to be most satisfying for users who constantly seek styling.

Grooming can be quite tough if you’re not familiar with the tool you’re using and the direction of the style you are going for.

Nonetheless, this product provides high comfort and convenience!

Its 3D pivoting head, for instance, makes the whole shaving ordeal a smooth and flexible experience. Shaped to follow the body’s shape, this product eliminates the slightest possibility of folliculitis on the skin!

The solid back-to-back shave and trimming purpose highlights the product’s light approach on the body!

Completely waterproof and hard-cased, the product can actually last for a lifetime.

There’s one thing though that I find such a  hassle with this product – it requires 24-hour charging for optimum use. Although they would claim this to be an advantage, I otherwise think this makes the product a high maintenance device. Surely one of the best pubic trimmers for men.

Here’s the product’s condensed weigh-in section.


  • Has a flexible design
  • Varied trimming lengths and settings
  • Smooth razor performance
  • 24-hour power capacity
  • 100% waterproof package
  • 3D pivoting head
  • Lightweight


  • Battery easily dies out
  • Needs to be charged within 24 hours for optimum performance
  • Blades easily dull out
  • Can be too expensive for its quality

08. Remington Grooming Kit

Remington Pubic Trimmers

Remington’s PG6025 all-in-1 Lithium powered grooming kit is a complete package that promotes ease and convenience in your shaving routine. A cordless device, the product can trim through the most difficult areas in your body. Its skin-friendly razor blades protect and add a layer to the skin during the  shave. Thus, using this tool for shaving pubic hair will prove to be a very efficient move.

This product satisfies users who take little time in maintaining razor blades. Why? Because the blades have self-sharpening technology. Thus, you can expect conditioned shaving operations each time under the ease of simply storing it in the closet therein.

Suppose you’d worry about its thick kit- then, you ought to know that the kit is designed to be folded thrice!

It makes the whole package light and bearable for travel. As per experience, I even bring along its package almost everywhere I go- thanks to its discreet look.

Lastly, I find its comb quality to perfect for trimming, shaving and edging thick and messy body hair.

See how the product fares in our pros and cons section.


  • Has a light design
  • Easy grip
  • Comes in a durable package
  • Elegant design
  • Smooth razor blade quality
  • Self-sharpening technology
  • Cordless Function
  • Lithium-powered


  • Not very good for trimming the beard
  • Doesn’t function well with dry shaving
  • Mediocre razor capacity
  • Replacing the battery takes time
  • Battery easily slows down

09. Philips Norelco Hair Shaver and Trimmer

best trimmer for pubic hair male

Another addition to the Philip Norelco brand collectives, this latest Bodygroomer BG5025/49 takes a slightly good leap from its present assets and eventually manages to impress. This 2.8 x 5.9 x 9.6 inches, 15.5-ounce shaver and trimmer tags along a Lithium-ion-powered battery.

If you find it to be a common addition to the brand series, just wait until you experience pleasurable shave via its rounded-tipped blade. This should be a unique feature as it proves to be a standalone selling characteristic.

Even if we take away the marketing aspect in that equation- the product just readily impresses with its skin-protecting and nourishing lubrication. Such lubrication promotes proper regrowth of hair in the follicles. Part of its lubricating applications is naturally moisturizing the skin.

This waterproof product is a low maintenance device. It doesn’t need regular monitoring as it can just stay in the corner over the years. Cleaning it doesn’t prove to be very necessary as well. With its natural trim fixer, it can rid itself of snagged strands right after use.

What I find noticeably problematic about the product though, is its energy-consuming battery appetite, slow shaving/trimming speed, and the unreasonably expensive price.

But, get to see how the product works enough for you. Philips always deliver and you can’t make a list of best pubic trimmers for men without mention that brand.


  • Dual voltage power
  • Light and easy package for travel
  • Lithium-ion-powered battery
  • Rounded-tipped blade
  • Skin-protecting and nourishing lubrication
  • Hair-gripping comb
  • Natural trim fixer


  • Energy-consuming batteries
  • Slow shaving/trimming speed
  • Unreasonable high price

10. Panasonic Beard Trimmer

Best Pubic Trimmers for Men

If you’re very conscious of perfectly-cleaned pubic shave with the least rashes, then you will love Panasonic’s Beard Trimmer and Mustache Trimmer for Men!

Highly automatic, with digital control, the product is fitted to work with customized precision and safety.

If there’s one thing that I personally find superior about the product- that would be its ultra-sharp razor blade quality. As a result, such quality ensures a close shave that’s friendly to the skin.

While there are several things the product stands proud of, it also has wider rooms to improve upon.

See further its pros and cons.


  • Automatic, digitally-controlled shaving buttons
  • Ultra-sharp razor blades
  • Precision 45-degree blade placement
  • Easy rubberized grip
  • Cordless function
  • Flexible head direction


  • Trimmers pull hair painfully
  • Not durable
  • Takes more than 24 hours to charge
  • Several impractical accessories
  • Outdated buttons
  • Cheap plastic housing
  • High power consumption
  • Easily heats up

Top 10 Major Causes of Folliculitis:  Best Pubic Trimmers for Men

To say it simply, folliculitis is an irritating condition in the skin that is caused by inflammation of the follicles.

The skin follicle is a sensitive sac that contains and facilitates hair growth. It’s located in the skin’s dermal layer. Common agents of folliculitis include cheap quality shaving razors, the intrusion of foreign elements- allergens, dust, pollens, etc.

This condition appears at first to be a red bump but later aggravates into an extensively irritating itch. Imagine several itches on your pubic area!

That would utterly be unbearable. And, we don’t want that, do we?

How do we prevent folliculitis then? You have to know what caused it!

1. Low Resistance

The decrease of immunity/resistance in the body makes you susceptible to such condition. Thus, this leads to moments wherein you question yourself “why do I experience this even if I didn’t shave?”

2. Overly Tight Clothes/Long Exposure to Thermal Clothes

Keep in mind that shaving is not the only culprit!

Tight clothing dries up the skin. The dryer the skin is, the lower the production of natural moisturizer is. Nevertheless, tight clothes/thermal clothes trap bacteria in the hair follicles. Thus, it’s important to wash up right after wearing very tight clothes.

3. Cheap Shaver/Trimmer

Low quality or cheap shaver/trimmer does a lousy job of leaving small portions of uncut hair. Now, the sharp tip of this uncut hair buries itself inside the follicle, causing internal friction and thus, encourages inflammation.

There goes the itch! But a word of advice- even if you’re using a high-end shaver, it’s still inevitable if you don’t shave  properly.

4. Dry Skin

Dry skin means only one thing- lack of nutrients. In the bigger picture, this should indicate that your skin is unhealthy. If you feel that you have dry skin, apply organic moisturizers first before proceeding to shave.

5. Contracted from Infected Clothes

Lending or borrowing of clothes is highly responsible for the spread of the condition. So, unless you’re really tight with that person and you trust each other enough (it also pays if you know how hygienic your friend is!) then refrain from borrowing!

6. Careless Shaving

As mentioned earlier, a new and efficient shaver could not beat a careless act. You can’t really make haste on the whole shaving process.

If you don’t feel like shaving your face and body, then don’t shave at all!  The tendency of hurried shaves include cuts, nicks, bumps, and irritations that encourage the buildup of inflammation.

7. Un-trimmed Hair

The thick amount of unkempt hair traps a dramatic quantity of dust and allergens in it. But even outside the mass, the sharp tip of the hair alone can already inflict such irritation on the skin. The standard shaving schedule for an adult man is at least once a  month.

8. Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene comes in many faces. It can best be represented by dirty clothes, the absence of bathing, absence of moisturizer and skin nourishment among others.

9. Excessive Bathing

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that excessive bathing loses natural layers in the skin. These layers happen to protect the skin from contaminants. By all means, natural nourishment covers the skin. So you always take a bath- then you are risking your skin  to imminent infection.

10. Overused Loofas

Loofas, no matter how harmless-looking they are- absorb large quantities of dirt and dead skin from the body. Thus, it should ideally be replaced every three to four weeks.

If you continue using your loofa despite many uses, you’re instantly exposing your skin to infections, folliculitis being one of them.

Best Pubic Trimmers for Men: How to Trim and Shave Pubic Hair- Read Expert Advice!

The pubic hair or any hair mass (known in slang as “junk”) that grows along the pubic or groin area proves to be most difficult to tend, trim and tame. In these modern times, people would invest all their time, money and effort to at least maintain fine pubic hair. Well, we can’t blame them for that!

Outside the frames of culture, thick and unkempt pubic hair results to allergies, folliculitis, itches and other infections. In worst cases (apologies to the squeamish ones), thick pubic hair mass even hosts ticks and lice. Just imagine the itch! These only show that shaving is a necessary routine.

Suppose you have had the best shavers and trimmers on hand, you still ought to learn how to trim or shave pubic hair.

And, without sugar-coating, shaving the pubic hair proves to be one of the most helpful routines in maintaining your hygiene.

Check the tips containing the best way to shave pubic hair below!

For Trimming

  1. Do it dry

    Trimming is done dry. The logic behind trimming deals with reducing it to a shape. If you shave wet, you have a hard time determining the expected shape of the hair.

  2. Comb the pubes before eventually trimming

    There are manual clips and there are also built-in clips. Whatever the circumstances are, clipping best assists you in the trimming process as it creates a path for the trimming to tread through.

  3. Use clips

    Most of Panasonic’s electric shaver products come with built-in combs. You ought to use these combs to fix through the strands. Combing serves to set a path for the trimming process.

For Shaving

1. Always begin by trimming. This is especially helpful if you’re dealing with a very thick pube mass. Trimming is also like clearing the surface for a shave. It helps you determine if you have to shave or a trim would suffice.

2. Wet your pubic area/soak your body for 5 minutes. This smoothens the whole shaving process.

3. Put in shaving cream or other moisturizers. This process is critical to maintain a protected and nourished skin condition.

4. Replace old razors with new one. This step is critical for a healthy and safe shave. Old razors may have huddled in a few allergens and bacteria.

5. Begin shaving with slow and uni-directional strokes .This step secures a neat shaving result.

6. Clean your area with hot water. This is important in keeping the hair follicles open and safe from infection.

7. Reapply moisturizers . You’re basically repeating step 3.

How to Choose the Best Pubic Trimmers for Men in the Market  Today: Professional Buyer’s Guide

There are various important standards for choosing/selecting the best trimmer for pubes. These standards come in handy especially during moments wherein you tend to confuse all trimmers to be pubic hair trimmers.

The truth is, not all trimmers are suitable for trimming or shaving the pubic hair!

Check the specifics below!

  • Tightly-placed blades– Tightly-placed blades accommodate thick masses of hair, in all its texture, form, and glory. Such configuration fits in tending and maiming curly and thick pubic hair. This particular feature is one distinct addition intended for tightly-grown curly hair.
  • Rounded-tipped blades- Rounded-tipped blades are safe and tender to the skin. This encourages safe and smooth shave in the pubic area. So, when there is smooth contact between the razor/blades to the skin, then folliculitis is highly prevented.
  • Dual-sided blade- A dual-sided blade means it can both shave and trim at the same time. Considering this feature in buying your hair trimmer saves you from the manual effort of securing a separate trimmer and shaver. Besides the fact that it costs time, separate trimmers and shavers eventually cause errors in the process.


Penny for your thoughts? Go through the questions that may hit familiar to you.

Check them out here!

How do I shave without the itch?

There are so many reasons why you itch after you shave. The most common factor is folliculitis.

How to prevent this?

One, get the best pubic trimmers for men (we have to make sure it’s of high-quality right?) and second, it also pays to know how to shave properly!

Are there shavers/trimmers specifically intended for men or women?

So far, there isn’t any shaver/trimmer that’s gender specific that has come out of the market yet. What we currently have are tools considered to be ideal for sexes (either men or women).

Should I prioritize in buying a waterproof shaver package?

Not necessarily. There are waterproof shavers that cannot even perform half of that of the great shavers. Don’t be fooled by the waterproof feature because it doesn’t guarantee the product’s durability.

How do I easily get rid of an ingrown hair?

The best and easiest way (alternative for shaving) is waxing.

Does laser permanently stop the growth of the hair?

No. At least not a 100% guarantee. Most individuals who undergo laser are still prescribed with hormonal-altering medications by dermatologists.


There are a number of shavers/trimmers in the market. However, not all of these tools can professionally shave or trim your pubic hair. And since the pubic hair tends to be among the most challenging areas to maintain in the body (within the context of skin irritations and itches caused folliculitis or ingrown hair), we have juiced out helpful standards for selecting the Best pubic hair trimmer.

All three standards- tightly-placed blades, rounded-tipped blades/razors, and dual-sided blades prove that blades, above components, play an important role in securing a close, healthy, and safe shave in the pubic area.

A very worthy discovery from this article is the fact that these standards make up all the peripheries of a OneBlade technology. The OneBlade tech, under scrutiny, is present in the Philips Norelco brand. Thus, this makes the brand one of the best shaver for pubes. Consequently, it’s also our best choice!

Manscaping in an art, or so we want it to be! So better get the best pubic trimmers for men, that’ll make everything easier for you!

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