10 Best Pre Shave Oils in 2020

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Shaving with dry skin can be challenging and painful! Dry and brittle hair can take such toll on your shaving routine. Snags. Coarse hair. Entanglements. One of the best pre shave oils might be the answer.

Should you skip shaving if you’ve dry and coarse skin? Of course not! What can you do then?

Proper skin preparation is crucial especially if you’ve skin as dry as the desert. Proper skin preparation also entails the best pre shave oils to hydrate and lubricate your skin. You’ve got to get the best pre shave oils!

Scroll through our top picks and you’ll never have to shave with dry skin anymore!

Top 10 Best Pre Shave Oils

Getting your hands on the best pre shave oil products can be tricky. There’s just so many of them out there! But the greatest concern is-  not all of them are genuine. So you might as well just make your own pre-shave oil, right? But, what if time is not on your side? The most immediate solution is to buy manufactured ones.

Here’s a rundown of honest pre shave oil reviews culled from the most professional user desks.

01. American Shaving Pre Shave Oil for Men

Currently earning the “Best Pick” title in this list, this pre shave oil is perfect for a close shave.

The American Shaving Pre Shave Oil for Men is perfect for preparing your hair and skin before the shave. Personally, I think this pre shave oil can truly satisfy close shaving needs.

Although it requires at least 2-3 day allowance, it however, guarantees noted efficiency. And the secret? That’s a blend of more than 10 essential oils at hand, all naturally processed.

Also very comfortable to use, pumped up by its neutral oil texture, this pre shave oil keeps your skin at its best condition before, during, and after shave. It’s also known to de-coarsen hair to avoid ingrown hair during regrowth.

This pre-shave oil works on all skin types from the toughest to the most sensitive. It’s rich Vitamin E, omega extracts and antibodies eliminate bad cells not only in your skin but also those inside your body.

With a satisfaction guarantee tag, there’s no way it can miss!

Part of its satisfaction guarantee is its ability to quickly absorb in the skin and hair. A single application of this pre shave oil can mark a lifetime of enhancement on your body.

See the product in a nutshell.


  • Comes with a very reasonable price
  • Great for maintaining or styling all types of hair
  • Has fine scent
  • Has light oil texture
  • Comes with a very neat and efficient package
  • Guarantees efficiency- exfoliating skin and conditioning hair
  • Comprises of several naturally-processed essential oils
  • Very safe to use


  • Lacks the sandalwood scent

02. Lather and Wood Shaving Co.: Best Pre-Shave Oil, Unscented, Premium

Bearing the highest quality based on my standards, I title this pre shave oil as the “Best Choice” among the rest.

Known for its tough reputation of softening the coarsest and most difficult beards, hair, and mustache therein, the Best Pre-Shave Oil Premium Unscented doesn’t need more than a drop to take effect.

A classic name that continuously improves- this is the product in a nutshell.

What’s the most exciting feature of the brand? It has all organic ingredients!

Complete with a blend of 7 natural oils- eucalyptus oil, almond oil, olive oil, Vitamin E oil, lavender oil, thyme, and orange sweet oil- it’ll surely provide your skin and hair with the necessary nourishment. And because of its concentrated quality, it can prepare your hair and skin for merely a day before target shave.

Since its oil ingredients are certified naturally-processed, it won’t leave any unpleasant scents in your skin even after the shave. The product secures all these with a tremendously high concentration. The high concentration of these oils in the product doesn’t necessarily entail harshness on the skin and other adverse effects whatsoever. It’s completely safe! Surely one of the best best pre shave oils

Want to know how the product fares with our standards? Check this out!


  • Can be used on all hair types
  • It’s very versatile and can be used for the entire body.
  • Prevents ingrown hair
  • Softens coarse hair
  • Provides desired slickness on hair
  • Highly concentrated
  • Has an unscented package


  • Lather quality is average
  • Has a weak hold on hair

03. The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil, Sandalwood

Earning the “Premium Pick” title in this list because of its expensive price, this pre shave oil delivers beyond its worth.

The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil, Sandalwood flatters with its sandalwood signature scent without being too commercial.

Best known for its capacity to create a protective layer for the skin against razor burns, it also nourishes the hair and skin with unmistakable efficiency. It’s most effective to use on your sensitive face. Pouring in a sufficient amount to your beard and mustache ensures a smooth shave.

By adding shea butter, you can utilize this pre shave oil in making your own shaving cream. Why this pre shave oil? Its oil solutions consist of argan oil, jojoba oil, etc. processed organically in direct steam. Complete with Vitamins E, B ,and protein, it can work its spell on the skin and hair with unmistakable suave. It does all these very naturally like a homemade oil product.

But the biggest thing you’ll be falling in love with the product is its toned sandalwood scent.

This pre shave oil also guarantees to correct hair growth, further abolishing ingrown hair in due time.

Ultimately, you’ll no longer have set allowance on hair and skin preparation with this pre shave oil. It can prepare your hair and skin, nourishing them in the shortest time possible. You can simply apply this pre shave oil an hour before target shave.

See the product’s pros and cons.


  • Highly effective. It can treat skin irritations caused by shaving
  • Has sandalwood signature scent
  • It has a thick and concentrated solution
  • Great for both dry and wet shaving
  • Comes with a complete package including a shaving brush


  • Can be too dense that it leaves residues after the shave
  • Easily depreciates when exposed to extreme temperatures

04. The B.I.G. Company- Pre-Shave Oil- Classic Barbershop Scent

Known as the “luxurious brand” due to its pleasurable feel on the skin, it earns a popular reputation.

If there’s one thing that the B.I.G. pre-shave oil immediately stands out for- that’d be its soothing effect on the skin. And although it’s slightly artificial, it still wins with its high concentration of natural essential oils- jojoba oil, grape seed oil, and almond oil among others. It indeed works with big results (no pun intended).

The pre shave oil provides a natural coating to the skin, protecting it from bumps and cuts. In the process, it eliminates the chances of ingrown hair. How? By sufficiently hydrating the hair, of course.

Because it soothes and exfoliates the skin, it eliminates shave-related pains and rashes. It maneuvers with a complete pre-shaving guide to ensure the least pains possible. Apart from the feel, its scent is the classic barbershop. So it should feel wonderfully pleasurable to spread a drop or two of it. It made into our list of best pre shave oils easily

No wonder it earns the luxurious tag, at least not in price.

Get to know the product more through its pros and cons.


  • Has multiple shaving functions
  • Can blend with butter to function as shaving cream
  • Works with high versatility
  • Works on the skin with a neutral fragrance
  • Can hold hair


  • High density and concentration makes the oil difficult to remove
  • Oil can be greasy if used without moderation
  • Needs longer soaking time before the shave

05. Taconic Shave Premium All-Natural Pre Shave Oil

Another top pre-shave oil product, the Taconic All-Natural Pre Shave Oil has the highest concentration of Vitamin E on the list!

Smooth hair regrowth. That’s one best thing that this pre shave oil does. It also extremely stands well with shaving creams and soaps. While it betters the shaving process, it also polishes shaving results in a long period of time.

Thanks to its blend of full organic oils, it hydrates the hair above all. It also impresses when it comes to exfoliating the skin. With that said, it creates a path guide especially for the razor during the shave. As a result, each shaving glide results in a thicker portion of grain. Accordingly, this advantage decreases the needed number of strokes per shave. Thus, lesser strokes mean lesser effort.

Compared to other pump bottled products in this list, the Taconic’s design identifies as effective.

This pre-shave oil product is also very comfortable and pleasurable to the skin. It’s so pleasurable that you’d come looking for it.

See how the product fares with our pros and cons.


  • Has razor guide efficiency
  • Comes with an efficient pump bottle mechanism
  • Guarantees a close shave
  • Has a high Vitamin E concentration
  • Works with excellent pre-shaving conditioner
  • Can be mixed with soaps and shaving creams
  • Good for wet and dry shaving


  • Can be too oily on the face
  • Oil quality is too dense and thick
  • Can distract razor glide when applied too freely

06. Shave Secret Shaving Oil

Perhaps the most neutral oil texture on the list, the Shave Secret Shaving Oil is great for both dry and wet shaving.

There’s no other pre-shaving oil product in this list that can replace this pre shave oil when it comes to oil texture. It has the finest and most neutral oil density. You can wear it all day, in and out of the shower and you won’t feel anything at all.

When it comes to package efficiency, this pre shave oil also bars in. There’s no way you’ll be spilling or toppling this over due to its exceptionally tight packaging. You can also save a lot with its dropping mechanism. With just a few drops, you’re sure to get the desired effect on the hair and skin.

In addition to these, it’s got an easy-grip design that makes it easy to carry around. You won’t really have to be mindful when you carry it around. It’s one of the best pre shave oils out there.

Here’s the pre shave oil in nutshell.


  • Matches with one directional razor shaving
  • Works even on the most sensitive parts of the skin
  • Soothes the skin. It minimizes pain during shaving
  • Decreases the chances of ingrown
  • Great for both dry and wet shaving
  • Has neutral oil thickness and texture
  • Container mechanism secures non-messy application


  • Includes partially artificial chemicals in its blend
  • Sometimes causes bumps during dry shaving
  • Lacks necessary nutrients
  • Sometimes has a bad scent

07. American Crew Ultra Gliding Shave Oil

The American Crew Ultra Gliding Shave Oil easily nabs the title for being the most comfortable pre-shave oil product to use on the list.

It’s the most non-greasy oil solution in the row, for starters. In addition to that, it’s aloe vera-powered, so it should be very cool to the skin. Thus, it provides comfort while nourishing the skin.

What I find as a worthy area for the product to improve though is its treatment to hair. It does nearly nothing on the hair. It’s designed to focus mainly on the skin. Despite its claims of a strong blend of essential oils, it, however, lacks the needed spell for the hair. In fairness to its oil texture and quality, it still successfully delivers. You can thank the high aloe vera concentration for that.

This pre-shave oil product is also very convenient to use because of its spray-mechanized container. Thus, storing the product for another 2 months use should be easy.

See the product in a bigger picture through our ultimate balance beam.


  • Works with added vitamins from multi-processed lavender oil
  • Perfect for getting a closer shave
  • Has very cool feel on the skin
  • Eases razor glide
  • Has a spray-mechanized container for economized use
  • Comforts the whole shaving process 10 times better than any pre-shaving oil does


  • Heightens body system, instead of relaxes it
  • Lacks  effect on hair
  • Doesn’t react well with hot water
  • Easily expires under changing temperatures
  • Not so effective with close shaving

08. The Well Groomed Guy Pre-Shave Oil- Premium Grooming Oil Mix

Known as the fully-packed brand in the list, this pre shave oil guarantees notable results with just one application.

The Well Groomed Guy Pre Shave Premium Grooming oil packs itself with 25 certified natural essential oils. As tender as it is, you won’t be disappointed by its hold as it can go against the grain. Meaning, you can apply it for a very close shave.

Its greatest power card is perhaps its cool tea tree scent.

This pre-shave oil for sensitive skin feels cool and calm when applied. It’ll help you relax while shielding your skin from razor pressure.

With its long-lasting effects, you can go around for a week without reapplication. More so, it’ll nourish your skin, enhancing its capacity to produce its own sebum. You won’t also have to worry about washing it off because it blends naturally to the skin.

Does it impress you much? See how it fares with our balance scale.


  • Can be applied to any parts of the body
  • Has zero side-effects and very safe to use
  • Made from 25 essential oil ingredients


  • Limited amount
  • Needs constant shaking for desired density
  • Scent can be too strong for those dislike tea tree scent
  • Can be difficult to use with wet shaving

09. VIKINGS Blade Pre-Shave Oil

I personally consider this pre shaving product as the most fragrant of all in the list. And one of the best best pre shave oils.

Also boasting with a reputation of being the “gentlest and mildest” pre-shaving oil ever to grace the market, the Viking’s Blade pre-shave oil for head, skin and hair has been designed to match its own razor quality. Its razor quality, included in its bulky package, impresses nevertheless.

Imbued with powerful antioxidants, there’s nothing that the oil product can’t do. The essential oils in this concoction are leaf oil, olive oil, orange oil and a lot more. Quite simply, it satisfies all known hair and skin needs. More so, it does the job so naturally that you’ll think its processed right in your home.

Because of its powerful essential oil blends too, the product can already prep up your with just minutes before the actual shave. So, you won’t have to worry about maintaining your hair with on schedule. One drop of it on your hair and skin can already produce notable results.

See the product in a bigger picture here.


  • Soothes skin and hair with a pure sandalwood signature scent
  • Can hold hair and mustache for styling


  • Container mechanism is counter-productive
  • Contents easily leak out from the bottle
  • Inefficient rubber topper

10. Taylor of Old Bond Street, Sandalwood Pre Shave Oil

The oldest brand on the list, Taylor of Old Bond Street Pre Shave Oil is truly a name to behold! And sure would make into any best pre shave oils list day and night

Having undergone several modifications through the years, it has safely reached an optimum quality. Shipped all the way from the UK, the Taylor Bond pre-shave oil promises an all-natural row of essential oil ingredients. And of course, it doesn’t fail in proving as such.

By all means, it can only be as natural as it gets, especially when it comes to its sandalwood scent. It will satisfy your senses with delicious lightness. You won’t have to worry about applying too much into your skin.

When it comes to treatment on skin and hair, this pre shave oil tends to be an overachiever. There’s no wonder why it earned a classic reputation.

It cleans off residues after the shave, keeps the hair conditioned, and exfoliates the skin until the coming weeks. With an effortless swab in your skin and hair, you’re sure to experience great shaving results.

Ultimately, it relieves you off rashes and irritations. So it can contend as a skin and hair treatment.

Get to know the product more, check out its pros and cons.


  • Bears a quality-controlled classic tag
  • Carries a decade of outstanding results
  • Can be purchased with a very inexpensive price


  • The packaging can be messy
  • Turns out to be too oily and thick
  • Only yields average lather quality
  • Fails to work properly with dry shaving

Getting To Know The Best Pre Shave Oil: What’s In It?

A pre-shave oil is any blend that holds essential nutrients for hydrating the skin. Why hydrate the skin? So that the razors glide easily and painlessly during the shave! This eases out shaving pressure and keeps skin irritations away.

Another goal of the pre-shave oil is to nourish and gloss the hair. It does so with the mixture of powerful Vitamins E, B-complex, and omega compounds among others. With these at hand, the pre-shaving oil strengthens the hair beyond shaving phase, and unto its regrowth.

The oils comprising pre-shave products are mainly known as essential oils. These juices, if guaranteed organic, help you maintain hair with the least efforts.

The pre-shave creams and oils prepare skin and hair before shave. With that said, such preparation entails a long-term commitment. A sudden jerk to condition the hair in the middle of the night cannot be considered as a serious commitment.

If you’re serious over maintaining a great hair before the shave, observe a routine. Use pre-shaving oils. And  shave with the right procedures.

What Makes Up A Pre-Shaving Oil?

A manufactured pre-shaving oil isn’t that much different from a homemade pre-shaving oil. As long as both share the organic sources, then both types should be safe to use. Safe in this context means a side-effect-free pre-shaving oil material.

Having said this, let’s hop into the ingredients of a pre-shaving oil.

Castor Oil

Extracted from the seed of the Ricinus communis plant, the castor oil identities a vegetable oil. Described to have a very pale yellow to no color at all, the castor oil serves with a number of purposes on the body. It has gained popularity at the turn of the century, satisfying cosmetic, medicinal and even dietary needs.

Vitamin E Oil

Processed directly from Vitamin E compounds, Vitamin E oil is a very potent antioxidant. It works best on skin and hair. Experts usually apply it directly on the skin to encourage exfoliation. Simultaneously, it stimulates the production of protein in the body.

Olive oil

Perhaps the most essential among the essential oils, the olive oil resembles the fatty juice of the Olive plant. Scientifically known as Olea Europaea, it also serves multiple functions ranging from cooking, cosmetics, skin care to fueling. A very powerful antioxidant, it lowers the chances of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, and even anemia. Because of its potency, the olive oil earns a place in almost all areas in the health industry.

Other Essential Oil

The group of essential oil lists a long parade of natural oils. Most of these oils originate from exotic plant seeds.

With these at hand, you can make your own natural pre-shave oil in no time. How beneficial is a natural pre-shave oil? Well, to have a clearer picture- see the top advantages of natural pre-shave oil below.

Top Advantages Of Natural Pre-shave Oil

If there’s one thing a natural pre-shave oil is known for- that would be its strong blend of essential oils. A natural oil alone can already bliss up skin and hair nourishment. Now, imagine a whole row of them bottled into one solution!

Here are its advantages:

  • It prevents irritations after the shave.

Pre-shave oil hydrates the skin, keeping it smooth from the beginning of shave down to its end. It does not merely hydrates the skin, its long-lasting effects stimulate hydration in the skin.

  • Pre-shave oil minimizes the occurrence of ingrown hair.

Because of its rich protein-base and Vitamin E structure, pre-shave oil easily corrects the direction of the hair during regrowth. Meaning, it’s very much likely to straighten and de-coarsen hair quality after designated use.

  • It exfoliates the skin, moisturizes the hair, and eases shaving.

A very smooth skin and a brilliant hair result in uninterrupted shaving. The pre-shave oil does it for all you. It obviously pours in Vitamin E, B-complex, and Omega nutrients to the skin and hair while stimulating the body’s natural protein.

How To Be Sure That You Are Buying The Best Pre-Shave Oils

Securing the best pre-shaving oil brands can be quite tough especially when you’re not an expert, or you simply don’t know what to expect!

However, with the very obvious patterns noticeable from the expert reviews, you should be able to develop your convictions by now.

For your convenience, we have prepared outstanding criteria based on the reviews.

Oil Texture, Density, And Concentration

How oily should a pre-shaving oil be? That’s a good question. And  that question deserves a good answer too. It should only be oily enough not to be greasy.

A greasy solution means that there is too much thickness in the substance. Albeit the tempting notion of  thick oil, it has nothing to do with the concentration of nutrients.

One should be very careful in selecting a pre-shaving oil product. The odds are you’ll come across one product that’s an oily mess. But the good thing about it is that you’ll be able to spot it at the first hello. Once you get your hand on the bottle and you notice a spill,  don’t ever buy that product again!

Exceptions may, however, apply since for instance some products on our list may exhibit such drawback. But if you get to purchase a brand outside our presented list and then experience the said problem, then you should let go of it.

Pre-shaving oil products are expected to be carriers of known essential oils and vitamin sources. Apparently, being messy is always part of its business. An exceptional product, on the other hand, does not mess around- both literally and figuratively. Thus, each essential oil ingredient in it shall have the desired nourishing property. No more, no less!

The texture of the oil is crucial in determining whether the product is best for dry or wet shaving. Ideally, it should answer for both.


The scent should be the next big criterion you’ll have to consider when buying the best pre shave oils. There are strong-scented but natural pre-shave oils. Still, this doesn’t guarantee that the strong-scented oil caters to everybody. Soft-scented or the unscented ones are ideal.

What’s pleasant to somebody’s nose may not be pleasant to the other. Worse, others may even be allergic to such scent. A tea tree scent, for instance, may not be entirely safe. Thus, sandalwood pre-shaving oil packages now fill in the gap.

The Sandalwood package carries certifiably safe herbs in its blend. So, whenever you see the sandalwood tag in the product, you can rest your head a bit. The tag alone, indicates that the product is a general preference.

The soft-scented or unscented pre-shaving sandalwood pre-shaving oils definitely own this round!

Organic and Natural Quality

A 100% organic tag shouldn’t sell the product. You’ve got to have a higher conviction than that. How? The scent for one should give you a taste. Meanwhile, an organic pre-oil shave displays an unmistakable feel. Does it feel cool on the skin? Is it light? Is too thick or too thin? These are important questions you should be asking yourself.

Prevalent among the products on this list are standards set by the Well Groomed Guy and the Vikings brands. Their products lightly touch the skin without failing to elicit conspicuous effects.

A standard organic pre-shaving oil is a tough material that preps the hair and skin. Nevertheless, it should be highly effective minus the side-effects. Ultimately, a truly organic pre-shave oil is safe to all skin and hair types.

Presence Of Essential Oils

There are a number of essential oils. But you can only pour in as much as your body can receive. How do you even know? You can consult your personal dermatologist!

A homemade shaving oil, for instance, includes herbs and essential oils you’re mostly allergic to. This is one disadvantage of homemade pre-shaving oil.  

Fortunately, manufacturers break down these allergens, making all blends palpable to your system. But outside the issue on allergies, pure homemade pre-shaving oils should be super-fine.

If you can acquire the same wide presence of essential oils in a manufactured product, then you’re lucky. That luck is equal to acquiring the Well Groomed Guy Pre-shaving Oil brand.

Essential oils come in wide varieties. The popular ones include almond, jojoba, grape Seed, eucalyptus, clove, oregano, peppermint, frankincense, lemon, lavender, bergamot, and citrus among others.

You ought to give full attention to this standard because it’s crucial to determine the oil’s versatility. Versatility refers to the oil’s compatibility to all hair and skin types or whether it caters to both dry and wet shave.

Lastly, the wide presence of essential oils determines the product’s propensity for shaving cream mixing. With this assured, you won’t have to buy shaving cream separately. Such is the case of the Taconic Shave and the B.I.G. brands. Therefore, these products can function as the main shaving cream ingredient. You can thank their high essential oil concentration for that.

The wide presence of essential oils in a pre-shaving product is crucial to its efficiency. The more the essential oils, the better.

Overall Skin And Hair Treating And Maintaining Capacity

What is a pre-shave oil product if it can’t treat and prepare the skin and hair for shaving? But beyond shaving, to be honest, the best pre-shave oils must be a perennial grooming tool too! It should style the beard, maintain hair and skin, and most of all, calm the nerves.

First and foremost, the best pre-shaving oil must be the skin’s ally. And, because it’s versatile, it should work as a worthy addition to any of your customized shaving routines. Needless to say, it should match all skin types, even the dry ones.

The best pre-shave oils hydrate and nourish the skin to protect it from shave-related irritations.

Pre-Shaving Oil Application Process

You surely can’t just pour in or swab pre-shave oils on your hair and skin. There’s a process to observe and undergo. Such process greatly determines the success of your shaving!

For the morning shave:

  1. Take a shower with moderately hot water.
  2. Apply conditioner to your target hair.
  3. After the shower, check yourself in the mirror. Look out for any residues.
  4. Dry the area by dabbing it with a dry and clean towel. Don’t use a blower.
  5. With just a few drops, apply pre-shave oils by pouring it first into your palms. Massage hair with the palms. Let the skin absorb the oil for 5-10 minutes
  6. After the oil has properly soaked, apply shaving cream.
  7. Shave your hair right after applying shaving cream.
  8. Wash your skin and clean it off from cream residues after the shave.

For the evening shave:

  1. Take a hot shower.
  2. Apply conditioner.
  3. Dry up using a clean towel.
  4. Apply pre-shave oils.
  5. Let it soak.
  6. Apply shaving cream.
  7. Do the shave.
  8. Wash off.
  9. Once dry, apply another pre-shaving oil before sleeping.

For maintenance:

  1. Repeat the shower routine the following morning to maintain shave, and to further avoid ingrown hair.
  2. Apply pre-shave oils.
  3. Repeat the process for the next three consecutive days.
  4. When hair starts to grow in the fourth day, repeat morning and evening shave.
  5. Then, you can simply apply pre-shave oil or other exfoliating oils after shower everyday in a month until you notice fine hair regrowth. If you want to shave the baby hair at this point, that would be fine.

The Homemade Pre Shaving Oil Recipe

Preparing pre-shaving oil at home is relatively easy if you’re sure about the oil properties you’re putting in. Aside from that, some herbal compounds may be too risky to use undiscerned. Hemp oil or CBD oil, for instance, can be volatile compounds.

So let me break this to you gently before you start prepping up. Refer to an expert first before deciding to include exotic oil products in your mix. Or you can just stick to a junior mix. With such a mix, we are more familiar with the essential properties at hand. Thus, we won’t have to break down properties like what most manufacturers do.  After all, a DIY project shouldn’t be too hard right?

Here’s our homemade shaving oil recipe.

  1. Gather the main ingredients (carrier oils)- olive oil, Vitamin E oil, castor oil, and other added essential oils. If possible, acquire the ones with 100% pure tag in their bottles.
  2. Designate volumes for each oil: 1 fl oz for olive oil, 15 drops of other skin-friendly essential oils, 5 drops of Vitamin E oil and 2-3 fl oz of castor oil.
  3. Set aside a funnel and a ½ oz of Amber dropper bottle.
  4. Pour out the ingredients through the funnel into the bottle.
  5. Shake thoroughly for proper mixing.


Here are top questions you’re most likely to be asking.

How Different Is Pre shaving Oil From Beard Oil?

They’re not that much different. But, the pre-shaving oil softens the hair to such degree the beard oil cannot. The best shaving oil for men secures a smooth, fast, and easy shave.

Can I Apply Beard Oil For Shaving?

Yes. You can. There’s no rule that says you can’t. But, the beard oil is not really for shaving as it is for maintaining and keeping the hair in place.

Is It Safe To Use Pre-Shave Oil Even With An Electric Razor?

Yes. A high-quality pre-shaving oil should be safe with electric razor.

Can I Include Coconut Oil In My Pre-Shaving Oil Mix?

Yes. You should! The coconut oil is a top slick provider necessary for an effortless shave.

Which Is Better: Shaving Oil Or Shaving Cream?

Unfortunately, there’s not really much drawing line for us to compare the two. Certainly, each has an intended effect of its own. But, one thing remains true. You can combine both for greater shaving ease.

Is it safe to use baby oil for shaving?

Yes. It should be an alternative for shaving creams and oils.


The best pre-shave oils are crucial elements for preparing the hair and skin for the shave. Application of it deems a routine involving preparation before the target shave. The reason for this lies with its core essential oil ingredients. If you have coarse hair and sensitive or dry skin, allow your skin and beard to absorb all the nutrients!

While some pre-shave oils absorb quickly and no longer require many days’ maintenance, it’s best to soak your skin in these natural concoctions. The same things apply to the hair. Ultimately, the essence of the pre-shave oil and coarse hair lies here.

The best pre-shave oils protect the skin and soften the hair during the shave. For what? For a super-easy and irritation-free shave, of course!

Now, in the case of the manufactured products, the idea of extending the purpose of the pre-shaving oil to cater to hair maintenance has long gutted the experts’ interest. As you can see from the reviews we presented, the best pre shave oils impressively outshine regular beard balms and oils.

Much has happened to the evolution in the pre-shave oil industry. And, we have the human experience to thank for that.

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