Best Over-The-Counter Yeast Infection Treatment Reviews


Itchy, smelly, discharging and irritated girly private?

You might be suffering from Yeast Infection.

You’ll be surprised to know that it’s every woman’s familiar.  One sure thing though—it’s certainly a bum to have around. No one wants it, but it’s there.

Fortunately, thanks to technological medical advancement, knowledge about the infection—treatment, prevention, observation, etc.—has also set women forward.

Today, when one talks about yeast infection, the feeling’s normal. Not that heart-pounding, paranoia-inducing it once was.  

Investors even industrialized treatments for yeast infection.

That’s what we’ll be tackling in this article. We’ll honestly be reviewing known brands rated to relieve yeast infection effects.

But even so, let it be clear to all possible readers that we are not advancing these products as alternative for full medical treatment. A medical treatment, if required by the doctor, is still of highest priority.

Wait! Don’t scratch it yet. You might be suffering from yeast infection.Instead, join us in digging through the best over-the-counter yeast infection treatment reviews

Yeast Infection: What Do I Need to Know?

It’s never an easy feeling. That one thing is certain. It’s like a brewing hell igniting a volcanic vulva in the end.

Ugh! Before we have our skin crawling, let’s know what a yeast infection is.

It’s technically an imbalance of microorganisms in the vagina. Am environmental disturbance in the vagina. You see, a yeast fungus is an organic microorganisms resident in the vagina.

Now, due to a puss-full of triggering factors like hormonal imbalance, weakened immune system, dermal contact with infected source, imprudent intake of anti-pregnancy pills and antibiotics, menopausal, etc., the antibodies eventually malfunction, giving rise to the domination of the yeast fungi.

What ensues after will be a major downplay in your immunity. As a result, women won’t want to move around. Simultaneously, the women’s normal routines would inevitably be disrupted.

Such opportunity takes a toll on the tissues, the fungi’s mean source of food. As the yeast gobbles up every single tissue, the effects begin manifesting.

Here’s when things in the vagina go out of proportion. Foul smells. Discharges. Inflammation. Irritation. Itching!

And, these effects aren’t yet severe. Severe cases lead to nasty discharges of puss, inflammation of the entire genitalia, and a lot more.

As it’s often linked to menopausal, this condition is commonly observed to occur among older women.

But, Wait! Is a Yeast Infection a STI/STD?

Nope. We don’t label or associate yeast infection to Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections (STD/I).

I don’t know if that’s fortunate enough.

However, this does not prevent the infection from spreading via intercourse.

Other Important Information About Yeast Infection:

1. Yeast infections, when not treated, can spread through the other parts of the body and cause serious damage to the tissues.

2. Another term for this condition is genital/vulvovaginal candidiasis, from candida albicans, a type of yeast. It’s present in any parts of the body, but is most abundant in the genital area. 

It’s responsible for nearly half of the infections that occur on tender tissues i.e., mucous membrane, esophagus, lips, palate, gums, etc.

3.  This particular yeast fungus may not actually go away, but only stay dormant in the body. Meaning, there’s a high possibility for the symptoms to return in the future.

4. Seventy-five percent of women experience the infection at a certain point in their lives. 

5. Half of the time, the yeast is incubated alongside the rectum lining, before being fully pushed toward the vagina due to constant excretion. Naaaaasty!!!

6. When the candida fungi begin to affect the lining of the lips, the condition now earns a different name: thrush.

7. Unguided intake of antibiotics, especially yeast infection meds, eventually breaks down the body’s resistance to the fungi. Chances are that the body won’t be able to properly shield itself when real yeast infiltrates.

8. One of the effects of a worsened infection is a very painful swelling in the vagina.

9. Another triggering factor for yeast infections is diabetes.

What is OTC Treatment: Is it the Right Treatment for Yeast Infection?

Over-the-Counter (OTC) treatment/medication has been made available for people who are in bad shape and seeking immediate relief from the discomfort that’s currently bugging them.

But, the reality of OTC is actually devoid of prejudgment. While such practice may relieve the person off the effects of the illness, it still cannot fully take credit as medical option for, say, serious illnesses.

As a responsible citizen, you are to be aware that non-prescribed meds exist for first-aid purposes. And first aid purposes only!

Meaning, the main context behind OTC is framed on the idea that people/patients are knowledgeable and intuitive enough to detect serious from non-serious symptoms.

To say it simply, your prudence highly determines the success of OTC.

The subject matter on OTC requires a broader spectrum for discussion. And, despite its non-restricted tone (such that its non-prescribed), it still poses proper intake from your part.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, imprudent intake of these meds may yield to counter-productive results. It’ll therefore, literally go over the counter in that matter!

Our body, as you can see, have its natural fighting system. This fighting system includes bacteria and all microorganisms that maintain the balance within.

The onset of infection can be attributed to the lowering of the body’s guards. Apparently, several factors can be blamed for this. One is a drastic change in lifestyle.

To up the guards back, the OTC meds kick in. But, again: that’s only to up the guards back.

The standard intake frequency for the meds is 3 times/day. It’s almost identical to antibiotic (prescribed) medication.

Do not (I repeat) do not exceed from the three-time frequency.

Now, to answer your question about it being the right treatment for yeast infection: Yes. It is right, but only for an observable period of time.

What do I mean by “observable period of time”?

That refers to the 24-hour interval from the first hour you took your OTC med up to the same hour the next day; full circle. Within the 24-hour period, an improvement or relief shall have to be felt.

If improvement is nowhere in the line, you know what to do.

Note: In case relief is immediately felt after the first intake of OTC med, just proceed with the second intake to be sure. Then, you can end it there, instead of progressing for a third one.

Best 8 Best Over-the-Counter Yeast Infection Treatment Honest Reviews (2019):

Ok. We got it.

You’re itching for the best OTC meds/products!

The best names. Trusted names. Reliable brands. The crème de la crème of the yeast infection warriors. Count them all in.

And, since we’ve finally leveled off expectations about over-the-counter drugs, let’s begin unpacking them!

Read further as we scrutinize them layer by layer for their noted side-effects.

Ready.. Click!

01. Candida Cleanse (Non-GMO) 120 Capsules

Powerful, yet gentle on the body, this “Best Pick” herbal-based yeast infection treatment currently rules in our list with the most immediate results from 1-3 intakes.

Taking the capsules make your tummy feel smooth and conditioned. It also reinvigorates your gut system. How do you feel when it does?

Regular bowel movement.

It’s got the right balance of herbal extracts and natural antibiotics to regulate Candida presence in your body. Eventually, you’ll feel healthy over a light, but not acidic tummy at the end of the day.

What’s in it?

Strong enzymes and probiotics.In addition to these are micronutrients from health sources—Wormwood leaves, Reishi Mushrooms, Oregano leaves, and Coconut oil.

Wormwood leaf, an ancient herbal heritage, clears out digestion, detoxifies and frees the body from free radicals. But, it’s most notable effect yet, is to promote sweating in your body.

Reishi mushroom houses very powerful Polysaccharides that train immune cells to mature as full-bodied shields. Once immunity has reached its peak, it can potentially track down imbalances in the system as evident in the rise of pathogenic organisms.

The oil extracted from Oregano leaf secures a healthy and balanced intestinal flora—strengthened anti-bodies and microorganisms in their proper places—and a soothing, stress-free feel. The Oregano also boasts as one of the most effective natural antibiotics in the world.

Lastly, the Coconut oil wraps all these micronutrients together and then seals them for eventual stimulation. Working like a finishing maker, the oil also stands alone as another powerful source of digestive-enhancing vitamins.

Certifying with a non-GMO yeast support and claiming to help with detoxification, immune system boost, and flora balance.

But, does it serve up?

Yes. It does very much with the zero-side effects. Again, it’s plainly herbal. That’s how it stands out from the rest.

Lastly, its 120 capsule count doesn’t easily run out on you, so rejoice!


  • All-Natural Herb Package; Powerful Ingredients
  • Highly Effective; Gentle on Body
  • Enhanced Probiotics & Enzymes
  • Non-GMO
  • Guarantees Fast & Immediate Results
  • High Storage Life
  • Soothing; Hormonal Enhancer
  • Strong Antifungal & Antibacterial Effect


  • Still requires doctor’s say due to rare occurrence of bodily resistance to the herbs (particularly among pregnant women)

Why choose it?

  • With a top-quality and trusted brand, the product testifies that value is still present in the health and wellness industry!

02. NutraBlast Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories

This latest product from NutraBlast proves that it doesn’t have to be a classic to land on a “Best Choice” title in the genitalia health field! It may not treat yeast infection entirely, but it sure relieves you of its effects in a matter of minutes.

When we refer to minutes, we mean minutes: 10-15 minutes’ tops. That’s how instant the product’s numbing effect on your body. As experts would put it, it puts all your pain sensory down while it wages war against pathogens.

But, what accounts to its fast effect?

The powdered Boric Acid, of course. In theory, Boric acid, or otherwise known as hydrogen acid, is a fast-spreading antiseptic. It easily blends into the immune system as it flows in the bloodstream. In the process, it antagonizes harmful Candida organisms and the like.

The Boric acid also promotes balanced pH in vagina. For that very reason as well, several women users consider it a personal favorite. Apparently, it works more as a multi-functional solution so that they don’t have to buy separate pH solutions for genital care.

Another factor that enables the drug to take instant effect is its suppository nature?

What is a suppository?

It’s any oval-shaped medication that is inserted via the bottom. Others drugs require enema, but this one proves most convenient, because it doesn’t. You can just insert it through and it dissolves inside in just 1-2 minutes.

Besides the relief it gives your body, the product, thanks to its natural ingredients secure a clean and conditioned intestinal flora.  And for it to do so, you’ll have to maintain it for at least 7 consecutive days. You can just take twice in a row.

You also won’t have to worry about consulting it to physicians because it’s not consumed. Meaning, there’s least chance for your body to react from it. Besides, outside it’s inclusion of the boric acid, it does not contain harsh chemicals.

Be very careful in storing it though. You know who I mean that for: the kids.


  • Safe & Effective
  • Instant Relief
  • Least Bodily Reactions
  • 30 Vaginal Suppositories
  • Revitalizing Effect
  • High Storage Life
  • Disease-Preventive
  • Multipurpose (can act as pH care product)


  • Not a treatment, but relief drug
  • Others may be allergic to boric acid (they’d best consult physicians before using drugs containing such)

Why choose it?

  • It’s a convenient fast-acting relief drug for yeast infection and other digestive problems; it’s safe and has the least side effects (that is if user is not all-out allergic to boric acid).

03. 3 Pack of Candida Cleanse- Yeast Infection Treatment (Premium)

Not as impressive as its counterparts on this list, this product from Sigmaceutical makes it in this rank for being the sole “Premium Pick”. And, as it turns out, it does live up beyond its product value.

Despite being almost second to the last in terms of proper ranking, this one fights close opposite others. All-in-all, it’s no different from the powerful OTC products we’re presenting in this list.

Also packed with natural ingredients—Reishi Mushroom, Wormwood leaf, Oregano, Essential oil extracts, etc.—the product functions as both a preventive and relief drug. Both experts and its own manufacturers consider the product a dietary supplement.

You can maintain it for as long as you want for prevention.

It just may pose certain side-effects though i.e., inflammation, rashes, dizziness, burning sensations, etc.

With that, its manufacturers clarified that it ought not to be taken without a strict advice from a physician. Apparently, its strong herbal infusions may detect earlier signs of imbalances in the body, triggering reactions that you may be prepared for.

But, rest assured, say the experts, all these effects indicate that the body system is up in arms fighting the pathogens.

So if the reactions are part of the process, then why can’t I just leave them be?

The degree of reactions depends on your body’s capacity. If you’d rather leave them be and not consult a physician, you could subject yourself to lethal consequences. Triggered allergies, for instance, require an independent medical attention.

As what I’ve said, you might just not be prepared with your body could react to the resistance.

It’s best for you to consult a physician beforehand.


  • Includes Complimentary e-Book in its Package
  • Great for Treating Oral Thrush
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Highly Preventive; Highly Relieving
  • All-Natural Ingredients; Non-GMO
  • 60 Capsules for Economic Long-Term Use


  • Can trigger various bodily reactions
  • Cannot treat infection
  • Bad Taste/Scent
  • Tender Capsule (easily broken down with hold)
  • Does blend well with other meds

Why choose it?

  • It’s among the top, most-trusted health brands in the market today. It also immediately relieves and prevents effects of infection within a month’s use.

04. Vagisil Maximum Strength Instant Anti-Itch Vaginal Creme with Benzocaine

The friendliest product in this list, this one from Vagisil is smooth, cool and a pleasure to use, not to mention its fast relief capacity!

According to a recent study conducted about the product, 80% of its users consider it the safest, most non-abrasive vaginal care to ever grace the market today.

Women use it not just specifically for yeast infection, but also for slight irritations in the area.

Itching. Burning sensations. Rashes. You can simply apply this cream, all generous amounts of it, and the symptoms will go.

How effective?

You’ll feel its effect with just one application. Average length of time for the effect to transpire from application takes 2-3 minutes.

More of an external aid, the cream soothes the lining of the vulva from all forms of irritations. If you’re lucky and the irritation is mild, then you won’t have to visit the doctor the next day.

In other cases, there were also users who claimed to have been cured from their yeast infection by the cream. While this is most unlikely, according to medical experts, as yeast treatment/relief has to be done internally, it has still gained the nod of some.

There is still the slightest possibility that a cream, with this rapport, can ultimately treat first-generation yeast infection.

What is “first-generation yeast infection”?

That simply refers to the first appearance, or early onset of the symptoms. Meaning, the Candida fungi responsible for this would be presumed as a younger, more vulnerable mutation of fungus.

Given that presumed case, then the cream can actually treat the infection. But unless the case covers these given realities, then the cream remains as a soothing, temporary relief cream.

By all means, the cream eventually does its magic being a temporary relief source. And, in that purpose and context, it does squarely deliver.

Other pluses of the product include a super-convenient application, a highly effective odor block technology, a certified hypoallergenic solution, and a lot more.


  • Non-Irritating; Hypoallergenic Formula
  • Soothing Cream
  • Fast-Acting Relief (temporary relief)
  • Organic Package; No Harsh Chemicals
  • Economic Pack
  • High Storage Life
  • No Harsh Chemical
  • Odor Control


  • Bad Smell
  • Tubes take time to release cream

Why choose it?

  • When it comes to a zero-side-effect fast action relief, this product from Vagisil exceeds its contemporary standards.

05. Yeastgard Advanced Homeopathic Capsules

Resembling the likes of the heroic medicine, this alternative drug by Yeast-Guard works to tread beyond the complexities of diseases to cure specific issues involving yeast infection. Controversial as it may seem, but nothing works like it!

Although this product may still be considered as a daily supplement, it still manages to borderline between preventive and treating.

In fact, pharmaceutical experts are currently discussing the potential of advancing the product as full treatment drug. Consequently, unlike the rest of the products featured herein, this one follows a stricter, more regimented intake routines.

As claimed by its manufacturers, the product/drug, with daily intake, can eventually eliminate the symptoms of the infection. But, it’s important that one refers its intake routine to a medical expert.

Almost packaged as an antibiotic, this drug specifically defeats Candida fungi by specifically targeting its components with symptom-induced effects. Its effects are actually dramatic, because it can eventually cure the infection by requiring long-term maintenance.

Now, in the course of the maintenance, certain conditions might begin appearing—symptoms that are not infection-related. Without an expert judgment, you can potentially subject your body to permanent damages.

That’s exactly how homeopathic treatment is done.

The controversy now lies with the product’s current position, which is that of being a daily supplement.

Experts are now calling out its manufacturers to change its label from being an OTC drug, to a heavily prescribed drug.

But, in the meantime, users may benefit from reading its instructions. As stated in there, medical advice is highly needed.

What about the product per se?

Users and experts all agree that the product is highly effective. It’s got specific fighting nutrients to eliminate the symptoms of the infection. With daily use, the product claims to totally eradicate yeast infection in just half a month.

Now, for safer and better effects, you can use the product simultaneously with other advanced counterparts from Yeast-Guard.

Does it make you feel better? Yes. It does, for it’s also a relief-action med.


  • Homeopathic-Based Treatment Quality
  • Probiotic Enriched Based
  • Immunity-Boosting
  • Fast-Relief Action
  • Can Treat Infection; Yeast Infection-Focused
  • Complements with Other Intakes
  • Hormonal Enhancer
  • Natural Ingredients


  • Higher Antibiotic Concentrates; Requires Medical Consultation
  • Heavy with side-effects

Why choose it?

  • This advanced anti-yeast infection drug, a homeopathic-based treatment, is best for those who’d like to be all-out cured from the infection.

06. Vagistat 3, 9-Grams

These vaginal suppositories by the Vagistat raises the convenience bar to a degree higher where the others are presently at!

Safe and devoid of any known side-effects, this cream product has been considered by many as a superior alternative to petroleum jelly. It also does temporarily relieve you from the burdens of yeast infection.

Very identical with the Vagisil Vaginal Crème, this product stands alone as more convenient to use.

It does not require maintenance as you can just apply it and repeat the process within three days. In addition to that, it’s got an easy-slip design that you’ll only have to press once or twice for the cream to exit.

Another reason why most users prefer this product over former is the texture of its cream. Besides being cooler on the skin, it’s non-sticky. Meaning, it quickly dries up without leaving your skin feeling sticky awkward.

But, the best thing the product has is its wider command on the skin. As others would claim, the product is not limited to vaginal application as it can relieve many other irritations in the skin.

How fast does it take effect?

Four to five minutes on record. You don’t have to over-apply because with just a thin layer, you’re good to go. By all means, it’s also economical.

Is it tough on Candida?

It’s very tough. However, it doesn’t have sufficient command to rid the body of the fungus entirely.

For that reason, other use it in conjunction with other meds. And, no issues came from that whatsoever.

What are its drawbacks?

Its drawbacks include a poor antibiotic concentrate so that it’s soothing effect is only just there to distract you from the symptoms. But, it doesn’t fight the fungi at all (despite it claims).

Other drawbacks include a low storage life so that it requires proper room temperature to have prolonged effect. 

Ultimately, it’s certainly is milder than the former cream product we presented in this list.


  • Economic Pack
  • Certified No Side-Effects
  • Fast-Acting Relief
  • Soothing Cream
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Scented
  • Convenient


  • Weak Antibiotic Capacity
  • Low Storage Life; High Maintenance
  • Least Chance to Treat Infection

Why choose it?

  • Not one product in this list breaks its record for being the most convenient vaginal care product, a quality best for on-the go-users!

07. Monistat 1 Complete Therapy Vaginal Antifungal 1-Day Maximum Strength Treatment

Now, here lies the only product in this list that is doctor-recommended. In fact, it’s the number one doctor-recommended brand in the market today. And, it doesn’t claim, it proves!

This latest product from Monistat not only ranks as the most popular brand in this list, it’s also heavily used and recommended by doctors as a treatment and relief for yeast infection (including related infections).  

Others also claim that the product is a hormonal enhancer. According to a few reviews, it gives certain effects like regulated mood swings, enhanced menstruation cycle and eliminated infections. Most users easily dismiss such claim, on the other hand.

Why is this so?

The product is for external use. External medication has the least influence on hormones. That remains true. Albeit this given fact, its manufacturers insist that the disodium EDTA, one of its compounds, eventually contribute to the cell regeneration. With enhanced cell and tissue regeneration comes a boosted immunity, leading towards balanced hormones.

But, we’re being idealistic here.

It does not only eliminate symptoms of yeast infection, but it also treats you of the infection all-out.

What others think is problematic about the product on the other hand, is its un-stated requirement that it has to be used in a combination pack. The idea behind such criticism ponders on why the brand did not simply sell the cream with the combo pack.

Other than that, the product is no less than the relief cream products presented earlier. The product’s only edge however, is that it can eventually treat yeast infection with continued use.

Just don’t forget to consult your doctor.


  • Odor Control
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Soothing Cream
  • High Storage Life
  • Convenient Package
  • Full Treatment


  • Messy; Highly Sticky Cream
  • Heavy with side-effects (requires medical consultation)
  • Misleading Brand Claims (requires to be used in a combination package)
  • May trigger allergies

Why choose it?

It’s a high-ranking product that genuinely treats yeast infection, earning it a doctor-recommended title!

08. Taro Clotrimazole 7 Vaginal Cream

Another trusted brand, Clotrimazole fills this rank with a not-so-recent, miracle 7-day vaginal cream!

Undisputed. Unquestioned. This product ranks as the most powerful antibiotic in this list. Meaning, it’s also closest to lose its over-the-counter advantages. Unlike the other creams presented, this requires a strict application schedule as it can instead reverse the effects, if not cause permanent damage.

Is it still considered the best OTC treatment for yeast infection?

Yes. But, you can’t just simply use it without the knowledge. You can refer to your physician or search about it on the web to know further.

As a product per se, it’s strong chemical ingredients and antiseptic compounds to fully treat you of the infection.

Sharing the name under its generic brand: Gyne-Lotrimin. Medications under this generic brand all function for one specific thing only: eliminate Candida fungi.

And, it does so. It does so vehemently that it totally removes all Candida presence in the body. From the sound of it alone, that would mean another problem. Another imbalance.

To address that, manufacturers of the brand recommend coating the creamed portion with a lotion.

This equalizes the cream’s high concentration before it eventually penetrates into the skin.

The immediate effect of the cream is far from soothing. In fact, others claim that it’s burning. The former recommended solution applies well to this case.

This further leads to 7-day treatment in the product tag.

But how much of a fast-acting relief is it?

It’s fast like the previous creams herein. But, sometimes, it doesn’t feel good on the skin.


  • Convenient Package
  • Full Treatment
  • Intense Antibiotic Capacity
  • High Storage Life


  • Harsh on Skin
  • Highly Sticky
  • Requires Medical Consultation
  • Heavy with Side-Effects

Why choose it?

  • It’s acknowledged by doctors. It may have to go by prescription, but it sure does free you forever from the uncomfortable effects of yeast infection!

Best Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Despite the vastly available medical helpings—medicines, supplements, etc.—nothing beats natural treatment.

If you noticed in the product lineup, their common advantage is constituted by the widest presence of natural ingredients. Apparently, it’s that very same factor that determined our best products.

Why organic?

For argument’s sake, let’s just use our body as an example. How much do you think it is organic? 100%, of course! The cells. The bacteria and other microorganisms that make our immune system are all organic from within.

In that case, nothing can yet be better than the natural/supplementary medicines. And, since these medicines are, by all means, standalones, they eventually earn the title of “alternative medicine”.

Home remedies are essentially alternative medicines.

Alternative Medicine: Nature’s Medicine

Nature’s medicine still works with unprecedented success. After all, antibiotics are found in every herbal concoction.

With the right knowledge and command to make the perfect blend, you’re ready to relieve, if not treat, yourself of the symptoms of the infection right in your home!

This section focuses only on the available resources in the home. So, OTC drugs, since they’ve deservingly been reviewed upon, are intentionally left out from the listing.

Here are the home remedies:

1. Tea Tree Oil

The high regard for tea tree oil as a strong antibiotic traces way back. In fact, it traces to the ancient past.

Recent studies have proven that the Tea Tree oil extracts possess high concentration of compounds that kill all forms of yeasts, fungi, harmful bacteria, and other pathogens.

Tea tree oil is also a powerful detoxifier. Regular consumption of the tea tree oil leads to a healthy, balanced intestinal flora.

Tea tree oil compounds are also responsible for clearing tissues linings from toxic.

 2. Natural Yogurt

Natural yogurt refers to unsweetened yogurt. This type of yogurt is rich in probiotics. Such compound contributes to the increase of good bacteria in the body.

With the larger presence of good bacteria, the body’s resistance wall is made more stable. You can therefore be assured of well-balanced flora in the body.

In the recent years, studies have been forwarded based on certain claims that the effects of natural yogurt are doubled when it’s applied directly in the affected area—vulva linings, lips, etc.

While these studies still needed backing-up, the prospect of a yeast infection-free through direct application of natural yogurt takes more shape.  

       3. Coconut Oil

Not only is coconut oil a powerful antifungal solution, but it also stimulates other nutrients taken in by the body. Suppose you are consuming/using other treatment sources in conjunction with the coconut, then you’re in for a luck!

The coconut oil has a special ability that pumps up natural healing compounds roaming in the body.

It can either be consumed or applied. It just works regardless.     Ultimately, you can preserve the coconut oil and use it for making your essential oils later.

   Anyhow, it blends perfectly well with other nutrients.

4. Oregano Oil

The oil extracted from wild Oregano leaf (origanum vulgare) secures a healthy and balanced intestinal flora—strengthened anti-bodies and microorganisms in their proper places—and a soothing, stress-free feel. 

The Oregano also boasts as one of the most effective natural antibiotics in the world.

But, how powerful is the oregano oil really is?

You see, it’s got in its compounds two main antifungals: carvacrol and thymol.

Carvacrol takes the lead in killing Candida albicans and other forms of yeast. Thymol, on the other hand, resurrects good bacteria, stimulating them to dominate the system. Both of these antifungals work hand-in-hand in maintaining the balance in the system.

All these healthy compounds fight Candida albicans without allowing the symptomatic factors to go off hand. Meaning, while it’s natural that the body weakens with its resistance is reacting, it’ll be unlikely to occur with the presence of the Oregano oil compounds.

Fortunately, the recent packaging of oregano oils, outside essential oil solutions, involving suppositories inserted directly into the vagina.

         Not only is this effective at so many levels, it’s also very safe.

       5. Garlic

While the use of garlic clove as suppository remains debatable to this day, garlic’s antifungal/antibiotic command proves unquestionable.

Garlic, being a species under the onion family, possesses high antibacterial power due to its allicin, a strong sulfuric compound.

However, recent observations deemed garlics inactive vis a vis yeast infection if simply consumed. A number of experts are recommending that it’s only best maximized as a suppository.   

       6. Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom houses very powerful polysaccharides that train immune cells to mature as full-bodied shields. Once immunity has reached its peak, it can potentially track down imbalances in the system as evident in the rise of pathogenic organisms.

Also a carbohydrate form with perfectly bonded sugar, a polysaccharide is responsible for building up new cells in the body. In the process, it helps correct hormonal interactions in the body.


Yeast infection, regardless of its severity, is one nasty problem every woman has to go though.

Itchy. Smelly. Discharging and irritated girly private. But, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The best over-the-counter yeast infection treatment reviews talk you through it.

But, what if you could choose to be familiar with it without having to experience it?

Yes. You actually can. And, that’s what we call prevention.

But, for the meantime, you’ll be needing these first-aid OTCs. Fortunately, we’ve chosen them for you. All you have to do is to pick one, or best all 8 of them, and you’re good for oooooo!

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