10 Best No Heat Curlers for Women 2021 Edition

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Best No Heat Curlers

Don’t you just love to curl up your hair but at times give up on the idea just because how hectic is to curl the hair with an Electric Curler and it is no secret that Electric Curlers due to heat can cause damage to the hair. That is why as an easy solution for your problem, we are here with our list of the 10 Best No Heat Curlers for you.

Now you can just go to sleep with super comfy overnight heatless hair curlers and wake up with the bouncy and shiny looking curls. With this no heat curlers you can also create any type of hairstyle you want and these tiny curlers just save your whole lot of time in the morning. These no heat curling products are some of the most comfortable and easiest to use out there.

Top 10 The Best No Heat Curlers

Anti hair damaging, comfy, time-saving, inexpensive and the list can just go on, heatless curlers are the best hair styling product you can get. So why not just peep into our list of the best no heat curlers and look into specs yourself. 

 1. Aimin Hair Overnight Hair Rollers

Cute Vibrant Color with Polka Dots Aimin Hair Overnight Hair Rollers are soft pillow sleeping hair curlers with an outstanding rating online. These lightweight curlers are easy to travel with and won’t damage your hair at all.


  • Long-range elasticity
  • Double fiber replace monolayer
  • Lightweight foam hair rollers set


  • Easy to use this hair curlers do not damage the hair and are pillow soft for overnight use
  • This no heat curlers are made of foam sponge so they are totally damage free for your hair
  • As they are lightweight you can use it at anytime and are travel friendly as they can just fit i your small bag too


  • If not applied properly as per instruction they can get tangled and might damage your hair

Why should you buy this?

These pillow soft heatless curlers are really a great choice if you want to curl your hair overnight and save some time.

 2. Tifara Beauty Flexible Curling Rods


Tifara Beauty Flexible Curling Rods is the highest rated no heat curler you can find on Amazon, it is a 42 piece pack made with lightweight foam heatless curling rods that comes in different sizes. Curl it overnight and it remains for a day this is really a great deal.


  • 42 foam-covered rods
  • Reusable heatless curlers
  • Flexible comes in different size


  • Long lasting Tifara Beauty Flexible Curling Rods is reusable and if used with care can be used for months or even a year
  • Those are really affordable curls that you can purchase online and worth every penny
  • This curling rods also work similarly on damp and dry hair


  • This no heat foam curlers have chemical smell which can leech off on your hair and can make them smelly too

Why should you buy this?

These are super convenient, the best no heat curlers which have really good user reviews and I think that should be the only reason to buy it because experience really talks.

 3. Allstar Innovations Sleep Styler


Allstar Innovations Sleep Styler made with memory foam are super comfortable to sleep with and also have an absorbent material that keeps your hair moisturized so you can just use them after shower as well. They come in two different sizes – six inches for longer, thicker and curly hair while three inches for longer but thinner hair.


  • Super-Absorbent Heat-Free Rollers
  • Microfiber Material
  • Absorbent Material
  • Memory-Foam Core


  • Allstar Innovations Sleep Styler comes in two different sizes to cater all types of hair needs. Six inches curlers for long, thick hair while three inch curlers for long thin hair.
  • If you decide to have curly hair last minute Allstar has a Microfiber absorbent material, so you can just curl your hair after shower too
  • Convenient memory foam for comfortable sleep also compact and travel-friendly in nature to be carried anywhere


  • Extremely hectic to put this heatless curlers unevenly and properly and might need someone’s help. 

Why should you buy this? 

Allstar Innovations Sleep Styler are made keeping in mind both the sleep comfort curling which can save your time and also last minute curling after shower

4. Conair Soft, Bouncy Curls Foam Rollers


Conair Soft, Bouncy Curls Foam Rollers which come in three different roller sizes. You can use bigger rollers for long wavy hair and small rollers for tight curly hair. It is 48 piece pack you can choose from different sizes to customize your hair curls


  • Two different sizes – Big and Small
  • Set of 48 soft foam rollers 
  • Made out of foam


  • With Conair Soft, Bouncy Curls Foam Rollers you can style your hair as per your wish as it comes in bigger size for have beachy, wavy hair and also there is small size rollers for tight curly hair
  • As it is made from foam it is comfortable to sleep with and safe as it is a heatless curlers so there is no possibility of damaging hair
  • Even though  they are plastic curlers they are layered with foam to prevent from hair breakage due to splitting of hair for styling


  • Curls by Conair Soft, Bouncy Curls Foam Rollers does not last for longer period and come back to natural hair in few hours
  • Purchase the product carefully as there were many complaints of used packaged been delivered to them

Why should you buy this? 

You can use Conair Soft, Bouncy Curls Foam Rollers on different occasion, for different hairstyle with their big and small size rollers for unique looks

5. Willbond Hair Curlers


Willbond Hair Curlers come in 28 set packages with different sizes such as 25 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm, and 55 cm to range your hairstyle from random smooth waves to formal waves. These are easy to use, do-it-yourself, magic hair curlers to give your hair curly waves in just 5 minutes.


  • 28 piece hair curler styling kit
  • 2 styling hooks for extra long hair
  • Lightweight


  • Willbond Hair Curlers are easy to carry, travel-friendly magic hair curlers that takes just 5 minutes to apply it
  • Convenient on any hair type from frizzy to natural hair or curly to straight hair also on a wig without damaging them and giving them beautiful look
  • They are Heatless  do it yourself magic hair curlers that can be used dry and wet hair as well


  • Thick hair needs to be put on many curlers at a same time which can be hectic

Why should you buy this?

Willbond Hair Curlers It is easy to use a hair curler which can be put on in 5 minutes and gives you beautiful curls on any type of hair.

6. Xnicx Flexible Curling Rods


Xnicx Flexible Curling Rods come in a 46 piece set, and as the name suggests is very flexible and made for every hair type. It is extremely convenient for curling your long, short or medium hair. Anti breakage and non damaging this heatless hair curler is travel friendly and comes in go-to-package.


  • Smooth foam made no heat hair curlers
  • Comes with a take-to-go package 
  • Environmental friendly and comfort material 


  • Xnicx Flexible Curling Rods are Foam made, easy to use the best no heat curlers made for all the short, long and medium hair type without hurting your hair
  • There is an iron rod inside the foam curler is changeable and flexible for different curling needs
  • This Heatless curler is non-damaging, travel friendly made with comfort material.


  • Advised to use with proper assessment by watching videos or googling it as they need to be put on properly so that they come out easily without damaging hair.

Why should you buy this?

These curlers are again easy to sleep with and go on any hair types so you can just share it with your friend or family.

7. Curlformers Hair Curlers


Curlformers Hair Curlers have a 40 salon quality extra long Spiral Curlformer hair curlers in 2 directions of curl. This spiral curling kit are ideal for long hair and are great alternative for heat hair curlers


  • 20 pink for clockwise curls, and 20 orange for anti-clockwise curls
  • 2 Styling Hooks
  • Luxury satin vanity case
  • No heat, No breakage and Nro damage


  • This whole kit of curler is are a premium quality whole package of hair curler which comes with 40 pieces of 20 per clockwise and anti clockwise curls and styling hook in a case
  • These are easy to use hair curlers which are comfy that are specially made for long hair upto 22 inches and the result are a great long wavy hair or tight curls.


  • Some users said that it was too tight for their hair and sleeping with it was uncomfortable

Why should you buy this?

If you have an extra long hair, Curlformers Hair Curlers are a whole package of the best no heat curlers you just need

 8. LBTbate Magic Hair Curlers


LBTbate Magic Hair Curlers are simple and comfortable no heat hair curls that won’t affect your hair quality and will give a beautiful curly hair look. Lightweight this hair curlers are reusable and provide you thick, curly hair


  • 20 pieces of hair curler rollers
  • 2 pieces styling hooks
  • Reusable
  • Soft And Lightweight


  • LBTbate Magic Hair Curlers are made with a soft material that are non-damaging to your hair and style your hair in curly locks
  • Easy to use this curlers needs to be just slightly pulled after applying it with a hook


  • Needs to be used as per the instruction properly or it might turn into bizarre situation

Why should you buy this?

LBTbate Magic Hair Curlers have a soft material that is safe for your hair and it can be a good choice if you are looking for something at reliable price

 9. Orgrimmar Magic Hair Curlers


Orgrimmar Magic Hair Curlers is an efficient spiral hair curler suitable for all ages and hair types from straight to coily hair. It is an great DIY tool to do your hair curls without heat at home


  • 30 pcs set of hair curlers
  • Made with a PET fabric material
  • Reusable


  • Orgrimmar Magic Hair Curlers are made with PET fabric that are are durable that doesn’t damage the hair and is effective on split end and damaged hair as well
  • Reusable this no heat curlers are soft so you can put on and sleep with it overnight


  • Some users said that it doesn’t hang to the hair properly and is easily pulled out

Why should you buy this?

It has a really good rating online and especially they are made with PET fabric that are comfortable and gives you fabulous wavy hair

10. Locisne Hair Rollers


Locisne Hair Rollers is 40pcs hair roller set that is made of sponge and polyester with soft memory foam core which are comfortable and curl all type of hair be it wet or dry


  • Memory foam core
  • Travel-friendly
  • Reusable


  • Locisne Hair Rollers is easy to use no heat hair curler on any type of hair texture that you can just put on for whole night
  • Time saving this no heat hair curlers are also non-damaging to your hair that can be reused countless amount of times


  • Found to be not effective on thin hair

Why should you buy this?

If used as per instruction properly this cute hair curlers are really good and safe for your hair especially for little children whose hair are sensitive

How to Choose Best No Heat Curlers? (Buying Guide)

These are the best no heat curlers option you can find online but that doesn’t mean you’ll just settle for anything before actually knowing what you are spending money for

Here go through our guide to choose the best no heat curlers that are suitable for your hair 

Soft Material

If you are looking for an overnight heatless curler, always go for a soft material, there are many memory foam curlers available. Also as soft materials are safe and prevent your hair from breakage or damaging it. Soft material is convenient as well because you can bend it anyhow to make your own stylist curls

Diameter of Curler

Select diameter of curler depending upon what type of curls you want to style your hair with – beach wavy long curls, extremely tight curls or something basic. Diameter determines your style, bigger the curler diameter, the looser the wave will be and the slimmer the roll is, the tighter the curl will be. Foam-made and flexible wires, give you the option of wrapping your hair loosely for wavy hair or tight for ringlets.

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Mixed Package

Go for a set of no heat curlers that offer you curlers in different sizes so that you have options according to your mood or hairstyle be it wavy hair on one day and tight curls on another, mixed package can be suitable for both your needs. Also if you have long thick hair you might need more than one set of this package.


Durability is the key point you should look for in any no heat curler as they are made for long term usage and are not just an use and through product. Read reviews online and also compare products to know if they are one time use or a reusable product. As a safe option to heat curlers, not only should a heatless curler be safe for hair but also should be usable for a good amount of period. 

How to Put On No Heat Curlers On Your Hair?

Now that you read about some of the best no heat curlers you can buy online and what should you look out while choosing one, let’s have quick look at how are these heatless curlers put on to style your hair –

Step 1 – Divide Into Sections

Divide your hair into sections according to your hair curler size, for both dry or wet hair you have to start with this step

Step 2 – Bring Those Curlers

Next apply you have any curling product like cream or hair spray but it is not a compulsion and you can directly move on to hair curlers

Step 3 – Start Rolling The Curlers

After that start rolling your hair in curlers from top to bottom, or any directions you are comfortable with but ensure it is fuss free and remember how you done it so that it’ll easier to remove them

Step 4 – Good Grip Is Important

And lastly make sure you have put them into good grip so they won’t get opened easily and remain precisely

Step 5 – Overnight or Few Minutes

Time you want to keep the curlers on is upon the product and you, if they are an overnight curler and you want to sleep with it take all the measures either wear a bath cap or scarf and if they are to be kept for hour or less look at it that it is not spoiled

DIY : No Heat Curls at Your Home 

Imagine styling your hair wavy and bouncy with the sock or old t-shirt at your home. Here are some quick Do-It-Yourself simple no heat curls trick –

Braid Curls

Easiest way to have loose wavy curls is to tie your hair in a tight braid and just sleep with it. This overnight no heat hair curling is the most basic technique you can try. And Voila! Your smooth wavy curls are ready in the morning. And if there is some frizzy hair you can just apply some hair oil to tame it down.

Sock Curls

Sock Curls is a cute, creative and simple way to get those awesome curls at your home. You just need old socks and a scissor cut the tip off of an old sock and roll it up in a round shape. Now that you have your sock curler ready just pull your ponytail from the hole and then pull sections of your hair through it. This is yet again an overnight heatless curling process so just pull it out in morning and your wavy curls are ready.

T-shirt Curls

Sounds a little weird right? Don’t worry this is fun and effective ,method to get loose beachy curls. Take an old t-shirt and tie its end to create a large “halo”. Next put the halo in your hair, wrap hair around it in sections, and pin them properly. Keep this for overnight and in the morning remove the pins and halo. There you go, loose beachy curls are ready!

Headband Curls

Take out an old headband from your closet and just wear it Coachella Style, damp it a bit and then start twisting pieces of hair and tuck them into a headband. Further, you can add more dampness if needed and keep the hairdo for a few hours or overnight as you wish and just undo it, here you go wavy curls.


How can I curl my hair without heat?

There are different and unique ways to curl your hair without heat, there are no heat curlers, rollers, and also DIY curls you can do with braid, sock, t-shirt, etc.

What can I use instead of an electric curler?

Instead of an electric curler, you can use no heat curlers and rollers which are easily available online.

Can I sleep with rollers in my hair?

Yes, there are many of the best no heat curlers that are specially made with comfort foam for overnight curling.

Final Thoughts

All the above-mentioned are the best no heat curlers you can find online. Make most of the purchase by looking through all the details and instructions needed. See through the list and choose what suits you and your needs.

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