15 Best Lighted Makeup Mirror of 2020

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks!

  1. BESTOPE Makeup Vanity Mirror with 3X/2X Magnification
  2. LED Lighted Makeup Mirror, 10X Magnifying Mirror with Lights
  3. Chende Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights Bedroom Lighted Standing Mirror
Best Lighted Makeup Mirror

Makeup. Mirrors. Stunning beauty! Believe us, or not. But, you can actually better your current makeup routine. Is it hard to do so? Well, it’s both hard and easy. With one best lighted makeup mirror, you can surely make it easy.

The makeup craft is one enjoyable business. At one point, it’s also the most complex and demanding. In the midst of it all, the mirror emerges. Undoubtedly, makeup application is very heavily dependent on mirrors, in the same way, that it is on the light.

Mirrors. Light.

Imagine merging both. And, you’ll get a lighted makeup mirror. It’s a full merger with compact features eyed to ease your makeup routine. But, even such technology is ambiguous in itself. Certainly so, it requires the perfect balance, intuitiveness, and matching to be rendered effective.

Keep scrolling down and go for beauty! You beauty

Here is the list of best lighted makeup mirrors:

  1. BESTOPE Makeup Vanity Mirror with 3X/2X Magnification
  2. LED Lighted Makeup Mirror, 10X Magnifying Mirror with Lights
  3. Chende Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights Bedroom Lighted Standing Mirror
  4. Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror- Daylight LED Vanity Makeup Mirror
  5. Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror with 12 x 3W Dimmable LED Bulbs
  6. 7X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror
  7. Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror with 5X Magnification
  8. HONEYBULL Makeup Mirror with Lights
  9. Conair BE6WMX Lighted 7X Brushed Nickel Wall Mount Mirror
  10. Vanity Mirror with Lights & Phone Mount

Top 15 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors

The signs have spoken. Fortunately, our team ranked what we think as the best lighted makeup mirrors available in the market to date. 

We have also aligned these products based on the standards, ramifications, and expectations we expounded in the earlier sections. 


01. BESTOPE Makeup Vanity Mirror with 3X/2X Magnification

makeup mirror with bright light

With unbelievably high-end design, this latest product from Bestope makes it as the “Best Pick” on our list. Bearing everything any professional makeup artist can expect from a magnifying mirror, this product effortlessly sets the standard for all!

Comfort. Convenience. Utter beauty. These are just tiny drops from the Bestope product’s ocean of superior features.

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Using the product even proves to be a pleasure! Apparently, it’s wrapped from angle to angle with accessible complexity. Yes. Its design is complex, yet it’s usage is highly accessible, making it the best tool for both professional to the first-time makeup users.

The product boasts of a premium quality magnifying mirror, high-functioning LED lights, double power supply and 180-degree rotation capacity.

Now, let’s look at its premium quality magnifying mirror first. The quality of the mirror per se reveals high definition reflection, made clearer by soft lights. The lights, no matter the brightness, are sure to not hurt your eyes.

Now, the mirror’s magnification ability exceeds its reputation. Quality testing agencies CE, ROHS and FCC approve of it. As brilliantly as it has been reviewed, the product stands out with three magnified mirror panels. Each panel precisely positions to capture your angles.

The LED lights truly live up to the manufacturers’ claim of them being high-functioning. Positioned along the edges of the central mirror panel, all 21 of these LED lights can be controlled by a touch sensor switch. A long press changes the brightness intensity.

In terms of its operation, the mirror is double-powered.  Meaning, it can be powered by both batteries and USB cable charging. Testers acknowledge the product’s propensity to consume power despite its technological accessories.

If it’s makeup precision that you’re looking from a magnifying mirror, we see no reason for you to not choose this one. Undoubtedly, it ranks as the best table top mirror in the market to date!

You might encounter slight trouble with its 180-degree rotation capacity as it subjects the mirror’s base to sudden loosening. But, that’s just it. This one is clearly our number one is the list of the best lighted makeup mirror


  • Perfect & Light Design for Tabletop Placement
  • Premium Quality Coating
  • 21 High-Functioning LED Lights
  • Precisely-Magnified Mirrors; 3-Mirror Panels
  • Battery/USB-Operated
  • Sturdy Glass Quality
  • Smooth Reflection-Certified
  • 2-3x Magnifications
  • Sturdy Base


  • 180-Degree rotation capacity sometimes loosens the head from the base

Why choose it?

  • Strongly certified, with a trusted name, the product has everything you can ask from a vanity magnifying mirror!

02. LED Lighted Makeup Mirror, 10X Magnifying Mirror with Lights

best magnifying mirrors

Perhaps one of the lightest magnifying makeup mirrors in this list, this latest product from Mirrormore snatches the best “Best Pick” title. And, it deserves to do so with its elegant design, slick body and a practically durable package.

Testers immediately draw the product’s edge over others. And, that’ll have to deal with its exquisite lightness. Users are especially pleased by the hold of its base to the surface. This proves most useful during instances wherein tabletops accidentally move. Through this feature, mirror breakage and other damages are potentially avoided.

The mirror’s magnification ability is an astounding 10X. This literally makes you see through your pores. Now, if you’re kind of meticulous over the precise placement of your makeup—the edges, the curves, etc.—then, you’ll feel gratified by the mirror’s 10X ability. Such magnification degree also elicits the smoothest, natural and most undisturbed reflection quality ever.

Unlike other lighted mirror products, this one gives out not only the softest, but also the whitest light possible. Apparently, white light enables your eyes to stare into the mirror for long. Also, it relaxes the optical nerves and muscles to a certain degree. White light accomplishes all these without sacrificing clarity above all!

Eighty percent of the users who reviewed the product rated it perfect, recommending it for a sensitive makeup effort. Twenty percent of them praised the product’s 360-degree rotation down to its easy flip frame ability. They also noted the flip mechanism’s durability.

Many consider the product to be highly durable; it’s mirrors don’t easily break even during unprecedented falls. This is probably due to the frame’s bulgy edges, protecting the mirror from direct impact.

A few users, on the one hand, stated that the mirror’s base surface heats up easily. This might be caused by the strong power surge in the product.


  • 1100 Lux LED Bulbs w/ Natural White Light
  • 1X/10X Magnification
  • Large Mirror Face
  • Sturdy Package
  • Strong-Gripping Base
  • Battery-Powered
  • White Light Type
  • 360-Degree Rotation; Flip-Head


  • Overheat-Prone Base Surface

Why choose it?

  • All-in-all, the product nears a perfect standard, having to secure the least damage possible. This should fit your sensitive, most meticulous makeup needs. So you won’t go wrong with this make up mirror as we consider this as one of the best lighted makeup mirror out there

03. Chende Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights Bedroom Lighted Standing Mirror

lighted vanity mirror wall mounted

Perhaps one of the largest mirror bodies to ever grace the market today, this Chende product reshapes how vanity mirrors function. For the best thing, it can be hung into the wall and still not pose danger because it’s mind-bogglingly sturdy!

The product is a perfect counterpart for Mirrormore’s 10X magnifying mirror. While it could be as sturdy as the former, it’s certainly a hundred-fold heavier than it. It’s also certainly larger than it.

For the main part, the product proves to be a breakage master as it has undergone several drop tests and fatefully surpassed. As a result, users dubbed it as a “metal mirror”. Sizing 5.6″ x 19.7″ x 2.4″, this product might actually sound like a hassle in the context of mobility. 

However, if we talk about it being stationary, then it could turn out to be the best wall-mounted mirror on our list!

Attached in its back is a metal hook. Now, several users noted that such metal hook has been planted firmly into the back surface of the mirror. So, it should support the mirror very strongly.

Lighting with free 12 dimmable LED bulbs, the product easily projected the clearest, most authentic reflection qualities users have known. It does not unnaturally zoom features unlike other products. As a result, it gives the users the actual makeup result they desire.

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With an easy power on/off switch, plus an outlet in the side, users noted the product compact power capacity. Technically, the product has been tested many times and turned out to hold power for more than 10-15 hours.

It’s also got a power segregator that keep its bulbs from overheating.

Aside from its large size, making it impossible to constantly be moved around, we don’t see any problems with the product.


  • Neat/Elegant Design
  • High-Intensity Lighting Quality
  • 12 Dimmable LED Bulbs
  • Highly Durable Mirror & Frame
  • Power Segregator
  • Natural Reflection Quality
  • Wide Mirror Dimensions
  • Can be hung on walls


  • Heavy; Not Portable

Why choose it?

  • The product illustrates a classic standard for any makeup mirrors. This works best for artists/performers/actors who prefer a stationed makeup area.

04. Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror- Daylight LED Vanity Makeup Mirror

consumer reports best lighted makeup mirror

Beyond fancy, this Fancii makeup magnifying mirror is what every one needs! Ultimately, this top product is highly portable, light, and practical.

The product has been hailed by users for being the lightest makeup mirror in the market today! They were right to do so because the product, almost appearing fancy at a glance, can be carried wherever you want it. With a designed perfected to fit any circumstances, positions and surfaces, the product works at all angles.

The product is essentially cordless. Battery-operated, it’s known to withstand hours of abuse without yielding flickering bulbs. Its low-energy consumption allows it to work on slightest situations.

Boasting also of a fine daylight-simulated lighting intensity users deem necessary, the product illumines with the right visual balance—outline, details, surface and depth. This kind of daylight-actuated lighting especially fits those with eyesight problems. More so, it casts the right shadow for an angled tending.

Supplementing its day-lighted quality is a 10X magnifying mirror. Such quality, despite tightness, gives out the most authentic reflection. If further allows you to look into specific sections in your face. Ultimately, this feature fits the mirror for meticulous tweezing.

Its 360-degree-to-flip-rotation is proven to withstand pressure. With a tension-release/retracting clip, the entire mirror can flexibly bend into various desired angles.  And, it doesn’t loosen up.

It’s the best feature so far, according to experts, is its advanced locking suction cup. This cup mechanism ultimately seals the product’s versatility. With the suction, the user can safely attach the mirror into any surfaces, may it be a wall or another bigger mirror.

Some users, however, think that the product ought to better its power surge flow to minimize overheating in its base.


  • Daylight LED Light Quality
  • 10X Magnifying Mirror
  • 360-Degree Rotation
  • Tension-Release Mechanism
  • Locking Suction Cup
  • Cordless & Portable
  • Foldable Design
  • Ultra-Light


  • Overheat-Prone Base
  • Breakable Frames

Why choose it?

  • Overall, the product fulfils dense travelling needs; it works with the least power consumption, making it the perfect vanity makeup mirror for busy, travelling people.

05. Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror with 12 x 3W Dimmable LED Bulbs

best lighted makeup mirror

This latest Waneway product works as a heavier version of a makeup mirror that fulfils the best half the benefits of being both a portable and stationary mirror! But, its 4,000-6,000-K color temperature rate that distinguishes it from the rest…

This Waneway product embodies the sufficient lightness of a portable, tabletop mirror and the firmness and/or heaviness of a stationary mirror.

Like the Chende Hollywood mirror, this one also earns the brightening “Hollywood” title among many fans. It fulfils, in many aspects, everything that is desired of a lighting mirror. With a 4,000-6,000K color temperature, the product can instantly set a preferred mood for the longest time possible, thanks to its 12 x 3W LED bulbs.

The color temperature, besides adjusting brightness, extends the atmospheric hue in the place. It can, therefore, illuminate all areas in the room with such capacity. But, there’s much to its illumination that what’s said of it. Users tend to get divided in this aspect. One party claims that the brightness is harmful to the eyes, while the other argues.

The truth about its brightness is that it’s too bright. However, this aspect cannot sufficiently warrant a conclusion against the product. Its smart touch control, on the one hand, guarantees users a direct control on the lighting intensity. So, it shouldn’t go wrong!

Other strong features of the product include a stable tabletop base (due to sufficient weight of the mirror), a plug-and-play mechanism, a superior gloss finish, a light-optic mirror quality, a wide-framed mirror, a durable frame, and a lot more.

Problems with the product lies with its very predictable package per se. Bogus sellers/manufacturers can easily imitate the product. As a result, this product package easily easily earns the highest number of imitations distributed in the online market.


  • 12 x 3W LED Bulbs
  • High-Quality Magnifying Mirror; Light-Optic Mirror
  • Wide Mirror Dimensions
  • Strong & Stable Base Hold
  • Plug & Play Mechanism
  • Smart Touch Control
  • Durable Package
  • Safe to Use


  • Highly Imitated
  • LED lights are easily busted
  • Prone to overheating
  • Brightness can be hurtful to sensitive eyes

Why choose it?

  • The product is light enough to be called portable, and it’s also heavy enough to stay put. It certainly is the best makeup mirror for travelling.

06. 7X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

portable makeup mirror with lights

This latest Upper West Collection fashions 7X magnifying mirror capacity, a long-functioning warm LED lighting technology, and an overall versatility!

If there’s one thing users can say about the product, that’d be versatility!

Shimmering with the most brilliant mirror surface, this product reveals one of the finest reflections any mirror can elicit in the market today. Users particularly noted its wide-angled magnification—a 2-siding of the 7X magnification.

This particular feature enables users to achieve a zero-error makeup turnabout. It particularly works to give users two depths of the mirror. Meaning, even when you are looking at one side, you can still see yourself slanted halfway to your front. Ultimately, experts noted the high level of craft executed in its surface.

Manufacturers of the product also boast a 360-degree swivel rotation capacity, to the dismay of most fans. Unfortunately, the feature isn’t as flexible as you expect. From where it successfully swivels, it unsuccessfully retracts. In lieu of it, users recommend not turning it 360-degree full.

After all, what matters is that you’re still able to adjust it to an angle. Therefore, this issue should not diminish the product’s overall versatility.

It’s suction technology, on the other hand, earns quite a few nods. As it’s perfectly matched with the base shape, it strongly holds the overall weight of the mirror. Using it for close-up makeup, tweezing or facial tending remains safe.

The product is also popularly known for its tap-operated LED lights. Proven to truly last for 50,000 hours, its lights provide the softest white illumination for the most sensitive eyes. Casting the least shadow possible, the white light works best for beginners.

The product is cordless/battery-powered.

Known disadvantages of the product cover a complicated bulb-replacement mechanism, a high power-consuming system, and a tendency to require costly battery-matching.


  • Strong Suction System
  • 7X Magnifying Mirror; Wide-angled
  • Natural & Lasting LED Lights
  • Versatile & Durable Package
  • Strong Base Platform
  • Highly Portable; Cordless/Battery-Powered
  • Best for Close Makeup Proximity


  • Battery replacement and matching is time-consuming
  • Only partially swivels (despite claims)
  • Bulb replacement requires time
  • High Power/Energy-Consuming

Why choose it?

  • All-in-all, the product is a versatile craft best for users who are new in the field.It’s surely one of the best lighted makeup mirror

07. Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror with 5X Magnification

Boasting with the fittest design for a modern makeup mirror, this Jerdon product instantly stands out as the best tri-fold makeup mirror!

Adjustable. Handy. Light. Smart. Intuitive. Empowering. This product by Jerdon is more than it appears. Satisfied users say so. They further emphasize the product’s ability to fit users’ perspectives on the place they’re at.

With its four settings: home, office, daytime and evening perspectives, you’re more in control with your time and space. This allows you to customize environmental specs with just a tap of the finger.

Magnification is also set under finger control, as seen in its sliding mechanism. Allowing you to swivel from 1X to 5X magnification, the mechanism provides you zooming options for best reflection angles. This is further enhanced by the product’s three-sided mirror positions. But, does it deliver effectively? Most reviews say it does with the least drawbacks.

And, the mirror dimensions are just perfect for both quick and intensive makeup session. Measuring 13.8 inches long, 3.75 inches wide, and 12.25 inches high, the mirror quality can easily justify a natural, smooth, and seamless reflection. This feature proves advantageous for users who’d prefer the least awkward zoom-ins possible.

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All these configurations exist to secure users’ ease in both using and carrying the product. Experts further noticed that it’s designed to give the modern, catchy appearance, complete with the sharp edges. With such a design, users won’t find it awkward carrying the product along.

Speaking of ease, light illumination by the product is easy to the eyes, thanks to its glare-free fluorescent! Drawing praises from users, this feature tells strongly of the manufacturers’ intent of creating a modern comfort.  

The product has built-in power outlet and power button. But all the specs evaluated, these two seem problematic. Some users find the outlet unsafe, and the power button oftentimes low of surge.

Other problems users encountered with the product is its high consumption of power, fragile mirror surface, breakable frame, and loose-prone hinges. Another of my favorite mirror in best lighted makeup mirror list


  • Smart Technology
  • Adjustable Zooming Capacity: 1X to 5X
  • Portable
  • Impressive Modern & Sleek Finish; Sharp Edges
  • Ample Mirror Dimensions
  • Four Light Settings (for Mood and Perspective); Glare-Free Fluorescent
  • Three-Way Mirror Frames


  • Loose-Prone Hinges
  • Fragile Mirror Surface
  • Unsafe Built-in Outlet
  • Breakable Frame
  • Problematic Power Button
  • High-Energy Consumption

Why choose it?

  • The product reshapes the standard looks of a lighted magnifying makeup mirror and pushes the envelope for modern mirrors of the future.

08. HONEYBULL Makeup Mirror with Lights

Honeybull Makeup mirror

Cute, handy, easy-to-use, practical, and vested with the graceful modern finish, this Honeybull product shares the limelight with that of Jerdon’s, yet it still manages to stand as an independent makeup aid.

Almost resembling its previous counterparts, it’s sports closest to Jerdon’s product. Yet, it proves to be beyond compare when it comes to ease and utter convenience.

Users of diverse backgrounds hail the product as a straightforward modern update of the classic lighted magnifying makeup mirror. For one thing, it’s proven to have one of the strongest base holds in the market to date. Second, it’s known to have a significantly expanded 10X zooming quality. Such quality enables you to look closely into the minute details of your face.

Having said that, the product works best for tweezing, applying makeup and beautifying the face. However, its 360-degree swivel arm capacity is just too effective to be unnoticed. Unlike other 360-degree swivel presented herein, this one’s got a very durable, flexible screw turn. And, it does not miss turning it and out for tight adjustments. It’s just tightly attached, yet flexibly tuned.

Doing makeup, for most compulsive individuals take much time. Adjustments. Repositioning. Re-balancing. One expects these conditions when doing makeup. Fortunately, this latest product from Honeybull does the adjustments for you, thanks again for its swivel technology!

Its LED light quality, despite earning irks from other users due to its low-power bulbs, keeps its high position due to its dazzling effect. The dazzling effect allows the LED to illuminate the face with the least shadows possible. While it’s bright enough to ensure that, it loses the balance from being a fine white light.

Evidently, some sensitive-eyed users consider the lighting too glaring for maintained focus (despite claims of having cool white LEDs).

Other disadvantages of the product list in a tendency to easily overheat, a high-battery power consumption, a highly imitated design and a bulb replacement that is time-costly. You can happy choose this mirror as one of the best lighted makeup mirror


  • Straightforward Mechanism; Simple
  • Portable, Handy, Light
  • Ample Mirror Dimensions
  • Modern, Solid Finish
  • Strong Base/Platform Hold
  • 10X Zooming/Magnifying Capacity; Dazzling Lighting
  • Effective 360-Degree Swivel Arm


  • Low-Power Bulbs; Difficult to Replace
  • Glaring Light Intensity; Lacks intensity adjustment
  • High Battery-Power Consumption
  • Highly Imitated Design
  • Breakable Frame
  • Might easily overheat

Why choose it?

  • The product proves to be a simple, straightforward modern update of the classic makeup mirrors. It works best for compulsive makeup artists who don’t want to miss the slightest makeup details. It was an easy entry into our best lighted makeup mirror list

09. Conair BE6WMX Lighted 7X Brushed Nickel Wall Mount Mirror

Bearing the most solid, neat Nickel finish in the list, this latest Conair product impresses, most of all, with a fog-free viewing mirror!

The product resists the makings of a basic mirror. As a result, users are instantly urged to position and rate it to a higher category! One can already see from its perfectly-rounded shape, double-sided action, fine light quality, a 360-degree rotation mechanism, a 12-inch expansion, a corded plan, and a 1X-8X magnification extent.

Ranking among the most pretty-looking mirrors in the list, Bestope, Mirrormore, Fancii, etc., this one by Conair exhibits a fresh brass-colored nickel complement, completing a most-fashionable, rounded contour.

But, what about it’s mirror quality? It’s zoom experience has proven to be seamless, according to most users. A quarter of these users, however, tend to shrug it as another run-of-the-mill quality. Overall, it’s not that bad. And, that’s all that matters. This one must include in the best lighted makeup mirror list

Let’s not also miss highlighting its double-sided action. Such feature evidently earns the most praises. Highly effective, empowering, and instrumental to speedy handling, the double-sided mirror enables you to keep reflection still despite mobility.

Other users, however, hoped that the full 360-degree swivel has got a stopper to keep both sides from turning in and out uncontrollably.

Lastly, the product completes convenient handling by including a fast-hung-to-wall mechanism. And, it’s proven to be sturdy enough in such configuration.

Some find the product problematic in terms of maintaining a heat-preventive action, securing a problem-free LED lighting system, keeping a high-power consuming system, and securing an overall sturdy package.


  • Impressive Solid Nickel Finish; Modern Touch
  • Full 360-Degree Turn Capacity
  • Double-Sided Mirror; 1X-8X Magnification Capacity
  • Light, Portable & Handy
  • 12-Inch Expansion
  • Fog-Free Viewing
  • Corded Power


  • High-Power Consumption
  • Not-So-Sturdy Package
  • Problematic LED Lighting System
  • Loose Swivel Turning; No Stopper Included
  • Underwhelming Reflection Quality
  • Easily overheats

Why choose it?

  • Outside from from being pretty, solid and a sheer eye-candy, the product empowers you with the fastest mirror handling possible. Therefore, this works best for users who are too busy to set up a lighting mirror set.

10. Vanity Mirror with Lights & Phone Mount

Regular vanity mirrors literally have nothing compared to Rebel Poppy’s update of its classic masterpiece; it ranks among the best Hollywood mirrors, at par with Waneway’s and Chende’s!

When it comes to empowerment, nothing can beat the sophistication presented by Rebel Poppy’s Vanity mirror! Users praise it particularly for being the trendiest makeup mirror in the market today, thanks to its phone cradle. 

Others also consider it empowering as it facilitates video tutorials in the comfort of facing the mirror. 

 With a convenient, sturdy and all-phone-type fitting cradle, one can learn makeup while doing it altogether. 

With 12 dimmable LED lamps that illuminate but not glare, a free standing mirror body, a corded/USB operation performance, and a 360-degree swivel mirror, it could simply put you at ease. Naturally, it earns a reputation for being comfortable and straightforward. No unnecessary attachments. No heavy lifting. Like any Hollywood mirror, it works best as a stationery set. 

However, if you decide to transfer it, it’d also be easy to do so. For a strong base, strong grip and a swivel stopper, it calmly deals with mobility. 

Its mirror measuring an ample 12” x 6” is safeguarded by a very sturdy frame. How sturdy is it really? According to reviews, it does brace the mirror for impact. So instead of allowing the mirror to break into pieces, it only yields a few cracks, if none at all.

The product perfectly works for both makeup beginners and professionals. Its trendy look also smoothly matches the teenage taste. 

But, what are some problems users find with the product? For one thing, the product is prone to shipping problems. Being sensitive to long-term mobility proves to be the most plausible reason. Other problems reveal a highly-imitated brand design/identity, a high power-consuming system, a damage-prone power-button, and a not-so-impressive mirror quality!


  • Trendy Design w/ Phone Cradle
  • 12 Dimmable LED Lights
  • Highly Durable Mirror & Frame
  • Wide Mirror Dimensions
  • Corded/USB-Operated
  • 360-Degree Swivel w/ Stopper
  • Soft Lighting, Yet Dazzling


  • Highly Imitated Brand Design/Identity
  • Damage-Prone Power Button
  • High Power-Consuming System
  • Underwhelming Mirror Quality
  • Shipping Problems/Breakage
  • Lamps are easily busted

Why choose it?

  • Despite some problems, the product is still a swell! It works best for beginners who are passionate in learning new makeup tricks, as well as fulfilled makeup pros!

11. WEILY Lighted Makeup Mirror, Tri-fold Vanity Mirror

Perhaps the handiest, lightest and most portable makeup mirror on our list, this Weily product, despite it’s straightforward, vulnerable look, is surprisingly sturdy! Most of all, it’s unmistakably efficient!

If we set it in the context of practicality, all users would agree that the product is the best in the list. However, one has got to look beyond practicality to measure it fully. And so, we’re positioning it on various standards to see if it truly impresses. As per result, the product still makes it with an impressive mark.

What attracted most users to the product is its built-in screen-controlled 21 pcs. LED lights. All these 21 lights are controlled with a few finger taps. But, you might have to be firm in your finger controls though, for the screen buttons are not soft-tap-sensitive. In terms of light quality, the LEDs deem to be impressive as they illuminate for the most sensitive eyes. At the same time, its lighting texture never misses an angle.

What about the mirror quality? The reflection revealed by the mirror, based on its 2X-3X magnification proves to be of sufficient standard. Meaning, it shows enough grain and naturalness. More so, its 3X magnification enhances grain depth to go over the littlest detail in facial and makeup tone, color and hue.

The mirror, in other words, works best for users who are fond of using various makeup colors with similar tones in the face. Experts noted that the 3X mirror surface utilizes a color segregator for faster combination.

On the flip side, this could mean a struggle for those donning a theatrical makeup. For that reason, experts recommend dimming down the LED intensity 50% lower.

Tri-fold mechanism. USB/corded operation (can easily be connected to any known devices for power).  Battery-powered. 180-Degree Rotation. On/off switch located in the rear. Light. Portable. Firm base. Overall sturdy mirror, frame, and/or package.  These impressive features make the product the most practical model on our list!

On the other hand, drawbacks of the product include a highly-imitated design/brand identity, a high power-consuming system, a tendency to overheat, and a loose-prone swivel screw.


  • Tri-Fold Mechanism
  • 2X-3X Mirror Magnification w/ Color Segregator
  • Light, Portable & Handy
  • 21 Dimmable LED Lights; Screen-Controlled
  • 180-Degree Rotation
  • Corded/USB-Powered; Battery-Powered
  • Easy-flip Power Button


  • Easily overheats
  • Swivel screw easily loosens 
  • LED control is not soft-touch-sensitive
  • High-Power Consuming System
  • Highly-Imitated Brand Characteristic/Design
  • High 3X Mirror Not Designed for Theatrical Makeup

Why choose it?

  • All-in-all, the product satisfies a long range of makeup needs. But beyond it all, the product works as the most practical makeup aid in the list!

12. KEDSUM Flexible Gooseneck 6.8” 7X Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

Kedsum Makeup mirror

This latest product by Kedsum stands as the neatest, most unique wall-mounted makeup mirror ever invented. It’s also-super light and flexible with a reputation sealed by its excellent 7X magnification mirror quality!

It’s known as the neatest and most unique mirror product in our list, thanks to its flexible gooseneck. Extending 11.5 inches, the goose necks connects the mirror to its tight-locking suction cup. More so, the goose neck allows adjustments for the perfect viewing angle. It secures all these without having to move the mirror up and down for a preferred height. From wherever you’ve attached the mirror’s end, you’ll only have to either pull or push the neck sideways.

Now, the mirror frame also earns praise for holding out as a super-sturdy 360-degree rotational center. But, it’s also known to strike the right flip-out balance so that, in the long run, it doesn’t just swivel uncontrollably. Eventually, it’s got a special mechanism that allows the swivel to retract when bent beyond 360-degree. Experts noted this as an honestly impressive design, saying this feature alone, can hold the product’s overall fortune.

Another feature of the product that users think elevates it is its battery-powered, corded-charging system. Besides encouraging portability, as the dimensions of the mirror alone, by itself, occupy the least space possible, this corded function requires the least needed power.

Now, while half of the users agree that its LED light appears to be natural daylight-simulated, the other half however, disagrees. In fact, some even say that its lighting quality is too unnatural that it casts shadows on unpredictable areas in the face. Some users recommend, in this case, supplementing the illumination with other lighting sources.


  • Flexible Gooseneck
  • Light & Portable
  • 360-Degree Rotation Capacity; Sturdy Mirror Frame
  • Strong Suction Cup (allows the mirror to be attached into any smooth surfaces)
  • Strong & Long LED Light Capacity
  • 7X Mirror Magnification; Best Mirror Quality
  • Battery-Powered; Cord-Charged


  • Overheat-Prone
  • Unnatural LED Light Intensity; Non-Dimmable
  • Lacks Controls
  • Highly Imitated Design/Brand Identity
  • Impossible to replace LED bulb, as the bulb is integrated into the mirror
  • Takes time in reaching full battery
  • Takes time in reattaching mirror into gooseneck once detached

Why choose it?

  • The product goes to prove that makeup mirror needn’t be heavy and full of accessories. By all means, it could just be one simple, yet flexible hung-to device.

13. Simplehuman Sensor Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror 8” Round Wall Mount

Another great make mirror in our list of our best lighted makeup mirror. If there’s one characteristic that sets the product apart from the rest, that would be its graded stainless steel finish! The rest are just subtle indications of its greatness.

Known by many as one of the most modern makeup mirror designs in our list, just hand-to-hand with Rebel Poppy and Conair, this Simplehuman product couldn’t stick to be as simple as it gets. For a sure air, it’s a genuinely sturdy stainless steel high-grade finish. Experts consider to be extensively well-polished, you can’t mistake it for anything else!

With a Tru-lux light system at hand, users experienced for the first time, via the product, the most natural illumination ever showered by a LED system. The lighting texture of its LED allows the color tone to prevail. As a result, you’re given more access to deeper color distinctions in the makeup you’ll be applying into your face.

Even if say, this feature fails at a point, its 5X magnification capacity, will guarantee you a close-up view of your skin. Nevertheless, its reflection quality remains natural, genuine and seamless. Certainly, the product takes nods from Weily and Kedsum for showcasing a top-ranked mirror-reflection caliber.

Other product features that earned quite a handful of praises include telescopic swinging arm, a 13.8″W x 3.1″D x 9.1″H set of dimensions, a high-graded set of LEDs, a sensor-controlled power system, and a lot more.

On the other hand, these areas also happen to ironically suffer the highest criticisms at hand. Experts consider its sensor-touch dysfunctional at times. In the same way, it ought to better its power-faulty cord, low-power LED (despite claims of being surgical-grade lens), faulty swing arm, loose-prone screws, overheat-prone system, and an easily imitated design.


  • Light & Portable
  • Ample Mirror Dimensions
  • Tru-Lux Light System for Natural Illumination
  • Sturdy Frame
  • Modern Stainless Steel Finish
  • 5x Magnification Capacity


  • Loose-Prone Screws
  • Highly Imitated Design
  • Faulty Swing Arm
  • Overheat-Prone
  • Low-Power LED Life (despite claims)
  • Problematic Sensor Touch
  • Cord takes time in channeling power; some cords prove problematic

Why choose it?

  • This simple-to-use product bears a complicated design, as seen on its highly modern look. But beyond its stainless steel glimmer, it shines with the best, and most natural lighting possible—the lighting standard for theatre makeup efforts.

14. Simplehuman Sensor Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

It may just be one of the best, not the best, magnifying makeup mirrors that made it in your list, but it certainly ranks with a soaring “Premium Pick” title no other product can snatch to date!

It should not surprise anyone that another steel-glimmering Simplehuman makeup product makes it in our list. And, the fact that it earns the “premium” tag would already speak with a “had it coming” tone.  

For one thing, the product shines with the glaring potentials impossible for any regular makeup mirrors can obtain. It might appear identical to its previous counterpart, but it never is. Being a standalone wonder, the product impresses by correcting the mistakes its previous model has had to bear. Another difference it has from the previous model is that it’s got a base. More so, it appears simpler.

However, make no mistake about its mirror’s tilting head, for such feature provides users the liberty to stand while doing makeup. More so, the feature also showcases the mirror’s 5X magnification with the desired seamless reflection.

What about its lighting? It certainly got the same lighting capacity as its precedent, but it has a more improved lighting to note. Experts also noted that besides earning the same natural lighting tendencies, it now delivers to expectations of it being surgical-grade LEDs.

It appears to have narrower mirror width, but with longer-standing package. This exact feature exists, according to experts, to satisfy a sitting makeup effort.

By all means, all these advantages would not mean to say that our premium product is without faults. Its disadvantages cover an overheat-prone and flimsy base, a problematic on/off and light sensor system, a high-battery power-consuming system, a tendency to require unnecessarily long time for charging, and a highly imitated design.


  • Tru-Lux Light System for Natural Illumination; High & Long-Powered
  • Sturdy Frame & Mirror; 5X Magnification
  • Adjustable Mirror Tilting Head
  • Longer Height
  • Light & Portable
  • Modern Stainless Steel Finish


  • Problematic Touch Sensor
  • Highly Imitated Design
  • High-Battery Power-Consuming
  • Flimsy & Overheat-Prone Base
  • Narrower Mirror Width
  • Takes time charging
  • Tilting encourages loosening of the screws

Why choose it?

  • The product is a premium makeup aid and it perfectly suits a sitting makeup effort for taller people.

15. Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror

Last but surely not the least entry in our list of the best lighted makeup mirror. While Simplehuman grabs two places in our list, Conair seals an equal fate with its iconic double-sided lighted makeup mirror!

The only oval-shaped mirror in our list, this Victorian-inspired model from Conair firstly satisfies as an eye-candy, before fulfilling practical logic. Beaming with the softest light possible, its LED lighting system earns just it. And, that’s where our problem lies.

Perhaps, the product’s lighting is just too soft to illuminate. Testers of the product confirm that its standard lighting measures up to 100-300 nm. It’s a bar just below the average low light measurement. Based on this, it would be safe to assume that its LED is not only soft, but also low. It’s in fact, too low to illuminate grains, textures, tone, and hue.

As per the design, the product’s polished chrome finish is considered by many users as its main source of visual excellence. Fortunately, it works more than that. Obviously, the chrome finish contributes to the overall sturdiness of the product.

With truly genuine features—20 watt-replacement bulbs, on/off line cord switch, 360-degree rotation, double-sided mirror, and a lot more, the product proves to be an unmistakable makeup mirror icon.

Outside, its low LED lighting capacity, other drawbacks of the product include a flimsy base, a difficult-to-replace battery positions, a loosening-prone set of screws, a lack of other controls, an overheat-prone base, a high power-consumption, and a problematic power button.


  • Oval Shaped Mirror w/ Ample Dimensions
  • Double-Sided Mirror
  • 360-Degree Rotation
  • Polished Chrome Finish


  • Loose-Prone Screws
  • Difficult to Replace Battery Positions
  • Extremely Low Light Intensity
  • Lack of Controls
  • High-Power Consumption
  • Problematic Power Button
  • Flimsy & Overheat-Prone Base

Why choose it?

  • The product impresses being one of the sturdiest and low-maintenance makeup tools in the market. Eventually, it works best for makeup artists who prefer both stretched and lengthened reflection.

5 Known Makeup Mirror Types

Many people end up not feeling satisfied with their makeup mirrors. Several factors are at play in this. The quality of the product, for the most part, determines the buyer’s satisfaction.

Now, it would be impossible to become wise in picking the best product without being immersed in its universe. Part of immersing into its universe is knowing its types.

Each mirror type works its own purpose. Matching its purpose to your purpose usually leads to happy buying!

Here are the types of makeup mirrors for your own perusal:

1. Tri-Fold Mirrors

As suggested by its name, a tri-fold mechanism provides the user with the most angles for viewing one’s face. Besides the frontal reflection, one has got to see both sides of the face through the extensions.

In most mirror designs, especially among the modern ones of today, the three sides receive equal measurements, magnification and lighting.

2. Wall-Mounted Mirrors 

A mirror under this type or category includes a hook in its back for wall mounting or attachment. It gives the user the leverage to choose the best spot for facing or using the mirror. It also saves space from tables, desks, and other flat areas where the user can instead work on other tasks.

Mirrors in this type are commonly enclosed in a very strong and durable frame. 

3. Vanity Mirrors

Hollywood mirrors. Makeup mirror area. These are how vanity mirrors are also referred to. Most vanity mirrors are stationary as they tend to be too heavy for constant mobility.

A mirror under the vanity category, usually has the most massive dimensions, as it is intended to act as a permanent makeup spot surrounded adorned with lights along its edges. It’s this very trait of a vanity mirror that makes it the model for today’s several lighted makeup mirrors.

A vanity mirror usually comes with a drawer or storage areas for makeup tools.

4. Table Top Mirrors

The handiest and most portable makeup mirror type, the tabletop mirror bears a base/stand that allows it to stay on top of a table/desk. As long as the surface it’s standing on is flat, it will strongly hold on to the table.

Now, the table top mirror has also two subtypes: oval/circular and rectangular/square. The oval/circular table top mirrors have the same known base, various magnification degrees, and an internal lighting system.

The rectangular/square table top mirror, on the other hand, exhibits a tilting instead of a magnifying mechanism. It has an external lighting system.

5. Travel Makeup Mirrors

A mirror under this category is light, portable, compact and sometimes collapsible. It’s mean, by all means, for quick packing and storage.

How Much Magnification Do I Need?

The crystal clear and seemingly sophisticated reflection of our actual ‘self’ in the mirror may already seem pleasing. But, to tell you honestly, it isn’t. The mere reflections, in the context of the more complicated pursuit of determining the best magnifying degree, will never be enough. 
You see, mirror magnifications fulfil advantages you never knew you needed. Whether you’re tweezing, trimming your hair, or putting makeup on, magnification degrees in the mirror makes up for the perfect grooming result possible.

best lighted makeup mirror

But, as it turns out, setting the standard for the perfect magnification degree is as simple as it is complicated. Spotting the best magnification degree is, by all means, an impossible feat. Perfect is just too trivial a standard for categorizing the right magnification. 

Perhaps the question, “how much magnification do I need” could answer up. Apparently, this question brings forth a tricky, but a helpful answer to itself. On the one hand, it should tell you when a close reflection is being too close that it’s bad. In any of our mirror in the list of the best lighted makeup mirror you will find the perfect balance.

In this case, let’s simplify the degrees in a range of 1-10.

1-2X: Considered the weakest magnification degree, it only best fits small mirror sizes as it does not blur reflection when mirror’s held up close. In the strictest sense, it almost does not increase image size. 

5X: Considered as the average zooming capacity, this degree fits common mirrors for tweezing, shaving and makeup. 

It increases image just enough for the user to acknowledge the grain and texture. 

Mirrors with this degree are very common and are readily available in the market. 

7-8X: Considered the optimum borderline between a fine-visioned to a poor-visioned perception, it increases images to their deepest and littlest detail. Matched with the proper lighting, this magnification degree can distinguish makeup color tones vis a vis natural skin color tones. 

This magnification degree does not complement well with small-sized mirrors. The result you’ll get from this unlikely pairing is a blurry image. 

Mirrors with this degree best fit tweezing and makeup application on eyes, brows and other delicate areas in the face. Apparently, it fulfills delicate makeup and tending like plucking or attaching false lashes, treating acne, etc. 

10X: Considered to be an intense magnification. Rare. Almost far-fetched. But, that does not mean it doesn’t exist. 

Magnification of this degree very rarely makes it in the industry as a means for self-surgery (heavily encouraged by medical professionals). It also fulfils assistance to makeup users with poor eyesight.

Spotting the Right Lighting Quality

The right make up mirror lighting, if not the perfect, accounts for several successful makeup efforts. However, lighting, as you perceive it may be different from the actual light it gives. Apparently, there isn’t one lighting configuration for all. Putting makeup on broad daylight results differently from that done on a control-lighted environment. 

Setting good lighting for your best makeup experience is one tricky subject. If you choose any of the mirrors from the list of the best lighted makeup mirror, you might not be worried about it. Oftentimes, it requires pairing the light with the type of makeup mirror you are using. It even becomes more dumbfounding when you realize that the lights are integrated into the mirror you are buying. 

In this case, you can only hope for the best. That the brand you’re picking must’ve done the matching for you. 

Lighting works hand-in-hand with mirrors in achieving the genuine full-display of colors, depth, tone and texture in the reflection. 

Now, for your own information, our team will be shedding light on the lighting for your makeup needs. 

Here they are:

1. Natural Day-lighting

Natural daylighting is literally actual daylight. The intensity of its light source can be both extremely high and low. 

You will have less control with this kind of lighting, so might as well expect casted shadows and unnecessary gleam. 

One thing you can be happy about this is that its quality is all but natural!

2. Simulated Lighting/Fine Lighting/Incandescent Lighting

This type of lighting fits mirrors with 1X-10X magnification degrees. Apparently, it’s a type of a white lighting that is soft (with halo effects), warm and gentle to the eyes. 

Fortunately, it lacks the gleam. Unfortunately, it also happens to lack the dazzle effect. The dazzle effect is an essential lighting effect that illuminates just right to eliminate shadows.

3. Fluorescent/LED Lighting

This is an advanced type of lighting that makes use of LED or fluorescent bulbs. Also gentle to the eyes, having utilized white light glow, it achieves the essential dazzling effect. 

Meanwhile, it also illuminates a wider room area, setting lighting mood without having to gleam. Meaning, it’s also gentle to the eyes. 

Its advantage over the regular/traditional incandescent lighting is that it’s closest to achieve daylight effect, it keeps outer light sources from mixing up with the main light, it washes all light sources in a room, it illuminates with color differences and lastly, it lasts longer. 

It best fits both vanity and tabletop mirrors with 1-7X magnification degrees.

What to Look for When Buying Lighted Makeup Mirror?

According to experts, buyers easily fall for the looks donned by the lighted makeup mirrors. Looks are indeed deceiving.

Glossy. Shiny. Well-lighted. Sophisticated mirror surface. Popular brand name.

Who doesn’t fall for these? Yes. They’re nevertheless necessary for spotting the grand ones. However, these traits cannot, and should not, take centre stage over the right buying standards.

If you’re set to finding the grand ones, worry no more. You won’t certainly be deceived by our professional buying guide:

  • Intended Design

What purpose does it serve? Does its design fit its purpose? A tabletop mirror for instance, shall have to satisfy a battery of features before being labelled a table top mirror. A travel makeup mirror, by all means, should be portable, light and easy-to-handle. More so, it should be collapsible so that you can luggage it in.

And, trust the wise—if a product seems undecided on the type of product that it is, then it must be bad. Simple.

Other indicative traits of quality product design include strong suction cups/hooks for wall-mounted mirrors, stable base for table tops, complete accessories for vanity mirrors, etc.  

  • Dimmability

You should be able to control the lighting intensity for yourself or else, not buy that product at all.

The dimmability of the lights, regardless of its dimming mechanism, adds up to an empowered use, leading to a more or less successful makeup results. 

  • Lighting Quality

Does it exhibit a fair to an excellent lighting quality match with its mirror (see our previously discussed lighting types)? Then, there’s a high chance that it could illuminate with a bright future!

LED/fluorescent lights usually provide the best lighting configuration in a makeup mirror set.

  • Magnification Options

The more magnification options the mirror has, the better. Some products are ranged 1-10X, 1-7X, or 1-5X, while others come with just one magnification.

Does this necessarily mean that one has the least options? No. Because it would only highly dependent on the scope of its range. Therefore, between a 10X magnification and a 1-7X magnification, the former wins with the densest options.

What about 1-10X magnification vs. 10X magnification? Is there a difference between the two? The answer is no. Both are the same.  

  • Durability

Regardless of the mirror type, lighting configuration, or magnification options, a lighted makeup mirror has had to durable.

The beast means for testing the product’s overall durability is by literally feeling and determining the quality/type of the frame/coating.

Chrome, stainless steel, and aluminium frames usually tend to be most durable.

  • Mirror Quality

Mirror quality deals with the smoothness, naturalness and clarity of the reflection despite shifting magnifications.

You can best test the mirror quality by changing magnifications and observing transitions between image sizes.

Other indicative features of a quality mirror include broad dimensions, 3-panelled mechanism, and rotating/swivelling heads.

How to Use the Lighted Makeup Mirror and Make the Best Out of It?

Now that you’ve got your hands full of the high-caliber makeup mirror prospects from our list of the best lighted makeup mirror, it’s high time that you learn by heart the right moves in using it.

A lighted makeup mirror functions entirely different from any regular mirrors. Obviously, it’s got lighting set-ups to consider, an array of magnifications, some accessories, plus other extensions.

Without the full knowledge over the tool’s full functionality, you’ll only cause to be counter-productive. And, as a consequence, you surely won’t be able to make the best out of it.

Fortunately, we’ve listed some easy tips on how to use the tool and make the best out of it.

Don’t forget to zoom in!

1. Always make it a habit to dim lights. If you want both natural light and natural reflection, make it a habit to dim the lights regardless of its type.

Dimming the lights also allows the colors to actually stand out. With this secured, you can achieve full control over the right makeup colors to apply into your face.

2. Take time in positioning lights to cause the least shadows cast.

Positioning, or re-positioning the lights take time. You can only decide if the lighting is perfect when there’s the least shadow cast.

However, it’s never a piece of cake, so you might as well exercise your patience even more. Shadows create illusions in your face, and most of all, lose your sight over the tone, texture and depth of the colors you apply.

3. Use the magnifying side after putting on makeup, not before it. Magnification eventually guides you into which part of the face you’re applying the makeup. However, once the makeup is applied, you are to switch back to the regular state as the magnification somehow blurs real sight. Only use magnification to check into irregularities and other detailed aspects in the face.


Which is better for makeup: warm or cool light?

The best lighting mode for makeup is warm or natural light. Nothing beats that.

Is LED lighting best for applying makeup?

Yes. It’s the best lighting for makeup. And, it’s energy-efficient!

Can a LED-lighted makeup mirror harm my eyes?

On a general tone, it can’t. However, if you brighten it upright at a dangerous level, you’ll certainly expose your eyes to real harm!

Is Fluorescent light okay for makeup?

Yes. It is. But, it can’t be better than LED.

What makes the best lighted makeup mirror?

A set of advantages and intuitive points makes the best lighted makeup mirror. Above all, portability and empowerment speak much about the product’s sophistication.


From our immense reviews and ranking of the best lighted makeup mirror, we’re able to determine that lighted makeup mirrors are best measured through known criteria—mirror quality, durability, magnification options, lighting quality, dimmability, and overall intended design. These criteria prove to be the genuine sellout standards for the lighted makeup mirror.

Our team was able to deduce Bestope, Mirrormore, Chende, Fancii, Waneway, etc. as the ruling brands in this list. Common advantages cited among these brands had to do with practicality and empowerment.

Easy charging/recharging. Portability. Magnification options. Perfect lighting-magnification match. Durability. These particular advantages advance the lighted makeup mirror as the new trend (as well as means) in achieving the best, if not perfect, makeup result!

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