Best Keratin Treatments for Curly Hair

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Doing Keratin Treatment for curly hair is merely training your hair to become the best version of its quality. 

Keratin treatment, or other treatments in that matter, cannot promise long-term results. You can’t expect to have permanent straight despite many treatments. 

However, you can only hope that your hair, as it has been trained by the treatments, finally yields to its best state through time.

What’s the Best Version of Your Hair, then?

What is the best? How can you even measure up to a highly subjective standard?

For others, ‘best’ is determined by the most manageable hair. A once curly, but now straight and brilliant hair type. A smooth frizz-free hair. A hair with impressive volume. The standards can be as many as you please. 

Now, let’s zoom into keratin treatment for curly hair– the expectations, realities and other issues surrounding it. 

This article will walk you through the many options for keratin treatment for curly hair. 
Go fix your hair, and let’s experience the best keratin treatments for curly hair.

What is Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair?

The Keratin treatment for curly hair is a process involving the application of concentrated chemicals into curly hair. The main objective of the treatment is to stabilize the production and utilization of keratin in the hair and skin.

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Keratin is a form of protein responsible for coating the hair and skin to protect them from damage. Various factors cause damage in the hair. Apparently, malnourishment and stress stand out as the main culprits. 

The treatment boosts the production, use and eventual functionality of keratin in the body, and then directs it to the hair. 

Upon application, you can expect your hair to give in to the chemicals and display semi-permanent results. 

For years, the said treatment has had seduced many a population of hair enthusiasts consisting mainly of women but is also now membered by men. As a result, the treatment now ranks among the most popular hairstyling efforts in the industry. 

Parallel to that, it also earns caution from conservative hairstylists as it is by all sense, risky due to its application of highly-concentrated chemicals.

Best Keratin Treatment Reviews: Determine which Treatment is Best for Your Curly Hair

Going under keratin treatment is a very intuitive affair. You have got to have full knowledge over your hair type, know it to its core and determine its needs to be able to actually hit the spot. 

But, it isn’t enough. You also have to be familiar with some of the keratin treatment essentials ie., terminologies, peripheries, expected outcomes to be able to communicate well with your stylist. 

How do you learn of these treatment types? 

You’ve got the internet for starters. But, if you aim to be certain if you’re hitting the right keratin treatment for your curly hair, don’t hesitate to consult the experts or perhaps, your personal hairstylist. 

Let’s start off here…

1. Japanese Keratin Treatment

Also known as thermal reconditioning, the Japanese keratin treatment or, more popularly known as Japanese hair straightening treatment ranks among the most popular hairstyling/conditioning efforts to women. 

Women are literally obsessed with how such treatment straightens curly hair like a miracle. 

Through such treatment, women get to enjoy sleek, straight, brilliant, glossy and flowing hair. 

However, very much like its main treatment source, this one also earns a few irks here and there for its otherwise damaging effects. 

What are its agents in the first place?

Of all hair straightening/keratin treatments we rounded up, this one proved to be most aggressive. The use of formaldehyde-potent producing chemicals involved in this treatment makes it a ticking time bomb. 

One wrong move will throw all your hair hopes to oblivion. 

All-in-all, this treatment works best for curly, kinky and even wavy hair types. 

Speaking from the pocket, the treatment sparkles with dollar signs because it is the most expensive option on the list. 

The effects of the Japanese straightening/keratin treatment last for 3-4 months. 

  2. Keratin Express

If you’re looking for a practical, plain and affordable means of straightening your slightly curly hair, then you’d be pleased with the Keratin express.

The Keratin express works as traditional treatments do. It does not require much cost, effort and time to fulfill your desire. It can straighten, condition, de-frizz and enhance the color of your hair in just half an hour.

Many prefer this treatment over other treatments for its ability to strengthen the hair. Involving only fewer chemicals, this treatment is an example of traditional hair-conditioning effort.

It’s the second-most-popular treatment on our plate.

The only problem customers find from it is the short duration of its effects; its effects are known to be visible on the hair for not more than 4 weeks.  

All-in-all, it’s a quick configuration with the least hassle. Although it only guarantees 50% of the total expected result, it’s still important to many because of its safety. In fact, it’s the safest option on the list. 

3. Soft Keratin Treatment

Perhaps the most reviewed treatment second to a Japanese keratin treatment, the Soft Keratin treatment is a medium solution for frizzy medium-textured, thickly curled hair.

Earning an equal reputation from that of the former, this treatment involves aggressive chemicals with the aim of enhancing the hair shape.

This popular treatment is perfect for those with medium-textured curly and wavy hair who don’t want to straighten their hair all-out. This treatment is special for just that reason.

It does not fully straighten the hair, but smooths and de-frizzes it to become more manageable and define.

It slightly straightens the hour though. It only does it to an extent where the ends don’t necessarily fall straight.

Like its Japanese counterpart, this treatment further requires careful and knowledgeable manipulation from hairstylists.

4. Brazilian Blowout

Another popular traditional hair treatment is the Brazilian blowout. It works for those are eyeing for a straight, smooth, glossy, lank and flowing hair, they are sure to be delighted with this treatment.

The main objective of this treatment, besides straightening hair, is to add volume and nourishment to it. In order to do so, it relaxes the hair strands deep into their follicles.

Reorienting the keratin distribution in the hair throughout, the entire process builds a protective sheet of nutrients along the shaft.

Of all the treatments we presented herein, this one seemed the most heavily-customized method. As a result, it has accumulated more than 3 bonding techniques over the years.

Going through major customizations from hairstylists, this treatment proves to be the most flexible of all. Meaning, it can actually work for all hair types.

More so, it has got neutral compounds to be able to successfully pair with more than 2 hair solutions.

How Does Keratin Treatment Benefit Me?

For the past few years, Keratin treatment has pleased women and men across the world. At the same time, it also damaged a few hairs here and there.

But instead of abandoning the Keratin treatment, people improved on it, swearing to do it right. In fact, many of them, particularly the ones with curly hair, deemed Keratin treatment as the sole solution for messy, frizzy and dry hair.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the benefits keratin treatment can offer…

  1. It (Keratin treatment) adds volume to your hair.
  2. It decreases your dependence on blow-dryers.
  3. It adds weight in your hair, making it bouncy.
  4. It strengthens, hydrates and nourishes your hair.
  5. It stabilizes the production and consumption of keratin in your hair.
  6. It coats the hair and keeps its natural curls.
  7. It de-frizzes hair.
  8. It straightens thick curly hair.
  9. It corrects hair growth.
  10. It trains your hair to become the best version of its quality.

 It trains your hair to become the best version of its quality.

What are the Side-Effects of Keratin Treatment?

As I mentioned before, Keratin treatment is one risky solution.

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However, it can only be as safe as you set it to be. Basically, it would be unfair to attribute the side-effects to the treatment per se. These problems arise due to the negligence and ignorance of those mal-practicing the treatment—people who call themselves ‘real’ hairstylists.

For your knowledge, here are some notable side-effects of mal-practiced Keratin treatment:

  1. It may indirectly cause cancer.
  2. It may trigger breathing problems.
  3. It can cause irritation in the skin.
  4. It can dry out and brittle hair, damaging it instead. 
  5. It can expose the skin to chemical allergy.

Can Keratin Treatment Permanently Straighten My Hair?

Keratin treatment is the closest solution for straightening your curly hair. It does straighten your hair depending on the concentration you prefer. 

Its approach in correcting curls varies depending on the specific treatment type.

But, can it keep hair straight permanently?

I would like to be positive on this one and rephrase the answer. It straightens hair for the longest period of time, but not permanently. There are various factors at play here– hair response to chemical, quality of routine, amount of time spent on the treatment, etc. 
Keratin treatment results are never accurately identical as one result varies from the other.  However, if it’s properly executed, it should work.


Can Keratin treatment potentially damage my curls?

No. It only enhances the quality of your curls for definition. Other keratin treatment types remove curls entirely, but not damage them. After many months, you should get back your curls.

Can I use Keratin shampoo for my curly hair?

Yes. You should. It’s actually good for your curly hair.

Our Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment the same?

They are alike in terms of relaxing the hair. But, they are distinguished by intensity. Brazilian blowout works only to de-frizz hair without entirely flattening the curls, while keratin treatment straightens hair more intensively.

Should I wash my curly hair every day?

No. Washing your curly hair every day will eventually dry your hair.

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