15 Best Insoles for Work Boots

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Are your feet, ankles, knees, and back hurting after a day’s hard work. You may be lacking shoe support! Even if you got the best work boots, if you are lacking boot insoles, your body will still be screaming for help. Not to mention, it will make you more productive and comfortable at work.

Best Insoles for Work Boots

The best insoles for work boots should suit your foot type and address any lingering foot issues. Apart from that, the best shoe insoles can also make shoes a size bigger still fit you! 
You don’t have to put up with aching feet all day! We have gathered 15 of the best shoe insoles for your perusal.

15 Best Insoles for Work Boots

1. SUPERFEET (Copper)

best insoles for work boots on concrete

Superfeet provides full support and comfort for long walking and prolonged standing on concrete grounds.


  • Memory foam insoles
  • Has a synthetic sole
  • Made with an odor control coating
  • Provides moderate arch support

One of our recommendations for the best shoe insoles for standing all day! It can provide full support even if you’re standing on industrial concrete grounds. You can say goodbye to sharp and tight foot pains. This debilitating pain will no longer hinder you from doing your best at work.


  • Can provide support to all foot types
  • Works great for sporty activities such as tennis
  • Conforms to the shape of your foot
  • Feels very comfortable
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Removes pain on the balls of the feet
  • Has a decent price tag


  • Has a break-in period

Why we love the product

Rehab and therapy can cut a hole in your wallet. But if you’ve lingering have foot issues, the pain becomes so unbearable that you don’t have any choice but to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist! Aside from your foot, your ankles, legs, and back will hurt too! Superfeet is the next best thing to a rehab! We wore it for a single day and the foot pain and fatigue were all gone.

It also provides foot support for plantar fasciitis. Be it for work, sports or walking, you’ll never wear your shoes without SUPERFEET again.


work boot insoles

Looking for an insole that can give great support for your high arches? FORM is one of the few insoles that can accommodate your high arch!


  • Has a rubber sole
  • Made up of 80 percent EVA foam
  • Semi-rigid arch support
  • Has a comfort shaped arch design
  • Boasts of special fabric for moisture and odor control
  • Provides high arch support
  • The base of the insole is moldable

These insoles are made for high arches! There are several brands that claim such, but only to find out that it’s lacking. Ths brand certainly lived up to its claim. It’s perfect to wear for any sports activity, absorbs shock, and stabilizes the foot. Therefore resulting in lesser pain or no pain at all!


  • High arch support works as the brand claims
  • Provides great pain relief for a variety of foot issues
  • Great to wear for sports
  • Stabilizes the foot and corrects your gait
  • Conforms to the shape and movement of the foot


  • The insole is a bit narrow for some
  • Not that durable

Why we love the product

The shock absorption score is fantastic and this insole adapts to your foot movement. That’s why it’s very comfortable to wear when you’re engaging in physical activities. It also feels like you’re wearing custom-made insoles! And oh, the high arch support is indeed one for the books! The claims are indeed true!

3. ARIAT (Wide Square Toe Men’s)

best work boot insoles

You will never wear your cowboy boots without this insole. It provides relief and support for your feet and legs. And it perfectly fits wider toe boots.


  • Made of a gel heel
  • Made for wider square toes
  • The heel and foot pads are filled with gel

Cowboy boots seem fab and stylish, but it can be a bit of a pain in your legs and feet. Especially, if you’re going to be up on your feet the whole day. This insole is made for those rugged fab shoes.


  • Great insoles for boots
  • Feels comfortable and soft to walk on
  • The wide square toes fit most boots perfectly
  • Durable and lasts for some time
  • Provides good arch support and cushion
  • Helps deal with fatigued feet
  • Promotes proper posture
  • Preferred insoles of equestrian athletes


  • A bit expensive

Why we love the product

Is you’re looking for a design that would fit in your square toe boots, this is definitely it. We love how we can walk the whole day in our boots and yet our legs and feet don’t feel any fatigue. It allows you to do more, especially if your work entails standing for a long time and running errands! 


MEN’S DXT by Danner provides serious shock absorption with its tri-density heel system.


  • Made with an X-static lining 
  • Has a TPU X design ( heel stabilizer cup)

When it comes to shock absorption and knee protection, these insoles mean serious business. Its unique design boasts of a stabilizer heel cup that doubles its shock absorption score. 


  • Provides double shock absorption for knee protection
  • Keeps feet cool and fungus free
  • Great footbeds- eliminates heel and ankle pain
  • Has two cushioning layers and another layer for the heel
  • Prevents your feet from slipping
  • Greatly reduces stress on the knees
  • Conforms to your foot’s shape


  • Some find the cushioning a bit too firm

Why we love the product

If you’re looking for firm support, this uniquely designed insole is for you. It’s perfect for running long miles too. We noticed how stable our gait was, and the knee protection was beyond our expectations.


Feel like you’re having a massage as you walk on these gel insoles! It relieves foot pain and eases fatigue.


  • Trim to fit
  • Gel insoles
  • Provides low arch support

These insoles are popular for their therapeutic effects. The massage-like action results in better blood circulation and lesser foot pain. In addition, the thick heels add a layer of support and improve your gait.


  • Made of breathable fabric that helps control moisture and odour
  • Can be trimmed to fit different types of shoes
  • Has an antibacterial material that keeps away bad odours
  • Has an affordable price
  • Relieves low back pain caused by foot discomforts
  • Has great heel support
  • Relieves foot pain associated with prolonged standing on concrete
  • Has an anti-skid technology
  • Quite durable


  • The insoles are quite thick

Why we love the product

It’s so soft and comfortable to walk on! We love how every step felt like a massage! We don’t mind manning the booth the entire day with these insoles! Since it has an antimicrobial feature, you don’t have to worry about stinky feet! Just pure comfort with each step!

6. SPENCO (Polysorb Heavy Duty)

Spenco provides an extra amount of support and is one of the most affordable insoles that really works.


  • Made of EVA foam
  • Made of a 4-way stretch fabric
  • Has an antimicrobial technology

Feel like you’re standing on pillows with this Spenco insoles. It provides maximum support for your feet and legs. Whether you’re standing on concrete or asphalt grounds, these insoles will never hurt. And with the maximum foot support it provides, it can quickly relieve back pain


  • Provides great cushioning for standing on concrete floors
  • Has a decent price tag
  • Can be trimmed to fit hiking boots
  • Recommended for hiking
  • Durable
  • Has a great shock absorption score
  • Has a non-skid footbed
  • Helps relieve back pain


  • These insoles are quite thick
  • Lacks arch support
  • May not fit dress shoes
  • The arch on the insoles are quite high for flat feet
  • Some find it too snug on their feet

Why we love the product

It feels so comfortable and has a pillow-like cushion but never slips. We can wear this all day without feeling any leg fatigue. And another thing that we liked is that you can wear any type of socks with them. We often wear cotton socks so that our feet won’t slip but with Spenco, you can wear any type of socks that you fancy and still feel stable.


This insole can fix overpronation of flat feet even on the first use. This is one of the best insoles for flat feet.


  • Made primarily for flat feet and plantar fasciitis
  • Has a slim design

No need to get expensive custom made orthotics, Samurai insoles have a unique technology that allows it to fit into any shoes. And it also adjusts and moulds itself to the shape of your foot every time you move. So it provides great support whenever you are walking, jumping, or running.


  • Relieves foot pain associated with flat feet and plantar fasciitis
  • Lightweight
  • The slim design fits in almost all your shoes
  • Conform to the shape of your feet
  • Can also be worn for sports like
  • Feels really comfortable
  • Has a great arch support
  • It has a wider forefoot so it can be easily paired with wide shoes


  • These insoles tend to flatten
  • Not that durable

Why we love the product

This is another insole that we would not walk without! Especially if you’ve flat feet. It provides great arch support and helps with overpronation. No more leg and foot pain!

8. POWERSTEP (Pinnacle)

most comfortable insoles

These are very comfortable insoles that can fit into any shoe.


  • Made of EVA foam base
  • Has semi-rigid arch support
  • Made with antimicrobial top fabric
  • Good for plantar fasciitis, heel and arch pain, flat feet, and overpronation

Custom-made insoles can cause you a lot. But sometimes, you don’t have any choice but to get one, especially if your regular insoles won’t fit any of your shoes. Powerstep is the closest thing to a customized insole. And that’s without the heavy price tag!


  • Suitable for all arch types 
  • Versatile and can fit a wide range of shoes
  • Help relieves heel and foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis
  • Works great for those who are flat-footed
  • Works for those with wide feet too
  • Affordable


  • Not that durable
  • The heel cup tends to get out of place
  • Might not provide full support for those who are a bit on the heavy side
  • Has a break-in period

Why we love the product

Powerstep Pinnacle offers great shock absorption. Foot pain caused by flat feet can be quite debilitating. These insoles instantly relieve the pain. And it’s super comfortable to wear and you can use it in almost any type of shoes. So you don’t need different insoles for your sneakers and work boots! You just need one!


It’s called green insoles because it’s vegan! Free from chemicals and formaldehyde, green insoles aren’t only environment-friendly, it’s also nice to your knees and feet. 


  • Provides high arch support
  • Made of high-density foam
  • Features a biomechanical shape
  • Has a deep heel cup

Superfeet Green insoles offer maximum support. It can be used in a wide array of activities, even hiking. All in all, It provides ultimate support for your feet in work and in the great outdoors.


  • Can fit a wide range of medium and high volume shoes
  • Suitable for working and hiking boots
  • Vegan and free of latex and formaldehyde
  • Provide comfortable cushioning
  • Very easy to slip in and out of the shoe
  • Provides great arch support
  • Offers immediate relief for flat feet and plantar fasciitis
  • Provides support for those with Lisfranc injuries
  • High shock absorption score


  • Makes a squeaking sound
  • The arch base isn’t fully glued to the entire insole
  • Has a break-in period
  • Expensive
  • Not that durable

Why we love the product

It provides unparalleled support for high arches! And if you’ve been hiking and experiencing severe knee pain, this insole will solve that. 

And we rarely come across an insole that’s vegan. You’re giving your feet a treat while saving Mother Earth.

10. SOF SOLE (Men’s AIRR)

Sof Sole helps your fatigued feet withstand that 10-hour shift! It’s made to provide support for those with low arches and flat feet.


  • A gel insole
  • boats of a COOLMAX fabric top
  • Has a low arch support
  • Made for walking, cross-training, and running

It’s a pure cushion and pure comfort. This insole is the basic go-too relief for foot pain caused by prolonged standing on concrete.


  • Ideal for those with flat feet and low arches
  • Made of moisture wick material that prevents bad odor
  • Has a nice heel cushion
  • Relieves hip discomfort caused by foot issues
  • Provides relief for plantar fasciitis 
  • Recommended for long walks.


  • May be too thick for some slip-on shoes
  • This insole is purely cushioned and doesn’t have any structure

Why we love the product

It’s super comfortable! And we felt like we were walking on clouds! It certainly lived up to its name! 

When you have flat feet, the sharp pain can be excruciating with every step. This gel insole can provide instant relief. Now it’s possible to end your long shift with happy feet. And happy feet make you do more things after work! It’s also one of the best shoe inserts for standing all day.

11. SOF SOLE (Athlete performance)

This neutral arch SOF SOLE insoles ample ankle support for those without foot problems.


  • Gel insole
  • Has a neutral arch design
  • Has a moisture management system

If you’re dealing with foot fatigue and pain, these insoles can give you that neutral arch support and ample cushion. People without foot issues often just need neutral arch support to keep their feet and legs fatigue-free.


  • Made for athletes but can also be worn with casual shoes
  • Provide maximum support for walking and standing all-day
  • The arch design fits most foot types
  • Can be trimmed to fit in your shoes
  • Has an odor control system
  • Durable
  • Worth the price
  • Prevents blisters
  • Relieves foot pain
  • Advisable for those with sweaty feet


  • The sizes run a bit smaller
  • Might be too thick for some
  • Not advisable for incline running or other physical activities that involve an uphill motion
  • Not for those looking for high or low arch support

Why we love the product

These insoles kept our feet really dry despite wearing shoes all day. It’s dry, comfortable, and the neutral arch works for people who aren’t really battling some foot issues. So it’s a go-to brand if you’re looking for something to relieve foot fatigue. It can make your feet last for the whole day too!

12. VIVEsole (Plantar Fasciitis)

best shoe inserts for standing all day

VIVEsole provides soft cushioning and support for those with Plantar fasciitis and other foot issues.


  • Specifically made to provide support for those with the following foot issues- flat feet, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, and high arches.
  • Washable material
  • Shock-absorbing insoles

VIVEsole is one of the preferred insoles for people dealing with PS pain. It’s comfortable to walk on and almost feels like your walking on air with its soft cushioning support. 


  • Has a lightweight design
  • Relieves foot pain
  • Has a great cushioning at the heel and forefront
  • Boasts of a great shock absorption score
  • Can be trimmed to fit into your shoes
  • Relieves foot, back, and pain heel
  • Affordable
  • Also recommended for those with sciatica
  • Has an antimicrobial material that hinders bacterial growth
  • Offers a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • The cushion may be too soft for some
  • Feels a bit slippery
  • The material flattens easily

Why we love the product

The soft cushion just feels so light and it’s very relaxing on our tired feet. We also love how dry and stink-free our feet were even after a full day’s work. That’s all thanks to its antimicrobial system that keeps bacteria at bay resulting to sink free feet!

13. TIMBERLAND PRO ( Anti-Fatigue)

work boot insole reviews

You can say goodbye to foot fatigue! Timberland Pro insoles can give foot support for 12-18 hours.


  • Can provide minimal arch support
  • Boasts of an anti-feet fatigue technology

The insole is a bit large and you can cut it so that it fits nicely in any of your shoes. This works nicely for those with wider feet and it’s very easy to trim too.


  • Can adapt to your foot shape
  • Fits men with wider feet
  • These insoles have good odour control
  • Provides a nice cushion for tired feet
  • Perfect for prolonged standing
  • Can regulate temperature


  • Not for sporty activities
  • Can’t provide support for sudden movements
  • Quite expensive
  • Not that durable. The top fabric easily peels off.

Why we like the product

Anti-feet fatigue technology really worked! We were up on our feet for 12 hours and the pain was non-existent. These insoles lived up to its claim! It’s perfect to wear for work and you won’t feel any foot pain at all.


More than just a great cushion, these Comfort insoles can realign your knees and feet.


  • Designed to prevent overpronation ( flat feet) 
  • Made of EVA footbed
  • Specifically made for plantar fasciitis
  • Made with deep heel cups
  • Great for both low arch

COMFORT insoles are living up to its namesake. But there’s actually more to than just comfort with these insoles. These orthotics even help realign the knees and the feet evens out weight distribution and stabilizes your gait. 


  • Very comfortable to wear all-day
  • Can support feet in prolonged standing on concrete
  • Can be used for sports shoes and work boots
  • Offers money-back guarantee
  • Affordable
  • Can be easily trimmed to fit any shoe
  • Has a great shock absorption score


  • Has a break-in period
  • The arch support feels a little bit weird in the first few uses
  • Not recommended for those with a high arch

Why we love the product

Comfort insoles are one of the best insoles for flat feet! It corrects overpronation, lessens the impact on the feet, and the pain was all gone. We also love we can use it for both work and play. It can absorb shock from various athletic activities too.

If you’re looking for ultimate comfort for your flat feet, you should have these on your list.

15. DR. SCHOLL’S (Massaging Gel insoles)

Best Insoles for Work Boots

These insoles provide extra cushion for flat shoes and best for standing all day.


  • Made with massaging gel technology ( Responsive Wave Cushioning)

Dr. Scholl’s is not your regular gel insoles! Made with exclusive massaging gel technology, it bounces back and gives you double support.


  • Can be trimmed to fit any shoe
  • Can be stacked on another insole
  • Adds an extra layer of cushion
  • Relieves fatigued legs 
  • Easy to slip into your shoes
  • Has a reasonable price 


  • Tends to slide
  • Not advisable for running
  • Not that durable

Why we love the product

That extra flat cushion is heaven to your tired legs and feet. It bounces back so you feel more stable as the hours go by. We recommend you use it with your flat shoes or sneakers, it makes a whole lot of difference. And you can even place it on top of the factory insole, that’s more convenient!

Buying Guides: How to Choose Insoles and What to Look for When Buying

Foot pain can be counterproductive. Not to mention, you have to bear with the pain even after you’re done with your shift! 

So why subject your feet to this pain when you can do something about it? The fatigue and pain can be draining. Don’t allow Mondays to already feel like Fridays!

It’s high time to get the best insoles for standing all day! And here are the things to look out for when buying one.

1. What are you going to use the insoles for?

Do you just need an additional cushion for comfort or are there foot issues that need to be fixed? Knowing the answer to this question will take you a step forward in buying the best insole.  

Gel insoles, for instance, are commonly used to provide additional comfort, or if you just want to tighten your shoes a bit. If you have foot issues, on the other hand, orthotics can offer relief to your foot pain by getting to the root cause of it.

2. High arch or low arch?

Knowing your arch type will help you decide what type of support your foot needs. High arches are most susceptible to underpronation. It means that your arches don’t collapse enough to absorb the shock from running or walking. And this puts a lot of strain on your feet. 

If you have a low arch aka flat feet, you’re most likely to overpronate. This in return can lead to a lot of discomfort such as plantar fasciitis. 

There are insoles specifically made for each arch-type. And knowing your arch type will help you a lot in choosing the best insole. 

3. Is it durable?

The best insoles can serve you for 6-12 months. As compared to cheap ones that can be worn out in less than three months. It’s always best to buy insoles that last longer.

4. What other foot conditions do you have?

Knowing the cause of your foot pain is going to give you a better idea of what insole to buy. 

Consider these foot issues when scouting for an insole

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Bunions
  • Athletes’ foot
  • blisters

You should know the problem first before finding the best solution!

With the amount of work your feet and legs undergo in a day, you can never do without insoles. Let’s expound on the benefits of this pair.

Benefits of the Best Insoles for Work Boots

Can you imagine the daily stress your feet are experiencing? Especially if you’ve been standing on concrete for a long time, it doubles up.

Even if you have the best work boots, if it doesn’t have a suitable insole, you could still hurt your foot. And your ankles, knees, hips, and back would soon follow. Not to mention, you’ll slowly feel the fatigue setting in. 

Insoles, when fitted properly, offer a myriad of benefits not just to your feet but to your entire body as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of an insole. We’ll guarantee that you’ll never wear your work boots without one after reading this!

1. Helps lessen or remove  foot pain

When you’re standing for prolonged hours, especially if it’s on hard concrete, your foot isn’t forced to adapt to a flattening position. The anatomy of your foot isn’t meant to stand on flat grounds. From the foot, the pain can also travel to your ankle, knees, and legs.

Best Insoles for Work Boots

Our body is naturally wired to undergo a range of movements. Standing on flat grounds puts a limit to it and makes the muscle on your foot and legs weaker. Standing on the flat ground also forces you in an unnatural posture, such as transferring your weight to one side of your body. 

Insoles, not only provide cushioning for the feet, but they also help distribute pressure evenly. So the weight isn’t only directed to a specific region. 

2. Say goodbye to foot issues

Plantar fasciitis is very common in people who are subjected to prolonged standing without proper shoes and insoles. And if you have flat feet, you’re more likely to experience it.

Some insoles are made to support foot issues such as plantar fasciitis. Sufficient foot support means less or no injury at all.

3. Provides arch support

A lot of work boots are lacking this feature. Ironically, this is the most important of all. That’s why there is a need to get the best arch support insoles.

When you walk or run, your arch acts as a shock absorber. So if your arch is fully supported, it will provide better protection to your entire foot. It could mean less impact and lesser foot pain. Moreso if you’re running or walking for miles.

4. Supports optimum performance

This is crucial, especially for athletes. Insoles prevent foot issues and allow the body to maximize its movements. Furthermore, it lessens the risk of injuries.

5. Less entire body pain.

It might seem irrelevant, but if you have a nagging pain in your back and hips, it can be a result of prolonged foot pain. You see, the foot, legs, and feet are interconnected with one another.

6. It helps people with certain medical conditions such as Diabetes. 

Insoles provide relief to diabetic foot. Diabetics often have neuropathy and hypersensitivity on the foot. If not given attention, this can lead to foot ulcers and sores. Not to mention, a single sore can take months to heal!

7. Prolongs the life of your shoes

Yes, they do! Since insoles act as a cushion, it lessens the impact of your shoe to the ground. Your shoes are spared from a ton of force and pressure from running and walking. 

Who would have known this simple accessory can do a lot of benefits to your body! Before you buy yourself a new pair, let’s see what type of insoles you need.

Types of Insoles

You usually buy insoles for three different purposes- comfort, support, and alleviation of medical conditions.

There is a myriad of insoles to choose from- each is made of different materials, have different shapes, and have different purposes. It might be confusing at first to determine what type of insoles to use. 

Allow us to ease your worries! Listed are several types of insoles and their respective purposes.

1. Gel insoles

Gel insoles are the perfect match for your running and walking shoes. These insoles are great shock absorbers and they lessen the pain on the balls of the feet. Furthermore, gel insoles are equipped with extra cushioning. If you’ve been feeling tired from standing and walking all day, this type of insole provides relief for fatigued and tired feet and legs.

The disadvantage of gel insoles? It’s a bit heavier. But these insoles also has a good grip and could prevent you from slipping.

2. Memory foam insoles

These insoles follow the shape of your feet, memory insoles are quite soft to stand on too. Memory foam insoles provide comfort to tired feet, but it’s quite lacking in support for the heels and balls of the feet.

3. Athletic insoles

These insoles involve more sophisticated technology. And it’s based on the support needed for a particular type of sport. For example, A marathoner would require a different type of support compared to someone who’s engaged in winter sports. These insoles allow the athlete to perform better with no foot pain at all.

4. Orthotic arch support ( can be rigid or semi-rigid)

These insoles are manufactured to support the arch and the heel. There are a lot of good work boots in the market, but most of them lack the proper arch support. 

It distributes weight evenly on both feet and helps align your body. Thus resulting in greater balance and stability. As a result, it lessens foot pain. People suffering from plantar fasciitis can benefit a lot from this type of insole. But take note that these can be a bit uncomfortable at first and it has a break-in period.

5. Cushioned arch support (flexible)

Cushioned arch support is quite similar to orthotic arch support, except for one thing- it’s made with a more flexible and softer material. This material allows for extra cushioning. 

If you want arch support, but your number one priority is comfort, this is the insoles for you. It deals with foot pain, especially if you have been standing for the entire day.

6. Flat insoles

It’s also referred to as replacement insoles. When your original shoe insoles are worn out, you can just easily replace it with flat insoles. It may absorb a little bit of shock but its primary function is to line the base of your shoe. So it’ll be quite thin compared to the other types of insoles.

7. Wool insoles

These insoles can regulate the temperature of your feet. You can wear these comfortably in the summer or even in the winter. You can wear these insoles comfortably in any type of weather.

Getting the suitable type of insole will have a great impact. It can help you perform better at work and foot pain will no longer make you a grouch! You may even have more energy for happy hours!

How to Remove Permanent Insoles from Work Boots

Some boots already comes with an attached insole. This is quite convenient since you don’t need to purchase a separate one. But it can spell disaster once your worn-out insole starts to stink! And it demands replacement as soon as possible!

 It’s not as easy as just pulling it out of the shoes as you would with a removable insole.

So how can you remove them without damaging the material and the shoe itself?

By using a hairdryer! This simple hack is quite easy, but you need the patience to do this!

Since most insoles are attached to the footbed using glue, the heat of the hairdryer can melt the glue! Sounds simple right?

Turn on your hairdryer and direct it at the inside of the shoe. Turn off the blow dryer every once in a while that you feel that a part of the insole is coming off. 

Just repeat the process, until you can remove the entire insole. Just don’t leave your blow dryer unattended! That’s why it’s advisable to turn it off once in a while.

Now that you’ve removed the insoles, it’s time to clean them!

How To Clean Shoe Insoles

Cleanliness is of prime importance, especially when it comes to your insoles! The reality is you don’t clean your insoles regularly, do you? Unless it starts to smell! 

Your shoe can harbour a myriad of germs and bacteria. The combination of bacteria, dirt, and oil results in a stench that can be smelled even from several inches away! That‘s why it’s important to regularly clean them.

Cleaning insoles is not such a daunting task! It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it! 

A hot soapy water solution

1. First things first- remove the insoles from your shoes. Shake it off a bit to remove any visible dirt, dust or lint. Or you may use an old toothbrush to scrub these off. That’ll make cleaning easier.

2. Prepare a hot soapy water solution. 

Use a mild detergent and mix it with a bucket of hot water. Hot water is better than cold water because it helps better in removing dirt.

3. Use a dip bristled brush and dip the ends in the hot soapy water solution.

A quick tip here. Since most insoles are made of synthetic material, you don’t want to oversaturate it with water and soap, it could damage the material. So you must shake off any excess solution on the brush so that the insoles won’t get too wet. 

4. If you don’t have a brush, you can also make use of a sponge to clean your insoles.

5. Use circular motions to scrub off the dirt from the insoles. Pay special attention to the heel and toe part. This is where dirt and bacteria accumulate more. 

6. Brush the insoles as needed, still making sure that you don’t wet it too much.

7. Once you’re done, remove soap residue and visible dirt and wipe it off with a clean cloth.

8. Thoroughly dry your insoles! You can hang them to air dry and ensure that it’s thoroughly dried before putting them back in. If Mr Sun is out, it’s a good idea to lay them in a place where they can soak under the heat of the sun. It dries faster and the sun can also help in killing bacteria and moulds.

Now, what if you don’t have time to wash it or you’re just too lazy but you can’t bear the stench? 

Problem solved! You can disinfect your insoles with these two simple ingredients!

  • Rubbing alcohol

 Alcohol is a powerful deodorizer that can be used to disinfect virtually anything, even your insoles! So let’s make a rubbing alcohol solution that can clean your insoles!

  1. Using a sprayer bottle, mix in equal parts of alcohol and water.
  2. Remove the insoles from the shoes and lay them on a flat surface. Start spritzing the solution on both sides.
  3. Air-dry the insoles and make sure that they’re fully dried before popping them back in! Otherwise, it can be a host to moulds and bacteria and can emit an unpleasant smell.
  • Baking soda

This kitchen staple is also a powerful deodorizer and cleaner! And it’s quite easy to disinfect your insoles with baking soda, not to mention, it’s all-natural!

  1. Place a generous amount of baking soda in a ziplock container.
  2. Remove the insoles from your shoes and place them in the ziplock with the baking soda.
  3. Make sure that the baking soda covers the areas of the insoles.
  4. Leave it overnight. As the baking soda sits on the insoles, it’s going to deodorize all those nasty scents.
  5. Shake off excess baking soda from the insoles and you’re good to go!

See, it doesn’t take much to maintain clean and fresh smelling insoles! Your feet will thank you for it! And we’re pretty sure you don’t want to use shoes that stink, right?

How To Fit an Insole

Wearing a properly fitted insole can make a lot of difference! 

You need to trim the new insoles to fit your shoe. 

How do you go about it?

  1. Remove the factory insoles from the shoe.
  2. Place the factory insole on the top of the new one. From here, you’d be able to see where to trim.
  3. Using a pen, trace the excess.
  4. Cut along the line and you’re going to have a new insole that fits perfectly!
  5. Insert the new insole into the shoe.
  6. Push the heel and make sure the insole is perfectly flat on the footbed. 

And there you have! It’s easier than your kid’s school project!

How Often To Change Shoe Insoles in Work Boots

Well, that depends on how often you use them!

If you’ve been using your work boot every day, it should be replaced every 3-6 months. And if you’re using it less frequently, it should be replaced every 6-9 months. 

Why is there a need to change your insoles whenever they’re worn out already? There are several reasons why:

  1. Dirt and sweat accumulate on the footbed. It’s a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
  2. And when it’s teeming with bacteria, it will most likely have an awful stench.
  3. Worn out insoles can cause back, knee, and leg pain
  4. For athletes, worn out insoles can put them at risk of several injuries.

Oftentimes, when you suddenly feel pain the arch of the feet or legs, it could signal that your insoles need replacement. 

Athletes and sports enthusiasts need to replace their insoles more often. The more intense the activity is, the more likely you’d have to replace them soon.

Here are telltale signs that your insoles are dying to be replaced:

  • It smells already
  • There’s discolouration
  • The insoles seem rather flat than the usual
  • There are cracks on the insole

So once you see these signs, it’s time to get a new pair!

FAQs: Best Insoles for Work Boots

How can I make my boots more comfortable?

First, make sure you have properly fitted boots. Two, wear moisture-wicking socks (this can also prevent blisters). Three, You can make your work boots more comfortable by wearing a suitable insole. The best insoles for work boots on concrete are Superfeet Copper and Jobsite.

and four, make sure the heel caps are in good condition. If not, have them repaired or replaced.

Should work boots be tight or loose?

Work boots should feel comfortable. It should be snug but not too tight that it hurts your big toes. It shouldn’t be loose, as that can cause slipping. And you wouldn’t want your shoe flying up into the air! 

Properly fitted work boots will not only protect your feet, but it will also help you perform better at work with less pain and no injuries.

What do insoles do for your feet?

Insoles protect your feet by absorbing ground impact. Especially for athletic activities, such as running and jumping, these produce a significant amount of impact on your feet. Also, insoles lessen this weight.

Do insoles hurt at first?

There are some insoles, such as the orthotic insoles, that requires a bit of a break-in period. So you might feel a little discomfort on the first use.

Do insoles help with flat feet?

Yes, there are insoles specifically made to address foot issues. These insoles can provide great heel support. And that’s what people with flat feet need the most. The best insoles for flat feet are VIVEsole and Samurai insoles.


Foot pain should be dealt with seriousness. The nagging pain could be counterproductive. Not to mention, it could worsen your existing foot condition. 

There are two major reasons for wearing insoles- comfort and correct foot issues. Either which, you’d want insoles that are suitable for your needs. 

To wrap it up, keep these in mind when buying the best insoles for your works boots

  • Type of arch support needed?
  • Is it plainly for comfort or are there foot issues that need to be considered?

And there isn’t one size that fits all! We all have a unique foot shape. Choosing the best insole might be such homework at first. Our review will help you thread through this massive selection of insoles!

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