15 Best Hair For Box Braids

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Best Hair For Box Braids

A box braid is a fairly popular hair-braiding style, predominantly popular throughout Africa and some places in the Americas. This kind of twist results in “box-shaped” hair divisions and can be styled using a number of ways. Box braids are generally made with synthetic hair to add length and thickness, but can also be done with natural hair. They are known to be lengthy to install, but easy to maintain and can last for weeks.  

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15 Best Hair For Box Braids

For those with shorter hair but want to show a different hairstyle, then box braids are one of the best. In this list, we have collected the best synthetic hair to use for this style. Adding flair to your otherwise dull hair would be so much easier with these. 

1. Firstcyh Hair Goddess Box Braid 

Box braids are popular because there are so many variations to choose from. A goddess box braid is characterized by unraveled and curly ends and requires quite a lot of effort to make it work. Fortunately, this pre-styled goddess box braid makes it a whole lot easier. 

This goddess box braid manufactured and retailed by Firstcyh Hair is one of the best braiding hair for box braids. You simply need to crochet these extensions onto your natural hair. Firstcyh also makes it easier for you to crochet the extensions because they are already pre-looped.  

All the aspects, even the curly ends, and tied braids before the curls, are done and ready. Their hair strands are made from Kanekalon fiber, the highest grade fiber for synthetic hair. One packaging contains six 20-inch extensions with 24 strands each, enough for a full head. 


  • Great value for the money
  • Pre-styled and looped
  • Soft texture 
  • Color combination is similar to natural hair 
  • Odorless


  • Cannot be recolored

Why You Should Choose?

For cost-efficient and easy goddess box braids, then these Firstcyh box braids are for you. Not only is it one of the best kanekalon hairs around, but the texture and color combinations are also positive added touches.  

2. Innocence EZBRAID

Innocence EZBRAID boasts itch-free and antibacterial Spectra fibers. The issue of itchiness after braiding won’t be a problem with these Spectra fibers. Another reason why the Innocence EZBRAID is on this list is because it is already pre-stretched. Braiders and stylists are advocates of the Innocence EZBRAID because it makes the stretching and feathering needed much more straightforward. 

The braids are also hot water set, so you do not need to worry about any frizz and flyaways. Its ends are also tied up and sealed so they won’t untangle and unravel. Innocence EZBRAID is also waterproof, highly resistant to sweat, and dries quickly. The fibers are lightweight and soft, making the braiding easier on the fingers. 

Innocence EZBRAID come in lengths of 20, 26, and 30 inches, many color options, and either in singles or a pack of eight. 


  • Spectra fibers are itch-free 
  • Pre-stretched and hot water set
  • Soft and comfortable on the fingers 
  • Different colors 
  • Waterproof and quick-drying


  • Does not last that long; looks worn after a few washes 

Why You Should Choose?

Innocence EZBRAID is one of the highest-quality braiding hair for box braids. They are comfortable on the hands and scalp, and the pocket because of its great value. They do not last that long, but braids are typically changed after three to four weeks anyway. They are of good quality enough to last that long.  Surely this is one of the best hair for box braids

3. Flyteng Senegalese Twist Braids 

The Flyteng Senegalese Twist Braid is one of the top box braids choices today if you want to sport Senegalese box braid twists. They are perfectly styled and have different colors for different personalities. Soft, natural shining, and wavy describe the strands of this extension. It is effortless to install and is easily manageable because of its relatively lighter weight than most. You can also split the strands to double the twists, making it look fuller. 


  • Available in many colors 
  • Easy to use and manage 
  • Easy installation 
  • Can split the braids to double it 
  • Made from premium heat-resistant Kanekalon fibers


  • Only one length at 18 inches

Why You Should Choose?

The Flyteng Senegalese Twist braids are a great purchase. The soft texture and natural colors are perfect for everyday use. The ability to double the braids make it look fuller than most. Though it may be quite pricey and comes in only one length, the product is worth it. These extensions are one of the best braiding hair brands for box braids. 

4. Geyashi Hair Braids

Twist braids are also popular box braid variations. But as their length and thickness increases, there is a noticeable increase in weight. Geyashi made hairs with lightweight Kanekalon fiber. The arrangement will look like bulky twist braids, but with a fraction of the weight. 

If the default style does not suit your fancy, then the heat resistant threads allow the mending of the braid. The strands are also soft to the touch, tangle-free, and do not contain a distinct odor. They come in natural black that goes well with any eye color and skin type, and color combinations such as black and burgundy, red wine, or grey.  

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Each pack contains 30 strands, enough to make your hair look full. If you want to look natural and complete, then a pack of 6 would do. These come with a crochet needle and gold and silver beads, which is a welcome bonus. You won’t go wrong with this one of the best hair for box braids.


  • Great value 
  • Looks natural 
  • Odor-free 
  • Soft texture and lightweight 
  • Comes with free crocheting needle and beads 
  • Pre-looped Senegalese twists


  • The ends are trimmed a little unevenly and could have been cut better 

Why You Should Choose?

The affordable price of the Geyashi hair braids does not come with any compromise on quality. Proper care allows this extension to last years without any dip in usability.  

5. Dorsanee Jumbo Twist Braids

Made from durable Kanekalon fibers, this three-color braid extension will serve as an eye-catching fashion statement. The exotic colors it offers are one of the qualities that land it on this list. With 11 color variations to choose from, you can select the perfect hue for you. 

Kanekalon fibers are perfect materials for colored extensions because unlike the rest of synthetic threads, the color does not fade away fast. Additionally, they are heat resistant, so you can easily perm them into the style you want. This braid is one of the few ones with neatly-groomed and clean ends. The cords are tight and non-slip. You would not have to trim the ends of the extension or clean the knot before use, saving you time and effort. 

The texture resembles Brazilian hair, soft and pleasant to the touch, and looks natural. These Dorsanee braids are 24 inches long and could reach 48 inches when unfolded. You will usually need five to six packs to fill a head. 


  • Comes in many colors 
  • Color does not quickly fade 
  • No odor 
  • Clean and neat finishing trim 
  • Priced reasonably 


  • When placed in hot water, the fibers get frizzy and tangled 

Why You Should Choose?

This is an excellent option if you are a little low on budget but want a full head braid. This Dorsanee braid sports multiple colors for different fashion senses. 

6. Firstcyh Hair Senegalese Twist Braids 

Another entry from Firstcyh is this 100% Kanekalon fiber box braids, with a lot of noteworthy features. For one, it does not itch a lot. Another is their resistance to moisture. Unlike most fibers, it does not smell or become soggy when worn all day. 

The braids themselves are smooth and wavy and contain no knots. When the braid is set up, it is natural and glows brightly. Each pack of this Senegalese twist braid includes 30 strands. To cover your head, you may need six-packs. The purchase also comes with its crochet needle and rings to decorate your hair with, so that’s a plus. It was easy for us to put this box braids into our list of best hair for box braids

This extension, however, sheds a lot. There is a way to work around this, however. Soak it in warm water, dry it, and then comb it to make all the hair fall off. 


  • Great finishing 
  • Knotless 
  • Easy to install 
  • Looks bright and natural
  • Sweat and moisture resistant
  • Comes with beads and a crochet needle


  • Prone to shedding

Why You Should Choose

The Firstcyh Hair Senegalese Twist Box Braids deserve to be tried when looking for ways to groom your hair. The premium quality strands, its resistance to moisture, and its knotless design make for a great experience when using it. It is one of the best knotless box braids on the market today. 

7. XCHSLB Medium Box Braids 

Made from quality fibers meant to withstand high temperatures, XCHSLB Medium Box Braids will not disappoint you. They have a beautiful and natural texture and are lightweight, so you won’t tire even when wearing them all day long. The finishing is made soft, pretty, and neat. Water-resistance is also another nice bonus; you don’t need to worry about submerging it in water during beach or pool parties with your friends. 

The box braids come in six colors, ranging from single-toned black to dual-hued brown and black, and four different lengths of 14, 18, 22, and 26 inches. You may need up to 7 packs of the box to fill a full head, each box containing 20 separate braid roots. Installation is made convenient through a latch hook and crochet hook, and the fact that it is already pre-looped further adds to the convenience.


  • Waterproof 
  • Easily installed 
  • Many colors and lengths
  • Pre-looped braids 
  • Free of any odor 


  • No crochet needle included

Why You Should Choose?

The XCHSLB Medium Box Braids are one of the best braids in the market today for jumbo box braids. It is free of odor, the strands are smooth, soft, and looks natural, and the price is reasonable for its quality.  

8. Freetress Equal Synthetic Hair Braids

The Freetress Equal Hair Braids will let you sport Cuban twist hair braids. They are made from high-grade Kanekalon fiber, which is soft and does not readily catch fire because of its non-flammable properties. It looks and feels like natural hair and has a lot of available colors. 

What sets these extensions from others is that you can curl it through bathing the braids in hot water. Not all brands can do this, and this is a plus for the flexibility of Freetress. Professional hairdressers often have this brand in their arsenal, and use it regularly.  A great one from best hair for box braids list.


  • Made from premium Kanekalon fibers
  • Similar to natural hair 
  • Has a lot of colors to choose from 
  • Non-flammable 
  • Can be curled using hot water


  • Only one length at 16 inches

Why You Should Choose?

Allowing the Freetress Equal Synthetic Hair Braids to be curled using hot water already makes it more versatile than most other brands. Adding the other features to it, such as the premium fibers and its variety of colors, means that it is a purchase you will not regret. 

9. AliRobam 24-Inch Box Braids

The AliRobam Box braids come in three different styles: Senegalese twist, Havana twist, and crochet braids. Just from these options alone, you can already note that AliRobam cares a lot about versatility and customization. When you factor in the different color variations, then it is hard to argue against the flexibility of this brand. 

It is made from quality Kanekalon fibers, making it lightweight and natural-looking. The AliRobam braids do not shed, have no odor, and hold for a long time. If it wears off, then it can be installed and fixed quickly. 


  • Has many different styles and colors 
  • Lightweight 
  • Shed and tangle-free 
  • No odor 
  • Is perfect for many occasions 


  • Complaints of it unraveling easily 

Why You Should Choose?

AliRobam Box Braids, with its multiple styles and colors, are perfect for many users of any age and any gathering. Each packet comes with six packs, 22 strands each of 24-inch braids.

10. Liyate Jumbo Braiding Hair

The Liyate Jumbo Braiding Hair, as is in the name, is best for those who would like to sport jumbo box braids. Made from high quality synthetic fiber materials, they are durable and heat resistant, recognized in the hair industry as a heat-friendly fiber. It looks natural and soft, complementing today’s modern fashionable lifestyle. 

It comes in different colors, also in tones of two and three. The hues have been applied using top of the line manufacturing technology. Due to this, you can select the color you want depending on what you are wearing the extensions for, such as a typical office day, a party, or a concert. The quality of the hair is smooth and soft. Liyate, when worn, is a comfortable fit, easy to grab, braid, and twist. 


  • Made of high-quality temperature resistant fiber 
  • Longer than most, with 24 inches length
  • A variety of color options and tones 
  • Easy to wear and maintain 


  • Complaints of hair color not as described. 

Why You Should Choose?

Liyate is perfect for those who like jumbo box braids. It feels soft and looks like natural hair, and is easy to manage. The assortment of available colors and tones make for a perfect fashion statement. 

11. SONNET Jumbo Hair Braids 

One of my favorite from best hair for box braids list. SONNET Jumbo Hair Braids features vibrant colors like pink, yellow, orange, and red. For the bright, cheery, and equally colorful personalities out there, these are perfect for you.  

Even if they look vibrant, bright, and, therefore, cheaply made, SONNET is made with Kanekalon fiber that withstands high temperatures and is of great quality. The synthetic fibers are silky smooth and soft, are odorless, easy to twist, and are a comfortable fit. 

On top of the quality, the packaging is also great. One pack of the product contains three braids in total, and it takes two to three packs for a full head. 


  • Made with premium-grade fiber 
  • Silky and does not tangle
  • A wide variety of vibrant colors  
  • Withstands high temperatures 
  • Easy to twist and manage


  • Quite heavy

Why You Should Choose?

SONNET Jumbo Braids are perfect if you want bright colors for your box braids. They are of premium and smooth quality, and one packaging has three braids, quite more than the usual.  

12.  URNice 18-Inch Box Braids

These braids are made with high-temperature resistant fiber. The result is a beautiful box braid that looks and feels natural, has no smell, and is lightweight.  

URNice braids are easy to install and maintain, and comes with crochet braids for even more convenient application. They come in four color variants and a measure of 18 inches. They are pre-looped, so you do not need to worry about looping them before use.  

One order of this product contains a whopping seven packs, with 20 roots per pack. Usually, one pack is enough to fill a full head. As a bonus, the package comes with a crochet hook and decorative hair jewels. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Looks and feels natural 
  • No scent 
  • Four color variants 
  • Pre-looped and easy to maintain 
  • Lots of braids per pack 


  • Quite hot to wear

Why You Should Choose

If you want one of the best box braids available in the market today, with excellent value for your buck because of 7 packs per order, then go with the URNice 18-inch box braids.

13. VRHot Box Braids 

Another great product from our list of best hair for box braids. VRHot Box Braids is made from low-temperature synthetic fiber. They are durable and lightweight, so it is not a burden carrying them over your head for hours on end. The locks are tight, and the strands are soft and lightweight. It holds for a long time and is not easy to separate. It also comes pre-looped and hooked, so you only need to work towards putting it on your hair. 

There are seven color variations and two length configurations, 12 and 18 inches. You will be given six packs per lot, and usually, that is enough to cover a full head.


  • Sturdy fiber braids 
  • Lightweight 
  • Soft and thick
  • Holds for a long time and fits tight 
  • Seven colors 
  • No smell


  • Longest measurement is 18 inches only 

Why You Should Choose?

VRHot is a fine box braid to try for reliable quality hair that is easy to manage and install. There are no real downsides that can be worked around with this product, and it can be considered a must-buy for hair enthusiasts. 

14. AliRobam 18-Inch Box Braids 

Another variant from AliRobam is their 18-inch box braids, with free and wavy ends. They are made from high-temperature fibers, making them durable and last for a long while. As with their cousin mentioned earlier in the list, these variations are also lightweight, has no odor, holds for a long time, does not tangle, and looks like natural hair. 

One purchase will give you six packs per lot, with 24 strands each, available in 5 colors. Overall, you may need six to nine packs to cover a full head. 


  • Made from high-temperature fiber 
  • A lot of packs per lot 
  • Can be worn all day because it is fit 
  • Can be worn by all ages because it is hypoallergenic
  • Available in 5 color variations


  • Some complaints of heaviness 

Why You Should Choose?

Just like its predecessor in the list, the AliRobam 18-inch braids are reliable purchases at their price point. You will not be disappointed by the product, maybe even delighted by the quality it gives.

15.  Ding Dian Braiding Hair

This high-temperature, Kanekalon fiber synthetic hair extension, is a comfortable fit over your head. It is soft and fluffy while being durable, so no worries about it breaking down. There is no shedding and smell, so that is a plus. The color does not fade quickly, so you won’t need to worry about it looking washed. One pack contains five pieces, and the folded length is 24 inches. An average of 5 to 6 boxes can make a full head. 


  • Made from quality Kanekalon fiber hairs 
  • Color does not fade 
  • Soft and Fluffy 
  • Tight fit 
  • Easy to crochet
  • Comes in dual and triple- toned hues 


  • Quite heavy 

Why You Should Choose

Ding Dian makes high-quality box braids with beautiful color tones that do not quickly fade. Check it out if you want more boldly colored braids with neat ends. 


Buying Guides: What to Look For In The Best Hair For Box Braids

As with all purchases, you have to take a look at different things before purchasing box braids, especially when considering the fact that your hair is visible to pretty much anyone you meet. Here are some of the things to consider when buying yourself a box braids hair extension. 

Quality. The box braids must be made from a high-grade synthetic material. You do not want it breaking down or looking old for only a few washes. You want a product that will last you months at most, seeing as you will most likely change braids after a few weeks at most, depending on your use. 

Comfort and Convenience. Determine if the braids are a good snug fit over your head, how heavy it weighs, and if it can be installed easily without much hassle. A product affording you convenience and comfort is one that may be worth its price. The whole point of buying box braids is to save money and time. If they don’t do that, then it’s best that you don’t buy them at all.

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Color. This is more of a personal preference than anything. Pick the color you like or those that match your skin tone or personality. However, choose one that will not fade quickly even after a few washes. 

Type of Box Braid. There are various types of box braids; goddess, twist, and jumbo, to name a few. Figure out the kind of braid that will suit you most. The good thing about this, though, is that you will not be stuck with one style forever. If things don’t look right to you, then just look for another form. 

Price. Arguably the most critical metric, take careful note of the price. There are surely cheaper alternatives for the more expensive ones, with comparable quality and color. Also, take a look at how many packs are in a lot, and how many lots you may need, then compare it with the per pack cost. You may spend much more on one brand because it may not cover a full head, so you need more packs. 

How do you wash box braids?

People wash the extension braids to keep them shining. To clean your box braids, make sure to wash it for at least once a month with the use of shampoo and conditioner, as you would with normal hair. Before washing the hair, make sure to get it wet first. After washing, apply leave-in conditioners and natural oils to keep the majestic sheen. The braids are as good as new. 


How long does box braiding take? 

Typically, box braiding your hair naturally yourself can take you as long as 8 hours, especially if you are new to the process. As time passes by, you may notice that the process may be cut in half.  

A professional hairstylist will take an even shorter time, about 1-2 hours. If you do not know how to braid, you don’t have a box braid extension, or if you are in a hurry, then go to the stylist for a fast and professional-grade braid. 

How many packs/boxes do I need for a full box braid? 

This depends on the number of strands inside a box, as well as the length and thickness of each strand. A single regular braid contains about 20 to 30 strands, and that is almost always not enough to cover a full head. You may need around 6 to 7 boxes if you want to fill your entire head.

How do I loosen box braids? 

There are numerous methods to loosen a box braid, but here is one of the easier ways. 

– Take a warm shower, wetting your hair in the process. 
– After that, take a hair blower or steamer to loosen the braids further. 
– Take a warm and damp towel and wrap it around your head for an hour or so. 

Heat increases the elasticity of the hair and makes the hair loose. These heat treatments will help you unravel your braid easier. 

How long do I keep my box braids? 

Keep them on for a recommended period of three months only. Anything longer than that, and you may already have problems. The natural hair, as well as growing strands tied into the braid and under it, will twist by themselves, making it much harder to unravel. When you remove them, some natural hair will come off with the box braids, causing breakage of hair.


Box braids are a type of protective hairstyle, wherein it promotes retention of hair moisture, maintenance of hair length, and protection from the hair from the elements. They are also pretty stylish and are a great fashion trend and statement. 

Box braids come in many different styles and colors. It is up to you to choose what style, color, and brand you will go for. Happy hair shopping! 

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