10 Best Hair Dye for African American

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  1. Dark and Lovely Fade Resist
  2. Reshma Henna Hair Color
  3. Clairol Beautiful Collection Hair Color
Best Hair Dye for African American Natural Hair

From luscious cotton candy hue to vibrant red locks, light and bold hair color can make you look extra. It can also change your entire look. And the perfect hair color may even frame your face and brighten it.

But if you have African American hair, lighter colors may be out of the question. And vibrant hues may be out of your league since natural hair can be stubborn. The only way is to bleach it. But bleach can wreak havoc to your hair. You might have to grow out your locks to bring back its glory.

We have listed the best hair dye for African American natural hair so that you can still get those vibrant and light hair colors! Let’s see what brands made it to our list.

Here is the List of 10 Best Hair Dye for African American Natural Hair:

  1. Dark and Lovely Fade Resist
  2. Reshma Henna Hair Color
  3. Clairol Beautiful Collection Hair Color
  4. Clairol Textures and Tones
  5. Lime Crimson Unicorn Hair Color
  6. Revlon Colorsilk
  7. Creme of Nature
  8. One N’ Only Argan Oil Hair Color
  9. Adore Hair Color
  10. Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color 

Top 10 Best Hair Dye for African American Natural Hair (A Product Review)

These hair dyes for natural hair lets you get the hair color that you want. You don’t have to settle for dark colors all the time. Nor do you have to be satisfied with faded hues. 

These brands are also friendly to your natural curls. 

1. Dark and Lovely Fade Resist– Best Hair Dye for Lighter Locks

Lighten your dark natural hair color without the need for any bleach.

Coloring your dark natural hair can be challenging. And if you want a lighter color such as blonde. You have to undergo a damaging process called bleaching. Bleaching can suck the life out of your hair. 

 Do not fret. You can still achieve dreamy light-colored locks with the Dark and Lovely Fade-Resistant hair color. It can cover your gray hair entirely. Among other brands, it can cover gray locks the most. It’s also infused with avocado oil, shea butter, and olive oil that can protect and nourish your hair. 

Your natural hair is more prone to breakage. The natural oils in this fade-resistant hair color can provide your hair from the drying effects of hair dye.

And you get vibrant colors that can last for up to 8 weeks too. It can even transform your dark brown hair to a blonde one. 


  • Covers gray hair 
  • Does not dry out hair
  • Contains natural oils for hydration
  • Prevents hair breakage


  • May take a bit of time 

Why should you buy this hair dye

It’s better than bleach! It can transform your dark hair into a lighter one without the need for harmful bleach. 

2. Reshma Henna Hair Color– Best Hair Color for Natural Black Hair

Colorize your hair the natural way with the Reshma Henna Hair color.

Most hair dyes contain synthetic ingredients. And when you’re allergic to some of it, you don’t have a choice but to skip your dream of coloring your locks. 

You still can! Reshma Henna hair color makes use of henna powder. Henna powder is derived from henna plants. It’s a natural como[und that you can safely use to color your African American hair.

And it’s semi-permanent hair color too. Though it may not last long, it fits those who just want to temporarily change the color of their hair.

It also prevents hair breakage. It contains natural essences that can help seal in the moisture. So your hair won’t dry out And it can also provide coverage for our salt and pepper hair.


  • Natural hair color
  • Helps seal in moisture
  • Can cover gray strands
  • Makes hair shiny


  • Messy to use

Why you should buy this hair dye

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a semi-permanent and chemical-free hair dye. 

3. Clairol Beautiful Collection Hair Color– Best Hair Color for Relaxed African American Natural Hair

If you love neutral and dark hues, the Clairol Beautiful Collection hair color is one of the best options.

When you have your natural hair relaxed, coloring is discouraged. Subjecting it to the dye can further dry it out and cause more hair damage. But with the Clairol hair color, you can safely color your relaxed hair!

It’s infused with Vitamin E, aloe vera, and jojoba oil that can form a protective barrier of moisture for your hair. These compounds also help strengthen the integrity of your hair, so that it can sit stand coloring after a relaxing treatment.

This Clairol hair color for African American hair is a semi-permanent hair dye. It’s a great option if you’re going for a dark or neutral shade. 


  • Can be used for relaxed hair
  • Does not contain ammonia
  • Nourishes hair 
  • Can be used for relaxed hair
  • Can cover gray roots
  • Doesn’t stain skin or scalp
  • Free from the harsh synthetic smell


  • Does not have lighter shade options

Why you should buy this hair color

It’s a gentle temporary hair color for your newly relaxed hair.

4. Clairol Textures and Tones– Best Red Hair Dye for Natural Hair

Color your hair red with the vibrant hues of Clairol Textures and Tones.

Red is a unique and very interesting hair color. You can definitely stand out from the crowd. But your African American hair doesn’t often take it. Sometimes you have to even bleach your hair. And this can further damage it.

If you’re loving red in your hair, you can still get this vibrant color. The Clairol Textures and Tones can give you a vibrant red hair color without damaging your locks.

Aside from red, it also includes a great palette of brunette, blonde, and plum shades. And you don’t have to worry about your hair drying out. It’s infused with jojoba oil, nutmeg, aloe, and jasmine for the needed moisture.


  • Ammonia-free
  • No harsh smell
  • The color washes well
  • Gentle and soft on your hair
  • Safe for curls
  • Easy to apply


  • Can be messy

Why you should buy this hair color

If you’re going for red hue or warm blonde colors, this is a great option.

5. Lime Crimson Unicorn Hair Color– Best Bold Hair Color for African American

It’s a highly pigmented dye that features a range of bold and vibrant colors for a dreamy unicorn hair. 

Some hair colors often wash away quickly. So you may not fully enjoy your unicorn hair. And more often, regular brands have an off-putting smell because of ammonia and other chemicals.

Lime Crimson will give you the best unicorn hair ever. It doesn’t use any developers and can be used straight out of the container. The colors are vibrant and bold. But it doesn’t dry or damage your hair after. Instead, it softens hair at the same time.

You can also unleash your creative side and mix and match colors for lovely ombre and balayage.


  • Has a lovely scent
  • Free from ammonia and peroxide
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Does not need a developer
  • Protects and nourishes hair


  • Not for covering gray roots

Why you should buy this hair dye

If you want bold vibrant unicorn colors, it’s the perfect hair dye for your African American hair.

6. Revlon Colorsilk– Best Permanent Hair Dye for African American Natural  Hair

Color your hair permanent without the harsh chemicals with Revlon Colorsilk.

Permanent hair color may be too harsh on your African American hair. It can strip the moisture off your hair strand and leave it dull and in dire need of moisture.

Revlon Colorsilk is a permanent multi-tonal color for your African American hair. It gives off a high definition color too. The multi-tonal color can make your hair shiny and full of luster. 

Revlon Colorsilk is a highly pigmented dye that can give you long-lasting hair color. And it contains an after treatment argan oil. This rich oil can leave your hair silky and soft. And it can look even better than it did pre coloring.

And the post color treatment smells lovely too. Not that it needs to flush off any off-putting smell. Since it doesn’t contain ammonia and peroxide, it doesn’t have that nasty smell you usually get from your regular hair color.


  • Free from ammonia
  • Infused with argan oil
  • Multi-tonal color
  • Has UV defense complex
  • Has a post color treatment


  • Might not provide gray coverage

Why you should buy this hair dye

If you’re looking for a more high definition hair color for your thick African American hair, the Revlon Colorsilk fits the bill.

7. Creme of Nature– Best Affordable Hair Dye for African American Natural Hair

Get ultra-soft hair post coloring with a highly pigmented and vibrant hair color.

If you’re looking for a hair dye with a lightening powder, Creme of Nature is a great option. Hair dyes with lightening powders often cost an extra 8 dollars or even more. And this brand saves you up on a couple of moolah.

Lightening powders come in handy when you want to lighten your dark hair a bit more. As African American hair is stubborn and less likely to give in to a lighter shade, it’s a great addition. 

And another great feature of the Creme of Nature is how soft it can leave your hair. It’s perhaps the silkiest and the softest we’ve tried. The secret perhaps is with the addition of shea butter in the hair dye. It’s a highly moisturizing agent that can also help seal moisture in the hair. And it comes at a very affordable price tag too.

It also has a non-drip formula so it’s quite easy to use. And there’s less mess too.


  • Easy to use
  • Works quickly
  • Leaves hair ultra-soft
  • Highly pigmented hair color
  • Comes with a lightening powder


  • Might have a strong smell during application

Why you should buy this hair dye

If you’re looking for an affordable, highly pigmented hair color with a lightening powder, this brand is a great option.

8. One N’ Only Argan Oil Hair Color– Best Hair Dye for Gray Coverage for African American Natural Hair.

Cover your gray roots with a micro pigment hair color for a more vibrant finish.

Your regular hair color might not cover all your salt and pepper hair. One N’ Only Argan Oil hair color has micro pigmented colors that makes it possible to cover your gray hair 100 percent.

And another advantage is that it’s infused with a higher concentration of argan oil. This nourishes your hair and penetrates the strands deep within. It can also form a protective moisture barrier. And this can protect your hair during the coloring process.

It also looks rather natural and doesn’t have that flat dye effect that your regular dye has.  


  • 100 percent gray coverage
  • Looks natural
  • Can tame wiry hair
  • Fade-resistant
  • Argan oil protects and nourishes hair


  • Not readily available in the market

Why you should buy this hair dye

It’s the perfect gray hair coverage! The color fades gracefully as the day goes by, but it never goes back to gray.

9. Adore Hair Color– Best Hair Dye for Dry African American Natural Hair

Colorize and intensely condition your dry natural hair with the Adore hair color.

Hair dye can cause hair damage. And if you have dry and damaged hair already, it’s not a good idea to color it. But you still can!

This semi-permanent nourishing hair color is loaded with a lot of naturally nourishing ingredients. It’s perhaps one of the most nutrient-rich hair dyes in the market today. It’s infused with argan oil, Vitamin E, and aloe vera. These nourishing compounds make this hair color gentle even for dry and damaged hair.

It’s also free from harmful compounds such as peroxide, ammonia, and alcohol. It’s close to being an all-natural hair color too. So it’s free from any off-putting smell too


  • Free from ammonia and peroxide
  • Infused with nourishing natural compounds
  • Hydrates dry and damaged hair
  • Does not have any funky smell
  • Looks natural


  • Not for gray hair coverage

Why you should buy this hair dye

It’s an ultra-conditioning hair color perfect for dry hair.

10. Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color– Best Drip Free Hair Dye for African American Natural Hair 

Change your hair color without all the mess with a drip-free hair color cream for curly hair.

Coloring your hair can be quite messy. There can be splatter everywhere. You may even have hair color dripping from your scalp to your forehead. A drip-free cream is a perfect solution for those who don’t want to be hassled with such a mess.

Garnier Nutrisse is so easy to use. It’s a drip-free cream that can transform your dark hair into your preferred hair color.

Another advantage of the Garnier Nutrisse is that it’s ultra-hydrating. It’s teeming at the sleeves with plant botanicals that can hydrate and protect your hair during the coloring process. It contains avocado, olive oil, grape seed extract, and shea oil.


  • Non-drip cream
  • Decent gray coverage
  • Infused with hydrating compounds
  • Easy to use
  • Vibrant lovely colors


  • Might have a bleaching agent

Why you should buy this hair dye

It’s a permanent non-drip hair color that can infuse moisture into your hair.


How to Choose the Best Hair Dye for Your African American Natural Hair (A Buying Guide)

Ready to color your dark hair bold and bright?

Not all hair colors for African American hair are the same. And not all-natural hair falls into the same category. So you need to consider these factors when buying a dye to colorize your dark hair.

1. Type of hair color

There are several types of hair color.

  • Temporary hair colors

This type of hair color can last until your next shower. It’s a perfect hair dye if you just want to change your look for a certain event. And if you’re not sure if a red color will work for your skin tone, it’s a great idea to go temporary first. 

Temporary hair dyes usually don’t contain harsh chemicals since it’s similar to color rinses. 

  • Semi-permanent hair dyes

Semi-permanent hair dyes last a bit longer than temporary dyes. Most semi-permanent hair dyes are free from harsh chemicals. And you need heat treatment to seal the color in your hair strands. And these types of hair dyes are safe for processed or damaged hair.

  • Demi-permanent hair color

Demi-permanent hair dyes may contain peroxide but it’s still free from ammonia. It can’t lighten your hair but it can intensify your hair color.

  • Permanent 

Permanent hair color lasts for a longer time. The color only washes out when you grow your roots. Most brands contain peroxide and ammonia. These two compounds can help lighten the color of your hair. But they do have an off-putting smell and can damage your tresses.

The best permanent hair dyes on our list can lighten your hair color without the harsh chemicals.

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2. Free from harsh ingredients

While it’s hard to find an all-natural hair dye, some brands don’t contain harsh chemicals such as peroxide and ammonia. And these brands may not be all-natural, but they’re free from compounds that can dry and damage your hair.

And if you have processed and damaged hair, it’s best to look for chemical free hair dyes.

3. Gray coverage

Some brands can offer decent or maximum gray coverage. But some brands can only intensify your hair color, but not enough for covering your salt and pepper hair. 

If your goal is to colorize your gray roots, ensure that your hair color is equipped to do so. 


Should I wash my hair before coloring?

It’s ideal to wash your hair 24 hours before coloring. This will remove any product, oil, and grease buildup on your hair. Colors will work better on clean hair strands.

What should I do if hair dyes dry my hair?

Permanent hair dyes can really dry hair. It’s best to go for semi-permanent hair dyes as they are milder and gentler on your hair. But we have the best permanent hair color on our list that won’t dry your hair. Revlon Colorsilk is free from ammonia so it won’t drain the moisture off your locks.

Will hair dyes give me a rash?

It’s important to do a patch test first to ensure you’re not allergic to any ingredient in the hair dye. Simultaneously, buy hair dyes that are free from peroxide, ammonia, and alcohol. These are known irritants.


Your African American hair can be really stubborn. But if you want a dreamy lighter shade, should you just give up the rose gold hair dream? Not exactly! We have listed the best hair dyes for African American natural hair. The best brands on our list can intensify your hair color, lighten it, and cover your gray hair.

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