15 Best Foundation For Large Pores in 2021

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  1. BaeBlu LUX Liquid Foundation
  2. BB Cream Makeup Foundation
  3. Tarte Full Coverage Foundation
Best Foundation For Large Pores

You woke up in the morning, went to the washroom and as soon as you see your face in the mirror you feel like your pores are getting larger and larger each day. If that’s the case and you are so obsessed with the size o your pores that you would do anything anyone says to make them smaller I can assure you, you are not alone. And there’s good news you can surely pick one of the best foundation for large pores.

A large pore is one of the most common skincare complaints among women. Despite being pretty common, large pores are still very annoying and can make you feel uncomfortable. 

If you are looking for some sort of solution to permanently solve it. I have bad news for you. There is no way you can control the size of your pore.

But don’t worry you might be able to shrink the size of your pore but you can surely make them appear smaller to minimize its appearance.

Products like foundations can help to reduce the appearance of your large pores.

Go, grab them!

Here is the List of 10 Best Foundation for Large Pores:

  1. BaeBlu LUX Liquid Foundation
  2. BB Cream Makeup Foundation
  3. Tarte Full Coverage Foundation
  4. COVERGIRL and OLAY Foundation
  5. Too Faced Foundation
  6. Perricone MD No Foundation
  7. Clinique Even Better Spectrum
  8. COVERGIRL Foundation
  9. Max Factor Compact Foundation
  10. Dermablend Coverage Foundation

15 Best Foundation for Large Pores

Fortunately, we’ve oiled up the  15 best foundation for large pores here!

As promised, our team has gathered the best foundations, according to various review sources. 

Apparently, the standards for choosing these foundations rely heavily on the potential for correcting or concealing large pores in the skin and tightening the skin for a younger look.

1. BaeBlu LUX Liquid Foundation

Best Foundation For Large Pores

BaeBlu’s latest foundation magic isn’t only the “Best Pick” in this list, but it’s also actually the safest foundation for faces with larger pores, not to mention it’s got the most natural color in all of the foundation for large pores here!

Known to impress users beyond doubt, it’s non-greasy, fragrant, and soft to the skin. There’s no question to its soft foundation granules, so that once it touches the skin, it creates protective layers, eliminating all possibilities for pore-clogging. Beyond its protective tendencies, the foundation nourishes the skin with 100% efficiency. Most users aren’t already surprised with this given the foundation’s all-natural ingredients.

Tocopherol (vitamin E). Vanilla Planifolia. Leaf Extract. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice. Plus, a lot more! These infusions dominate this thick, but non-greasy foundation. The healthy infusion, minus the paraben and other harsh chemicals, takes responsibility in creating a solid, but gentle coat on the skin.

Other ingredients of the product include vegetable oils, Oregano juices, etc.

These active ingredients are medically confirmed to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin. This warrants even more the product’s anti-aging properties.

But, what about its color tone? I think it’s got the most natural color tone at hand. You see, unlike regular foundations, it doesn’t fade out with sweat and heat. Its color penetrates into the skin, revealing a light blush. Had it not contain natural coloring powder, it won’t linger in the skin in such an effect.

I just can’t find any faults with the foundation except that its product content is not that much. Not much means it’s not so compensating for the price I’m paying it. It’s easily running out of especially since you’d want to keep on using it, because it feels good on the skin.


  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Fragrant
  • Natural Deep Colors/Color Tones
  • Blends w/ All Skin Shades; Safe on All Skin Types (particularly those with larger pores)
  • Non-Greasy; Smooth Granules
  • Best Pore Minimizer
  • Anti-Aging
  • Highly Nourishing


  • Limited Product Content

Why choose it?

  • It’s practically BaeBlu’s pride; the foundation fits best facial skin with larger pores, including wrinkly skin.

2. BB Cream Makeup Foundation

best foundation for large pores and wrinkles

A solid 3-in1 Bella Terra Cosmetics masterpiece, this “Best Choice” foundation sums all its wonders with its tag “celebrating gorgeous skin tones”!Famous for being everything you can ever ask for a foundation. In fact, it even exceeds the expectations of a foundation! Deserving every bit of attention and space in your grooming kit, the product impresses with a long row of natural infusion, mineralization and a brand committed to celebrating the beauty in you. Meaning, it stimulates your skin’s faculties for it to shine its brightest potential! Perhaps, it could rank as a sophisticated foundation for wrinkled skin.

For a straight fact, it’s tinted moisturizer, mineral makeup foundation, and concealer in one container. And, unlike regular 3-in-1 foundation products that usually fail to exhibit all its properties, users were happy to note that it doesn’t. One can actually feel its solid coat on the skin so that once removed, larger pores tighten, skin surface clears up and the whole face brightens. 

The foundation is also popularly known to blend perfectly well with natural skin color. It even works more excellently in the presence of other makeup applications. Creating a thick, but non-greasy layers on the skin, the foundation conceals and blends with ease, while moisturizing the skin underneath.

Dense, but not heavy, the foundation feels light on the face. You won’t even have to worry about it melting with the makeup because it’s certified to stay on the skin for the rest of the day.  Remove it, and it happily obliges.

Dense with all natural infusions and activated minerals– Hydroxatone, Zinc, Mica, Magnesium, etc.the product corrects skin problems, tears and even scars.

Its genuinely-processed SPF layers also actively protect the skin.

A known problem of the foundation is its tendency to dry in the skin 10-12 hours after application. Therefore, we recommend peeling it off within 10-12 hours.


  • SPF Protection
  • 3-in1 Capacity: Moisturizer, Concealer & Foundation
  • Removes Blemishes
  • High Concentration of Activated Minerals
  • Pore-Blocking Property
  • Fragrant-Free; Hypoallergenic
  • Long-Lasting on Skin


  • Can dry/flake up within 10-12 hours

Why choose it?

  • The product ranks as a Bella Terra Cosmetics Masterpiece; it works best in making the skin look healthier and younger with a more gorgeous tone!

3. Tarte Full Coverage Foundation

best foundation for oily skin large pores

Not only does this foundation for large pores from Tarte protects the skin from harmful UV rays, it also eventually tightens large pores in the skin for good!

Above everything else, this second-ranking foundation earns our users’ respect for being a guaranteed skin protector (with certified SPF 15), enhancer, moisturizer, and pore-blocker. It’s also popular for its full-coverage capacity. Meaning, it can stay in the face for the next 12 hours, uninterrupted.

No sweat, heat, dirt or dabs can ever remove the foundation of your skin. However, should you remove it anytime, it smartly goes with your wipes, as if it has a mind of its own.

The foundation’s color, tone, texture, and shade are also proven to better on the skin in time. You can thank its natural ingredients for that. Ultimately, testers in all agencies testify of its zero-chemical solution.

The foundation’s liquid type is matte liquid. Meaning, you can expect its undertone to be of chalky texture, instead of a glossy one. The matte property completes a calm, yet charming look. And, with its high oil and polymer concentration, it sparks up your saggy and dry face in a dab!

The foundation’s color equally receives praise for its solid undertones. Apparently, its light-medium Beige eyes to perfectly blend to all skin shades and types.

Continuous usage of the product was proven to enhance skin texture by tightening extremely large pores. It’s also very notably effective that one week’s use proves too long.

However, a known disadvantage of the product is its tendency to be greasy especially with a sweaty face. Surely one of the best foundation for large pores


  • Full Coverage Capacity (12 hours on the skin)
  • SPF 15 Protection
  • Moisturizing/Exfoliating Effect; Permanent Pore-Blocker
  • Easy to Remove
  • Natural Undertones; Vibrant Light-Medium Beige
  • High Oil Concentration
  • Matte Liquid Type


  • Greasy Texture

Why choose it?

  • Considered an all-in-one mighty product by Tarte, it works on all skin types, but bests on highly sensitive skin.

4. COVERGIRL and OLAY Foundation

best foundation for mature skin with large pores

If you think a touch of Olay already makes the perfect product, just wait until you get full, committed participation by the Covergirl brand. All-in-all, you’ll get this glorious 2-in-1 foundation package!

Popular for its 2-in-1 toner/foundation power, this love-child between Olay and Covergirl guarantees an even touch on your facial skin. It also marriages various makeup tones with just one touch on the skin. Slightly used as a moisturizer, the foundation never fails in re-toning dry skin with dark spots, wrinkles, and blemishes.

But, how does it function exactly? For a straight face, it works to wash off various color tones in the skin. Next, it blends all makeup colors for an even mixing. Finally, it stays in the skin while holding the layers of makeup altogether. Many users, particularly those with sensitive skin, noted the product’s hypoallergenic feel. Its solution is so naturally infused with minerals, that you can instantly feel relief from any skin problems.

Its ingredients bear Glycerin, Tocopheryl Acetate, and other powerful compounds. Supplementing its rich ingredients are highly potent essential oils, vegetable oils, and the like.

Also highly protective, the product is known to be an effective anti-dirt coating. By all means, it won’t irritate your skin as it’s certified non-greasy. More so, it doesn’t dry even if left on the skin for hours.

Ultimately, the foundation is made from light compounds so that applying it does not require incessant thinning. You can apply it by its first layer, and it’ll tone on its own. This is perhaps the second-best reason why users stick to it.

On the other hand, the foundation suffers a few kickbacks with its easy-smear property. So, you might just apply small amounts of it first before making going for a thick mass.


  • Tone-rehab Properties
  • 2-in-1 Capacity: Toner & Foundation
  • Rich Undertones
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cool on Skin; Non-Greasy
  • Rich in Minerals and Natural Ingredients
  • Best for Sensitive Skin


  • Easy-Smear
  • Limited Product Content

Why choose it?

  • The product remains unparalleled in terms of securing an even tone in the facial skin, regardless of other makeup presence!

5. Too Faced Foundation

Nothing can be as light and as handy as this press-powered powerhouse from Too Faced; it guarantees the smoothest facial tone and most distinct makeup layers!

This foundation for large pores best works its magic with a fluffy brush. Having a buildable coverage, this foundation from Too Faced is noted to safely absorb into skin to build seamless color merging throughout the day. While its applicator is also a known magic-weaver, it still proves second to a fluffy brush.

Using a fluffy brush in toning the foundation extends its effect down to its undertone. This tip, users agree, facilitates the most vibrant makeup shades in the face. Imagine a stand-by color receptor. That’s how this particular tip works.

The foundation’s press-powder property solves smear problems fast and easy. And, while it’s hypoallergenic, the powder content proves most convenient to apply. Cocoa-infused, it leaves a delicious smell and feel on skin, while nourishing it.  This one surely deserves to be into the list of the best foundation for large pores

All-in-all, it doesn’t smear, exceed, or shun. Instead, it only allows colors to blend and overlap in a seamless entirety.

Simple. Light. Pocket-size. The foundation does not consume much space than you think. And, unlike most pressed-powder foundations, its contents don’t easily collapse. More so, its powder property is certified solid, compact, and tight.

Other known advantages of the product range from being a skin-enhancing, to being a color-toning grooming aid.

Some problems users encounter with the product include its small content and its tendency to easily fade with liquid contact.


  • Cocoa-Infused
  • Pressed-Powder
  • Effective Toning Quality; Secures Smooth Facial Tone
  • Distinguishes Makeup Layers & Tones
  • Buildable Coverage
  • Includes an Applicator
  • Light & Portable


  • Small Product Amount
  • Easily fades with water

Why choose it?

  • Simple, fast and easily-applied, this pressed-powder masterpiece by Too Faced deepens facial tone and makeup colors, making it the perfect teen foundation!

6. Perricone MD No Foundation

In the sea of almost identical foundation products, this one stands out with a unique ability of granting users a luminous skin!

A lot of satisfied users agree that this Perricone MD product is all-safe, effective and practical. But above it all, it grants users a luminous skin. Having a luminous skin is one of the rare qualities of a young-looking, gorgeous and beautiful face. When we say gorgeous, we’re not only referring to a pretty face, but a face that looks good with all makeup tones/undertones. An easy entry into the list of the best foundation for large pores.

What enables the product in doing so?

It’s rich in flower oil and juices. Such property pushes the foundation to exert all its natural beautifying agents. Look at it more as a bomb clock for beauty. Alongside the flower extracts, join in various other essential oils, leaf extracts protein sources and micronutrients. Ultimately, our testers attest that upon first application of the foundation, a surge of vitality is instantly felt.

The likes of Cedrus Altantica Bark Oil, Bulnesia Sarmientoi Wood Oil, Salvia Sclarea Extract, Jasmine Oil, etc. are just a few of what makes the foundation sizzle with exotic charm. Most of these weird names originate directly from the Amazon forest.

Let’s talk about Cedrus Altantica Bark Oil. How important is it? In the context of being a facial agent, it is indeed very important. It’s the life source of many makeup foundations. It’s the one responsible for building the foundation’s active agents—masking, perfuming, and skin conditioning. Lastly, it’s also responsible for effectively closing extremely large skin pores. 

With this in its ingredients’ list, you can be assured of the product’s overall integrity. This ingredient alone, accounts to the product being a dermatologists’ favorite and being a skin-luminous agent.

The foundation kind of ticks some users off because of its intensely sticky texture and weird after-scent.


  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Smooth & Cool on Skin
  • Safe on All Skin Types; Makes Skin Luminous
  • Skin Protector, Enhancer & Moisturizer (protects skin from pollutants and harmful UV rays)
  • Evens Skin Tones & Other Makeup Colors
  • Satin Finish


  • Can be sticky
  • Has weird after-scent due to thick herbal presence

Why choose it?

  • There is hardly any product yet that beats its ability to instantly turn skin into  a luminous, satin wall of beauty!

7. Clinique Even Better Spectrum

Finally: A great combo between Too Faced pressed powder’s conciseness and Olay/Covergirls’ quick-use solution, Clinique’s latest update sizzles with the right tone!

Clinique. Anyone who’d hear that name would of course, assume that it’s a classic, a trusted brand, and a slightly overrated one at that end. However, its latest update resists being placed in the check box, so that it exceeds even the slightest expectations for any foundation. For the most glorious part, it bears an authentic SPF 15 coverage. And, it doesn’t kid when it says SPF.

With a 02 Fair color shade, it easily balances various makeup color shades with just one massage. More so, it’s known to correct skin, tone, texture and health. By all means, it can revitalize skin cells with continued use so that a dry face gets sufficiently hydrated (this claim is debatable though), while an overly oily face on the other hand, gets sufficiently matted.

Of the two, it’s most intolerant with oily face. Such demeanor makes it even more attractive to users of all ages. Regular foundations, in that case—of these don’t end up being too greasy, turns the skin into slippery slope. Fortunately, this advanced Clinique foundation corrects all that, protects the skin and evens tones.

Another noteworthy fact about the product is that it’s instrumental to the practice of the 3-step skin care, experts say. As we mentioned earlier, it marries the simplicity of Too Faced pressed powder and Covergirl/Olay’s super-fast application mechanism.

The product is not all-natural, though. As our testers point out, it contains a few chemicals that may trigger allergies in the face. Therefore, people with dry and sensitive skin might have to think twice before using it (despite claims)


  • Super-Easy Application
  • Even Color; Evens Makeup Tones
  • Fragrant
  • Soft & Cool on Skin
  • Certified SPF 15
  • Corrects Skin Problems; Dermatologist-Tested


  • Not All-Natural
  • Might trigger allergies to dry skin (contains slightly harsh chemicals)

Why choose it?

  • The product earns Clinique’s classic reputation while building its own identity. Ultimately, it’s the best foundation for large pores and oily skin.

8. COVERGIRL Foundation

foundation for pores

Ranking among the most heavily-reviewed foundations for large skin pores in this list, this equally outstanding Covergirl product impresses with a 3-in-1 magic and an excellent Beige-Nude tone.

It’s all known to boast over making you fabulous. However, it’s wrong to say that. Because, as our testers pointed out, it does not only make you look fabulous, it’ll pump up your skin’s health. The product’s high effectivity has since been noted for after the release of its counterpart (the previous Covergirl foundation we reviewed). And, very much like its sister product, it re-tones skin to get rid of wrinkles, white/black heads, dark spots, blemishes, and a lot more. Having said that, it ranks among the best foundations for older skin. 

It’s known to be a great concealer, too! Its all-day solution is truly all-day lasting. And, it won’t cause the slightest changes in your face. Meaning, it handles transitions very well that while it enhances your face, your friends wouldn’t notice some black and white changes. That’s how smooth and subtle the foundation’s shades are. Finally, what your friends will notice, upon looking closer, is a fabulous, younger-looking, gorgeous and luminous face.

It’s 13-shade options perhaps make it the subtlest, yet highly effective product in our list. Take also into account that it’s got a solid SPF 2 right out of its granules.

Unfortunately, the foundation couldn’t go as smoothly as the previous foundations from our list. As is a common problem among all-day foundations, it’ll end up flaking and dried-up after the sun goes down. Lastly, the product’s streaky reputation causes it to smear easily. Lastly, it smells bad!


  • Natural & Flawless Matte Finish
  • Available in 13 Shades (light to deep); Deep Beige-Nude color
  • All-Day Staying Capacity
  • Evens Skin & Makeup Tones; Corrects Skin Problems
  • Solid SPF 20
  • Anti-Aging


  • Streaky Texture; Easy-Smear
  • Bad After-Scent
  • Flakes & Dries Up on Face

Why choose it?

  • Beyond its beautifying power, it strongly protects the skin from UV rays and pollutants, while stretching it up as an anti-aging agent does!

9. Max Factor Compact Foundation

This classic Max Factor products either remains unperturbed by the rising competition in the air, or simply succumbs to a stagnant state. But, whatever the case, it still manages to impress vis a vis tending large-pores skin.

A classic product from a classic brand. Almost not one person hasn’t heard of the Max Factor brand!

Thankfully, this item truly delivers just what’s expected of it. Convenient. Practical. Neutrally toned and shaded. Safe on all skin types. And most of all, it permanently closes large pores.

This is perhaps why the product is very much remembered. Our testers attest that with daily use, the product can eventually enhance skin tone, close pores and stimulate elastin production.

It must be safe on all skin types because it’s 80% natural.

Paraben-free. Harsh chemical-free. The Max Factor product controls the artificialness of the makeup products you’re applying on your face. It locks your face up in a semi-eternal youthfulness, probably eternally anyway, as its small size lets it stay in your pockets forever.

Very handy and light. That’s our testers find the product a necessary addition to our beauty routine kit. Now, you won’t even have to worry about keeping it in your bag as its container is designed to resist pressure. Even with a broken container, its solid pressed-powder mass, won’t easily break off. That’s how solid that is. One of the best foundation for large pores in the market

And, that, unfortunately, leads to our problem. Obviously, because its powder can cake up so hard, you’ll find it hard using it to finish, making it such a waste. For that, our testers come with a caution. First: don’t ever wet it! Once you do, it’ll instantly harden solid. Second: Store it a cool, dry place. Obviously, humidity can get the better of it. Finally: only use an applicator on it, not a brush!

Remember all these cautions, if you don’t want to waste the product!


  • Certified SPF 15 Capacity
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Safe on All Skin Types; Skin Tone-Enhancing
  • Anti-Aging
  • Permanently Tightens Large Pores
  • Easy Application; Light & Portable


  • Powder extremely hardens
  • Requires applicator, not brush
  • Lacks a distinct tone/color; easily imitated

Why choose it?

  • The product works perfectly for users who prefer a subtle, controlled makeup foundation effect!

10. Dermablend Coverage Foundation

foundation for large pores

This latest Dermablend magic foundation, vamps and redefines the standards of a dry/powder foundation, including its potentials for yielding the best, younger-looking and tighter skin!

Known for its gentleness on sensitive skin, its dermatologist-tested reputation, powerful buildable shades, easy-application, and blendable command, the foundation somehow fails to stand with its claim being an all-day foundation.

It’s in fact, very light, that it’s easily washed out with sweat. But, does this mean that the foundation in question fails all-out. No. Of course, not! Our testers and experts agree that it’s powder texture is certainly a pro.

What about being buildable and blendable—any difference?

Buildable means that our foundation can effectively even layers of makeup applications, without appearing bumpy, thick or harsh. This is an ideal trait for dry foundations. And fortunately, our foundation genuinely exhibits this trait.

Blendable, on the other hand, is another important agent for any dry foundations, or facial applications in that matter. This simply means that our foundation is water-based and that it easily meshes color layers into one common tone. Such ability enables the product to do so, while eliminating the slightest oily substance at the same time. Obviously, a blendable foundation highly absorbs oil in the face.

Fortunately, our foundation for large pores proves to be authentically blendable, our testers say.

However, besides failing to deliver as an all-day application, our foundation also has much to prove over its claimed matte finish. As some users would put it, its matte finish looks totally artificial.

Other drawbacks of the foundation for large pores include a tendency to easily thin out with just a few uses, a highly faked/imitated package, and a lack of deeper shade.


  • Easy Application
  • Buildable & Bendable
  • Dermatologist-Tested; Safe on All Skin Types (particularly sensitive skin)
  • Fragrant-Free
  • Hypoallergenic; Non-Comedogenic
  • Oil-Free


  • Artificial Matte Effect/Finish
  • Highly Imitated
  • Lacks Deeper Shade
  • Powder is too light that it easily runs out with just a few uses
  • Easily wears out (despite claims)

Why choose it?

  • The product works best for mature users who are on-the-go. Also known as an effective anti-aging foundation, it tends to even the most sensitive facial skin with utter gentleness.

11. Glo Skin Beauty Oil Free Camouflage Concealer in Natural

Reigning as one of the most promising concealers on the market today, this latest Glo Minerals product continues to surprise users with its rich mineral content and a subtle ability to camouflage skin problems!

The first thing that one notices upon using the foundation for large pores is its deep shade and pigmentation. Rich and vibrant. Its color mixes well with any makeup application. Regardless of shades and tones, it naturally covers up blemishes, dark spots, acne, skin irritation, etc. without condition. With just a few applications, the foundation distributes its antioxidant elements as it liquefies.

Users are especially fond of its ability to prevail a smooth and beautiful skin with just a thin application. Yes. And, you don’t have to apply so much of it. As a result, it won’t run out of powder in the next few months.

Economic. This could be the product’s sole redemption absent from many pressed-powder products in this list. And, while it may appear thick, it only actually smoothly covers up the skin with deep pigmentation. For that, the users have the minerals to thank for.

As top concealer, the product utilizes a voluminous array of non-oily/greasy minerals, so that applying it on oily or sweaty face yields cool results. Blanketed with dense matte undertone, it re-tones dry skin like most foundations. But, it has a noted way of re-toning the skin. With a special de-clogging mineral, it penetrates the pores and cleans them from the inside out. After doing so, it decreases pore size to a normal.

But even this seemingly glorious product cannot stay faultless. Our testers noted that it has the tendency to dry the skin (a state dry-skinned users are to avoid). More so, it’s also proven to have an artificial after-scent, a spoil-prone solution and a bad reaction to the sun’s heat (despite its claims of being a shielding agent).


  • Top Concealer Capacity
  • Deep Pigmentation Quality
  • Corrects Various Skin Problems; Evens Skin & Makeup Tones
  • High Mineral Concentration
  • Easy Application
  • Economic


  • Bad Reaction to UV Rays
  • Artificial After-Scent
  • Easily Wears Out
  • Spoil-Prone Solution (store in a cool dry place)
  • Does not protect the skin at all (only a surface concealer)

Why choose it?

  • The product proves to be a wise and practical foundation to buy because it doesn’t easily run out of powder as it is concentrated.

12. Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Foundation Matte SPF

This next great foundation we’re featuring in this list is Bare Minerals’ Bare Escentuals! And while it’s worthy of perusal, it also genuinely earns awards beside its 2004-2008 “Glammy” award!

A simple foundation for large pores that puts all its back in delivering everything that’s expected of it. Despite failing at times, it does yield smoother, younger-looking skin. That’s how our foundation imprints its identity in our testers’ consciousness.

Using a special protein agent that stimulates cell regeneration in the skin, it eventually tightens pores with all simplicity and honesty. It may appear to be too strong for sensitive skin, it does work pretty well on average facial skin.

Since the product is pressed-powder, it naturally, by logic, exceeds with its SPF 15 capacity. Eventually, SPF granules become more defined when pulverized. Outside sunlight and pollutants, our foundation builds a strong wall, protecting the skin from harsh chemicals—chemicals that come from your other makeup solutions.

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With deeper shades, the product can smoothen skin by first, balancing natural and artificial colors and second, moisturizing and hydrating the skin. It’s just too bad that it tends to be too strong for sensitive skin in feeling, but not in effect. Again, our testers attest to it. You can’t complete a list of the best foundation for large pores without this foundation.

Some drawbacks of the foundation for large pores range from being streaky, smear-prone, wear-prone, to a tendency to require several applications before actually taking effect. Lastly, its promised matte finish is actually a disappointment.


  • Strong SPF 15 Capacity
  • Anti-Aging
  • Encourages Cell Regeneration; Shuts Extremely Large Pores
  • Deep Cleanser; Moisturizer
  • No Harsh Chemicals


  • Streaky Texture
  • Requires several applications before taking effect
  • Easily wears out; Smears
  • Easily Imitated
  • Artificial/Disappointing Matte Finish Result
  • Can feel too strong on sensitive skin

Why choose it?

  • The product is a standout when it comes to protecting the skin. It works best for dry, mature skin.

13. Dermablend Smooth Liquid Foundation with SPF

Another Dermablend foundation, in liquid form, ranks high on our list. And, it’s most remembered as a remarkable source of hydration!

With a broad spectrum SPF 25 protective capacity, our foundation thrills our testers with ultra-safe results. Directly translated from its pressed-powder form, this Dermablend product delivers exactly the same effects by its powdered counterpart.

And, it manages to exceed at that point. It may have a lot to improve like its shade depth, anti-smear solution, and a lot more. But, it’s truly a trustworthy foundation when it comes to protecting the skin.

Noted by our testers to be filled with anti-aging solutions, this foundation for large pores encourages the high production of collagen and elastin in the skin. In fact, it can be applied throughout the body. Certainly, it’s got the sweet scent for a whole-body application. But, it certainly has more than that. Experts further confirm that it’s a high source of hydration.

Another factor that our product is very much remembered for is its easy application. It’s so easily applied that it doesn’t require an applicator. With enough oil concentration, just enough not to make it greasy, it easily melts and absorbs into the skin.

This does a double-effect on the skin. First, it evens the tone by acting both as a buildable and blendable layer. As a result, the face would look natural vis vis layers of makeup shades. Second, it cleans the pores from any blockages, facilitating meticulous hydration.

Finally, thanks to its iconic Dermablend setting technology, it encourages the tightening of monster-size pores in the long run. Fortunately, continuous usage of the product has been deemed safe that dermatologists recommend it.

On the contrary, of all the foundation for large pores featured herein, this foundation tends to be the most highly-imitated. In addition to that, some users think that it fails as a concealer, an all-day mask, and a matte shade.


  • Setting Technology; Easy Application
  • Anti-Aging
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 25
  • Safe on All Skins; Tightens Monster-Size Pores
  • Hydrating


  • Most Faked/Imitated Foundation Product; Shipping Problems
  • Weak Concealer Capacity
  • Easy-Wear (not an all-day mask)
  • Shade Lacks Depth
  • Easy-Smear
  • Weak Matte Shade, Finish & Tone

Why choose it?

  • Easily applied, the product proves handy, making it the best choice for instant makeover or retouch. Ultimately, it’s a high-profile source of skin nourishment and protection.

14. BareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation SPF20

Unsurprisingly the “Premium Pick” on our list, this Bare Minerals foundation bares all minerals, while capturing the essential and natural skin complexion to facilitate the best nourishment ever!

While our premium product may not be the perfect product for all, our testers still celebrate it, however. A glorious natural foundation that truly doesn’t disappoint!

With a confirmed solid SPF 20 protective capacity, our foundation is known to protect the skin with specific turnabouts. An ultra-strong, yet gentle skin-moisturizer. That’s how our product is best beheld by all!

With continued use, it’s proven to correct skin tone, tighten large pores, and hydrate and moisturize the skin. Users were especially fond of it at first use. Why? Because it’s weightless. It doesn’t feel lumpy on the skin. And, with a technology that instantly blends and builds its protective layers around the skin’s natural tone, it’s bound to appear flawless and apparently, natural.

For a fact, the foundation’s foundation is laid through an ultra-thin liquid texture. In addition to that, it’s especially refined molecule-level. Meaning, you can’t feel or smell anything from it. It’s just plain fine, thin and hypoallergenic. Zero skin reactions all-in-all. That’s what it guarantees with the first use. With continued use, it simply yields healthy, flawless and youthful-looking skin!

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Also grounded with organic ingredients, our premium foundation is noted with a healing effect on the skin. So, you’d better take our word for it: using it long-term will eventually remove scars, acne, and infections in your facial skin.

Surprisingly, however, the product easily smears. Lacking the sticking capacity, the product makes it difficult for users to keep a straight face without funny smears. It’s too light that it’s almost watery.

Other drawbacks of our product include a quick-drain package, a weak shade, and concealment, a tendency to feel hot on the skin due to its high absorbent technology, an easily imitated package, and a problematic pump.


  • Hydrating & Moisturizing; Anti-Aging
  • Effective Concealer & Toner
  • Strong SPF 20 Capacity
  • Fine; Ultra Thin Layer
  • Safe on All Skin Types


  • Easily Faked/Imitated
  • Problematic Pump
  • Heat-Absorbent (may feel hot on skin)
  • Weak Concealing Quality
  • Lacks Shade Depth
  • Easily Runs Out; Watery; Requires frequent application before taking effect (not economic)

Why choose it?

  • Our premium foundation does not disappoint. A necessary addition to our grooming kit, it works best for aging skin.

15. BECCA Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector Makeup Foundation Primer

Our last top foundation for large pores has the most genuine matte effect among all the products in this list! It also proves to be the longest-lasting!

Give it rain. Give it sweat. Give it the obstinate heat of the noonday sun. And, it’ll remain unhinged on your face. With such a feature perhaps making it the longest-lasting matte foundation in the list, our Becca foundation manages to cover-up its cons. But, that’s only for a while. 

By all means, anyway, the foundations’ formula is 60% natural and organic, so that its resisting attitude towards humidity and sweat ranks solid.

Experts note the foundation for large pores Oleanolic Acid and Enantia Chlorantha Bark extract as two main organic ingredients that take up the place of several essential sources and micronutrients into two simple infusions at hand. Highly powerful and effective facial mask enhancers, these two major exotic infusions answer up to our foundation’s overall skincare capacity.

Safe on all types of skin, some users have even begun to use the foundation as a regular skin care aid. Quite naturally so, it protects the skin from all forms of damage-inducing factors. As it does, it also enhances the skin tone to perfect beauty. You can thank its solid matte finish for its toning command.

The product can be frustrating for the users though. At certain points, it may feel too heavy on skin. While it yields natural tone and color, it appears to be too lumpy on skin. One would exactly notice a swipe of it in the face. By all means, it lacks subtlety as a concealer.

Other drawbacks of our foundation range from a bad after-scent, a highly imitated quality, an excessively sticky texture and a disappointing oil-absorption capacity (despite claims).


  • Longest-Lasting Foundation Brand
  • Effective Skin Protection & Hydration; Effective Moisturizer & Skin Care Aid
  • Two Powerful Organic Infusions
  • Safe on All Skin Types (including those with large pores)
  • Genuine Matte Finish


  • Weak Oil Absorption Quality (despite claims)
  • Sticky Texture
  • Highly Imitated/Faked
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Bad After-Scent (due to strong herbal presence)
  • Weak Concealing Quality

Why choose it?

  • Our last product impresses with a strong matte finish, protective quality, and an overall long-lasting mask. Having said that, our product should deeply satisfy physically-active teens.

What Are Pores, Exactly and How Can We Promote the Best Complexion Through Them?

To have a better understanding of pores, let’s focus on just one—a pore. A pore is a small opening on the surface of the skin. Specifically, it’s located on top of the hair follicles.

Since it’s microscopic in size (only microscopic-sized particles can pass through it) it can only be viewed using a densely magnified lens. A pore’s image up close can seem unsettling. But, that’s not exactly what we’re here for, so let’s move on.

A pore (note that we’re also referring to the pores in general), which was earlier described as a small opening in the skin, exists for a very important reason. Like a plain opening, it allows traffic of nutrients in the skin. However, it’s just not discriminatory enough to deny entrance to pollutants.

As a compensatory tactic, given that the skin would naturally react to pollutants, it opens wider up for natural oil or sebum to exit into the skin. Once out, the sebum does what it is intended to do—moisturize the skin. It also sorts of cleans the skin surface off, further avoiding infection in the long run.

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The size of the pore/s, whether it’s externally or internally-prompted, really does matter in promoting a healthy complexion. And, believe it or not, a prompted monster-sized pore can be stimulated to both increase and decrease in size at will.

But, let’s focus on minimizing or tightening pores. Of the two, such condition strikes a higher chance of promoting a smooth and healthy complexion.

The following simple tips are how you can utilize the pore/s to promote the best complexion:

  • Make it a habit to clean facial skin/skin once to twice a day. Clean twice if you’re wearing makeup and/or other applications.
  • Regularly apply sunscreen or any SPF-solid layer on your skin. When we say regular, we mean lifetime. Applying at least 3-4 times a week should do. Consequently, harmful UV ray exposure damages the skin by dissolving its collagen, resulting in dark spots and wrinkles.
  • Free skin from dead skin, dust, and other obstinate particles that stick to it. Exfoliate at least 1-3 times a week using organic moisturizers, essential oils, etc. Don’t exceed beyond 3 rounds of exfoliation if you don’t want to dry out, thin out, and damage your dermal layers instead. Exfoliating also frees the pores from any harmful clogs.
  • Lastly, always use paraben-free, natural, and smooth products, particularly those with non-comedogenic solutions. A non-comedogenic product does not only block skin pores but minimizes large pores as well.

What to Look for While Buying Foundation for Large Pores

There are several things to consider before buying a foundation. And, while the criteria may seem applicable to all foundations, that’s not actually the case. The considerations deepen out even more with the large-pore skin gets in the backdrop.

Lucky for you, we’ve swept up major sources for an even buying guide! Come, take a look…

  • Foundation Type

The type of foundation you are buying seriously matters in tending skin with large pores. As you go through our reviews, you’ll bound to expect pressed-powder foundations, liquid foundations, mineral foundations, and mineral powder foundations.

If you want to go for the perfect tone, much like a concealing capacity for large pores, buy either liquid or powder foundations.

If you’re eyeing for a sufficiently dry feel on the face that doesn’t easily smear or wear out, then you’d best be satisfied by mineral powder foundations.

  • Particular Terms/Features/Phrases

If you want to secure the best foundations for skin with large pores, have a lookout for certain terms, phrases or features: “HD finish/matte finish”, “natural and deep tones”, “silky”, “non-greasy”, “high toning quality”, “anti-aging”, “natural ingredients”, “satin”, “flawless”, “highly nourishing”, “highly-protecting”, etc.

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  • Harmful Formulas

Check out the foundation for large pores. If you see subtle-sounding formulas like “dewy”, “illumination”, or “matte finish” in it, then you’d better drop it.

Manufacturers aren’t aware, but recent studies reveal that these foundation formulas expand pore sizes, further causing a blockage at hand.

Now, suppose you encounter “matte finish” making the rounds in many of our reviews, be informed that the effect that we’re emphasizing here is not the internal effect, but rather the actuated surface color of the matte effect. It, by all means, has nothing to do with the actual matte formula.  

  • Powder Primer Tag

Foundations with either the primer tag or the primer powder type, are proven to correct large skin pores. More so, the primer formula/solution is instrumental in securing a longer-staying mask on the skin.

Which Foundations Should I Avoid if I Have Large Pores?

Avoid foundations that have dewy, illumination and matte formulas in them. These foundations only aggravate large pores. Worst, they cause blockage in the pores.

Actual matte finish foundations (not the surface color-actuated ones featured here) intensify wrinkles in the facial skin/skin.

Overly-creamy, greasy, and streaky liquid foundations should also be avoided when you have large pores. They eventually stick in the pores as difficult-to-remove blockages.

How to Minimize/Tighten Large Pores Fast and Easy

Large pores are a definitely lifestyle-oriented factor. In its own natural way, the skin inflates and deflates its pores when needed. The problem now lies with the skin’s loss of control over its pores.

When the pore/s remain largely opened, it exposes the skin to various harms. Ultimately, it makes the skin vulnerable to anything it comes in contact with.

Now, outside of applying foundations for large pores, you can actually minimize or tighten large pores with these fast and easy tips.

Peek into the pore and find out!

  • Wash face 2-3 times a day.
  • Exfoliate at least 1-3 times a week, and don’t overdo.
  • Apply SPF/sunscreen.
  • Carry out Spot Treatment using Clay Mask.


Can I opt to permanently close my open pores?

Yes. Some foundation products are proven to close pores permanently with constant use.

Can ice shrink my pores?

Yes. Ice can temporarily shrink or tighten pores when laid on the skin for 15 seconds. But again, its effect is only temporary.

Do my pores get larger with age?

Yes. As collagen is broken down due to aging, the pores loosen up.

Does drinking water tighten my pores?

Drinking water is essential for securing hydrated skin. But, it does not directly tighten pores.


Choosing the right foundations (as well as avoiding the wrong ones) play an important role in correcting skin tone and overall quality. As constantly mentioned herein, large pores badly affect skin health.

Oily skin. Dry skin. Dark spots. Blemishes. Wrinkles. These are just among the few consequences of large pores. Using the wrong foundation for the skin only aggravates the conditions.

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