Best Flat Iron for Thick Hair: Top 15 Reviewed

As if styling your hair early in the morning isn’t enough, here comes another challenge- thick, wiry hair. Your regular hair straightener will not suffice at this point! Then you have to allot more time to tame that thick hair and you’re running late! With the best flat iron for thick hair, you don’t need to!

Your hair is your crowning glory. But if it’s getting too crowded up there, it won’t be anymore! 
Let’s review the top 15 best hair straighteners and get you out of that dire situation!

15 Best Flat Iron for Thick Hair- Expert Review

Thick full hair. It could be a blessing…. But it could also be a curse! Especially if you don’t have the right tools to tame your locks, it could spell disaster. 

You’d want to young, run wild and free, but it doesn’t need to be your hair! Check out our top recommendations to tame your thick mane.


best flat iron for thick curly hair

This posh looking flat iron with gold-coated plates may be one of its kind. It’s equipped with a nontoxic Teflon-like technology that makes straightening faster and prevents product build-up.

What are some of the annoying things that you can experience with a flat iron? Oh, the burnt smell coming from the plates whenever you pass your hair through it. That burnt smell may be caused by product build-up on the plate. Teflon-like technology prevents this from happening. And it also makes clean up a breeze, if there’s something that needs to be cleaned!


  • Equipped with tri-diamond ceramic plates
  • Have bevelled plates
  • Features variable temperature settings from 250-450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The golden coated plates have the same benefits as Teflon
  • Features auto shut off button


  • Safe for colored hair ( at 300-380 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Features a nonstick plate that prevents product buildup
  • Heats up fast


  • The flat iron’s grip on the hair can be improved

Why we love the product

This golden coated plate protects the hair more than its competition. It releases a ton of negative ions that prevent breakage and frizz. It can be used safely on colored hair, you just have to choose the perfect setting for processed hair. And do we just have to say that it looks quite sophisticated and the extra-wide plates make it easier to style the hair in more ways than one?


If you want straight hair that lasts for days and curls that stays for hours, the HSI PRO is your flatiron.

HSI PRO works great for those with African curly hair. And if you’re not into washing your hair that much, you can enjoy your styled hair for days too. And it’s not just all about that sleek style. The tourmaline plates ensure a frizz-free and split ends free hair that’s worth a second glance. No wonder, you’d be too lazy to wash that hair!


  • Made with ceramic tourmaline ionic plates
  • Comes with protective gloves, pouch, and a travel-sized Argan oil
  • Has variable heat settings ( 140- 450 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Dual voltage


  • Even heat distribution
  • Straightens hair in a single pass
  • Has an extra-long 360-degree swivel cord
  • Offers 1-year warranty
  • Can be used to straighten the bangs area
  • Works on African curly hair
  • Can be used to curl hair
  • Great for travelling


  • The entire flatiron is not comfortable to handle
  • For a flat iron that heats up, an automatic shut off should be a safety feature

Why we love the product

It works rather well on super kinky hair and it keeps that style in place for days. So if you’re one of the lazy types, then this product will serve you well The floating rounded plates is one of the features that we also love, no hair tugging, just effortless styling. The complimentary argan oil also helps keep your locks shiny and healthy! Only a few brands offer that.


best hair straightener for thick hair

KIPOZI Titanium is made for those with thick frizzy hair! Experience straight and soft tresses that last with this hair straightener.

Now, this is a wider plate ceramic flat iron that’ll cover more hair with just one go! It has variable heat settings so you can choose the perfect heat setting for your hair condition. It’s fast, safe, and makes your hair ultra-sleek!


  • Equipped with 1.75 inch floating titanium metal plates
  • Has a digital LED display
  • Dual voltage
  • Equipped with an 8 ft swivel cord that heats from 170- 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Comes with manual and a velvet storage pouch


  • Can be used for damp hair
  • Has an automatic shut off button
  • Works for very thick kinky hair. It’s one of our contenders for the best flat iron for thick curly hair
  • Travel-friendly
  • Has an affordable price
  • The floating plates don’t snag the hair
  • Has a wider plate for more coverage


  • Takes longer to cool down

Why we love the product

It works for very thick hair, period. This model is a must-have if you have kinky African hair! With just a few passes, your thick afro hair will be transformed into a sleek and beautifully straight. You can even use it on your damp hair and it works just fine. No burning smell, no split ends whatsoever. This model also looks rather posh with its black body and gold accents.

And if you’re forgetful Fred, no need to worry. It shuts off automatically after 60 minutes non-use. And oh! The longer cord makes it ideal makes it super convenient to use. You can even prance around while styling your hair. It then becomes a routine to look forward too!


It’s a posh black infrared hair straightener that can be used for all hair types.

To style your hair beautifully, you must use the right heat setting. Style it with a high temperature and your hair will burn to a crisp, while a low setting will give a so-so result. Form thick hair to fine and limp, XTAVA has the perfect heat setting for your hair.


  • Equipped with a 2-inch infrared ceramic plates
  • Dual voltage
  • Has a temperature LCD display
  • Equipped with floating plates that followed the shape of your hair


  • Has an automatic shut off button
  • Ensures high consistent heat
  • Doesn’t snag your hair
  • Equipped with an extra-long 8 feet cord
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • A bit bulky

Why we love the product

Straight hair is beautiful, but straight and soft hair is a bliss, especially if you’ve been ironing your hair daily! Most flat irons tend to rip off the moisture from your hair and making you look like a straight broomstick. We love how the infrared technology of these ceramic plates heat the hair from the inside to the out, this technology results in softer and smoother hair! It heats up fast too, reducing your hair’s exposure time to the heat. We love how you can go from kinky to silky straight in under 25 minutes!

5. BaByliss Pro

best flat iron for thick coarse hair

Straightening your hair doesn’t have to feel like an arm workout! BaByliss is super lightweight and it’s perfect for curling your tresses too.

Oftentimes, you just get tired of straightening that thick hair. This BaByliss number is easy on your arms, it’s super lightweight and it can cover more hair in just one grab. You can save time on prepping up especially with that thick hair!


  • Titanium plated
  • Equipped with up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit settings
  • Made with Ryton housing
  • Available in 1 ¼ and 1 ¾ inch plates
  • Has 5 inch long plates
  • Has LED temperature controls


  • Lightweight
  • It heats fast
  • Straightens hair faster 
  • Perfect for curling hair
  • Can be used for a variety of hairstyles
  • Has extra long plates ( 5 inches)


  • Not that durable. A lot of users have experienced product damage in less than six months.
  • It can get really hot. Not suitable for those with sensitive hair
  • Can cause frizziness
  • Doesn’t have an automatic shutoff

Why we love the product

Most metal-coated plates tend to burn your hair, but titanium won’t! It conducts heat faster but there’s no burnt smell at all. We love that you can use the same tool to achieve those lovely sexy beach wave curls! The size of this hair straightener makes it possible! The extra-long plate makes it possible to curl longer tresses too! This is a super time saver!

We also love that it has many temperature settings! Life’s better if you have more options right?

6. BaByliss PRO Porcelain Ceramic

best flat iron for black hair

This posh and sleek PRO hair straightener smoothen your thick hair in a breeze without drying it up. 

While most metals tend to leave the hair dry and feeling a bit crisp, porcelain ceramic plates can help you achieve flawlessly straight hair without stripping the life out of it. Don’t you just have it when your flatirons have a hot or cold spot? The even heat distribution styles hair faster. 


  • Comes in 1,1.5 and 2-inch models
  • Equipped with porcelain ceramic plates
  • Can heat up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Even heat distribution
  • Gets rid of the frizz
  • Can be used for a variety of hairstyles
  • Comes with a super long model for those with extra-long thick hair
  • Has a decent price tag
  • Works well for thick hair
  • perfect for travelling


  • Can’t be used to smoothen out hair near the scalp
  • Not that durable
  • Several wiring issues reported by users

Why we love the product

We love how ceramic can be gentle on your hair. Though it works well for super thick hair, it can also be used for fine hair without worrying about burning it. We love the hairstyles that you can create with this posh-looking number. Since it has extra-long plates, it gets the job done faster. Even those with Rapunzel-like hair could straighten their tresses in half the time.

It’s also unbelievably lightweight and you can easily stack it in your suitcase for that lovely sojourn. You still get to enjoy soft and straight tresses even if you are away from home.

7. Paul Mitchell

Soft, smooth, shiny, and straight tresses, that’s what you’ll get with this Paul Mitchell hair straightener.

Straighten your tresses like a pro with Paul Mitchell ceramic express flat iron, it heats the hair follicles from within, straightening each strand from the inside out. This locks in your hair’s moisture and results in a smoother and frizz-free hair!


  • Equipped with 1.25 inch wide ceramic plates
  • Heat setting up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Backed up express Ion Concept
  • Has a two-year warranty


  • Heats fast
  • Has a longer swivel cord
  • Straightens even the thickest hair
  • Gives off a smooth and shiny finish
  • Won’t snag or pull your hair


  • Not durable
  • A bit expensive for its worth
  • Has a burnt rubber smell

Why we love the product

No more hair tugging and pulling! The bevelled edges of this Paul Mitchell hair straightener prevent your hair from being pulled in. We always get that, especially with the extra-long tresses. We also love how this flat iron keeps the hair’s moisture intact. We felt like we just had our hair straightened by a professional! What can we say, this is one of the smoothest and straightest hair that we have achieved! You can use this every day and never have to worry about drying out your crowning glory.

8. NITION Platnum

This could be your ultimate hair straightener. Infused with argan oil, nanosilver, ceramic and tourmaline, NITION allows you to style your hair in a lot of ways while keeping it soft, shiny, and healthy!

With its posh-looking exterior. You’d know that this flat iron means serious business. The inclusion of these five elements makes it probably one of the best hair straighteners for thick hair. Apart from that sleek and straight locks, you can effortlessly style your hair in a dozen ways with just one tool. And you don’t even have to worry about dryness and frizz. The sophisticated technology of NITION Platnum nourishes your hair at the same time!


  • Equipped with tourmaline ceramic-titanium plates
  • Dual voltage
  • Has an auto shut off button
  • Equipped with temperature settings ranging from 265-450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Comes with a protective glove, pouch bag, and 2 salon clips


  • Posh looking with its gold body
  • Can be used for a variety of hairstyles
  • Makes hair soft, shiny, and smooth
  • No hair tugging
  • Heats up fast
  • Has a longer heating plate ( 4 inches)
  • Offers 2-year warranty


  • Quite expensive

Why we love the product

Well, everything! To start, the posh gold exterior looks sophisticated. This flat iron also solves our common dilemma- that awkward position of the temperature. It’s convenient to handle and use too.

And it probably has everything that you’ve been looking for in a flat iron- straight sleek, healthy, and smooth hair.

9. CROC Nano Titanium

Titanium plates seem to be one of the fastest heating materials, so expect this CROC nano titanium to heat up fast!

Titanium plates could be the best when it comes to heating capacity. It heats up pretty fast, that’s even heat distribution sans the hotspot. This, combined with the nanosilver technology makes it a front runner in hair straightening.


  • Has temperature settings from 280-450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Has silver titanium metal plates
  • Dual voltage
  • Equipped by nano silver technology


  • Has an auto shut off feature
  • Heats up fast
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Equipped with a convenient digital temperature control
  • Makes hair silky and shiny
  • Works best for longer and thicker hair


  • Tends to pull or snag the hair
  • The internal thermostats tend to break easily

Why we love the product

Nanosilver technology! This is a real treat for your frizzy thick hair! We love how you can still get smooth and healthy hair despite everyday styling. Even if you’ve thick hair, all you need is a few, not a single pass and it smoothens out beautifully. That’s why it’s one of the best hair straighteners based on consumer reports.

It’s dual voltage too! So you can bring it with you everywhere.

10. Chi Ceramic and Titanium

This professional flat iron combines ceramic and titanium for that ultimate sleek and straight hair. Feel like you just walked out of the salon

Ceramic and titanium. The combination of these two materials makes this CHI flat iron a definite contender on our list. The titanium heats up fast while the ceramic ensures even heat distribution. You can get faster results and healthier and shinier straight hair. This CHI model also can produce moist heat, that makes it safe for fine or colour-treated hair. Check out best shampoo for colour-treated hair. It’s even on our recommendation of one of the best flat irons for fine hair


  • Equipped with ceramic-titanium floating plates
  • Has a digital LED display
  • Dual voltage
  • Has heat settings up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Offers 2-year warranty
  • Has a long cord
  • Straightens very thick hair
  • Heats up quickly and stays hot longer
  • Has options for temperature settings


  • The temperature settings are located inside the flatiron.
  • It doesn’t have curved plates and can pull the hair 

Why we love this product

Because it’s recommended and used by hairstylists! So if it’s in their vanity kit, it must be good right? What sets this CHI model apart is that it makes use of high-grade titanium plates. Not only does it heats up fast, but it also straightens super thick hair too. It also has options for heat settings. The heat stays on longer too. But make sure to use the one which is suitable for your hair type and you’ll be safe. The temperature options are also color-coded so you won’t make a mistake even if you’re half-awake!

11. CHI original ceramic flat iron

Static electricity no more! The advanced ceramic ion technology of CHI Original flatiron gets rid of the frizz and results in a smoother and shinier straight hair. That spells heaven for thick coarse tresses!

The advanced ceramic ion technology of Chi Original makes hair soft and smooth. Each strand is infused with negative ions, making it healthier and smoother. It’s one of our top runners for the best flat iron for thick coarse hair.


  • Equipped with infrared technology
  • Built with floating ceramic plates
  • Dual voltage
  • Has swivel cord


  • Has a 2-year warranty
  • Heats up quickly
  • The floating plates don’t snag the hair
  • Can be used for a variety of hairstyles
  • Gives extra moisture and sheen to hair


  • Not that durable
  • Doesn’t have an automatic shut off and tends to get hot
  • Quite expensive

Why we love the product

Static electricity can wreak havoc to your hair, especially if you’ve been ironing it daily. You don’t need to worry about the frizz, split ends and dryness caused by it with CHI original flat iron. The negative ions protect each strand from the harmful effects of excess heat. And since it heats up quickly, a single pass or two is all that’s needed to tame your thick hair. We also prefer the floating plates as it has less tendency to pull your hair.


The tourmaline ceramic technology on INFINITI PRO straightens even thick afro hair while protecting it from frizz, flyaways, and split ends. 

The INFINTPRO stands out from the rest with a sophisticated tourmaline ceramic technology. A combination of these two materials renders the hair straight, soft, and smooth despite the daily heat. It straightens the hardest to manage hair while keeping the lustre of your hair intact.


  • Made with tourmaline ceramic floating plates ( 1 ½ inch)
  • Heats fast in 15 seconds
  • Equipped with 5 heat settings with a maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Straightens afro mix thick hair well. That’s why it’s one of our top bets for the best flat iron for natural hair.
  • Has a reasonable price tag for its worth
  • Removes frizzes
  • Covers more hair at a time
  • Has an auto shut off button


  • Not that safe for processed or treated hair
  • The low setting is too hot for fine hair
  • Even with floating plates, it still tends to pull the hair with the gaps at both ends of the plate.

Why we love the product

It’s fast! Speeding through your morning routine is easy peasy with this one, even if you’ve thick curly hair. It heats up quickly and even the lowest temperature is a bit enough to render your hair straight. And in case you forgot to turn it off, you can leave your worries behind as it also features an automatic shut button. This a must for flat irons that tend to heat up fast, that’s a safety precaution INFINITI PRO considered. 

We just simply enjoy how you can get a sleek finish with just a single pass. And there isn’t even any frizz or flyaway.


This slim and sleek flat iron makes it ideal to pack along for your travels. It won’t even take much space in your luggage.


  • Made with 1-inch titanium plates
  • Comes with a travel bag ( heat resistant)
  • Has an LCD temperature display
  • With a maximum heat temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Dual voltage
  • Has a 100 % money-back guarantee
  • Offers one year warranty


  • Doesn’t straighten thick curly hair that well
  • Tends to pull the hair
  • A bit expensive for its worth
  • The exterior tends to heat up

Why we love the product

It’s sleek design and dual voltage makes it for travelling. You can just simply slip it in your handbag and you’re set to enjoy beautiful straight hair wherever you go.

And since it emits a ton of negative ions, your tresses won’t get burnt instead, it’ll be soft, smooth, and shiny. It’s indeed one of the best flat irons for travelling. Apart from its lightweight, the heat resistant pouch allows you to store the flat iron even if the plates are still hot. You don’t want to miss your flight while waiting for the plates to cool down, do you?

14. Conair Infinitipro

If you’ve been dealing with frizz and flyaways, CONAIR INFINITRO is a must-have.

The ceramic plates emit negative ions, in return, these ions protect your hair from static electricity. It’s the main culprit of frizz, split ends, and flyaways. This flat iron decently straightens thick curly hair but if you’ve got fine hair, better look for another alternative.


  • made with 1-inch tourmaline ceramic plates
  • Has the highest heat setting of 455 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Has an auto shut off button


  • Equipped with extra-long floating plates
  • Heat up in as fast as 15 seconds
  • Curls hair nicely
  • Has a cheap price tag
  • Reduces frizz and flyaways
  •  Has a longer cord


  • Not durable
  • Gives off an inconsistent heat
  • Tends to burn fine hair

Why we love the product

It’s another no-fuss, basic flat iron for your thick man! And we love the longer swivel cord, it allows for more movement and gives you more freedom to style or curl your hair. And what girl doesn’t love the color purple? It’s an eye candy and it’s quite light too. It can be given as a gift for those who are just starting to straighten their locks!

15. Remington

This purple flat iron is quite affordable and does a decent job in straightening the hair. Frizz and flyaways are kept at bay.


  • Has 1-inch floating ceramic plates
  • The plates are titanium coated
  • Equipped with longer plates
  • Has an LCD temperature display
  • Comes with 6 variable heat settings


  • Has an auto shut off button
  • As a 360 swivel cord
  • Heats up fast and straightens hair in under 15 minutes
  • Has a cheap price tag


  • Can smell like a burnt plastic during use
  • The annoying electrical smell is easily transferred to the hair
  • The plates tend to snag the hair 
  • Quite challenging to handle
  • Can cover only small sections of hair

Why we love the product

Aside from its pastel purple color, this is a decent and no fuss flat iron that can straighten hair fast. You can also use it for curling. It’s one of those basic flat irons that most girls used to have.

Buying Guides: Choosing the Right Hair Straightener

It could be quite challenging to get the perfect flat iron for you, especially that there isn’t one that fits all needs. 

Some users may encounter a specific problem that won’t be an issue with you.

Well, it’s all about knowing what your personal needs are.

We’ll help you realize each one!

1 . Plate size

The plates come in all sizes. Ranging from the basic ones with 1-inch plates, there are extra wide plates with 1.5 to 2 inches.

What would you need?

The wider plates have more hair coverage, it’s meant for those with thicker hair. So there’s minimal or no need for sectioning at all, the wider plates allow you to straighten your thicker hair faster. Even if your hair is not that thick, you can still take advantage of wider plates. It gets the job faster!

But if you’re looking to use your hair straightener for curling, 1-inch plates will work best for you

2. Temperature settings

Some flat irons don’t have options for heat settings and some have variable heat temperatures. Now, if you have processed, colored of very fine hair, there is a specific heat setting that you have to use to avoid hair damage. Subjecting your hair to a higher heat setting will drain the life out of it and burn it. While those with thick and curly hair can benefit from 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, it’s;s hot, but this level would mean fewer passes too. 

The best option? Go for one that features variable heat settings. So you can always turn it up a notch down whenever it gets too hot to handle.

3. Plate material

There’s a range of materials that are beneficial for ironing your hair day. From ceramic, tourmaline, ionic to titanium, these offer different benefits.

Titanium plates heat up the fastest. So it’s preferred by those with African curly coarse hair. Ceramic and tourmaline give off a ton of negative ions that can fight the damage caused by too much heat. It can also keep split ends, and frizz at bay.

The market is getting a bit more competitive. Most brands have a fusion of these materials embedded into the plates. 

4. Lenght of the plates

Longer plates cover more hair area and are preferred by those with extra long and thick tresses. It’s an ultimate time-saver. Sectioning is a painstaking task when ironing your hair, longer plates let you off that hook a bit.

5. Accessories and extra features

This might seem like a small detail, but it could mean a lot if you are travelling. 

Does it have a dual voltage? Does it come with a protective pouch?

These are some of the features that you might not look for if you just have your flat iron sitting on your vanity kit. But if you’re travelling, these are crucial. 

One note though if a brand claims that it’s dual voltage, do your research to make sure that it can work in the location where you’re travelling to.

What’s the Difference Between a Straightener and a Flat Iron?

Are they the same?

Sounds confusing ei?

They are both the same but also different!

Too confusing already? Well, let’s break it down for you!

Hair straighteners and flat iron are the same – they have one common goal, and that’s to straighten your hair.

They are also different because not all hair straighteners are flat irons. How so?

Hair straighteners consist of several methods or tools that can straighten your hair. So it can be in forms other than your flatiron. Apart from flat irons, these tools are also classified as hair straighteners:

  • Hair blowers
  • Hot combs
  • Straightening brushes
  • Hot rollers

Flat irons, from the word itself, is comprised of a pair of two metal plates. The difference of flat irons from these tools is that it’s a more aggressive approach to hair straightening. Your locks are directly in contact with the metal surfaces. And it also means that it’s in direct contact with heat.

 It works best for really curly hair but it’s also the most damaging one. 

Which straightener to choose? Here’s a bit of advice:

  1. If you have slightly wavy hair that’s not too thick, hair blowers and combs can straighten your locks. You just need the right technique and when used with a suitable hairbrush, you’d have sleek hair in no time. You can also use blowers to amp up your hair volume. 
  2. Since flat irons subject your hair to direct heat, it’s more damaging you can lessen these by investing in a good quality flat iron. And you may also use products such as argan oil to protect your tresses from the damaging effects of the heat.

So have you made your choice yet if your inkling towards a flat iron, we’ve got tips for you on how to effectively use it to straighten your thick mane!

How to Use Flat Iron on Thick Hair

Sectioning, sectioning, sectioning.

You’ve heard about this a gazillion times, right?

Well, it’s a crucial step in straightening your lovely curly locks. But may we suggest some useful information to speed things up, and make it your flat iron work for you.

You see, some common complaints of users may have rooted from the improper use of a flat iron and also to minimize the damaging effects of heat, here are a few tips that you should consider.

1 . Haircare

Since you’re going to subject your locks to direct heat, it is mandatory to condition your locks first, unless you want to end up with dried hair. Go for products that can nourish and protect the strands from within. Our recommendation is products with Argan oil.

2. Pat dry your hair

Get as much water off your hair by patting it softly with a towel. Don’t rub it in as this could damage your hair. Your thick hair has more surface area for water to cling to, so you just have to be patient. There are only a few flat irons that work with wet hair, and even if they do, it’s not advisable to iron wet hair. Your hair is at its weakest when wet.

3. Air dry or run your hair briefly with a blower

Now that your hair is damp, you need to dry it up a bit more. Either you air dry it with fan or you may use the cold setting of your blower. Either way, you need to dry your hair first.

4. Take advantage of protective serum

Before going in for the press, you may opt to use protective serums on your hair, this will lessen the damage and will give off a softer and shinier finish.

5. Sectioning

Depending on the length and width of your plates, divide your hair into several sections. Start straightening the sections at the base of your nape and work your way up.

6. It’s time to press

Carefully place the flatiron as close to the roots as possible without burning your scalp. Some brands can effortlessly reach the base and some can’t. Again, do this carefully and slowly to not scald your scalp. Also, be mindful not to grab your ears!

Press the iron firmly but not too tight. Pressing it to tight with your strands in between can create a bit of a dent and cause dry your hair too. Grab as much hair as the pates can cover and don’t hold it in the same spot for too long.

Always remember, the lesser passes, the better. Normally, for thick hair, you’d need only three passes with a quality flat iron. Having more subjects your hair to extreme heat and it’s not going to look nice!


Do hair straighteners switch off automatically?

Not all. Some hair straighteners have this automatic shut off if it’s not in use for 60 minutes. If you are forgetful Fred, you might want to purchase a brand that has this. Flat irons can heat up to as much as 450 degrees Fahrenheit and that could brew trouble if left unplugged.

What temperature is 30 on a flat iron?

That’s around 375 degrees Fahrenheit

What temperature do I set my flat iron?

That depends on the condition of your hair. Thick, coarse, curly hair can accommodate 410-450 degrees Fahrenheit ( with proper use!). If you have processed, treated or fine hair, you might want to take it down a notch to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Norma hair will do fine at 300- 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does flat iron damage hair?

Yes, it can, especially if you’re not using quality flat irons and if you’re not using it correctly. Quality flat irons have sophisticated technology such that gives off negative ions to help protect your hair while cheap ones do not.

How often should I flat iron my hair?

Daily use can be drying to your hair. It’s advisable to iron your hair every other day, just give it a bit of a rest. But if it can’t be avoided, you have to get the best flat iron for your hair type and you make use of protective serums for added barrier from the heat.

Final Word

Straight, sleek, and shiny hair- yes every woman wants that. But if you’re born with naturally curly hair, you can still achieve that style with the help of the best hair straighteners for thick hair in the market. High-quality ones won’t rip your wallet and the life off from your locks. It may cost a bit than the standard ones, but believe us, it’s worth every penny!

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