15 Best Face Cream For Men

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Best Face Cream For Men

Men’s skin is prone to drying and flaking. And if the skin is left uncared for, it can lead to breakouts and can also cause premature aging. Since men also shave, they also need to moisturize their skin. And they also need to pick one of the best face creams for men. Otherwise, it can lead to unsightly and annoying ingrown.

But unlike women, not all men are up to par with moisturizing their skin. Some find it too tedious and unnecessary. And it’s quite hard to find the best moisturizing product for men. The market isn’t really teeming with such products.

But men do not need to be intimidated. Because facial skin care is actually the easiest of all the skin requirements. Today, we’re going to review the best facial creams for men so you don’t have to find one. We’re going to round it up for you!

Best Face Creams For Men: Top 15 Reviewed

But don’t bring about that heavy face yet. Face up, because we’ve ranked the 15 best face cream for men!

Now, let us see that handsome smiley face…

1. Oars + Alps Face Moisturizer & Eye Cream

best face moisturizer for men

Besides the two main things that make this Oars and Alps “Top Pick” product an instant celebrity, a lot of other advantages continue to pour in, making the product a total surprise!

  • Face Moisturizer & Eye Cream
  • 100% Natural
  • Anti-ageing
  • Non-Greasy
  • Ultra-Hydrating for Faces with acne scars and other issues

This 2-in-1 best facial moisturizer for men–functioning as a moisturizer and eye cream— deeply cleanses the facial skin to a maximum smoothness. I can especially attest to its ability to sustain the skin’s gloss long-term.

What’s exciting about our “top pick” product is that even if it’s a daily cream– so that you’re expected to use it literally every day– it still manages to enhance facial skin with seldom use. 

In my routine for instance, since I always tend to forget, I was only able to use the product once in the past week. But then, to my surprise, my facial skin literally glimmered in the mirror. And, its effect already resembled a month’s continued use. Take note that I only actually used it once. Amazing, right?

Our top product utilizes specialized minerals, micronutrients, antioxidants, and essential oils to stimulate cell regeneration in the skin. It’s also proven to aggressively hydrate the skin. The likes of Jojoba oil, Aloe Leaf Juice, and vitamin E eventually embellish its infusion. It secures all these without leaving the skin greasy. In fact, it absorbs excess oil in the skin. 

Our top product earns a nod from many men for its aggressive action. But most interestingly, it’s gentle on the skin. And, with its fine texture, it easily penetrates into the skin. Once it does, it naturally drives wrinkles out. 

I especially loved how it eliminates puffy eyes. It was just great. Ultimately, it’s economical to use. No need for repeated application. No need for putting a generous amount. Just 2-3 finger-tops and you’re good to go. 

There’s one little problem with our product, though. It’s got a bad after-scent. Minor issue. 

Heck, I’m still voting for it!


  • Cool on Skin
  • 2-in-1: Deep Moisturizer & Eye Cream
  • Skin-Hydrating (aggressive, but gentle on skin)
  • Economical 
  • Anti-ageing
  • Perfect for Men’s Skin Type
  • Non-Greasy 
  • Travel-Friendly


  • Unpleasant After-Scent

Why choose it?

  • The product has all reasons to earn the “top pick” title on our list. It’s most effective on mature men’s skin, particularly those with dark spots, large pores, wrinkles, etc. Surely one of the best face cream for men

2. Men’s Face Moisturizer by Beau Brummell

best facial moisturizer for men

Earning the “Best Value” title on our best face cream for men list, this Beau Brummell answers for all the facial skincare routines you can manage in a lifetime. Above all, it effectively whitens facial skin!

  • Tough Facial Cream for Men
  • Fast-Absorbing Facial Moisturizer
  • Deep Matte Finish
  • Non-Greasy
  • Can work as lotion

Our top 2 ranking facial cream for men deserves every single accolade coming it’s way! Now, thanks to honest reviews, the product is certified gold, or in this case, marble white! Firstly, it’s popular for its Activated Charcoal ingredient.

Known as nature’s gift to man, activated charcoal detoxifies the skin from pollutants, toxins and even positive ions. It seeps into the pores to rid the skin of trapped impurities. Most interestingly, it digs deeper to remove even the oldest dirt. While it does so, it nourishes the pores with needed proteins, vitamin E, and other graces. 

To say it simply, activated charcoal deep-cleanses, hydrates and eventually clears the skin surface; it whitens the skin, in away. That’s just the charcoal doing that, whilst, we’ve got a lot more organic ingredients. Just you wait and see!

Other ingredients included in the product package include organic Avocado oil, Shea Butter, essential oils. Meanwhile, experts confirm these organic products in the package. A 100% chemical and irritant-free, the product is safe on all types of skin. Apparently, it’s tough on skin, so it’s perfect for men. 

Some reviews even state that the product sports men gorgeous, handsome looks. It guarantees all that in 2-3 weeks’ use. Having said that, it’s manufacturers recommend using it twice a day– morning and evening. 

But, like our best choice product, its main minus is its unpleasant after-scent. 


  • Deep Cleanser
  • All-Day Moisture
  • Has Activated Charcoal (plus other organic ingredients)
  • 100% Chemical-Free
  • Non-Greasy
  • Safe on All Skin Types; Perfect for Men
  • Cleans & Whitens Men Skin
  • Deep Hydration


  • Unpleasant Scent (despite claims)

Why choose it?

  • This “Best Value” product rules out as a deep cleanser, facial skin whitener, and moisturizer. Men’s faces with dark spots especially benefit from it.

3. BIG BOY Men’s Face Moisturizer

anti aging cream for men

Our third-ranking glorious face cream impresses with a unique facial-cleaning formula, thanks to its Sicilian ingredients. 

  • Anti-ageing
  • Highly Effective
  • 100% Sicilian Natural Ingredients
  • Certified SPF 20
  • Rich in Vitamin E

Exotica. Erotica. Yes. Who says men can’t experience that too? Our third-ranking product is proven by our honest testers to bring out the sexiness, youthfulness and zeal in every man, across facial skin types and all. Cool on the skin, our current face cream is delicate as it’s soothing on the skin. It’s also certified to leave the smoothest, most marble-like clear skin. Not white skin?

Why, what’s the difference between a clear and white skin cream, and why you should prefer the latter? A polished clear skin-facilitating cream brings about the smoothness and glows in your skin. A white cream skin alters the facial skin’s natural color. Apparently, the kind of whiteness the latter promotes appears to be more artificial in the fact that it isn’t your natural color. 

Meaning, despite having a darker skin color, one can still opt for a clearer, brighter and smoother skin. Having said that, white doesn’t necessarily mean smoothness. And, this is what our product emphasizes!

Processed in an artisan lab in Italy, it’s proven to blossom with rich organic ingredients: Argan Oil, Vitamin E sources, Lipoic Acid, Squalene from Plants Olive Oil extract, and Deanolo nutrients. These exotic, organic ingredients are proven to fill the product to the brim. Consequently, as expected of them, they ensure fast cell boost, elastin production, and overall anti-ageing process. They’re best for tough male skin, particularly between the middle age onwards. 

Using it for protection also proves most effective as it’s processed with a solid SPF 20. Bearing this in its solution, it’s proven to truly promote younger, smoother and healthier facial skin. 

However, despite its perfect-sounding Italian stress, it suffers some backlashes for its greasiness, bad smell, and a reactive solution. 


  • Organically-Processed (Italian lab); All-Natural w/ Unique Cleansing Formula
  • Hydrating & Moisturizing 
  • Anti-ageing
  • SPF 20
  • Deep Cleanser; Secures Clear Skin
  • Delicate & Gentle; Cool on Skin
  • Economic
  • Safe on All Skin Types


  • Greasy
  • Bad Smell
  • Spoil-Prone Solution

Why choose it?

  • Our third-ranking product no doubt brings out the youthfulness and sexiness in every man with its Italian touch. It works best for men with mature and rough facial skin.

4. Brickell Men’s Face Moisturizer for Men

face cream for men

Perhaps the most convenient face cream for men on our best face cream for men list thanks to its quick-click cap, this product deservingly earns the fourth place! But, the ranking definitely has got more to do with its superior facial skin management. 

  • Fast Absorbing Facial Lotion for Oily Face
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Scented
  • with Green Tea, Jojoba, and Hyaluronic Acid
  • Best for All Skin Types

As you can see in its package, our current product is known for its top three functions: protect, renew, and hydrate. No worries needed at all, because our testers certify to them! 

With just one simple, quick application, it solution easily absorbs oil in the skin. It penetrates easily too. Very much like its previous counterparts, this one is known to be highly economic. Meaning, you don’t have to put much to feel such. 

Thanks to its Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera extract, dimethyl MEA (an activated acid mineral), Green Tea, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E sources, and other mineral forms, it cleanses deeply and protects the facial skin without clogging pores. 

If there’s one thing that it lacks, that’d be its grease. It almost feels. But, that’s just it. It’s never actually dry. Our testers think that its dry-gel feel is better because it does not heat up the skin surface.

However, make no mistake over it’s not being able to heat up the skin, because it circulates blood in the layers for activated action. With just a thin plop from its quick-click cap, your face is sure to experience a major peak in just a week’s use. 

Men with all ages and skin types highly benefit from this product. Bearing a generic tone, it revives even the most broken skin surfaces. Acnes. Acne scars. Irritations. Razor Bumps. Our current top cream is certified to sweep all these out with a few months’ maintenances. More so, its 5.6-ounce package doesn’t easily run out of content! Yay!

If not for some drawbacks, the product would be perfect. Its drawbacks include a bad smell, a highly-imitated quality, some shipping problems, and a tendency to easily dry up or become too runny. 


  • Quick-Click Bottle Cap
  • Economic; 5.6-Ounce Package
  • Certified to Protect, Renew & Hydrate; Deep Cleanser & Moisturizer
  • Highly Organic
  • Perfect for All Male Skin Types
  • Anti-Clogging
  • Anti-Aging; Tends & Closes Pores


  • Highly-Imitated Quality
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Easily Dries Up; Might be Too Runny
  • Bad Smell

Why choose it?

  • Our top 4 facial moisturizer for men impresses with an effective cleansing command and a convenient, economic, and easy-to-handle bottle. Most of all, it benefits men on all ages and skin types with zero-adverse effects.

5. Super ShapeTM Skin Recharge Cream for Men

ShapeTM Skin Recharge Cream

Our fifth-ranking face cream for men impresses with a sophisticated facial cleansing technology, a quick-dry non-greasy solution, and a fragrant gel.  

  • Effective Anti-Aging
  • Soothes Fines Lines
  • Revitalizing & Recharging Cream
  • Elastin-Promoting 
  • Unscented

As our testers would roughly relate it, our 5th top product instantly relaxes the user while it acts into the skin. You can have its botanical compounds to thank for it. These ingredients, while slightly activated, releases a very relaxing and comforting fragrance. In fact, our testers would even describe the scent as “perfect”. 

And, I perfectly understand why! As evident in the former products we featured, the scent has become a common issue. Albeit that it’s a natural, inevitable factor among herbal-filled face creams, bad smell is bad smell. So,  much would’ve been the joy our testers felt when they first run the solution into their skin. Absolute, immediate delight. I can imagine. 

Another great thing about the product is that it uses a specialized cleansing/moisturizing technology called molecular beads. These microscopic, molecular beads don’t only get in, but also manages to get out of the pores. Now, this particular ability of the beads proves most important as it trains the pores to absorb the right nutrients while excreting ample pathogens off the skin. 

A few applications here and there within 2-3 months guarantee a tighter, clearer, smoother and a more glowing facial skin. Obviously, you’d find applying the product fun as it’s non-greasy, non-smelly and quick-dry. As our testers would describe it, its solution is almost gel-like. 

On the other hand, it manages to irritate some users due to its tendency to slightly irritate eyes, tendency to require the excessive amount to take effect,  loose grasp on the skin, a highly-imitated quality, and a tendency to become extensively watery in hot temperature. 


  • Relaxing & Cool on Skin; Sweet & Relaxing Fragrance
  • Rich Botanical/Organic Compounds, Ingredients & Infusions
  • Specialized Cleansing/Moisturizing Technology
  • Perfect on All Skin Types
  • Delicate & Gentle on Skin
  • Quick-Dry & Fast-Absorbent; Oil Absorber
  • Anti-ageing


  • Can Become Extensively Watery (when exposed to heat/high humidity)
  • Highly Imitated Quality
  • Easily Runs out of Content (since it requires massive amounts to apply to take effect)
  • Might Irritate Eyes

Why choose it?

  • Our fifth face cream has a doubled-cleansing/moisturizing effect, thanks to its specialized cleansing technology; it works best for highly-irritated, oily, and damaged facial skin.

6. Lather & Wood’s Face Moisturizer for Men

Face Moisturizer for Men

Of all the top moisturizing, facial management creams for men, this 6th ranking brand proves to facilitate the manliest, finish and charm!

  • Certified Sophisticated Quality
  • Fragrance-Free Cream
  • Tough Cream for Men
  • Anti-ageing
  • Rich Hyaluronic Acid Concentration

Known by our testers as the most masculine face cream even though its scent-free, this product from Lather and Wood Shaving Co. easily finds itself as the best moisturizer for dry skin. 

What sets it different from the rest? It’s a diverse solution, essential oil infusions, and balanced acidic strength make it a multipurpose cream. How multi-purpose? It functions as a shaving cream, for starters! Then, it can also lotion the body skin. Ultimately, it protects the skin from UV exposure. 

Also a 100% natural-made cream for men, it impresses a long row of organic ingredients: Palm oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Hyaluronic acid, natural peptide sources, antioxidant sources, essentials, etc. Such string infusion arms our sixth-ranking product the capacity to not only moisturize and hydrate skin but also actually heal it. 

Moreover, it’s been noted by many users to define color between shades in the facial skin. For that, it easily passes as an effective daily maintenance source for all men’s facial skin types. Men of all ages can also highly benefit from this, especially that it’s also a shaving cream. 

Some of its minuses, on the other hand, cover varied factors: problematic pump, slightly itchy after-effect, high-storage demands, a tendency to leave residues on the face, and a tendency to react with other applications. 


  • Multipurpose Cream
  • Non-Scented
  • Masculine Streak/Finish
  • Anti-ageing w/ Antioxidants
  • Relaxing & Cool on Skin
  • Chemical-Free
  • Safe on All Skin Types


  • Loose Pump Control
  • Reacts to Other Applications
  • Leaves Residues on Face
  • High-Storage Demands
  • Slightly Itchy After-Effect

Why choose it?

  • Our sixth-ranking product is a versatile multipurpose cream that brings out the manliness of every man on all ages and skin types!

7. Hydro Boost Face Gel Moisturizer

Our 7th-ranking dermatologist-recommend product from Neutrogena is more of a facial gel than a cream. Meaning, it’s quick-dry, quick absorbent, grease-free and non-messy!

  • Hydro-Boost Quality for Immediate Results
  • Active Hydrating Minerals
  • Naturally-Processed Face Gel
  • Best for Dry Skin
  • Non-Comedogenic Formula

Our testers were lucky enough to experience the ultra-light contact of this deep face cleanser into their skin! The first feeling was a rush of vitality and relaxation. It’s scent-free, so you won’t be able to tell the difference. But, the biggest thing the product has is its high Hyaluronic acid concentration.

Unlike typical acid forms, this is organically activated. It absorbs oil, dirt, and other pollutants in the skin. It does so without weighing a bit on your skin. Testers described it as almost like water, but dry as a sponge. As dry as it may feel, it silkens the skin, leaving it enough hydration for the next 3-4 months. 

Another breathtaking feature the product has is its instant-application effect. Without having to apply it daily, it can silken the skin, to a smooth clear glow. Very much like our previous top product from Big Boy, it also promotes skin clarity and flexibility. 

Despite being tough effect on skin- so it’s perfect for maintaining men’s skin- it has a non-comedogenic formula. Besides being non-pore-clogging, it actively eliminates pore-clogging. Nevertheless, due to its ultra-fine quality, women can even opt to use it. 

It’s best for putting as a protective layer on the face before makeup foundation because it absorbs 100% of grease, oil, dust and pore-clogging particles. Ultimately, thanks to its anti-ageing qualities, it’s also known to eliminate large pores. 

These, among many others, are the very reasons why the product remains a hit despite its dramatic back-lashes. Yes. Our product is not a perfect one, yet it’s continuously improving, lest being improved, to achieve the best results. 

Among its backlashes include a tendency to become too watery, a tendency to spill off due to melting, a tendency to react badly to heat, a tendency to lose hold on the skin (so that it simply flushes out too early), and a lacklustre oil concentration.


  • Hydro-Boost Water Gel Quality; Quick-Absorbent & Grease-Free
  • Dermatologist-Recommended
  • Safe on All Skin Types; Safe on Women’s Skin
  • Pleasurable on Skin
  • High Hyaluronic Acid Concentration
  • Non-Comedogenic Formula


  • Loose Hold on Skin
  • Reacts to Heat
  • Lacklustre Oil Concentration
  • Easy-Spill Container; Easily Melts
  • Too Watery Quality
  • Easily-Imitated

Why choose it?

  • This seventh-ranking product highly satisfies on-the-go users who prefer a non-messy, quick-application.

8. Facial Moisturizer Ingredients Face Moisturizing Cream

Our eighth-ranking product is filled to the brim with all natural effects that it also fulfills as a facial skin supplement and an aromatic cream!

  • 100% Organic & Natural
  • Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle for Men & Women
  • with Christina Moss Naturals Formula
  • Best for Extreme Skin Conditions

Proven by our testers to contain all necessary advances in hydrating and making the skin vibrant. It seeps into the pores and weaves its genuine effect into its very depths, cell-level. Unlike the previous product we featured, this one appears to be full. But, even with its thick lustre and high concentration, it still manages to feel light on the skin. A few applications o fit here and there proves most fun as it’s also mess-free, grease-free and quick-absorbing.

Embellished with full concentration of organic contents: Licorice scent, Star Anise Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Avocado Oil, Apricot Seed Oil, and a lot more. 

Licorice scent is responsible for hydrating the skin through its pores and leaving a multitude of scent packs. These molecular scent packs promote regeneration of healthy cells. More so, it also wraps the cells with a powerful protein that promotes fragrant skin long-term. According to our testers, its licorice scent is certified genuine. 

Star anise seed oil promotes fast healing in the skin. It also leaves a deep aromatic scent specific for male skin types. Products known to contain high concentration of this ingredient are certified, anti-aging agents. 

Grapeseed oil boasts with rich vitamin E, a vitamin necessary for treating excessively oily skin and clogged pores. Aloe Vera juice soothes the skin, promotes healing and stimulates the skin’s own nutrient-boost. Now, avocado oil is also responsible for softening the skin, and stimulating elastin. Lastly, the apricot seed oil contains rich vitamins A and E, necessary nutrients for making skin appear supple and clear. 

Some problems with the product include a tendency to leave white film residues on the skin, a tendency to trigger itch, a tendency to dry skin applied excessively, and a tendency to develop moulds when not properly stored. 


  • Gentle & Soothing on Skin: Softens Facial Skin
  • 100% Organic Concentration
  • Long-Lasting Scent
  • Economic
  • Deeply Hydrating & Moisturizing; Highly Supplementing
  • Results to Clearer Skin


  • Might Dry Skin when Applied Excessively
  • Triggers Itch
  • Leaves White Film Residues on Skin
  • Develops Molds when not Properly Stored
  • Highly-Imitated
  • Some Shipping Problems

Why choose it?

  • Our 8th ranking product not only delivers as a top facial cream supplement, it also promotes long-term fragrant skin.

9. Anti Aging Retinol Moisturizer Cream

Our ninth-ranking product is a sweeping and powerful anti-aging face cream with 5-proven bio-active ingredients and a Retinol formula!

  • Anti-Aging
  • High Retinol & Hyaluronic Acid Concentration
  • Best for Men & Women
  • Guarantees results within 5 weeks
  • Unscented

What’s a Retinol formula? According to our testers, retinol houses the minute structures of vitamin A and other dietary supplementations. Vitamin A happens to be a vital agent for promoting elastin and collagen production in the skin. 

Elastin is a protein variant found within the skin’s connecting tissues. It’s the one responsible for allowing the tissues to retain shape after being stretched. 

Collagen, on the one hand, structures the tissues and other organs in the body. 

When one gets older, the production of elastin and collagen slows down. Although the slow speed between man and woman vary- so that women experience a faster decrease than men- both nevertheless, experience such. That is a reality of ageing. 

However, through the miracle of retinol, elastin and collagen get to be highly stimulated in the skin. Besides firmness, it enhances the skin complexion by correcting dark spots, blemishes, acne, and the like. For that, it taps into the deep-nourishing aid of Green Tea, Jojoba Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and vitamin E. These ingredients complete the 5-proven bio-active ingredients.

Its Retinol formula is also proven to be of full coverage. Its manufacturers were said to have redefined the structures of the retinol into solid tissue-building agents. It’s like a dietary supplement-turned-enhancer. 

However, the product isn’t all that is. It’s also got some rooms for improvements. At least, its manufacturers were easy to admit that it’s a work-in-progress. 

Some of its drawbacks include greasy texture, bad smell, skin-drying effect, painful effect on sensitive skin (despite claims), easily-imitated quality,  and some residues on the face. 


  • Fast-Absorbing Cream
  • Retinol Formula/Serum; Anti-Aging
  • Deeply Moisturizing
  • Yields Super-Sensitive Skin
  • All-Natural 
  • Effective Eye Cream


  • Drying Effect on Skin
  • Bad Smell
  • Not for Sensitive Skin
  • Leaves Residues
  • Easily-Imitated
  • Greasy Texture

Why choose it?

  • With an umpteen Retinol formula variants eyed to nourish and tighten skin, our product ranks as another effective face cream for mature men.

10. BEST Vitamin C Moisturizer Cream for Face

Our tenth face cream for men earns a tough restorative reputation– it heals, clears and protects skin from premature ageing. 

  • Cures Age Spots
  • Evens Skin Tone
  • Eliminates Dark Circles
  • Guaranteed to Firm Skin in weeks
  • Vitamin C Moisturizer

The facial skin, or the skin in general, experience major stress year-round. Various pathogens come in contact with the delicate skin, clogging the pores, losing its circulation, and cutting short is nourishment. Fortunately, our 10th product is a certified antioxidant by our testers. And, it’s got so much more than you think. 

According to one review, it has eventually tightened facial skin. Despite the feel, it doesn’t hurt because it’s organically activated. By a few day’s uses, it’s proven to smoothen facial skin, preparing it for a glow fitting to a manly charm. Lastly, it’s effect seems consistent that the skin, at the end of the day, beholds even tones.

Another user/tester noted that the product alternates between retinol nourishment and C nourishment. What is C nourishment? C nourishment is short for vitamin C nourishment. This latest product from TruSkin Naturals happens to be genuinely rich with antioxidants (as we mentioned earlier). Finally, it managed to surprise our tester by clearing and brightening his skin.

Our current product is also known to be gentle on both male and female skin. Bearing the perfect chemical and organic balance, it deeply moisturizes and hydrates the skin. It can leave an effect with just a few days’ use. So, it’s got to be economical. 

On the contrary, some users complain about the product’s depreciated value. But, that’s not actually the case. Being a popular brand, our product here is highly imitated. So, we recommend that you inspect it carefully before ordering it online. 

Its other backlashes include a bad scent, a somehow greasy texture (despite claims), a mould-prone solution, an acne-irritant effect, some shipping problems (like a tamper-proof seal), a tendency to trigger a rash, and a tendency to cause flaky patches on the skin. 


  • Economical 
  • Highly Restorative; Deeply Moisturizing; Skin Protection
  • Antioxidant-Rich
  • Retinol Formula
  • Perfect for Men’s Skin
  • Anti-Aging; Eliminates Large Pores


  • Rash-Triggering Effect
  • Causes Flaky Patches on Skin
  • Highly Imitated; Depreciated Product Value
  • Some Shipping Problems (tamper-proof seal)
  • Acne-Irritant
  • Mould-Prone Solution
  • Slightly Greasy

Why choose it?

  • Our top face cream satisfies men who are eyeing for instant tightening of large pores.

11. RUGGED & DAPPER Age Defense Face Moisturizer for Men

Our eleventh ranking product is by Rugged and Dapper! A silent competitor, it proves genuine, holistic and effective in maintaining and repairing men’s facial skin!

  • Effective Anti-Aging
  • Organic & Natural Concentrations
  • Certified Skin Fuel for Men
  • 2-in-1 Purpose: Moisturizer & Aftershave Lotion
  • Protects and Repairs Skin from Damage

A 2-in-1 high-functioning cream our testers couldn’t resist, it builds resistance in the facial skin. When damage occurs, it also repairs the cells by promoting regeneration. It also acts as an effective aftershave lotion. Dubbed by its manufacturers as a skin fuel for men, it taps into dense essential oil concentrations to dapper-up collagen and elastin production in the face. 

Yes. It is tough. However, when it comes in contact with the skin, it doesn’t feel anything at all. Why? It’s fast-absorbent, and it’s 50% gel. Non-greasy, Unscented. Pleasurable on the skin. This the product in a nutshell. And, it proves holistic in that. 

According to users, the product stays true to its claim of being a perfect fit for all skin types. Hey, it even works well on skins with ongoing damage like acne scars, tears, irritations, etc. 

However, one of our testers begs to disagree about the product is unscented. According to his narrative, it’s got a light, smooth scent, which is actually a good thing. It eventually us your charm and confidence. It also makes you feel relaxed. This claim proves not far-fetched as the product is also a known revitalizer. 

Its organic ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, and Green Tea. These power-forces, seemingly programmed to firm and protect the skin, build protective layers on the skin. 

Some problems our testers encounter with the product deal with lackluster texture, runny solution, shipping problems, a tendency to trigger breakouts (which is a good thing), a tendency to not sit well with other applications, and a tendency to trigger burning sensation to sensitive skin (just a sensation, not an actual burn). 


  • 2-in-1: Moisturizer and Aftershave Lotion
  • Anti-ageing
  • Promotes and Boosts Elastin & Collagen Production
  • Defends and Repairs the Skin from Damage
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Light, Smooth-Scented (not really fragrance-free)


  • Lacklustre Texture/Concentration; Runny Solution
  • Reacts to other applications
  • Shipping Problems
  • Small Product Quantity; Easily Consumable
  • Might trigger breakouts
  • Requires Heavy Maintenance for Felt Effect
  • Might cause a burning sensation to sensitive skin (not an actual burn)

Why choose it?

  • The product is one of its kind. It boasts of a holistic approach of repairing and protecting the skin from damage. Ultimately, it also effectively works as an aftershave lotion.

12. MARLOWE. No. 123 Men’s Facial Moisturizer 6 oz

Nothing could be more natural and tender than this water-based face cream from Marlowe M. Blend, a known anti-ageing brand than instantly revitalizes skin. 

  • Deep Hydrating Capacity
  • Rich Mineral Concentration
  • Water-Based Natural Solution
  • Refreshing & Revitalizing Feel for Stressed Skin
  • Effective Anti-Aging

Soggy skin. Age spots. Wrinkly. Damaged. Large pores. These signs indicate that your skin has gone through a lot in years. Surely too, these signs will vanish with the use of our current top product. 

Our testers affirm that it’s a no-nonsense product. Every drop of it represents strong mineral concentrations. Applying a small portion of it into the face instantly reveals a flowing path. Perhaps one of the most fast-acting products in thisbest face cream for men list– likened to Beau Brummell’s, Oars & Alps, and Big Boy– it never misses a spot. That is because it has an intense cream distribution capacity, absorbing and spreading minerals throughout the skin via blood circulation. 

The source of its minerals is no-nonsense as well: Passionflower Extract, Deep Sea Algae Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Willow Bark Extract. 

The Passionflower extract is responsible for distributing iron and vitamin C into the skin cells. These minerals promote innate moisture in the skin. More so, they aid in rapid cell regeneration. 

The Deep Sea Algae extract, an organic mineral source unique in the product, works as a natural antibiotic. It protects the skin from irritations and inflammations. When these conditions inevitably occur, the extract eases their effects. 

We all know that Green Tea is responsible for a wide array of antioxidants responsible for protecting and repairing the skin from damage. 

Lastly, Willow Bark Extract go hand-in-hand with deep-sea algae extract in soothing skin whenever irritations occur.  But mind you, it doesn’t only eliminate the effects, it also eliminates the source first-hand!

Some problems our testers encounter with the product had to do with its tendency to trigger breakouts (as part of the effects), tendency to flake out on skin when not rinsed off, tendency to react badly with other applications, bad smell, small product quantity (easily consumable), runny solution/lackluster concentration (because its water-based), and a poor sticking capacity. 


  • Water-Based Solution
  • Easily-Applied 
  • Highly Organic; Rich in Minerals
  • Anti-ageing
  • Repairs & Protects Skin from Damage 
  • Fast-Absorbing; Intense Cream Distribution Capacity


  • Runny Solution, Lackluster Concentration; Almost feels like water
  • Reacts with other applications
  • Might flake out on skin when not rinsed off
  • Poor Sticking Capacity
  • Bad Smell
  • Small Product Quantity
  • Might trigger breakouts on sensitive skin

Why choose it?

  • This top product feels tender on the skin because it’s water. It’s completely safe on sensitive skin.

13. Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturizer for Face

best mens face creams

Another Baxter of California product makes it on our best face cream for men list, and very much like its Baxter counterpart, it’s also a deep, sophisticated facial cleanser! Only, it’s got a standout feature: it’s double-up facial scrub. 

  • Botanically-based solutions
  • Fast-Acting & Quick-Absorbent
  • 100% Effective
  • Soothing
  • Deep-Cleansing & Moisturizing effect for tough skins

The only product with a specialized facial scrub capacity on our list, it’s difficult for the product not to be hailed by our team of testers! Deeply soothing. Pleasurable. Revitalizing. It utilizes all-natural mineral sources for extensive antioxidant production. Antioxidants, as experts would put it, deeply nourish, hydrate and wrap the skin in the eternal glow. It’s also known to keep the skin firm. 

A certified anti-ageing solution, that’s what it is! Apart from it all, it penetrates quickly into the skin’s moisture barrier. So, it was very likely that our testers felt the effect right away. In addition to that, it’s got a wide reservoir of botanicals and essential oil concentrations. All of these secure that nutrients are delivered and absorbed in the skin in the fastest means possible. 

It may require a constant application to ensure the long-lasting effect, the product can still be considered economical because of its full-packed content. It’s highly concentrated, thick-lustred facial scrub. 

On the other hand, our testers’ issues with the product include the presence of some strong chemicals and scrub beads that potentially dry the skin. For that, our testers recommend applying an actual moisturizer into the face post-scrub. 

Other drawbacks our testers noted about the product include a tendency to flake out on skin when not removed, a tendency to trigger itches, a tendency to aggravate acne when applied at the onset of condition, bad smell, a heavily oily/greasy after-effect, some shipping problems, and a not-for-all skin types effect. 


  • Deeply Moisturizing; Sophisticated Facial Cleanser
  • Added Facial Scrub Feature
  • Soothing & Revitalizing Effect
  • Rich in Antioxidants & other Organic Ingredients
  • Fast-Absorbent
  • Thick-lustred; High Concentration; Economic


  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Contains a few Parabens and Strong Chemicals
  • Facial Scrub dries the skin
  • Might flake out skin when dry
  • Might trigger itches
  • Not for all Skin Types
  • Might aggravate acne when applied at the onset of the condition
  • Bad Smell
  • Heavily Oily & Greasy

Why choose it?

  • Our current top product works best for uptight males who are into deep facial cleansing using scrubs. The product has one of the strongest, most immediate effects.

14. ELEMIS Daily Moisture Boost

ELEMIS Daily Moisture

Our fourteenth top product is a “Premium Pick”, thanks to its classy Elemis charm. Ranking among the most effective hydrating sources on this best face cream for men list, the product yields remarkable effects upon daily use!

Deeply hydrating. Deeply-cleansing. It’s noted by our testers to leave the face all blank and clean from external pollutants. It also proves to be an effective aftershave lotion. With just 1-2 applications of it already yields a vibrant skin tone. As it does so, it firms the skin side-up. Nevertheless, it impresses as a powerful anti-ageing. 

While it claims to be a lightweight solution, it actually isn’t. Many of our testers affirm it. It’s heavily-concentrated with organic ingredients ranging from exotic to common-lying herbs. Perhaps, it also utilizes a few strong-affecting chemicals. It just does so. After all, these chemicals are necessary for activating its own nutrients. Rest assured. It’s chemical processing is expensively executed. 

One reviewer summarizes the product based on its top three assets: hydrating, soothing, nourishing. All these properties complement each other within the product’s organic infusions. 

All-in-all, the product is highly noted for its hydrating capacity. It’s sure to keep your face aglow, revitalized and smooth in the next few years of your life. That is if you won’t miss it in your daily routines. 

On the other hand, problems with the product include a bad smell, a tendency to make skin oily without supplementary moisturizes, a tendency to trigger itches due to its strong chemicals, and a tendency to trigger rashes on sensitive skin (definitely for tough-skinned men only). 

In addition to that, it seems too oily or too watery at the wrong time. Applying it on sweaty face triggers a nasty greasiness that is difficult to remove even with water. Having said that, the product is also known to leave residues on the skin after application. Our testers recommend deeply rinsing it off after application. 


  • Fast-Absorbent
  • Best for Daily Use 
  • Best for Tough-Skin (not sensitive, oily skin)
  • Deeply Hydrating/Nourishing, Deeply Cleansing & Deeply Soothing
  • Organic Ingredients; Active Mineral Elements


  • Too watery & oily at the wrong time
  • Extremely Greasy on Sweaty Face
  • Bad Smell
  • Makes skin oily
  • Might trigger rashes & itching
  • Leaves residues after application
  • Contains Strong Chemicals
  • Small Product Quantity
  • Easily-Faked/Imitated

Why choose it?

  • Our “premium product” from Elemis bears the usual deep-hydrating magic of its brand. It works best for extremely dry skin.

15. CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion

mens face cream reviews

Our 15th top product from CeraVe ranks as another dermatologist-trusted moisturizer; it ups its sunscreen level of SPF 30. And, it’s successfully in that aspect!

  • Effective Daily Moisturizer and Lotion for Men
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 30 for intense protection
  • All-Day Hydration
  • Patented Technology
  • 100% Essential & Natural Ceramides

Like the previous face cream products featured herein, this one specially builds natural protective layers on the skin. A natural barrier. Our testers praise its natural ceramides. Ceramides are lipid molecules and fatty acid that toughens up the skin, but not literally. What it actually toughens up is the protective layers we all naturally have in our skin. These layers are responsible for filtering what comes in and out of our pores. 

With age, these layers thin out. Fortunately, our current product, as dermatologists affirm, is all eyes on rebuilding that through the ceramides. Now, to boost these natural ceramides, the product utilizes a patented MVE controlled-release technology that keeps the lipids fresh on point. That whole process of delivering these eukaryotes throughout the skin also admonishes deep moisturization, hydration and soothe. 

One of our testers confirms that it does hydrate the skin very aggressively. Daily use of the product reveals outstanding results in a week. Although it may seem too strong for sensitive skin, it still proves to be safe. 

Another major highlight by the product is intense SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen. Considered to be so thick that it proves hard to peel off at times. The protective spectrum of its SPF 30 is easily spread through the skin via its InVisibleZinc Technology. The technology utilizes micro-fine zinc oxide strands to allow fast spread and penetration of the solution. It is the same cause, however, of mild irritations among sensitive skins. 

Other issues our testers have against the product have to do with the tendency to leave residues after application, tendency to become greasy, tendency to flake out on the skin, tendency to trigger rashes and itches, tendency to trigger breakouts, and the presence of some strong chemicals.


  • Deep & Aggressive Hydration
  • Fast-Acting; Results are visible within a week
  • Rich in Natural Ceramides
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 30
  • Invisible Zinc Technology


  • Might trigger breakouts
  • Can become too greasy
  • Might flake out when dry
  • Thick SPF content is hard to peel off from skin
  • Might trigger rashes & itches
  • Some Strong Chemicals
  • Leaves residues after application

Why choose it?

  • Despite some issues about it on sensitive skin, our 15th product still proves safe to use. Men who seriously want to experience fast improvements on their skin elasticity and large pores benefit much from it.

Picking the Best Face Cream: a Trustworthy Buying Guide

There are a lot of face creams to choose out there. Surely, most of these products come to entice by the packaging. Also, some of these can make a fool out of you. Worst, some can cause permanent damage on your facial skin. Ugh!

Time to avoid such a fate! Here’s a buying guide  you can depend your life on:

  • Alcohol Free-Face Cream

When you’re choosing a face cream, root for the product with the least to zero alcohol content. It’s common knowledge that alcohol dries up the skin. And, that remains unchallenged until today. 

  • Organic Infusions & All-Natural Ingredients

Aloe Vera. Jojoba Oil. Shea butter. Vitamin E sources. Essential oils. Antioxidant sources. Other exotic botanical and herbal sources. All these conditions, repair, nourish, promote cell regeneration, and protect the facial skin from damage. 

  • Anti-Aging Tag

Face creams that are anti-ageing usually include elastin and collagen-promoting nutrients. Elastin is responsible for the skin’s elasticity and firmness, while collagen is the abundant protein that connects the cells and tissues together. 

  • Charcoal-Activated

Charcoal-activated face creams are also known as purifying creams. Why? Its charcoal properties attract dust and other pollutants in the facial skin. In the form of a mask, the charcoal-laden product seeps into the pores for de-clogging. 

This type of face cream proves convenient as you’ll only have to peel and pull its mask off. Once you do, it brings with it a load of dirt and excess oil from the pores, revealing a fresh and clean feel after.

How to Apply Face Moisturizer

Juts rub a dub dub. Isn’t it simple? Yes it’s simple, but you still need to follow some crucial steps to get the most out of your facial moisturizer.

1. Always start on a  clean slate

Before moisturizing your face, ensure you have cleaned it first. This will remove all the dirt, grime, and oil buildup on your face. And this will help your skin be more ready to absorb all the nutrients and moisturizing agents of your facial cream.

2. Leave a little water on your skin

After washing your face, just pat it dry with a towel. Never rub it in. The goal here is to leave a bit of water on your face. It’s easier to work a facial cream on a damp face. 

3. Go easy on it

While it may be tempting to put a dollop of facial cream on your face, don’t. It can be counterproductive. Instead, a little goes a long way. So you just need a pea sized amount. Work it in and spread it evenly on your face

4.  Massage Your skin

To help your skin absorb the facial cream, rub it in small circular motions. It’s like giving yourself a facial massage. You may use the tip of your fingers to spread the cream on your face. Always be gentle to your skin,even if you’re a man.

5. Take advantage of night creams

It’s not only women who need to use night creams! Night Creams should be included in your skincare regimen. It can moisturize your skin as you sleep so you can wake up in the morning with soft and nourished skin.

Man Using Face Cream Daily: is There a Need?

It’s common that men are not so attentive to facial skincare. According to past studies, more than half of the population of men all over the world give little to no attention to their facial skin. Men naturally don’t spend too much time going through the details of their faces. In a sense, men want to keep things fast, straightforward, and practical. 

Fortunately, they’ve now realized the importance and practicality of facial skin care. According to recent studies, more men of today are now showing interest in facial skin care routines. Certainly, they’re doing it for the good. 

But, is there really a need to moisturize daily? Yes. Cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing the face is as practical and basic as keeping the body clean. Apart from anti-aging desires, facial skincare through daily face cream applications protect the skin from irritations and long-term damage. 

Now, it’s health and hygiene that we’re talking about! 

Tell me, are these not basic needs?

Basic Facial Care Routine Every Man Should Know

Caring for the face should be a top priority among men as it is on women. Your face is your mask; it’s the external representation of yourself. It’s the first to bring forth your identity. Ultimately, your face is your ticket to the world. 

Being as it is, the face indeed deserves to be carefully taken care of. Now, I’m sure you bring your face care preconceptions with you. But, I’m telling you now. It’s more than what you know. It’s more than just securing the face products. Why, it’s all about your overall intuitive commitment to maintaining your face mask through time. 

The least that I can assure you though is simplicity. Yes. It’s detailed, but it’s fairly simple too. You can stick your face to it. 

  1. Pick the perfect face cream for your facial skin type. 
  2. Wash your face every day once in the morning and once in the evening before going to bed. 
  3. Keep your face clean before going to bed. When I say clean, I mean plain. No solutions. No sunscreens. And, no creams on.
  4. Exfoliate at most thrice a week. Don’t overdo it. When you’re using a scrub, make sure to gently guide it with your fingers all over your face. Do a circular motion.
  5. Make sure to properly rinse off applications in the face to eliminate residues.


How can I, as a man, keep my face in good condition?

You can ensure by sufficiently applying face creams for men, and properly taking care of your face.

Am I required to moisturize my skin after shaving?

It’s not really imposed. But, you must keep in mind that shaving dries your skin. So, if you’re eyeing for a hydrated, slow-aging facial skin, then you opt to moisturize it after shaving.

When is the best time for shaving: morning or evening?

The best time for shaving is during the night. Skin is naturally swollen in the morning, making it difficult for a softer shave.

Is it okay for me to shave every day?

No. It’s not. As I’ve mentioned, shaving dries up the skin. 


From our honest reviews, we highlighted the brands Oars + Alps as the “top pick”, Beau Brummell as the “best value”, and Elemis as “premium pick”! From the perusal conducted by our team of expert testers, we were able to learn that matching skin type and face cream quality is a very basic move in securing a successful moisturization. 

We were also able to learn that proper care of the face, apart from the products applied, guarantees a younger looking, moisturized facial skin. All these also imply that men should be more attentive to their facial skin needs as women are. There are 5 primary skin types, and they are best addressed by practical routines and of course, the best face creams for men. Ultimately, men regardless of their skin types can secure a healthy skin with healthy lifestyle via the top 3 main routines: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize!

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