10 Best Egyptian Musk Oil in 2021

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  1. Egyptian Musk Oil
  2. Kuumba Made Egyptian Musk Oil 
  3. Bargz Egyptian Musk Oil 
Best Egyptian Musk Oil

Smell has the power to drive your behavior on a subconscious and instinctive level. Due to this, it is extremely important to choose fragrances that make you more desirable and appealing to others. Luckily, you can harness the power of smell with Best Egyptian Musk oil.

Here is the List of 10 Best Egyptian Musk Oil:

  1. Egyptian Musk Oil
  2. Kuumba Made Egyptian Musk Oil 
  3. Bargz Egyptian Musk Oil 
  4. Kareem Egyptian Musk Oil
  5. Egyptian Musk Oil
  6. Egyptian Musk Oil Scented Fragrance
  7. Egyptian Musk Oil by Bargz
  8. Parfumanio Premium Egyptian Musk Oil
  9. Egypt Perfume Oil by Perfume Studio Oils
  10. Egyptian Musk Oil by Nemat Fragrances 

10 Best Egyptian Musk Oil Reviewed

Being a natural aphrodisiac, Egyptian Musk has the power to attract anyone, even random strangers on the road. But it is hard to decide which one to buy as the market is filled with fake diluted products. With careful dedication, we have gathered this top ten best Egyptian musk perfume and body oil for you. Without a doubt, these are the best ones you can find. The list las everything you need: from light airy fragrances to deep intense ones. Choose one that your heart desires.

1. Egyptian Musk Oil


Best for: Reducing stress and anxiety     Scent Family: Musky-floral 


  • Authentic Egyptian Musk Fragrance that stays true to the original
  • A light and subtle scent that comes and goes throughout the day
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Classic woody-floral scent 
  • Gives sample sizes to try


  •   Not for those who are looking for a strong perfumey fragrance.
  •  Can be too subtle for some people.

The WagsMarket is a brand that focuses on classic, quality products that creates a long-lasting impression on people. The Egyptian Musk Factory is a sub-brand of them dedicated to celebrating the history and grace of  Egyptian Musk.

This brand knows what they are doing and they respect their customers by using the highest quality ingredients to create their Egyptian Musk oil. You will feel the care and dedication the moment you use their oil.

The formula stays true to the original as the fragrance goes dormant when it is cold. We know authentic Egyptian Musk oil is not supposed to be extremely strong. It is supposed to be light and airy. This oil gets absorbed into the skin and as the day goes by, it reacts with the body heat and radiates a light aroma. The aroma fades away and comes back as the body temperature changes. 

Most fragrances are designed without thinking about the people who are sensitive to strong smells. Strong smells trigger migraines and headaches and it can get extremely painful for them. So if you suffer from conditions like this, this oil will satisfy your needs. It is very light and fresh thus gives only a subtle hint of aroma. 

Smell has the power to change how we are feeling. Some smells trigger the negative side and makes us feel anxious and angry. This musk oil was created to support mindfulness. The beautiful aroma it gives will make you feel calm and thoughtful with triggering good feelings and thoughts within you. You will feel less anxious and stressed. 

This is a great oil for layering with other scents. The consistency is thicker and helps fragrances to last longer than usual. It is great if you love to play with different scents or to create your own unique fragrance by applying other essential oils like jasmine, lavender, vanilla or sandalwood on top. Be creative and find a pair that enhances your personality!

2. Kuumba Made Egyptian Musk Oil 


Best for: Sophisticated sensual scent     Scent Family: Woody


  • Authentic scent
  • Lasts all-day
  • Great value for money


  • The roller is not the best for application. 

This captivating, oil-based scent stirs up emotions of desire. The intricate blend of different aromas create a deep mysterious element to the fragrance. The scent is clean, rich, pure.

Being oil-based it smells stronger than typical alcohol-based perfumes. Due to the oil, it is also very concentrated and lasts a long time. Surely one of the best Egyptian musk oil.

Kuumba Made is famous for their distinctive and unique fragrances. Egyptian Musk is one of their top selling fragrances. It is captivating while being very fresh and airy. A few drops goes a long way.

What’s unique about this fragrance is that it combines classic woody scents with the lightness of floral creating a clean fresh aroma suitable for both summer and winter. 

A great thing about this product is its versatility. The oil can be used as air fresheners, colognes or a few drops can be added to your favourite body lotion, massage oil or bath oil. The smell is mellow enough to set the mood for meditation as it increases relaxation. 

The blend is carefully balanced with complex top, middle and bottom notes that brings together the best of nature and science.

It is alcohol and paraben free with added jojoba oil for its antibacterial benefits. Jojoba oil also reduces redness caused by dryness of skin. It is an amazing oil for skin repair and damage control. 

3. Bargz Egyptian Musk Oil 


Best for: Calming , refreshing aroma for meditation    Scent Family: Aromaticwoody


  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Has many health benefits
  • Classic, sweet aromatic smell 


  •  Subtle, light fragrance

This musk oil is a very special product as it comes from 100% organic sources in Egyptian farms. The quality of the product is unbeatable. 

Whether you are someone who is into meditation or someone who is just looking for a quality egyptian musk, this bottle is perfect to pick. The sweet woody aroma naturally calms your nerves and creates a warm welcoming feeling no matter where you are.

It smells like a classic quality egyptian musk with sweet aromatic elements to fit any occasion. The formula uses their own oil that has emollient properties and a long lasting fragrance. 

In ancient times the Egyptians used to use Musk oil to cure common ailments and to improve general wellbeing. Bargzoils has created a formula that provides all those health benefits with a concentrated blend of  long lasting aromas. 

Most store-bought Egyptian Musk oils are not authentic and are watered down with alcohol and fillers. They often contains toxic elements that can permanently damage the skin. 

This oil is created will 100% natural ingredients that improve the skin by nourishing the inner layer and by getting rid of the dead skin cells. This is a great product to use as an alternative of facial lotions and moisturizers. 

This oil is great for repelling insects too! Who would have thought ! It is a great alternative to harmful insecticides for both indoor and outdoor use. 

4. Kareem Egyptian Musk Oil


Best for: Light yet Exotic, classy    Scent Family: Woody-floral


  • Light, gorgeous fragrance
  • The quality is unbeatable
  • Very affordable
  • Long lasting and subtle


  • The oil is thicker in consistency 
  •  Some say it does not smell like authentic Egyptian Musk. It’s more perfume-y. 

Described as “Liquid Gold”, this Egyptian musk oil is a passionate creation by a brand that really knows their craft. 

There are many Egyptian Musk oils in the market now. None of them even come close to the quality and complex depth of Genuine Abdul Kareem Egyptiam Musk oil. This oil is one of a kind. 

This musk oil represents class, excellence and dignity like liquid gold that outshines every other competing brands. 

The brand first started its journey in the 1980s in New York. They created a number of scented oils, some of them were similar to popular fragrances at that time. Now they only produce one fragrance- the Egyptian musk. As the brand evolved with time, their Egyptian Musk oil has become the finest one you can buy. 

It is believed to have been the favourite fragrance of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. 

Some say that this musk oil has no scent at all. This is not true. The oil gets absorbed into the skin immediately after applying. Then throughout the day as you move, your body gets warm and the heat activates the oil causing the perfume to come out. That’s the allure of wearing Egyptian Musk oil in the first place. It is not like a typical perfume. 

It’s long lasting and the intensity increases throughout the day. The scent is classy, timeless and soft . Because of this, it can be worn in any season or occasion. 

The scent suits both women and men. The product is iconic and is very affordable. We suggest you give this a try if you are looking for an authentic Egyptian Musk Experience. 

5. Egyptian Musk Oil


Best for : Fresh and Captivating     Scent Family: Earthy


  • High quality , authentic Egyptian Musk oil
  • Lasts the whole day
  • Gives a light and airy feeling.


  • The scent might be too subtle for some people.

The unique formulation of this mist is fresh and mystical that will make you feel as if you are walking through the exotic markets of ancient Egypt. 

With no added alcohol, artificial coloring, mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, and sulfate, this product is like a dream for those who are into premium quality all natural products. It is also PETA certified vegan which is like a cherry on top. 

As the product is authentic, it evolves with skin chemistry like any traditional Egyptian musk oil does. What that mean is, the intensity of the Egyptian Musk scent will range from very light to medium based on each person’s unique skin chemistry. 

For longevity, this product should be applied to the areas of the body that hold more heat like the inner wrists, behind the ear lobes, in the chest etc. Heat activates the fragrance so as the day progresses, it will smell more and more intense. This is totally opposite from typical perfumes which fades away with time. 

As the intensity increases gradually, it is important that the fragrance is not too heavy. This product balances those two aspects beautifully. It has a very fresh, subtle, lingering scent. 

The price is really affordable and you will get your money’s worth. 

6. Egyptian Musk Oil Scented Fragrance


Best For: Modern, rich and elegant    Scent Family: Woodsy


  • Light , airy fragrance
  • Uncut, organic high quality oil.
  • Comes in a big bottle that will last a long time
  • Full money back guarantee 


  • *NOT* for those who likes strong fragrance 

Whether you are looking for a casual fragrance for a sunday afternoon or a sophisticated touch for your business meetings, the Bargzoils Egyptian Musk Essential oil has got you covered. 

The Bargzoils Egyptian Musk Essential Oil offers an outstanding fragrance that is subtle yet rich creating a sense of strength whenever you put it on. And people will notice the difference. It attracts attention as the refined musk smell changes throughout the day. 

The smell fades in and out all day as your body heat reacts with the oil. That means the more you move the more aromas it spreads around you. Because of this unique element , it creates an impression the first time you try it on. 

This oil is the perfect choice if you are torn between something  sweet or something strong and woody. This is a beautiful blend of both of those elements as it is neither too sweet nor too perfumey. 

This is an addictive option for both men and women as the smell is classic and subtle. It is also free of water, alcohol, ethanol, and is 100% safe for your skin. 

The market is filled with old fashioned perfumes that smell exactly the same. It gets so repetitive and boring sometimes. For that reason this product will surprise you as it is not your average musk. It is clean and delicate and light yet rich and woodsy. 

The musk is richer than average African musk but with an airy, understated element to it. That is why it does not feel too heavy to wear all day long. 

There is something special about those fragrances that makes you feel calm and peaceful throughout the day. This musk oil  makes you feel upbeat as you feel less stressful by creating a relaxing environment around you. 

The company is so proud and confident about their product that it has a full money back guarantee. So if you do not like it you can easily return the musk oil. 

7. Egyptian Musk Oil by Bargz


Best for: Pain relief, hair and skin health     Scent Family: Aromatic-musky


  • Organic and pure product
  • Great for Aromatherapy
  • Reduces headache, pain and increases sleep
  • Perfect for candles and massages
  • Light , subtle scent that lasts a long time


  • Not a very strong Egyptian Musk scent 

This musk oil is farm grown organic egyptian Musk that does wonders for skin and hair. We often forget that Egyptian Musk is not just a fragrance, it is a great antibacterial oil with many health benefits. 

In ancient times, Egyptian Musk was used as a medicine as it has many antifungal and antibacterial properties. Egyptian Musk oil by Bargz is trying to bring back that forgotten glory of Egyptian Musk. 

This oil helps to eliminate dandruff, reduce redness in your skin and even relieve sore muscles. Egyptian Musk is proved to be a great method of relaxation. As it is good for the nervous system, it is essential if you are into aromatherapy. 

The product is 100% organic and pure so you do not have to worry about any allergies or damage to your skin and hair. This is nothing like those watered down store grade essential oils that does nothing for your skin and is a waste of money.  It is pure and contains no fillers, toxins, alcohol, baes, additives, chemicals or parabens. 

This oil is great for a cleaner, fresher, and pest-free home. If your house has a smelly, dull feel to it, you can use a few drops of this oil in your diffuser to create a calm, cozy and relaxing mood . You can also mix it with cleaning sprays or vacuum filters to get that refreshing feel. It is very versatile and multi purpose. 

It comes in a beautiful amber glass bottle with dropper for easy access. It is vegan friendly, phthalate free and safe for bath and body with a long lasting fragrance. 

8. Parfumanio Premium Egyptian Musk Oil


Best for: All season fragrance    Scent Family: Earthy-floral 


  • Authentic Egyptian Musk fragrance
  • Long lasting fragrance  
  • Light, refreshing scent with a perfect balance of Woody and floral notes
  • Classic and subtle 
  • Premium quality product 


  •  The consistency of the oil is very thick 

The market is filled with different kinds of Egyptian Musk oils. But those who have actually smelled an authentic one will tell you that none of those fragrances are authentic Egyptian Musk fragrance. It is extremely rare to find and can take years.

Parfumanio Permiun egyptian Musk oil has eliminated that struggle as their Egyptian Musk oil smells 100% authentic and pure. Customers swears by their product and many repurchase it over and over again. The fact that people love is shows as it is frequently sells out and is unavailable to repurchase! You have to get in line for that product to be in your hand. 

The consistency of the oil is very interesting. It is extremely thick, like maple syrup but gets absorbed into the skin quickly. The fragrance is light and woody with a hint of floral tones in the background. Just like a classic Egyptian Musk smell. 

This is a must have product for all The Egyptian Musk lovers. You will be flooded with compliments as the fragrance attracts people immediately. This is also a suitable fragrance for both men and women. The woody, earthy notes create a lingering masculine feel while the floral tones brings out the feminine side. A perfect balance of two contrasting side. 

9. Egypt Perfume Oil by Perfume Studio Oils


Best for:  Perfume making, soap and candles     Scent Family: Woody-floral


  •  Concentrated, undiluted perfume oil
  •  Unbeatable premium quality product
  •  Beautiful lingering scent that lasts a long time
  •  Perfect for personal and DIY commercial use. 
  • 100% skin-safe guarantee. 


  •  The smell can be too strong for some people
  • Some described the scent as similar to baby powder. 

This premium quality Egyptian musk oil is drastically different from all the other musk oils in the market. This is very concentrated , undiluted Musk perfume oil that can be used to make perfumes, personal body oil, soap and candles. It can also be used for incense making. 

If you want a Egyptian Musk oil for personal or DIY commercial use, this is the ideal option for you. 

This is 100% alcohol free, pure concentrated Egyptian perfume oil and not an essential oil. 

As it is a perfume oil, it is very versatile and multipurpose. It can be used in household cleaners, room sprays, air freshners and diffusers in order to get a pleasant , distinctive aroma that lingers for a long time. 

The oil is very concentrated, so a little goes a long way. You’ll find that it’s hard to get rid of even after taking a shower. 

Don’t get confused with its multipurpose qualities because it is 100% safe to use on skin or for your everyday life. 

The perks of using such a concentrated formula for daily use is that, the quality is unquestionable. It also lasts so much longer that typical oils. If you live in a humid area where fragrances do not stay for more than a few hours, you are going to fall in love with this Egyptian perfume oil. 

Perfume Studio is famous for their complex and expensive premium grade raw materials and skin-safe formulas. Their oils are perfectly balanced with complementing tones to create a quality fragrance. So even if you do not know anything about Egyptian Musk oils, you can blindly go for their product. 

The oil is alcohol, phthalate and vanillin free thus absolutely perfect and safe to use on skin. 

10. Egyptian Musk Oil by Nemat Fragrances 


Best for : Fresh, unisex scent    Scent Family: Earthy


  • Clean Scent
  • Light musky aroma
  •  Affordable price


  •  Wears off too quickly

It is a subtle blend of Egyptian oils with soft white musk creating a captivating scent that will make strangers pause and look at you. The earthy aroma will make you feel like you are walking through lush forests, You will feel connected to nature. 

This Egyptian Musk perfume oil does not have a very strong scent . Perfume oils are different from other kinds of fragrances. It evolves with skin chemistry and body heat. Based on skin chemistry, it might smell different on different people. What that means , on some it might smell medium and on some it might smell very light. However it reacts, the fragrance always stays clean, classic and aromatic. 

The fragrance is musky with a little bit of spice. As it is a blend of perfume oils, it can be used by itself or with a lotion or a deodorant. Very customizable and long-lasting. 

If you are someone who is scared to try a musk scent, try this one as it has a clean, refreshing element to it. It does not feel or smell heavy. A classic oil that smells expensive but very affordable. 

Buying Guide: What to Consider Before Buying an Egyptian Musk Oil

Before you get too excited to buy this fragrant oil, let’s discuss briefly some factors that you have to consider when buying one.

1. Get the scent that you like

Egyptian Musk Oil also comes in different intensities of smell. Some oils may have a really strong scent. While others will just give a subtle whiff of this lovely aroma.  If you are sensitive to string heavy scents, you may opt to buy the one with just a subtle aroma.

2. How oily is the formulation?

A thick oil may hint of a rich formulation. A rich oil might be more potent, but if it’s too oily, it can be counterproductive for your skin. It may even clog your pores. And this can result in acne breakouts.

And if you have sensitive skin, you have to buy an Egyptian Musk oil that isn’t too thick or oily. 

3. Only buy from trusted sources

The market is also teeming with counterfeit Egyptian Musk Oils. So you have to be careful and vigilant. How would you make sure that what you’re buying is an authentic one?

One must come from legit and reliable sources. And two, the smell might give you a hint, if there are a lot of scents going on, it could be mixed with some synthetic fragrances.

What Is Egyptian Musk Oil?

Egyptian Musk oil is a special variety of oil that comes from Egyptian musk. The fragrance has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. It was a symbol of royalty, class and aristocracy in ancient Egypt. 

It is said that Queen Cleopatra used to put Egyptian musk oil on her hair, making the charm of this oil more enduring. 

The scent is woody, earthy and light creating a subtle, understated hint of aroma.

The allure of Egyptian Musk oil goes far beyond its history. Ancient Egyptians used it to relieve pains and headaches and to treat soreness in muscles. There are so many health benefits that it was once called “miracle oil”. 

Unlike modern synthetic fragrances, Egyptian Musk oil is organic thus being a natural detoxifying agent for your body.

In ancient times, Egyptian Musk oil was only found in Egypt and it was extremely rare. It was a delicacy. But thanks to modern technology, you can easily find good quality Egyptian Musk oils online. There are many brands that sell authentic products. There are also a huge number of brands that are selling low-quality oils as Egyptian Musk oil. So you have to dig deeper to find them.

Egyptian Musk oil is wildly popular as a therapeutic fragrance. It calms your nerves and helps to meditate. This miracle oil has been healing mankind for centuries.

 The Different Grades of Egyptian Musk Oil

The grade of the Egyptian Musk Oil dictates its use. It’s classified into three grades-premium, manufacturing, and body oil grade.

  • Premium grade

This is the most expensive of all. This Egyptian Musk Oil can be directly applied to the skin and it won’t cause any adverse reaction. It also has the strongest scent and is the most fragrant of all.

Premium grade Egyptian Musk Oil is used in making body care products, soy wax, soaps, soap bases, and incense sticks. 

  • Manufacturer grade

This type of Egyptian Musk Oil shouldn’t be applied to the skin. This can’t even be used for making soy wax. Manufacturer grade oils are often mixed with other ingredients.

  • Body oils

It’s skin safe too like the premium grade. But it’s solely intended to be used directly on the skin. And body oils cannot be used to make other soaps or bath products. It can’t be mixed with other ingredients.

Sources Of Musk Oil

The original formulation of Egyptian Musk oil is still a mystery. The formula has been mentioned in ancient Egyptian texts but they have not been completely decoded. How the oil used to be made and how it is now created is totally different. 

For starters we know, the primary ingredient in the original formula was musk oil. Musk is a compound that used to be collected from musk deer. 

Now due to ethical reasons, we do not haunt musk deer for the sake of a fragrance anymore. Instead of using animal musk, we use synthetic musk. There are also plant-based musk fragrance that is basically a mixture of different flowers and plants.  Some of the popular ones are :

  • Myrrh
  • Cedarwood
  • rose petals
  • Frankincense
  • Patchouli
  • ambrette seeds. 

Every brand has their own version of Egyptian Musk oil. Most tend to mix synthetic ingredients with organic ones for a long-lasting , intense smell. Natural scents fade away quickly thus the need of artificial ingredients in the formulation. 

Uses Of Egyptian Musk Oil

There are many different reasons why you should buy an Egyptian Musk oil. It is versatile and unique, a blend of rich, vibrant fragrances with ancient medicinal properties. 

This special oil can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Add a few drops of this to your favorite lotion and use it as a moisturizer. 
  • Add a few drops to the diffuser or humidifier to make your home smell like a piece of heaven.
  • Put a few drops around your nose and chest to breathe easily during cold. 
  • Apply to your skin to reduce redness and inflammation as it has natural antibacterial properties.
  • Add a few drops to your bath water to have a sensual bath experience.  
  • Rub it around your temples or forehead to reduce headache and migraine.
  • Mix it with massage oil to reduce muscle soreness and pain. 
  • The light, earthy aroma helps to calm our nerves so you can use it for aromatherapy and meditation. 

How To Make Egyptian Musk Oil At Home

If you do not want to buy an Egyptian Musk oil, you can easily make it at home with the right ingredients. The perks of having a homemade Egyptian Musk oil is that it is customisable and has a certain personal touch to it. It is also very reassuring to know there are no harmful, unknown chemicals in it. 


  • Myrrh oil – 10 drops
  • Amber oil – 5 drops
  • Patchouli essential oil – 5 drops
  • Cedarwood essential oil – 5 drops 
  • Rose petals essential oil – 5 drops
  • Frankincense essential oil – 10 drops
  • Ambrette seed oil ( Musk seed oil) – 1 oz ( 30 ml)
  • Perfume base – Jojoba oil or Sweet Almond oil – 4 oz (120 ml)
  • A large perfume bottle – 8 oz (250 ml )


  • Take one large perfume bottle, about 4 oz (250 ml)  in volume.
  • Add 4 oz of jojoba oil, then add 30 ml of Ambrette seed oil to the mixture. The ambrette seed provides the musk scent.  
  • Add 5 drops each of cedarwood, rose, patchouli, and amber essential oil. 
  • Add 10 drops of frankincense and myrrh essential oil. 

The rose and patchouli add flower tones while cedarwood adds a woody aroma. This recipe makes an Egyptian Musk oil with the undertones of frankincense. After mixing all these oils you will get your desired Egyptian Musk oil. 


What does Egyptian Musk oil smell like?

Egyptian Musk oil smells earthy and woody with some floral undertones to it. The smell is crisp and clean without being too intense to wear all day long. It is a subtle and fresh fragrance that suits both men and women. 

Does Musk smell good?

Originally musk, that is extracted from musk deer, in high concentration, smells like feces. But when it is diluted, the smell drastically changes and something interesting happens.. It becomes sweet and aromatic. The fragrance is very unique and beautiful hence the popularity of Egyptian Musk all around the world. 

Where is musk deer found?

Musk deer mainly lives in the mountains of southern Asia, notably the Himalayas. They are entirely Asian in their present distribution. The earliest musk deer was found in Europe. Himalayan musk deer are found in parts of the northern Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and in northern India such as Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim and Arunachal pradesh. They live in hilly, forested environments, generally far from human habitation. 

Are deer killed for musk? 

In ancient times, to create musk oil, it was essential to kill musk deer because the only source of this fragrance was the musk pod of the male deer. Now killing musk deer is illegal and has serious legal laws to prevent poaching. So due to ethical reasons, now synthetic musk is used that provides the same sweetness and longevity of original musk.

What is Red Egyptian Musk? 

There are many different types of musk. All of them can be divided into two categories for easier understanding: clean and dirty 

– Musks that are lighter in color or clear tend to belong to the clean musk category. These include musk-like: White, China, Japanese, Egyptian. These kinds of musk smell floral and sweet. They are light and airy and not too intense.
– The dirty musks are those that are named like: dark, red, animalistic. These kinds of musks tend to be very intense, strong, and primal. 

Now, the red Egyptian musk tends to fall into the second category. It is usually very exotic and sensual with a slap-on-the-face kind of intensity. As it is Egyptian, it naturally has some flowery undertones with woody top notes. So the fragrance is not one dimensional. This is specifically for those who enjoy the heavy and strong scent. 

Final Verdict

For centuries Egyptian musk oil has been used to add a certain charm that can not be ignored. This immortal scent of the ancient royals will give you an instant confidence boost. This is a delicacy that needs to be appreciated and respected. If you can find the right pick for you, it will change how you perceive yourself. Try to understand your needs and decide on the one that fits perfectly to it. 

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