10 Best Cruelty Free Foundation

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If you are on the journey of pursuing a cruelty-free product usage, then this article will help you. Selecting the products that will suit your need and preference may be a little complicated. But when you are already acquainted with the things to bear in mind as you purchase, you are surely closer to the next best decision ever.

The best cruelty free foundation does not basically undergo animal testing. Yet, it is more than that. Most of these products also offer impressive effects on your skin, which makes it worth buying. 

Once you come up with a decision to use only products that are cruelty free, that is another level of advocacy. Yes, advocacy without compromising aesthetics.

As you go through reading this review, you will end up doubling your desire to stay beautiful with a heart. See these foundation products that are undeniably guilt-free and promote beauty.

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  1. e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation
  2. NYX Total Drop Foundation
  3. Tarte Clay Stick Foundation

Top 10 Cruelty Free Foundation – Reviewed

Here is the top cruelty free foundation you can choose for your makeup. Scroll through this review and discover the wonders it can provide to your beauty and lifestyle.

1. e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation

This flawless foundation provides you an all-natural and smooth finish. Being one of the best cruelty free full coverage foundation products on the market, you will surely experience smoothening and restoration of your uneven tones. There will be an obviously vibrant skin and healthier glow.

The product offers you a wide range of its shades. In case you are going to ask, the cosmetics deliver a complete series of cruelty-free and vegan products with high-quality and professional tools and ingredients. You will not be dismayed with this one. All it gives are extraordinary results and value that cater to every makeup enthusiast’s and even beginner’s needs.

More so, you can see its lightweight built and oil-free components. Its formula blends naturally and produces an impressive semi-matte and full-coverage finish.

The liquid foundation can effectively restore your skin texture. As mentioned, it creates a vibrant and smoother appearance. You may also check its multi-range colors and shades that will complement your specific skin tone.

With this product, you can also personalize or customize your style. The full coverage of this foundation will get better when mixed with a hydrating moisturizer. But this one alone can do its job correctly for your preference.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight
  • Oil-free
  • Full coverage foundation
  • Restores and brightens skin texture
  • Suitable for customized or personalized styles
  • Easy to use
  • Cruelty-free certified by an animal organization


  • Needs foundation brush or sponge for the perfect blend.

Extra Notes

When searching for the best cruelty free foundation, it does not need to make your life very complicated. You can say hi to this product and get the most out of it.

2. NYX Total Drop Foundation

Get a personal and professional touch of this makeup foundation with full coverage and light matte finish. You will enjoy its wide range of shades to suit your skin tone. What is more exciting about it is the fine formula to offer your desired appearance.

With its sheer or full coverage makeup foundation, you can just drop away with the total control of this foundation. Just add the right amount of dropper into the brushes. While your beauty blenders are set before it, you can always go out on a fresh style.

You may adjust the number of its foundation drops. Among those foundation shades, you can create a perfect match of colors. Try putting on drops and layers for achieving the desired degree of matte coverage. A makeup finish like this can add to your perfect look.

Also, this vegan foundation is guaranteed by the animal association to make sure that the brand is not tested through animals. Thus, you can discover a lot more advantages to the product without guilt.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full coverage liquid foundation
  • Has flexible skin tone or color matching
  • Excellent face foundation finish
  • Easy to apply
  • Certified cruelty-free brand


  • Requires proper application for best results

Extra Notes

The foundation comes with a variety of shades that gives your perfect undertone. When you need a dependable beauty product, having this one brings you an amazing effect.

3. Tarte Clay Stick Foundation

An amazing clay stick foundation, this powder-liquid and buildable foundation has a formula that can melt on your skin. It covers medium to full coverage and leaves a natural finish to your skin.

More so, this will make you feel and look fresh. Having microencapsulated powders, this astounding product bursts through your skin heat and keeps you from excessive shining and cake buildup.

You might want to know the incredible works it makes because of the minerals it has. Its vegan formula includes antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and special clay to hydrate or mattify skin according to your skin type.

It also belongs to the best animal cruelty free foundation products because it has no harmful chemicals like gluten, talc, paraben, and sulfate. Instead, this is a guilt-free makeup foundation that integrates animal safety into beauty.

All the more, you can use this on the go as a concealer – either on a lighter or darker shade. Explore highlighting and contouring with an easy swipe and blend of this slaying clay.

Highlighted Features

  • All-natural product formulation
  • Can cover medium to full coverage
  • Has microencapsulated powder for balancing skin heat
  • With vitamins and mineral for smooth and glowing skin
  • Easy to use


  • Users must know their specific skin tone for suitable color matching

Extra Notes

This clay stick foundation delivers a natural look and finish that makes your skin feel moisture or matte whenever it needs to be. A nutritionally filled product is something you can always count on whether you have sensitive or normal skin.

4. Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation

Another product like this will level-up your beauty regimen. Having talc-free formulation, this surely gives you buildable coverage and weightless matte finish. This also comes with shine control features.

In case you want to know, this product effectively conceals discoloration and creates even skin color and tone. It has a creamy kaolin clay formula that extends shine control.

The mineral foundation is ideal for typical skin types, as will combination and oily skin. You can choose from its 40 wide range shades for your particular skin type.

As one of the best cruelty-free powder products, this is also formulated with natural components and does not have harmful chemicals. The main ingredients can minimize shine and can absorb oil, plus it blurs pore appearance.

Its another element, phytosphingosine from healthy skin, calms the redness and replenishes and restores skin barriers. You can fully experience this by applying the product with a powder brush. Enjoy sweeping and blending it over your complexion.

You can always build it for full coverage. Pressing this foundation on your skin is also applicable instead of sweeping. The freedom is yours how you would like it to apply.

Highlighted Features

  • Oil-absorbing formula
  • Full coverage
  • High pigment component for concealment
  • Ill-absorbing pressed powder foundation
  • Offers seamless blending and application


  • The application may differ depending on the user’s preference

Extra Notes

With the product’s clean ingredients, you can rest assured that it will be safe even for sensitive skin. It is also the best cruelty-free foundation for oily skin. You can easily toss it on your purse, and you can use it for touch-ups at any time of the day.

5. Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation

The serum foundation has a chameleon pigment formula. It is an innovative color-matching technology for instant skin adjustments. This targets your unique and changing skin color. You’ll have no worries with this lightweight product and can carry anywhere you go.

You will experience the balance and nourishment of this best cruelty free foundation for mature skin. It’s the only foundation product that you can rely on for an all-year-round glow. This has an age-defying formula that covers the uneven surface.

If you haven’t known, this breakthrough serum makeup foundation covers fine lines as well as wrinkles. It has a soothing effect on your skin while correcting signs of aging.

Another thing, the organic Argan oil in this product makes your skin and keeps it from being oily and shiny. The dry spots will also naturally look flawless and fresh looking.

This serum foundation has natural ingredients that work at whatever skin color you have. From light to dark shades, you can have good coverage with this cruelty-free foundation.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight and perfect for skin-changing color
  • Smoothing skin and correcting signs of aging
  • Cruelty-free
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Hydrates strengthen and balance skin


  • Users must determine their skin type of best skin tone matching

Extra Notes

For a perfect serum foundation experience, you can choose the right pigment color for your skin color. The product has a double moisturizing dose that keeps your skin nourished and natural-looking. And if you wish to experience that special treatment, you can have this one on your hand.

6. EVXO Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation

This liquid foundation is created to help you have a natural covering solution. The product acts as your second skin to have nice looking skin. It also aims to make you reach your maximum beauty potential.

On the other hand, this product also dedicates itself to give users a good makeup experience. It means that you can always have mineral foundation benefits without compromising your skin health and nourishment. All of the ingredients are derived from plants to prevent harmful chemicals from touching your skin.

Some of the ingredients of this product are organic elements. It has chamomile for anti-inflammatory qualities. It’s suitable for sensitive skin types that have high tendencies for inflammation. Also, the thyme component is known for treating blemishes brought by acne bacterium. Also, it is composed of vitamin E for blocking signs of aging.

More so, this item can match the best cruelty free drugstore foundation on the market. Here’s the reason: you can get an even and naturally glowing skin when you apply it. You may choose among 12 dynamic shades that also suit a wide scope of skin tone.

If you have trouble selecting your shade, you can always refer to a reliable skin tone meter. That will help you determine the right shade for you, which is the key to a beautiful look.

Highlighted Features

  • Natural ingredient and formulation
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Non-greasy feature
  • Buildable layering and coverage
  • Smooth and easy application


  • Users must determine a specific skin tone for better application results.

Extra Notes

This product has proven excellent results over the years. You can certify that it makes you feel innovatively pretty if you apply it to yourself. All your skin issues are just a blend away through this incredible item.

7. Almay Smart Shade Skintone Matching Foundation

Through this matching foundation, you can reveal your best skin match. It is formulated with shade-sensing technology that instantly transforms the white foundation to your particular skin shade.

It delivers an impressive result through the natural-appearing coverage and streak-free color. The product also comes in 6 tone-adjusting shades for your skin. Also, it has hypoallergenic features, and it is also safe for sensitive skin while experiencing the edge of the best cruelty free foundation.

At a glance, the foundation is white, and then it adjusts to your matched skin tone. The tone-sensing beads activate this procedure the moment you apply it. In an instant, the makeup transforms into your skin tone when you blend it naturally. Additionally, if perfectly conceals medium to full coverage.

In detail, the liquid foundation changes from a white cream to your ideal shade smoothly, and the magic of this technology is simply incredible. You can discover the mimic tone features because the product’s tiny spheres break open and produce pigments when you blend it through your skin.

More so, the vibrant glow that it builds and the even coverage of the cream will surely bring out the best from your skin. It is dermatologically tested for having clean, cruelty-free, and safe ingredients.

Highlighted Features

  • Streak-free and natural-looking results
  • Has clean, cruelty-free and hypoallergenic ingredients
  • Has natural blending technology
  • Can conceal medium to full coverage
  • Innovative and safe at the same time


  • Users may either use their fingertips or applicator when applying the product depending on preference.

Extra Notes

If you are still wondering what the best cruelty free foundation is, then you are reading on the right spot. Have the freedom to get it and apply it the moment you need a skin beauty companion.

8. Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Liquid Foundation

If you want something that will let you express and explore yourself, then this liquid foundation is for you. Experience a youthful glow with this one as it instantly decreases your wrinkle appearance. You will be surprised by its younger-looking effect. You have a lot more reasons to have this and read through to know them.

Be amazed by how your skin tone appears even and imperfections diminishing. The hyaluronic complex and its vitamin C component bring out balanced hydration to maintain healthy and radiant skin. There are multiple shades available so you can select the appropriate match for your skin.

Aside from that, the ageless liquid foundation plumps up your skin and gives a subtle glow for your skin. The anti-aging formula also reduces your face lines and smoothing them for a youthful appearance. Its hydrating ingredients bring out a healthier skin. The skin tone also improves because of the blurring effect it does to your dark circles and damages skin area.

Having a skin routine using this product is an advantage. You can mix this with your beauty essentials to come up with an outstanding beauty style.

You can apply the product by merely dotting it on your forehead, chin, and cheeks. Blend it with your fingertip or a makeup sponge if needed.

Highlighted Features

  • Decrease wrinkle and face line appearance
  • Improves skin tone and blurs dark spots effectively
  • Has hydrating formula for healthier and firmer skin
  • Has multiple shades for various skin tone
  • Dermatologically tested


  • A recommended product for mature skin

Extra Notes

You can compare this liquid foundation to the best cruelty-free foundation drugstore product, and you will still be impressed. Why? Because it merely caters your skin covering needs without hassle. If you want to prove it, purchasing such a product is not a wrong decision but a life-changing one.

9. True + Luscious Velvet Matte Multi-use Powder Foundation

This powder foundation delivers a shine control and matte finish, which instantly blurs your skin imperfections. It also minimizes your pores and provides a fresh look that stays all day. More so, you can use this product as your daily skincare companion combined with your regular makeup essentials.

Undeniably, the powder product is designed to have buildable features for full coverage. You may use a face brush for sheer coverage. While you can also use a blender or a sponge to press on your skin for medium to full coverage gently, if you use it as a finishing powder, just dust it lightly to lock up your makeup.

The powder foundation is formulated without harmful ingredients similar to talc, gluten, paraben, and the likes. Thus, it has infused mineral, oil-absorbing clay, and vitamins for translucent and natural-looking skin.

Being one of the best cruelty free foundation products on the market, this is perfect to use over other makeup essentials for great results. You can enjoy fresh and natural appearance all day long.

Highlighted Features

  • Clean, safe and natural ingredients and formulation
  • Has oil-absorption and glowing skin effect
  • Can work with other skincare essentials
  • Fresh and has lasting shine control
  • With minerals and vitamins to keep the skin healthy


  • User must be familiar with other products used along with it for excellent effects

Extra Notes

More importantly, this is an all-vegan foundation and cruelty free product that will give you no guilt while using it.

10. Kiko Milano Radiant Fusion Baked Face Powder Foundation

This luminous, pigmented, and mineral-rich powder foundation gives you a smooth and radiant skin. It has vitamin E and argan oil formula to nourish and protect you. When you apply this product, it glides and blends instantly like a silky and elegant touch.

With its baked formulation, you can expect pure essence and precise color coverage. The powder comes in a great finish, which produces wonderful results for your skin.

In a compact form, this foundation ensures excellent medium coverage that sweeps if you desire for a sheer finish. You may also set on finishing spray so it can settle to your skin all through an 8-hour coverage. This is one of the best cruelty free foundation products in powder form.

Highlighted Features

  • Luminous finish with micronized pigment and precious minerals
  • Glides and blends easily
  • Fresh looking and radiant skin effect
  • Clinically tested
  • Formulated with reduced allergy risks


  • Users can apply this with other makeup essentials if necessary

Extra Notes

If you aim for the best look, then you also target the best foundation on the market. From the word itself, foundation is the first step for a captivating makeup style. So if you need something to boost your appearance, try this product and see where it can take you.

What Does Cruelty-free Foundation Mean?

A cruelty-free foundation means that the manufacturer of such did not test its ingredients or final product on any animal. A lot of companies do animal testing until today, which leads to unwanted suffering and death of sample animals.

When you buy cruelty-free items or products, you give a message that animal cruelty is not tolerable for you. Aside from that, it is a matter of making you look and feel better without sacrificing the lives of those animals. It will even make you feel guilt-free because this fact gives you a sense of concern for those living matters like us.

Because of that, here are a few things that you may need to know about cruelty-free products like the foundations above.

Considering a Cruelty-free Product

A product will be considered cruelty-free if no part of its ingredients or processing is tested on animals. At any stage of the production, the product must carefully undergo procedures that do not extend to animal testing. Also, the company or any third-party must not buy raw materials and ingredients from suppliers who do animal testing.

On the other hand, vegan is different from cruelty-free. Though they are sometimes used interchangeably, vegan pertains to production with zero animal inclination. Whereas, cruelty-free has something to do with ingredients and processes that do not undergo animal testing. Thus, cruelty-free products can be vegan or not and the other way around.

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Cruelty-free Foundation

You can tell if your foundation is cruelty-free if it is certified by PETA, Choose Cruelty Free, and Leaping Bunny. These organizations have their specific bunny logo. You can check this on the side of the product’s packaging.

Actually, cruelty-free is an unregulated term. Some companies claim to be cruelty-free without adhering or following the cruelty-free standards and rules. So, it is appropriate to do your research and be a vigilant shopper about cruelty-free items to ensure that your product is indeed what you are looking for.

What Does Cruelty-free Foundation Mean?

Cruelty Free Foundation Buying Guide

With the broad scope of cruelty-free products on the market, it will be challenging to identify or determine which one is the best to buy. However, you must bear in mind that there are things that you need to put in mind before purchasing such products as a foundation.

First, you have to select a product that is dynamic and can provide versatile features. A foundation must have excellent quality at an equally reasonable value. 

Aside from that, product checking, if the product is vegan, is another thing to consider. Vegan products are usually more natural to verify since they promptly have that on their labels. Some users are allergic to gluten-based products, so if you want to experience the best, you may also consider vegan foundation products.

To further have peace of mind when purchasing your foundation, you may also check out these three factors:

  1. Check The Bunny Logo

There are many ways to check the cruelty-free identity of a product. One of them is to check the bunny logo on the item’s packaging. Those companies that use this logo undergo strict criteria from cruelty-free organizations. Once you see such logos, it is guaranteed that your thing is one of the best cruelty free foundation products on the market.

  1. Research

Upon reading this article, it is sure that you have internet access. So, you must use that access to check further if the product you are going to buy is animal tested or not. If you cannot find the product information on public domains, you may still try to e-mail the manufacturer to have a good knowledge of the foundation product.

  1. Check New Ingredients

If you are already using a cruelty-free foundation for years, be sure to check if they have added new product ingredients. It is lawful for these ingredients to be tested, but not necessarily on animals. You may also get products that have 100 percent natural ingredients to ensure they are cruelty-free.


What makes companies genuinely cruelty-free?

A company will only be genuinely cruelty-free when there is no animal testing done at any stage of producing the product.

How can I know if a product is safe without animal testing?

There are alternatives that products can go through aside from animal testing. One of the common ones is known as in vitro testing or using human tissues to determine chemical irritants.

How can I know if a brand is cruelty-free?

If you cannot find a brand listed on the cruelty-free list, you may contact its manufacturer and ask them questions that will guarantee no animal testing.

Final Words

Having the best cruelty free foundation leads to a broader meaning. It entails beauty and style without risking animal life and safety. Therefore, if you buy any of the products above after finishing this review, you have what it takes to attain aesthetics and advocacy at the same time.

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