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Best Smelling Body Wash for Men

You’re somewhere public. You’re sweating and oiling up. You’ve been in that state for a day. 

Just imagine how sticky that feels! However, you know somewhere deep in your guts, that there’s something more sinister than the sweat.

I’m sure you’re running through it in your triggered brain.

Yes! The smell!                       

One of the best ways to tame your natural body scent is by using products like ManCave Natural, Rugged and Dapper, or the American Crew.
Again, tame it. Not get rid of it. The best body wash for men will surely help you to it! So, let’s get started with our sniffing business!

Finally! The 15 Best Body Wash Products for Men

For years now, the body wash products for men flourished with unmistakable evolution.

All the thanks and praises to tight competition in the market! 

What is best about these products is that they, or their manufacturers in that matter, retained their core essence.

So, whatever changes these products undergo, either for the better or the best, they all still fulfill one simple need- moisturize the body’s skin.    

However, one should be careful in understanding the word “moisturizer,” especially when you’re looking at it from the context of a body wash.  Apparently, a moisturizer in this context works as a neutralizer. And as I’ve mentioned earlier, an ideal body wash tames the natural body scent, and matches with your complex skin type and structure. 

There’s the high-quality body wash product in a nutshell for you!

Since we felt that it’s every man’s incontestable right to take delight from the best body wash qualities, we turned the world upside down to deliver here the 15 best smelling body wash for men products!

The facts have been laid. You can’t miss them here. All you have to do is to keep scrolling down.

01. Body Wash for Men by Old Spice

Currently reigning as “Best Pick” on our list, this Old Spice body wash proves to be a master cleanser, with lasting manly old spice scent for men of all ages!

There’s no easy way to miss this product’s manly scent. After all, it’s a receptacle of ultimate sexiness. Manly sexiness as they would say.

Make no mistake with its seemingly superficial tag though, because it’s got more than it covers. If you go beyond its aroma and experience its soothing moisturizing effect on the skin, you’ll know.

You’ll know why it’s number one on our list!    

While it had been briefly called out for its concentrated content of Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly– a compound taken from glycerin, it however massively impresses by effectively keeping the odors out!

The ZTG compound, even a small amount of it, can already zero in on the skin’s pores, closing them to tame (again, not to get rid of) and control sweating.

Certainly yet, contrary to claims about the product having a concentrated amount of the said compound, it actually has otherwise.

With just the right dose of the ZTG (as was proven by quality control boards), the product promises to keep skin cleansed, odorless, and irritation-free!

Having used the product for years now, I believe that it’s tough on dirt but not on the skin. Other users even claim that it matches all three skin types. It has deeper aromatic quality, drenched in natural spicy oil after-scents.

Even so, I’d recommend sufficient application of product into the body, just to be sure. Ergo, three to four small drops will do. In addition, don’t forget to use loofah for better body cleansing results.

It is undoubtedly a best smelling old spice body wash, worthy of all the awards it earned!

Its long line of awards is highlighted by special plaques namely: Pure Sport, High Endurance and Drop Kicks Dirt and Odor.

From these achievements, everybody can agree that it’s the world’s gift to all men, to make them happy!


  • Long-lasting scent
  • Has an all-skin-type-matching tag
  • Deep Aromatic Quality
  • Masculine old spice scent
  • All-natural and organic contents
  • Sufficient and effective ZTG contents


  • Can be slightly harsh on skin when applied in an excessive amount

Why choose it?

  • The product is a complete package. It’s a perfect balance of the right compounds. And it succeeds in maintaining fragrance in the skin, whilst hydrating and moisturizing it throughout.

02. Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel

With a high-lather performance for sensitive skin, this “Premium Pick” is an economic body wash icon for all skin types.

The product may somehow be heavy on the pocket, but it’s also literally heavy on weight! With an extra-large club size (roughly one foot) extended by a plunger, this product is sure to last for months.          

Many users are going gaga over its silky smooth touch on skin, a citric-honey scent that’ll make you gorgeous, and a high cleansing capacity! 

Accordingly, as per aromatic depth, the Neutrogena product is also known to keep your body smelling good for the next 42 hours or more. Expert reviews further reinforce this claim by citing the product’s dense organic ingredients. 

Another great thing about the product is its zero-residue quality. Meaning, pouring in even a massive coat into your body will still no worry you. 
Grease-free. Smooth. Skin-conditioning. That’s how the product feels in the skin.

And have I mentioned that it matches with all skin types? Yes, it does!

It neutralizes oil production in oily skin, promotes oil in dry skin, and nourishes and protects the sensitive skin type. Overall, it’s been proven to hydrate, condition, moisturize, and nourish  men’s body. 

One slight problem with the product though is its container. 


  • Long-lasting scent
  • Best for sensitive skin (skin treatment)
  • It has a citric –honey aroma 
  • Distinct but tender scent
  • Organic contents (no harsh chemicals)
  • Comes in an economic pack


  • Non-durable container

Why choose it?

  • It’s easily the most classic, branded and expensive product on the list. And, it truly delivers as it costs.

03. Brickell Men’s Invigorating Mint Body Wash

With a deep-cleansing capacity, boasting of powerful organic ingredients, this body wash by Brickell Men easily grabs the “Best Choice” title!

Probably ranking as one of the most expensive brands in the market today, this body wash has impressed men since its distribution. 

Dubbed as the ultimate package for all of the men’s beauty products, this one can be overwhelming—for the good reasons, of course!

With a strong, but not off-putting mint aroma and scent, this product promises to and further succeeds in making many men smell good for hours. 

In fact, users even tagline it as “the product that makes men, men.” Presumptive as it may seem, but the statement reveals certain truths underneath. 

Its scent may not be “that” long-lasting as claimed by its brand, but it surely trains your skin to self-hydrate and rid itself of potential bad odors. 

Indeed, claims about the product prove truer in the flesh. This is proven further by its powerful cast of organic extracts—tea tree oil, jojoba oil, coconut –based vitamins, aloe vera extract, Vitamin E, and peppermint.

QC (quality-control)-wise, the product is certifiably sulfate and paraben-free, and it’s completely devoid of all known harsh chemicals. 

Consequently, laboratory tests support such certification. 

However, 25% of the general users who reviewed the product complained about its lackluster lather quality and a slightly artificial after-scent.


  • The strong & manly mint scent
  • Organic extracts with effective micronutrients
  • Has a deep cleansing and moisturizing power
  • Classic brand reputation
  • All-skin-type matching tag
  • Partially long-lasting scent


  • Artificial after-scent
  • Lackluster lather quality

Why choose it?

  • The product is a genuine moisturizer packed with vital nutrients for maintaining a good-smelling, healthy, and youthful skin!

04. Grooming Lounge Best Smeller Men’s Hydrating Body

Probably the most popular brand on our list, this Grooming Lounge classic product proves to be another tried and tested body moisturizer.

Another classic body wash, this brand proves the most convenient and practical to use.  80 % of satisfied men agree on its sheer practicality, effectiveness and classic prowess.

Filled to the brim with organic ingredients- acai, aloe vera, and black pepper oil, this body wash never shies away from all skin types!

Nevertheless, it’s also been proven to be free of harsh chemicals, as it victors as a popular skin care regimen.

Simply said, it is equivalent to all skin care regimen any man can brew!

Further claims about the product say that it promotes the production of collagen in the skin; it nevertheless acts as an anti-aging solution for men!

Having graced the industry or years now, the Grooming Lounge product continuously earn a reputation of being “every man’s favorite,” thus explains its massive popularity.

A high-moisturizing agent with long-lasting, relaxing black pepper scent, the product further proves to be both a critical and commercial success!

Ultimately, it’s sure to tame skin traits, nourishing, and hydrating it in the process! More so, it’s easy to apply. In fact, you don’t even have to pour in a lot of it into the skin to achieve thick lather.

Its barber formula ensures the product’s high coating capacity on the skin, aided by its various essential oil ingredients.

You see, with just the aid of a loofah and a brush, and a few drops of the body wash—you can instantly bring dense lather to the skin.

Why, you can also use it as an alternative for soap!

Highly economical and safely concentrated, this product is therefore made to last long!

On the other hand, user complaints against the product include a very mild scent (although it does last for hours) and a tendency to leave residues on the skin.


  • Long-lasting scent
  • Comes in an organic packaging and it’s paraben & sulfate-Free
  • Has a high coating capacity
  • All-skin-type-matching tag
  • Effective skin nourishing process
  • Alternative for soap. It has a thick and dense lather (economic concentration)


  • Leaves residues
  • Scent can be too mild to be noticed

Why choose it?

  • A critical and commercial success, this product proves to be another unbeatable classic which guarantees nourished, moisturized, and good-smelling skin.

05. The Seaweed Bath Co. Body Wash

Besides being popular for its unique and organic bladderwrack seaweed ingredient, the product is known to be the only body wash with the highest number of vitamins!

Hailed by most men to be an extensive body cleanser, this body wash detoxifies the skin with its ready 65 plus vitamins and minerals. 

Respectively, it detoxifies, exfoliates, moisturizes and keeps the body smelling good for the rest of the day!

Although its scent is not so generally preferred by many because it’s new to the senses, and it’s unique so that it needs getting used to. Overall, it still proves to be a cool, calming, and deep edible grass aroma.

All vamped for an environmental stamp, the container bears the Triple R’s (reuse, recycle, and reduce). So you know what to do. 

It’s certified to be free of harsh chemicals and is instead, packed with a long row of organic ingredients!

The ingredients include seaweed extract, Hawaiian kukui oil, aloe vera extract, neem oil, blue-green algae extract, and a bunch of other essential oils. 

As a result, it instantly stands out as the only body wash on this list with the GREATEST number of vitamins, micronutrients, antioxidants, and antimicrobial agents!

Let’s talk about the presence of neem oil.

Neem oil emerges as one of the most powerful essential oils to date. It guarantees, in overwhelming effectiveness, to moisturize and hydrate dry skin type.

It isn’t preferable to oily skin, though. For oily-skinned men, applying small amounts should still achieve the desired effect. 

On the other hand, customer complaints against the product include an edible scent that is not generally preferable and extensively oily solution, and a not-so-lasting scent. 


  • Has a deep cleansing effect
  • Highly organic (contains the highest number of vitamins and minerals)
  • Boasts of a highly effective moisturizing power
  • Sensitive & dry skin-matching tag
  • Cones in an environmentally friendly packaging
  • Neem oil and bladderwrack seaweed presence


  • The scent doesn’t last long
  • The aroma may be off-putting to some
  • Can be extensively oily

Why choose it

  • It reigns as the only product with the highest number of vitamins and minerals on this list!

06. TheraTree Tea Tree Oil with Neem Oil

More than a body wash for oily skin and shampoo, this TheraTree product is anti-bacterial, anti-irritation, and a complexion controller for men!

Rich in organic sources, most men praise this product for its concentrated value. Above all, it’s a complexion controller. As a result, many men tried it and ended up being satisfied with a smooth and silky complexion.                

Claims about the product can fairly be divided into two equal areas, though. 

The other half says there’s too much concentration of artificial tea tree extract in it so that its scent can get too strong. 

As per the analysis, the product indeed reveals only 40% of the genuine presence of tea tree oil. The rest of the 60% are chemically-produced. 

And while the former half recognized its complexion-controlling ability, the latter calls it out for resulting bland, pale complexion in their skin!

However, these facts still fail to discourage a current strong product following. After all, the product still proves to be organically-rich with strong presence of pure neem oil, oleavine theratree, and vegetable & fruit extracts. 

What remains true about the product overall, is its revitalizing anti-bacterial strength, thanks to its wide array of organic contents. 

Truth be told, it is one tough solution for skin irritations and itches. In fact, it even goes down to treating feet problems! You can later thank its concentrated value for that, or not.

Ironically, it’s this concentrated value that’s not working for those with sensitive skin!

But does it cause irritations to sensitive skin instead? 

The answer is NO. It may slightly sting sensitive skin, but it sure does not cause complications. 


  • Has a complexion-controlling strength
  • Long-lasting tea tree scent
  • Dry & oily-skin-matching tag
  • High concentration value
  • Filled with organic ingredients
  • Deep cleansing effect with anti-bacterial action


  • Not for sensitive-skinned men
  • Can make skin look pale
  • Artificial after-scent (the scent is too strong)

Why choose it?

  • The product is a tough skin-cleanser, revitalizer, and conditioner.

07. Rugged & Dapper – Shampoo and Body Wash for Men

Besides revitalizing the skin, this product also manages the hair and scalp with unmistakably glorious results!

For one thing- this body wash product by Rugged and Dapper is a multipurpose cleanser!

It has been proven to not only balance nutrient distribution within your skin, hair, and scalp, it also stimulates the skin to nourish, replenish and revitalize on its own. 

It fits men in all ages and skin types—rough, dry, sensitive, and oily.  More so, it’s been tested, controlled and tried on hair.

And the results?

Brilliant black. Strong. Natural solid sheen.

These are just a few of the rugged and Dapper results bound to impress men. In fact, others even claim that it also takes great care of the beard!

Paraben and sulfate-free, the product feels light on the skin, after being applied via the easy 4-step method—cleanse, condition, moisturize and protect.

What about the scent?

Well, it’s filled to the brim with natural mixes—tea tree oil, orange peel, borage oil, horsetail extract, oregano oil, and rosehip oil. These oils combine powers to stabilize skin cycle, enhancing its self-replenishing capacity.

But how do these actually contribute to the scent?

Well, this particular mixture, while not directly aromatic on its own, soothes into the skin for days. Upon doing so, it activates hormone-inducing proteins to (you guessed it) enhance the body’s natural scent.

Just bravo!

On the contrary, complaints against the product include tendencies of it having an overall bland scent, a container that’s prone to leaking, a lackluster lather and a cheap after-scent (despite claims).


  • Long-lasting scent
  • It’s highly organic
  • Multipurpose (for skin, hair and scalp)
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Has an all-skin-type matching tag


  • Poor container quality
  • Lackluster lather quality
  • Cheap after-scent
  • Weak aromatic properties

Why choose it?

  • It’s a classic product that rules above all the others on the list for being a multipurpose application.

08. 18.21 Man Made 3-in-1Body Wash, Shampoo & Conditioner for Men

Another distinct classic, this product makes it in our list containing the best shower gel for men, both as a top-quality body wash and a trendsetter for the rest.

A shampoo. A conditioner. A soap. This 3-in-1 multipurpose body wash also guarantees to condition the hair.

Alas, women even try using it on their hair, and were especially delighted by the results. In some reviews written by women, they would, if not for its very manly tobacco aroma, trade everything to own a piece of the brand.

On the other side, satisfied men indicated that they felt double the sexiness and confidence after using the product!

The brand on its own, has a huge story to tell. By all means, it stands out as one of the oldest body wash brands in the market.

Because of its vintage and classic brand alone, the product, despite its imperfections still survive a powerful surge of attention from the consuming public.

It’s highly organic and has a strong concentration of jojoba esters, macadamia glycerides, hydrolyzed quinoa, and other essential oils.  Such infusion results to a powerful and masculine tobacco aroma, blended with whiskey puffs.

Does it match all skin types?                

Others say that it’s fine for all skin types. But a solid row of reviews insist that it doesn’t match dry skin. I’d say, prevention is better than cure. Talk to your dermatologist if you feel like using it on your dry skin.


  • Masculine tobacco and whiskey aroma
  • It’s a classic brand
  • Partially organic
  • 3-in-1 multipurpose
  • Has an oily and sensitive skin-matching tag


  • Can cause hair fall when excessively applied
  • After-scent seems artificial
  • Scent easily fades
  • Contains harsh chemicals

Why choose it?

  • The vintage and classic brand is as unique as it can be. More so, the product’s in-your-face scent and aroma briefly  double men’s confidence.

09. No. 63 Men’s Shower Gel Aromatic Body Wash

Spicy and deeply aromatic, this latest product by No. 63 can also be used as a revitalizing lotion which will keep you smelling good and energized all day long!

With a manly scent, accented by natural Shea Butter after-scents, this product has been said to keep your warmed up and revitalized. 

 Shea butter is also responsible for promoting elastin and collagen production in the skin. Nevertheless, it seemingly guides these nutrients towards the vital paths in the skin’s layers. 

A dual-purpose body wash, both as a soap and a lotion, it guarantees to hydrate your skin and facilitate proper circulation in the dermal layers!

Boasting of a remarkable infusion of shea oil and aloe vera, its solution is further layered by notes of the amber base, citrus, cedarwood, juicy plum, and tobacco.

But again, the shea butter after-scent remains the highlight. 

This product impresses men who are into strong and powerful scents. Unfortunately, its aroma can be quite off-putting for some. Its warm undertones, however, reconcile such differences. 

Undoubtedly, the product has had impressed men with its complexion-enhancing and revitalizing effect on the skin. Its scent, which stays in the body for more than 24 hours, will keep you focused. 

On the other hand, user complaints about the product include a lackluster lather, a seemingly off-putting scent, a tendency to aggravate oil production in the skin and a faulty container. 


  • The long-lasting scent that’s masculine and strong
  • Dual purpose (can be used as soap and lotion)
  • Has a dry & sensitive-skin-matching tag
  • Boasts of a revitalizing warm & spicy top notes
  • It’s highly organic


  • Not for oily skin
  • Lackluster lather
  • Faulty container

Why choose it?

  • The product is a work-in-progress. It boasts of strong organic tracks which make it an effective revitalizing shampoo and lotion.

10. American Crew Men’s 24 Hour Deodorant Bodywash

Boasting of a perfect minty aroma, this product proves to be more than a 3-in-1 solution as it also works as an ever-powerful deodorant!

Men always talk about its minty feel, saying it boosts their confidence, keeps them invigorated and of course, keeps them smelling cool and more manly than ever!

Others, however, take issue with its artificial after-scent and most particularly, a not-so-lasting scent. 

All these claims unravel much to the disdain of the QC (quality control) examiners. On their end, the examiners released in a separate review of how many top notes the product maintains in the skin. 

Top note is the very first layer of scent that we inhale. And since the product has the mildest top note therein, most would find it inconspicuous. However, it doesn’t mean that it has the least top note concentration. 

In the case of the after-scent, it has also been said that it’s natural for a multipurpose body wash to feel so. 

Experts claim in a very truthful voice that an organic solution should never be enough to achieve a stronger effect on the skin. Of course, chemicals are and will always be involved. It’s only a matter of how harsh the types of chemicals are included. 

All in all, the product matches all skin types. 

As to its scent, much can be argued about. But again, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t keep the odors away effectively!


  • Partially organic
  • Multipurpose body wash (can be used as shampoo, soap, lotion, conditioner, and deodorant)
  • Lends an invigorating feel
  • Sexy minty aroma
  • Has an all-skin-type matching tag


  • Artificial after-scent
  • Brief scent and aroma effect (mild top notes and after-scent)
  • Bottle prone to leaking
  • Contains several chemical contents

Why choose it?

  • It’s a high-functioning product as far as its multipurpose credibility is concerned. And it’s more than a man’s beauty kit!

11. ManCave Natural Cedarwood Shower Gel

Boasting with a unique forest fragrance and a protective coating, this product reigns among the top products on this list.

Besides keeping you smelling calmly good for the rest of the day, the product will coat your skin with protective layers all throughout. Critics specifically praise the product’s high organic mixture, feel, and aroma!

Men are particularly floored by their capacity to replenish sebum. With its tea tree oil and L-Arginine antioxidants, the solution wraps the sebum cells with protein-inducing juices.

Upon doing so, it renews the sebum in the process. Finally, the sebum now becomes a fully-replenished, balanced and stable product in the body.

The product also has high essential oil concentration value, therefore it perfectly matches with dry and sensitive skin.

Paraben and sulfate-free, the product ranks with the least chemical ingredients possible.

But does it have a good scent?

Now, here’s where the argument lies!

Half of the users say it doesn’t smell good not because it’s got artificial after-scent, but because it’s just plain weird. More so, its type of scent is not what most men are prepared to wear.

Its scent is unique, by all means. And it also calms the nerves downright!


  • Highly organic (teeming with antioxidants)
  • Boasts of a skin-protective layer and coating
  • Has a unique forest fragrance
  •  All-skin-type matching tag
  • Long-lasting scent


  • Has a turpentine-like scent (not pleasing for all)
  • Lackluster lather
  • Can make skin look pale

Why choose it?

  • The product’s scent calms the nerves. Its solution, on the one hand, protects the skin from natural oil barriers. So, it should be the best product for dry and sensitive-skinned men!

12. Eo Products Everyone Soap for Men

Another unique skin-enhancing agent, this latest product, despite its infancy, already rules with plant-based scent, nourishment, and aroma!

Considered by most men as one of the most effective agents for nurturing the skin, this body wash product by Eo boasts of a dense casting of organic and plant-based sources—essential oils, cedar extract, citrus oil, and other fruit extracts!

It has also been proven to be a light 3-in-1 (soap, shampoo, and lotion) solution that easily runs through the fingers.

Fast-absorbent, easy-dry, and non-greasy, this product is easily remembered as a convenient body wash than a fragrant solution!

But make no mistake of its scent, though! It proves to be one tough aroma that guarantees to stay in your body for days. Upon losing its effect, it then boosts the hormones to release a natural scent.

But it can only do so by penetrating so deeply in a short period of time. More so, it also to deeply cleanse and nurture the skin to be able to do such a feat!

Other features of the product highlighted by users include its practical and economic product concentration. A few drops of it can already lather up.

Its lather quality also ironically earns ire from most users, though.

How and why?

As I’ve mentioned, you can create lather from the mix from a few drops. But the problem is, it requires a meticulous process to do a thicker lather. The process involves mixing it up with regular shampoo, water, and soap.

Ultimately, you don’t get to create lather from it in a humid room. That’s one burdensome fact you’d have to secure in your bathroom. And not all bathrooms are humid-free.

Other drawbacks of the product include an almost no bubble-texture, a presence of harsh chemicals such as sulfate, an off-putting aroma, and a tendency to irritate sensitive skin.


  • It’s a 3-in-1 solution
  • Teeming with skin-enriching nutrients
  • Dry & oily-skin-type matching tag


  • Lackluster lather
  • Off-putting aroma
  • Lackluster Thickness
  • Not for Sensitive Skin
  • Contains harsh chemicals (like Sulfate)

Why choose it?

  • The product is Eo’s latest, yet it impresses with plant-based scent and a skin-enriching capacity!

13. Nivea Men Energy 2-in-1 Shower Gel

A smashing hit, this newest experimental body wash product by Nivea prepares the skin for extensive exfoliation and eventual glimmer!

Very young and fresh, this latest Nivea hit makes it in this list as a 2-in-1 body and hair wonder solution! It ranks as the newest product on this list. It’s new that it hasn’t yet garnered collective reviews.

Fortunately, I have had a first-hand experience with it that I can share.

If I were to describe the product (as well as its effects) in a short phrase, it would be “skin-jolting, but at times, bland.” It can be too tough when needed, and too light when missed!

Consumed in a sticky mass called gel douche, the product can actually stay in your skin longer than expected. If only it’s light enough to not make me feel uncomfortable.

As far as I can sense, it’s got concentrated oil contents in its container. I’m not sure if it’s okay to use on oily skin.

As of its scent—well, it doesn’t have that much of defined quality, but it sure is one hell of a relaxing aroma!

Quite surely, it stays in the body for many more hours!

Now, contrary to its claims about being energizing, I didn’t really feel its push. The problem could’ve been me, or it.

All I’m sure of is that its effects are polarizing. As I’ve mentioned, it can be too tough in places, and too mild without being noticed.


  • Lasting scent masculine scent
  • Strong PH skin-balanced formula
  • 2-in-1 moisturizer
  • Dry & sensitive-skin-type matching tag


  • Not suitable for oily skin
  • Has a nasty after-scent
  • Contains some harsh chemicals
  • Lackluster lather

Why choose it?

  • It’s a new experimental product from Nivea, and it has highly concentrated essential oils for dry and sensitive skin. Most of all, it’s a 2-in-1 product. And it succeeds in its fields!

14. All-in-One Shower Wash for Men- Shampoo, Body Wash

Perhaps one of the priciest products on this list, just second to our Premium Pick, this classic Rocky Mountain Barber Company body wash enjoys an all-in-one reputation.

As suggested by its product title, this men’s exfoliating body wash is more than it meets the eye!

Users claim that it keeps the skin dirt-free for the rest of the day. You can thank cedarwood oil, lime oil and orange sweet oil for that!

These authentic and dense oil ingredients also happen to be responsible for its lasting birchwood and citrus scents.                                                              

Known by most to have one of the deepest aromas on the list. More so, it’s got an after-scent distinct enough to be noticed, but never harsh. These strong essential oils ensure deep cleansing in the skin.              

Despite some claims about it not being safe on oily skin, experts still insist that it serves to all. And it truly does its job fairly well.

Men all over the world praise the product for its sufficient strength and tough cleansing ability on all skin types.

However, it couldn’t go without faults. Its drawbacks include a lackluster lather quality, a tendency to make skin look pale, a bottle that is prone to leaking, and a tendency to be extensively oily.

But, of course– let’s not ever miss the fact that it’s an all-in-one body wash: soap, shampoo, deodorant, and lotion. Such fact alone deserves the product a place on our list!


  • Long-lasting scent
  • Has an all-in-one purpose and all-skin-type matching tag
  • Comes in a practical application packaging
  • High scent quality
  • Partially organic


  • Can make skin look pale
  • Can be extensively oily
  • Bottle prone to leaking
  • Lackluster lather quality
  • May contain very few harsh chemicals

Why choose it?

  • It ranks as the most practical body wash kit on this list. The product’s all-in-one reputation earns the product the respect worthy of a classic brand!

15. Organic All Natural Body Wash Soap

Another reigning body wash product from Fieldworks Supply Company, this product stands out as a powerful antifungal and anti-bacterial skin refresher!

Known to refresh skin each time, thanks to the high collagen-promoting bentonite, shea butter extract, aloe vera extracts, and other essential oils, this body wash product keeps the skin in its natural complexion.

Upon doing so, it keeps melanin, collagen, and complexion activities under its radar. It can only successfully do such by balancing the hormonal passages in the dermal layers.

Furthermore, it removes grease, resin, and dirt very accurately so that a few drops of it will already suffice!                     

Being a collagen-promoting substance, it stimulates the skin to self-nourish. The immediate result you’ll get then, is good-smelling and balanced skin type.

It still cannot go faultless, though!


  • Skin refreshing
  • Has complexion control properties
  • Deep cleanser
  • Collagen-promoting formula
  • Has an all-skin-type matching tag


  • Contains some harsh chemicals
  • Brief scent effect
  • Lackluster lather
  • Can feel excessively oily on the skin

Why choose it?

  • The product guarantees fresh smelling skin that’s free from bacteria!

5 More Body Wash Products for Sensitive and Acne-Prone Skin

Sensitive skin. Acne-prone skin. Itchy. Painful Ugh!

That sure is sky-high uncomfortable, right? Of course, it is. That’s why sensitive skin type ranks as one of the major considerations in buying or using a body wash product! 

Let’s identify the best body wash products for sensitive and acne-prone skin!

Believe me. We have meticulously gone through yin-yang of these shimmering brands. And boy, how confident we are indeed!

So, what’s the point of holding you long?   

Go on. Grab one!

01. NIVEA Men Energy 3-in-1 Body Wash

Currently, the top pick on our list, this latest Nivea item not only works on sensitive skin, it also tames it toward a balanced condition.

My favorite part of the product?

That has got to be it its genuine minty-ness! And it’s unmistakable for that. 

Pleasure is an understatement as you pour the body wash into your skin.

Pure heaven. That’s all I can say.

 Delightful facts on the product? 

  • A 3-in-1 functioning solution (shampoo, body wash, and energizer)
  • And a long-lasting scent provider and controller (meaning, it provides real minty aromatic depth in the body, while taming the body’s odor).

And how long-lasting is its scent?

Well, technically, this best moisturizing body wash for men doesn’t really go away. Under the condition that you maintain the product for 3-4 months, you’ll earn a minty after-scent and cool & energizing top notes for long.         

Sounds magical, isn’t it? But there’s science behind that trick!

Backing that up, is a long row of organic extracts, effective but not harsh chemicals, and a powerful Hydra IQ technology!

An extensive moisturizing technology unique to Nivea, the Hydra IQ technology guarantees fast and accurate penetration in the skin.

This further balances moisture and hydration in the skin via water-based protein variant called aquaporin.

Apparently, this entire process subtly embeds the scent within its core layers. And, that’s the trick illustrated.                                  

If you’re anxious about the scent lingering in the future, well don’t be. As I’ve mentioned, it boosts your body’s own attractive aroma, instead of forcing its scent into your system!


  • Long-lasting scent with a high after-scent quality
  • Deep aromatic quality
  • The strong (but not off putting) minty scent
  • Has organic contents
  • No harsh chemicals
  • All-skin-type matching tag (best on sensitive skin)


  • May leave residues on the skin

Why choose it?

  • Not only is the product best for sensitive skin, but for all skin types as well! It boasts of a unique Nivea-stamp Hydra IQ Technology which ensures a balanced condition in the skin!

02. JACK BLACK Turbo Wash Energizing Cleanser Hair and Body

Earning the “Premium Pick” mark on this list, the Jack Black Turbo Wash proves to be a super sensitive skin and hair revitalizer, equally embellished with premium aroma!

Men thought they could ask for more from what the product provides, but later conceded that they don’t.

For a body wash and hair care solution, the product proves to be an overachiever. It provides nourishment to the skin you never could have asked yourself!

Infused with eucalyptus, juniper berry, rosemary, and other essential oil extracts, it’s enough to keep you going with focused energy. 

Meanwhile, the product has also been praised for its deep cleansing ability, high-quality aroma, genuine after-scent, and dense concentration. Its high concentration value makes it a pleasure to apply on skin.

And as a result, men treat it as a complete beauty kit!

The best part of the product goes through the skin, into the body’s full system. Consequently, it’s been proven to relieve nasal passages of constriction. 

Ultimately, it helps detoxify the body during and after a workout!

The product also works well on the hair, nourishing its strands with augmented protein, further resulting in strong and thick hair.

The only glaring problem with the product so far is its tendency to be excessively oily.


  • Long-lasting scent
  • High-quality after-scent & aroma
  • All-skin-type matching tag
  • Hair-enriching solution
  • Highly organic with detoxifying Effect
  • High concentration value


  • Can be excessively oily

Why choose it?

  • An invigorating, body and hair revitalizing product from a classic and premium brand, the product deserves all the grooming attention!

03. Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care for Men Body Wash

This “Best Choice” product from the Burt’s Bees brand comes in 3 packs, filled to the brim with all natural and organic ingredients, making it the top organic item on the list!

If you’re looking for relaxing citrus or woodsy scent with cypress and fir after-scents, then you’ll definitely be pleased with this product.

Beyond being pleased, you’ll feel active and energized with it as well. It’s been manufactured to focus your energy to an active masculine disposition.

And you can thank its rich organic infusion for that—coconut oil, beeswax, and other fruit oil essentials!

Dubbed by many as the most organic body wash brand in the market today, this one further proves that it’s more than a tag. And boy, it truly does!

Consequently, 80% of its users confirm that the product smells all natural.In addition, the glycerin mix is precisely moderated.

The glycerin ensures a fast-absorbing cleanse!

The best feature, yet of the product is its high economic and price-worthy package! Its 3-pack configuration makes for up to a year of consumption!

On the contrary, being highly organic with the least preservatives imaginable, the product easily expires. Apparently, storing it can be quite a challenge.

But if you religiously observe and follow its storing directions, then everything will be good to go!


  • Long-lasting scent
  • Highly organic
  • Comes in an economical pack of 3
  • Has energizing & revitalizing effect
  • All-skin-type matching tag
  • Deep aromatic quality that has a natural after-scent


  • Easily expires when not properly stored

Why choose it?

  • The product, besides being the perfect body wash for sensitive skin (or all skin types in that matter) is the most densely organic solution on the list!

04. Dove Men+Care Body Wash

A classic product from a classic brand, this gentle body wash brings skin-hydration to an all new level!

This product stands very famous for one major thing- micromoisture hydration technology!

Dermatologists all over the world explain that such technology accordingly brings about very fine and light portions of skin-enhancing nutrients. And it’s only exclusive among Dove brands.

Through technology, or through the nutrients’ fine molecular structure, the hydration process doubles in efficiency!

As pictured herein, the process eventually secures hydration in the skin full-turn. 

With that guaranteed, cleaning, revitalizing, and protecting the skin is many more times facilitated than usual. And these activities are many folds made better.

Simultaneous with the whole process, the skin’s pores undergo eventual replenishing as acquires more elasticity and collagen. Imagine your pores automatically closing during sweating or the entry of dirt.

While it’s good for all skin types, it certainly is best for sensitive and dry skin.

All-in-all, the product bears the usual Dove tenderness, a distinct cool masculine scent, and a genuine after-scent. If not for its tendency to leave residues after a shower, the product would be perfect.

Recommendation- thoroughly rinse your skin after shower when using the product!


  • Long-lasting scent
  • The high-quality aroma and after-scent
  • Fresh Effect
  • Boasts of a micromoisture hydration technology
  • All-skin-type matching tag
  • Deep cleansing formula


  • Can leave residues on the skin

Why choose it?

  • It’s the only product on the list that masterfully hydrates the skin without necessarily making it oily, or over-moistened.

05. Every Man Jack Body Wash and Shower Gel Cedarwood

A tough masculine body wash with tough scent, but gentle feel on the skin, secures a vibrant skin, strong hair, and a brilliant beard!

Perhaps the only product on this list that caters to beard needs with meticulous attention, the Every Man Jack Body Wash proves to be a sensitive-skin friendly solution!

Infused with powerful organic extracts—coconut oil, rosemary extracts, vegetable and fruit oils, and many other essential oils, the product takes skin management quite seriously. 

Armed with elastin and active antioxidants, Vitamin E and protein, the product maintains a glossy, vibrant, and fresher skin!

Gentle on the skin, the product also proves to be a pleasure. In fact, it ranks among the names in this row that best tends to sensitive skin.

In addition, its moderate glycerin presence cleans the skin just enough to keep it fresh and smelling good for the rest of the day.

And unlike cheap products that trigger acne and other reactions, this body wash won’t!

It smells great with its cedar wood scent! 

And oh! It’s also organic! That’s why it’s dubbed as the body wash product that every man must have!


  • Strong cedar wood scent that’s long lasting
  • Highly organic formula
  • All-skin-types matching tag
  • It’s a beard management solution
  • Teeming with essential oils
  • Deep aromatic quality


  • Artificial after-scent
  • Lackluster lather

Why choose it?

  • The product ranks as the only title in this list that meticulously tends to beard and shaving. Also, it’s very gentle on sensitive skin.

Men’s Body Wash Products- Why Do I Need Them?

First and foremost, men’s skin is many folds different from women’s. 

It doesn’t take a genius to spot the differences inside out, though more complex intrinsic things are at play in this case. 

Men’s skin is 25% thicker than women’s thanks to testosterone production. In addition to that, men also happen to produce more collagen than women. So, there’s scientific proof that men age less than women. 

Rewarding as it may be, however, hints a potential issue in our midst. Ironic, isn’t it? Well, for one thing- men’s skin is too good to be true. 
Since it is more elastic, it compensates by producing more sebum or natural oil than women’s.

You can simply imagine the process it goes through when it flushes out the oil. Obviously, it compels the sebaceous glands to open up, stretching the pores altogether.                        

Simultaneously, foreign elements like air and dust particles get to freely travel in and out of your skin. And since men’s skin is coincidentally penetrable (with the least filtering capacity), it ends up quite exposed.

Adding insult to injury, the excessive amount of oil eventually traps the dirt in. And there goes the legend of the body odor!

Men’s body wash. These products (given that they’re paraben and sulfate-free) help remove dead skin and trapped dirt just enough to not irritate the skin.  

In the same manner, these products balance oil production in the skin, instead of getting rid of it.                                         

Furthermore, the exemplary body wash products function beyond addressing the difference between men and women’s skin. It goes full-blown into addressing the specific men’s skin types- oily, dry or sensitive. 

What to Look for While Buying Good Smelling Body Wash?

There can be a lot of body wash products to choose from. Their brands alone range from the classic to the newly established. Quite certainly, their numbers have dramatically grown through the years, drowning the market.

Sticking to the classic names which have already earned reputation might seem like the easiest way to do, eh? Bother the new ones popping in, right?


You cannot miss the new ones. The classic brands benefit from them too in terms of ideas- innovations and added nutrients. In other words, the latest brands challenge the old ones to innovate.

In turn, we greatly benefit from the competition or two as this guarantees manufacturers constantly updating product qualities to keep up.

There is obviously a deliberate order in it all- a balance of benefits, a motivation for quality, and an interplay between production and consumption.

That same order or cycle should apply to the way we look into the product standards.                                                                       

However, beyond mere product quality, reviews, and brand reputation, we ought to follow our overall instinct. And that’s where the real challenge lies.

It should be pretty hard to instantly pick the best one when you’re combing through more than a hundred body wash products at the moment!        

But if you listen closely to your instinct, sniff out your natural scent (or pheromones all the same) and feel your skin, then you’ll be able to more or less grasp ideas about the body wash that matches you.

Now, given that you’re already familiar with your skin type—oily, dry or sensitive, let’s not complicate this further. Here’s buying guide for the best body wash products for men 

Come, sniff them all out here, mate!

  • Long-Lasting Scent

A body wash is called as such because of its scent quality. Apparently, it can only be as good as its lasting fragrance.

The first thing that you should be looking for a body wash product is its lasting-scent capacity. Such trait goes beyond the type of scent so that it determines the product’s deeper, more essential core.        

The best body wash should not only smell good but should also make the body smell good for the longest period of time. 

The secret lies in its moisturizing elements!

For a product to moisturize, it has to balance organic extracts with light chemicals. Essential oils, fruit extracts, plus other sources of micronutrients are just a few of what the best body wash product features in its solution.                             

Now, the only element closely considered a chemical compound in a body wash product is glycerin. The glycerin ensures deep cleansing in the skin, keeping bacteria and eventual infection at bay. 

A small, harmless amount of it wouldn’t hurt!

Apparently, an all-natural product, despite its claims, is never chemical-free at all. 

We ought to keep that in mind!                          

The best body washes balance these by moderation and meticulous combination. And that’s how the product moisturizes and keeps the skin good-smelling all around the clock. 

Keep your eyes on these ingredients next time you’re scanning for men’s body wash products. 

  • Aromatic Quality

The type and quality of aroma and scent always compel us to buy a men’s body wash product. Aromas vary from the toughest to the gentlest. 

Whether you’re looking for the toughness of a concentrated masculine scent, the laid-back mood of the tea tree oil fragrance, the icy cool feel of mint, or the reinvigorating tug of the citrus scent, you’ll still be bound to look for one tricky feature—its after-scent.                        

Yes, you heard it right. The after-scent.

More like an undertone to others, the after-scent tells of its overall quality with 100% accuracy.

When you decide to buy for one, always deem to have it tested. In fact, you can always refer to the counter for testing privileges.        

When cleared, do press a small amount into your skin. Then, don’t smell it yet but instead, rub it on your wrist, or wherever there’s a pulse. Finally, smell it once or twice. 

Afterwards, you can either distract your nose with another scent or just simply delay your next sniff for 4-5 minutes.

When done, smell it again. Study that inner layer of the scent. That lasting part. 

Do the scent and aroma stay the same? 

Does it get harsher by exposure?                                                 

Does it yield an artificial tinge by the while? 

Does the scent relate closely to your skin’s natural odor, or does it counteract? 

Now, focus on the rubbed portion on your skin. Is it soft? Doesn’t it itch? Or, does it tend to neutralize your skin type—whether it’s oily, dry or sensitive? 

Addressing these questions will certainly reveal to you the answer you’re looking for. And believe me, it won’t miss!

  • A Designed-for-Men’s Skin Wash 

As mentioned earlier women’s skin are layers different from men’s skin. 

Nutrient distribution greatly varies in body washes depending on which skin benefits from it. 

The concentration of essential oils and other ingredients vary due to differential collagen concentration.

Nevertheless, moisturizing capacities differ simply by the reason that men’s skin oil up more than women’s.                                         

And let’s not even begin to talk about testosterone presence in men which prompts the growth of beard and other facial hair. 

Reasons may, therefore, pour in by hundreds, but the corresponding action is only one—choose the body wash for men. Simple, isn’t it?

  • Skin-Matching Tag

If the body wash does not match your skin type, then move on!

That’s how simple it is.

By all means, the best body wash stabilizes excessive oil production in the skin, but just enough not to dry it. 

The best body wash cleans the skin by removing dirt and dead skin off it, but just enough not to irritate it (should guarantee an alcohol-free content to do so).

The best body wash encourages oil production in the skin but just enough not to grease it out. 
So, whether you’re rooting for a sexy pheromone boost-up, or an apocrine, eccrine, and sebaceous-gland odor enhancement.

10 Things to Consider Before Applying Body Wash

Skin type. Fragrance. Aroma. Long-Lasting Scent. Organic. 

The concerns surrounding body wash application seemingly never end. At one point, you’re blissfully sniffing and picking up the right brands, while, in another reality, you’re itching.

Applying body wash, as simple as it may sound, is never a piece of cake. But at least, it smells delicious!

The best way to address these concerns is by narrowing them down into one ultimate and sole morale.

Yeah—it’s the big “why.”

Why use body wash in the first place when there are soaps and shampoos?

Keep scrolling to know the answer!

They say that men are not high maintenance. But from the dense reviews we’ve come across, we know it’s no longer true!

Tough as your skin may be, it sure has complex needs. The needs vary from the nature of the scent, down to the skin’s sensitivity.  

A body wash. A gel. A soap. A shampoo. A shaving cream

You can call it whatever you want as long as you know its ultimate and sole function.

A body wash product is a complete and convenient alternative to soap in keeping a clean and great smelling skin!

There’s more to your body wash than this!

Keep on sniffing them out, mate!

  1. Bar soap can eventually dry out the skin while a body wash hydrates it. 

A soap bar is but a surface-level cleanser. It has been manufactured for holding convenience. However, it’s dense sulfate concentration (although not all soap bar brands) potentially dries out the skin. 

      2.  Do not apply body wash into your face unless indicated. 

Several body wash products have multipurpose tags in their package. However, despite such seemingly reassuring tag, consulting with your dermatologist regarding facial application still weighs as the wisest move. 

       3. A thick lather doesn’t necessarily guarantee genuine cleansing in your skin. 

It’s natural for one to think that thick lather automatically indicates deep cleansing. However, it’s too good to be true. Thick lathers eventually distract distribution of oil in the skin. So, you’d better keep away from it. 

       4. Using warm water during rinsing has better effects.

Warm water relaxes the pores, soothes the skin, and makes nutrients from the body wash easily absorbed. 

       5. A body wash is cleaner than bar soap. 

Unlike a soap bar which passes through the hands of many, a body wash is used through sprays or drops. 

       6. Not all body wash products promise deep cleansing. 

The tag “body wash” doesn’t guarantee deep cleansing. Eventually, a high-quality and deep-cleansing body wash requires various factors and brand enhancements to take shape. 

       7. Don’t go overly generous in applying body wash into your body. 

Excessive application of the men’s body wash can grease out your skin. Two to three drops per shower will do. 

       8. Allow solution to stay in your skin for 5 minutes or more. 

Don’t make haste. This is important. Let the solution absorb into your skin.

       9. It should not hurt to supplement with a specific moisturizer.

For the slightly harsher body wash products (or, certain brands that don’t match with dry skin), supplementation of a few drops of specific moisturizer should not hurt. In fact, it ensures smoother results in the skin. 

    10. Loofahs and washcloths are handy for body washing. 

Yes. You’ll definitely be needing these, especially when you’re combing through the deep recesses of your skin to remove trapped dirt and oil.


Which is better – body wash or bar soap?

If you base it on the context of hydration, then the best male body wash is better than bar soap. Consequently, bar soaps have since been known to dry out skin due to its high sulfate concentration. 

How do I maintain a good natural scent on my body?

First, buy the best body wash product brand. Second, use it for good. By making it a habit, you’ll eventually tame your skin to self-hydrate and of course, smell good in the process. 

Will I smell if I don’t bathe in one day?

It actually depends on your skin’s PH balance, acidity content, and sweat and oil concentration. Apparently, the oilier and the more acidic the skin, the more prone it is to smell. 

Does the “Dove” brand truly deliver?


How do I enhance my body wash’s fragrance strength?

You can best boost its scent by supplementing it with specific moisturizers, scented gels, and lotions during a shower.

What is the best body wash for men according to women

This is one of the most commonly asked question by men as they always want to impress their women. But we weren’t able to do a proper research on that, so we read some reviews and asked few of my female friends to talk about it. And the reaction was mixed. None is really thought about it. But they said they all love anything that smell great.


The whole effort of making the body smell good, feeling fresh, 

 and energized is determined by one key- moisturizing capacity of a body wash product.

Now, let’s get back to that very moment wherein you were in a public place, sweating and oiling up for a day.

Think. Feel. Smell.

What type of skin do you have? How clean is your skin, then? How long was the time since you last moisturized, exfoliated and revitalized your skin?

Do you think your masculine pheromones are better to be left alone or would benefit from quick boost-up by the 20 best body wash for men products?

Do you think your skin could take delight from Old Spice’s ZTG and The Seaweed Bath’s 65+ vitamins? Or, will you be swayed by Nivea Men’s Hydra IQ Technology?

In the midst of all these questions lies the answer.

And, the answer? Well, all you’ve got to do is to look at your skin. Smell it. 

You’ll surely find the answer there.

That can’t be missed.

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