17 Best Beard Soaps: Based on Popularity

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap
  2. Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo Bar
  3. Viking Revolution Soap for Men
Best Beard Soaps

Your beard is more than just a fashion statement! From blocking harmful UV rays to preventing the spread of bacteria on your face, sporting a beard does your health good too! Therefore, there’s a need to keep your beard clean with the best beard soaps!

Growing a beard requires commitment and a grooming routine. The best grooming routine should have the best products for your beard! So we have picked out 17 of the best beard soaps for you!

Before unveiling the top contenders on our list, let’s get to know why you shouldn’t just use your regular soap for your beard.

Here is the List of 10 Best Beard Soaps:

  1. Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap
  2. Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo Bar
  3. Viking Revolution Soap for Men
  4. Maple Hill Naturals: Honest for Men
  5. Oliver Rocket Pine Tar Soap
  6. Honest Amish Beard & Body Soap
  7. Beard Gains Valhalla Beard Soap
  8. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Soap Bar
  9. Rockwell Razors Beard & Body Bar Soap
  10. Mountain Man Soap

List of the Best Beard Soaps

01. Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap

Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap

Dr. Squatch produces healthy and natural products using the best ingredients nature has to offer. This product can change men’s approach to hygiene.

The pine tar bar from the company contains saponified oils, shea butter, sea salt, cypress, lye, lavender, and clary sage essential oils. The combination of these rich ingredients may be enough to tell that the soap is made up of all-natural ingredients!

Each of the bars weighs at approximately 5 oz. and it has a strong mixed scent of the botanical ingredients. However, the downside of an all-natural soap is that it won’t last a very long time. With heavy use, this soap bar can last for two to three weeks the maximum.

This soap is handmade, so the glycerin stays in even after crafting. And when combined with olive and coconut oils, glycerin will help nourish your skin. As a result, you will always be left with clean and moisturized skin. And irritation and dryness will be the least of your concern.

The soap is cold processed so you can be assured that there’s no preservative or harsh chemical used in the product. So it’s going to be heaven safe even for your sensitive skin!

You can use the soap to clean your beard, face, and body too. It’s a multi-purpose washing tool.

More reasons to love the product? It’s infused with clary sage too! Clary sage can help you improve your blood circulation. And the combination of all-natural ingredients will help you with skin issues, such as acne or breakouts.

You’re also going to love that it comes with a full refund! If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can always get your money back!

It’s also locally processed so you’re sure you’re getting the best quality with every bar of soap!


  • Crafted from natural ingredients
  • Helps blood circulation
  • Prevents skin issues


  • Doesn’t last for long

02. Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo Bar

Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Shampoo Bar

Professor Fuzzworthy has no belief in a ton of extras and frills. They have earned their reputation for providing beard care products of high quality.

This soap bar is quite affordable and it lasts for a long time. That’s more sud sessions to keep your face and beard pristine clean every single day. Although the product is referred to as a bar, it comes in a cubic shape. It can be compared to a 27 FL oz. bottle of liquid shampoo, which can last you for a couple of months.

All the ingredients in the bar, such as coconut, olive, and castor oil, spring water from Mount Wellington, Leatherwood beeswax and honey, cocoa powder, Kunzea oil, and extract from Tasmanian Seaweed are nature’s bounty.  All-natural and all good!

This is a perfect choice for those who have sensitive skin or a beard that’s constantly itchy. Natural ingredients in the bar moisturize and soothe irritations. Although aggravated itchiness may not be fixed using this bar alone, it will surely help out.

How to use the bar? It’s actually not that different from using a shampoo for your head! You can safely and effectively use the product to wash your face as well as head hair besides your beard. And oh! After use, it’ll leave you with a faint earthy or woodsy scent.

You can immediately feel the softness in your beard once it dries out. You’ll notice this significant softness even on the first use.

Regular use of this soap bar will get rid of your beard itch. Most of the credit has to go to the lavender and Kunzea oil. These oils have antiseptic qualities which keep itchiness at bay while keeping your skin moisturized. The overall result is healthier and irritation-free skin and beard.


  • All-natural and unique ingredients
  • Has a light masculine scent
  • Full and rich lather forms quickly


  • You need to make sure to store it in dry areas

03. Viking Revolution Soap for Men

Viking Revolution Activated Charcoal Soap for Men

The activated charcoal soap is among Viking Revolution’s more popular products. The addition of charcoal makes it a superb exfoliating bar!

If you’re a grown-ass man, soap bars for beard grooming might not be something you think about all the time. You probably want good looks with as little hassle as possible. This charcoal soap offers simplicity while caring for your skin at the same time!

This bar soap is specially intended for men’s care and can be used for both your face and body. Once you get one of these, you’re good to go for all of your washing needs. The bar’s fairly big size makes sure that you don’t run out frequently.

At first glance, the soap might not look as if it would get you cleaned up, but you’ll soon find your skin hydrated, clean, and smooth. The soap leaves a great pick me up the scent of natural eucalyptus and peppermint too.

You probably don’t have the time for cleansing or detoxifying treatments using mud masks. You’d probably say to yourself that men don’t have the time to do those stuff! Well, you’re in for a real treat! This activated charcoal soap includes those features of a dead sea mask treatment for your convenience. You’ll get cleaner pores and less acne and blackhead as if you were getting a facial treatment.

The bar is very smooth by itself, so it’s quite easy to make the soap lather. Just remember that you have to work it against something, which will offer it the needed friction. Unless you’re hairy or have very rough skin, work it against something with a bit of texture, such as a towel or washcloth.

It’s natural and organic! No need to worry if the soap contains hidden harmful chemicals. You can confidently use the soap for grooming and maintaining your facial hair without worrying about any nasty residue that can be left with a chemically laden soap.


  • Provides skin conditioning
  • Exfoliates and detoxifies the skin
  • Large bar and smells manly
  • Helps with eczema and acne


  • Doesn’t lather by itself
  • Could have a stronger scent

04. Maple Hill Naturals: Honest for Men

Maple Hill Naturals: Honest for Men

Honest for Men provides your beard with what it needs and wants as it’s made using the finest hand-selected natural ingredients.

This beard wash is handmade with ingredients that are safe and chemically-free. Maple Hill Naturals has crafted the product with a ton of effort and passion.

The herbal mix of oils and butter prevents itching and flakes and takes care of your beard along with the pores and skin. Most of the regular products in the market use compound chemicals, which are responsible for the itching and pores. Rest assured that this one won’t be causing any such issue!

The botanical ingredients used in the bar will help you retain the natural oils and keep your hair follicles healthy. The herbal glycerin makes sure to retains the naturalness moisture of your beard and the skin underneath it. This bar is teeming with all the good stuff that only nature can offer- coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, olive oil, hemp seed, and shea butter among others.

Another icing on the cake is the lovely scent that the natural ingredients exude! And you can also store it in the packaging that it comes with and it’s made of recyclable paper. More ways to give love back to Mother Nature!

The label is also free from gibberish sounding chemicals that you can’t even pronounce, so you can expect it to be all-natural. More so, the bar is comparable to any liquid wash weighing at 24 oz., which means it’ll last longer.

This beard wash lathers richly and has a blend of candy orange and lavender scent with the base of patchouli. The whole product is crafted by hand in the US to make sure you get a product of top-notch quality. Locally made product is where the heart is, as they say.


  • Long-lasting scent
  • Prevents itching and flakes
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Contains natural butter and oils


  • The scent can be too overwhelming for some
  • May not be a good pair  for your sensitive skin

05. Oliver Rocket Pine Tar Soap

Oliver Rocket Pine Tar Soap

The pine tar soap bar set from Oliver Rocket is made using ingredients of the highest quality and the whole production process is done in the USA.

This product comes in a set of 3 bars with each weighing at 5 ounces. You’re sure to get your money’s worth with the Oliver Rocket Pine Tar soap bar as they offer a full money-back guarantee policy. if you find the soap unsatisfactory, you can always refund it!

As an all-rounder, it works for your face, body, and even your beard.

The best beard soaps that come with activated charcoal or normal charcoal are usually known for their ability to clarify and detoxify problem skin. These products are also very efficient in exfoliation. You can enjoy all of those benefits and more as this pine tar soap takes it much further with the use of organic pine tar.

It contains antiseptic features that can address skin issues, such as eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, inflamed, flaky, itchy, and dry skin. It’s actually more than just a claim as the National Institutes of Health trusts in the capabilities of this ingredient as well.

This soap is also infused with olive oil. It can naturally soften and moisturize your skin while nourishing it with abundant antioxidants. That’s why it also works great for those with sensitive skin.

There’s really a lot more good stuff in this soap!

-Hemp oil in the soap that helps promote skin elasticity.  

-The addition of shea butter and coconut oil hydrates your skin well.

-The high-quality organic ingredients such as soybean oil give the soap its boasting quality

-pine tar provides it a unique scent.

The soap can exfoliate your skin rather well. Additionally, the charcoal, oatmeal, and fine sand rid of dead skin cells to reveal softer and smoother skin.


  • Works as a natural antiseptic
  • Exfoliates the skin with oatmeal, sand, and charcoal
  • Has hemp oil to improve skin elasticity
  • Can lather comparatively well


  • Tends to melt fast
  • The scent dissipates  

06. Honest Amish Beard & Body Soap

Honest Amish Beard & Body Soap

Unlike the regular soaps, you can find in your regular stores, the Bead & Body Soap from Honest Amish is crafted carefully using all organic and natural ingredients.

The soap is made using a formula that isn’t only suitable and mild for your beard and face, but you can also use it on your body as well. Clove essential oils, cinnamon, and eucalyptus hydrate and nourish your skin and facial hair without making them dry.

There’s a type of clay in the product, which will cause a subtle pull for cleansing the beard. But you have no reason to worry because it will not strip off the natural oils from your face.

You only need a little lather to cover your full beard. This can make the product last a bit longer, that’s more savings for you!

Coming in a beastly weight of 5 to 6 oz., the soap boasts of large dimensions. It’s quite soft in terms of soaps, so you can cut the whole thing into smaller pieces for extended use. The attractive value for your money and the all-natural feature makes it great for your beard, skin and your wallet!

You don’t need much work to produce lather with this product. And if you only use it for your beard, it can last for quite some time. The scent left from the eucalyptus, clove, and cinnamon is spicy and fresh and it will leave your beard squeaky clean.

Furthermore, this soap offers great potency when exfoliating, but it’s equally gentle at the same time. Although it may sound ironic, Honest Amish has managed to succeed at doing so.

If you want quality beard soap for cheap a price, and can be used for quite some time, this beard and body soap offers great value!. You will have a cleaner and softer beardless than the dent in your wallet!


  • Made of organic and all-natural ingredients
  • Won’t dry out beard and face
  • Price is reasonable
  • Can last a long time


  • Has an overpowering smell of licorice
  • Doesn’t lather quite well

07. Beard Gains Valhalla Beard Soap

Beard Gains Valhalla Beard Soap

This beard soap ensures that you get top quality products by importing their high-grade oils, all the way from India! The Valhalla is indeed one of the Beard Gains’ top-notch products.

What’s so amazing with this beard soap bar? There are no harmful ingredients like sulfate or paraben and the soap is gluten-free. You can find cocoa and shea butter along with essential oils like coconut, olive, and East Indian sandalwood oil.

One special ingredient used in the beard soap is the goat’s milk. The bars are concentrated from goat’s milk, which comes from especially nourished and fed goats. You get softer beard and healthier skin upon using with this the soap that they claim to be a “beard healer.”

The product is heat shrink wrapped after the four weeks of the curing process in order to make sure that the scent stays in and the air stays out. Additional steps are taken to prevent the essential oil from souring so that you get all the organic benefits for your beard and skin.

This soap is filled with healthy fats and vitamins, such as C, D, E, B1, B6, and B12. The goat’s milk relieves dry and scaly skin, eczema, acne, inflammation, rashes, and psoriasis.

If you’re growing out your beard, itch, redness, dandruff, redness, aggravation, and irritation are quite common. The Valhalla gives you the means to fight these off for a better looking and healthier feeling beard. Your skin will also be getting the proper natural oils, nutrients, and vitamins that you can’t find in regular products.

Its premium quality and features have a price tradeoff, however. You’ll be paying a little more for the Valhalla. Whether you’re open to spending more for the added features is entirely up to you.


  • Relieves dry and scaly skin
  • The formulation is rich in various vitamins and oils
  • Softens the beard
  • Moisturizes your skin


  • Slightly more expensive

08. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Soap Bar

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Soap Bar

From the makers of high-quality beard care products with natural ingredients, comes another product worthy to stash in your man kit.

Bar soap usage may have decreased as liquid solutions for body wash may seem more convenient. But many still choose the traditional bar soap for some reason. Especially now that bar soaps have undergone upgrades in terms of their formulation and lather ability over the years. This all-natural soap from the Rocky Mountain Barber Company, in fact, offers about all the upgrades that you’re looking to find in a bar soap!

The soap incorporates essential oils as well as glycerin-like moisturizers for delivering intense hydration. It can be used for your beard, face, body, and even your hair. It’s a 5-in-1 solution that combines the benefits of hand soap, face cleanser, body wash, conditioner, and shampoo.

If you’ve tried this product for the first time, you might feel that the soap stripped the moisture and oil off of your body. Don’t panic yet! It’s only the soap deep cleaning your skin from all the stuck dirt and grime, and you’ll feel moisturized afterward. And you can get that soft and smooth skin after a few minutes of toweling. Unlike the regular soaps, you’ll be left with a healthy and soft skin while deep cleansing it.

The soap pack comes with two different scents. The Birchwood variant has lime, sweet birch along with Himalayan cedarwood oil. On the other hand, the Cedar Spice variant comes with orange, patchouli, cinnamon leaf oil, and root extract from indigo.

Patchouli oil can treat hair and skin issues, such as dandruff, acne, eczema, and dermatitis. There’s glycerin in both variants too, which acts as a great moisturizer for various skin types ( especially dry and sensitive skin.) Both soaps smell incredible, with the Cedar Spice with a more pronounced smell and Birchwood has a subtle scent.

How to make sure the soap lasts longer? You have to store it in a dry place after use. Unlike the traditional soaps, these don’t have synthetic ingredients or preservatives that can keep these bars hard. So they can dissolve fast when placed in a humid and moist environment.


  • Helps address skin issues
  • You get the benefits of five products in one
  • Makes skin soft and smooth skin


  • Dissolves quicker than the competition regular soap

09. Rockwell Razors Beard & Body Bar Soap

Rockwell Razors Beard & Body Bar Soap

The Beard & Body Bar Soap from Rockwell Razors is formulated thoughtfully for cleaning both your beard and your skin.

Each of the soap bar weighs 6 oz. and are entirely processed in the USA with ingredients that are all-natural ingredients. The scent of Rockwell Barbershop will last you throughout the entire day. There are notes of cedar, lilac, anise, neroli, and leather in the crafted scent to give you that classic American barbershop smell.

This soap was formulated to nourish, cleanse, and exfoliate your skin and softens your beard using premium and all-natural ingredients. Moreover, the natural ingredients make it suitable for any type of beard and or skin.

If you want the finest natural skincare with a simple formulation, this soap is your ultimate choice. Why? Because it’s teeming with natural ingredients such as coconut, palm, and safflower oil, glycerin, oat and wheat protein, purified water, shea butter, activated charcoal, jojoba oil, and coffee.

The premium oils and natural coffee will moisturize and exfoliate all types of beards and skin. Jojoba oil, activated charcoal, and the shea butter will keep your skin fresh and cleansed. It gently cleanses your skin and hair without using chemical irritants or harmful additives

This soap lathers up quite well, you’ll enjoy an energizing and, deep wash and smell squeaky clean afterward. The constant use of this product will help you purify the beard and skin. And the activated charcoal will work as an antibacterial for all day-long freshness.

will work as an antibacterial for all day-long freshness.

On a plus side, Rockwell Razors guarantee satisfaction with their Beard and Body soap and offers full refunds on the off chance you’re not satisfied with their product! A great deal isn’t?


  • Has a long-lasting unique scent
  • Nourishes, cleanses, and exfoliates skin
  • Uses only premium ingredients
  • Provides long-lasting freshness


  • May not soften beard that much like other products

10. Mountain Man Soap

Mountain Man Soap Co. Grizzly Bear’d Soap

Mountain Man Soap Company produces a variety of beard soaps for men and the Grizzly Bear’d variant seems to be for the manliest of men.

These bars of Grizzly Bear’d Soaps come at a weight of 8 oz. Every single bar is produced using sustainable olive oil, hemp seed oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and, palm oil. The bars use special water gathered from the natural springs of  the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Apart from the mentioned sustainable oils, these soap bars also contain essential oils of eucalyptus, menthol, tea tree, and peppermint along seed extracts from grapefruit, aloe, and sodium hydroxide. This soap is the result of 9 months of testing.

The lye comes from sodium hydroxide and pure spring water from earth clarified mountain. Among the other soaps in the Mountain Man’s beard soap lineup, the Grizzly Beard is the only one that does not contain any ground oatmeal. This gives a silky smooth feel to the soap.

The scent of the soap comes from its essential oils included in the formulation. Its massive size and “for beard only” use target use for only beards means that you can expect it to last for a while. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it on your body too! Just don’t expect it to last as long if you do.

Your beard will instantly soften even on the first use. The soap smells good, lathers well, and makes your skin feel fresh and leaves you ready to go on and seize the day! Its ingredients give the bar subtle scuffing along with a ruggedness. Moreover, you get premium ingredients that ensure your beard stays premium!.


  • Helps soften your beard
  • It lathers well
  • The scent is great


  • Doesn’t last if used as a multipurpose soap

11. Bossman 4-in-1 Bar Soap

Bossman 4-in-1 Bar Soap

Bossman brings you a one-stop solution for your body wash, shaving and hair & beard shampoo needs with their 4-in-1 Bar Soap.

The 4-in-1 Bar Soap comes with a mixture of various organic moisturizing oils, such as coconut oil, shea butter, and palm oil. This soap will strengthen, nourish as well as clean your skin, hair, and beard. You can simultaneously use the product as a shaving cream too.

No harmful foaming agents are used in this soap. The natural ingredients will preserve and enhance your skin and hair’s natural oils instead of drying them out.

There’s also palm safflower oil, powder from plantain leaf and cocoa powder in these bar soaps. Essential oils from patchouli, rosemary, vanilla, lavender, and geranium are carefully selected and included in the concoction. The balanced combination of these essential oils creates a clean, manly, and seductive scent for the close encounters. The amazing scent lasts too!

Its entire processing is done in the USA and all the ingredients used are natural without any testing done on animals. The 4-in-1 will reinvigorate the beard, skin , and hair using only organic oils. You will be left feeling moisturized, clean, and prepared for your next grooming task.

Apart from leaving you clean and moisturized, the product also helps out with various skin issues, such as eczema, beardruff, acne, and psoriasis.

Lye in the soap helps keep your skin and hair squeaky clean. It lathers very well, however, given its price, the soap does not last for a long time at all.


  • Crafted using only natural ingredients
  • You get to enjoy four products in one bar.
  • No harmful foaming agents
  • Protects natural oils of your hair and skin


  • Doesn’t last very long

12. Sophisticated Beardsman Eucalyptus Mint

Sophisticated Beardsman Eucalyptus Mint

The products from Sophisticated Beardsman are made especially for intensive beard cleaning and tough skin.

Classic Eucalyptus Mint Beard and Body soap is organic and natural. It moisturizes and conditions your skin while keeping it squeaky clean at the same time.

This body and beard soap comes with an essential oil that’s significant for skincare and hair growth. The product won’t leave your skin dry and itchy. Instead, it provides natural moisturizer for the skin to make it look fresh, moisturized, and firm.

Organic ingredients are used to make these soaps from the Sophisticated Beardsman. The soap will lather easily on the face and it ensures that you have a smooth and hassle-free shaving experience.

It works for almost any skin type too. It has eucalyptus and mint to help keep your skin smooth and fresh. Moreover, the soap includes hydrating ingredients, such as Australian olive clay, non-GMO soybean, olive, palm kernel, coconut, and palm oil.

What more can we expect from this product? This soap also contains citrus, sandalwood, and activated charcoal. The charcoal helps make the pores cleaner and smaller. As you use the soap, you’ll start to notice less acne, oily skin and it will help heal and soothe skin irritations, cuts, and bites. Your hair will start to lose the toxins.

The eucalyptus mint beard and body soap naturally protect, moisturizes and conditions your skin. Overall, this product is a great pick, if you’re looking to get  an attractive and soft beard while keeping itchiness, dryness, and roughness at bay,


  • Lathers up quickly
  • Long-lasting
  • Relieves itching and dryness
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Doesn’t have a pleasing scent

13. BOGUE Goat Milk Soap N°14 Beard Wash

BOGUE Goat Milk Soap N°14 Beard Wash

The 14 from Bogue contains the same unadulterated essential oils used in Beard Balm and Oil to enhance the benefits as well as help taming those stray hairs.

This goat milk soap contains super-fatted argan & Kukui essential nut oils. These improve the overall quality of the soap. Natural goat milk along with vegetable oils are used in most milk soaps. The addition of herbs and oils provide scent and nourishment for the skin.

You won’t find any artificial additives, fragrances, dyes or preservatives in this soap, unlike the commercial ones. The product is handmade at Ojai, California and since it’s handmade, the glycerin stays in the soap mixture;

More reasons to love goat’s milk in your soap! It can brighten your skin as well as reduce wrinkles.

Goat’s milk is known for the moisturizing qualities it offers. It acts as an emollient for soothing and moisturizing the skin. Along with the unadulterated vegetable oils, the ingredient creates a luxurious and creamy lather that you can’t find in the regular commercial soaps.

This soap is as mild as it sounds. Hand-mixed and made with raw, locally grown goat’s fresh milk and essential oils. It’s rich in nourishing vitamins, such as Vitamin B6, B12, A, E  and offers the same hydrating protein you can naturally find in milk. That’s why a milk bath is a luxurious way to soften and brighten your skin!

There’s no preservative or additives in this soap, so there’s no artificial fragrance. Moreover, the creamy lather helps defrizz your beard fairly well and no residue will be left on your beard.

All of these ingredients may be perfect for some, however, the level of complexity in using the ingredients raises the possibility of allergic reactions. Quite a few of the customers seem to have faced this issue.


  • Contains nourishing vitamins
  • No preservatives used
  • Soothes and moisturizes the skin
  • De-frizzes beard well


  • May cause allergic reactions to some

14. Aptos Trading Company Shampoo Soap Set

Aptos Trading Company Shampoo Soap Set

Aptos Trading Company has got you covered for your washing needs for your outdoor activities, gym, and travel with their Shampoo Soap Set.

The soap set comes in with two soap bars and each weighs at 5 oz. This soap is all-natural and handmade entirely in the USA. you get to use it for your body too! This multi-purpose soap comes in modern eco-friendly gift boxes. Thus, it can be given as a gift right away!

Whether you’re going for a workout session or camping in the woods with your friends, or play some soccer, this soap is useful to bring along. The product will give you deep cleansing while hydrating your skin and beard.

The two soap bars contain different ingredients – one bar is cherry almond and the other one is tea tree & mint.

No toxic ingredient, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens or GMO is used in the crafting process. Rest assured that the soaps are handcrafted using the best organic and natural essential oils. And take note that all ingredients vegetable-based.

Your skin will absorb almost anything that touches it, so it’s best to avoid regular soaps with harmful chemicals.

Let’s take a peek at what each soap contains:

The cherry almond soap packs organic aloe, bentonite, and kaolin clay and it’s blended with cherry almond aroma for all types of hair.

The tea tree and mint soap boast of tea tree essential oils, peppermint, lavender, rosemary, and chamomile powder uniquely. This tea tree oil helps out with flakes, while the peppermint and rosemary help with stimulation. Chamomile and lavender soothe the skin. It’s natural as it can get, you can find most of the ingredients in your kitchen space!

How to make it last longer? Store it dry and cool places. Try to avoid direct moisture and sunlight. Air-dry the soaps and use soap dish for draining after use.


  • Soothes the skin
  • Helps with flakes
  • Lathers quite well
  • No harmful ingredients


  • Will melt quickly if subjected to sunlight or moisture

15. Maison Lambert Beard Soap Bar

Maison Lambert Beard Soap Bar

The Beard Shampoo/Soap Bar is a great beard care product from Maison Lambert for those who are looking for an organic cleaning solution for their beard.

These bars come in the size of approximately 4 oz. or 113 grams each. The bars consist mostly of organic and natural ingredients and even labeled as vegan.

As for the ingredients used to make the product, it’s a balanced formulation of aloe vera, coconut oil, palm fruit, castor oil, olive oil, argan oil (unrefined), jojoba oil, cocoa butter, bentonite clay, grapeseed, and grapeseed oil. And lastly, the essential oils of lime, rosemary, tea tree, lavender, and cedarwood lend the soap an amazing fragrance.

This soap bar is ninety percent organic and handmade following the French Tradition. It will help you with cleaning your beard as well as getting rid of beard itches. After use, you’ll notice that the skin underneath your beard doesn’t become dry.

The natural ingredients and botanicals work together to provide a creamy lather that softens up your skin. The brand uses only the purest essential oil for the soap. As for the scent, it creates a not so overwhelming and luxurious smell.

SLS, Dyes, Parabens, Sulfates, Ethyl Alcohol, DEA, Petroleum Oil and Toxins are avoided during the production. You’d also be happy to hear that no product was tested on animals!

You’ll find that the soap bar lathers quite a lot and the subtle scent is fairly soothing. For the size and the amount of use you get, this beard soap bar is fairly expensive compared to some of the beard soaps available in the market currently. At this price range, you can even get multiple bars of the same size from some brands.


  • Mostly organic ingredients
  • Softens beard and skin
  • Lathers well


  • Comparatively expensive

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16. Norse Beard Company Natural Handmade Men’s Soap

Norse Beard Company Natural Handmade Men's Soap

While most of the beard soaps out there are limited to just one use, Norse Beard Company’s handmade soap lends a superior experience.

This all-natural soap offers to keep your facial hair moisturized, shiny, and filled with life. Unlike regular soaps, it doesn’t leave a dry and irritated skin behind that you need to lather up with a ton of moisturizer!

Norse Beard Company promises to clean your skin intensively by removing oil and dirt that cause pores to clog faster and resulting in pimples and breakout. If you’re looking for a soap that can provide natural and organic content, and can nourish your beard and skin naturally, this is the perfect product.

There’s no paraben, SLS or any type of animal ingredient used in this specific soap. Besides, it exfoliates naturally to ensure charming and fresh skin. It’s also rich in olive oil and shea butter.

Also, the dead sea mud and activated charcoal help detoxify, retain moisture and cleanse your skin from deep. With its ability to clean thicker and tougher hair types, it’s also considered as one of the best beard soaps for black men.

It’s deep cleansing feature benefits people who work in places where pollution is high. Along with its multipurpose uses, this soap can be considered as a great buy. Often these are men working at a mechanic shop or similar workplaces who face issues with a dirty beard that might seem impossible to clean. This soap will easily clean those stubborn spots, unlike the regular soaps.


  • Cleanses skin and beard thoroughly
  • Helps exfoliate the skin
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin
  • Made using organic ingredients
  • Cleans oil and dirt on the skin
  • Prevents clogging of pores


  • Absence of certain preservatives might cause melting

17. Prophet and Tools Beard & Body Soap Bar

Prophet and Tools Beard & Body Soap Bar

Prophet and Tools have been specializing in care products for beard and skin. The brand claims that you will be left feeling good after using their Beard & Body Soap.

If you’re looking to get rid of your messy, dry, and rough beard, this Beard & Body soap is your solution. It will give your beard the intense moisture and softness that it deserves. , As a result, your beard will be healthily conditioned and you’ll have a lasting fragrance to enjoy.

What else can we expect from this brand?

-You’ll have a soothing feeling and any itchiness will be relieved.

-Your blocked pores will be unclogged, ingrown hairs will be released, and the flakey dry skin will be removed

-While regular soap tends to remove those natural vitamins and oils from your beard and hair, the beard and body soap will do the opposite.

-It’s packed with natural ingredients, which will help prevent losing those vitamins and oils from being stripped from your beard.

Long, frizzy, and coarse beard might get frustrating and uncomfortable to deal with. The soap ensures that your facial hair relaxes to help you detangle, comb, and brush your hair after a wash.

You’ll start to notice that you have a healthier and shinier beard. All in all, your beard will be softened and the skin beneath it will be moisturized. Make sure to use warm water for the soap and rub it directly over your beard and body!

Remember to store the soap in a dry and cool place to avoid melting. And if the soap doesn’t satisfy you, you can always return it. Make use of that money-back guarantee!


  • Softens your beard
  • Has natural vitamins and oils
  • Conditions your hair
  • Relieves itchiness and dry skin


  • Melts in warmer storage

Why You Should Avoid Regular Soaps?

Regular soap can be harmful to your health. For one, it lacks glycerin. Glycerin prevents your skin from drying out. And two, in lieu of glycerin, artificial toxic chemicals are used.

Since your skin absorbs almost anything you put on it, you need to pay closer attention to the soaps that you’re using.

What toxic chemical should you look out for? We’re more than happy to tell you this!


It’s quite common in soaps. This toxic compound can weaken your immune system and make you vulnerable to diseases. Moreover, It also affects your respiratory system and causes headaches and fatigue.


This found in most of the soaps. It lends the soap a distinctive scent, however, it can cause serious medical issues, such as rashes, lasting dizziness, serious headaches, respiratory pain, depression, and nausea.


This compound in soaps is capable of causing kidney and liver cancer.


It comes from synthetic coconuts, so you may think it’s good for you since it comes from this rich and nutritious fruit. But it’s actually not! In fact, this chemical can affect your liver, brain, and kidney.


This compound is used as a preservative in regular soaps. Hence, his chemical should be avoided as it can lead to breast cancer as well as neurological issues.


This is linked to increased susceptibility to breast cancer.


It’s a well-known pesticide. Although it can help to remove some nasty bacteria from your body, it also leaves some negative effects. What are these? It disrupts endocrine, which in turn, fluctuates your hormone levels among others.

Regular soaps do contain some nasty chemicals, don’t they? Since you’re going to use it every single time you wash your face and beard, it’s high time to switch to the best beard soaps without these toxic ingredients!

Now that we understand why regular soaps should be avoided, let’s get to the good stuff!

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Best Beard Soaps – Things to Consider Before Buying

Once you start using the best beard soaps to clean your beard instead of regular products, you’ll start to notice how fresh your beard and face feels and looks. The natural oils in these formulations will make your beard clean and smooth, and allow you to comfortably brush or comb through the beard without tangling.

An additional benefit of using natural beard soaps is that it helps reduce rashes as well as keep the itchiness at bay. These improvements will become apparent as soon as you incorporate the product into your routine!

While most of the beard soaps available in the market will do the job quite well, it would be better to pick out the best one from the bunch. Picking out the best natural soaps for your beard doesn’t have to be a difficult process. You only have to remember a few things while buying one to make sure you get the best results and that it suits all of your needs.

If it’s your first time to buy a beard soap bar, all that advertising about natural oils, glycerin and exfoliation can get extremely confusing. However, it’s important that you know how you can choose the best one.

That’s what we’re here for! Allow us to ease your trouble a bit! Here are things you need to look for when you’re out there shopping for the best soap for beards.

Try answering these questions and you will clearly see what it is that you’re looking for!

1. Is It Good at Cleaning?

All the talk of preventing beardruff, hydration, and natural oils can make you forget what the primary task of beard soaps is, which is, of course, cleaning your beard.

So, make sure you get the ones that are made using natural, exfoliating ingredients. Check the soap’s label for ingredients, such as clay and oats. These work as natural scrubs and can help to get that squeaky cleanness.

Once you get that figured out, make sure that the beard soap can efficiently hydrate the beard as well as get rid of beardruff. Of course, if the product is made using organic ingredients, it will not be an issue.

2. What Kind of Ingredients were used?

To simply put it, the higher the concentration of natural ingredients in the soap, the better it will be. It’s best if it’s made using ingredients that are all-natural.

Check the packaging or website description of the soap to make sure that there’s no artificial ingredient used in the soap. They are to be avoided all costs for your face as well as your beard. It’ll be even better if you can find a soap that suits your skin and beard type.

You can commonly find essential oils in the beard soaps and other products for grooming your beard. Finding out your beard and skin type to match with the benefits of these oils will help you understand how a specific type of beard soap can be of benefit to you.

3. Look for These Oils

Some of the essential oils that are beneficial to your beard and skin are bergamot, chamomile, frankincense, geranium, and lavender.

Bergamot is great for those with oily and normal skin. It works as a disinfectant and antiseptic help with issues, such as spots, acne, and oily or infected skins. Also, it hydrates the skin and is useful for treating eczema.

Chamomile is best for those with sensitive skin. It preserves your skin and combats inflammation, infections, allergies, and irritations. Frankincense works well with mature, acne-prone and oily skins. If you have burns, wounds, cuts or blemishes, it’ll help you with your healing process.

Geranium can be perfect for people with sensitive or mature skin or a combination of both. It works as an agent to regulate your hormones, helps to balance the production of sebum and much more. Lavender goes great will all types of skin. It will help to preserve the skin, repair skin that’s damaged as well as act as an antibacterial, antiseptic and disinfectant.

4. Can It Moisturize?

When you’re getting the best beard soap, make sure it has carrier oil blends. Most of the soaps you can buy will be able to get your skin and beard clean, however, without the oils, you’ll end up with dry beard and skin. This can happen if they aren’t hydrated properly.

Some of the soap options will come with shea butter instead of those carrier oils, but they’ll do the same job as effectively as the oils. Also, the shea butter will help lock in the moisture in as well as prevent dryness.

Remember, you’re not trying to find a replacement for beard oils, but a beard soap will help you get rid of the dryness. You’ll want your washing routine to leave your beard and skin as healthy, hydrated and moisturized as they can possibly be.

5. How Well Can It Lather?

Lathering is important when you want to get the most out of your soap. It should be able to lather quite conveniently. You really don’t want to waste time trying to form a lather with your fingers. Also, if the soap lathers well all by itself, it means you won’t be needing extra tools like washcloths to go on a rubbing mission.

6. How is the Smell?

Your facial hair is right there below the nose, so you will be getting the scent throughout the whole day. Make sure you’re getting a pleasantly smelling soap, which doesn’t spread an overwhelming scent.

The scent of a beard soap comes down to personal preference, more than anything. With the online catalogs available today, you can freely browse through lists of beard soaps to find the fragrance that suits your preferences the most.

7. How Big is the Soap?

Despite what people keep saying, size does matter. A right amount of beard soap bar should be able to last you at least two weeks more than the beard shampoo can. So, always try to go for the soap, which offers a great price to size ratio. However, don’t forget all the other features just because you found a large beard soap at a cheap price.


How frequently should I wash my beard?

Answer: There’s no one definite answer to this question because different men need different routines. Actually,  several factors come into play when deciding on how frequently you should wash your beard.

For example, if you have oily skin, try to wash your beard every day to prevent your pores from being clogged. For dry skin, on the other hand, limit the washing to two to three days. Wash it every three to four days, if the skin feels flaky and tight. So every other day should be good, in case you have a combination of the two.

In case you have thick hair, wash your beard every three days and daily for thinner hair. Try to wash it every other day, if you live in a dry climate region and daily if you live in a wet climate region.

What are the differences between regular soaps & beard soaps?

Answer: Regular soaps are made for general use, and often with harmful chemicals. It’s better to stick with beard soap when you’re caring for your beard.

Unlike regular soaps, beard soaps help to retain the natural oils that your skin and beard produce. To sum it up, these oils help your beard stay strong and healthy. Absence of these may cause breakage, splits, and knotting leading to hair fall.

Your skin and beard will dry out as time passes, so a beard soap ensures that they stay hydrated. This makes the beard look healthier and smoother. The lack of chemicals and the use of natural ingredients in beard soaps will help out with bumps, redness, and other skin issues. It’s quite opposite in case of regular soaps where a lot of chemicals are used.

3. How can I make my beard smell better?

Answer: Similar to your head hair, shampoo and wash your beard frequently. Beard soaps and shampoos will be better for your skin.

Once you wash your beard, use one of those conditioners for beards. Make sure that you rinse thoroughly, otherwise, you’ll have flakey skin. Your beard tends to be coarser than your head hair, so it’s better if you use a special beard conditioner instead of a regular one.

Gently wipe the beard after that and avoid blow-drying as that’s harsh for your skin. Then use a comb to untangle your mustache and beard. You can even use a brush to finish up. To finish off, add beard balms and oils to your grooming routine to enhance it.

There’s a plethora of beard products you can get in the market and that too with different scents for your preferences.

Final Verdict

So were you able to find the best fit for your beard? Just ponder on what you really need and are looking for in a beard soap and in no time, you’d be enjoying that rich lather!

The best pick on our list is indeed something to stash in your man kit! Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap made it to the top with its unique blend of all-natural botanicals.  We loved how it addresses any skin irritations that could have resulted from improper beard hygiene.

But if you happen to have more moolah to shell out, our premium pick is also worth a try! Beard Gains Valhalla Beard soap may cost you a bit more, but it will amazingly leave your beard and skin superbly soft and smooth. Also, expect a squeaky clean beard with it! It’s one of the best natural soaps in the market today!

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