Best Beard Scissors To Buy In 2021: Top Guide For Buyers!

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To all of you, bearded men out there- great news! Whenever you find the trimmer’s performance to be too permanent and final, you’ve got another option on hand. You might be surprised at it because it’s nothing new nor is it a piece of high-technology machinery. And it has been there all along. It’s only the newly-restored, traditional, and classic old beard scissors.

Did you also know that beard scissors are expert tools particularly for trimming the mustache? You’ll discover its miracles as seen in the likes of Suvorna and Beardclass brands as you delve further in. So cut through your fears and keep thumbing down to get your hands on our list of the 15 best beard scissors to buy in 2020!

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BEARDCLASS Beard Mustache Scissors Kit Set for Men...
  • BEST MEN'S FACIAL HAIR GROOMING TOOLS KIT – Each trimming set comes with a pair of long, razor-sharp shears...
  • ERGONOMIC TRIMMING CONTROL – Made for right or left-handed use, our beard trimming scissors make it easier...
Suvorna Premium Beard and Mustache Scissors set /...
  • MEN’S FACIAL HAIR GROOMING: The most complete kit for men to groom their facial hair. A must have for men...
  • QUALITY & PRECISION: Manufactured from finest high carbon stainless steel. Hand crafted for perfect form and...

What Is The Relevance Of A Restored Beard Scissor Quality?

Refurbished. Renewed. Restored. They all mean the same. But in the context of the classic and traditional beard scissors- they simply mean brilliance. And boy, how brilliant the result had been.

This standard recently sprouted from small efforts shared by shear manufacturers all over the world. Emboldened by the natural efficiency of the shears for trimming the beard, mustache and all types of hair all over the body, manufacturers and designers opted to restore its OLD SCHOOL QUALITY.

Man trimming beard using scissor

That quality includes :

  • A nuanced sharpness
  • A long-handled, short-sheared, light, and a supple maneuver.
  • And, that hadn’t yet touched the talks on a Japanese-German blade quality balance.

But you’ll definitely be surprised at how well preserved and restored their qualities are.

Restoration. Just remember the word. And, you’ll finally be cutting and trimming your beard and mustache with a big smile on your face!

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Top 15 Best Beard Scissors Review: Expert Review

Traditional beard and mustache scissors, contrary to popular beliefs, prove to be most effective. But picking the right ones has not become easy nowadays.

Manufacturers would promise innovated shear technologies, barber handle comfort, and a lot more.

While it sounds quite tempting, it has been missing a sole ingredient the whole time. The Restoration quality.

How close is it to the original shear qualities from the old times? Do these scissors really have to resemble old-school to perform the old-school cutting fun? These are common questions you’d most probably ask.

And yes- we don’t discourage innovation, for restoration is all about that.  After all, the greatest beard scissors are the ones that hold the perfect balance between the old and the new!

grooming kit

Check them all out here in our list of beard and mustache scissors reviews!

01. BRV MEN Facial Hair Scissors for Men- Mustache & Beard Trimming Scissors

BRV MEN Facial Hair Scissors for Men- Mustache & Beard Trimming Scissors

And our “Best Choice” on the list: the BRV Men Facial Hair Scissors! Read on and be amazed!

If you’re looking for that perfect extension of the classic barber scissors and updated to best trim your beard and mustache with amazing precision- then, you’ll be satisfied by these beard scissors.

I have tried it and hasn’t been disappointed since.

It’s completely a work-in-progress, but it already displays an iron-will command.

Made from stainless steel, it resembles all-in-all, a low-maintenance hair trimmer and cutting tool.

Chic, suave, and fashionable- the shear patterns to a masculine classiness that doesn’t sacrifice a nuanced cutting feature. It earns its deep shear curves from a dozen more expert hands.

Yes! It’s certified hand-crafted. So you can be assured of its cutting precision.

One can barely deny its distinct comfort and cutting accuracy. It simply stands out because of the superior restoration efforts spent on it by its expert manufacturers and designers.

These shears can also cut and trim all facial hairs. A multi-functional grooming tool that doesn’t have to be complicated, the latest product by the BRV Men is truly too good to be true.

For the coarse, messy, and obstinate facial hairs, I suggest you apply oil on the shears during use for the best results. You’ll be in for a big surprise!

Whoa.. whoa… I know what you’re thinking with those raised brows. No. You don’t have to worry about the shears reacting to oil. These are the highest quality blades I’ve encountered so far. And I can bet my life on it. Not to mention that it’s highly durable and long-lasting!

As smoothly as it delivers, it also slightly fails on certain points, particularly with its rubber-inserted handles that make them too small for the thumb to fit, and a tendency to require constant lubrication especially when cutting thick hair.

Other than the issues recently raised, I find no further drawbacks of the product.

It’s time for you to make your own judgment. Weigh the product in through its pros and cons.


  • High cutting and trimming accuracy
  • Comfortable and easy grip
  • Highly durable
  • Made from Stainless steel
  • Hand-crafted
  • Very sharp and high-quality blades


  • Handle holes can be too small due to rubber inserts
  • Needs constant lubrication when cutting thick, and  coarse hair

02. BEARDCLASS 6.8” Beard Mustache Scissors Kit for Men (3 in 1)

 BEARDCLASS 6.8” Beard Mustache Scissors Kit for Men (3 in 1)

Earning the “Best Pick” mark on this list, this latest product by the BeardClass not only restores the classic shears but improves on ‘em!

What perhaps catapults this product to fame, is its complete daily beard grooming (3 in 1) kit.

Its kit includes a comb, a brush, and a pair of scissors. The additions in the kit vary per seller, however. Still, you can be assured that its top 3 fundamental tools will always be present in the kit.

Users praise its curved brush with soft but firm bristles. They’re right to do so. Eventually, its brush keeps beard and mustache hair in place throughout the whole cutting duration. Completely skin-friendly, the brush can smoothly separate hair grains for a faster cut.

Another very credible feature of the product is the shears themselves. Built to last long and resist dulling, these trim the hair with speedy precision. Thus, this should satisfy busy users who naturally prefer the fastest trimming and cutting routine possible.

The last opus by Beardclass 6.8 Beard Mustache Scissors Kit is its comb. A specialized tool designed to shape beard hair. But its greatest mastery so far is keeping the mustache high above the mouth.

Before anything else, its leather pouch is said to be of highest durability ever!

With additional nose scissor, this kit should answer to all your grooming needs.

The nose scissor couldn’t get any better with its adjustable tension screws. Accordingly, such feature enables the scissor to reach far areas and cut simultaneously with its every shift.

The kit’s brush has been noted by some to easily fall out of grace after constant abuse. And lastly, its comb is not so much a shaping tool as it’s been projected. So you’d better be aware.

See the product in a nutshell. Check out its pros and cons.


  • Essential (3 in 1) kit
  • High-quality shears
  • Leather pouch to contain the kit
  • Curved brush with soft but firm bristles
  • Shears to resist dulling
  • High-quality nose scissor addition


  • Not-so-sturdy brush
  • Average comb shaping ability

03. Suvorna Premium Beard and Mustache Scissors Kit (4pcs)

Best Beard Scissors

With a solid reputation, a sharp cutting power, this Suvorna Premium deserves to be called as such because, yeah- it’s a “Premium Pick”!

This is another men’s grooming scissors that go with a complete kit, and that’s completely light and handy. Its nose scissors have been claimed by many to be the safest to use on this list. Well, it’s got a blunted tip for starters. And that justifies it fully well.

What many find impressive about its beard and mustache scissors set is its toned design. Small as it is, it can extend to opposite hemispheres of the hair grain.

Its scissor also proves to be the lightest tool in its kit.

Its shear quality bears the finest high carbon stainless steel. What does this imply? Well, it simply screams sturdiness, efficiency and sheer flexibility.

But make no mistake of its sharpness and easy handles. More so, it has been proven to yield to your desired trim under a short period of time.

With these said, the product’s design and function can be clearly traced to traditional beard and mustache shears. So it should stand out among the highly-restored classics on this list.

Meanwhile, many fell in love with the Compact Suvorna custom-designed case—it’s priceless fashion, glittering sidings, and a leather interior.

The only slightest problems the product seem to exhibit are their not-so-sharp pair of tweezers, and a not-so-precise scissor cutting command.

Anyhow, all these can be addressed by activating the product warranty tag, a few calls, and clicks on the seller info.

What do you think of the product? Do your own asking, and be guided by its pros and cons.


  • Decent Compact Suvorna-Designed packaging
  • A complete kit consisting of beard and mustache scissors, pair of tweezers, and a pair of nose scissors
  • Small and light shears for powerful and fast cutting
  • Shears made from high carbon stainless steel
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy-cutting technology


  • Not-so-precise beard and mustache scissor cutting command
  • Not-so-sharp tweezers

04. Suvorna 5” Men’s Beard & Mustache Scissors ( with tension adjustment)

 Suvorna 5” Men’s Beard & Mustache Scissors ( with tension adjustment)

Impressive with its razor-sharp shears and Japanese stainless steel blades, this Suvorna product will give your beard and mustache a split-end-free and glorious transformation.

Known by many as the great scissors, it stands out on this list with its superior comfort and ease. With that said, it’s got adjustable handle control so that even using it for the longest period of time, still yields no pains and sores in your thumb and ring finger.

Its shears are proven to be super-sharp so that they no longer require many cuts to actually cut hair. One snip and a corresponding retract yield to an output equivalent to 10 cuts.

This pair of scissors also prove to best satisfy small-handed users. But that doesn’t mean it can’t fit thicker thumbs and fingers, for its highly adjustable.

It’s got a tension adjuster, mi amigo!

Ultimately, the angled depth of these Japanese hand-crafted shears promotes neat ends on the hair. Unlike other scissor products, it doesn’t cause split ends. And you can thank its curved shear depth shape for it.

This curved technology not only properly cuts hair but also rehabilitates it, correcting its growth to fine and manageable strands.

In the same manner, this technology completes in it a solid and sleek handle. Quite naturally so, it earns the nods of many users.

The only outstanding problems of the product involve blades that easily dull out and an overall high maintenance package.

Check out the product in a bigger picture. Delve into its two pros and cons.


  • Japanese J2 420 steel
  • Very sharp scissor quality
  • Tension adjuster feature
  • Least snipping efforts required
  • Highly precise cutting action
  • Angled shear depth for hair correction


  • Scissor blades easily dull out
  • Whole package is difficult to maintain

05. Professional Moustache Scissors and Beard Trimming Scissors (Extremely Sharp 5”)

Professional Moustache Scissors and Beard Trimming Scissors (Extremely Sharp 5”)

It’s simple, plain, and cannot even brag a kit, yet its Japanese steel hand-crafted shears can ultimately give your facial hair the neatest makeover since classic barber era!

With nothing more than a cute and solid wooden comb on its side, this beard and mustache trimming scissors promise to maintain your good looks with peerless ease. In fact, the scissors even work on your sideburns.

It has proven to be a smart technology with its intuitive cutting motions. More so, it feels very light on the fingers. Because of these, it can change course with such ease and smoothness, an ability highly necessary for messy facial structures.

It is, so far, the closest restored piece on this list.

Many are fascinated by its Japanese sharp-cutting steel with the quietest actions possible. Using it feels calm, light, efficient, and fast!

A few setbacks though, for despite its claims of smooth mustache trimming ability, it just falls in the average line. But it doesn’t mean that it can’t deliver at all. You ought to just expect beforehand that it isn’t so much an expert when it comes to dealing with a mustache.

Instead, it surprisingly turns out to be best with sideburns.

By all means, this simple product shares the spot with the best names on this list as a provider of neat trimming outputs.

If there are a few things manufacturers of the product can consider updating for improvement, these would include sharpening the blunted scissor tip, improving its overall package to an ergonomic design and loosening its screw tension to not finally pull hair.

Like other top products on this list, this one deserves to be seen in a bigger picture. Here, check it out in our balancer beam.


  • Intuitive cutting motions
  • Hand-crafted Japanese steel blades
  • Best for sideburns
  • Ensures neat trimming and cutting
  • Lightweight
  • Package includes a specialized comb


  • Blunted scissor tip
  • Design is not ergonomic despite the promise
  • Screw tension painfully pulls out hair

06. Beard and Mustache Styling Scissors- 4.5-inch Professional Grade Stainless Steel Barber Scissors

Beard and Mustache Styling Scissors- 4.5-inch Professional Grade Stainless Steel Barber Scissors

Another flexible grooming tool makes it on this list, standing out with its super light, super small, and handy package!

It isn’t fancy. It’s straightforward simple. And according to most users, this Kovira package consisting of a beard and mustache trimmer, and a comb proves to be the lightest package in the row.

If you are a fan of light materials with heavy cutting power, then you’d consider this.

These are not what makes the product unique yet. The 4.5” shears impress with high pro stainless steel quality and a breathtaking sharpness. You’d have to use it to experience it.

But, wait. That’s not the highlight yet.

Of all that made it in this list, these scissors are the only tool that makes a perfectly clean cut. Consequently, its combs hold the hair during trimming too.

This product proves to be a necessary tool for heavy trimming routines. Or this could best serve a whole round of barber action.

It does it all without being too heavy.

All you’ve got to do after using it is to return it to its sturdy and neat leather pack.

Cleaning the product impresses straight-A, as well!

How? It’s made with a certified hygienic container. You can just put it back in and let its leather case do the cleaning.

This Kovira product still isn’t perfect though.

You see, it’s got very small finger holes so that it can be uncomfortable and difficult at the same time to use. You can’t expect a kid to use it, right? Other concerns with the product actually boil down back to its very small size.

Now, that’s an example of “the twin faces of fortune.”

Know your side of the product. Check out its pros and cons here.


  • Comb strongly grips the hair
  • Well-restored and reimagined classic
  • Very light and small scissors
  • Nice leather package
  • Can provide clean cuts
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • Too small for use
  • Finger holes are too small to fit adult fingers
  • Lacks tension adjuster
  • Easily slips from case

07. Premium 5’ Japanese Steel Razor Edge Beard & Mustache Scissors

Japanese Steel Razor Edge Beard & Mustache Scissors

Another Japanese J2 420 steel shears, this one makes it on the list because of its striking charm and attractive, fully-restored design.

If the design can speak out alone, this product would have been number one. But it’s got some issues, unfortunately.

On the other hand, it’s the heaviest-duty and flexible tool to make it on this list of the best beard trimming scissors! It’s got tension adjuster with leaf spring plate that allows sudden shifts in cutting position from time to time.

Most of all, its convex blade clear out actions, securing ultra-sharp cuts on specific hair lengths.

While it may be a bit heavy, these shears ensure clean cuts with heavy-duty expectations. You can thank its J2 420 Japanese steel for it!

The J2 420, akin to 5’ blade sizes, admonishes 20-30 cuts from just 10 snips. Meaning, it promotes maximum energy-saving feat under a short time.

Now, you might raise its long length as an issue. You’re most likely to change your mind afterward. Because its long length is partnered by clean blade edges and super-flexible screw center. All these points trace parentage to its classic forebears, making it a fully-restored and reimagine post-modern barber tool!

Its drawbacks couldn’t go unnoticed, too!

For one, it can really be heavy for some. Other drawbacks of the product include a high-maintenance consequence, a breakable leather case, a not-so-special comb, and a screw that easily wobbles.

See the product in a nutshell.


  • Highly attractive and fully restored design
  • Has tension adjuster
  • Has leaf spring plate
  • Convex blade design
  • Ultra-sharp Japanese J2 420 steel blades
  • Intuitive cutting and trimming. It provides maximum energy-saving


  • Can be heavy
  • High-maintenance
  • Poor quality leather case and comb
  • Screw easily loosens up

08. Suvorna HOOPOE 5” Men’s Beard & Mustache Scissors with Leather Pouch

Suvorna HOOPOE 5”

Another promising restoration of the classic barber scissors, this product by Suvorna makes it on this list with an updated and modern touch!

Perhaps the slickest and modern-looking of all beard and mustache scissors on this list, this latest product by Suvorna tagged HOOPOE wows with a surprisingly old-school configuration.

Scissors are said to be easy for travel and eventually low-maintenance. Its super-sharp blades can remain in condition despite temperature and humidity drops.

This is made possible by a special coating layered along its edges.

Speaking of edges, this one has those known to be specially morphed from Japanese steel designed to last for a long time. And since they’re ultra-sharp, they can slice through any texture from a clump of hair to a roll of pages of a book!

So imagine how much force it can exert on a helpless, rough patch of beard hair.

Ultimately, its cutting motion has been known to trim beard and mustache with teeming precision and accuracy. Thus, it’s perfect for beard, mustache, sideburns, and all other facial hairs.

In terms of tension release, it’s got key combinations on its screw.  It can ease out pressure and maintain balance in the whole cutting business. This further guarantees a smooth grooming routine with the least waste.

Others get turned off by its screws, however. They seem too complicated at times so that they tend to collapse when not accurately set. Setting the screw combinations can be a handful. But if you master it for long, it won’t be that much problematic any longer.

Other drawbacks of the product include the product’s tendency to break apart, it’s heavyweight an, and a not-so-customizable built.

Let’s further break ‘em apart and see how the product fares in our balancer beam.


  • Attractive modern design
  • Fully-restored barber scissor configuration
  • Low-maintenance
  • Comes with a leather case and comb
  • Flexible key-controlled screws
  • Precise-cutting sharp shears


  • Complicated screw control; easily loosens up
  • Shears can break apart due to loose screws
  • Heavyweight
  • Non-customizable built

09. Professional Sharp and Precise Beard Scissors (with comb and leather pouch)

Professional Sharp and Precise Beard Scissors

A wonder product by BuzzBarber, this pair of scissors proves that being an underrated beard and mustache barber trimmer can also make it with the popular ones!

A not-so-fancy, but effective set of grooming tools, this latest package by BuzzBarber is known to shape up beard and mustache with absolute accuracy.

As simple as it can get, it still manages to be classy, as it dons the restored austere of the old cutters!

Medium-sized, with angled blade shapes, this pair of scissors comes in with a package consisting of a leather case and a comb. This comb, as per experience can best work as shape-setter for your trim. Meanwhile, this package comes normal-looking with simple, straightforward trimming mechanism, earning it an underrated look.

These scissors are indeed very austere when it comes to cutting and trimming beard hair too. Consequently, these blades warrant a well-positioned beard and mustache shape with rehabilitated ends. So you can expect the least split ends with these blades.

What I really think is most promising of the scissors is the size. It’s not too small, nor too large. They’re just right, perfect for trimming and shaping the beard or mustache.

Without its minor setbacks, the product would be a perfect grooming tool. I’d vie my credibility for that.

Some drawbacks of the product include a not-so-sturdy composure, dull-bound scissor edges, breakable leather case or pouch, and lack of screw tension adjuster.

Make a stand on the product. Look into its pros and cons.


  • Trims and shapes up beard and mustache
  • Angled blade shapes
  • Medium-sized
  • Sets shape before trimming
  • Easy, simple, and straightforward cutting
  • Blades can correct split ends in hair


  • Weak composure and built
  • Blades easily dull out
  • Breakable leather case
  • Lacks screw tension adjuster

10. Beard and Mustache Scissors With Comb For Precise Facial Hair Trimming

Beard and Mustache Scissors With Comb For Precise Facial Hair Trimming

A product by Marbeian, this one warrants its place among the ranks as the most durable beard and mustache pair of scissors with authentic stainless steel quality!

As neat as it appears, this product is known to give out accurate cuts and trims to even the coarsest facial hair. The facial hair is also known to dramatically neat up through these scissors power.

Meanwhile, its comb can particularly space out the stubborn mustache and keep it above the lips. In the same way, it cleans the stubbles with the help of the medium-sized scissors.

This particular placement by Marbeian’s product allows smooth transitions between fingers (not to mention that the finger holes are sufficiently wide) giving you more control over it.

So with more control comes lesser mistakes!

With these mere assets, this product can already carve its own space among the restored classics.

Intensified by its durability, fine ergonomic design, sharp, and angled blades, flexible screws, and an overall accurate cutting ability, this latest beard and mustache scissors can answer to all grooming needs!

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Its screws can loosen up at times?

Yeah- but, even so—it won’t break apart. Sufficiently durable, it will hold its place together. So, whether you’re just doing fine trims on nose hair or small snips on your eyebrows, this tool will seriously aid you.

In connection to its loosened screw, you can lubricate it with oil time by time for minimum occurrence.

Albeit these assets, the product still has room to grow. These setbacks include a heavyweight, a low-quality leather pouch, a breakable comb, and a tendency to painfully pull hair.

Do you know the product yet enough? I suggest you see it in a bigger view.


  • Durable shears
  • Accurate cuts and trims
  • Can neat up and correct coarse hair
  • Finger holes sufficiently wide
  • Can trim eyebrows, sideburns, and stubbles
  • Sharp shears


  • Can be heavy
  • Low-quality leather pouch
  • Can pull out hair
  • Breakable comb

11. Suvorna Hairpal Men Precision Classic Beard (h20 4.5 inch)

Suvorna Hairpal Men Precision Classic Beard

Suvorna confidently makes it again in this canon with its neat, smart, and intuitive cutting technology—a grand restoration feat!

A hair pal it is, indeed! You’ll definitely enjoy this one!

If you’re looking for an aligned pair of scissors, this product is known to give you that. Consequently, it guarantees precise trimming decisions. Well, it leaves off neat outputs on your face through its intuitive cutting mechanism for starters.

Being aligned, I think this pair of scissors has been truly maximized to its potentials. For instance, rather than having a convex blade, this one works with a more controlled slice. Meaning, you’re guaranteed of a single cut hair each time.

So how relevant is an aligned blade eventually? What’s the science behind it?

As you can see, an aligned blade, compared to a convex one, leads all blade types (if not all the time) to cut and trim facial in a focused direction. With such design, even with a not-so-sharp-blade, the scissors guarantee cuts in precise lengths.

What has been missing all along among fully restored beard scissors is the placement of the blade.

Yeah—a convex blade produces great results. We know it. But when it comes to the context of which brings about the best of every blade—then, an aligned set of blades takes the crown!

But on the other hand, unlike the convex blades, aligned blades bring about corresponding disadvantages – difficulty in trimming coarse hair and a propensity for dulling.

This further leads to the overall product’s other drawbacks.

The scissors have the tendency to snatch up a bunch of hair due to its unreleased tension, a wobbly screw, dull-prone set of blades, and a lack of snag release mechanism.

What about you? Do you think the product deserves a place on our list? Do your own checking then.


  • Smart and intuitive cutting ability
  • Aligned blades
  • Precise and accurate cutting ability
  • High carbon stainless steel
  • Light slim design
  • Low-maintenance


  • Aligned blades are not fit for trimming coarse hair
  • Tight blades snatch hair
  • Wobbly screw
  • Lack of tension release
  • Dull-prone blades

12. Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Moustache Scissors and Comb Model

Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Moustache Scissors and Comb Model

Behold- Tweezerman earns a place on this list! And, its precise trimming and cutting capacity deserves every round of it.

If you’re looking for a beard and mustache scissors that needn’t sharpening, then the Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Moustache Scissors and Comb Model can secure that for you.

The easiest and lowest-maintenance tool in this list of the best facial hair scissors, this product promises to trim and cut your facial hair with utmost precision. And boy, it does deliver!

Known for its direct-three-way operation- comb, trim, and snip, these scissors, assisted by a comb, can turn even the coarsest hair into a fine mush of curve.

Designed to hold the hair effectively, its comb has spaces smaller than any known combs within a package. In addition to that, its handle is plainly straightened for quick brushes.

The scissors- my God! I couldn’t even begin to describe how large its finger holes are. And the overall scissor size- small, just small. So it’s fairly light in the hands without risking a trimming potential.

Others find its small size a problem, though. It hinders the opportunity for cutting in a longer reach. You see, the longer the reach, the more hairs are cut. But that isn’t the case here.

More so, I think it’s not really of authentic stainless steel quality. Eventually, it easily dulls out. And it constantly requires lubrication to snip through coarse hair. Ugh! Isn’t it unfair?

But, wait. Hold on. Before you give your verdict, see it one more time in a bigger picture.


  • Precise trimming and cutting ability
  • Low maintenance (doesn’t require sharpening)
  • The comb is highly efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Large finger holes
  • Can hold and trim at the same time


  • Constantly requires lubrication when snipping through coarse hair
  • Blades easily dull out
  • Can be too small for economic cutting
  • Steel quality not authentic despite claims
  • Size can be too awkward at times
  • Low-grade blade sharpness

13. Beard Mustache Scissors by Striking Viking

Beard Mustache Scissors by Striking Viking

This latest product by Striking Viking brand not only maintains a good grooming shade but makes one as well.

A grooming kit! So you say!

Another grooming kit makes it on this list! But it shouldn’t surprise you. Why? Because it’s got to be one of the few standards of selecting the good ones.

Remember when we talked about the restoration standard? Well, you see- there has to be some element to it that completes a delight. And that’s the updated element. The update is the key. And the update in this matter is the density of the kit.

It isn’t that much dense, anyway. But at least, with its glorious updates and added features, we can say that it earns your attention and my effort of putting it on this list.

Perhaps the lightest and simplest tool in this list that can detangle beard knots, this product by the Striking Viking band comes as a surprise!

It’s light, neat, and leaves surprisingly pleasing shapes. For the merrier part, it doesn’t only maintain but also makes a good beard and mustache getup.

Problems of the scissors include a low-grade sharpness quality to its blades, a wobbly screw, a not-so-durable package, and an unreasonably dwarf-sized comb (do they still bother making this), and awkward (excessively) shears sizes among others.

See how this product fares with our balancer beam. Go, check it out.


  • Simple cutting mechanism
  • Can detangle beard knots
  • Has a neat design


  • Wobbly screw
  • Very small shears sizes
  • Excessively small comb size

14. Candure Mustache and Beard Trimming Scissors

Candure Mustache and Beard Trimming Scissors

Can you, really— with Candure? That’s a great question to ask when confronted with this kind of product.

The answer is, of course, yes. Yes, you can with this product! You see- it’s got a great design with added finger rest on top of the rings.

The finger holes are really wide so that using it is proven to be easy and delightful!

With just a sharp enough set of blades (particularly 4.5”), an appropriately medium-sized built and an undeniably J2 Japanese steel feature, there’s no trimming prowess that the product can’t do.

Now, speaking about sharpness- it really is SHARP.

If only its sharpness can cover for all its losses. If only.

Its drawbacks include a tendency to fall apart, lack of tension release, a not-so-sturdy package, a tear-prone leather case, a tendency to require constant lubrication, and an overall high-maintenance spree!

Check out the pros and cons to have a solid “say” about the product.


  • Added finger rest for more comfortable handling
  • Very wide finger holes
  • Sharp scissors


  • Tear-prone leather case
  • Requires constant lubrication
  • Overall high-maintenance

15. Tweezerman Moustache Scissors

Tweezerman Moustache Scissors

Another Tweezerman ears a place on this spectacular list! These fully-restored scissors are both handy and sophisticated at the same time.

A handy pair of personal grooming scissors, this product proves to be light, handy, and neat. Made from the authentic stainless steel blade quality, one can’t really mistake the solid charm of these simple shears.

Its ergonomic design makes it easy to bring along. The only challenge here is that its tip might tear into leather skins. So I recommend that you improvise with any protective covering for its tip.

It’s really quite a shame when its manufacturers claim that it’s handy yet they haven’t designed a simple cloth to wrap them around.

Shame, isn’t it?

But the scissors are generally high-end, anyhow. That’s the whole point.

Other drawbacks of the scissors include a tendency to break apart, high demands for regular sharpening, tendency to snag hair, a lack of tension release or a flexible screw center, and a cheap set of clipper and nail cutters that sometimes come with it.

Other than these, I don’t see any problems with this last product on our list.

What about you? Hadn’t a verdict yet?  See its pros and cons first!


  • Ultra-sharp scissor blades
  • Neat and light design
  • Fast trimming and cutting ability


  • Breaks apart from tension
  • High-maintenance
  • Lack of tension release
  • Snags hair
  • Problematic additions

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Choosing the Best Scissors AKA “Scissoring”: A Pro Buyer’s Guide!

Choosing the best beard and mustache scissors is simple. And, because it’s simple, it’s impossibly difficult. There goes the paradox.

I did not mean that to end with a paradox. Geez. I swear.

Here’s the thing, mate. The distinctions between bad and good scissors are just so sick clear. So you now become confident. However, this confidence, in the long run, should temp and confuse you over added features, extended kits, etc.

You see, these will make you desire for more.

The nose scissors, the eyebrow shears—you’d want more of them. The clippers. The angled shear design. The convex blade.

The more you desire these, the more manufacturers can put you in their pockets, escape from realizing the core purpose of a genuine facial hair set of scissors and fancy you with added features.

So, what am I really trying to say?

Added features are second priority mate. The brand is no priority at all—may it be a Tweezerman, Striking Viking, BRV Men or Suvorna.

Japanese steel, by all means, is just another fancy feature if it’s not maximized by an aligned set of blades.

You see- chemistry. Timing. This is the ultimate key. The soul of genuine facial hair scissors.

So if you noticed among the products featured on our list, some models come as complete grooming kits, while some come solo.

There is a certain timing here that we are sporting about. One product may not have all these, but it does have the things that all products don’t. Meanwhile, there’s also a row of products that embodies all the solid aspects of a fully restored set of scissors. In that case, we prefer to call this row as the lineup of standards.

There you go- it’s both easy and difficult. Perhaps, you can agree now? Let’s see that nod. I mean, you may not really have to agree on us per se—but you can agree on the idea.

If you do, then you become a picky buyer.

If you become a picky buyer, then you’re bound to buy the best ones.


Here are our standards of the best beard and mustache scissors that can generally help you.

Restoration Standard

Did I mention this before? Yeah, I did. I’d just like to emphasize the importance of the scissor’s proximity to the classic ones. You see, the classic ones have simply aligned shears that also happen to be convex in shape.

Yes. They’re manual.  But, isn’t it the whole point of it? By all means, you’ve got to have full control over the blades, and not the update features taking control of you.

Now, if you come across an updated version of the traditional barber scissors, you’d more knowledgeable of the distinctions this time.

Rounded and Curved

Rounded and curved tips are the safest to use. They also happen to be all-around as you can use them to trim nose hair, eyebrows, mustache edges, sideburns, and stray whiskers.

But the roundedness or curvedness should not only stop with tips but be present in the handles, as well! A great tool has rounded and wide handles for all finger sizes to fit. By all means, a rounded or curved handle can be an alternative for finger rests.  

Who needs a finger rest when the finger holes and handles are rounded, anyway?

scissor for beard trimming

Stainless Steel

Come to think of it—is there even a need to argue over it? Perhaps, the most immediate concern to talk about here is determining how authentic the stainless steel is.

How does one really know?

Well, there are two effective ways. One involves a magnet. Just that. Draw the scissors closer to the magnet. The degree of firmness exhibited by the scissors to the magnet determines their genuineness.

The second one involves muriatic acid. This can be damaging, however, but if you’ll just select a small area from your scissor, then you can get on with the test. Allow a small number of drops to the surface and then wipe it off. If there’s a change of color, then the scissors are not genuine stainless steel.

The latter one could be quite burdensome, especially when you’re just pre-selecting the items in the store. That would be impossible, right?

Now, here’s my personal testing method: first, feel the solidness of the scissors. Do they feel firm but, not necessarily heavy? Then, there’s a higher chance that they’re genuine stainless steel.

Next- listen to the shears! Do they give a crispy and crunchy snip? Then, there’s the possibility that they’re straight A!

Japanese and German Blades

There’s no way of knowing whether a set of blades is truly Japanese or German in origin unless you have them appraised by professionals. And that would be unnecessarily over-achieving, right?

The point here is that whenever brand says it is made from Japanese or German blades, then you’ll just have to take their word of it.

Here’s where brand integrity plays a vital role in your whole selection process. You can actually trust a brand. We’re not saying you couldn’t.

Trust it, but not necessarily believe it!

That’s how you become a pro buyer.

Grooming Kit

Although this may appear as an added feature, it still proves to be practical, however. But you see- it’s not really an added feature to most brands.

How does one know?

Simple. Search the product up. Find that original price. Now, compare it to the new price with the added kit at hand. Is the increase too high or just reasonable enough?

You’ll have to do the math yourself.

In most cases, facial hair scissors are sold together with a beard trimming scissors kit. The best thing to do is always compare the price with individually sold scissors. If the price gap is not that much overwhelming for you, then you’re sure to be in a practical engagement here.

Always have a row of references. These should come in handy.

That’s my ultimate advice!

The Final Verdict

When you’re maintaining a full beard, it’s bound to get split end every now and then. The ends may get uneven and style may look unkempt.

Our best choice on the list can do unparalleled precision styling for your beard and other facial hair! BRV MEN Facial Hair Scissors for Men- Mustache & Beard Trimming Scissors made it to the top of our recommendation primarily due to its ultra-sharp and high-end shears.

If you have a bigger budget for your beard shears, may we suggest the premium pick on our list, Suvorna Premium Beard and Mustache Scissors Set/Kit (4pcs)? Trim like a professional with its easy-cutting technology.

There’s no better way to keep your beard in its full glorious style than with the best beard scissors!

Step by Step Guide to Trimming Beard with Scissors

Trimming the beard with scissors proves to be an easy, comfortable, and practical solution. But it can only be as successful as with its right routine and scissor quality.

Consequently, excessive confidence on this subject (cutting beard with scissors) matter cause problems in the trimming routine per se. People thought that snipping beard hair’s too easy that they can just do it with any scissors at any time! That’s the major problem.

Like all trimming routines, a procedure is to be observed. There’s a whole list of method to it.

Yes. Trimming beard with a traditional barber’s scissor is downright practical and easy. It’s more practical than using trimmers, tweezers, and clippers. But without the right set of scissors, it’d still end up in vain.

So to better avoid it- here’s our step by step guide on how to trim beard with scissors.

1. Take a shower. Thoroughly wash your beard. Apply beard shampoo. Then, dry it up using a cloth.

Man taking shower

2. Neat up your beard using a specialized comb. Apply beard balm if strands are still rough.

3. Comb the beard along the grain, meaning downwards. The motion of the stroke starts from above the beard, the one that’s directly below the lower lip. Do this until the beard smoothens. Once done, reverse the whole motion. Do this until you’ve created a frizz.

4. Comb from side to side. But it is of high importance that you take much time with the one side. It’s important that your comb teeth cover the whole length of the beard strands. The point of this action is to expose the exact length of your hair. This should give you an idea of how much you’ll be trimming from your beard. Do this until the tip of the hair has been nipped out. Repeat the whole process to the other side. Again, take your time on this one.

5. Re-apply beard balm. This is necessary for coarse hair types.

6. Start trimming. This is best helped by a hand mirror.

7. Do the final wash. Keep off your hair from any residues.

8. Apply beard wax to keep the shape.

9. Dry your hair and enjoy your handsome, manly look!


Here are common questions surrounding the use of facial hair barber scissors and the guide to perfect beard trimming.

Learn more for a happier trimming:

Is it okay to use scissors on my pubic hair?

Yes. It’s okay. In fact, you don’t even have to use a mirror on it.

Is it okay to use scissors on my head hair?

Yes. It’s okay. But, sometimes, the best beard scissors are designed to be too small that they can be too difficult to use. The medium-sized, however, work better.

How regular should I trim my beard with scissors?

As long as you need one. You see, if you don’t trim your beard, it’ll end up with split ends or, a frizz. You wouldn’t want that.

How long does the scissor trim effect last?

As long as you keep it held by beard wax, and as long as the hair’s full regrowth cycle.

Which is better: scissors or trimmers?

Both have specific functions on particular circumstances. But when it comes to a fuller control on the hair, the scissors offer much. If you’re looking for a much lesser, automatic control, then you’ll be satisfied by a trimmer.

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