15 Best Beard Grooming Kits in 2020

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Best Beard Grooming Kits

Getting the right style of beard is not as simple as it seems. It’s not just about growing a beard to the desired point. If you intend to maintain good skin and facial hair health, a set of accessories is necessary. To facilitate this task, it could be very useful to get one of the best beard grooming kits that are available today.

Men are not usually that keen about shopping for beard care products. As a solution, brands have come up with each of their variations of beard grooming kits for men. This kit contains the essentials for your beard grooming needs. So you can get the full arsenal without having to shop for each item. Pretty convenient, eh?

It is even a highly functional kit for men who for the first time want an extensive beard as their style. So, by using balm, oils, and ointments, beard maintenance is much more convenient and simpler. Besides, you will be able to get the fragrance that best suits your personality.

In conclusion, acquiring a good beard grooming kit will improve your appearance enormously. Let’s see then what are the best options available today.

What Can You Find in a Quality Beard Grooming Kit?

If you’re new to the whole beard grooming scene, you’re probably wondering what you get in a standard beard treatment kit. While some men’s beard grooming kit offers a ton of different products, you’ll keep seeing the staples.

Generally, your beard grooming kit should contain the following basics:

  • Wash
  • Beard Comb or Brush
  • Oil, Balm or Conditioner

Firstly, you get your beard wash that’s mostly or completely made using natural ingredients. Make sure to get natural beard wash, since the regular ones found in the market can strip your skin and beard of their natural oils and leave them dry and flakey. The type of beard wash varies from kit to kit, some may come in a bottle of shampoo while others may be in a bar soap form.

Secondly, you get your comb, brush or perhaps both to help manage your beard. These are softer than the ones you would usually use for your head hair.

Finally, of course, you have your conditioner, oil or a balm to help your beard retain moisture and stay soft, hydrated, and healthy. Occasionally, some grooming kits come with more than one of these products.

A lot of products to consider? Maybe. Or it could exactly be what your facial hair and skin need.

If you’ve been convincing yourself that a trimmer is all you need to keep your beard happy and healthy, well think again. There’s more to grooming your beard than just the snip sessions!

Why Not Just Use a Beard Trimmer?

You can’t really argue against using a trimmer to manage your beard. However, when it comes down to benefits, using a beard maintenance kit easily outshines the argument of using just a beard trimmer!

While you can comfortably manage your shorter beard with a beard trimmer, the process becomes quite difficult for longer beards.

Imagine this- you’ve been growing out your beard for months and now you feel like trimming it. But just as you turn the trimmer on, your hand slips and your months of patience goes down the drain.

Depending on the quality of the trimmer, it’s possible that you end up with split ends and damages to your beard.

A beard and mustache grooming kit, on the other hand, allows you to manage your beard at a micro-level. Also, it’s not all about chopping off bits of your beard when it comes to grooming. Of course, some kits provide you with scissors and shaving cream to cut your beard, but most are meant for helping you grow it and care for it.

As you keep growing your beard, just trimming it won’t suffice. Similar to your head hair, you will need more than just trimming to keep your beard healthy.

  • You will get a beard wash that’s made of natural ingredients to help you keep your beard clean and healthy.
  • The oil or balm included in the kit is meant to be used for hydrating your beard to keep it soft and untangled. Usually, all of the products in a grooming kit contain natural ingredients, which not only are good for your beard but for improving your skin condition as well.

Now that you’ve must have understood why it’s important to secure the best beard care products, should you just buy a kit or purchase the products separately?

There are cons and pros to each side!

Buying Beard Grooming Kit Vs Buying Individual Items

As you can see, it is not the same to buy certain items separately as it is to buy a complete kit. It can be a bit of a difficult decision if you don’t consider the most important aspects. That is why we must list the advantages and disadvantages that exist when acquiring a bearded toilet kit.

  1. Saving money is easier

In this case, we do not mean that you will be able to save money with any brand you manage to acquire. But it is much easier to save money when you buy all the items in one kit. That’s why today there is a large number of highly convenient beard grooming kits.

You can see for yourself how quickly. In this case, you can take a bearded toilet kit as an example. Just check the price of each item sold separately. This way, you will very easily realize what suits you. This is both simple and highly convenient, isn’t it?

  1. Full functionality

In this case, it’s pretty useful advice for men who are growing a beard for the first time. In other words, these are men who have decided to grow a beard as their style. This clarification is important since it is not about men who are lazy about shaving (something very common for everyone).

Therefore, a good beard kit allows you to get full functionality from the beginning. Since this is the first time a man has grown a beard, buying each accessory separately could be a problem. Without the necessary experience, some accessory could be missing in your first purchase.

Of course, the above point is also related. It will be much more expensive for you to purchase each item separately. Also, it will take you more time as you will have to research which products should not be missing from your purchase.

In simple terms, a complete kit will save you time and money. You will learn from the beginning to use each of the included accessories. You will not only learn how to use them but also in what order to use them.

  1. You get the consistent quality in beard grooming kit

This could be a disadvantage if we haven’t bought the ideal brand. Although assuming we have researched correctly, we will manage to obtain high-quality items. So, since it is the same bearded toilet kit, the quality of each accessory will be the same.

In the same way, this might not happen if we decide to purchase each item separately. So, one item could be of high quality, and the next one could be of dubious quality. Thus, we will not have the final result we are looking for. Worst of all, we won’t know which of all the items is the wrong one. What a problem, right?

So, by buying a bearded toilet kit we will be sure that each one of them works as it should. However, we can also find some disadvantages that we describe below.

15 Best Beard Grooming Kits to Choose from

Here are the top fifteen beard grooming kit reviews to help you pick one. Read on!

01. Isner Mile Beard Kit

Isner Mile Beard Kit

Contains organic and natural ingredients, Isner Mile has got you covered for all your possible grooming needs with their 7- beard care products Beard Kit.

In this beard grooming kits in 2020 you get a total of 9 items with 7 being intended for actual grooming. There’s a beard shampoo, beard balm, beard oil, beard brush, beard scissors, beard comb, a tool for template styling, an e-book of beard Bible, and a travel bag.

First up is the shampoo wash for your beard. It contains ingredients, such as algae extract, rosemary extract, Vitamin E, and much more. These ingredients help to get rid of itchiness in the skin as well as beardruff.

With the wash, you’ll also notice patchy spots reduces and hair grows better. Your hair follicles will be cleaned intensively and facial hair will be protected and rejuvenated. The wash won’t strip away all the natural oils in the process.

Next up is the beard oil. There are essential oils of grape seed, jojoba seed, tea tree, sweet almond, and a few more ingredients and vitamins in the formulation. The oil promotes growth and eliminates any beard itch. You’ll have a softer beard with rich texture.

You also get a beard balm that’s leave-in and unscented. It will help you retain moisture in your beard as well as keep it healthy and neat. It also lends a better styling hold and infuses your beard with a manly scent.

The brush made of boar hair is great for distributing oil. And the comb, which is handmade, can run through your mustache and beard comfortably. You can shape your beard with the scissor made of stainless steel with ease and the shaping tool makes it easier. Though you get a lot for the price range, the small size of the products can be problematic, if you have big fingers.


  • Removes beard itch
  • Softens your beard
  • Includes a lot of items
  • The brush helps improve beard texture
  • The anti-static comb helps de-frizzing


  • The products are quite small

02. Viking Revolution Ultimate Beard Care Kit

Viking Revolution Ultimate Beard Care Kit

Viking Revolution is fighting at the vanguard for the relevance of facial hair and their beard kit asserts that everyone deserves having beards like Vikings.

This best beard grooming kit is packed with a beard brush, a beard comb, a beard oil, a beard balm, and a pair of scissors. There’s a refreshing citrusy smell that’s not too overpowering for an entire day of wear.

You’ll get more nourished skin and beard with the beard oil. It’s especially effective for eliminating any beard itch, so it’s best to get it all the way through your beard to the skin underneath. The all-natural ingredients in the oil make it suitable for men with sensitive skin.

It protects the beard and face and is ideal for use during the wintertime. There’s not much of any scent in it apart from the nutty aroma you get after opening the bottle.

Viking Revolution’s beard balm lets you shape your beard effortlessly as long as you apply a small amount and run it all the way through using a comb. Natural ingredients in the balm offer better protection and conditioning minus the greasy feel.

A wooden beard brush lets you easily apply the products evenly. And with two teeth widths, the comb in the pack is a great addition. Though the scissors are great at trimming and come in a slick metal tin, they aren’t really high-quality. This is one of the best beard grooming kits for sure.


  • It comes in a portable and giftable box hence it makes great beard grooming gifts.
  • The scent is nice and lasts long
  • Two teeth widths in a beard comb
  • Comparatively low pricing


  • The scissors are of low-quality
  • Doesn’t come with a beard wash

03. XIKEZAN 8 in 1 Grooming Kit

XIKEZAN 8 in 1 Grooming Kit

Xikezan is here with its fully loaded 8-in-1 Grooming Kit to provide men with a great grooming experience and transform how they perceive beard care products.

You get one beard wash, one beard oil, one beard balm, one beard brush, one beard comb, and a pair of scissors. In addition, you’re getting a bag to store the items in. The e-book is another great addition to guide you through the caring process.

The beard wash is made up of natural ingredients that assist with beard growth and hydration. It’ll relieve you of irritation and itching, while cleaning, hydrating, softening, and strengthening your beard.

Then you have the beard oil that contains nutrients and essential vitamins. The oil will provide you with a fuller and longer beard. It will eliminate any itchiness and give your beard rich luster and texture. Combine it with the balm to style and shape the beard, however, you like.

Moving on to the beard balm, it can enhance your beard’s strength and give it a growth boost. On top of that, it will moisturize the beard and keep it neat and healthy. Styling is made easy and you get a manly scent too. One of the best beard grooming kits you will find on amazon.

The pair of stainless scissors are equipped with heavy-duty, sharp blades, and are nicely constructed. One issue with the kit is the low comfort in holding the comb. Apart from that, the carry bag and the e-Book are a nice addition for such a low price.


  • Organic products of high- quality
  • Remove itchiness and gives a fuller beard
  • Sharp and good quality scissors
  • Great for men with sensitive skin
  • Comes with a complimentary e-Book as guide


  • Oil can be a bit greasy
  • The brush might scratch the skin

04. Beard Grooming Care Kit by Mountaineer Brand

Beard Grooming Care Kit by Mountaineer Brand

Mountaineer Brand’s beard care bundle is one of the best beard grooming kits, comes with all the products you would need for keeping your beard healthy, clean, and smooth.

Four products from Mountaineer Brand are bundled in the kit– a large 4-ounce bottle of beard wash, a beard brush, a beard oil, and a beard balm. These weigh at 2 ounces each. The products come with a pine tar scent, which is not too overpowering.

Beard wash from the Mountain Brand has great lather properties. Thanks to the soap base of the organic and mild castle along with many essential oils.

Then you have your high-quality beard oil. It’s among the best beard oils you can get in the market.

It’s an ideal choice for preventing brittle and dry hair. And the subtle scent makes it more desirable. The leave-in beard balm combined with the beard oil offers all the properties you need to keep the beard healthy, lush, and soft.

The beard brush in the kit is built in a military-style. It’s designed to help keep the beard tidy and organized. This beard grooming kits is a great choice if you’re new to the beard scene and only now starting to grow one. You get almost all the necessary tools to get started!

The kit isn’t as expensive as the competition but it sure does have an amazing scent.  The WV Coal Scent gives an authentic woodsy aroma.

All the ingredients used in the products are completely natural. They help to keep the beard healthy, soft, and manageable while keeping your skin itch-free and hydrated.


  • Comes in a burlap bag
  • Has all-natural ingredients
  • Beard oil helps prevent damages
  • Has a subtle woodsy scent


  • The brush isn’t great in quality
  • Doesn’t come with a comb

05. BEARDCLASS Beard Grooming Kit Set

BEARDCLASS Beard Grooming Kit Set

The Beard Grooming Kit Set from Beardclass will get your beard all groomed and shaped up with a large range of beard care products. And it’s considered as one of the best beard grooming kits around.

When it comes to a variety of products, you can find a ton in this kit. It comes with four different combs and three brushes. You also get beard oil, a beard balm, and two pairs of scissors for your caring and trimming needs. This is perhaps the most loaded grooming kit you can get in the market.

There are seven natural extracts and essential oils in the beard oil, while the beard balm contains thirteen of those. The balm and oil will remove the unpleasant and any dry feeling from your beard. It will take care of it by follicle stimulation and hydrating your skin under the beard.

These two products contain high-quality ingredients and combined with the balm, they will keep your beard and skin healthy and happy. These are both made of all-natural ingredients and the balm is non-oily. No fragrance was used on the two products.

Next up, you get the three beard brushes. Two of these brushes are made using pure boar hair and one comes in a portable size for carrying. The brushes are handmade and can reach deep with the long bristles.

Bristles of the two boar bristle brushes tend to shed quite a bit. Its palm diffuser type of kind brush is something that lets you apply the oil without any mess. The two professional, high-end scissors are nice to have.

You get four combs, where the two are for beards of short to long lengths, one is for your mustache, and the other is for carrying. Unfortunately, the small comb for your mustache has a low build quality and too tiny to hold comfortably.


  • Contains a lot of grooming products
  • Has combs and brushes for different beard lengths
  • Oil is of high quality
  • Balm is non-oily
  • Organic ingredients in oil and balm


  • The small comb is not good
  • Bristles tend to fall off

06. Naturenics Premium Beard Grooming Kit

Naturenics Premium Beard Grooming Kit

Naturenics aims to promote healthy growth for your beard with their specially made products in the Premium Beard Grooming Kit.

You’ll be getting a beard oil, a beard comb, a beard balm, a pair of scissors and, a brush for your beard. The kit comes in a magnetic gift box made of bamboo. And you get an eBook to help you with your grooming. It’s a perfect gift to your friend who’s just starting to shave!

The beard balm and oil from Naturenics are formulated with organic ingredients to make your beard and skin hydrated. These will soften your beard, get rid of itchiness as well as beardruff, and help tame the beard. So you will have a groomed and shiny looking beard for the whole day.

Natural ingredients, such as argan, jojoba and aloe oil along with Vitamin E make this brand suitable for sensitive skins.

Bristles are made of horsehair and the handle is made of bamboo. The beard brush allows you to untangle your beard well. You’ll get improved hair texture and it can massage your scalp too. In addition, the comb aids in dead skin exfoliation, beardruff, flake removal, and stimulation in hair follicles.

Next, you have your beard comb in the kit with perfect teeth for those snags and tangles. You can shape your mustache and beard perfectly. The build of the comb contains sustainable and natural materials to help you feel and look great. Different widths in teeth make it suitable for any beard length.

Finally, you have the ergonomic scissor made using high-quality Japanese steel. It has precision blades that are hand sharpened. The grips are comfortable to hold and most men can fit their fingers through the rings. You can’t go wrong with this one as one of the best beard grooming kits.


  • It can tame and soften your beard
  • Eliminates beardruff and itch
  • Has an antistatic exfoliating brush
  • Scissors are sharp and comfortable to hold
  • Bamboo box for keeping the items organized


  • The balm can be oily

07. The Beard Legacy Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit

The Beard Legacy Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit

Whether you’re looking for a grooming kit for yourself or to give as a gift, Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit from The Beard Legacy is a great choice.

This kit contains five items to fulfill your beard grooming needs- one beard oil, one balm for your mustache and beard, a brush and a comb, one pair of scissors, and lastly a leather pouch for the kit. The company has aimed the kit for total beard maintenance.

First, you have your beard oil and beard balm. You can find argan oil and jojoba oil which will nourish and stimulate your hair follicles, thus leading to beard growth.

Additionally, these are more suitable for beginners who suffer from the brittle and dry beard. You can notice the difference after a few days of use. The scissors are made of stainless steel and it makes your trimming job much easier. Its premium quality steel prevents tarnishing, rusting, and ensure long-lasting property.

The bristle of the beard brush is completely made out of boar hair and the back is made from pearwood. It comes in an oval form and will fit easily in the hands. Its natural bristles help to evenly distribute the oil, all while you style, smooth, shape, and improve your beard’s texture.

Sandalwood is used to make the comb and it’s fully handmade. It’s snag-free and anti-static to defrizz the beard. It has two types of teeth width to get through any hair length. You can easily get rid of the annoying knots and tangles.

You get a pouch made of leather, to store your tools for grooming and travel. Unfortunately, the comb isn’t high-quality but the overall quality of this kit is quite satisfactory.


  • Includes a handy travel and storage pouch
  • Nourishes beard and makes styling a breeze
  • Stabilizes moisture in your beard
  • Promotes beard growth


  • Doesn’t come with shampoo or wash

08. Old Spice, Beard Kit

Old Spice, Beard Kit

Old Spice has launched its Beard Kit, which aims to provide men with the one-stop solution for their grooming routine needs.

Old spice is one of the best beard grooming kits. This beard kit contains a 7.6-ounce beard was, a 5-ounce conditioner, a 1.7-ounce beard oil bottle, and a 2.22-ounce beard balm pack. Each of these beard products carries the Classic Old Spice scent. The smell is described as a deodorant-like, crisp scent with notes of musk and vanilla. It can last throughout the whole day.

The beard wash can gently wash the leftover food, grime, and dirt out of your beard. Combined with the conditioner, you can add some extra softness whenever the need arises. You can wash it out. However, if you leave it in, the scent stays on longer.

Beard balm in the kit comes as pre-lathered, which makes it simple to shape the beard when you’re going out in the morning. The beard oil will provide the hair follicles with a healthy state, but the oil comes with little to no fragrance.

The conditioner for your beard can really improve your beard and skin condition by making the beard softer and the skin underneath it less itchy. When you combine it with the oil and the balm, your beard becomes easier than ever to groom.

For the best result, use the conditioner after washing and then add the oil. Don’t worry if your beard gets dry or damp. Just add the balm as a finishing touch to get to styling your beard and mustache.

A downside of this kit is that the products itself have artificial chemicals in them. From perfume, preservatives, parabens to sulfates, these can cause irritations, especially if you have sensitive skin. Another major problem is that the kit does not come with a comb or a brush to help you shape the beard.


  • Softens the beard
  • Has a long-lasting fragrance
  • Help with itchiness
  • Makes the beard less itchy


  • The products included in the kit contain artificial chemicals
  • No comb or brush included

09. Beardsley Beard After Care Kit

Beardsley Beard After Care Kit

Beardsley has earned its reputation for making top-quality care products for beards and the Beard After Care Kit is their premium entry into the market. This is one of the best beard grooming kits.

You get a 4-ounce Beardsley lotion bottle, a 4-ounce Beardsley oil bottle, a can of Beardsley balm, and one beard comb packed in an eco-friendly fiberboard box with this care kit.

Its beard oil is of top-notch quality and it helps you hydrate your skin and beard. The oil is lightweight and you can feel free to use it anytime you, please. It makes your beard more manageable so that you can comb through it easily.

The lotion is an exclusive product from the company, which comes with an aromatic cooling bay rum fragrance. It helps you to untangle the hair, especially if you have a longer beard. For both the oil and the lotion, you only need to apply three to five sprayer depressions, spread them around your palms and then massage into the beard to get going.

If you’re looking to add volume and moisturize your beard, the balm is great. It’s a leave-in non-greasy kind of balm. To apply, dip your finger and do the same as before to start brushing and styling. All three of these come with scents, however, they aren’t really overpowering,

This kit isn’t really targeted for beard growth but more towards your hygiene. Of course, other kits out there also give hygiene importance, but Beardsley seems to be fonder of the idea.

A big downside is that these beard care products aren’t free of parabens or synthetic ingredients. Though the product may contain herbal oils and extracts it’s still mixed with artificial ingredients and alcohol.


  • Leaves beard clean and smelling great
  • The comb is well designed
  • The kit contains a large number of products


  • There’s no beard was in the kit
  • Not fully organic and contains alcohol

10. Grave Before Shave™ Beard Care Pack

Grave Before Shave™ Beard Care Pack

Grave Before Shave is here to fend off anyone suggesting that taking care of your appearance is unmanly somehow, with their Beard Care Pack.

The beard care pack comes with one 6-ounce tube of their beard wash, one 1-ounce bottle of their beard oil, one 2-ounce beard balm tin, and a beard brush made of boar hair. The balm and the oil carry their signature bay rum blend scent.

Your beard will be left feeling luxurious and soft after you use the beard wash shampoo. This is all thanks to the botanical ingredients such as olive and argan oil. You need just a drop of the shampoo to get the washing job done. It helps eliminate beardruff and beard itch and that too, with a light scent.

The beard balm you get a blend of organic butter and oils that can help tame those flyaway hairs and shape the beard to your liking. As a result, you’ll have a conditioned beard that’s protected from damages.

Packed with several essentials oils as well as Vitamin E, the beard oil will make your beard nourished, hydrated, and soft. Supplementing the balm with this beard oil makes your skin and hair stronger and allows you to fight off beard itch.

Feel free to use the beard brush to tame stray hairs whenever it’s going all over the place. Spaced and pliable bristles in the brush make it a gentle detangler so you have no risk of pulling out tangled hair. Its handle is made out of bamboo and the stiff brush will help to stimulate your hair follicles.

Separate purchase of these products costs more, so you’re better off buying the kit. One noticeable issue here is the lack of presentable packaging. You’ll have to pack it yourself if you’re looking to give it as a gift.


  • Has a natural masculine fragrance
  • Very soft brush bristle
  • Moisturizes and softens your beard
  • Organic products


  • Doesn’t come in a presentable package
  • Beard oil doesn’t easily wash off

11. ZEUS Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit, Verbena Lime

ZEUS Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit, Verbena Lime

The Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit from ZEUS is made to keep your skin healthy and moisturized with the added advantage of keeping your beard stylish.

This beard maintenance kit comes with one 8 fluid ounce beard shampoo, one 8 fluid ounce beard conditioner, one 1 fluid ounce beard oil, and lastly, one beard brush fully made of boar hair. The shampoo, conditioner, and oil come with Verbena Lime fragrance and essential oils.

First off, we have the Zeus Beard Shampoo, which is specially made to protect your skin and hair. There are antioxidants that allow you to keep the skin hydrated and your facial hair soft. It works great with all types of skin too.

Dragon’s Blood is one of the key ingredients in the shampoo, which reduces inflammation in the skin. In addition, it’s infused with chamomile and green tea. Green tea helps to prevent beardruff and chamomile helps strengthens your hair to provide a glossy finish.

Next up is the conditioner, which softens your beard, moisturizes the skin cells, prevents any split ends, and fights off beardruff. The beard oil makes your beard thicker, therefore, preventing any unnecessary breakage. The Verbena Lime fragrance in these formulations smells nice and fresh but doesn’t become too overwhelming.

Lastly, you have the beard brush made from boar hair and it’s among the best of its kind. Its bristles have rounded tops, which allow an even distribution of the beard oil while you untangle the hairs and soften the texture.

Considering the individual prices of these items in the kit from Zeus, it would cost you a fair bit more if you buy them separately. Still, at this price range, the company could have included a beard comb in the kit.


  • The scent is subtle and nice
  • The shampoo is infused with chamomile and green tea
  • Rounded bristles on the brush
  • Reduces inflammation in the skin


  • No beard comb

12. Cain Cavalli Premium Beard Grooming Kit

Cain Cavalli Premium Beard Grooming Kit

Cain Cavalli has ensured that you get all the products that you need for grooming in one place, with their Premium Beard Grooming Kit.

This kit comes with a 2-ounce beard oil bottle, a 2-ounce beard balm tin can, a beard brush, a beard comb, a pair of scissors, a shaping template, and finally a hair catcher bib to top it all off. As a bonus, you’ll get a hard-shell travel case to take the kit with you, anywhere you go.

The oil along with beard balm will keep your skin and facial hair soft and moisturized. They are rich in shea butter & Vitamin E and made using all-natural ingredients. Furthermore, these products help stimulate growth as well as eliminate itching and beardruff.

The brush is made of boar hair and you can comfortably run it through your beard to apply the oil. It will clean up any dirt or flake that is leftover and spread the oil evenly all over. The brush is great for reaching deep and massaging your scalps.

It has two different teeth widths that suit both men with a both thick and thin beards.

You get a bib with the kit to reduce mess while trimming your beard. Clip the bib on to the mirror and it will be ready to catch all the stray hair and take them to the trash.

Finally, the shaping or styling template allows you to trim your beard with the pair of great quality scissors, however you please. In addition, the company offers a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee within thirty days. So, why not trying this best beard grooming kits.


  • The bib helps save time during cleanup
  • Helps reduce itchiness in beard
  • Makes styling your beard easy with a template
  • Travel case to carry the kit around


  • Beard oil tends to stick to hand
  • Bristles shed from the brush

13. Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit

beard grooming kit reviews

Free from any harsh chemicals, the Ultimate Beard Kit from Maison Lambert will make your beard more manageable and healthier than before.

In the kit, you get one 4-ounce beard shampoo bar, one 2-ounce beard balm, one 1-ounce beard oil, one sandalwood beard comb, and one 1-ounce mustache wax. The shampoo bar is ninety percent organic, while the balm and oil are ninety-nine percent organic. Additionally, you’ll be getting a 4-ounce body soap with the kit.

The shampoo bar contains unrefined argan and jojoba oil along with cocoa butter, and aloe vera. It’s completely handmade and free of artificial fragrances and hypoallergenic. The lather is great and doesn’t need much work and you get a  natural smelling and softer beard.

You can find jojoba and argan oil with tocopherol in the beard oil. Absorption is quick after you apply it and has a woody scent to it. It doesn’t soften your beard that much but you still get a decent result.

Essential oils in the shampoo help repair damages and hydrate your beard. The beard oil keeps it hydrated as well as restore the skin under the beard. You’ll have a flake-free, fresh, and healthy skin.

Then you have the beard balm, which has a smooth texture on it and it’s not very thick. This makes the application of the balm quite easy. It helps to get rid of the beard itches as well as to eliminate beardruff in your beard.

There’s not much to say about the beard comb apart from the fact that it looks professional, but you can find better quality combs out there. The free-body soap included in the kit is beer-based and it has a great lather and doesn’t leave any residue after rinsing.


  • Contains almost all-natural ingredients
  • Hydrates your skin and beard
  • Additional body soap
  • Comes in a case for ease of organizing


  • No beard brush
  • Isn’t completely organic

14. Shea Moisture Complete Beard Kit

Shea Moisture Complete Beard Kit

Shea Moisture hopes to provide you with a precisely groomed look and they have lined up their best products in the Complete Beard Kit.

You’ll be getting four beard care products in this bundle. One beard wash, one beard detangler, one beard oil, and one beard balm complete the kit. The products are incredibly moisturizing and nourishing for your skin and hair.

Starting with the beard wash, it will clean out the flakes and dirt from the deep and get rid of any odor. The wash does all that without washing off the natural moisture in the skin and beard. Instead, the shea butter helps to condition the hair and the maracuja oil helps balances the pH level and leave you smelling clean.

The beard detangler helps you run your comb through the beard with ease. It will soften your coarse and thick facial hair, and condition it at the same time. The rich formula contains maracuja oil and shea butter which work together to get rid of those knots without any tugging.

Beard balm from Shea Moisture will allow you to have a day-long groomed beard with the ease of making it defined and smooth. There’s a ton of essential oils in the balm, such as grapeseed, castor, coconut, and tea tree to make sure your skin and beard get all the nourishing and moisturizing they need.

You get beard oil, which absorbs fairly quickly into the beard to condition and softens it. Additionally, the oil restores all the moisture to your dry skin and beard. You’ll have a shiny beard and your cells will be boosted by the antioxidants.

None of the products included in the kit contain any harmful chemicals. So you feel free to use them especially if you have sensitive skin. One downside of the lineup though is that it doesn’t include any beard or comb for grooming.


  • Moisturizes and nourishes your beard
  • No harsh chemicals used
  • Helps soften your beard
  • Has a soft lingering aroma


  • Doesn’t come with any comb or brush

15. Wizard Beard Grooming Care Kit

beard accessories

Taking care of your beard can be a big responsibility, and at Wizard, they want to help out with the responsibility with their Beard Grooming Care Kit will ease out your troubles!

You get four items in this men’s beard grooming kit. The kit comes with one 2-ounce beard wax, one 2-ounce beard oil bottle, one beard brush, and one beard comb.

The beard wax is formulated with argan oil, Vitamin E, emu oil, and shea butter. These ingredients help to style and nourish your beard. The ingredients are quickly absorbed by the beard and give your beard a day-long healthy look. There’s a bit of an odor to the wax but it’s subtle.

Then you have your bottle of beard oil, which is teeming with Vitamin E along with jojoba oil and aloe vera. It’s completely natural and has a very subtle to no scent. Absorption is similar to that of the beard wax.

Sandalwood is used to make the beard comb and it’s a static-free kind so less frizz in your beard. If you have a thick beard, the dual-sided wide teeth design will come in handy. Its size makes it quite easy to carry around.

Finally, you have the beard brush which is made using boar hair and its frame is made of sandalwood like the comb. You can safely brush your hair without worrying about damaging the skin or hair.

Considering the quality of all the items in the kit, you’re getting a lot of good excellent products at a low price. One exception though, the brush’s quality in comparison isn’t so great and you might need a replacement later on.


  • Goes with any length of beard
  • Comes with a comb and brush to style your beard
  • Comes in a portable and stylish bag
  • The brush is perfect for thick hair


  • Doesn’t include a beard wash
  • The brush is of low-quality

Things to Consider Before Buying a Grooming Kit

This might be the first time you’re growing out your beard and want to know what beard care products you need. Now you have the choice to pick whether you want to go with separate products from the same or different brands or get an all-in-one kit and get it over with.

Still, confused? Allow us to ease your troubles a bit. Let’s see vis-a-vis what’s better for your needs.

But first, why get a beard care kit?

While the idea of being able to get different special products can be tempting, consider getting a grooming kit. There are several reasons why you’ll want to go for the kit.

Usually, when companies put together a beard kit, they’ll be made in such a way that each product complement one another. So when you use them together, the degree of effectiveness increases.

Then of course, comes the topic of costs. Brands will generally charge you less for their products when they bundle up a kit. You’ll find that, in the long run, you’re able to save more money using a kit over separately buying care products.

Generally, the products in a beard kit will come with a distinct scent, so that you don’t get a pile of different smelling stuff.

Also, most of the kits will come with products that have directions on how you should be using them, even an e-book! So instead of randomly putting on stuff on your beard, you can use them as intended for better results.

1. What Characteristics Should the Beard Kit Have?

Let’s get you one of these kits, shall we?

But hold it right there. You can’t just pick any kit you just happen to come across at first. There are multiple things to consider when you want to choose in choosing one.

The Basic Care Products

beard grooming products

First off, you need to ask yourself which products you already have or don’t have and what you actually need for proper grooming. You have to check if the kit comes with those products. Let’s talk about what products are basic for grooming your beard.

  • Beard Wash

The beard wash is the absolute first item you want to start grooming with. None of the other products will help you clean the beard like a beard wash. It can be either in a bottle as a liquid or a soap bar.

  • Beard Oil or Balm

After the wash, you have to apply beard oil. It helps to retain the moisture and keep your beard hydrated. Almost every good kit available in the market will come with a bottle of beard oil, even if they don’t have a wash included. The balm helps out similarly.

  • Beard Comb or Brush

Lastly, you have the beard comb or brush. Grooming kits will have either one of them or both. They help to spread the oil around evenly and get your beard shaped. Most of the time you’ll find a comb that you can work within your house anyway.

Beard kits often also include items like a separate conditioner, different brushes, and combs, scissors, styling templates, carry bags, and more. But you don’t need to get these accessories right away! Though it’s a nice addition for styling your beard.

2. Ingredients Used in the Products

beard grooming product ingredient

Once you have found the kit with all the items you need, now it’s time to check what ingredients were included in the formulation of these products. You’ll come across the terms “natural” and “organic” a lot.

If you have sensitive skin, make sure you go for all-natural products. This is to make sure that you don’t get any skin reactions or irritations. Natural ones will also carry benefits aside not harming your skin and beard.

For example, jojoba, argan, grapeseed oil, and aloe vera are ingredients that help sensitive skin and solve problems such as beardruff. You might find products with 99% of organic ingredients. Make sure that there’s no harmful chemical in the last 1%!

It’s always preferable to go with natural products, even if you don’t have sensitive skin. Remember, whatever you get, you will be putting it on your face. You don’t want a blotchy disaster, do you?

3. Type of Beard Brush/Comb

man combing beard

As mentioned before, beard kits will include either a brush or a comb or even both. While a brush might work out for shorter beard, you might want one with larger bristles or a comb to manage your beard.

  • Beard Brush

Most of the good-quality beard kits will offer brushes that have bristles made with boar hair. Bamboo wood for these brushes is quite common too.

  • Beard Comb

The comb needs to be anti-static to make sure there’s no frizz. If you have a thick beard, the ones with wider teeth will benefit you, while thinner ones are advisable if you have thin hair.

If your beard keeps getting tangled up, a wide-tooth comb is what your beard needs. You can find combs that are dual-sided with different width in their teeth. For results best results, avoid any combs made of plastic.

4. Packaging and Storing

When you have figured out that all those things are perfect for your beard needs, now you think about things like storing them and traveling. Although this is mostly optional, it doesn’t hurt to find out.

For those who travel a lot, it’s a big plus. You don’t have to worry if your grooming products will make a mess in your luggage

Finding a good beard kit for men can get quite confusing. Keep these things in mind and you’ll get your perfect match soon!

With perfume or without perfume?

This point could be a little confusing when you don’t take it into account. Buying accessories with perfume could be risky at some point. The fragrance you purchase may simply not be to your liking. Also, keep in mind that many accessories you will use right under your nose. So, it will be the first thing you smell for several minutes.

Also, some accessories do not offer any kind of fragrance. You will have to analyze this aspect carefully. This is because not all fragrances are unpleasant. By purchasing an unscented option, you will not be taking advantage of accessories that include a pleasant fragrance.

Do you need a comb or a brush?

In this case, you should consider the length of your current beard. Generally, you need to use a brush when your beard is no longer than 6 or 7 cm. In the same way, a beard comb is useful when your beard is longer than 7 centimetres. Therefore, you will be able to use the right accessory according to the type and style of the beard you have.

Some Disadvantages You Might Face

Accessories that might not work

Since it is a single bearded toilet kit, you will not be able to choose each accessory individually. Thus, this includes an inappropriate design of a comb or brush. So, the final decision to purchase a kit may be a little more difficult than you think.

Insufficient quantities

It is often the case that a certain accessory within the kit is insufficient for you. This could result in the need to purchase a new kit. So, this can be a problem especially when even the rest of the accessories are not sold out.

Beyond this, as you will notice, the advantages are more important than the disadvantages.

Final Verdict

Have you found the perfect kit to match your beard grooming needs? If not, don’t fret! It’s not a race and you’ll soon get the best products for your beard!

Our recommendation might help you decide faster! We take delight in our best choice yet! Isner Mile Beard Kit is definitely a beard saver especially to those who are just starting to grow out a full beard. You’d be needing all the help that you can get and this lush kit will provide just that.

Looking to purchase something more high end? Our premium pick Beard Grooming Care Kit by Mountaineer Brand is fit for a kinglike beard grooming routine.


Does regular grooming help with beard growth?

Answer: The growth of your beard depends mostly on your hormones. Although regular grooming of your beard can’t directly increase the growth, it can still help. For example, getting rid of split ends means that you don’t need to do any premature trimming, hence your beard will grow longer.

Exfoliating the skin with beard washes also increases the hair growth rate. The natural ingredients usually present in the grooming products, such as eucalyptus or the minerals and vitamins can help out with the beard growth as well.

Is getting a beard grooming kit worth it?

Answer: Whether getting a beard grooming kit is worth it or not mostly depends on your needs and the items provided in the kit.

Firstly, all the basic products for regular grooming should be there, such as beard wash, oil and brush or comb. As for the products themselves, they will have to fill up some criteria to be worth it.

For example, the items in the kit should be complementary to one another. The cost needs to be lower than what you would pay if you bought the products separately.

How do you use a beard grooming kit?

Answer: Taking care of your beard using a grooming kit is quite simple. Let’s go step by step.

As a rule of thumb, start by washing and rinsing your beard with your beard shampoo or soap bar. Make sure to get the skin under there as well. Gently pat it to dry but don’t let it dry fully.

Now massage your beard with the desired amount of beard oil using your hand’s palm. Repeat the same, if you have a beard balm. Lastly, take a beard brush or comb to style and groom the beard to your liking.

Does growing a beard make you look better?

Answer: Yes, growing a beard does make you look better and even science is backing the claim. A recent scientific study done by the HBR indicates that men with beards look way better than those without.

Bearded men appear quite mature and seem more responsible. Also, the perception of masculinity seems to increase with the amount of beard. Overall, people seem to prefer beards over the smooth and clean look nowadays. So there’s no reason for not growing one!

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