15 Best Beard Dye (Based on Popularity in 2021)

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Blackbeard for Men Formula X
  2. The Henna Guys Henna Hair and Beard Color Dye
  3. Dark Brown Henna Hair Color/Dye
Best Beard Dye

There are a lot of men who are bothered by gray hair on their faces. However, few of them know how to efficiently solve this problem. We here will provide you with the exact solution thanks to the best beard dye.

For this reason, we have thoroughly researched every option available today. Besides, we can guide you through the correct procedure. I’m sure you won’t want to make any mistakes when you first dye your beard.

This way you will learn the exact ability to optimize your facial appearance. It is usually a simpler task concerning what it means to dye the hair on your head. Of course, you will need to take the proper precautions if you do not want to end up dyeing your entire face. 

When you have the chance to repeat this procedure, your technique can be perfected. Therefore, this means avoiding wasting too much time on it. Do you have a party or an important event? Then dyeing your mustache and beard is the best decision before attending the event.

Here is the List of 10 Best Beard Dyes:

  1. Blackbeard for Men Formula X
  2. The Henna Guys Henna Beard Dye
  3. Dark Brown Henna Hair Color/Dye
  4. Blackbeard for Men (Brown/Black)
  5. Zenia Indigo Powder Hair/Beard Dye
  6. The Younger Looking Beard (Dark Brown)
  7. Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye
  8. VOLT Grooming Instant Beard Color
  9. Manly Guy HAIR, Beard Color
  10. Touch of Gray Mustache and Beard Color

Top 10 Best Beard Dyes in 2021

There. We finally have them!

You’ll realize as you go through our list of the best beard dye, how the greats embody a certain balance between compatibility and hair nourishment. With these main standards in mind, you can easily go through the list and pick the best one for you.

01. Blackbeard for Men Formula X

Best Beard Dye

Earning not only the “Best Pick” title but also all current respects to our list, this Black Beard product proves that beard coloring can be fun!

You’ll enjoy every second with the beard dye. Experiencing the product first-hand not only deepened my beard color, but nourished my beard as well.

Having said that- this beard dye has certifiably proven its worth to many men for generations. A lab-tested, hypoallergenic dye, this one sticks colors within your beard shafts without intruding its natural growth.

Since it features natural solutions, instead of harsh chemicals in its package, the dye earns a “cosmetic” tag, instead of a straight-out dye.

Applying it into the beard proves much fun!  

Using its applicator brush, you can instantly touch up your beard whenever you like. It quickly dries up and favorably resists water. It has proven to penetrate into and linger in the beard for a maximum of 12 hours.

But if you want it removed instantly, you can simply wash it off with slightly warm water and wipe it with dry cloth/tissue. It’ll simply yield whenever you wish to.

I am most fascinated with its neat application mechanism. It’s simple, mess-free and, handy. Yes! You can bring along this very small and light container anywhere and anytime, without feeling obligated.

Now, in terms of color choices— this beard dye has a wide range of them (from dark to light). However, each color has a neutral shade. This means that your beard color can easily blend with it!

I don’t see serious problems with the product except that its color lacks a natural seen which becomes conspicuous under broad daylight. One of the first product we put in our best beard dye list

For your reference, here are its pros and cons:


  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Quick and Easy Application
  • 12-Hour Lasting Effect
  • Neutral Shades
  • Safe on Skin; Hypoallergenic
  • Quick Dry
  • No Ammonia


  • Color lacks the natural sheen

Why choose it?

This product isn’t a straight-out dye, but a cosmetic. It’s fun, easy and effective to use!

02. The Henna Guys Henna Beard Dye

beard dye for sensitive skin

Ranking as second priciest on our list, this “Premium Pick” by the Henna Guys brand truly rules with unbelievable efficiency…

Besides only entailing a 2-way application process, this beard dye by the Henna Guys easily sticks around absolutely stain-free! Users had since celebrated its efficiency for years now!

The product is also known to be gentle to both the beard hair and skin. While it easily absorbs as a neutral highlight shade, it also easily let’s go of your will.

Manufacturers accordingly claim of the product’s triple sift processing of organic Indigo leaves. These herbal leaves of the Indigofera plant are a proven genuine source of fabric dye.                                                         

However, in this case, the end product becomes a finer powdery quality thanks to the triple sift process. In that sense, the product now works as a hair cosmetic than a mere fabric dye.

What makes a product cosmetic then?

The answer lies in both the product’s applicability and removability. So, as long as any material—or, atoning material in that matter, gets masked on and off the skin, it’ll always be considered cosmetic.

A dye, on the other hand, can still be removed, only that it stays long-term.

Despite the product’s strong-sticking ability, it does not alter the natural structure of your beard hair, lest the skin.

What most find off-putting from the product is its slightly vague dark brown shade. Other than that, the products remain a champ!

Here’s the product in a bigger picture:


  • 2-Way Application Process
  • Natural Indigo Ingredient
  • Zero-Metallic Salts
  • Easy Sticking
  • Long-lasting Effect (12 hours at max)
  • Easily Removable
  • No Harsh Chemicals


  • Vague Dark Brown Shade                     

Why choose it?

This premium product is gentle to the skin, easily applied and highly effective!

03. Dark Brown Henna Hair Color/Dye

Dark Brown Henna Hair Color/Dye

Currently enjoying the third place on our list, this other masterpiece of the Henna Guys boasts of a “Best Choice” title!

Of all the things this beard dye impresses greatly of, that would be its storage capacity!

It’s a perfectly packed, airtight organic powder also made from Indigo and other organic herbs. Similar to its previous product counterpart, this one boasts of a 2-way application process!

Packed in an aluminum foil bag, this beard dye proves to last longest among the products featured in this list.

This nonirritating beard dye accordingly gained traction after undergoing re-processing many years ago. As a result, its powder quality got finer by the moment.

Users highly promote the product due to its no-mess application process, absolute zero-stain color and quick dry capacity, zero-harsh chemicals, absolute no ammonia, and an odorless package!

More so, many users enjoy their varied color choices. It’s got a natural and deeper sheen compared to power-based beard cosmetics of such type. Another great from best beard dye list.

It works more as a cosmetic than a dye—a usual trait among products by such a brand.

There aren’t many users are complaining about the product except that it’s quite heavy to carry along. So for a word of advice- take smaller parts of it to be used and stored separately. You can further contain it in smaller gram packs.

With this done, you can easily carry the pack along when you travel.

And, that should do it!

Here are the product’s pros and cons:


  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Ammonia
  • Quick-dry
  • 2-Way Application Process
  • Long Shelf Life (max. 2 years)
  • Highly Organic; made from Indigo leaves and other herbs
  • Long-term Hold on Beard (2 days)


  • Can be too heavy and bulky to bring on the road

Why choose it?

The product bears the usual classic, priceless tag of the brand; it’s got high storage capacity, great color varieties (dark to a darker brown) and a high beard coloring efficiency!

04. Blackbeard for Men (Brown/Black)

best beard dye for sensitive skin

Ranking fourth among the best beard color products, this equally compelling Blackbeard product proves instant grey removal on facial hair is on the tip of your fingers!

This other product by Blackbeard proves to equally deliver like its counterpart, the Just for Men Mustache and Beard Brush-In Color Gel!

Still, it manages to gloss independently with its instant applicator. Nevertheless, it also claims to be more than a dye, but a grey hair eradicator.

According to users, the ultimate highlight of the product is yet to be experienced. It’s got the deepest color shades from the products in this list!

Meaning, it has smoother shade transitions from medium, dark and deep brown. The deep brown respectively exhibit a full natural sheen on the beard.

The same depth applies to black color. However, the transitions are just pretty smooth that you won’t be able to recognize the difference between brown and black!

Other color variants include brilliant back with red highlights. The deeper shade of this reveals warm chestnut brown tones when struck by sunlight.

Consequently, its overall sheen takes partial credit in this color wonders. The natural, glossy sheen creates somewhat like an optical illusion for the eye; except that it’s not really an illusion!

The science here involves the sheen reflecting denser light concentration to the eye.  

So when that happens, the highlights become more visible in broad daylight.

Meanwhile, as if it hasn’t impressed already, the product like its counterpart, also gets praise for its quick-dry, non-stain, and super-simple application.

The product would’ve been perfect if not for its sticky solution leaving behind residues in the hair, and its questionable waterproof capacity!

Here’s the product in a nutshell:


  • Very Deep Color Shades
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Quick and Easy Application
  • Quick Dry
  • 12-Hour Long Lasting Effect
  • No Ammonia
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Questionable Waterproof Capacity (despite claim)
  • Too sticky (leaves residues behind)

Why choose it?

The product claims to be more than a dye, but a grey hair eradicator. It’s super easy to use, and further impresses with a very deep color shade and variations- from brown, black to highlights. Most of all, it’s got a natural sheen that facilitates genuine integration of tones in the beard.

05. Zenia Indigo Powder Hair/Beard Dye

Zenia Indigo Powder Hair/Beard Dye

Considered a masterpiece of the Zenia brand, this beard dye proves to be another worthy organic beard dye…

Not only has this beard dye been promoted many times over for its all-natural color shades, but it’s also being praised for its conditioning ability!

Yes! You heard it…

Besides the fact that it’s a certified side-effect-free dye, it also revitalizes and conditions your beard hair. So, it’s got to be more than friendly on the skin, right?


You see, the product is an open solution. Mixing other hair-treating stuff on it is actually a highly encouraged procedure.

More so, this Indigo powder-based dye reacts positively with natural solutions like essential oils, natural fragrances, etc.

Personally enhancing the dye’s mix activates its chemical bonding abilities, encouraging it to smoothly integrate with the substrate.

However, you cannot always do this with other products due to either high concentration of chemicals (PPD) or low presence of lake pigment in the structure. Now, the lake pigment can only be further peaked up with salt.

Fortunately, the product, because of its organic source, prevails with the highest lake pigment presence.

If you’re planning to go for a 3, instead of 2-step process on the product, pour sea salt, coconut milk and at least 1 type of essential oil in a bowl.

Lastly, the product promises a perfect deep black match on your beard. You ought to believe it when it says match because it actually means it’s got it all “matched” for you!

Half of the users didn’t think the product is perfect though. Its drawbacks include a not-so-fine, difficult-to-dissolve powder quality, and an easy-to-fade color.

In fact, claims even made to the public’s ear that the product bears a high concentration of lead in its solution. This further leads to many users getting headaches and feeling nauseous after applicatication.  

Fortunately, various QC (quality-control) agencies went over it and eventually disproved the claims. The headaches may have been a direct result of using an expired products.

Here’s the product in a nutshell:


  • No Ammonia
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Open Solution (for other mixes)
  • High Lake Pigment Presence
  • All-Natural; Organic
  • Hair-Conditioning
  • No Harsh Chemicals


  • Rough Powder Quality
  • Weak Color Hold (easily fades despite claim)

Why choose it?

The product is a “matched” quality—meaning, it automatically matches with the beard’s overall color. Ultimately, it’s an open solution that warrants nourishment on the beard hair and the skin.

06. The Younger Looking Beard (Dark Brown)

beard dye for black men

Reigning at the sixth rank, this latest product by the Younger Looking Beard brand boasts as the most voluminous cosmetic on our list…

If you’re looking for the easiest and most effective beard dye on hand, then you’ll be pleased with this beard dye!

Using an instant applicator, it can instantly remove grey on your hair, bringing out the young in you. Users are most fascinated by its no-mixing-required package.

Most amazingly yet, it’s got the most product volume despite its small/light size.

If you’re wondering what makes this handy material last for a maximum of 9 months, then check out its color concentration.

Product experts agree that the cosmetic dye (not merely a dye) has immense lake pigment count—a trait common to thick organic dyeing materials.

Simply said, it has the thickest color concentration, sans synthetic chemicals.

So, applying large quantities of the product into your beard is out of the question.

Merely 2-3 dabs of the applicator would instantly yield thick brown-black tones. For undertone, it’s known to shimmer with a slightly purple luster.

And, for the best part, the product is known to stick around for a day, not easily wearing out despite extreme temperatures. But, mind you—it can easily wash at your will.

All you have to do is swab your beard with a few drops of hair color remover.

What others find off-putting of the product though is its sticky texture, a strong odor and a tendency to harden beard.

Here’s the product in a bigger picture:


  • Long-Lasting; Waterproof
  • Quick Dry
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Fast and Easy Application
  • Most Product Volume; Economic (can last for up to 9 months)
  • Has Natural Purple Sheen
  • Thick Color Concentration


  • Strong Odor
  • Unprocessed Plant Contents (can harden beard)
  • Sticky Texture (leaves residues)

Why choose it?

For one thing—the product is economic! It works best for men who’d like to save, yet are aspiring for a thicker, darker color to hush out aged grey streaks in their beard.

07. Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye

black beard dye

A power dye with nothing but herbal benefits in its solution, this so-called instant beard color corrector smashes greys with a tender touch!

Not only does it attract the least synthetic chemicals (PPD), this beard dye also bears the highest number of herbs in its package.

Its herbal ingredients include Neem Tree, False Daisy, Henna Extracts, Indigo, and even essential oils.

Most quality control departments agree that its herbal ingredients rank most dense in the market to date. As a result, it works by repairing the facial hair first, before coloring it.

Its process involves coating the shaft with color, and while doing so, fills it with keratin-booster micronutrients from within. This proves most effective as it colors the hair in the most natural way possible.

There certainly isn’t a single product in this list that penetrates most intimately than that of the Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye.

Having garnered recognition through the years, this classic beard dye has since functioned as a facial hair quality corrector—beard, mustache, sideburns, cheek line, etc.

With its high color concentration, it can eradicate grey on beard with a 2-step application process, leaving a natural greenish hue as sheen. Drying quickly and resisting wear, it still manages to be gentle on the skin!

Certifiably hypoallergenic, mi amigo!

It promises (and succeeds in that) to leave zero-side-effects on the hair and skin.

While reigning in this part of the talk, the product fails in delivering a mess-free quality and a solid tone. As you can see—its color effect lasts longer and harder than expected.

If you’re thinking of a temporary, easily-removed dye, then you won’t experience it with this beard dye!

Whatever the case, check out its pros and cons here:  


  • Most Number of Herb Ingredients
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Beard Hair Repair Capacity
  • Longer Lasting to Permanent Dye Quality


  • Leaves mess and stain
  • Tone easily dulls out
  • Difficult to remove

Why choose it?

In the ranking of the organic beard dyes, this one bests out!

08. VOLT Grooming Instant Beard Color

VOLT Grooming Instant Beard Color

For a dyeing product, this one by VOLT stands out for its complete kit. A classy and handy cosmetic, this grooming kit is sure to retouch your beard with the extensive results!

Perhaps the most expensive product on our list, this grooming cosmetic still manages to wow users despite its less than perfect quality.

For one thing- it includes a kit in its package. Featuring a beard comb, applicator brush, carrying pouch, cleaning solution and an instruction manual, the product is totally for an empowering experience!

The product solution per se boasts of a wide inclusion of micronutrients– Argan oil and vitamin E-based extracts.

Beyond eradicating streaks of gray in your beard, this beard dye is known and proven by users to tame coarse beard types. Although it’s not a conditioning type of product, it surely manages the beard hair shaft from root to tip.

But, how does it do it?                    

It stabilizes the facial hair by opening the follicles. By doing so, it allows maximum absorption of the ink. Although its effects are temporary, its color truly shines!

Impressing with deep dark brown colors, naturally lustrous undertones, and a highly noticeable smoothness along the hair grain, this beard dye rules out as an instant facial hair therapy.

You might have to think twice before applying too much of it though. Reviews tell of the product’s messy application, a lousy waterproof capacity (despite claims), and a tendency to easily wear off.

Here’s the product in a nutshell:


  • Facial Hair-Taming Micronutrients
  • Complete Managing Kit          
  • Easy Application
  • Quick Dry
  • Varied Color Shades


  • Unnecessary High Cost
  • Temporary Color Capacity (short-term)
  • Lousy Waterproof Capacity (despite claim)
  • Messy Application
  • Easily wears off

Why choose it?

The product boasts of a most convenient kit, eyed to empower your beard coloring potentials.

09. Manly Guy HAIR, Beard Color

Manly Guy DARK BROWN HAIR, Beard & Mustache Color

Another long-term color enhancer for beards and other facial hair, this beard dye wins many hearts over for its ability to manage hair despite external factors!

According to many satisfied users, this beard dye victor among other products in this list for its easy application process. Consequently, all you need to do with it is to add water, mix and then apply.

There’s so much you can do with the product at hand. That would include managing your facial beard as it smoothly hides streaks of grey in your beard, mustache, sideburns, goatees, etc.

Long-lasting. Yeah! The product indeed rocks when it comes to resisting water, changing temperatures, and other external factors. Proven to last for 4-8 weeks, this beard dye is just too good to be true.

It never claims to be perfect though, so that its manufacturers are fully aware of factors it can improve upon. Since it’s a hyper-conscious brand, it, therefore, earns the trust of many expert users.

Well, it won’t make it on this list if not for that reason, of course!

Drawbacks of the product include a tendency to exhibit a rather green undertone due to some additions of chemical, a tendency to trigger allergies on skin, messy sticky texture and a vague black shade!

Know more about the product through its pros and cons:         


  • Grooming Kit
  • Easy Application
  • Facial Hair Management Capacity
  • 4-8 Week Color Effect
  • Smooth Grey Color Eliminating Capacity


  • Allergy-triggering
  • Harsh Chemicals
  • Messy Ink Texture
  • Vague Black Shade
  • Exhibits Green Undertones

Why choose it?

The product smoothly hides greys in your beard and other facial hair. Nevertheless, it comes with a kit and a super-easy color application.

10. Touch of Gray Mustache and Beard Color

Just for Men Touch of Gray Mustache and Beard Color

Last, but definitely not the least, this fashion-oriented product Just for Men brand may keep your grey beard away forever!

Easily applied. Tender on skin. These are more than what you’ll get from this beard dye.

It continues to surprise until the regrowth of your beard. Like its promise, the product can truly keep your grey beard away for all time. It may have to require a constant and meticulous application, though.

But, at least, some users seem to warrant its effectiveness.

Regardless of that matter, the product is a known color balancer, and it’s a master in that case.

Due to its distinct shades, one can easily spot its varied color variations in one sitting. Concerns about having to match the color with your beard’s overall color tone no longer apply to this beard dye!

Ultimately, the product is fashion-oriented as it exhibits very strong salt and pepper look on any bearded face. Consequently, it has a dense essential oil concentration and other micronutrients that set the facial skin a glow.

Simply said, it’ll match any color with your beard and overall look.

However, its disadvantages are equally overwhelming.

Users further complain about its patchy-prone color pattern despite its claims, greenish to a purple undertone, unnatural sheen and shades, a tendency to trigger allergies on the skin, and a tendency to cause stains during application.

Check out its pros and cons:


  • Strong Salt and Pepper Look
  • Fashion-Oriented Color Shades
  • Distinct Color Variations
  • Quick Dry
  • Easy Application


  • Not Hypoallergenic (triggers allergies)
  • Patchy Pattern
  • Messy
  • Stain-prone
  • Unnatural Sheen and Shades
  • Leaves out residues
  • Leaves off purple or greenish undertones

Why choose it?

The product has very distinct color variations, perked up by a fashion-oriented salt and pepper effect.

Top 5 Best Beard Dye for the Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skins demand product reconsiderations from your end. Of all factors surrounding the beard grooming business, or facial management in general, the skin matters the most.

You cannot simply risk your skin over expensive applications- whether be it a beard dye, oil, balm, conditioner, etc. Taking the skin for granted would instantly lead to unnecessary expenses whenever infections occur.

We dedicate a special section for sensitive skins.

Guaranteed to be extremely gentle to the skin (gentler than expected), these products also impress with sheer effectiveness and pleasure!

Get your hands dirty and check them all out here, matey!

01. Godefroy Professional Tint Kit, Medium Brown

Godefroy Professional Tint Kit, Medium Brown

A product for both men and women, this latest masterpiece by the Godefroy brand owns all set standards, easily earning my “Best Pick” preference…

For a first-hand experience, the product truly delivers!

Reigning as the skin-friendliest product on our list, it functions more as a cosmetic than a mere dye. It further colors up not only men’s facial hair but the women’s as well.

With just a quick dab with its applicator brush, it can glimmer out your eyebrows and eyelashes, leaving the blackest of blacks.

Now, women have a “say” over this one!

A complete kit. A pack of more 20 pre-measured attachable capsules for concentrated application. An added cream formula (for beards). Certified no harsh chemicals included. No ammonia. Colors guaranteed not to wear out.

What more could you look for?

And, yes! You ought to believe it because it really modestly realizes all these, all in 3 minutes.

I experienced it myself!         

Let me also emphasize the wonders of the capsules. Consequently, they work best on dissipated, or patchy greys in the beard. Since this can be difficult to treat without causing a mess, hence it deems the capsules necessary.

You see, the capsules balance the color in no time, fully coating the shafts for a solid finesse.

Upon using the capsules, I recommend that you use 2-3 tips. But, even before you apply it, let it soak in the dye for 5 minutes first. Then, you’re good to go.

This process enables the capsules to manually concentrate the color into your beard hair.

Afterward, try applying the cream as a finishing touch. That should match both colors in your beard, ensuring a deep, crisp sheen!

A sheer perfection, I don’t find anything problematic about the product, expect of its tendency to unnaturally harden in the beard.

See the product in a nutshell so that you can have a solid “say” about it:


  • Complete Grooming Kit
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Quick Dry
  • Easy Application
  • Mess and Stain-Free
  • Includes Capsules & a Cream


  • Can unnaturally harden in the beard

Why choose it?

Ruling as a masterpiece in this list, the product breaks all set standards of a beard dye. One of which is its unisex tag!

02. The Younger Looking Beard, Medium Brown

The Younger Looking Beard, Medium Brown

Very expensive in the best ways possible, this skin-friendly natural-colored product earns the “Premium Pick” title in this list!

There’s nothing much to elaborate on this beard dye for we’ve already focused on this in our previous section. The only difference in there is that it ranks sixth.

But, it only naturally does because it had to compete with a totally different platform with the rest of the other products!

It ranks second place in this section due to its prestigious skin-caring quality.

Highly organic and carefully refined, this beard dye ensures high color concentration (via its lake pigment) without altering the natural dermal process.

And, as we mentioned in the previous section, it tends to be the most voluminous package in the market to date. It can last for up to 9 months. So, it should be economical!

Besides, you don’t need to apply excessive amounts as one swab of it already gives out the deepest and thickest brown-black tones.

And, the luster! Oh, God! It’s just incomparable.

So much for its color capacity—let’s look further into its attitude towards the skin.

Well, it may not nourish the skin, but it is sure to protect the dermal layers by covering it with talc substance, an active ingredient in its package.

However, due to its strong plant extracts, it tends to put one off with a strong odor. It also tends to be sticky-messy, and can eventually harden the beard, leaving off residues after.


  • Long-Lasting; Waterproof
  • Quick Dry
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Fast and Easy Application
  • Most Product Volume; Economic (can last for up to 9 months)
  • Has Natural Purple Sheen
  • Thick Color Concentration


  • Strong Odor
  • Unprocessed Plant Contents (can harden beard)
  • Sticky Texture (leaves residues)

Why choose it?

For one thing—the product is economic! It works best for men who’d like to save, yet are aspiring for a thicker, darker color to hush out aged grey streaks in their beard.

03. Auburn Henna Beard Dye for Men

Auburn Henna Beard Dye for Men

With a “Best Choice” tag, the product can naturally make you look younger by eliminating greys in your beard, not skin health.

Ranking third place on our list, this beard dye not only promises zero-side-effects but also impresses with it!

An all-natural, organically grown and processed product, the Auburn Henna hydrates the skin, while coating the beard hair with toughest colors. By doing so, it reverts the hair to a repair cycle.

With such ability, it can easily correct the natural beard hair color. What’s special about this process is that it allows the hair to revert to a healthy color.

Grey hair is obviously a result of a decrease of pigment production in the hair follicles. Through its influence, the beard undergoes natural repair cycle and further stimulates pigments within the core.

Unlike other products, it doesn’t augment its own chemical structure. Instead, it uses its natural chemicals to activate protein and as a direct result, stimulates pigment production.

Nevertheless, it nourishes the skin in the process; there’s no other way it fully own the hair color cycle than penetrating through the dermal layers.

You won’t have to worry about its effect strength for it can stay in your hair for as long as you want. You can also remove it manually should you make it darker.

All you have to do is apply 2-3 drops of hair removal, and voila!

You’re all set…

If not for its strong scent and a tendency to change colors when exposed to extreme UV heat, the product would be perfect! Also, it also tends to leave residues after application. So, you’d better wash your beard off thoroughly when done.


  • Best for all Facial Hair
  • All-Natural
  • Easy Application
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Ammonia
  • Quick Dry
  • Facilitates Natural Hair Repair


  • Leaves residues in the beard
  • UV-Reacting Color (color changes to Orange when extremely exposed)
  • Strong Scent

Why choose it?

The product is unique as it facilitates the natural repair cycle in all facial hair. Ultimately, it’s all safe, and it’s considered a natural beard dye!

04. Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye

Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye

Ruling with a literal Grizzly brown tint, this beard dye will keep off the grey nice and easy…

If you’re looking for the beard dye that matches with your coarse beard, then you’ll be delighted with this beard dye.

While it does not really correct your coarse beard hair, it colors it out with retained volume.

It does this by layering organic solutions into the follicle. Since its solutions are fast-absorbent in nature, it, therefore, absorbs into the follicle fast and easy as well!

Users, specifically those who prefer colored coarse beards, report that its organic base (edition) stylizes the coarse beard hair, and further adds volume to it.

The organic base can be bought separately to be mixed later with the main dye. You can even simply use the base first before putting the dye as the final coating.

Such a process results in fresh grizzly brown tint. And, this brown tint happens to be men’s ideal seal for sexiness.

Furthermore, with such tint, the Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye can easily balance the beard’s overall color tone, keeping off the grey nice and easy!

But, with or without the organic base, the product can still work with expected rapport.

For its final feat, the product impresses many users for its skin-friendly effect. Others even claim that it can soothe the skin from burns and itches.

Drawbacks of the product include an unnecessary green tint, a drip-prone solution, a strong odor, and a temporary color hold (stays in the hair for a maximum of 1 day only, despite claims).

More so, it’s definitely not for those who desire a long-term, or permanent color effect.


  • Chemical Free
  • No Ammonia
  • Easy Application
  • Quick Dry
  • Includes Organic Base
  • All-Natural
  • Temporary Hold


  • Yields unnecessary green-purple tint
  • Drip-prone; Messy
  • Strong Odor
  • Weak Color Hold

Why choose it?

The product naturally keeps greys in beards with desirable transitions. Nevertheless, it adds volume to coarse beard types.

05. Reparex for Beard and Mustache Treatment (Premium)

Reparex for Beard and Mustache Treatment (Premium)

This last product on our list brings a new meaning to beard color fashion!

Highly effective and tender to the skin, this latest product by the Reparex brand is known to stay on your beard longer than expected. For about 3 weeks or 4, it won’t instantly fade out. Instead, it thins into streaks.

It’s so subtle that you won’t be able to notice it!

Maintaining the product entails an effortless move. All you have to do is to reapply color once the dye fades out.

For the first action, maintain the application twice in one week. For the second down to the third row, repeat the process for just once in every two weeks.

You can continue doing this until the entire grey color is controlled. With the product’s strong pigment concentration, greys are sure to be kept at bay for the next few years.

One of the best tricks users openly appreciate about the product is its ability to nourish the skin. It even colors more effectively when directly applied on skin, than the beard.

All-in-all, it boasts of varied color choices, a lustrous after-tint, and a warm tone. And, if you’re ever wondering if it totally removes the grey color?

No, it doesn’t! Surprise!

As I’ve mentioned earlier—it only keeps the grey at bay. In a sense, it directly changes the grey’s color, enhancing its tone by adding darker tint.

By then, it will have left grey colors alone, but cleverly enhancing its color to deeper, dark silvery black!

Such a trick, eh mate?

The dye might possibly discolor when exposed to too much sun though. So, be conscious of it. Other concerns about the product have to do with its strong off-putting scent, a tendency to leave out orange tints and a sticky texture.


  • Skin-friendly Application
  • Long Color Effect/Hold
  • Enhances Grey Color (not remove it)
  • High Pigment Concentration
  • No Harsh Chemicals (PPD)
  • Quick Dry
  • Subtle Color Fade


  • A tendency to discolor when exposed to UV rays
  • Strong Scent
  • Unnecessary Orange Tints
  • Sticky Texture

Why choose it?

It rules as the only product that especially works on enhancing the beard’s grey color, revealing a better and unique color fashion on the beard!

Beard Dyeing

What to Consider Before Buying Best Beard Dye?

Several aspects need to be analyzed before deciding on an option. If this is your first purchase, you may feel a little overwhelmed by a large number of options. So, after reading the following titles, your decision will be more accurate.

  1. Ease of use

A beard tint that is difficult to apply is not very convenient. Therefore, check the things you need for use in each option. You will usually need a set of really useful accessories. Some of them are a mixing bowl for a pair of gloves and a tool for applying the dye.

  1. Components of the formula

Some options that are available on the market may incorporate components that are toxic to your skin. In this case, we only recommend those options that consist only of natural ingredients. In this way, you will be avoiding problems with your skin and facial hair. Besides, the final look you will get will be more adequate to your expectations.

  1. Different types of colors

You must consider the color that a beard tint can provide. If this is the first application, then it is advisable to choose a color similar to your natural facial hair. Otherwise, the color of your beard and the color of the rest of your hair will not be the same or similar.

  1. A non-permanent and permanent option

Finally, you must decide how long you want to keep the new color in your beard. On the one hand, permanent options can provide you with an application that lasts a few months. On the other hand, non-permanent options will give you a few weeks of wear.

How to Dye a Beard and Mustache?

At first glance, it may seem too simple a procedure to describe here. However, some doubts and difficulties may arise amid this task. Therefore, we will mention the necessary steps you must take to achieve success in your beard. You will notice that in less time than expected you will be able to enjoy a new and improved facial appearance.

  1. Skin preparation

Something that happens very common is that the dye ends up touching your skin. To prevent this from being a problem, you can use a beard conditioner, mineral oil, or petroleum jelly. Simply apply one of these products around your beard. The goal here is to have a protective layer for your skin.

  1. Preparing the materials

First, prepare the beard tint you have purchased. To do this, you must carefully follow the steps in the instruction manual. Usually, a tray is included for you to mix the necessary ingredients in that place. It is advisable to have a comfortable brush for the application if your product does not include one.

  1. Apply the product

At this point, it is important to wash your beard before the procedure. After that, you can take the brush and wet it with dye. By making downward and upward movements you should be able to cover your entire beard. The goal here is to apply beard dye in both extension and depth.

  1. Applying some details

It is advisable to use a cotton swab or paper towel to test the color of the product. In case you notice that it is too light you should consider a second application on your beard. Also, remember to wait only as long as necessary and no more than that.

  1. Perform a rinse

After waiting long enough you can rinse your beard using water and a towel. It is not advisable to wait longer than necessary as your facial hair and skin may be damaged in some way.

  1. Wash your beard again

When enough time has passed from the last rinse, you should use beard shampoo. In this case, you should wash your beard properly to check the final color you have obtained. Therefore, if you like the final color, then you are done.


Is it possible to apply a beard dye on my hair?

The answer is yes. It is possible. But, it can be too harsh on the skin. In fact, it can even burn and irritate the skin.

How does the beard dye take effect?

It depends. Some beard dyes last for an average of 10 months, while others last for around 3-5 weeks.

Does beard dyeing cause the facial hair to thicken?

No. It doesn’t.

Can beard dyes damage or irritate my skin?

Yes. They potentially can. The best beard dye for sensitive skin or the organic beard dye proves otherwise. The best to avoid skin irritation is to religiously observe the proper method for applying beard dye.

Is it safe to apply beard oils and balms after applying beard dye?

Yes—very much. It’s even highly encouraging to use beard oils or beard balms.

All right, we’re done here, and it wasn’t a very difficult procedure, was it? It is important to remember that you can only perfect your technique with practice. Beyond that, this guide will be really useful to avoid the most common mistakes.

Many men end up applying the dye to their skin. So, the result of this is reddened and damaged skin. It is also important to select the right product that is not harmful.

Even if it doesn’t look like it, choosing the wrong product may be worse than you think. Therefore, imagine that the hair in your hair is black and your beard ends up being blonde.

The only solution would be to shave and you would have spent money on a useless product. That is why performing the right analysis will allow you to optimize your facial appearance. From then on, all you will receive will be compliments, especially from women.

To achieve these objectives, remember to perform the procedure carefully. Don’t ever forget any area of your beard, especially your mustache.

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