10 Best Beard Combs To Get Yourself This 2020!


Itchy beard? Messy facial hair? Beard and mustache with frizzes? That’s probably because your hair isn’t clean! We know how it feels. And you’re right to be searching for the best beard comb here.

Because it’s in here!

We’ve scoured the world for the toughest combs that can turn your messy beard into a clean, beautiful, and cool man fluff.

Beard comb brands like Kent, Romance and Hunter Jack are ready to put up with any pressure you’re putting them into. Ultimately, these great comb names bear in them a new mission- comb the beard hair to shape it.

So, are you ready to get a hold of the 10 best beard combs for clean and beautiful beard hair?

Keep scrolling down if you are!

Beard Brush vs. Comb

Beard brush vs. comb?

You know, we can’t really pit them two with each other.

Why? Because they have different functions.

A beard brush works on particular conditions with particular objectives. A beard comb, on the other hand, works very differently.

However, the problem that concerns me here is that we tend to confuse the two with each other. Can we blame ourselves for that? Yeah, partly.

Can we blame design for that great confusion? Yeah. Partly, too.

So, who are we to fully blame?

The answer is- there’s no need for the blame game. The point is- we just had to know the difference between the two.

Spot the distinctions, and voila! We’re all saved from this bewilderment.

In that matter, let’s narrow down our categories to three main parts- material, size, density, and function.

·        Material

In terms of material, a beard comb is made from a more solid range of teeth, particularly from sandalwood or any wooden sources. Consequently, a beard comb makes use of solid wood, because solid wood is anti-static in nature.

The beard brush, on the other hand, makes use of dense and thick animal hair that attracts static. Thus, this further enables the beard brush to absorb other elements outside of the hair.

·        Size And Density

Both are also distinctly different in size, weight, and handiness. The beard comb appears to be lighter, slimmer, and smaller in density. So it should be handier. Furthermore, you can carry it around anywhere as you can simply slip it in your pocket.

The beard brush, on the other hand, appears to be bulkier. If you will to carry it, you’ll have to designate a space for it alone.

·        Function

You can use a beard comb right after a shower. So it should work well with wet hair, as wet hair activates its detangling action.

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However, if you’re planning to neat up a dry beard, you’d best use a beard brush. Why? Because a beard brush can venture through your rough and coarse dry hair. It acts more as a cleaner (as it cleans off your hair from dead skin and other residues) than a hair-shaper.

Reversed, your beard comb would literally break into pieces when used on dry, thick, and coarse hair.

See the difference now?

How to Pick the Best Beard Comb: A Pro’s Buying Guide 2020

If you think the best beard combs have run out of surprises, think again!

Truth be told- beard combs have gone through major upgrades for years now. These evolutions further upped the buying game to a trickier and, more challenging effort.

The brand may speak a lot about what a great product is, but be prepared. We’re just getting started here. The reviews below will literally comb you off your feet!

So if you’re truly up for a genius, efficient, and sleek beard hair maintenance- open up to our guide for buying the best beard combs in 2019!

It’s all combing up!

  • Buy the strong comb that can last for years!

Well, for one, it’s got to be strong. Strong here, means acetate-strong. An acetate comb is any material made from acetate. An acetate resembles closely to plastic but is not really plastic. It’s wood-hard hard, but also shares the tenderness of fiber. It’s environment-friendly as it is non-petroleum in nature.

Ultimately, an acetate comb is stronger more durable. It’s built to last long. By all means, it’s soft to the hair and the skin. And lastly, it does not cause any irritations whatsoever.

For the record, an acetate-made beard comb tends to realize more functions than the average one. It can respectively style hair, keep it in place or correct is growth.
Alternative raw materials for beard comb that are equally impressive are sandalwood, bamboo wood, Pearwood, and metal.

  • Buy a comb that works on all types of hair.

What is a comb if it has hair preferences? That would be an utter shame.

A great comb should not only work but should also transform all types of hair to a beautiful and clean-looking one. These types of combs should be simple, and straightforward tools that don’t react to oiling and other applications.

A common trait among all-hair-type-combs is an excellent finish. How do you know its finish?

You can feel it with your fingers, mate. Just savor its smoothness and solidness. These should tell you how excellent the comb finish is!

All-in-all, a great comb for all hair types gives a good grip regardless! There are no ifs and buts to that.

  • Buy a hand-made comb instead of a stamp pressed one!

Hand-crafted or cut combs tend to be stronger or sturdier because almost all of them are made from wood or horn. These materials demand saw-cutting and hand-crafting and handcrafting.

Understanding The 3 Types Of Beard Combs

Beard combs may look the same, but they don’t feel the same.

You’ll definitely be surprised at what each type can do.

The main function of a beard comb is to tame the beard hair by fixing all frizzes caused by static.

The width of a beard comb’s teeth is sufficiently spaced out to nip through the coarsest of the beard hair types. The spaces shall have to be thin enough to pass through all these strands, and also wide enough to release all these strands altogether.

That’s the magic of beard comb. A beard comb, regardless of its type, spins magic in this pattern.

Now, let’s get our hands on the types of beard comb. Are you ready?

Well, you should be for here they are!


Only 30% of the beard combs in the world are made of metals. And this is a good thing. Why? Because metal combs have rough edges, and can scratch through the skin if not properly applied. Rough metal edges on combs are also proven to be harmful to the hair follicles.

Ultimately, metals are not very much smooth on the skin.

In terms of handling hair, metal-made beard combs don’t usually neat up beard hair because they’re only 20% anti-static.

However, when it comes to sturdiness, metal-made beard combs prove to be a champ. This type of combs can last for a lifetime.


50% of the beard combs are made of wood or acetate. That should be a relief for the ones who are sensitive to plastic and metal.

Besides being good for the skin, wood-made beard combs are also good for the nose. Variants of the wood include bamboo, pearwood, and sandalwood.

Wood combs, especially the ones framed in acetate, are completely anti-static. So they’ve got to serve the very essential purpose of a beard comb!

Beard combs made of wood also prove to be sturdy but not as sturdy as metal combs.


Beard combs made of plastic make up only 20% of the industry. While plastic combs tend to be sturdier (although not sturdier than metal) and more flexible, this type of combs causes irritations to a sensitive person’s skin.

Plastic-made combs are smoother than metal, but not as nearly smooth as wood combs.

The plastic beard comb is not really for the sensitive skin.

Besides its not that much anti-static compared to wood or acetate comb.

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10 Best Beard Combs Reviews 2020

Scratch, scratch, scratching-scratch!

Hear that sound? It’s coming to a full stop.

It’s time to quit that scratching and don your best suit. Because you’re in for a major manly makeover!

It’s time to paint the town black, walk around and, flaunt your oozing appeal. But, before that— let’s pretty out that messy facial hair of yours

And, the best tool for that?– the 10 best beard combs, of course.

Finally, here’s my list of the best beard combs for 2019!

01. Ronmence Dual Action Beard Comb & Protective Sleeve

Behold— my “Best Choice!” The chart-topper. The most fitting beard comb in all of this list. Need I say more?

Dual-sided. Sandalwood scent and quality. Sturdy. Certified anti-static!

What more can you ask?

This latest product by Ronmence is personally my greatest beard comb of all time! And I have my experience to back me up with that.

When it comes to convenience and simplicity, this superior woodwork is a champ. It’s got a sturdy leather case for one and a substantially-spaced beard comb teeth.

And the scent? God, it’s heavenly!

I would recommend this product to all beard types. More so, this product does not only work well for the beard as it shapes and refines all facial hairs.

Many users recommend this one, too! They’re right to do so because Ronmence woodwork puts in keratin extracts into the tips of its beard teeth.

By any means, the comb doesn’t react to any applications. So you can more or less put in balms into the beard (or any applications in that matter) while combing. It should be safe.

When it comes to cleaning, this comb sure impresses as a low-maintenance.  You can just soak it overnight and it’ll spark up the following day like new.

Made from pure wood and a slight touch of acetate, this product, as mentioned earlier, is fully anti-static. So, ridding your facial hair of itches, frizzes, and split-ends, has got to be the comb’s past time.

Problems with the comb? I can’t find that much except that it can be quite bulky and fat!

Hold it! Just before you’d pass your judgment, try one better scan for your satisfaction.

Here’s the product in a bigger picture.


  • Sandalwood-scented
  • Fine-spaced teeth
  • Includes sturdy leather in package
  • Sturdy and has  superior wood quality
  • Purely made from wood and slight acetate
  • Keratin extracts on beard teeth tips


  • Can be quite fat and bulky

Why choose it?

  • It’s sturdy, multi-functional and of superior quality.

02. Kent Handmade Combs for Men Set of 3

With sophisticated quality, cost and overall package, this latest beard comb by Kent earns the “Premium Pick” title on this list!

Praised by most users because of its tortoiseshell source material, this product proves to not only deliver but exceed expectations, nevertheless!

Perhaps, you’ve already pictured out the golden price for such gold. It’s not really “that” life-threateningly expensive, anyway! Just right.

Fine-toothed and saw-cut to the edge, its package is designed to satisfy all facial density.

How does it satisfy?

Well, it fully satisfies with its set of 3 lengths and sizes.

As mentioned earlier, one comb size may not actually accommodate the sparse and varied facial hair density. So such a set should more than satisfy.

With the set of three, professional users claimed that they’re more empowered with their grooming choices.

But make no mistake of its seemingly thick bulk, for, despite the set of 3, its overall package is light and lean. So you can perfectly carry it around for travel.

More so, the teeth are very finely-spaced regardless of the size. Each tooth completes a 73mm row. By these same fine teeth, the product has proven to stimulate hair tips, prodding them to produce natural oil.

Thus, using the product has got to entail the least aid of beard oils, balms, and other hair applications.

When it comes to durability, this product by Kent is a pleaser. Why? Because it’s saw-cut. That alone indicates that it has flexible material, built to last long hence, its tortoiseshell foundation.

If there’s one thing people find slightly problematic about the product, it would be its strong, offish (slightly chemical-like, but not really chemical) scent.

Do you think the product deserves to be on this spot? Check it out in our balancer beam.


  • Fine-toothed
  • Durable and flexible
  • Set of 3 length and size options
  • Made from tortoiseshell
  • Fully anti-static
  • Teeth edges stimulate hair to produce natural oil


  • Has a strong chemical-like scent

Why choose it?

  • It’s a premium quality that promotes proper facial hair growth.

03. The Beard Black Beard Shaping & Styling Tool with inbuilt Comb

For this latest Beard Black product earning the “Top Pick” title on this list, black is forever the new black!

Considered by many as the new beard comb of this generation, this deconstructed version of the beard comb impresses as a modern update of the classic barber tool!

It’s got marks and guides for a more symmetrical grooming output. With that, it’s proven to shape your beard (and other facial hair) to its optimum state.

It may seem complicated to use at first, but it’s eventually easier the second time around.

How does its technology unfold?

The product works with a perfect line setter for starters. This setter intuitively determines the reference point from where you should be starting the stroke. In a sense, it offers you some sort of a guide. From whence, you’d be recommended to begin your stroke.

The perfect line indicated by the guide has proven to be accurate at all times. And, it hasn’t, so far, failed a user.

This innovative design by the Beard Black bears bold black confidence for you to pick anytime. And once you do, you can forever take charge of your grooming routines.

This shaping tool is, by far, the most unusual beard comb model on this list. Even so, its functions are nonetheless classic. Like most high-end beard combs, this one’s made of synthetic fiber and framed from acetate. It’s also built to last long with well-scented and fine-spaced teeth.

People think the product is difficult to use, though. Its package doesn’t come with a handy set of instructions. These could’ve been helpful!

See how the product fares with our balancer beam.


  • Perfect trimming, cutting and maintaining guides
  • Perfect for all facial hairs- beard, mustache, sideburns, goatee, and top line.
  • Innovative structure and design
  • Accurate trimming mechanism (thru perfect line setter)
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable


  • Can be complicated at first use

Why choose it?

  • It’s high-end with innovative combing features.

04. Hunter Jack Beard Comb Kit for Men

Earning an equally impressive reputation, this beard comb by Hunter Jack is alone a sight to behold!

Another dual-sided beard tool. Efficient shaper. Durable. Life-changing. Effective.

This well-scented Sandalwood beard comb is bound to please you with its fine-spaced teeth, anti-static woodwork and all-facial hair-shaping, and maintaining charm!

It may not be an innovated beard comb, yet it proves that the traditional and the classic still rocks! Why? Because it’s handmade finish. And according to experts, it corrects the circulation of blood in the face, thanks to its solid-tipped teeth.

Its scent and solid teeth finish are the ones said to be responsible for stimulating the skin to a more relaxed state. The solid tips can activate high points in the skin so that shaping all facial hairs end up smooth.

In addition to that, its dual-sided design allows you to comb through various areas in hair with the least strokes, least time and least pressure.

Undeniably, the classic dual-sided design of the product alone builds itself a trustworthy reputation!

Back to the teeth…

The teeth work by massaging the face and, in a way, encouraging the zones to self-hydrate.

How about the product size?

At first glance, it may look bulky. However, this beard comb by Hunter Jack proves to be no heavier than the average comb. It’s also compact for travel.

So there are not much complaints on it except for its low-quality leather case.

See how the product fares with our balancer beam.


  • Compact for travel
  • Dual-sided
  • Fine-toothed
  • Requires least stroke and pressure
  • Promotes self-hydration in the facial skin zones
  • Smells “sandalwood” good


  • Leather case easily tears

Why choose it?

  • It’s got a great design, a solid handmade finish and a classic package!

05. Go-Comb Wallet Comb- Sleek

This latest product by Go-Comb is sleek, innovative, unique, and most of all, durable. It could be the sturdiest beard comb on the list!

Wait! Before you pass your judgment over the awkwardly, excessively small size, beat yourself first with its reviews.

This wallet-size beard comb is not your typical beard comb. You can be assured of that. Purely made of stainless steel, this beard has been claimed by many as one of the sturdiest beard combs in the industry.

Automatically so, it’s got to be the sturdiest beard comb on this list!

Fine-toothed and light, this product can swoon through your facial hair without pulling a single strand. Your skin won’t even feel its presence nonetheless.

It does not only shape the hair but it also keeps the strands in place for more than 24 hours. Packed with anti-static formula, its stainless steel material naturally softens beard hair grains. Because of such ability too, the product proves to be an effective tool for sideburns, top lines, eyebrows, goatees, and the like.

While it can be too small (wallet-size small to be specific), it’s got a good grip. Although, admittedly, it’d slip your fingers time by time. Certainly so, this kind of innovative beard comb needs getting used to.

If you’re not on it, then you surely won’t be in it.

Now, zooming in unto its teeth…

You might think these steel teeth can potentially hurt your skin. Yeah. We feel you. It’s right that you should be asking that.

Well, for the part- the teeth tips are really blunted. So, you can let out that sigh and finally let the product weave its magic.

Nothing beats our balancer beam. Check out if the product truly deserves to be on our list.


  • Highly durable
  • Pure stainless steel material
  • Sleek and innovative design
  • Lightweight and slim
  • Teeth and holes designed to keep all facial hair in place
  • Highly anti-static


  • Awkwardly and excessively small, making it difficult for the hands
  • Can bend from force

Why choose it?

  • It’s unique, light, and super-thin.

06. Kent Set of Combs- 81T Beard and Mustache Comb

A new generation set of beard combs packed, molded and shaped to give you the toughest makeover, this Kent product proves to be an A-lister!

If you’re looking for a set of beard combs purely made from cellulose acetate, you’ll be overjoyed by this one!

Dubbed by many as the new generation set of combs, this upgraded Kent product proves to be a genius. A genius grooming tool with rounded teeth edges, it’s sure to please your skin.

By the looks of it, this product functions as an upgrade of traditional Kent beard and mustache comb. It turns into a set of three this time though. And users just couldn’t help getting crazy over it.

There aren’t that many updates in its features though, except that one comb feature is foldable. The fine teeth and overall shape of the combs were favorably retained.

Mildly-scented and handmade-molded to contain facial hair frizzes, this set of 3 is known to shape, condition, and rehabilitate facial hair growths.

This is made possible through the very shape of its teeth. The teeth hold anti-static qualities, enabling it to properly stimulate high points of the skin under the hair. With that secured, the combs indirectly nourish, condition and correct facial hair growth.

If not for the slight presence of plastic in its frames, a not-so-sturdy reputation (particularly on the foldable comb mechanism), and a bulky package, the product would’ve been perfect.

What do you think of the product though? See the product in a bigger picture here.


  • Handmade cellulose acetate
  • Fine-toothed
  • Rounded teeth tips and edges
  • Teeth massages the skin
  • Hair –growth corrector
  • Comes in 3 sizes with a foldable comb


  • Bulky package
  • Has a synthetic plastic ingredient
  • Not-so-sturdy foldable comb tool

Why choose it?

  • It comes in 3 choices.  It’s sleek and its fine-teeth mechanism pleasures the skin.

07. Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb for Beards, Mustaches and Head Hair

Give it your loudest cheers— the Striking Viking brand strikes “wow” on our list!

Known by many as the finest-toothed comb product in the market, this tool proves to be the best wooden beard comb for on-the-go users!

As you can see, it requires the least strokes!

More so, its wide-spaced teeth have proven to effectively detangle messy beard, condition the hair and keep it in place for the rest of the day.

This is somehow its problem though. It’s so invested with the beard that it falls flat on other hairs in the face. Perhaps, it works on the mustache.  Many have tried it on other facial hair— but it just won’t work as effectively as it does on the beard.

Quite unfair, isn’t it?

But anyhow, it works with conspicuous accuracy. You can thank its ergonomic design, easy handle and all-natural (Sandalwood) woodwork for that.

Finally, it’s naturally-scented so that using it every day enhances your mood! Any “sandalwood” quality for that matter should keep a smile on your face. Lastly, that natural scent doesn’t just exist for that reason though.

That particular scent yielded by the beard comb indicates that there is high anti-static energy coating the beard comb teeth.

Its foldable mechanism is nothing short of impressive!

It makes an easy slip and pull off the pocket. Ultimately, the foldable mechanism keeps the beard comb in a very compact and light state.

What do you think of the product? Do you think it deserves its place on the list? Check out its pros and cons here.


  • Foldable mechanism
  • All-natural handmade woodwork
  • All-natural scent (sandalwood)
  • Fully anti-static
  • Fine-toothed
  • Rounded teeth tips and edges


  • Only works for beard and mustache
  • Wobbly screw (on a foldable hinge)
  • Not-so-durable package

Why choose it?

  • Besides a ‘Striking Viking’ stamp of greatness, this one product has an ergonomic design and is built to correct your messy and frizzy beard!

08. BEARDOHOLIC Beard Comb, Fine Toothed, Anti Static

Finally! A Beardoholic product for all-hair-types lands a place among the best. It’s simpler, yet it has gotten better!

A simple beard grooming comb for all facial hair types, this updated beard comb product by Beardoholic has been praised by many users for its ability to detangle mats and keep facial hairs in their pristine condition.

How’s it able to do that?

Well, the fine-toothed edge penetrates through every single strand for starters. And, it does not miss one. While it does its thing, it activates high points in the skin underneath the hair, relaxing the skin to an optimum pleasure.

Refined by sturdy woodwork, this 13.5cm simple beard comb proves to be an easy handle. Very light and small, it can fit any pocket sizes.

External impacts don’t seem to pose a threat on this Beardoholic beard comb because its thin body had since been braced for it. This enables the beard to absorb external forces, and not break from the pressure.

This exact same feature of the comb makes it a multifunctional tool. As such, it can trim, maintain and style all facial hairs.

Yes. All facial hairs you can name. It’ll satisfy you to a point of surprise so that you can even use it on your head hair.

The only main drawbacks users complain against the product is the fact that it’s a lone tool and doesn’t come with a kit, a set of teeth that easily chips off (teeth are too thin) and a tendency to react with other applications.

Hold it. Before you give it a thumb, go through its pros and cons.


  • Fully anti-static
  • Easy handle
  • Simple, basic, and effective combing style
  • Fine-toothed
  • Works on all facial hair types
  • Highly durable


  • Doesn’t come with a kit
  • Teeth easily chip off
  • Reacts with hair products and oils

Why choose it?

  • It’s super light and easy to handle
  • Effective on all hair types.

09. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Hair Comb- Wood

Earning a well-deserved place in this list, this classic Rocky Mountain beard comb guarantees to give you more hair styling options!

This classic Rocky Mountain barber beard tool couldn’t go any more classic!

The product guarantees to empower you with styling options.


It has a solid design, made convenient by its solid grip.

-A set of multiple-sized teeth.

-Fine wood material quality,

-And an ergonomic shape.

Fine-toothed and fine-scented, the comb can please your skin. More so, using it doesn’t require too much effort and too many strokes. Its multiple-sized teeth can hold hair very effectively.

The strong teeth have also been proven to penetrate through the hair, from whence they nourish the follicles in and out.

The nourishment lies in its scent and its solidly anti-static edges. Respectively, the entire process stimulates the skin and, at the same time, releases keratin nourishments for absorption in the follicles.

It may look simple but it actually formulates complicated chemical activities in the hair!

By the looks of it, this type of beard comb fits those who love to take time in their grooming routine, and who’d love to innovate with their styling option.

What seems problematic about the product, however, is its tendency to snag hair, and inconsistent spacing of the teeth and a weak set of teeth.

Do you think it deserves its place on our list? Zoom it in and check out its pros and cons.


  • Fully anti-static
  • Fine-toothed
  • Solid and ergonomic design
  • Easy handle
  • Holds and styles hair effectively
  • Fine-scented


  • Doesn’t come with a kit
  • Teeth easily chip off
  • The inconsistent spacing of teeth
  • Teeth can snag hair
  • Combing takes time

Why choose it?

  • This superior Rocky Mountain beard comb is a classic— it’s been a long-time favorite among expert users for years now!

Top 3 Essential Benefits of Combing Your Beard

Combing the beard, given that it’s done properly, trains the beard hair to retain shape.

Combing has since become an essential routine for any man who’s either growing or maintaining a beard.

According to most grooming experts, more than half of the general population of men who comb their beards end up with finer beard shapes.

The beard responds very well to the constant tidying of anti-static materials.

Perhaps, this is where the secret lies— in the anti-static material. There’s a major difference between using a fully anti-static comb from an ordinary one. The latter ends up sabotaging the beard hair while the former keeps the hair in place.

Thus, you ought to be careful with the kind of comb you’re using!

We don’t want to cause damage to the beard hair instead, would we?

Accordingly, that’s what we closely refer to as proper combing. Of course, there is more to proper combing than meets the eye. This issue tends to be the most immediate.

Meanwhile, combine the beard is too good to be true! In the same way, there’s more of its benefits than meets the eye.

Now, let’s get to know the top 3 essential benefits of combing your beard.

Take ‘em all in!

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1. Combing keeps the beard tangle-free, hydrated, smooth and brilliant

Does that even need expounding?

The picture says it. It’s simple and it’s plain.

If you’re wondering how combing does it—well, picture this.

Imagine a constant combing activity in the hair. Chances are, the hair follicles are stimulated to release all nutrients together with the new batch of growing hair.

2. Distributes essential oils evenly along with the beard.

The proper application of essential oils in the hair and skin would be impossible without the aid of specialized beard combs.

Full absorption and even distribution of oil in the hair and skin are the two main functions of combing!

3. Keeps the itch and frizzes away

Combing activates the pores, conditions the hair and facilitates the smooth circulation of blood in the skin.

With the right circulation, the skin can evenly utilize a significant amount of collagen from the cells, preserving its own and hair in the process.

Lastly, this whole process keeps the beard hair and skin from flaking. And, flaking happens to be one of the major causes of beard itch. Nevertheless, since this whole improvement in the collagen system hydrates the hair, frizzes are also kept at bay.

Top 3 Effective Methods for Combing the Beard

Combing methods vary depending on how you want your beard to yield.

One method involves brushing the beard first before combing it. This usually yields longer and shaggy beards.

Another method involves soaking the comb in hot water and then letting it clutch into the beard hair for 5 minutes. Such a process allows the water to drip into the strands for full absorption.

Upon absorption, the next step involves combing the beard sideways and then washing it again. And the remaining steps require applying conditioner on the hair.

After cleaning and drying up the beard, the ultimate step would be to apply beard oils.

The latter method delivers for the purpose of fast and easy trimming, styling, and maintenance.

Obviously, combing methods vary and even come in numbers. And some methods even develop from improvisations.

But despite the infinite emergence of developed combing methods, three (3) universal and generic methods stand out.
Get your hands oily with the top 3 effective methods for combing the beard.

1. Always, always, always apply beard oil!

Now, this works as a template step. It’s everywhere.

Applying beard oil is a moral code in all grooming routines!

Beard oils may exist in various essential oil sources, but they all work for the same purpose.

That purpose is to lubricate the combing action.
And, as a rule of thumb, keep this in mind- never comb the beard dry.

2. Stick with the trusted bottom-up strokes!

If you’re wondering why you always encounter this tip in almost all combing methods, you’re not alone.

The bottom-up stroke has become a template in all methods for its effectiveness. Such a stroke enables you to explore the full capacity of the hair grain.

Beyond following the grain, the bottom-up stroke effectively softens the beard. And this proves to be most satisfying for those with coarse hair quality.

In addition to these, the method rids the beard hair off of dry skin, dust, bacteria, and other irritants.

It has worked for all and it’ll definitely work for you!

The bottom-up stroke method is complemented by the sideway strokes for the mustache. Furthermore, this method effectively shapes the mustache.

3. Comb up and down!

Now, this method can follow right after the bottom-up stroke method.

This ensures that oil is evenly distributed in the hair and skin. Obviously, this method is imperative when you’re applying oil into the beard.

Combing up and down also promotes faster hair growth. In a way, this massages and relaxes significant points in the skin. But this particular method can be crucial if you aren’t aware of the difference between a brush and a comb.

Given that you already know the difference, don’t ever execute this method using a beard brush. Just don’t.

Note: Combing the beard more than twice a day is okay if you’re applying beard oil and if you’re using a full anti-static sandalwood comb. If none of these conditions apply in the circumstance, then don’t ever comb more than twice, or perhaps, never at all.

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Why is this so important?

The beard, like all facial hairs, requires certain concentrations of sebum or natural oil in them.

And excessive combing can actually hinder the production of the natural oil, therefore robbing the skin and hair the chance to self-hydrate.

It goes without question that proper combing is done meticulously. And proper combing demands your perusal of the right tools and the right routines.

The methods, routines, and steps exist with a logic behind them.

Most of all—you should be able to develop the knack for choosing the best beard combs.
Try Ronmence, Beardoholic and Kent combs for a start. These brands should be great for beginners!

How to Properly Care for Beard Combs after Use

Beard combs, regardless if it’s high-maintenance or not, deserve to be taken care of.

If you’re eyeing for a beard comb that could last a lifetime, then you should observe these steps on how to properly care for beard combs after use.

Listen to your comb coz’ it’s speaking to you!

When you’re using a wooden beard comb for the first time:

  1. Coat it with a generous amount of beard oil.
  2. Wipe it off with a tissue.
  3. Distribute the oil evenly into its body.
  4. Allow the oil to absorb overnight.
  5. Wipe it clean again with a tissue the following morning.
  6. Enjoy it.

When you’re using it again after a long time:

Do the same process except that you may not have to let it soak overnight.

Do your own cleaning after the coating process. You can utilize a brush to remove some residues in between the teeth.

When cleaning all types of combs (wood, acetate, metal, stainless, and plastic), follow these simple steps:

  1. Soak the comb in moderately warm water for 10 minutes.
  2. If you still see some residues within the teeth, scrape it off with fine-bristled brush.
  3. When all cleaned, rinse the comb thoroughly.
  4. Dab it with a clean cloth after.
  5. Leave to dry.

When storing all types of comb after use:

  1. Contrary to practice, don’t store the comb in humid or moist areas. Instead, store it in closed rooms, cabinets, etc.
  2. If there isn’t any safe space in your home, wrap your dry comb with a fine cloth. Make sure to wrap it tightly.
  3. Slip the wrapped comb under the pillow or the bed.


Combing the beard (or the facial hairs) makes it beautiful and clean to look at.

Certainly, combing is a basic, template method the world uses over.

Cultures in the world even practice beard combing as a central part of their rituals.

Beard combs may undergo innovations in their appearances and features but not in their function.

The beard comb’s core functions remain intact—and these are to shape, transform, style, maintain, and clean your beard hair!

The best beard comb brands like Ronmence, Kent, Beardohlic, Hunter Jack and a lot more testify to the perennial significance of beard combs in the lives of the bearded men!

But a beard comb is of course, never enough for it deems to be complemented by effective grooming routines, methods, and personal decisions.

And, the key player of it all? Guess who—

Well, that would be YOU.

Top FAQs About Beard Combs

Is a wooden beard comb better and safer to use?

Yes. It should be better than plastic, metal or stainless. But it simply can’t beat the effectiveness of cellulose acetate combs.

Can excessive combing cause damage to the beard hair?

Yes and no. Contrary to certain beliefs, excessive combing doesn’t hurt the beard hair. So it can only become damaging if done dry (without beard oil).

How many times should I comb my beard in a day?

The standard is twice a day or when it’s needed.

Does combing promote beard growth?

Yes. It indirectly does.

Why can’t I use ordinary or regular combs on my beard?

Ordinary, regular, and non-specialized combs are not anti-static. Thus, they can be counter-productive to the beard such that they can dry out and damage their hair instead.

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