Get Stylish Curls With the 10 Best Automatic Curling Iron in 2020

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Best Automatic Curling Iron

A flat iron will always be present in a girl’s drawer. It’s a go-to beauty tool whenever you want to look fab on a date without having to go to the salon. Besides, salon styling can cut a hole in your wallet. Not to mention, you often end up disappointed with the results.  We are reviewing the best automatic curling iron in this review and guide to make your life easier.

While you’re already in love with the magic that your curling iron can do, you’ll fall head over heels with an automatic hair curler!

10 Best Automatic Curling Iron (A Product Review)

Why? Because it’s an upgraded version of a tool that you already love! Let’s get into details one by one in this review. And we’ve rounded up our top 10 picks for the best automatic curling iron!

Ready your tresses and we’re going to get you all glammed up, version 2.0!

1. FINITIPRO (Curl Secret)

best hair curlers

Curl Secret has three different style settings that you can choose from. You can get that sexy beach weaves and unique curly ringlets with just one tool.


  • Has 3 temperature settings
  • Has a built-in timer
  • Built with an internal barrel that eliminates fire hazards

INFINITI PRO might work better than your magic wand. It works even for those with longer hair. And the curly can last for hours too.

Some users have experienced tangling issues with it. To avoid such, always use it on dry hair. And be sure to comb your hair with a fine-toothed comb and work the hair in small sections.


  • Has a sleek design
  • Durable
  • The curls hold longer
  • Has less risk of burning or scalding your hands
  • No need to use safety gloves
  • Creates unique curls


  • The curls are a bit inconsistent
  • The curler can only accommodate smaller sections of hair
  • A bit heavy 
  • Has a learning curve
  • Can cause tangles when used on damp hair
  • Not recommended for beginners
  • When wrapped in the wrong direction, it can pull your hair and there’s the risk of burning it. 

Why we love the product

If you’re looking for some unique curls for that party, this curler can help you create that! You can get that loose sexy beach waves to those tight curl ringlets, all with just one curler. And the internal barrel makes it easier to use the product too. There’s less risk of burning or scalding your hands since there are no heated parts exposed

Just be careful and don’t use it on damp hair and get small sections of hair at a time. It also lets you know if you’ve got too much hair in the curler. It will automatically stop.

2. BaBylissPRO

best automatic curling iron

Get well-defined curls that can last for up to 24 hours with BaBylissPRO. The titanium plates let you curl your entire hair in as fast as 15 minutes. This is one of the best from our best automatic curling iron list


  • Built with titanium plates
  • Has a steam option 
  • Built with a nano titanium chamber
  • Complete with 4 timer settings
  • Has 3 heat settings
  • Has 3 curl directions (right, left, and alternating)


  • The curls last for 24 hours
  • The steam option creates more defined curls
  • Lesser risk of pulling the hair
  • Can curl your entire hair in under 15 minutes
  • You have control over the direction of the curls 
  • Creates consistent and perfect curls every time
  • Signals you when it’s time to release the curls from the chamber


  • You need to place just smalls sections of hair into the chamber otherwise it’ll jam
  • Quite expensive
  • If you want to manually style your curls, this isn’t for you

Why we love the product

The curls are well defined and it stays longer! More so if you spritz on some styling gel on your hair. You can even wake up the next day and still have pretty luscious curls. We love the 3 direction curl options that it has. All in all, you don’t need to be creative to get glamorous curls. It can do the styling for you!

And it’s also one of the fastest curlers that we have tried. It all took 15- 20 minutes to curl everything!


curly hair machines

This curler is quite easy to use and you get that luscious and nourished curls in under 20 minutes. 


  • Dual voltage
  • Built with tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Has an anti-scald design
  • Comes with a protective glove
  • Has 3 heat settings


  • Offers 15-month warranty
  • Heats up fast in 30 seconds
  • Durable
  • Doesn’t pull the hair 
  • The power cord is of high quality
  • Can curl, straighten, and style your hair
  • Quite easy to use
  • Great value for money
  • Doesn’t dry the hair
  • Has an ergonomic design
  • The curler is of a professional-grade weight
  • The curl holds for hours even in very thin or fine hair
  • Works for all hair types
  • Has a large LCD


  • Might not work as great for medium length hair or short hair

Why we love the product

This curler is worth every penny! It heats up fast and you get bouncy curls that are soft and smooth. The curls are quite consistent too, it’s consistently fabulous! It’s one of the best automatic curling irons on our list.

4. Vivid & Vogue

best 1 inch curling iron

Infused with advanced ionic technology, you can get soft and smooth curls that last for days with Vivid & Vogue!


  • Dual voltage
  • Has 2 heat settings
  • Equipped with ceramic tourmaline plates
  • Has an anti-scald design
  • Equipped with a 360-degree swivel cord


  • The ceramic tourmaline technology softens your hair as you curl
  • The bristle-like anti-scald design prevents accidental burning of your fingers
  • Quote convenient with a longer cord
  • Has a 2-year warranty
  • Offers 1-year replacement
  • There’s no burnt smell while using this curler
  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • The curls hold for the whole day
  • Has a decent price
  • Comes in a nice girly design
  • Safe for damaged hair ( just use the lowest setting)
  • Works for almost all hair types and thickness
  • Less static


  • Doesn’t work on shorter hair

Why we love the product

If you tend to burn your fingers with your regular curler, you’re going to love this brand. Because we did! We love the safety feature it has and we’ve never seen this before in other curlers. The bristle-like ends on the barrel act as a barrier so that you won’t accidentally touch the hot rod. It’s one of the best automatic curling iron long hair too.

And the curls last for hours and hours! How long did it last without showering? It lasted for at least 3 days!

5. InStyler ( Titanium)

automatic curler review

Get bouncy straight hair or lovely luscious curls with this 2- in-1 Instyler.


  • Equipped with a titanium barrel
  • Straightening and curling iron in one
  • Has 2 heat settings
  • Equipped with an automatic shut off button
  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • Comes with a thermal guard
  • Has built-in bristles for straightening hair
  • Equipped with titanium floating plates

It’s a 2 -in-1 tool that every girl must have!  What sets it apart is that it can straighten your hair without making it look flat and dull. The round barrel creates sleek hair with a bit of volume. And you can also create loose beach waves or soft curls with its titanium barrel.


  • A 2-in-1 tool for straightening and curling
  • Creates bouncy sleek hair
  • Reduces frizz and makes hair shiny
  • Convenient to use with its longer cord


  • Can pull the hair a bit
  • The heat seems lacking. You need multiple passes to get a sleek finish.
  • Doesn’t do much for coarse and thicker hair

Why we love the product

You can straighten and curl your hair with just one tool! We love how it softened the hair and the frizziness was gone too. Don’t you hate it when your straightened hair looked like it was pasted on your scalp? This 2-in-1 tool does a pretty good job in straightening your hair too. it can give you smooth sleek hair with just the needed volume. One of my favorite from best automatic curling iron list.

And you can go from sexy beach waves to romantic soft ones with just one tool.


best curling iron for short hair beach waves

Lightweight and with a dual voltage, this curler is easy to pack in your suitcase for your travels.


  • Has an automatic shutoff feature
  • Equipped with a 1-inch ceramic-coated barrel
  • Dual voltage
  • It comes with a cover and heat guard for the barrel, and a stand.
  • The curls created by this automatic iron are looser

This curler creates even consistent heat that makes curling faster. And there are no hotspots so your locks are safe from burning. Additionally, it creates an even and consistent curls with every roll. This our budget friendly pick in our best automatic curling iron list


  • Durable
  • Great for travels 
  • Works for short and color-treated hair
  • The accessories make it more convenient for use ( stand and heat guard)
  • Creates nice curls
  • Heats up quickly
  • Curls hair faster


  • The off button could have been placed somewhere better. It’s located in an area where it can be easily pushed by the hand as you curl.
  • Can’t hold curls for thicker hair
  • Can get hot

Why we love the product

It’s a curler that’s meant for traveling! Its lightweight, has dual voltage, and it comes with a safety guard for the barrel. So you can easily slip the curler into the cover and pack it in your suitcase. And it heats up fast too. So you get curls in half the time. It’s always about rush when you’re traveling right? 

And if you’re looking for the perfect mermaid waves, this is your go-to automatic curler!

7. Instyler MAX

Best Hair For Box Braids

You can straighten, curl or stylize your hair in half the time using just one tool. 


  • A straightener and curler in one
  • Made with tourmaline ceramic plates
  • Built with 4 heat settings
  • Has an automatic shut off button
  • Has a 2-way rotating head


  • Can straighten coarse curly hair with only two passes
  • Leaves a nice shine to the hair
  • Lesens frizziness 
  • Lightweight
  • The ionic plates ensure even heat distribution


  • Tends to pull the hair
  • A bit expensive
  • Quite difficult to clean
  • The bristles tend to fall off 
  • Has a learning curve

Why we love the product

If you want to get nice loose curls without spending too much time, then this 2-in-1 curler is for you. And if you’re curling your hair daily, this brand won’t make styling seem like an arm workout. It’s lightweight and very easy to handle. 

It’s very convenient to use every day and cuts your styling time in half. All you need is less than 30 minutes to get your hair all glammed up!

8. CONAIR ( Fashion Curl)

Style and nourish your locks at the same time with Fashion Curl’s advanced tourmaline technology.


  • Has 6 ft long swivel cord
  • Infused with tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Features 2 heat settings
  • Has a built-in timer


  • Offers 2-year warranty
  • Works great for almost all hair types
  • Can curl the hair of any length
  • The curls hold for hours
  • Doesn’t tug or pull hair
  • Has a safety sensor that lets you know if you place too much hair in the chamber
  • Tames frizz and flyaways
  • Heats in as fast as 30 seconds


  • Only curls one way
  • Expensive
  • Can get hot

Why we love the product

When a curler gets hot, it’s bound to damage your hair in one way or another. What sets Fashion Curl apart is that you can get curly hair in as little as 15 minutes without all the damage. The chamber can get hot, but it won’t damage your hair strands. It can even keep the frizz and flyaways at bay. And then you’re left with luscious locks that have that healthy shine! You can choose this one from our best automatic curling iron list.

And even if you have short hair, you can still have that dreamy curly hairstyle. It works for almost all hair lengths and hair types.

9. KISS (Ceramic Instawave)

KISS is quite easy to use, you’d just need one hand to get that bouncy soft curls.


  • Has 2 curl directions
  • Features an automatic shut- off button
  • Built with diamond ceramic ion technology
  • Has a patented curl dial
  • Has two heat settings


  • Affordable
  • The ceramic ion technology softens hair and locks in moisture
  • Heats up fast
  • Doesn’t pull or tug the air
  • You have control on when the curler stops twirling
  • The curls last even without styling products
  • Has a 2-year warranty
  • Gives a beeping sound when the curling is done


  • Quite heavy
  • Not for short hair

Why we love the product

This curler is quite easy to use and we love how we have control over it. You can mix and match curl directions for a more natural-looking style! The curls are all soft and bouncy, all thanks to its diamond ionic technology. It seals in the moisture in your hair strands and makes it softer.

10. Irresistible Me (Moonstone)

Best Automatic Curling Iron

Irresistible Me can create more defined spiral curls. With its built-in steamer, you get more defined curls every time.


  • Auto rotating steam curler
  • Comes with a cleaning brush and plastic water bottle
  • Has a steam function
  • Built with 3 temperature settings
  • Has a curl direction control


  • Heats up fast
  • Has an automatic shut off feature
  • Has a one year warranty
  • Equipped with a long swivel cord ( 7 ft)
  • Has an affordable price
  • The curls hold up all-day
  • Lightweight


  • Hair can get stuck in the chamber if placed in the wrong direction
  • A bit time consuming
  • Not that durable

Why we love the product

It has a built-in steam function where you can put your hair products. You just need to choose the steam function and you can apply the products as you curl! That saves you on time and the steam allows the products to penetrate your hair strands better. 

You can also go from a natural look to more defined curls with the curl direction system. If you want a more natural look, you can simply choose the auto option. And if you’re after that raving defined curls, just use the right and left settings alternatively and you’re all glammed up!

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Automatic Curling Iron

These curlers are pretty convenient and if you’d ask us, it’s a must-have for every girl! No more rushing in the morning to get your hair done. And you can forget about the sky-high salon costs.

But before you hit that buy button, there are several things that you have to consider before deciding what brand to buy.

1. The size of the barrel

The small barrel gives you tighter curls and bogger barrel gives you loose curls. It’s important to get the right barrel size for your preferred style. You don’t want to end up with ringlets if you’re hoping for sexy beach waves.

If you want to get a variety of styles, get brands that have interchangeable barrels. 

2. User-friendly

Some automatic curling irons have a bit of a learning curve. If you’re new to all this curling and twirling sesh, better opt for a brand that can be used by beginners.  

You also have to consider the handle. Does it have an ergonomic design? Getting a good grip on the curler is important to get that perfect curl.

3.Heat settings

Most automatic curlers have about 2-3 variable heat settings. Some curlers can go up as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit.Why is that relevant? The level of heat affects the outcome of the curls. Higher heat settings can produce more defined curls. 

4. How fast does it heat up?

One of the reasons why girls go gaga over automatic curler is how fast it can curl up the hair. An ideal curler should heat up in as fast as 30 seconds. Well, the best automatic hair curlers in our list won’t disappoint!

What is Automatic Curling Iron?

If you love luscious curls, you’re in for a big treat!

An automatic curling iron is a revolutionary hair tool that automatically curls your locks. You just need to hold the curler in a certain position and it will instantly suck the hair and curl it. You can say goodbye to manually twisting your long locks on the barrel. It can curl you in half the time!

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An automatic curling iron can save you a lot of time. And there is a myriad of lovely curls that you can get with just one tool. You can go from those sexy loose beach locks to tight curls for that party at your favorite bar. 

An automatic curling iron can make your life easier. 

Styling is made easier and what’s more, fun is that you can always personalize it! It’s all in your hands. And that also means fewer trips to the salon whenever you need dreamy curls for a special occasion.

And if you’re directionally challenged, an automatic curling iron would be your magic wand.

Pretty neat, huh?

Let’s see exactly how one works.

How Does an Automatic Curling Iron Works?

While a traditional iron requires you to twirl your locks around a barrel and wait for the heat to develop your curls, an automatic iron word differently.

An automatic iron does the work for you! You just have to place your hair strands in the chamber, then the curler will suck in your locks and twirl it! You just to hold the curler in one position and just wait for it to its magic! 

So is an automatic iron superior over the traditional ones?

Let’s see what differentiates the former from the latter and we’ll let you decide!

Automatic Curling Iron vs. Traditional Curling Iron: The Rivalry

Technology has grown in leaps and bounds. And even your curling iron has undergone several amazing upgrades too. 

A traditional curling iron is always a staple in a girl’s vanity desk. It lets you get that curls for your date night without having to go to the salon. It’s cheaper already and quite a convenient right? 

But with the birth of the automatic curling iron, hair curling has stepped up another notch. And that means more convenience.

 Let’s see what each tool has to offer

1. Traditional curling iron

  • Requires you to wrap your hair around a barrel
  • Has only one heat setting
  • You can achieve only one style per hair iron
  • May take some time to have your entire hair curled, especially if it’s quite thick
  • You don’t have any control over the heat settings. 
  • Doesn’t have any timer
  • Doesn’t have any automatic shutoff button
  • Lacks LCD
  • Doesn’t have options for curl directions
  • The curler can’t tell you when the curling is done.
  • Has a learning curve

2. Automatic curling iron

  • Has several heat settings
  • Has an automatic shut off button
  • Features an LCD
  • It tells you when the curling is done
  • You can use one single hair iron for a variety of curl styles
  • Lets you change the direction of the curls
  • User-friendly
  • Curls your hair faster
  • More comfortable to use since you just need to hold it in one position
  • Has a built-in timer

Seems like someone is already at the winning end. Automatic flat irons rotate itself and give you a myriad of styles to try. But there are instances when a traditional curling iron rates better than the automatic ones. Choosing best automatic curling iron is difficult tasks.


Most automatic curling irons work great for long hair but don’t fare well with a bob or a shorter hairstyle. Only a few automatic curlers can accommodate shorter hair. But with the traditional curler, every brand can be used for shorter hair lengths.

How to Curl Hair With an Automatic Curling Iron

How to Curl Hair With an Automatic Curling Iron

Styling with an automatic curling iron might seem intimidating at first. Not to mention, there’s always that fear of the iron pulling and yanking your hair in the chambers. It indeed happens in some cases. But it happens when the curler wasn’t used properly and if you insisted on curling too much hair at once. 

It creates dreamy curls like magic, but it’s not a magic wand! 

So don’t expect that it can curl all sections of your hair at a time. 

To avoid such from happening, let’s take a quick rundown on how you should use your automatic hair curling irons. Even the best hair curling tools require proper use to get the best results!

1. Remove the knots and tangles from your hair. You can use a wide-toothed comb for this. Tangles and knots can cause a jam in the chambers and might yank your hair. 

 And since your hair is going to be subjected to direct heat, consider applying a heat serum or protectant first.

Make sure to apply the product all over your hair. You may also use products that can help seal in the curls so that it would last longer.

2. Wait for the product to dry. You must curl with dry hair. Wet or damp hair will cause tangles and jam the curler. And not to mention, it might cause damage to your hair. So wait a bit and it’s going to be worth it!

3. Section your hair into two layers, and clip the upper layer. It’s easier to work with the bottom section first.

4. Turn on your curler and choose your desired setting. Most automatic curlers have these settings- the temperature, the direction of the curls and the length of time.

Some curlers will let you know when it’s time to let go of the curls, but for another brand, you decide how long you want those locks inside the chamber.

5. Place the curler an inch from the roots of your hair. Get a small section of your hair and place it inside the curler. Make sure to place the curler in the right direction, otherwise, it can pull the hair and damage it. 

6. The curler will automatically suck in the hair and curl it. All you need to do is watch it! Some curlers will make a beeping sound when it’s time to release your hair from the chamber. Do the same thing to the rest of your hair.

And there you have it! Effortless dreamy curls that won’t even take 30 minutes!


Does the Tyme iron turn off on its own?

Tyme iron doesn’t have any automatic shut off button. So you have to be mindful when using it otherwise it can cause a smoky disaster.

Do hot tools curling irons turn off automatically?

No, Hot Tools curling iron doesn’t turn off on its own. It lacks an automatic shut off system. So always make it a habit to turn it off immediately after curling your hair.

Is a curling iron or wand easier to use?

A curling wand heats up fast and creates more loose beach wave curls. The downside is that you have to manually twirl the hair on the wand. Curling irons, on the other hand, can give more defined curls that are shinier.

The choice between the two would depend on what look you’re going for. Wands are relatively faster to use but the curls aren’t that shiny and don’t stay long. On the other hand, iron curls may take more time to use but it creates shinier and more luscious curls.

Do curling irons damage hair?

Since you’re applying direct heat to your hair, yes it can damage the hair. To lessen or prevent heat damage, look for brands that are equipped with tourmaline ionic technology. This innovation helps seal in the moisture and protect your hair from excess heat. Also, using hair protectants can save your tresses from being fried with excess heat. 

The best ceramic curling iron can also lessen the risk of heat damage. Ceramic is more preferred when it comes to heat the hair. The hair is heated from the inside out and this doesn’t fry the hair.

Is it bad to curl every day?

Again, your hair will be subjected to direct heat every single day, so there’s a possibility that it can damage your hair. Getting the best hair curler with advanced technology ( such as ceramic tourmaline) can lessen that damaging effect.

How can I sleep with curls without ruining them?

If you still want to enjoy your curls the next day, that’s possible. There are several ways to keep that head of curly hair for the next day. You can either wear a bonnet and pile your curls on top of your head or just put it up in a bun before hitting the pillows.


Ah, those dreamy and luscious curls! You can wear these bouncy curls every day and not have to shed money for salon treatments!

Automatic hair curlers are fast and convenient. As much as these are magic tools, there are certain precautions that you need to take. Remember, it’s still direct heat that you’re dealing with.

  • Always curl when your hair is dry, never use a curling iron on wet or damp hair
  • Curl in the right direction. Otherwise, it could result in yanking and pulling of the hair, which will eventually lead to a jam in the curler. Makes sure to read the instruction manual before using it.
  • Divide hair into small sections and never insist on curling too much hair at a time.

With the best automatic curling iron, go from flat hair to fabulous curls in under 30 minutes. And you’d look like you just came out of the salon too!

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