Beard Trimming With Scissors: The 2019 Guide


Nothing screams masculinity other than having a nicely grown beard to show off. Perhaps a beard truly is a man’s crowning glory!

However, growing out a beard isn’t as simple as it looks. Comparable to women with all the skincare and haircare that they do, maintaining a beard is nearly just as crucial!

And believe it or not, men need and want to groom, too!

Maybe not as fancy as women do… but you get the point?

As for having a beard, it’s as easy as combing your hair and applying a tad bit of a beard balm to get things under control. It requires a lot more than that – way more than that, actually!

And did you know that your beard has the power to alter the way you look?

Yes, it does!

Do take full advantage of it by keeping it tidy and well-groomed!

Should You Trim Your Beard?

The quick answer here is YES, you should trim your beard!

Unless you are into the whole sloppy-looking-I-don’t-really-care beard look, then so be it.

But really, who in the world wants that? We know for a fact that we don’t! So, we highly suggest giving your beard a trim every once in a while.

And just like your hair, giving your beard a quick tidying is just about as important as getting a regular haircut! Plus, regularly getting a trim doesn’t just keep it all coiffed up, it also keeps your beard healthy and fuller!

Now, if you ask, “is a beard trim necessary?” The answer here is totally dependent on you. You may or may not find it necessary to grab a pair of scissors and start snipping.

But for us, and based on our personal experiences on growing out a beard, a regular trim should be treated as maintenance.

If you’d ask us, it’s highly advisable to stick to a beard care routine!Why so?

Keep reading!

Why Should You Trim Your Beard?

And now we know that you’re probably wondering why in the world should you trim your beard when, in fact, you’re actually TRYING to grow it.

We know it sounds kind of contradicting, but there are plenty of good reasons why it’s beneficial to give your facial hair a regular shear!

Before anything else, in order for your beard to grow neatly and nicely, a trim every now and then is deemed necessary! Just letting your beard grow out on itself can be very messy…and trust us, you won’t like it!

That…plus, giving your beard some regular snipping comes with a number of benefits!

The Benefits of Giving Your Beard a Regular Trim

While the main goal of growing out a beard is to generally achieve the length that you want, you’re probably wondering why trim is even necessary.

Well, to give an answer to your question, giving your beard a regular trim comes with a number of different benefits.

Let’s dive into the details!

First and foremost, giving your beard a trim makes it healthier

Remember your regular trips to the barbershop? While you may not know it, getting a regular cut doesn’t just keep your mane short, it also keeps it healthy.

Giving your beard a regular trim also makes the hair look fuller. A regular beard trim also rids of split ends, lifeless, dry, and damaged hairs.

Giving your beard a regular trim encourages fullness

While fullness and trimming seem very contradicting, giving your beard a nice trim will actually encourage it to grow even fuller.

How so? Trimming removes any stray hairs and keeps the beard neat, making it look so much fuller and thicker.

Giving your beard a regular trim rids of split ends

If you think that split ends only happen on your maine, well think again! At some point, your beard may also encounter split ends, depending on how you care for it.

The weather and other factors such as extreme hot and cold conditions all contribute to the risk of your beard getting split ends as well. So regularly giving your beard a good trim helps you get rid of these unwanted and messy split ends.

Trimming Your Beard With Scissors: A Step-By-Step Guide

1.First things first: take a shower!

While this sounds like a total extra work, please don’t skip this part! Taking a shower prior to trimming your beard will do wonders for you! Not only will your beard be free from any trapped dirt, oils, and other debris, you will also feel fresh and clean! Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

2.Next step: pick out the right tools!

Now, this should be a given – picking out the right tools! Since you’re trimming your beard using a pair of scissors, you should pick one that you will only use for this purpose alone.

As a rule of thumb, a good pair of scissors for your beard should have shears that don’t exceed a length of five inches. This length is ideal and allows you to maneuver the scissors comfortably.

Another thing to pick out is a nice comb that you can use to tame your beard prior to trimming. A comb with narrower spaces between the teeth is our most preferred choice. We also recommend going for a comb that isn’t too flimsy.

3. Start combing!

After you picked out the tools for trimming your beard, it’s now time to start combing! Comb it in up and down movements, both going with and against the grain. This way, you’d be able to tell which areas need more work.

4. Next up- shear away!

The technique here is to start trimming from the bottom, slowly working your way up. Also, follow your jawline! That will make things considerably easier for you, especially if this is your first time trimming your beard using a pair of scissors.

And remember- start on your chin area first, following your jawline upwards. This will let you determine the final look of your beard.

Important notes:

  • Keep this in mind- symmetry is key! Trim off equal amounts of hair on both sides. The key here is to slowly but surely snip off any unwanted hair.
  • Don’t go overboard! Remember to take it easy on the scissors and don’t trim off too much too soon.
  • If you’re trimming a relatively shorter beard, it’s best to comb it first against the grain. This will help you determine where to trim and how much length needs to be cut.
  • Don’t forget the aftercare! After you have trimmed your beard, it’s best to apply a conditioning product to it. A beard balm is most commonly used for this purpose, as it generally contains essential oils that will keep your beard soft and manageable.

Frequently Asked Questions on Trimming Your Beard

What’s the best beard trimming scissors?

There is not one single pair of beard trimming scissors that can be regarded as the “best.”

Finding the one that suits you the most is going to be dependent on a few factors, such as your preference, comfortability on using the shears, the length, the thickness, and the texture of your beard.

For the most part, you should consider the quality and size of the scissors that you need. And always keep in mind that the best beard trimming scissors will always be dependent on your personal preferences.

Should you wash your beard before trimming?

While this seems like a no-brainer, yes, you should definitely wash your beard before trimming!

To achieve an overall nice trim, you should make sure that your beard is free from any dirt, oil, and products that you may have used prior to giving it a shear.

Having your beard thoroughly cleaned prior to trimming means you’ll work on it at its most natural state. Think about starting on a clean slate.

However, make sure that you pat dry your beard after the trim and never snip it wet! That way, you’d know just how to precisely trim your beard without ending up with uneven and lopsided results.

Is It Better to Trim Your Beard Before or After You Shower?

The answer here is similar to the previous question. By all means, it’s much better to trim your beard after you shower!

Your beard isn’t just dirt-free after a shower, but its strands are also very soft which makes it ideal for a good trim. However, to avoid an uneven cut, make sure to dry your beard thoroughly before you start snipping!

A wet or damp beard may appear longer compared to its dry state, so be extra cautious on that! You don’t want to cut it longer than you need to!

How Often Should You Trim Your Beard?

How often should you trim your beard depends on how fast it grows. Some may opt to trim it every week or so, keeping the strands neat and making sure there aren’t any stray hairs.

Remember, a regular trim is vital to the final look of your beard. So even if it may sound a bit contradicting, especially if you’re after a certain beard length, a trim will always be necessary!

Does Trimming With Scissors Make Your Beard Grow Thicker?

Trimming your beard with scissors doesn’t necessarily make it grow thicker. And the same thing goes with shaving or using clippers to give your beard some grooming.

The rate of hair growth and thickness depends on your genes. Trimming, regardless if it’s with a pair of scissors or clippers, won’t have an effect on hair growth.

It may give it the “illusion” of being thicker, but really, it’s always going to be the same!

The Final Takeaway

Whether or not you’re trying to grow out a beard like the Vikings, a nice and healthy-looking beard will always need a trim! There are just no in-betweens, or shortcuts to that perfect beard!

And as contradicting as it may sound, growing out a beard and giving it a regular trim are pretty much what you need to achieve a much healthier and fuller looking beard!

Besides, who wants a sloppy looking beard? We know for a fact that we don’t, and so do you!

So go ahead and take our advice! Don’t hesitate to go out there and grab a pair of nice scissors to get the job done!

Just start snipping all those stray hairs away!

You’re just a few trims away from achieving that perfectly bold, full, and manly-looking beard and you might not even know it!

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