How to Trim Your Beard With Scissors: The Ultimate Guide

How to Trim Your Beard With Scissors

Ah! Why SCISSORS? I know I know. It sounds like a drag. Why scissors when you can achieve the desired look with a clipper or trimmer right? 

Picture a scenario where your favorite trimmer or electric shaver ran out of commission and the only tool you have access to is a scissor. You’re in a rush. You don’t have access to a barber now in your neighborhood. Knowing how to work with scissors might work wonders.

Not only while you are a victim of circumstances but knowing how to trim your beard with scissors will help you make trimming and shaving easier if you do it in combination.

Here in this article, you’ll find everything covered starting from why you should trim your beard in the first place to us analyzing the pros and cons of trimming with both trimmers and scissors to guiding you through the steps on how to cut them with scissors in the first place

Let’s Dive In!

Is Beard Trimming Necessary?

We wouldn’t blame you if this question popped up in your head. You are probably currently heading for a monstrous long and luscious beard. Who knows? But hear us out.

Trimming might actually be complementary to your goals instead of being counterproductive. Trimming doesn’t necessarily mean shaving off the entire chunk that you have. Having a better beard does not mean staying away from the razor.

The Reasons and Benefits to Regular Trim

Let’s talk about why you might wanna adopt this into your daily grooming routine. Trimming beard regularly won’t only help you achieve a much fresher look than the average joes but  also keep you super well maintained,

Get rid of stray hair

Sometimes there are flyaways and hair not grown in the right place. This hair stick out from different angles of the face and might cause deformity. So regularly trimming them will help you achieve a better look

Remove Split ends

No More Split Ends

Split ends can be an annoyance. You should trim once every now and then to remove split ends that make your beard messy and curly. You should constantly monitor your hair to make sure you don’t have split ends.


Trimming a beard can prevent clogged pores, dirt. makes beard and face cleansing much easier. And helps ensure proper hygiene.

Uniform appearance

Your facial hair grows at different places at different rates. Sometimes it’s predetermined by genetics. You may have more beard on the left side of your face as opposed to your right. Needless to trimming the beard would make for a more uniform look

No more patchy look

For those with patchy beard trimming the beard might just be the solution. Trimming your beard gives you a much fuller look. While it sounds crazy to think that trimming the beard makes it fuller, it actually is the case.

No more tangled/curly hair

Sometimes these tangled, stubborn hairs become frustrating and don’t leave even with the use of different beard products. That’s why you are better off cutting them. So trim your beard to avoid a knotty mess

Structured Jawline

For those guys out there who do not have the most pronounced jawline growing a beard and contouring it around your chin gives the jaw a more prominent look. Not everyone is born with a great jawline. But trimming accentuates and strengthens the jawline

Promotes attractiveness

One of the most important aspects of attractives as agreed upon by many individuals across the world is symmetry. Things like wearing glasses, getting a haircut with the sides trimmed, and trimming the beard gives you a more uniform and symmetrical appearance. 

Reduced application of products

This should be a no-brainer. Your amount of application of  products such as Bear balm, beard oil, and moisturizer shall depend on the amount of hair you have.

Easier Food consumption

Last but not least trimming your mustache will help make your food consumption easier. Sounds crazy right?

Trimming your beard is a great way to reduce the amount of food and drink which often gets stuck in your beard and mustache. Only guys with a long beard would know the pain

Scissors VS Beard Trimmer

Scissors VS Beard Trimmer

Following are some of the pros and cons of using scissors and beard trimmer to help you gather an overall perspective about the two:


Scissors are a yet effective tool to cut and trim your beard.  Of course, it takes time to master it. Cheap quality scissors can ruin your beard whereas a high-quality one can give  you a more precise and confident trim


  • It has great accuracy
  • Users have better control
  • Cutting length is uniform
  • Can be used to cut hairs in all places like beard, legs, armpits and even moustache


  • Takes a lot of time
  • You need to be patient if you wanna cut bulk hair
  • Very difficult to cut below your chin

Beard Trimmers

Beard trimmers are available in different shapes and sizes. Finding a right pair will help provide speed, ease, and convenience. However, they have their own weaknesses too.


  • Speed and Efficiency
  • Adjustable measurements for consistent length throughout.
  • Easily cut bulk hair
  • Easier to control than scissors


  • Softened look
  • Hairs are rather pointy after trimming
  • Less control here unlike the scissors
  • Not convenient for cutting thick hair or beard
How To Trim A Beard With Scissors

How To Trim A Beard With Scissors

Ah! Finally! The moment you’ve all been waiting for. Time to address the elephant in the room. Here’s how you can trim your beard with scissors:

1. Select The Right Pair

Remember to select the right pair of scissors to cut your beard before proceeding. It’s the most important step to ensure a clean and smooth trim.

2. Wash Your Beard

You must always wash your beard before you let anything touch it. Your beard is a magnet for dirt. So always wash it.

Why? Because you remove all polluting substances and debris in your beard. It allows the beard to get soft and provides you with more convenience while trimming it down.

3. Dry Your Beard

After washing, its recommended you pat your beard dry with a little dampness remaining. You can achieve this by towel drying or using a hairdryer if you want.

4. Comb Your Beard

Comb your beard to make it smooth, detangled, straight as possible. Comb the hair in the direction it usually grows. 

Then comb your hair against the direction of hair growth This gives a fuzzy look to you and your hair sticks out. You’ll also see which areas are fuller so you can even out as necessary. Snip off the tips at first. u can always take off more later if you need to.

5. Do One Side First

Choose a side to start with, Use comb as a guide. Make sure that the comb is adjusted to the desired length before you trim.

Keeping it in place, take your scissors with the other hand. Gently snip the hairs off  that stick out from the comb.  Run it through your beard hair at an oblique, and cut more hair protruding from your comb

6. Clean the Neck

Always ensure that the length of the hair in your neck is never greater than that of your chin. Observe your hair growth in the neck by simply looking at the mirror to give yourself a visual. Don’t grow hair beyond the chin area. If you don’t get it right, you get a messy beard.

7. Don’t Forget The Mustache

Comb the mustache hair straight down the growth. Remove any hair that falls below your lip line.

8. Do It For The Other Side

Repeat all the above steps and do the same for trimming down hair for the other side of the face

9. Snip Off Stray Hairs

After following the above steps, look in the mirror and simply snip off any stray hairs that remain. This step is to give you a more neat look with no flyaways. The focus should be on cutting individual strands.

10. Wash Your Beard

It’s always a good practise to see if there are any stubbles or remaining hair left after cutting. If so, clean them.

After you’ve achieved your desired look gently wash the beard to prevent them from getting on your food, pillows or clothes

11. Use Beard Oil

As always, here we try to put equal emphasis on just trimming but post trim activities as well. Apply some good quality beard oil working it evenly through your beard with a comb for a finishing touch.

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