The Best Beard Oil for Fast Beard Growth in 2020


Facial hair has become a trend nowadays. No one looks more fashionable than a well-groomed bearded man like Robert Downey Jr. or Jason Momoa. But if your beard isn’t thick as theirs, can you grow one fast?

Fortunately, there’s a product to help you grow your beard.

Introducing the beard oil! It contains several conditioning ingredients, such as argan oil and jojoba oil that can get you that sexy beard fast! These nourishing oils help to condition the beard so they grow healthier and thicker.

Does beard oil work? That is often asked by many. We’ll try to answer that and give you tips on how to grow a beard fast and how to use beard oil below.

What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a light moisturizer that can be applied to your entire beard in a snap! Its liquid form makes it effective in hydrating the skin beneath your beard. Unlike balms, your skin absorbs beard oil at a faster rate.

No to gloss or shine! Beard oil gives a matte finish to your facial hair. A little of this oil will tame the most unkempt facial hair. It can also remove dandruff.

Your beard oil can also double as your cologne! You just need to add your favorite essential oils and voila, you have your all natural cologne and beard grower in one!

What constitutes beard oil? It’s usually made up of two ingredients: carrier oils and essential oils.Look for the right blend of these two ingredients and you get yourself a potent beard oil to maintain your beard.

What Does Beard Oil Do?

Generally, beard oil is used to maintain facial hair. It makes your beard look polished and moisturized, very fitting for the dashing man that you are! Imagine running your fingers through a soft expensive silk. That’s what beard oil does to your facial hair.

This oil is really necessary if your facial hair is thin and quite dry. While it promotes facial hair growth, it also nourishes the skin and makes it healthier. A healthier skin in return is a better grows healthier hair, makes sense? This oil also protects the skin from harmful elements such as air pollution.

The regular use of beard oil helps to eliminate split ends, dandruff, and itchiness. It makes your beard look more shiny and tidy. These are just a few advantages of beard oil.

There’s more in store for you!

Here are the seven great benefits of beard oil:

1. Promotes Beard Growth

If you have a patchy beard or some bald spots on your beard, then a good quality beard oil can help you. There are many reasons why you grow a patchy beard and among them are genetics, dry skin, and beardruff. When the skin beneath the facial hair is suffering from any skin condition, the growth of hair follicles might be disrupted and can cause bald spots.

High-grade beard oil is composed of medicinal and healing ingredients. The oil can go deep into the skin and reduce the symptoms of poor beard growth. It tries to heal the hair follicles and make them grow healthy.

2. Soothes Dry Skin and Itching

Beard oil is great for dry skin and beard itching. Some men might overlook this concern. But if you’re itching incessantly and rubbing your skin raw, then beard oil is what you need. Beard oil penetrates deep into the hair follicles and moisturizes the skin beneath the facial hair.

3. Reduces Dandruff

Beardruff that is! This gets really messy when the dry skin flakes begin to fall on your shirt. Prevention is the best solution to this problem.

It’s a must to use beard oil once you begin to grow your beard. The oil will moisturize the skin beneath your beard and prevent the skin from flaking off.

4. Adds an Invigorating Scent

Aside from the healing benefits of beard oil, this product also helps your facial hair smell like peonies and roses! The scent of the beard oil comes from essential oils. Compared to colognes and perfumes, essential oils provide medicinal benefits.

Cedarwood essential oil, for example, can lift up your mood and kill bacteria. Do take note that the best beard oil formula should also contain a natural carrier oil and essential oil.

5. Aids for Styling

Beard oil can tame even the shabbiest beard. The oil can make your facial hair feel softer and more manageable. This is far better than using an ordinary retail hair styling product from the department store.

Over the counter beard styling products can contain harsh ingredients that can cause more danger than good. Yes, they can help you style your beard but they don’t have the nourishing and hair growing benefits of a beard oil. Furthermore, these products contain chemicals that can irritate your skin and strip away the oil.

It’s easy to determine if the beard styling product contains harmful ingredients or not. If you can’t pronounce any of the ingredients, ditch them because they’re known to be toxins. These complex sounding ingredients may include DMP, Benzylhemiformal, and DMDM hydantoin.

A healthier option to styling gels and sprays is beard oil. It can help groom your beard without the toxins. The best beard oil is cold-pressed and contains no chemical additives.

6. Clears Acne

Acne usually sets in when the hair follicle gets clogged. Beard oil penetrates deep into the hair follicle and tries to remove the blockages. Although it’s made of oil, it doesn’t cause acne, instead, it helps keep it at bay.

Beard oil moisturizes and cleans the skin without clogging the pores. Some of the carrier and essential oils contain amazing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can fight infections and inflammation. This helps reduce acne symptoms and breakouts.

7. Great for Sensitive Skin

Another good thing about beard oil is that it’s gentle even to sensitive skin. It protects the hair shaft without causing any allergies. Nourishing the hair shaft will prevent dryness and breakage.

Does Beard Growth Oil Work?

Yes, the right beard oil can assist the healthy growth of your beard. Beard oil may contain pure jojoba oil and argan oil to help develop the conditions for healthy growth. This means stronger beard that looks thicker and longer.

Beard oils that use jojoba and argan oil help moisturize the skin beneath the beard. They remove dead skin cells and other substances that can obstruct fast beard growth. The right product will go deep into the pores and stimulate a fast beard growth and improve its elasticity.

With the presence of antioxidants and vitamin E, these oils can repair the damage and fortify your beard. Your beard will appear to grow faster as it grows stronger.

It’s important to note that beard oil isn’t some type of magic growth formula that could transform a hairless man into a full-bearded man in just a month. This assumption is usually caused by marketing, but let’s not create more trouble.

No beard oil can extremely create a difference in beard growth but it could help.

Here’s how beard oil can assist in the successful growth of facial hair.

1. Determination to Stop Shaving

For most men, growing a full beard is difficult. There can be many obstacles along the way. The most common hurdle of growing a beard is the itch.

Do you know that strong desire to claw your face off because of the itch? You’re fortunate if you haven’t experienced this kind of feeling. Many men lost it and reach for the nearest razor to chop the hair off.

There are two causes of itch: the growth of new hair and dryness. The itch that you feel is actually the beard hair that gets long enough to curl and prick your skin. This can be very itchy and even cause irritation to the skin underneath.

Dryness usually occurs when your skin and hair lacks hydration. As your beard lengthens, the oil that your skin secretes remains the same. This causes insufficient hydration for your skin and hair.

As mentioned above, beard oil can relieve itchiness and dryness. Beard oil can make the beard softer and the skin beneath moisturized. Some of them even include essential oils that fight bacteria and inflammation.

With the itchiness and dryness gone, you can put down your razor and grow your hair as you desired.

2. Beard Oil Becomes an Addictive Routine

One of the positive traits of beard oil is its invigorating scent. Many enjoy its scent and looks forward daily to apply beard oil after a shower or washing the face. There a variety of scents you can choose from cedarwood to pine.

Some men use the same scent every day while others collect many scents that they can. The fun and thrill of trying different scents create a huge benefit to maintain that beard.

3. Promotes a Healthy Hair Growth Condition

The best vitamin for hair health is probably Vitamin E. The pure variants of beard oils have this vitamin. Some of the refined ones often have fewer vitamins.

Some of the best beard oils contain jojoba, coconut, and argan oils. These oils moisturize and keep the skin healthy to develop hair at a more optimal rate. Some essential oils used in beard oils are known to stimulate the growth of hair.

The natural oils found in beard oils makes your beard soft and nourished. This will result in less breakage and split ends. Beard oil also makes the hair strong, hence creates a thicker hair in the long run.

Aside from the ingredients, the application also contributes to creating the best environment for hair growth. Massaging the oil to hair and skin helps stimulate the growth of hair follicles. As you gently exfoliate the skin, the oils get absorbed easily assisting more optimal growth of hair.

So, yes, beard oil does work but not magically as you might expect. You actually don’t need a beard oil to grow a beard but it sure does make the experience more exciting and pleasurable.

How to Grow a Beard

Some men are lucky that their hormones (testosterone and DHT) allow them to grow facial hair fast. Men who have higher testosterone and DHT levels tend to grow more beard than those with lower levels. If you’re one of those struggling to get a full beard, you can do a few tricks.  

Here are five tips on how to grow facial hair fast.

1. Eat Right

The health of your beard has a close link to your body health. There are several nutrients that can help you grow your beard fast. Here are some of them:

  • Biotin
  • B-Vitamins: Vitamins, B1, B6, and B12
  • Protein
  • Beta-carotene
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium

Your beard will have a high chance to flourish if you follow a well-balanced diet. Here are some functional food that you can include in your diet:

Sweet Potatoes

The beta-carotene found in this root vegetable helps in the cell growth in your facial hair. Beta-carotene transforms into Vitamin A and this will result in more cell development within the beard area.


They’re a good source of protein, biotin, iron, calcium, and zinc. All these nutrients help in strengthening the growth of new hair.


This seafood is rich in zinc. This mineral helps the cells responsible for building hairs.


This vegetable is a good source of minerals including potassium, calcium, and iron. These minerals are essential for the healthy growth of hair. If you don’t like the taste of spinach, mix it with other fruits to create a smoothie.


This spice allows the oxygen to flow into the hair follicles. You can add this to your food for flavor.

You can also get natural beard nutrients in the form of supplements. Take 2.5 mg of biotin daily to increase the growth of your beard. You can get biotin supplements in health stores and vitamin shops.

2. Exercise and Sleep Well

Since testosterone is produced in the body, there are ways to boost it without taking supplements. One of the best ways is to exercise and sleep well.

Several studies found out that resistance training is the best exercise to increase the production of testosterone in your body. Go to the gym or workout in your own home and use dumbbells to lift some weights.

Another way to naturally increase the testosterone in your body is to sleep a lot. Sleep between seven to 10 hours a night. Most testosterone is generated during rapid eye movement (REM) so get more sleep to generate more testosterone.

3. Care for Your Face

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser every morning and night. Clean skin promotes the growth of small hair. Moisturize your face with a cream that preferably contains eucalyptus because this herb helps facial hair to grow fast.

Exfoliate your skin once per week. Use a scrub or an exfoliating mask to remove dead skin cells. This will stimulate the growth of new hair.

Always keep your face moisturized to create a favorable environment for the beard to grow quickly. Check for any ingrown hairs because beards won’t grow on them. Beards grow faster when you’re relaxed so try to manage your stress.

4. Don’t Touch Your Beard!

Wait for your beard to grow fully before grooming. This takes about four to six weeks. Contrary to popular belief, shaving your beard regularly won’t make the beard grow thicker and faster.

Expect the growing beard to be hard. Your face might feel itchy and irritated at this point. If this happens, use beard oil to relieve the itching or rash.

5. Groom Properly

Beards are practically the second group of hair on the other side of your face. If you groom them the same way with your hair, you’ll appear more mature and fashionable.

One of the best grooming products is beard oil which can keep your beard moisturized and smelling good. To remove any tangles, use a boar bristle brush or beard comb.

You can trim your beard to whatever shape but there’s one rule you should observe- never trim too near the area between your neck and chin. That area serves as a nice base for the overall shape of your beard. Leaving the hair on that area too short will make the beard look funny and incomplete.

How Long Does It Take to Grow a Beard?

Before we answer the question of how long to grow a beard, let’s talk about the three phases of hair growth.

1. Anagen Phase

This the most important stage in hair growth and takes the longest. This can take between two months and six years. The growth rate greatly depends on your genetics so your beard can look like a short youngling or a six-year-old hermit.

2. Catagen Phase

This is the stage when your beard stops growing. It lodges in your skin and sits there looking fabulous for a couple of months.

3. Telogen Phase

This is the last stage of the hair growth cycle. At this phase, new hair pushes the old ones out to start in the anagen stage. Hair fall is completely normal at this phase.

Facial hair has a different growing cycle compared to head hair. While head hair can remain in the anagen cycle for several years, most of your facial hair undergoes this cycle in just a couple of months.

Also, facial hair is determined by the testosterone levels in your body so they can be curly even if your head hair is straight.

Going back to the question, the period of growing your beard greatly depends on your preferred style. If you want to grow a thick, full beard, you need to wait for at least a year. A beard grown at this period will extend below your chin and provide a manageable length.

Keep in mind that growing a beard for a whole year doesn’t mean totally not shaving at all. You’ll still need to groom your beard by trimming the dead ends. This will keep your beard healthy and encourage more growth.

To trim, cut half a centimetre of hair every few months. You don’t have to stop growing your beard at a year though. You can grow it for several years until you look like the American rock musician Jack Passion.

Why Can’t I Grow a Beard

Facial hair is often a symbol of manliness but that doesn’t indicate that you’re not manly if you can’t grow a beard. Blame it on genetics why some men can’t grow facial hair. Men begin to grow a beard when they approach the puberty age and they fully mature in their early twenties.

The interactivity of testosterone with hair causes the beard to grow thicker. You might assume that men with a higher testosterone level grow a beard faster but it’s not always the case. The way your body responds to testosterone plays a significant role in facial hair growth.

You grow more facial hair if you’re highly sensitive to testosterone. The drawback is it also sets you down to the baldness path. So for those who have no beard, don’t worry because you’re safe from baldness in the future.

If you can’t grow a beard, you have a condition called the “perpetual baby-face syndrome.”This isn’t a medical disease but many people suffer from it nevertheless. So what can you do?

First, ensure that you don’t suffer from alopecia, which is a condition that makes patients seriously bald. This is caused by a rare mistake in the genes. The immune system inadvertently strikes the hair follicles mistakenly leaving you bald in all areas.

Anemia or iron deficiency might be another reason why you can’t grow facial hair. This can easily be treated. Just follow a healthier diet, avoid stress, and sleep a lot.

How to Apply Beard Oil

A few drops of beard oil can go a long way. It can lightly coat your beard from the roots to the tips. If you live in extreme climate conditions, daily application is needed.

To give you an idea on the right amount of beard oil to use, here are our recommendations:

Beard LengthNumber of Drops
Stubble1 to 2 drops
1 to 2 inches2 to 4 drops
3 to 6 inches4 to 6 drops
> 6 inchesAt least 7 drops

You can apply the beard oil in the daytime or nighttime before going to bed. The timing doesn’t really matter as long as you apply the oil regularly.

If you choose to apply the oil in the morning, do it right after you wash your face or shower. Dry your beard with a towel thoroughly.

Take the required amount of beard oil in your hand. Rub the oil between your palms and spread it evenly from the roots to the tips. For longer beards, use a beard comb or a boars hair beard brush to spread the oil and coat each beard strand.

Massage the oil into the beard and the skin beneath in a downwards motion. The gentle massage can help stimulate the hair follicles to grow. It works the oils into the skin while carefully exfoliating it.

Repeat every day for optimum results.

How to Choose the Best Beard Oil

Now that you know how to grow a thicker beard with beard oil, it’s time to know how to buy the best one. This boils down to personal preference. What scent do you like? What benefits do you want to achieve?

Any brand can claim that they’re the best one but the evidence is on the label. Read the ingredient list and find out if they use a pure carrier and essential oils. The first ingredient on the list is what’s mainly used while the last ingredient is used at the smallest extent.

The first ingredient should be a carrier oil. The next ingredients on the list should be essential oils. Steer away from products that use artificial additives, chemicals, and fragrances because they often irritate the skin.

Here are some things you need to consider when evaluating the ingredients:

1. Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are organic oils derived mainly from nuts and seeds to help dilute essential oils. However, they’re more than just carriers for effective essential oils. Every carrier oil contains a tremendous set of medicinal properties and some of them offer superior moisturizing and healing benefits.

The carrier oil should be non-comedogenic meaning that it shouldn’t clog the pores. Here are the most popular options and their corresponding benefits:

Jojoba Oil

This oil closely resembles the natural oil secreted by your skin. It’s rich in iodine, Vitamin E, vitamin B complex, silicon, and zinc. All of these nutrients are essential for healthy and faster hair growth.

It’s non-allergenic so it’s suitable even to those men with sensitive skin. This oil also helps fight bacteria, fungi, and inflammation.

Argan Oil

Derived from the Moroccan Argan tree, this oil is also another potent carrier oil for fast beard growth. It easily absorbs into the skin and moisturizes both skin and hair.

Argan oil is the best carrier oil to choose for beard maintenance. It helps hydrates and nourishes your beard while repairing hair damage and promoting hair growth. It’s rich in nutrients like oleic acid, vitamin E, vitamin A, and antioxidants.

When applied to the beard, argan oil makes the beard soft, shiny, and frizz-free. Argan oil isn’t greasy so it’s a good leave-in conditioner for the beard. With the fusion of essential oils, an argan oil-based beard oil will help promote beard growth and leave your beard smelling great.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is popular for its skin and hair benefits. It’s rich of saturated fats to moisturize the skin and vitamin E to fight skin aging. While coconut oil works great on hair, this oil gives a pungent smell in your facial hair.

Grapeseed Oil

Unlike coconut oil, grapeseed oil is lighter in consistency. It easily absorbs into the skin without any unpleasant odor. It contains vitamin E, antioxidants, and astringent properties to make the skin firm.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has the same viscosity and qualities of argan oil. It’s mainly composed of monounsaturated fat to increase the testosterone levels in your body. According to a study, the oral consumption of olive oil can increase testosterone up to 17.4%.

Avocado Oil

This oil has almost the same properties to olive and argan oils. It’s monounsaturated and contains low amounts of the polyunsaturated types (PUFA) which suppress the production of  testosterone.

2. Essential Oils

Essential oils give that invigorating scent to the beard oil. The best scent for men is something clean and masculine, like cedarwood. Not only does cedarwood makes you smell manly but it also helps fight bacteria and fungi.

Combine cedarwood with argan oil and you have the best blend to protect your beard from itching and infections. This ideal blend also helps nourish and repair facial hair.

If you read “fragrance” on the ingredient list, ditch it. Look for essential oils that will offer a natural scent to the beard oil formula. Usually, this is a combination of two or more essential oils to generate the desired scent.

Where to Buy Beard Oil

You can buy beard oil in selected drug marts and health stores. There are a lot of affordable options online too. Just make sure that you buy from reputable sellers.

Amazon is a good place to get discounted beard oils. It offers a great variety of brands at different prices. Best of all, they offer free shipping if you have a prime order or when your order surpasses $25.

If you’re looking to purchase some beard oil from your local area, your nearest barber shop is a great place to ask! They might have some stacked in their storage!

How to Make Beard Oil at Home

If you’re a do-it-yourself type kind of person, you can make your own beard oil at home. All you need are bottles, measuring cup, a small funnel, and your choice of carrier oils and essential oils. This will save you the cost of buying a bottle of beard oil in retail or online stores.

Take note that carrier oils and essential oils aren’t affordable. They can cost as much as $10 but they’ll last for very long. You can buy them in health store shops or drug stores.

Carrier oils will be the base of your beard oil recipe. They’ll carry the more powerful essential oils and dilute them to create a soothing formula for your skin. Without these oils, essential oils can actually irritate and burn your skin.

The best carrier oils are jojoba, argan, and sweet almond. Jojoba and argan oils are great for beard growth while sweet almond is good in preventing ingrown hairs and inflammation. Other good carrier oils are coconut, hazelnut, and hemp seed.

Essential oils, on the other hand, offer a good natural scent to the beard oil formula and provide great medicinal benefits. For example, cedarwood helps prevent acne while eucalyptus soothes the skin against irritation. Other good essential oils are lemongrass,  sandalwood, clove, vanilla, etc.

It’s really easy to create your own beard oil. Simply mix the different oils and you’re done. The secret is to experiment with different combinations and find the best formula that suits your needs.

Here are the basic steps of making beard oil.

1. Begin With Carrier Oils

Carefully put two tablespoons of the carrier oil into the 1-oz bottle. Whatever you desired, you can use one carrier oil or mix and match. The key is to get the right scent and choose the oil that best benefits your skin.  

If you bought coconut oil in solid form, melt it first. Put a tablespoon of solid coconut oil on a dish and melt it in hot water. The oil will turn to liquid in a few minutes.

2. Add Essential Oils

Once you’ve made your base carrier oils, add the essential oils of your choice. Use 5-10 drops to create a 1-oz mixture or 3-5 drops for the stronger scents. To avoid contaminating the bottles, use a separate dropper for every oil.

3. Shake and Enjoy

After adding the essential oils in the bottle, place the lid on the bottle and shake it up. Set it aside for a day or two to properly blend the mixture. The best place to store your beard oil is in a cool and dry place.

Now, you can enjoy your own beard formula and use it to groom your facial hair! To use, put a few drops in your fingers and apply in your beard.


Beard oil is a good product to nourish and moisturize your facial hair and the skin. The best blend of beard oil should compose of high-quality carrier oil (such as Argan oil) and an invigorating essential oil. There should be no synthetic ingredients added.

Use beard oil to hydrate, protect itching, and remove beardruff.

Having thick and healthy beard will surely attract the ladies!

Lastly, when purchasing beard oil, make sure that it’s all-natural and contains no toxins and additives.

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