What’s in a Beard & Mustache Wax? – Style Up Your Beard This 2020

Beard and mustache wax play a great role in maintaining your beard in its pristine condition. Without it, your beard would end up dry, brittle and unattractive!

Oil, Balm or wax?

If you want to achieve that all coiffed up look, you need a beard wax to hold that style in place. Moreover, compared to balms and oils, beard wax has superior holding ability.

There are several scenarios wherein the use of a beard wax is warranted. So how do you exactly determine the difference between these three? Which works best?

At this point, let’s hop into the most awaited section!

Everything You Need to Know About Beard and Mustache Wax!

Beard wax is a more concentrated solution that has striking similarities with beard balm and oil when it comes to holding the hair in place.

Besides keeping the hair in place, beard wax strengthens, nourishes and hydrates the hair. As it strengthens the hair, it prevents it from huddling bacteria and fungi and thus, keeps the skin healthy.

Beard wax comes in various textures and essential oil concentrations. While it works perfectly with long beard hair, it also works well with shorter ones. As long as you’re looking for an effective beard hair styling, the beard wax should be able to deliver.

What Makes Up Beard Wax? Let’s Go Deeper Into the Mix

Many are fascinated with how effective beard wax is and they think that it has very complex chemical solutions. But what they don’t know is that it has simple organic ingredients!

You can even concoct your own beard wax.

Here are common beard wax ingredients. Get your pens and paper!

  • Petroleum jelly
  • Pine resin
  • Scented oils
  • Argan oil and other essential oils (shea butter, coconut oil,
  • Beeswax
  • Tallow
  • Lanolin (optional)

The Benefits of Beard and Mustache Wax

Perhaps the idea of sporting a good look is in itself a benefit offered and encouraged by the beard care solutions like beard balm, wax, and oil. Like all products necessitated in a beard care kit, the beard/mustache wax takes care of the beard, outside from styling it.

The beard/mustache wax exhibits unique benefits worthy of perusal.

Here are specific benefits of the beard wax:

  • Trims and trains the beard hair to observe shape
  • Encourages fine texture for the beard hair
  • Holds the beard hair for styling
  • Eases beard grooming routine
  • Conditions the beard
  • Keeps the mustache from getting into the mouth
  • Strengthens beard hair quality
  • Nourishes the beard
  • Hydrates the beard
  • Keeps the skin healthy

Now that we know the ingredients of beard wax, let’s take a look closer at what makes beard wax different from beard balm.

Beard Wax vs. Beard Balm- Which is Better?

If you’re looking for the better one- you won’t find it here! Because, we can’t directly compare beard wax with beard balm!  

Why is that? Both have specific purposes depending on the type of beard hair and usage.

Beard balm introduces itself with its popular main ingredients- shea butter, carrier oils, essential oils, and beeswax. These main ingredients make the beard balm an effective styler and treatment. Beard balm holds the hair in place for a particular period of time. It also conditions the hair, nourishes the skin and most of all, prevents beard itch.

Beard wax, on the other hand, may have the same main ingredients mentioned above. What differentiates it from beard balm is that it has a higher concentration of beeswax.

The high concentration of beeswax enables the beard wax to hydrate the hair. In addition to that, some beard wax solutions add an ingredient called the lanolin in its mixture. The lanolin, an extract taken from sheep wool, makes the beard wax a super hair glue. Despite gluing the beard into place, the beard wax never causes damage compared to ordinary waxes and gels.

Meanwhile, beard balm has nutrients necessary for maintaining a healthy and short beard.

Both the beard balm and the beard wax converge in the grooming business. This should happen during serious hair styling. The order involves applying the beard balm first, and then the beard wax next. The beard balm deeply conditions the hair while the beard wax holds the hair for the longest period of time.

Situations That Demand the Application of Beard and Mustache Wax

Some dire situations require the generous application of beard and mustache wax.

When should you use beard and mustache wax?

  • When the mustache begins to cover the mouth
  • Once the beard begins to dry up and become brittle
  • If the beard loses natural oil
  • In intsances that the beard heavily thickens to a mess
  • If there is incessant itchiness
  • When the beard/mustache becomes too coarse
  • You can use it for styling your beard!

Here’s the Expert Guide on How to Properly and Effectively Apply Beard/Mustache Wax:

Can I just dab it into my facial hair? A big no-no!

There is a proper way to apply the beard and mustache wax.

Go get ready!

  1. Take a shower first and ensure that your beard is clean, you can use your favorite shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Dry your beard and make sure it’s thoroughly washed
  3. Run a comb through your beard. Do this process 3-4 times until the beard gets fluffy.
  4. Apply small portions of beard balm or oil on the base of the beard and mustache.
  5. Let the beard balm/oil soak for 5 minutes.
  6. Scoop out a small amount of wax  with your fingers and place it on your palm.
  7. Start applying wax on the first side of your beard. Then, proceed to the other side.
  8. Add more wax if necessary.
  9. Guide the motion of the wax through the beard comb. Once you have achieved the desired style on both sides of the beard, you can proceed to the front.
  10. After tending to the beard, focus this time on your mustache (if you have one).
  11. Let the beard comb run through your mustache to achieve the desired shape.
  12. If  the wax has become too greasy, apply the beard balm/oil again.
  13. Are you unsatisfied with the result? You can easily remove the beard wax with the beard oil and do the process again.

These are proven methods for applying beard wax effectively. Let us know if you were able to get it right!

Now,  let’s proceed to the next phase- removing the beard wax

Removing The Beard Wax

But why? You may be asking yourself.

There are some instances that would require you to remove that beard wax. And of course if it has been a day since you applied it! You don’t want to sleep on it, do you?

Removing your beard wax involves a certain process.That process depends on how long you have had that beard wax on.  

Let’s get into the details, shall we?  

3-5 hours

  • Wash beard with lukewarm water.
  • Use beard oil or any other organic essential oils for removing the wax.
  • Use beard comb to penetrate into the coarse hair.
  • Do it gently so as not to pull out hair.
  • Use damp cloth/towel to clean out beard after applying oil.
  • Dry the beard with another clean and dry towel.

5-10 hours

  • Wash with lukewarm water and soap. Let your fingers run through each strand to collect any hardened wax and other residues.
  • Wash with damp cloth.

11-24 hours

  • Wash the beard with lukewarm water.
  • Pour a generous amount of specialized wax remover and conditioner into your palm.
  • Apply it to your beard. Cover the whole beard and mustache with a thick amount beard wax remover.
  • Gently massage beard with your fingers.
  • Use beard comb to penetrate into your beard hair.
  • Repeat process until wax gunks are removed.
  • Once cleaned, wash beard again.
  • Wipe and dry with towel.

A word of caution- you should remove the beard wax after 24 hours!

You can’t leave the wax to harden in your beard. While it may not damage the beard, it would be very difficult to remove once it adheres itself into the hair strands.

Learn the Best way to remove Beard Wax

Top FAQs On Beard And Mustache Wax

We know you’ve got more question in mind! Read on and you might just find the answers!

Is it okay to apply beard wax on head hair?

Yes. It should be safe as long as the beard wax is of high-quality and that it’s organic.

How long does the effect of the beard wax last?

The holding effect of the beard wax can last for up to 42 hours.

Can a beard wax help me grow out a beard?

Hmm most likely no. Beard wax is used primarily to hold your facial hair in place. It doesn’t have any properties that can promote hair growth. But there are a lot of products in the market that can at least help you grow out some beard.


The beard/mustache wax is an ideal tool for maintaining and keeping your beard hair in place. It nourishes, hydrates and strengthens the hair. Compared to beard balm and oil, the beard wax has longer holding effect on the beard. It can last for more than 42 hours.

However, it’s advisable that you remove the beard wax if you’ve been wearing it for a day. If not, it can firmly adhere itself into your hair strands and should be very painful to remove.

Organic beard wax is healthy for the beard. Nevertheless, it should not pose danger on the beard hair nor the skin.

Now you can get your beard and mustache all coiffed up! Whether you have a big date or a gala to attend to, a beard wax will definitely hold that style in place!

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