Beachwaver S1 Reviews: How to Get Celebrity Curls

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Dreamy effortless curls- every woman wants to be able to have this hairstyle every day. A visit to your hairstylist more than once a week can rip your budget. Good thing there’s a magic tool that can help you achieve those sexy dreamy locks. And you don’t even have to undergo training or whatsoever. You can use the Beachwaver s1 straight out of the box! There are lots of reviews praising this handy beauty tool. Let see how true these are!

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What sets it apart from other hair curlers and wands in the market? Sometimes, a curling iron needs a bit of expertise or a magic touch so that you’ll get the right curls. In short, not everyone would be able to get the same Instagram curly locks. But we’re hearing the Beachwaver s1 took the entire curling hairstyle into a different field. Let’s see what the raves are about. So without further ado, let’s get on with the reviews!!

The birth of a celebrity beauty tool

So before we get o to the gist, let’s see where this beauty tool came from. The Beachwaver s1 was created by Sarah Potempa, A celebrity hairstylist. 

Have you noticed the lovely and sexy curls of Victoria’s Secret models on the October 2016 victoria secret runway? The Beachwaver curling iron is behind those gorgeous locks! So this beauty tool has been in the limelight for some years already and a lot of celebrity stylists have sworn by it. 

Weightless, bouncy, and sexy curls. These are the curls that you want. It looks effortless and chic. These are very different from the ones you get from your old wand and curler. As they say, the dream curls make up the bombshell.  

So let’s see how this simple tool became one of the most coveted hair curlers in Hollywood. As they say, it’s a must-have in your vanity kit.

Give me those luscious curls

Photo Credit: instagram

Effortless and beautiful curls, these are quite hard to achieve. Because you tend to exert extra effort whenever you want to look good right? But the creator, Sarah Potempa wanted to change that mindset. To be beautiful, you don’t have to sweat it out a lot. And this gave birth to this revolutionary tool. It’s easy to use, almost idiot-proof and you’ll get perfectly luscious curls every single time.

And the creator wanted to make this accessible to every girl out there. So you no longer have ogle over those sexy beach waves of Hollywood celebrities, because that can be your hair too!

So what makes it revolutionary? Let’s see some specs

It’s in the rotating barrel! While you might ask what’s so special in it since some curlers also have a barrel of its own. Well, for two reasons. One is that it’s automatic. You just need to feed a small section of your hair on the lower clamp. And the barrel will spin on its own. 

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And two, the barrel is made of ceramic. Ceramic is a perfect material for fine and limp hair. And since it’s a great conductor of heat, there are no hotspots or cold spots. It means there’s even heat distribution so there is a small risk of frying your locks with it. And I know how much you dread the dents and kinks your hair gets during curling. 

This will make your curls look unnatural, and an epic fail. The ceramic barrels have internal rods that prevent these from happening. So nobody will ever know that you just used a curler to get those lovely locks. There’s always beauty in mystery right? So we girls never spill out our beauty secrets to men! But believe me, those dents will certainly give it away!

You can even curl your hair while watching Netflix. That’s how convenient and easy it is. 

And another feature that makes it friendly on your hair but aggressive to styling is that it has a variety of temperature options. You can use the lowest setting for your fine air but still achieve great-looking locks. 

With the Beachwaver s1, you can say goodbye to half-baked curls. That often happens before with your old curlers and wands. But after using the Beachwaver curler, the lowest temperature can still give you dreamy curls.

On top of that, this 5.5-inch barrel also includes a protective rod and a dual rotation feature. I love the versatility of the dual rotation. It allows you to be more creative, should you want to experiment on your curls a bit more. It’s complete with an up and down arrow button, and you also dictate the speed of the curling. 

And it also has a lot of features designed to protect your hair from too much heat.  

Another use of the roaring feature is that it makes the Beachwaver s1 safe and easy for beginners. You can choose the slow-motion to safely curl the hair near your roots. 

And In terms  of safety features, it has an automatic shut off button. It shuts down after 30 minutes of nonuse. So if you’re doing your makeup and forgot that you turned it on, that’s no problem. 

Let’s summarize the features

  • Home Button that sends the clamp back to the original position
  • Ceramic coated 5.5-inch barrel which is 1 inch wide
  • Has up and down buttons for the direction of the rotation
  • Digital temperature clock with ranges from 290 to 410-degree Fahrenheit
  • A fast and slow button

What’s the downside? There has to be some!

There’s always that one or two things that will make you undecided, and we’re going to spill it out.

One, it’s really expensive. It’s been used in the VS runway. It’s being used by a lot of celebrity hairstylists. So it’s really no surprise that it has an expensive price tag. That’s what we all have to pay for quality. 

And two, I’ve mentioned that it’s close to being idiot-proof. But there’s still that 10 percent who could find that they have to learn a thing or two. Well, the good news is a lot of beach waver s1 reviews have tutorials on how to use it. And Youtube is also teaming with tutorials. So you can start from there if ever you fall within 10 percent. 

Especially. If It’s your first time to use a curler, it’s understandable. But it’ll be easy to learn and of course, all worth it. Why wouldn’t it be if you can get luscious natural-looking curls in under 15 minutes?

How to use the beach waver s1

So, my Beachwaver s1 reviews cover all the basics. And with that, I’m going to break down simple steps on how you can start your journey to having a VS model like curls 

  1. First off, choose the temperature that you’ll be working on. So as I’ve mentioned earlier crank up the lowest setting if you have fine and limp hair. And the beach waver s1 also has a LED display, so you can keep track of the temperature.
  1.  You can also spray some serum or hair protectant to give your hair more edge over the  direct heat. And take advantage of the rotating feature, feel free to hit on the slow button if you have short hair. We want it fast but you don’t want to scald your scalp. 
  1. You know what proper sectioning is right? So you have to start with the hair at the bottom. And secure each section with a clip.
  1.  Press the home button to return the clamp to the starting position. Clamp a tiny section of your hair at the end ( above the clamp). And then press the arrow. For more defined curls, the curler should face the walls. And you get loose curls if it’s facing the ceiling. It’s quite versatile, right?
  1. And once you lift your finger off the arrow it will stop rotating. To reach the hair near the scalp, lightly tap it. And hold it for 3-4 seconds. 
  1. Then open up the clamp and slide the curler down. And onto the next section! Easy peasy right?

And once you get the hang of it, you don’t need to section it off. Run your finger through the curls to give it a natural feel. 

Beachwaver Pro vs S1?

 If they came from the same creator it must be good right? But there will be some differences, so let’s just run over it a bit.

The Beachwaver Pro shares almost the same barrel size with the S1. it’s just a bit longer at 6.5 inches.  And it has additional aptitudes and features that enables it to come up with  more varieties of curls.

Beachwaver Pro has ceramic tourmaline barrels as opposed to the ceramic barrels of S1. The tourmaline produces more negative ions and results in smoother hair.  And its lowest temperature setting is at 310 degrees compared to 290  degrees of the S1. The Pro has the upgraded barrel material that ensures lovely curls while  focusing on hair care too.

So is it for you? The S1 works on thin and medium thick  hair but falls behind the Pro when used on very thick hair. It’s also not that efficient on short hair. The Pro, on the other hand, can be used for all hair types, but seems to encounter some challenges with very long hair. 

And apart from that, the Pro has curls that are more glam. When S1 is to runaways and fashion shows, the PRO is for the red carpet.  

Which is more expensive? Of course, the more glam it is, the more expensive!


So did I love it? Absolutely! 15 minutes is all it takes and I get gorgeous natural-looking curls. Plus it has a lot of safety features so your hair won’t be compromised for style. So, now I know why a lot of Beachwaver s1 reviews ended with ecstatic bloggers because, who wouldn’t be? 

The price tag might set you off a bit especially if you’re just new to curling your hair, but it can save you on salon trips and your stylists will surely be missing you.

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