Amika Hair Dryer Reviews: Get Shiny Hair with A Chic Hair Dryer

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Amika Hair Dryer Reviews

The Amika hair dryer has got to be the perkiest hairdryer I have ever laid eyes upon! This hair blower boasts of a colorful perky graphic design that every girl would surely want.

This blowdryer is cool indeed, but are the reviews really true? I’ve been hearing a lot of fab testimonies! So I guess it’s high time for me to try it out!

But first, let’s get to know where it came from.

What’s Amika?

The ingenious and aesthetic minds of the people of OUTSIDERS are behind this unique innovation. It has its beginnings in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was founded in 2007.

The brand also has a unique line of skincare products and other styling tools. Even the brand’s beauty products are teeming with creative art. It’s colorful, fun with a lot of lovely swirls that every girl would want to get their hands on. And the product itself is quite premium too.

Amika styling tools are rather unique and veer away from the conventional. If you’re looking for unconventional yet innovative hair styling products, this is your go-to brand.

I am Going To Try out 3 Amika Hair Dryers

1. Amika The CEO 360˚ Buttonless Powerhouse Dryer

This Amika hair dryer comes in a stunning signature pink color. It makes me want to bring it out for my girlfriends to see! So let’s dabble a bit into its features

Buttonless for ease of use

One of the most annoying things you can encounter with a hairdryer is the awkward position of the control buttons. You unintentionally bump and jam up the temperature. This is one of the best professional hair dryers that doesn’t have any buttons! Instead, it has dial knobs. 

The two dials are for the temperature and the speed setting and it’s so easy to use. No more accidental bumping of the buttons!

Can help your hair absorb the product

Now what I love about this hairdryer is that it makes your hair more receptive to beauty products. So that your hair can greatly benefit from that premium argan oil. It can also effectively volumize your hair while removing all the frizzes. So your hair strands don’t go all over the place.

This is made possible by the combination of the negative and positive ions. The infrared technology emits negative ions. And this helps tame the frizz and flyaways, while the positive ions help your hair absorb the products better.

It has a cool shot button

A cool shot button will seal in the hair cuticle and give your hair a boost of shine. Not all hair dryers are equipped with this feature.

Now let’s round up the pros

  • Has a cool shot button
  • Offers three temperature settings and two-speed settings
  • Features a combination of positive and negative ions
  • Has a bump resistant dials 
  • It’s an 1875 watts hair dryer with 3 temperature settings and 2-speed options.
  • With the steady and even heat, it can be a Dyson supersonic hair dryer dupe!

2. Amika Brooklyn Heat Lightweight Speed Dryer

If you want a regular-sized dryer but a lighter one, Amika Brooklyn is your best option. Let’s see what else it has to offer.

Lightweight and speedy hair dryer

When your styling session feels like an arm workout every time, you need to switch to a very lightweight one. The Amika Brooklyn boasts of lightweight at more or less 3 pounds. But it’s a regular-sized blower and has 1875 watts of power.

Infrared heat and negative ions

This Amika hair dryer makes use of infrared technology. It emits negative ions that can control those frizzes. And it also enables faster drying time. So if you’re always in a hurry but want properly styled hair, this product is a great option. I actually love how fast it can blow dry my medium thick hair.

It also made my hair shinier and smoother compared to my t3 hair dryer.

Other features

The Amika Brooklyn comes with two nozzles. This can help you create more hairstyles. And I find it quite versatile too. Plus the cool shot button can close the hair cuticles. And along with the infrared technology, this can also make your hair shiny and full of life. 

You’ll find the LED light quite convenient. It shows the temperature that you’re working at. And you can also check the display if there are any changes. In case you accidentally bumped the buttons.

Let’s round up the pros!

So in case you missed it out, here are the reason why I love this Amika Brooklyn hairdryer

  • It has a cool shot button
  • Very lightweight. It’s one of the best lightest hair dryers. It’s applicable for those with hand and wrist injuries. It’s also very convenient for those with arthritis
  • Used infrared technology that makes your hair shiny
  • Lovey signature Amika design
  • Comes with two nozzles 

3. Amika Mighty Mini Dryer Obliphica

This Amka styler will change the way you look at a petite hair dryer. Okay, so it’s time to put the Amika hair dryer to the test. Let’s go through the gist of my reviews.

A petite yet powerful styler

Amika is a petite hairdryer. It’s small, portable, and ultra-lightweight. I have tried several hairdryers of the same size, but I always ended up feeling that the power was inadequate. It automatically turns off when it just can’t take the job anymore.

Now what I love about the Amika hair dryer is that, despite its petite size, the motor is rather powerful. It boasts of 1000 watts and its dual voltage too. So you won’t find the power inadequate or lacking.

2 attachments and 2 heat settings

Amika features 2 heat settings. You may think this may be lacking, but not really. The small size naturally accommodates just two settings. Most hair dryers with the same small size usually don’t go over that. But with its powerful motor, it’s all you’ll need.

The 2 attachments come in very handy for various styles and hair types. If you have curly hair, the diffuser will make the curls lovelier and more bouncy. You can also use the finger diffuser to make curly and sassy hairstyles. Just blow dry in circular motions and you’ll get lovely curly hair.

Best hair dryer for traveling

The perfect hair dryer for traveling

It’s an itty bitty hair dryer that’s perfect to slip on your suitcase. It’s small, lightweight, and has the dual voltage, virtually what you need for a hairdryer for your travels. And it’s watercolor pastel aesthetics is something you’d want to flaunt! It’s one of the best hair dryers for traveling, if not the best.

It also comes with a case where you can conveniently store the dryer and its attachments.

A steady flow of heat

The powerful motor also boasts of a steady burst of heat. And despite its small size, you won’t find this hairdryer dying out on you. Well, I’ve had far too many portable hair dryers that just zoned out. So I had to wait for it to “recover” its power just so I could finish drying my hair.

And the steady burst of heat can cut your styling time in half. I really didn’t expect it from a hairdryer with this size. 

Controls frizz

The Amika hair dryer combines the benefits of ceramic and tourmaline. These technologies emit infrared technology that releases negative ions. The negative ions control the frizz. So you can enjoy that sleek and smooth hair. 

So your hair wouldn’t look like it has a life of its one. It’s a great little hair dryer that can effectively tame all the stray hairs. 

But I wished it had this

We wished it had a cool setting. But then again, something this small might have fewer options in the settings.

So let’s round-up its pros

In case you missed it, the Amika hair dryer can offer the following convenience:

  • Portable, lightweight, and great for traveling
  • Effectively tames frizzes
  • Has two attachments, a nozzle and finger diffuser 
  • The diffuser can be used for curling hair
  • Come with a matching zippered travel pouch
  • Dual voltage
  • It has a powerful motor
  • Has a level watercolor design


What’s the best Amika hair dryer?

Well, that depends on your needs and circumstances. The mighty dryer is perfect for traveling. Amika Brooklyn is for those who are looking for a lightweight hair dryer.

What makes Amika one of the best professional hair dryers in the market?

Apart from the lovely colorful signature Amika design, these hairdryers won’t drain the moisture of your hair. The airstream is evenly heated so you can dry your hair quickly without draining its moisture.

Are Amika hair dryers noisy?

Amika hair dryers are not noisy, but it’s not quiet either. I’d say it’s in between.


The Amika hair dryers are one of the best hair dryers with steady heat. This results in faster styling time and shinier hair, and no other hair blower comes in lovely patterns and colorful swirls. 
So the raves are true and the reviews are real. But it’s better to try it out for yourself!

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